The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _. .. ... ™ B DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANn ROIITI^O .,. XLVH—NO. 299 Blytheville Courier Blythevlllc Daily New» Mississippi Valley Leader BIytheville Herald DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST^ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI lil.U-HlCVII.LK, ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, MARCH J3, 1952~ nio BITE—The new metal baler at BIytheville Iran and Mela! Co., its yawning maw'filled with old bed springs, tin roofing and other oddments, pri-p.-ires to bite dam, on the "mouthful" of metal.' After applying its big bite, the baler spits out a compact bale like those seen at the bottom ot the picture. (Courier News Photo) U N Troops Repel *Keavy Red Attack Metal is Baled LjkeCottnnby Machine /• ere TU'KNTY PACKS -100 pounds (o Take 300 or •«k *•',') iTT*** 1 " "" ^"^5 "•".f^-*"f ,_i 7 if J 1 -^ SpI"H1(J; SLOLL, KOKM (Ar)2_AmeTftai{ aiidTl^iahtlroopsl'Ir 11 " 01 ? " stopped a !J«| a- ..nit battalion ft, its Hacks labl night in the | '£!? , e "er ^ ^ JKiiMfc-t LommuKist att.ick in a month A US 25tli DIM-' TKus the ienpe for J..OI1 ollic-ei- mid U,<my 21)U oL Hie 751) att:ickin K Reels were i 1U3! ii*-'0-m<.'" baie of scrap mnM KJIk'ti or vt-ouiicied. ' i as concocted at tlie ne«-lj--orwned Blythevillfl iron mui Melai Co. Key step in the proci:=s is the of old „ truqX iie-it Taft, Truman Still Ranked Formidable 7 Aiken Recalls President Is 'Game Fighter' By MARVIN' I.. AIMiOWSMITII WASHINGTON M>> — Political, opponents of President Truman and Sen. Tnfi ranked (hem today is "still formidable'' adversaries d s pile the New Hampshire presidential primary victories scored by sen Kefauver and Gen. Eisenhower. Kefauver, Tennessee Democrat upset Truman in Tuesday's contest. And Eisenhower swept over Ohio's Taft on the Republican ! ticket. ' "Say what you want about Ham Truman, he's a fighter, e.speci IK ' when he's hurt — and he'll fight now." said Sen. Aiken iR-Vtl Aiken predicted last month Kefauver would "beat the tar" out of Truman in the New Hampshire primary. Going io Be Rougher "Kefaui-i-r did just, that all ri s ht." Aiken said today, "but now- he's got a man (Trnmani who must be firming mad and the going will be rotif.'lier." As for Taft. Sen. Ives iR-NY> — \vho is backing Eisenhower — declared; "Don't anyone think (or a minute that Bob Taft is out of the race.. On our side, we aren't taking any- ' thins for granted. That July nom- inatin™ convention is still a long way off and anything can happen in politics." - In New Hampshire. Kefauver won over Truman in the preferential popularity contest by 20.117 votes to 1C,298. The Tenneesean also won all 12 Democratic delegates, who have eight, convention votes. Kiscnliower Sweep Is ('lean On the Republican licket, Eisenhower piled up 45.497 preferential vofes to 35,820 for Taft. And Eisenhower, too. nude a clean sweep of the til-legates—14 to the GOP convention. Ives said the New Hampshire vote "proved Eisenhower can set Ihc nomina?,ir,ii without corning lu-mc to campaign. If he wants it SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS GAS PAINS—Prepared for the frowns of some unhappy motorists Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. yesterday began work on installing natural gas pipelines through alleys in downtown