The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 195j • ; — J -""^.jjAJuiuttK, iNEwa WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 195 Osceola Gets Ready for Memphis State I ntra-Squad Game Friday Night "T'lrtctvt in Dlrtv Pinnl ^nvinn *T~- - ~ ~~ ._ _ - — ______ Tigers to Play Final Spring Tilt Under Hale Field Lights OSCEOLA—-Baseball and basketball may be in the air everywhere else but here sports fans are KOMIK a little ol'C peason and are talking football for they're Betting ready to play host to Memphis State College's annual Blue-Grey intra-scitiiKi football gume. The will play their ..prond * — ———— .— and final intra-squad came under | - B _ ^ ------- /^K; Considers day nipht. The opening kickoff is whfriuJed for B p,m, Osceola Kiph School's Alhlellc Association is sponsor in e. the affair and it's frning nil nut to make this appearance of rollepe football here a successful one. Memphis Stair Coach R<ilph Hat Icy will divide Ins squad up and coming Tie ore into two tc.'ims lor the came. Hntloy, himFC-lf, will walch the same as a spectator anil will turn Hie tutoring over to his assistants, R. A. Lo;ig, Bob Don- ohnc and Larry Smith. Althouah rcnisirlcrrri a srn.ill school. Memphis State Is on its way up the J.iddfr of football prominence in the south. Jn ret-ont yt'jirs the TICPJT have ad clod severnl "hit; name" school w (heir sobr-dnle New Sports Code Committee Named To Fix Rules for Non-Subsidization LITTLE ROCK tir, — A special tliree-rnnn committee has hr'cn ap pointed by Ilir Arkansas Interrol lepiate Conference lo draw up rules rnr a contemplated non-nib sirti/cd /ootbciij program. The committee, named ycst*rr!a\ \vns Instructed to druit Ir-eislatiri iimnc .^tn.v,n >*/ .....i.; .to ban spring football praetic-o rm I incJwo'me Olr- MKs and v.'innVrbiH j make possible ttio hiring of ri full j nhd last year I hoy surprised the Jim, commissioner lo supervise and football - niil'.rtcti .Mid - Smith by ] cnfoitc thr proposed rode, thro'.vlm; a !ii« scare into Olc Mi?s j Horace Thompson, president of A. A- M. Collef-c. was in R pfimc tha: I,s 5tili nreurr) in local circles. Tickrts Oi; S:ilc Booking of the intra-^o.nnri c:\mf /or O.scrola HVIS .icromplished through tlin ciforl. 1 ; of O-cc-nla Hlch School Co^ch Dukin Speck and his fi.v^istnnt Hilly lU-ril!- Ttips* arc hnndJing an^tDfieuJOMi. 1 ) for IJi^ game as well ns tho ticket sales. Coach Beal! snid Ihls nmrniag hP hoiked to have ticket, 1 ; to the same available Jn every (own in the county by tomorrow and thrit tickets will be yolci at the pntp. The in tr a-squad game will have a tourh of JotMl interest, too. CoJc- man Lftnnum, con.Mtlered hy ninny as one of the best linemen ever to come out of Oscrola Hlfih School, J.5 a member of the Memphis Slate fqtiad and" is expected to we considerable action in the same. Coleman, a Junior, is a defensive guard. Lannum played for the ScminoJe.-; In the 1949-50 seasons. W. Memphis, Joiner Boxers Break Even JOINER — Shawnee and West Memphis Hich School boxing teams ended up all even at five wins each and D.vess High came in third In a three-way tournament held here last night. , Dyess, which entered only four boxers, enrled off two victories In the 12-match tourney. Dyess was called on for boxers because of weight differences between the West Memphis and Shawnee teams. There were no knockouts in the tournament hut there was plenty of action. Melvin Weaver, a smooth- working 121 pounder, pulled the surprise of the evening when he outpointed Shawnec's James Bag- Icy, the Northeast Arkansas open champion. In another top notch hont Henry Harrison of shnwiler outpointed : Carl Johnson of West Memphis. Other results: jammy Cnline, 71. West Memphis, deeisioned Harold Ralph, ;u, of Shawnee: James McFatriripe, 75, Shawnee. decisioncd Garry Rash, 71. West Memphis: Dickie Upton, 83, West Memphis, outpointed Willie Holmes. 