The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
Page 15
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^THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1952 Cookies Take Special Shape for St. Pat's Day 85 CECILT BROWNSTONE Auoclattd Preo Food Edllir Gay shamrocks, pipes, and 'hals — all made of cookie dough _ w'ill nuke crisp eating on St. Patrick's Bay. Serve the cookies with an easy-do fruit compote of canned fruits— cherries, apricots, and pears Try this recljw for Marble Cookies' too. If you want something new' Both these recipes call lor cake flour and that means they have an extra- During Supply Big March Many Recipes Mak« U*e of This Thrifty Produce During March, eggs are In great abundance and at lower prices That Is wonderful food protein are packed also with calories and' vitamin*. They are nutritionally equal to meat and therefore Ideal In meatless meals. So open your trusted cook books •nd plunge Into all those omelets »nd souffles, cakes and pudding your family has own hoping you 7 d mak« for them. March Is golden - rich with oranges, too. Let the orange juice ,«jow freely Into the breaking «MUMS for the sake ot both health Vnd pleasure. Other commonly used /ood plentiful In March, according to United states Department of Agriculture reports. Include boilers and fryers. Here's the complete list: Grap«fnilt (east o! Mississippi) orangn. canned and frozen citrus product, domestic dates, prunes rnuslru. Broilm and fryers, buttermilk co«a»» chee««, nonfat dry n ,uk • ollda, horwy, cooking tuts and oils (vegetable »hort*ningj, salad and lard). Dry twain. Including navy (pea) bean*, baby limas, pintos (ii •outhwut); apllt peas, pecans, almond*, peanut butler. Y<*eUble Souffle (Serve* C] On» tablespoon minced onion 1 lablMpoon finely chopped green pepper, j tablespoons finely chopped celery. 2 tablespoons fat melted: 2 tablespooni! flour, v, cup nillk 3 or 4 eggs, separated; 1 cup diced cooked vegetables, H CU p line dr> gead crumbs. »; teaspoon salt, pep- 1 Brown the onions, green pepper • d celery lightly In the melted t. Blend In .the flour and add • •f. milk. Cook over low -heat v.irring constantly, until thickened. Beat egg yolks. Add the sauce thru the vegetables, crumbs, salt inil pepper. Beat egg whites until «tiff but not dry; fold In the vegetable mutture. Pour Into a greased baking dish and bake In a moderate oven (325 degrees p.) 50 to 60 minutes or until set. Serve with tomatoes, cheese or mushroom sauce, if desired tender texture ST. PATHICK'S DAI' COOKIES Ingredients: 3 2-3 cups slfteil cake flour, 2 1-2 teaspoons double-acline baking powder, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 2-3 cup butter or other shortening 1 1-2 cups sugar. 2 eggs, i teaspoon vanilla, 5 teaspoons milk. Method: Sift together flour biking powder, and salt. Cream shortening and sugar. Beat in e ggs thoroughly ,one at a time, with vanilla Add flour, alternately with milk mixing well alter each addition' Chill. Roll dough 1-8-Inch thick' Cut out cardboard patterns o'f shamrocks. })ipes, and hats. Place Homed patterns on dough and cut around each with a sharp knife Bake on greased baking sheet in hot, (400 P.) oven 9 minutes or until baked through. Cool on cake rack Decorate cooled cookies with tinted confectioners' sugar frosting, coiored sugar, and green gumdrops MAHUI.K COOKIES Ingredients: 2 cups sifted cake flour, i teaspoon double-acting oak ing powder. 1-2 teaspoon salt 'l-2 cup butler or other shortening •> 3 cup sugar, i egg, I tablespoon miik 1 square (i ounce) unsweetened' choc-hie (incited). Method: Sift toother flour bak- ' ing powder, and snlt. Cream shortening and sugar. Boat In well «•» and milk. Add Hour, a .small amount "L?.. ' mixlng lvo11 af '« each addition. Divide dough in two part" lo one part add chocolate and mix- well. If necessary, chill until firm enough to roll. Shape chocolate P Plain dough into separate ro II, about 1 1-2 inches in dimeter. pTace rolls together and twist, to give imr Wed eflect. Roll Jn waxed p"per and chill until firm enough to slice or overnight. Cut in slic" Bake on ungrcascd baking sheet in moderate (375 P.) oven jo ,„„"„« or until baked through. Makes atom - do?.en cookies. (ARK.) COURIER NKWS Try Paddies on "Paddy's Day Shamrock Paddies are a fine dish to serve on St. Pa I rick's Uav Made of chopped leftover ham eggs, sweet fresh cucumber pickl»s and bread crumbs, they go well with parsleycd potatoes and boiled cab:rs» v.eriges. With cloverleaf rolh and a ciish of pickles, they tnakc One fine meal. Shamrock J'.i (."Slskpfi 4 serv pound ground Touch oi Green For