The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN RLYTHRVII.I.R (AUK.) COURIER NF.W8' Fruit-Nut Bran Bread Bolsters Lenten Menu Hr CECILY BROWXSTOSE AssorfafM Tress Food Kditor It you're planning to serve foup ajid salmis for Ijenten luncho.s you'll find that Iiomemade loaves of Fniit-Nut Brown Rran Bread will dress up the menu. Cut the bread when it's freshly linked and still warm nnri serve with butter. Or slice the brend when it's cool and make sandwichee of it Cream | cheese will provide an ercelleni filling for the ssinriwtche.s: Just, beat t)ic cream cheese with a spocn unrll It5 soft enough to spread easily. You don't Tired a loaf pan In which to bake thLs bread. You can use two of the cans that bakc-d besns en:njnonJy conte in nnd fill Them two-thirds full; then you'll have- attractive loaves to cut In round .slices. For a soup and s;ilnd lunthenn during Lent you mi«ht .serve Fish Chowder nnd Pilot Crackers for the main course, then a salad of canned pears and water accompanied by French Dr PAS ing and, Fruit-Nut Bro^'n Bran liroad sand- j [^^ iy \ ^iclic.s with a cremn chersc filliiiK. Another g<:o<i ]:inchroti menu s*arU with n Vccctablc Crc^tn Son)) followed by a prune snlati «ml thn Fruit-Nut Bro\\n Bran Bread, In this ca?e. stuff the prunes with cream and serve the bread in slices, buttered lightly. Here's the recipe for the bread. FHUJ T-Nl'T HKOU'N BRAN BKEAI) Ingredients: 1 cup sifted (our, 1 tenspr>on bakins; soda, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon cinnamon. 1-4 teaspoon nuimef;, 1 cup ready-to- ent bran. 1-2 cup .seedless raisins, sulad oil, being sure and bol torn crevices '. to oil 1-2 cup chopped nuts, 2 (ablesuoons Adding Cereals Cufs Food Costs Used in Combination Wifh Other Foods, They Aid the Budget By KAYXOIl .MADOOX NKA l-'o«d ;<n(3 .Mrtrhrts Kditor Core.Tls. one of ihe expensive MHircesi of [nnri vnlim. ran hr> user! in combination with other foods to cut down family fotiri Here* nre a fi-w s^rnple;j: 1*0:111111 Ajuilo C'risp (YleM: 4-fi aervlnKst Fi\ r e medium appk-s, 1/^1 cup water, 1 tablespoon lemon juke, ! i asjxxm nut run 1 :, '; tra spoon nll- 'Ice. 3- tablespoons flour, \ cup rolled oats, uriftKikrfi, |L J cup Isrn'.vn su«:ti v , 1/3 cup |ir;n:ut, butter, 2 t;i- blo.ipooMS nirlted biiller or forlificd THURSDAY, MARCH lij, Dried Fruit Good JGood Eating Is Not Expensive; InMopk-Fig Coke Menu _p laming He/ps Co( Cojf Drl^d fruit, MI plmufi Haver a]«l v;ihu- t<j y That.'.? why this Mi' rii to u.s, It, con >f -.s from i perts nf ".Surrr.vfnl I- Hzfno" hut yon iJn fin a farm tn irli. hit. n.v fiAY.VOK MAI)J)OX NKA Fowls and Markets I'M! (or Tho htsh cost, of food is a ptob- every housewife mnfit wrestle hiivc 10 liveJ wltli day ft f tor day. Cover 1 cup dnrri mu water ar.ii lot Mi HU'.s, Then (U;im tl s'r;n5, and cut into Sift los-iothrr 2 -i cup : 1 ,-: '.vuh binl- d lor 5 nun- -m, i lip tin.- v I: ru: pieiiVi, -.lit' <l OMIT, To cut costs, i a Oay ahead, hi ouantlttes, com buying. Adi] to your p willingness to u .••ivc foods cnn nn menus rvt least y staples In larger priues nscs a generous rk. an less-expcn- bf (jiacJe to taste fuspoon .suit ;irul 1 g ptiwiicr. Oii';im 'i wlih 1 cup Mivar well-bentcn (?»j'.