nlythcville Scene above was in the alley between Walrml and Main Streets In the 400 block At this spot, Ark-Mo also was busy removin K old power line pole, n-itli the truck in the background) which marked completion of installation of the tande mpoles which consolidated the number of Hues run through alleys. A barricade is visible in the foreground. (Courier Nc,,- s riioio) Gas Pipe Laying Starts In Business District Congress Urged To Okay Entire Foreign Aid First-Line Global Planners 1 Open Fight for Every Dollar WASHINGTON (AP)_The mlministn.Uon's top for- n strali'jasls oilte! on Congress lo.Uty i o vote every dollar of President Truman's 57,000,000,0(10 foreign aid" pro- Knur first line global of th» Kremlin" went belore a joint Senate-House 3. Kccrelarv of Defense Lovett iiroup la open their u,,hiU l| B hi \ cmphasing the CommunisUledpe ii lor foreign aid minis in the face or coii&iT.s.sioiial economy drives in thi.s election year-. Before an overflow crowd who jammed Into the Senate's bi(;i> c'cmmUtcc room, these points were strewed: 1. Secretary of State Acheson said a cut in foreign funds now would have "the immediate anil destructive effect of undermining the whole economy" of NATO — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. , 2. W. Averell Harrinian. director of Mutual Security, declared that. r. reduciion in funds, would represent "a dei-ision to reduce the strength which Is being built in tbe Ircc world for our common defense acalnst, the Inside Today's Courier News . . . Osceola 'vs. DCS Arc In Kirls slutv tourney . . . sports . . . i'aee 1.1. . . . State news hi brief . . . I'ASC 6, . . . llehlnil tin- Blackboard In Blytllevlllc schools . . . I'altc 9. . . . Society . . . I'axfi 4. . . Markets . .. . I'aee 5. ' •«* ' «»t"«iUe «as begun yesterday by Arkansas-Missouri i t: c U, S. 35:h Rc-gimciit and Tiirk- lin trigaclc ia the Eastern moun- T. .' Comuumists struck behind, tains necr Heartbreak Rid=>e ' "' ~ - i""s-^ .- -.n<a i.ravy artillery bains.' c n<.-ninst j Assault waves cnme in 'three corn i lall v' s "«'•' metal baler, riiirh 1 "" el - not only speeds h.indlh-.t; of s.-rsp '• metal but also permits 'sUiijn-.i-n'l of it by rail. Unbalcd. a tr>iii carload of loose scrap does not weiv:h enough to mate rail shipment economically feasible. The baler exerts 2.200 pounds per square inch pressure on the metal. Two hydraulic cylinders 4 New Firms For Missco Feed Store Opens Here; 3 Incorporate A Btyihcville man and Iwo o ee-'i- la men have iilcd papers for ihrcp new corporations End a new feed stcre has scheduled n formal opening here. The Feeders Supply Company. 51:1 r^Sast Main, is to have Its formal opemns Saturday, arcordini; to Ear! i James, manager. V. W. Tienkhcf! of: Maiden is owner of the store Mr-! prongs along n 2',;-mile front. Bu. n division spokesman said. "They got nowhere." Arlill-.-ry Halts lictls A curtain of Allied artillery and moiiar fire hailed the Reds 100 y.-.rds short of u. N. lines. The Communists pvlled back after a sharp two-hour fight. ored 1.- so manj other Americans ] Powe l IOIIPU* n\g him fit for the presi- | d'iiicy .-honld be proud, or. by golly.i Ark-Mo (,[|, said K lov.