The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1952
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1952 Angry Train Crews Climb Aboard Cars Toledo Railmen : Revolt, Urge New Union ;_ CLKVELAND (AP)— /.Train crews, many nitittering jf angrily at a >. sli'ike-emlii) K court order, c-lmnliewl !<;tH; '_ aboard locomotives and cars of the New York Central system today—except »l the key Tail point in Toledo, 0. , On Ihe first day of operation .following a three-day strike on its line west of Buffalo, (lie railroad -s:'UI most, of the disappointed 6 000 striking conductors, engineers and firemen had obeyed a back-to-n-ork directive from their brotherhood le-ders. I ols of them did this yrndtiiti'-lv knowing they had gained noth"ii<. from the walkout, tlie road niid ' brotherhoods conceded. Outright l!«vult Stirred 111 Toledo there was outright revolt. Five hundred die-hard strikers shouted down a brotherhood officer urging them to return nviit -their brotherhoods In a body, and decided to form a new union. - The new o;-jja lira lion would be called the Mode! Railroad Club •Mad wasn't, the word for those •n." said H. A. Porch. interna- libhal vice president of the brother- Navy 'Tracking' Missile Explained Pentagon Frowns At Testimony of Admiral Moss _BLYTHEVIU.P! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hv KI.TON O. FAY WASHINGTON <APi —The pentagon's custodians of military secrets winced today as they read a Navy admiral's testimony at a public congressional hearing on a new and hitherto hush-hush guided missile- A Navy spokesmen, queried lo] day about the testimony of Rear | Adm. John B.-Moss at a hcariiiB o( a Senate .subcommittee on small ; i;u»fnen yeMerclay. said .Moss " under the impression tliat lie was in a closed session." | Therefore, the spokesman told this reuorier, "HO dKcipllnary action will be taken" against the admiral, who is assistant chief for material and services In the Bu- leiiu ot Aeronautics. MOJS, ill his testimony: 1. Wenlified the missile as the "Sparrow". 'i. Claimed iL can track down and destroy an enemy plane Uiroe or four miles away. 3. Said the pre.iLMU version i.s for firing from a plane, but a Ground- to-air anti-aircraft type is being worked on. There was no immediate explanation of why the admiral thought (he hearing was closed lo the public. A reporter, after the hearing, asked him a question and was told the missile is "about halfway" between an experimental and a production-line stage. Esther's Swim Suits Cause Many Problems OSCEOLA NEWS Continued from hood of Locomotive and Knginemen. telling about how he 'was hooted down at last night's _ : meeting. Another Vote Planned The Toledo strikers, however, de. ctded they would see how they lelt abouf the matter this morning. They will hold another vote today . — this time by secret ballot. ; If they persist in remaining on strike, a road spokesman said, the "•NYC could be forced to route through trains to Chicago by way If Canada. .. In Elkhart'. Ind., union leaders • still were trying to persuade the strikers to go back early today _ Charles O'Day of Washington, rep_' resenting the firemen, said: "The men want some assurance for settlement of this dispute, which has 'been pending for more than two years." Picket Lines Malnlalnci .. Picket llne/s also were maintained for hour; and angry meetings were .conducted at such points as Cleveland, Niles. Mich., Buffalo and chi- jlUrago last night before it was clecid- ^i&d to qviit striking. ," The rcturn-to-work order was . sent, out by strike leaders a few ' hours following Federal Judge . Bnerich B. Fieed's srantine of a restrainlm; order yesterday to the . .Army, which has contrblfert the rfilroads since Aug. 1850. The orders were signed by .CHIEFS J. P. Shields of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; , David B. Robertson of the Brotherhood of locomotive Firemen and , Engiuemen: and R. o. Hughes of the Order of Railway Conductors. Refusal to obey Judge Freed's order could have meant fines Imprisonments. NOTICE-OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby fdven [hat the Department of Alcoholic Beverage ' Control has issued a nermlt No. 223 to H. T. Lewis to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as: 4M South 21st St. "MEET THE 'MASTERS" The WorliFs finest'c priformnl l>y Ac lf'nrtd'x artists riifcd /;>- ontl f has, S. Lemons Furniture SI at ion \VMCT SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalfa, l.c.