St. Pat's Day five Special Dishes Are Suggested for March 17 Menus BAGE FIFTEEN lor Veal's Delicate Flavor Abetted By Rich Sauces Veal's delicate flavor makes. It an excellent food for serving with rich sauces. Food expert Reba Staggs points out that since veal Is young and has only a light fat coat. It is best cooked by slow motsl it. making it simple to prepare the meat wfth a sauce. Thl* meat, combine* well n-ith i wide range of flavors. For Instance, after the veal steak (arm or blide, sirloin), cutlet or chop (rib. lorn or kidney) Is browned, add condensed tomato soup or tomato Juice or cream of mushroom soup in place of the usual cooking liquid water. Sour cream Is another ideal cooking liquid to produce a rich sauce In which to serve veal. Crcarn of celery soup, sweet-sour sauce or currant Jelly lightly thinned with hot water are other possible ccok-l Ing liquids. ] With the liquid added, cover the tltettfll tightly nnri let the meat cook slowly until tender. Thi* will be about 45 minutes to one hour depending upon' the thickness of the meat. Pork Sausage Links Good in Batter Pudding t meat. Here's a typical thrifty ma , u dish with sausage links in a batter pudding. According to Reba *?• v e ceotlt "" 1 st. to prepare s dish simply place the links over corn meal batter and bake usagt IJn |, s )n Ba((er ;,,„,,„ 1 pound saiisage links 2 cups milk 1 teaspoon salt H cup corn meal 4 eggs This 'Boiled' Meal Features Pork Hocks In a bowl, blend nan) and csss Add rrinainini; insrcdienls mixi< 1 <i> v/cll. Divide mixture into foiir paiU .;)!3|!<> iiHo four rectar-atilnr lows J-rch Ihick and place on broiler- crsll. Broil 3 or 4 inches from heal 10-15 minutes; tnnilni; 0: ,]y once Garnish cac-h p.,!dy \i-ilh a large shamrock cut from pic'.ile slice. Prepare a "bailed" dLnn-r with '-m-rai-i ^ r ? Pieces^ pel 'conSt ch ^ c r" "7" "^^ « «»»«' Miank bones that ™,,'ll fre, e ,tiv r "' ' Cnp fi "" ls ' find a thrifty buy in your mS • ™ S " m Bhprtl!ls ' "•"'' T a . dealer's display ease, points out meat expert Reba Staggs. This "boiled" dinner is not boiled nl all. rather it is cooked slowly in moist heat. The hocks are completely covered with water the A touch of green In food „„ sprlns and St. Patrick's Day adds a note of seasonal brightness. Here are five suggestions for special March 17th dishes: 1 Shrimp Fricassee served with green rice. The rice is baked separately, will) the shrimp served over it. Parsley Rives (he green color to the rice. 2. Potato-watercress chowder flavored with nutmeg. This Is delicious served with garlic bread (made with melted butter, garlic powder and parsleyl. 3. Emerald salad. This could be done lu a lonf or ring form. It is iiinde with green gelatin and cot, .. I t: '"° cheese with chopped chives. , ,i The seasonings could be mustard " sp i paprika, cayenne. o , ,i ", cooked ham, | 4. Cinnamon-chocolate roll with neri^Vn, , lcalt> "' 'i tup cho])-]mlnt-'lavorcd butter cream filling pe^sv.oi.t fresh cucumber pirkl» s , | S, Cinnamon-chocolate Ice cream L.,rr.n'i ,',™.JJ ""»''". frc My ! wit'i p-p-n minted m» f in Bl ies. Th mor •• -e-; could be individuals n naturally green mnyonnalw: (Irrrn Goddess Dri-sslnf (Makrs • "heaping" p;nt) One cuji mayonnaise, i clove garlic, minced or grated. 3 anchovies choj!j>?d. 'i cup finely cut chivi-s or RJeen onions with tops >, t» v dioji- ped parsley, 1 tablespoon fresli lemon juice. 1 tablespoon tarrngon vine«ar, 'i teaspoon salt, pepper cenrscly ground, 1, cup sour cream whipped, Cnmbhie Ingredients, folding jj, the whipped sour cream after the other Ingredlent.s have been bletid- ! ed. Tear Iceberg lettuce luto bite- size pieces and toss with a generous amount of the dressing. This Is a good appetizer sal?d i:r it may accompany the main course. . luit. r e one. F"i in San utensil covered and the meat allowed to simmer on top of the range until nearly tender This will be approximately ru hours At this time, add the vegetables to make your dinner complete—carrots onion and potatoes. These vegetables require about -15 minute., cooking time. Add cabbage wedges from 15 to 20 minutes before the end of cooking. Serve with vegetables arranged around the iwrk hocks. Here's one more dish to prepare with the hocks. Cook them until tender, completely covered with water, then serve on a platter of noodles generously sprinkled with caraway seed. and cook 10 to 15 minutes. Cool slightly and add well-beaten eggs Pour mixture into R well-greased baking dish and place sausage links top. Bake in a moderate oven This Lamb Stew Sure to Rate Praise Of Every Son of Erin on March 17 Whether you be a wearin' the