--pre-s.sure system was to be i^tiller! " ^-NotTsurc S l«n» th ™^ «« b,,s,,,e M district for safety purposes. ' Kefauver. weary from two weeks Tllc tt '0''lt. being done for Ark-Mo l for reiriirs: nf Now Hampshire campaigning..; )y .,, S " phc ; 1 ' s CoivMnictlon Co. of: In croama rnnh-vnith sin-pis told a news conference here latc! L ' ulc iiock . l*e«n in the alley be-i only nltcrnaio streets if 1 i yesterday that "victory in one pri-j tweon Main and Walnut Streets in j where ever'possible 'the ntiill °™A n:tir> is r.ot a sure sign of success the loo block. Crews also were work- ! so motorists will not have to detour ing m the alley between these i moie than one block streets in the 400 block today. • j Service (rom Ihc The entire lao-mne Korean front qri:tcd tort.iy. the U. S. Eighth] Army «;jd. except for patrol [ clashes in the center, in the We a U. N. troop? reoccupied an advance po.ition northwest of Yonchon wit)loiit fjrh::? a sruit Thev Ind ; Warships round Line American warships pounded the Eastern end of the line in round- the-clock attacks. The Navy report- cruisers St. Paul and Man- press the metal toward the front of the hopper and a third compresses the scrap inward. At tile end of the operation a third lever is pulled and an L-shaperi arm tosses: the bale out of tin- hopper. The bales wciuh E. R. Jackson, one of the three in othcrs." He said he will enter or has entered nine otli^r primaries and will XT... „, ,, . campaign in „!, of them. He listed lcv T V ,UT "" U , Uv ,° 1>locks «' »1" comcsts in Florida. Illinois Ohio ..f S! ' 1 ' at """ ° tlc li "«'- Un , .;. California. Wisconsin, Nebraska "'n»n, ""'^ ° r ° thcr """""'Mrf' Tp *'"' b " ' lwess <">'. Ark- Miirylanrt. New Jer,e v and Oregon i A™"*,?' . " 1Kllt]o » s interfere." i * ° s »«'• f fP-"<; "<">•* are schedule,! Taft. caun, ;! i,;nin ? 'in Texas saidi ArV " M ° 5al<1 ' ' " Oll " W l " C "''1'^ln.Vini! crews and he was-n little dljapoointcri 1 ' about' A PPK>xinin[cl.v one week will be : Ia -. c -. 5CUln S cement is lobe required to complete installation in each block of alley. Annul, tlnce days are required to break School Election Officials Named Judges and Clerks Picked for Balloting In 19 Missco Districts Election judges, clerks, alternate judyes and clerks have been named for school elcctinns to be held Saturday. Nineteen district school boavrt to the French In Indochina, called for ••« substantial increase In military assistance" to that embattled Far Eastern Land. N'eccssily Slresscd All the witnesses strcMcd the necessity of the niulli-billioii dollar proRrain (o bolster this nation's defenses riKnlnst Communism , Acheson defended the Western European coiintries against Congressional suggestions that they are no* doing their full part in the defend buildup. He gave as his "considered judgment" that the present efforts by Ktiropean NATO members plt« certain new commitmonts, "approach the limit of their capacities.' ' Slrain Is Described "To go beyond these limits," ho. said, "would produce a strain on their political, economic and social .ilriiciiiros thai would endanger both (heir security and ours—and inlKht well wreck everything that we are trying to accomplish." Some la congressmen sat in on the start of the hearings w : hich are being held before the Senate Por- elBii Relations and Armed Services Committees and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Chairman Connally (D-Tex) of the Senate orelgn Relations committee cautioned the overflow crowd against making noise. The witnesses were not asked any