^cdczn. Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blythcville Soybean Corp. Phone 6858 - 1800 w « 5 t .Main Korean Dam Planned During Midst of War PUSAN, Korea SAP)— The Republic of Korea in the midst of war is going to undertake an ambitious land reclamation project. The government has announced that a huge, dam will be built to hold back water from the sea near Koson?, 40 miles southwest of here. The land now is useless because salt ebbs and flows it. Blythcville. This permit Issued on the 4 day of March. !952, atid expires on the 30 day of June, 1952. H. T. Lewis 3.12-18 By BOH THOMAS HOLLYWOOD If, -Today lets talk about Esther Williams' bathiun suns: I mean the suits, not what's In them. The custodian of such matters is tin attractive lady named Florence Hackett. She has been handling tsthers .swim suits, wet and dn year in nnd year out, for mo-t ,',f the amphibious Mar's movie caregj And she has problems. ' "Take that suit E S H U ,,. had to wenr In 'Skirts Ahoy.' " the ward. roue official said. "She plays a WAVE in the picture and there was a scene in which she swam in the regulation Navy suit. It's made of nhilu c-otton Jersey with no llnin» The suits arc designed f or WAVEs to UFC when men aren't, nrotmd Well, when Esther wore It i» the water, it was jusl loo sexy The censors wouldn't allow tt. "So we had to S et permission from the Navy to alow Esther to wear another, less revealing suit." Suits Get Fancier Tlie Droblem with Esther's suit is ti'»t they Ret fancier and fniicici They hnve to be out of this world in design and yet swhmuable. The one .she's rearing hi "The One Piece Suit" Is a fun-length affair of la.ttcx covered with thou sands of Fequin.s. "It has to be skin-li»ht " remarked Miss Hnckelt. "When Esther takes it off. she looks like -a wnffle "Another suit In this picture is so tight that ft won't go on when it's dry. I have (o keep a bucket of water in Esther's clre.islns room I dip the suit. In the water and help Esther UtB it on." Weeks for rrenirallon It takes several weeks lo nrenare the suits. First they are whipped up on the drawing board by such designers as Irene and Helen Rose. Then the wardrobe department goes to work In preparing a model. The suit has to be tested In and out of the water. It's larpcly a trial and error method. For instance, Esther was supposed to wear a while negligee underwater for "Texas Carnival." Several fabrics were tried, but all reduced to a soggy mess. Finally I white nylon withstood the dunking. ' An bers, and Mrs. Mrs. PACK MINI Qulim won |,J B |, s ,.,. p ...... ...... Molviti Speck, second Ida Tucker. - ' Temple Israel In Blytlicvllle. - Mrsi, Roy Cox, s<m. Gene, Mrs. JcUle Driver nnd son. Jerry were luncheon guests at tie TCMBSSM I Cltib In Meun.HI:. Frldnv""""'"" Mrs. TKlla Oatlu-s of City. Mo., spent Hie wet-k with Mrs. Among the other materials used was a jersey woven of sterling silver, used In "Pagan Love Sone." It's a wonder Esther didn't sink in the thing, but I guess she's too aquatl REPEATING A SELLOUTI BEAUTIFUL RUBY GLASS TUMBLER old-fashioned creamed or garden salad fff W;$fff !( }W oyj' < pju&<vjf£ Another shipment of , .... - h y K'aii tumbteri —bui, fair jrninp! \V« YC only a limited niianiuv 1 Sian your >e< nowi-Enjoy ihe fine,,. „„<!„„, c o ,, asc i.'.mf 1° 5 °" CV " ?" " ' P 4 ' 1 -" 1 "> ihese h.iniisome lumltlirri . . . ai;tl pmccl Jciit.i!Jonilly loa- . al your livonte tood itore now' REMINDER!; freaf the family^' to ihii ^ Feature Flavor - ; STRAWBERRY SUPREME Ice Cream U GOLDEN ROYAL«/ ICE CREAM '.<r.>.,.// also available in this feature flavor DAIRY PRODUCTS COUPOUATION. . , li'Rli. Iccrt dfluks ivci-c served in the nfUriioon. Drivers Cilve Supper Mr, ami Mrs. Spencer Driver entertained friends ot theirs v, in. n to Charles lx)\vranee Is confined his home thic to influenza. Dr. and Mrs. If, s. Purvis of , Jonesboro .were guests of Dr. and |Mrs. Joe Hughes Tlmrsdnv • . . E.llirr Williams . . . nils time It's the that's under discussion ... for that. The suit desisn gets to be an expensive proposition, when you consider that n fabric like the silver throughout Ihe "homo. I'I'O Chapter Meets Chnplcr "O" of PRO met Wrdnej- I day in tlie home of Mrs. n.Jck U/- 'ellc. Twelve members were ]iresr-nt and the home was decorated \vilh Spring blossoms. Officers for the coming year \vere elected with Mrs! Uzzello as presltient. Others lo servo are Mr.s. I.loyd Oodley, vice prpsl- denl; Mrs. Herbert Shi^peti, trrns- nrer; Mrs. Hoy Cox. rei-orditiB srrtetsiy: Mrs. Afilfon Pope, COI-ICK- ponding seretnry; Mrs. aodfrcv While guard and Mrs. I,, c B Yo'iiiK. cliniJlnln. Snturri.ij' nigh! Mrs. GooHey entertained (he members and their hiisbnnds ivlth a chicken siipuer .1! her home. 1'ersonaTs Mrs. Joe Ctillom, Jr.. son. Ronnv. and ei'.indmnther Mrs. Kale Cox will trave Satin-day for a Mfek'r tour of the Pil.zrimape in N'.