green or not, a good lamb stew is the order of the day March 17th For more of a St. pnfs atmsophere accompany the stew with little tomato aspic satarts in shamrock shape. Complete your menu with scones or hot rolls and. maybe a dessert of mint Ice cream balls wrapped in coconut and served with a chocolate sauce. According to Reba Staggs. meat expert, in preparing a s tew (that warrants the praise of every irish- man) make sure that you allow- plenty of lime for the meat to cook Let it simmer, but never boil. When meat boils the flavor is cooked right out of it and it becomes dry and stringy. For lamb stew use either , cubes : lamb riblets cut from a lamb breast. Brown the me«t or not, a desired, season with salt and pep- ier, then cover and cook slowly for '.; to 2 hours. Long enough before 'he meat is tender add vegetables to he cooking utensil. These might be ima beans, carrots, onions and wtatocs. When cooked, remove the meat and vegetables and thicken the liquid for gravy. Serve either in a large table casserol or to Individual cassroles. basco. " "' v "" i5J ' *"" j Wash ?reen peppers; cut off str>m i end*, llo'low out p-::cpr. rrir.oviii" srecks and fiber: dniiii. In a sma'ii Iwv.'l, combine- cheese. pic';!-s end! Tabasco; mi.x thoroughly. Fill peppers wtlh cheese-Dickie mixture Chill filled peppers until firm Slice crosswl'o. Place 2 or 3 slices on crisp salad greens for each serving. Francisco comes thi Kidney Slow-Down ft/lay Bring Restless Nights Wlun ki.ti.o- fiinclion <!<>», ,u,wn ,„„, fall.3 c^ijii'lain of naKk'Jni: hacUclu', hoa Hcill'3, llilzilK'ril RrnJ (ma lit [H-p ami tllf TK l>i>[t'l Mitfrr r.jtk-Si riiylils with thfse di.- c'lnifurls if ic'hici',] kidney function is ri-t- -n-ilUL- to s auil s il.|. M rnln, n orli'/i Iluo'l nc-u llorn U.llit 'Him-lic. U Ok'trSO rcn. IJran » uiv« b M. , bladd nns o ilicl niuy CHIIHC Kettini: u our kiilnwi'lf lli.'se ciindl Try Uumr. 1'ills-n n.ild ccessfully by inilliun* fo ITa nmoiing lu.w m»ny lime ppy rHief f rum th<-:r ilisf.-ni yuu. - > .iiic.<n.- < i,crtli>r>nn<l(!. s Hush out wutt. Ccl Loans I'illa lodnyl Danr,/ Dycnshiti* says: THOSE SCUFFS A\VAY! color* i<utf» ipot* « H Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH a pleasant alkalln, ,non- Kl<t powder, holds l.lw teeth mor« tlrmly To e« «nrt talk In mo rc corn- tort. Just sprinkle a um e FASTEETH CAREY > FOR THE CUAttESr HASH WTOW... GETS CUmiES CLEANER THAN ANY SOAP! Here's your chance to got a bargain on Tide —the wnslulny rniracle—nn<i get, llio cleanest clolhcs in town! I.nlwralory testa prove Ti<le gets clothes cleaner and whiter than any soap in hardest water. And, after just one Tide wash, soap-dulled colora rinso out brighter! What's more, Tido is kind to your hands. Get Tide today I Lamb Riblets Main Item in Savory Stews Here's something different in the way of stews that's denned lor cold day enjoyment. — lamb ribiet stew, in case these rlblets are new to yon they are prepared from a lamb breast. The meat dealer simply removes the breast bone nun culs^ the breast between the ribs with the resulting mraty riblets. Points out Heba stnsBs, meat! cookery expert,' for preparing a i stew, dredge the riblets with flour, i (lien brown them wen on nil sliii-sj in laid or drippings. Pour nil excess drippings. Season with salt and pepper. The next step is 10 cover the meat with water then place a tight fitting cover on tlin cooking utensil and let the riblets | cook quite slowly for about, i'i hours. At the end of this time add vegetables, recover the utensil and cook mull the meat and vegetables are tejidpr. Lastlv. thicken the liq. uld for gravy. This stew may h) served over boiled rice or noodtcj if you like. George Washington and Patrick Henry uecr among the fhst owners of land in the Dismal Swamp o! North Carolina and Virginia. Goody Ivergood Says: It Hits the Spot for breakfast, lunch or supper iliced fresh daily for tmer flavor Buy it at your grocers ~ Memphis Packing Co.. Memphis, Tenn. Special Offer! lioaiilul Glass 4 i % ,[t , ^^m. < ^uij/jy& WJCBS& v ! ^ '' '^^^^V"' L '' - Specially low Priced! Limited Time Onlyl ^T. t^-* ^-^^^Wiffflf!! J. URGE PKGS. with coupon on Page 15 PORK ROAST Whole Picnic Style — WHEN YOU BUY EITHER YOUNG FRYERS Grade "A" Quality, fully dressed, Ib CANE SUGAR DOMINO, pure white — — lOLbs ...,,590 mNARciTtEA M 250 r PU| •• r . T ~ Win«cr B ar,le,, fresh f n,,^ ' '*' * STEW MEAT ....... ,,390 ........ * PEACHES , V! ,,240 P & G 15, m 1.00 _ Full Line of Fresh, Crisp Vegetables 'It Pays To Shop at Mays' MAYS' r*f fcr MARKET 421 South 21st

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