ones- Ions today. No Action on •'Ike" There w-n.6 no action today on tha suggestion by Sen. McMahon (D- Conn) that Gen. D»-lg!it D. Eisenhower he recalled from Paris to testify before the group. Contributions To Red Cross Reach $6,146 •"hiVm Ii"i,TnT'" S »' c "" s "- PO*«* are to be" niled'^'ihe "e^e- «lso uill In- imtallcd so no further i tton. I til i his -sho-.vir.g it- New Hanipshire. | Tn:ii!iin declined to comment, on i his defrat. the President'.! b (,„ ,„ ! secretary. Joseph Short, said at. | and another three the "Lit Me White House" in Key West. Flu., that Kefauvor's victory ' ~ •••' 'Jn.irv i:oj|- ' liu lo ± C - *.* ''"'*". »'»' "'V Dipe.J.lacod co -..^.,.,„,,, ,j., L ^j LIU.; i.nrec ' »v..^i. rut., LJKII i\ei?,uv(rl s victory of the firm, said the baler . ivoulel havp .absilutelv no effect on can compress three Ions of scrap i Trumnn's de~i.-:ion on whether to- l ' r " Mtc , r nll<1 tn e destroyer Hignee 'f- CC ' hlts , °" Red lrM ' IS ' in-"ml"!'. *"*** «W" mb ' ned 1o James said. W. T Kitchen of Blythevilk u ,, u , Thomas P. Florida and E. H. Sleph- I eivs of Osceola have incorporated j three firms-one here and two at! CM ' Red'rui" i,, i IK , Osceola. I ,. °, rail , s '" lls Places, smash five raihoad bridges and ^ink Tti They are: Florida-Kitchen Co ' fmr-ll boats ° of Osceola. a housing and building U. S. P-EO Thunder jets opened corporation; Stephens Co.. Inc.. of! Thursdays air war with a sunrise O.-ceoIa. also a housing firm; n n d ! attack on Hichon railwav marshal Kitchen Farms Co.. ot Biylheville.' ''"? vards. The Fifth ".\ir Force a farming and livestock enterprise.: "id they Wt the vanls in ruins' Each company shoucd an issue' "Pieces of rail cars and stacks of ' SCO shares of stock at SlOO a i n ' jl " rs ?lvl1 as high as 1,000 feel " share, with $300 paid-in capital. Weather Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy thi.s afternoon and totii"ht and Fri- one pilot reported. metal an hour. It is one of (lie only two such ninchines hrtween St. Louis nnd Memphis, he said. Tlie other is located lit Cape Oir- ardeau. Mo. The teles arc loadfd onto nil- road c;irs by a .swinainp cr.^ni- constructi-d by L. D. Watle one of the three owners. Mounted on a tractor chassis, the cr.itr-'s winch i~ operated by a pas en.'ire- while tiie boom is t:\vmiH by'an elettlic motor. Powering the b.i'sr i:, a r,', lior:.--- pawrr Coiuincnlai z. : is c-i-'Mp.e Ir will handle any ivpe of '-li.ip "from old rrfrhenit"! -. ;) . f \ ti i Src HAI/;R on i\\xc 5 i r-cek re-election. Nash for 1952 To Be Displayed 34 Missco Men Get Draft Tests; Next Induction Call Is Mar. 19' *• i- -------- - ....... — ........... — ..... ..... Allies Tel! Reds They Waste lime on Repatriation Issua M.ii kina X;i.'.h Motors 50th year of ;vniotncb:le production, the 19V ir.c.dr-1 i-Tash will «o on disn'nv here tcm-rr:w at Sheltwi Motor Co 117 Fast. T! e ne;v N'asli tcatinr.^ ihan«ed b-iry tylji'i. designed by rinin Fari: ,i, Ei'r fir.ti: custom iiuto dc-stgn- cr. •-,- iront Icnclct.s. Trday's c;ill was for 50 „.. of tins numb;r 33 reported, 14 were transferred to other boards untl three failed lo report, ncoordin - to Miss fiosa Saliba. draft, hoard clerk. One man was transferred to the Missifsippi C'liinty Hoard trrm nn- otl:cr Ixiard and left with today's group. Tlie county's next call will b'j .in Induction call on Mar;!