85. Shawnee: David Starling, 95. Shawnee. won 'over Bill Richards. SS. Dyess: Paul Reese. 105. West Memphis, deci- fioned Robert Barley. 109, shaw- nee. Spud Hollow-ay, 108, Dyess defeated Curtis Daniels 109, Shawnee: Jerry James, 88. Dyess won over Buddy Vaughn. 87. Sliawnee- Hooert Andrews 102. West Mem- plus, won over D.n-kl Allensworth, Tec/i Defeated in NAIB Tourney Favorites Win f-T 7. ~ ~ .~ — Dayton Upsets Seeded St. Louis 68-58 In NIT Play; Duquesne Tips Holy Cross Arkansas .. „,_ .... named lo hnfid (he roinmittr-o. otli or members arc Dr. Matt p:lll= president of Ilrndrlx Collocc, and IJr. Nolcn Trby, prf.sirirJlt of Arkrtil sa^ State Traclior. 1 :. Thompson said (lie cnrnniitLre was! to find a »ay to merits lip rccoqnized so (lint all schobrsliips nu'arried would lie; krmlnittpci within thrrc .voars. No; seholnrships issued afler Fohnnry. 1352. would he honored, hn f H M. ' The leafiiir rilrector.s also «'ani f to ban scotitinR r>f cames at collrgr; expense, said Thompson. The Arc tried to ban spring football prnrlier !atc last vcar. Most o^ the Icaciic's 10 nicnibcrs fnvoredj FORT WOJITJ1. Tex. i,JV-.TI,,. Som.Inv.srs hisgest. atlilclic earniv-U not ]"rKc C r.>iovU to nlTcr "h^AIc". ^ ~'' hc Soiltllwral " n R«'''Mllon Meet-cor-; O n here Frirtay and Saturday eonstiUition. | mlh l ^» yotniRslcr.s competing in track and field and on the golf course At least two schools withdrew, 1 There are 111 IHIITI iii,.« r,,i li. ,t • from foolball competition in Itip Ircos ' innior rnlt' .,'i .,,",,i i^ J tinn-orsily. rolleee and )till- AIC last year because of non-sub-1 whodls repre^nlcci nn,l ' ' will I P i !" r ™ , rlaKOS bul som « "«? sldlzation policies, niey are Oua-loiic of the lai (rest meets in ' u! d ^Ki „'," * fre5l " na "-P r( 'f 1 school chila and Arkansas Colloce. Little I ID years ' "'" '' Rock Junior Colic, e withdrew from j " Texas" A ,t M Texas and Rice 131 Schools to Compete In Big Southwest Meet As Expected At Kansas City KANSAS CITY MV-Il's almost routine thai the favorites survive the !irsl round hut the manner in which ypn-ral of them rtM In the 14th National Intereollejjiate <NAH!i HasStetlxilI Tournament borders nn the sensational. Now Mexico A, <t M., Inr exam- Die. hit 53.2 per <:ont of Its shots in eliminating Mississippi Southern G-70 in the first found wlndup yes- trrrhiy. And at the snmc lime the Southerners in losing averaged 47.7 per edit. The Ka.Mern Illinois Panthers of Chiirlestoii ilffl the tournament le.-lcam smrinK record by beating Huron IS. 1). i College 113-78. Tlie sr.fond-rouml set of eight t lines Ojx'iicd today. Quarff r/m;ils •(.' sehedtilPrt tomorrow night. the emi-firmls Friday and finals Satur- E iv. The champion will meet the * CAA lltllst in the firft-romicl Olympic playoffs here March 29. In cither .nines last night, the Utah .State .Agai.s handed Clarion Pa. i Suite its first loss of the sea- n 8!i-li8; Lawrence Tech of Detroit walloped Washington University of I Tonefca 97-fiO and iiiibmlcn Southwest Texas Stale of San Marcos oiiidasfctl Arkansas Tech of Russellville. 