-ilche/ Miss. They ivti! pn first to visit iiiiv Joanne CnUnin al Gnlf Park Coll IT end she will accompany them w iiie tour. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Greenfield of Memphis were Rtiests of Dr. and Mrs. o. W. Sllvcrhlatt Thursday night. They enine especially to attend the Rratltrrtiood supper nt the Gas is OK in 'Balloons, But Not in Your Stomach Some people feel like a swollen balloon nfter every meal. Tliny bloat full of g«s and rift up ncidoiis liquids for hours nfter eating. ford, Miss. A Spl'lnu party was given Saturday at the Rustic Inn in niythe- vllle, when Mrs. sain Bowen, Mrs, Uu^sell HOWE?]:, Mrs. KJi/^ibeth Slllinitui, Mrs. liuyal I.riiiRstou of Litxorn, Mrs. I^mis Geor B e and Mrs. H. D. Hears (if Osceola Here hostesses lo 48 miests from LIIX- ora, Osceola and lilythovillo A rlessert coin, f was served on smell tables centered with .Spring blossoms, preceded by an aft or noon of brldfie. Mrs. Charles NVipiil won hi B li «<"•". Mrs. w. o. M.IOB. high, Mr,. A. J. L<, wls , ihrt and Mr*. Jlmmte Farrf bridgo. Table prizes went to low KOT* rt each of the twelve tables. Demand, accept onfy— WORLD'S IARGBTSEUIR AT 10C number. When several takes made of Esther diving in the w a dry suit Is needed each lime, stiind-tn also requires the s stilt. .,-. . " ' over Blyiiieviiie. This > helps .you digest food c j pains go! Inches of bloat vanish! Contains herbs and Vitamin B-l with Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Distributor for all popular models and iiialves of tractors... tlu> John lilue fertilizer «quip- mcnt i.s (he economical nin- cliinc to use. It is safe, ;tcc-u- ralc ;ui(t simple lo operate— jfivcK absolute quitnlily regulation of anhydrous ammonia. See it tociavl JOHN BLUE EQUIPMENT CAN NOW BE DELIVERED IMMEDIATELY BY DELTA IMPLEMENTS DELTA IMPLEMENTS he CENTERPO1SE POWER Vibration and power impulses are "screened out" HS engine is rubber -cushioned be|ween neiv mountings. LARGEST BRAKES Big 11-inch brake drums np- p]y more levernge for more slopping power. Stops are enioalhcr, safer. WIDEST COLOR CHOICE 26 rich new colors and two- tone'combinations. New Da l.tue interiors are color- matched to the cxlcrior bodies. BODY BY FISHER Fisher Body wilh Unislcel construction sets the. standard—for slyling. for craftsmanship and for slrcngthl UNITIZED KNEE-ACTION RIDE Chevrolet's Knee-Action ride is now even softer, smoother Ihnnks to new shock absorber aciioii. WIDEST TREAD A full J8M inches between cenlcrs of rear wheels —a broader base lo give you more stability, less swayl Only the New Chevrolet brings these fine features to the low-price field! Lowest priced in its field! ^81 i\ ^^' i? K^^ 1 ^ '^^^ 4-WAY ENGINE LUBRICATION Chevrolet's exctmivc engine lubricating system supplies exactly ihe rijht kind and amount of lubrication to each moving part. CAST IRON ALLOY PISTONS Pistons arc formeJ from the ocr block —e.xp.ind and contract at the .same rate. This reduces wear, saves oil. SAFETY PLATE GIASS ALL AROUND Chevrolet atone in its field in wimMiirlJ and M u-jn- tltm^. for a clearer, truer all-round view. No other car in Chevrolet's field offers you a single one of those fealurev Vet you'll find many of them in America's most cosily cars. Here's proof thot you're value ahead with Chevrolet . . . again in 1952 Ihe lowest-priced line in f/s field! Come in and look it over. MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CARI POWERGUDE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Ic's simpler \\M\ feucr parts lo wear. It's imnntlifr--no complicate.! intermediate gears. Optional on De Luxe rmxlcb al extra cost. MOST POWERFUL VALVE-IN-HfAD ENGINE Teamed uith Pii\vcr$:lio!e is Ihe mint poucifiil valvc-in- hcacl engine in Chevrolet's lielil and tin oulM/tntling ptr- lonner in any jitldl PRICED SO LOW! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO \r\t uy-.i \ir . . ^^ "• * x— ^r • 301 West Walnut Phone 4578

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