-, is. Leaving today were: ard I'rrston .Stone. I!t;d Voui - nan. | Marked Tree; Air-hie fiav bulidnlp), .; r .. v/il>on: Raymond Bracken. T.uxnra, Herbert Wrv I'lttman. Tftnnr.n. Krarocs - Clir.rl Will Henry Kimblf. and Rob"rt Lei FWtlciiK. O.-reoIa: .lames Andnrsoii' t'.dclie Howard. ,!lmmlc Walls' nlythcville: Shelly Luster Arm-ir-:-' J.i'H-ne Kelly. Dell; and O C rui'r Tyrorzi. f i ted a= tifiiujucnls In the BIytheville District, balloting will be at City Hall and at, Yarhto. Judges at the City Jlall box ; .ire to be F. F.-. Warren. C. VV, Af- I'ired aTl M, 0 ""-' "' rk ' "' rt wlllial " ' iru!(1 ' Alternate poirUfd clerks were Charles Moore and K. R. Jnckson, and alternates will be Mrs. Hugh Wbitsrtt and Mr.s, Ann Grain. For the Ysirbro l»x. judges named nre Richard Hayucs. Ernc.,t French, and Porter Flowers. Alter- ! nate Judues nre Spencer Bunch, j. ' F,. Parrlsh. and Herbert Mnllin:, Cli-rks lire Mis. Buford Orr. ami Mrs, Nieta Bunch. Alternate i-iijrk'- .TIC William Win It and nc<-.>e Moore. and alternates ni Today's report of contributions to 1952 Rui crow fund campaign Travis! other districts a Osccol.i—Judge:-: Holiert F. Msr- ro.v. Guy Robbin.s. and A. C Henry Davis. :'' h '' n> : alternate jndcp.s: joe Marlin. Hyirian Weinben!. and Ralph Wilson: clerk..: Mrs. r.rvan liendon rind Milt-lion Mooie; alternate , <-K-i i-...: May nay Mann anil Melvni i I.apirlrs. j l.n.ver,! Judges- Ray Olive. Ray - WhiLrnrjie. nnd C'lrovt-V Driver; al- c v : Mo::C Sliman. F.. H. W. L. Homer: cl^rk.- i P Johnym and ^T|^^ Unmn, Mil'.vn-i- i Kain I.atiaMon; altcinate clerk" PrnnroM. Conni-r. i R. t: lar/r^tnii :n:ci K'iilh M^D,ill- Srr SC.IIOO1. nil I'.ief 5 brings the Chlckasaw Chapter total to S6.I-1G.25, accordin.!! to Farris Mc- Cnlla, city chairman of the drive". " Reporf^-ri today was 5-11750. Contributions were; S.:0—J. C. Penney Co.. He to! Noble. £35--Phillips K. SJO-Scars Roebuck and Co S3:i—Fred Flcenian. BIa<-k and While Si«rc. G. E, Keck. F r a n 'f Simmons Tin Shop. E. R, Jnrk.wn. S23—Nu-Wny Laundry. . moO-Jiinmy 1 Edwards Furnitura ;Co. $:5--SV. E. nichmond and Co, I.c.-iie Mooie, West Hide Co-Op Gin, • Goodyear Store. Sin Blythcnlie Coach Line.,-, Ark• aiiMis Paint anrl Gl.Ts Co.. T. P. Ucan. Asftnibly of God Church, Tern W. Jackson. ' »-Phillip? L'qtlor K;r ; re, Pick:rid'.-i Orrcery and M;.ik'jt. Nommai'ions For 'Women of Yecr' So li Jii'il..! Bui ley Fenni'll. Thai's what the latest Hcd nl-in i amounts to said Rear \H*r> R 't- , lay: cooler tonight except in west j Ltbby, and it'is not arceplabl west Friday; low Thursday night ! ~ 20 north to 32-33 south; hlch Fri-i day 40-45 northeast to 55 south-! west. Minimum Ihi.s inorinn :-43. .\in\illllnu yr.-lrrrlay—62. Sunset today—5:36. Sunrise tomorrow—6:23. Privipilation 24 hours lo ^ am. torinv- none Tf.lal preciuilaiiuit .suur Jan !— ii.ns. Mean lemperaturp <iuiciwa> Urcu hi?h and 10,11-525 Normal mean fcmperi'u-p [or v ""' '"'"' '""'^rrl pro March-61.J. -C.ii|.f-'-.i.s lor ,,„ a,:co_rdni g _i o .)_.). Morgan, !o- Thls Hate Last Tt Minimum this inorniny M,i\(mnn - ... , ,i (l - ^ NSAN. Korea <,-,>._Al]iccl truce negotiators told ihe Re ey were wasting time , ryine , o ,,, ., hc „„,„„„„„,„„, „ R , l P-o, :f rs we hold In exch He told the- Cosiiinun^;,, t'vv must make the ne\; move The Rfd.s said it's lobby's move. Strirtly a "Goose i: K »" Col. Andrew J. Kitliirv oc-rrib- rd as "strirtly s eoo-e rr;;." a tw.