«i. d the 5,ffff(J dry anti 273 cup milk alternately, hcat- ui(! vvt'll. SMr In V*. lou.sjxmn maple flavoring aniE the fits. Pour \t\ a yrcasfd loaf pan. Hakr in moderate oven <350 decrees I ? J for 60 to 70 ininufiV). rirHcJoiis. A family can oat well though It docs not eat so "high on the hog." Based on a January study of food prices In retail stores ot the Chicago area. thfisfi two nitnux lor a Oay, one costing $\.ltz a prrsrm, tnc before-other <8G cents), will explain the point. D.iy's Tol:tl S1.82 p^r person HrtakfaM: 35 cents—Strawberries and cream, poached-egg on ham .sliC'?, roll and buucr, coffee. Luncheon: 69 cents — Broiled Jflmb chop, ct'enmrd Jltna beans, tomato and lettuce salad with mayonnaise, popovers and butter,-frozen peaches with cream, coffee. Dlntirr: 78 cents — Roast beef. French fried potatoes, buttered carrots, pear and .erenm cheese falad ulth amyonnaise, bread and butter, apple pie with Ice cream, coffee. Day's Total 8*5 cent* per person Breakfast: 18 cents — Orange Juice, cereal with milk and sugar, bread and butter, milk. Luncheon: 33 cents—Cheese fondue, tossed satad, bran nmtfins, butler and telly, honeyed crfipe- !nm sections, cereal cookie milk (or cocoa). Dinner: 35 cents — Roast pork shoulder with oatmeal stuffing, baked potato, buttered carrots, stuffed prune salad wlht mayonnaise, baked apple, coffee. The less,-expensive series of meals Is Just as nutritious as »,hc other. You pet the same Important nutrient* and the same number of calories, based on daily allnwar is according to the National Research 1 Council's vaiuca, ! In fart, the thrifty menu Is ahead of the expensive one on protein, calcium, vitamin A, the B vitamins, nlacln and vitamin o. All of which proves it Is not necessary to eat "high on the hog" to eat well and nutritiously. PLENTY OP CLUES TO GOC0 Pare nnri core npple.s; slice in bakinc dish. Add water and lemon !! juice; sprinkle with f,ptrps topetlior flour, rolled onts. brown, peanut butter and buttrr. Spread over npjjJp.s. Brtke iti inoderato o\ r cn, i3f>f) dr- crrre.s Ri Fibout 40 minuto?:. Serve hot with milk or e,rermi_ Super Sandwich (Virld: 1 serving) Sante 3 breakfast .sausaResi 96 SIZE SEEDLESS FLORIDA TEXAS CARROTS drain. Split 1 shrcdrlcd ivhcnt bis shortening, 1-2 cup sccdlP^s raisin-s. cuit with n sharp knife :ind least 1-2 cup chopped nutfi. 2 tablespoons! cut sides under broiler. (They shoriening. 3-2 cup molnsses, 3--1] brown very (|iilckly.) Plnce snL GREEN cup boiling water, 1 eggMethod: Sift together flour, baking soda. saH, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Measure brnn, rnisins, nuts, shortening, and molasses into mixing bowl. Add boiling water and stir until shortening melts. Beat in egg. Add sifted dry ingredients to bran mixture; Mil only until combined. Fill 2 No. 300 (nboul 1 pound) cans (about 4 )-2 inches deep and 2 3-4 inches acrowO about 2-3 lull; or spread in greased loaf, pan (nbout 9 1-2x4 1-2 inches), BnJce in morlcr- at* (350 F.) oven about 45 minutes for cnn£ and J3 minutes for loaf. Remove from cans or pa» nnd serve hot or cold. Note: To prepare cans wash them thoroughly, remove labels, and dry well. Brush insirtes of cans with Plentiful Citrus Fruit Is Used in