97-53. Three F.ivnrrc! With half the field In the six- day meet— 16 teams eliminated. defending champion Hnmline Uni- NEW YORK M>-The University at Dayton basketball team, which had its first fling it the "big time" j m the finals O f the National invitation Tournament last year, wanted to meet hishly rated St. Louis thU ' ! * year just as a measure of satisfaction. Dayton got its wish lest nieht and the result was satisfactory not only to the Dayton players but to 4 majority of the 14,112 spectators in Madison Square Garden. Sparked by tall Don Meincke and* chubby Leland junior Norris, the Flyers whipped St. Louis, the second-seeded team in the tournament, 68-58. Top-seeded Dnquesne performed about as expected in beating Holy Cross, 78-68. in the second game of the doubleheader. As a result, Dayton will encounter St. Honaventure. and DtiQuesne will meet LaSalle in the semi-.ina) games tomorrow night. into basketball's major leagues. Brought in year just, to round out the Meld, Meineke, Norris. Pete Boyle and company captivated the fans and almost walked off with they're threatening to do the same! 1'lghl Dfl.'cnse Coached by cagey Tommy Black- I burn, a part-time golf professional. From the Training Camps— Mizell, Krieger, Schmidt Shine As Cardinals Blank Braves 3-0 B> p The Associated Tress ST. PETERSBURG. F la. WV-Af!*r knocking off the Braves «ota today. Pitt!hurBh versity. Km- Mexico A. M., East- crn Illinois and Southwest Texas State a.p.arcd to have the best chances of showing up Saturday night. Southsvest Texas Siaie. led by Vernon McDonald's 20 points, scored its 27lh successive victory without a setback this season in bsatim; Arkansas Tech. the conference altoRe'therro"jo'l'n"a ., it does not compete for the crlti title. u'on't compnle In trip university i defending champion, is sciiriin? only a few contestants but there "'III be 10 schools \vith i:;r t nthletc.s. Rowlings, Carter To Fight Tonight fAPJ—Rawbono Lu- of Chlciiiio. tallest OHICAOO thcr nnwliriL, ^...^,. llRhtweinht contender In the boxing business »-j)J try (o overpower stocky Jimmy Carter, (he iishi- ueipht chantpion. in a non-lit le II) round bout at Chicago Stadium to- ni?h(, liawlhiBS. rated the No. I chal- Icnccr. may get a genuine crack at Carter's world championship this immer if he shows up well. Carter refused lo put his tillr on the. block this timo because he flffiirerl the 5 tect 10'i Rawlinps could not mnke tile weight. The Chicago boxer tipped 113 pounds in his last fisht. Each plan to weigh 137 tonight. Trxas is the title. heavy favorite to' win j IlCaiid''^^!*^^ CoHeEe"!"!"-' krme, Wash., opened second round CotnpeihiR in the ul.v.c-rslty class will be Arkansas. Baylor. Hardin- Kimmons, Houston. .Southern Metli- "riisl. Texas ChriVti in TrxV, Tech ' ^ """ , • C VS ' Murray <KyJ StatB; Tula ir Oklnlirmvi »' V M rcc '^ I Memphis State vs. Portland (Ore.) ' & M " ancl firms. Other games today include West Texas State vs. Murray (Ky.i State; , . a . v s,,,,^,, „ Dayton jammed the area under the ^ f^"^ ^ St. Louis basket on defense, came ~' up with most of the rebounds and dominated the entire game. St. Louis, the Missouri Valley Conference champion and a candidate for the National Collegiate A. A. title, never was ahead. Duquesne's victory over Holy Cross may have been cwtly. Jim Tucker, the tall, springy Negro cen the ball of the boards nearly Braves, 3-0, ycterday. Phils r.llic Burfiess