The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
Page 6
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PARK SIX BLYTTTEVTTJ.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Arkansas News Briefs— Purchasing Act Case Hearing May Begin in Capital Monday By The Associated l*rrss LITTLE pOCK—A hearing in Uie coniLover:s:al puixlutMMf; ac:t ca^e may l>egiii here Monday. Wayne Upton, Little K<xk attorn* 1 }' appointee! in- (he Ai ft;ins;is Bupremo Court to hear evidence hi the, *ni<l yo.stf-iciny lie; linrl fiet Monday tis n tentative date to Mail iho lic-inint;. The case involves a .su;t fliisckijiy v:i3;tiity of pi'titio/iA a.^mg thai the statuli"—Art 24L» of 1951—bo plmcd on ttu- tKiLlin In the 1 ^r-K.-ial election next November. Opponents of the aci. .spuji.sutec] t]noi;s.;h the Jy-yi>] ttuiT by thr- administration of Gov. McMntJj, < imitated the petitions. Thoy ehiim the law would legalize iirt'^uKi! pure-hit: in<: practices by the .stale. The Eiclimrifclration claims ii would hl>!T;ilr/fi purchasing procrchuvs. The &UIL attacking the pt-Utions wnx filed by two Pnhiskt Coumy taxpayers, who claim the petitions rouutin fcu^id .signatures. Delight Sawmill Destroyed by Blaze DKI.lGHT--Tho sawmill nrti [>l;mt of the Ov.rin Lumber Co., here has been dr.stroyc'd by fire. Tho flumes broke out yesh-nJuy afiemuon, and weio himiftht under comrol by fhcmen fi>;m Muifiot-sbo] o itnd E>re>cntt ntytit. Cause oi the blasw. which iippuvnuly Ijt'Knn in tin- |*nv<:r phml. w;iis not known. Hubm Whiuiker, O/nn ,-nl-.s number e.^ini;iu-d cianu^c at $--'53.000. Two Arkansas Towns Add to Phone Protests LITTLE ROCK—Two more ArkiiMs.iA (owiss have. pmtrMrd n proposed nuo inneave for the SomlUYtsUni siutrs Teli-plume Company. Representatives of De.s Arc ;m<l Jacksonville ye.slejd^y protested the film's request for a $120.000 ialr boosf at nn Arkansas Public Service Commission hearing, Citv Attorney J. K, Caskey of IX-.s Arc told the commission thai he objected to the Increase because the company's .service clots not Justify it: Nettleton Man Spots Guam 'Straggler' OUAAf fAP)--A powibV Japa- nr.sfl NlritKKlcr from World War II. «'l:id only in n loincloth, vvn.s slyht- f-ti by ilttcc si'^ht.'-C'cin^ sailors, in- c-'liKliny an Ark;uj>-nn, yr.stenhty. Marines spnt 450 ntf-n' to the area lo H-arch for the man. They found his ramp.sllpft hut thus fnr he l\ns olmied them. Dotulri K. Kulp, Si. l j ;uil, Minn., oni' of the three s:ulors. MI Id they were roundijis a nij n in a trail 'ivlH'n they hfij>[X'!U'd oji the man. "tie niotiotK-d for us 10 conriniie on." Kulp reported, 'but 'Alien we did in? reached tor ;i MixilL elotli bay itt his side. Wr MJ - V t-i:\ft\ him of bcinj: a Ja|i iu:ti that lie wa.s n.'iichiny for ;i v/cap'-in. *\Ve turned fiiound aJiti j^til out nt ihno fast." Kul[>'s coinitanion^, Marvin F. Wc.-t f»f Danumtiin., tuid V/i-.^k'V K. Whllo of Kritk'ton, Ark., Haid (lie irian was only about 15 fc<-( av,uy Iroin ihern wlu-ji they tinned back. L Rpiul C'nirk-r N'eu.s Cliissifirtl Ad.*; ivv. chief of the Fii-nch niililary mrsion mx'redilcd lo the Vif'lnarn- f'.so govfninifnt. IU 1 uas chief of the Liito]lil;i'tH'i! bureau of the uriny under dr Laltrc. He 1"<I tin- French troops '.khkh (IH-oni- I h:iil:od in the* Prmeme .sector oi illieni France In 10! 1. THURSDAY, MARCH 18, MJJ| Babies' Homes Censored By Denmark Priests COPENHAGEN IX'i—ll you want to pk'k the name tit your b/iby by your own choosing, don't settle down in Denmark. Here, any priest may refuse to chrl.slcn a baby with a iinroc lie doesn't like. The parents mny take the case [o tlic Ministry oi Ecclesiastical Affiilrs, which usually up- lioltis the priest's drcisluti. The ministry sticks to a 124-yenr-oltl decree aulhorl/lne it to fee'that no children have "improper" names. But is a girl's name improper lor a boy? This ciue.sUon -.vill be decided in dislrict court line. The parents \vant to call Ilieir twy "Giennie" The mini trv ijoir-iiirrs this a Bill's n.ime mid h;is askeci Unit the ca^r be ihmwji out of erjin t. Norway's Wartimt Minister Is Dead OSLO, Nurway <AP> — Jotan Nyf,'a<'mi.svokl, 73, Norway's war- lime prime minister in exile, died today In u hospliat at Trondheiin after lour -AcaXs illness. When the Nazis invaded Norway In 1940, Nygaurdsvold, then prime minister, fled to form a free gov- ermnent abruad. He returned at the war's end in 13ss. For six ye:tr:; nt the turn of the century. Xygaardsvold worked as a Mtv.miil find farm hand in the United Suites. More, thnn i:» niiliion and Mosk-im look i>:ut hi one of history's j.'ipLite,%t population cx- clianKC'.s following the partition ot India and Pakistan in 1947. Publishers of 'U.S.A. Confidential' Are Mystified by 'Ban Demand' ROCK (iP>— The publish-1 Hoivell was appointed special ers ot 'U. S. A. Confidential" any | counsel by Gov. McMatli U> reprc- tney are mystified" by a telegram j sent tile state In the controversy from an Arkansas attorney tint they refrain from circulating the book. Distribution of the book by Jack Uilt and Mortimer, New York newspapermen. Is scheduled lo be- H e cited article 4. section 4 o( the U. s. Constitution, pledges protect the slates against Invasion. ,.-., *... w ^VLL-UUICU «/ we' liowcll aiso used-till.; section of Kin today. (See related story on i tlie constitution lo urge Atty. Gen. Pnge 11.) " [McGrnth to order Crown to wills- A spokesman Jor Crown Publisher*, inc.. said In f,'e«' York last ni^lit that a telegram from Hen- dnx Rowell. Pine Bluff attorney, ordering them not to offer the hook for sale "left us mystified." "I just don't understand what section of the law under which he I I s doing Ihls." the spokesman said, attempt by the hold the book from circulation. 'I'lie Irook contains several uncomplimentary remnrfcs about the state. In Washington. Sen. Fulbrighl 1 tD-Arki niciuioned in Hie volume, said he never had seen a book so " l '!' < j" ?"^ P' :t M* approval on the state to halt Its Plane Drop* Food SINGAPORE CAP) — A oy Air Force plane recently dropped a ton of foodstuffs to a tiny vlltag* In Johore stats which had been isolated by the monsoon flood waters. Several lou'-level rum had to b« made to effect the drop successfully. The food bundles consisted of fish, rice and tinned goods. Read Courier Ne i Classified Adi. circulation. "The people of our state certainly are justified in seeking sorns remedy from the spreading li-side its borders of this filth," he said. "I have never seen a book BO vile In all my life. It isn't even well written " -<5 f* v*. Labor Foreman To Be Reinstaied PINE BLUFF. Ark. (Al—A labor foreman whose dlsclmrce brought a complaint from an AFL union will be reinstated at the Pine Bluff Arsenal's secret construction pro- jecl. Col. Hans w. Holiner. Little Rock district engineer, said ye.sterday after a conference with Blaw-Knox Construction Co., officials that the man would be rebirerl. The official grievance aijalnst the company follosvcri n 6-day tm- iiuthorlxwl .strike l>y the hod ners and common laborers union. New French Leader Found for Vietnam SAIGON, Imlo-Chtna On — Tile job of directing tlin (ruining at thousands of young men who an lo be Vietnam's army of the future now rusts In the hands of a former lnlelll«eni'p chlel for Ui« late Marshal of France, Jean tie Luttre rte Tfisslt<ny. Ho Is nrlg, Grn. Pierre d'Esneva AMAZING VALUE! HELENA RUBINSTEIN'S NEW STAY-LONG Lipstick Sampler 5 fabulous colors for only 5QJL Special offer from Helena Rnltinatein! Try 5 *ha<lci of LipMick in nciiil Bizen—Tot-only AQl! is the first trulvrrtwny tuclcliblc lipstick lliat slajs an nil liny long! Il u'nn'l conic oil on your cij-iirctln, nnpkin or glim— .iiBvor dries lips! K.iclf one is n (lifTcrrtit, exciting Spring slinclc. Try nil five. 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