-i- lioitr f(:,t{ office, s' mertinz on truie ,-nprrr, ision in a ncrsrbv tn.t. A Co,unniiil-r propnr-;-! -.-.hifh could ban a Naval block.ule nf >hr China coast was lo-.sed hack to •• >• .staff officers. Red interpreters r,-- lused to ii!."ii![!|. -Kcioa" in -i .l.iu-i.- ]»r«ih!oiin. • r.' },;,, i. '.,;•' Tin 3 nil.-rpi elr i >' ,,L;inil "\'. i. -t romplerr reversal of the S;:I|E ti[- ficrrs' di. ciissnm jcMerri.iv " s-,'d fine. urn. Willis,,, f>, .V[,,.'fe, lts r; N. spokeMiia:,. • H r .ime a.s A r^m. i>f '.-.-M .he hard-lop convertible! M:,™,, ,j imiol . t . ir . (1srv •.,„„„ w , Invtrtl .s,-.fety Rlass is avail-[Ham Shun-.ilt. C a r i [",,,,.,„ i- rinioniil Kirnpnicii'.. as are Prince. ulvthnviil.- ,p, mr = H , v ^ii'-c hydra-malic drive, re-; Kendrick. Hcr^cc M:illorv l>in'-i i t. scat;, and convertible twin j Osceola: -James Carter Files. Ari thur William HouncHrcc. Manila; 7f .- cjjov. rr in [.he Ambassador j ;iMidcl has been increased from T5 t i ICH .'iu! iMostcd Irom 85 to 83 ill! ! !he S:atc.-m,in line. Car Derailed Here A Frisco car .spreading "chit" a form of crushed rock-on a spur • track bed near Walnut Street Humped die Irartc at about n . oYltKk nn-iininc. i The had been ndmped and ! a He had been laid a<-rn-s the track in front of the car »hfds lo "or Drive Set 22 N. Missco Scout Board to Meet I' North Missi'slppi County Di.lrir! Board o! the Roy s-out.s will meet at Cily Mail here Tue.sclay to plan ft-tivitir.s for the corning >ear. Field Fx-:u:he Bill Clare s:i-d \e.,lerd,iy. f'hnnnir-i o: district < - inniiiicr;. •"id diMtict ro]niii].i..sionrr.- are llle Junior members c,f the Ixiard Anv Kcouter .ill be rnn-| ( s permit'rrl to attend niretVii-s o! HIP b:.:-.rd. ' uti-il fail- ild hi- nrivr Nev/ / rouble Brews on Capitol Hill /or Cleanup Man Morris ,;?1H r^ 1 "" ™ '^ ^"^• < -^ >l ^ ^ i?. ll,i"M' -' r .'rr : lTi, r> .'-lik" r ;l " "T' "" * W11ill% "°" fc "1"^' i™ .Mtjii .. u,.I, ».is (.in O f ,.,,. s ,,i, r);jriu powers for Morris on his riivnvr* of Co,, B r.,s,c!e,,,up job "until it is deteZ,S tr.s mast at -Aha! hr whether this man will be ciled ' •'-• tli-r.,sftl iniiuis" of ; (l .'tun: • him. d i? call to a in.-,.. i'-J-.-r investic-ation. Wisi, the marn Also hf 1,-u i-ti nnd |K;:- iblv \\: .^rn. M-Cnilr. what In- i.illocl TJ -i. ... -I. „!,1,^,111, J.,_ cal St. Louis-San Francisco arjent The tie hit a small embankment (near Ihe trnr-Vr m,,l raii«ed lllr« rie- -~.°. •'•'•'•>* '''reft was delated lor I Mout ?0 tnViutei. ' plel.5 surprise." '"' 'ha 1 tin- cii\e vvi,iiiii b.- tlii.> n • r i, r Sutiiidiiy. Drivoi- Suffers Scalp M i. Hiifiu. jr. jay,re pr^i-ICut in Auto Collision uci.r, a. t ;rd lhat le:-idrnt.v hn-.iiw, w p ,[„„, W ,, llon n 01 'Fr»nris llr at BK-ih 01 'm" vv', ^""^ Kcl "" lV: V. *»"crc.1 a minor rranris ai Bi>thc\'lllc \Vat«r Co, " •calp hnr;\ctrr dr>tnu - inn;il probrs, said 1 Kr-n- ih : iir hrt'i--' 1 i: 1 , ! 'r>|) >.;;r hi l.ut iiifjMi, rjMl MOM.. .. ,. a •••-nrOifi'rtcntiincJ" of activilirs ::i!i^f from nn:,-\nix.nirin^ Mnn;: h;<<- (i. !ii-d Che fli.u ec - ' •' '-'--iiu ij^i i , J5, . i.;l ;; ^^ S« CE.WiE FIRE ou 1'agc i ' donations. I Jerry Cagle. Caglo wa* 1101 injured. 1 McCaaan' 'aiinouiiccd IIP l>p- | from thr il^nnun i'ib .Hue ji.ilfe-mrnl nnd ti»:uti«ni,il &IA Senate * bility,

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