CLBARWATER. Pla. (,1'j—Day by day Smoky Burgess is nailins down the job as No. 1 catcher lor the Philadelphia Phillies. Obtained from the Cincinnati Reds in an off-season (rade. I^lr- has shown Manager lc Saa-yer that he can throw, run and snows how to handle pitchers. And yesterday he showed Sawyer he can poke a long ball. He slapped the second oflrrintr of risht- liandcr Ed Cere, hino over the center whose leaps' enabled him' ta^c'et . t " field "' Rl1 lo eive the Phillies ,u m I—I, _ r ,,. , , . ^ " squad a 10-innins. 3-2 victory time, came out with a bruised shin.] And sbarpshooting little A! Bailey had a. badly swollen knee. Holy Cross, always ready to scrap for the ball, held the lead until the middle of the second quarter, then petered out. every j ° f '.'' varsity. le New York Yankees Junior Kiner on Second Team SAN BERNARDINO. Calif. f,pi— pr Ralph Kiner and I until they're In trim, says of Kiner: "Ralph looks great and he always puis his heart into the game However, he will have to do a lot of practice throwing from here on in. .« We nil realize his arm ts not the If best and daily practice will be ills greatest asset." Van Cuylt Favored MIAMI, Fla. (/p> _ chrls Van Cuyk. towering lefthander, is the current Brooklyn Dodger favorite to tske up the slack caused by pitcher Don Neircombe's Induction into the Army. "I know Van Cuyk is ready" Manager Chuck Dressen said. "He has learned to use that change of pace that I gave him last season That's all he eni-rled. No one has more stuff." outfielder ;:r^rfC"r~ st ~ ~o™;u, & * "lii-s^^^^u 1 - Texas A. & M., champion of the r 4 Jesas State, champion of 1 line vs. Montana State: Mornine' • ..!'"<' Border Olympics course rti-' side dm College vs Ea=lern Illi vision ls coming here to lead a nois: Springfield (Ma, state vs I.-.T. 01 n including Okla-: Inriiann Slaie (Terre H.iute'; Utah noma Mapiisi university. ' State vs. Lawrence Tech. noulcr Olympirs at U-.redo last week. Texns and Hire will | K - |,av- inn a triaiwubr inrct a: Collet Station. Oklnhoina A. ,t M. Is tak- liiK Its top men to Colorado with the others nf the squncl comlne here. Arkansas £o Compete No new records nre anticipated British Champion ' May Come to U.S. i, * LONDON (API — Johnny Williams, New British and Empire heavyweight champion, talked !o- riay of a possible (rip to the United States to see what he could line 105, Shawnee: Buck Hoskins. 120, Shawnee, won over Jimmy Johnson, 126, West Memphis: Bobby 14-1. Shawnee. riecisioned . . Jnmes Johnson. West Mcm- College Boskctboll By Tjie-Asvncl;ttcd Tress NIT TOT li.MvV Q.i.irlr-r Finals Dayton 6n. St. Louis 58. niinui'Mio 73. Holy Cross (in. NAIi! TOI'llNKY Kirsl limin,] Southwest Texas 07, Arkansas Tech ,=>3. I-nwrence Trch 37, Wn = hhurn 60. Texas an. \vcst Liberty IW Va.l 6D. Eastern Illinois 113. Huron <SD> 7(1. Memphis St.ite CO, Ballimorc Univ. :!9. up in v,-.iy of fkhls. But first crimes a rest after the maulinc he took in ou'pointin? Jack Onrriiirr for both tides In 15 rounds last msht. Gardner, pretty badly marked up too, asked inr a return bout. He did Williams n rnuplc of years ,ico and ihcn went on to win th" Unii-li anci Empire lilies from Bruce Woodcock. TO SEE THE FIRST AMERICAN CAR STYLED BY C7 WORLD'S FOREMOST CUSTOM CAR DESIGNER You'll See America's C D I P\ A V Most Beautiful Car Here I K I L* A Y SHELTON MOTOR Co. 11) East Main in Blytheville Here's low-cost transportation! 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