This Marmalade between biscuit halves. Spread top of sandwich with butter and heat n moderately hot oven <100 deprres P) 5 minutes. Serve with nmple- 'tavorcd syrup, Quick Casserole Tapping One tablespoon butter, fortified nrgarinc, or moat drippings, it. teaspoon salt, I % cups crushed i>rnn flakes, cornflnkcSj or whole wheat f hikes. Melt fnt in skillet; add salt and •real. Cook over moderate hunt. ii-rlng with a fork until cereal becomes golden brown (about 3 minutes). CABBAGI POTATOES - FROST PROOF Moke this marmalade while clt rus fruit is plentiful. Three Fruit CitruB Marmalade Three nnd one - half ctips prepared fruit (grnpefruit, lemon and oraInge), 2H c\ips sugftr, 1 box powdered fruit p*cttn. To prepA«« the fruUt Remove efclns in qiiarters from \ mellum- fiiaed ornnge, I mcdhnn - steed grnpefnilt, and 1 medium - sized letnon. Lay quarters flat; s\) nvc olif and discard about hnlf of white part. With n sl»rp knife, slice remaining rind very fine. Aril 1 cup sugar. 1V4 cups water, nnd H teaspoon sxirta, (This sugar is in addition to the 2'/i specified.) Brlnp to a boil and simmer, covered, 10 minutes, sirring occasionally. Cut off tight skin of peeled fruit and slip pulp out of each .section. Ariel pulp end juice to untrained cooked rind. Slinmer, covered, 20 minutes longer. Measure 3^4 cups into H large saucepan. To make the marmalade: Mens- ur swpar nnd set aside. Place saucepan holding fnn't o\ p er high heat. Add powdered fruit jiccthi anrt stir until mixture comes to a hard boil. At once stir in .suyar. Briny to a full rolling boil i\nl boil hard 1 minute, stirrincr constanlly. no move from, ,-kiia. Inrilf quickly into glas- £5*5. Pnraffiu rit onre. Makes about] 7 tix-ounce cla.-?p,s. Baked Apples Good with Sauerkraut Tasty accompaniments to Rfiuer- kraul arc baked npples stuffed with frankfurters. Here Is a mnln dish that will especially delight the youngsters who nre used to having their baked apples served with the dessert course. Sauerkraut with FrankfiirUr Apples (Makes 4-6 servings) I No. 2% can sauerkraut ! i cup bncon fnt 1 teaspoon caraway seeds Freshly ground pepper G frankfcrlers 1 rup broad rrumhs 13 mcclitnn-sized linking apples In n bowl, combine sauerkraut, [ two tnblespoous bncon fat. caraway I seeds, pepper and three frankfurt- | thoroughly. Tnss bread crumbs ers cut crossvvsie Into slices, Mix with remaining two tablespoons bacon fnt. Four sauerkraut-frankfurter mixture into a shallow 2- qimrt cnsFcrole. Wash and cove an- plps. Cut three romntnin? franic- fcrtcrs ernjLswise Into halves. I'lace n half frankfurter in each npple center. ArrniiRc stuffed applrs on sauerkraut. Surround with bread crumbs. Tlnkp tn hot oven (4(10 degrees) 35-45 minutes or until up- pJes nre tender. SUBSTITUTE FOB MtAT MACARONI -SPAGHETTI PURE 6Sft NOODLES Always Tender, Fluffy White! The best cooks always use genuine Ricelar.dJVice because The World's Most Delicious Rice! Cheese FOLGER'S POUND Shop & Save Everyday LIBERTY GRAPEFRUIT - - - 4 * 1 7c $ — 5">Mi25c CABBAGE PLANTS FRESH PEANUTS HUNTS NOT SLICED; BY THE PIECE BACON U.S. GOOD CHUCK BEEF ROAST - - - - »> 69c REELFOOT HOUSER VALLEY SLICED BACON ---'-' 39c

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