The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1952
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _^^_____ THE DOMINANT NWWRPATSVO /-»t* vr/-\r>m**.,A „_. ._ ^*^^ XLVIX—NO. 298 Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald THE_DOMMANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AHD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Council Approves New Traffic Safety Steps Near Schools City Council lasl night Approved installation of new traffic safely measures near Central and Blytheville High Schools on Chickasawba Avenue as aldermen devoted almost all its monthly session to traffic problems. Specifically the Council agreed <• _ _ upon: t. Creation of a one-way .street on Eighth street from Chickasawba to Hearn Streets for a trial provide a loading and unloading zone directly adjacent to school grounds. Tins street will be widened 10 feet. 2. Painting the words "School Zone" on lavement near these schools in white ".scotchlite" paint against a yellow ".scotch- lite" background. 3. Marking of cross-walks in front of the schools in the same type paint. 4. Reactivation of the School Safety patrol. 5. Installation of a white'ar- row on the traffic signal nt the intersection of North Sixth Street and Chickasawba allowing eastbound traffic to proceed against a red light. This would help c.ise congestion in the school area. ,ln other action, the Council approved removal of a traffic light at the intersection of Highway 61 and Rose Streets and authorized Mayor Dan Bbdgett to dispose of air deteriorating buildings at the ba?e according to his discretion. Last night's meeting was attended by all aldermen except Homer Wilson, Ward One. City Attorney Percy Wright was present. The Rev. James W. Rainwater. First Christian Church pastor, acted as visiting chaplain. To Erect Stop Signs The Council also authorised ihe city engineer to erect stop 513115 in the Logan and Wright Addition according to designations of an ordinance now being prepared by City- . ^«...-, ..ivti,- Attorney Wright after it was re- l " e w '" en alt f«-"ien voted to crack Starr Inside Today's Courier News . . . Osccola News (iaziiig . . . I'age 7. . . . .'VIc-MaDi Hits at favorite tvhipjSing boy . . . editorial . I'ajre 8. . . . Arkansas News Briefs . J'nec 5. . . . Society . . . Page 4. . . . Markets . . . Page's. . . . Mi/ell slars as Cards blank Braves . . . sports . . . Osceola ready for Memphis Slate gi,,,,c . . . ['ace 10. Delinquent Fee Collection Starts Raymond Bomar Is Named Special Collector for City A list of persons delinquent in payment of auto licenses, privilege licenses and garbage fees was turned over today to Raymond Bomar special collector, for immediate action. City Clerk W. I. Malin sniri. Mr. Malin said this action was taken according to instructions fat I City Council at its February mcet- 1 - ferred to him at an earlier meeting. Consideration of school traffic problems came up when First Ward Alderman Jesse Whit* presented "by coincidence" a petition from 15 residents of the school area call- Ing for similar safety measures along with a proposal from Blv- theville's Junior Chamber of Commerce for action to case traffic congestion. The petition aste Street be comerted way street going north; Bob Warren speaking J down on collection of delinquent revenues. "A detailed list has been given to Mr. Bomar," Mr. Malin said, "and he is to start work immediately Privilege licenses and auto licenses for 1952 which were not purchaser] by Jan. 31 are delinquent." Mr. Bomar is to work on a fee basis, according to provisions of the resolution authorizing his em- ilpinient ard will continue until BLYTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, FOURTEEN PAGES FINAL 1'OUTHAIT -This tall, stately walnut tree, one of Blythe- vlllc's few remaining landmarks, is no more. The tree, which fronted the Bounty jail on tile northeast corner of the court house lawn, was being removed today, a victim of the county's Court House beautification piogram. Under this tree. Blythevilb's last three public hangings look place. (Courier News Photo) Landmark Is Removed In Landscape Project ^ •••...^ji ojj-tcnvujij mi 1 vuwftr t*— tutr*- r *' " ••» Jaycees. presented a list of t .;ety [ V/ 1 Cj JL k J I ^ l*k • I. I £rS al ^ h l7« M ^^i r ^orts Member Drive on blo^e L Election of a safpK* fcnri* ; f^, f_ II f f\ •!!•' ft *'**** Of Hope for Building of Its^Own 1. Erection of a safety fence along the school zone. (This has been done.) 2. Immediate reactivation and use of the School Safety Pafol. Sec COUNCIL on Page 3 Speakers were J W. Bellamy, Ji . nf Pine Bluff, president of Ai kansas Bank e r s AsKcciatitm; Jcr- rk Fuess of Pine ^.m^oreMAjnesDace a^ the court house. It's ali "panTc-fln. of "junio^S- •trWfcr&uMP^n program ,--^ ffs secti&m w. " W. Campbell of y; Ert . state conimis- Alodeniizaiion is taking from Blythcville one of its few remaining landmarks. The old walnut tree that, has fronted the county jail on the northeast corner of the court house lawn is feeing removed to make Little Things Count Most, Bankers Told Helena Man Elected Group Chairman Here "If Patrick Henry IhouElH taxation without representation was Inicl, lie .should SOH it with representation," th is Hcv. Harold 11. Nance, humorist and pastor O l Methodist Church in I'litins, .Mo., told Group Onei bankers and their wives at a! banquet mcntitif last night. Thi> speaker rambled from joke to joke to put over his points in a ulk on "The Little Tilings that Make a Hig Difference." Nearly 200 bankers of Group One, meeting here yesterday, hcnid discussions of banking problem-! and organization reports in an afternoon session and elected officers follow Ing the banquet. Officers elected were John Move. Jr.. of Helena, chairman: Beverly Lambert of Holly Orove, vice-chairman: and Jack Owen of Blythcville. secretary-treasurer. Also named last night were two delegates to a .slate nominating committee— p. L. Copeland of Newport and Otto Miller of McCrory. Mr. Moye succeeded R. A. Porter, vice president of Farmers Bank and Trust Co. here. John R. Ilogne of Weint-r -.ias named to the Junior Executive! Council and chosen members ot a Oroup Legislative Committee were B. A. Lynch of BlytheviUe, W W ! Campbell of " City, Wayne! Stone of Helena. E. J. "white of West Memphis and Jewel Marliir of Rector. Discuss Vrohltins CARUTHEBSVILLE Mo - The 111 the afternoon session, banking; I i'emlscot County sheriff's office organization officials told members i said today charges of firn decree of Group One of banking problems i murder were filed yesterday ae'iinst and how hanks could handle them. I two men and a woman from St.' Louis in ccnncction with the fatal ••hooting early Sunday of a St. Louis c ib company supervisor at a tourist court in Hayti. The trio was identified as Ocorgc A. Harvi». William H. Saundcrs ami Mrs. .Nancy Garner Bell. All gave St. Louis addresses. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Ike/ Kefauver Score Grand-Slam Victories Election Result Stuns Major U.S. Parties by golly it'ould be proud any American Three Charged n Hayti Slaying Tv/o Men and Woman Face Trial on First Degree Murder Count B.v KIH.MAN J10KIN MANCilKSTKK, N. H. (A! 1 )—On. D wight D. Eisenhower and Sen. Kstes Kefau- vcr scored ^rand-slam victories in the New Hampshire presidential primary today, crushiiiK Sen. Kohert A. Taft and President Truman, and captnrinir every delegate race. The results of the election, stunning to both major parties can a complete re-drnftitist of strategy for the presidential election in November. This wa.s the nation's I list primary. Eisenhower swamped Taft in the preferential vote, the "popularity contest." by some -10,000 votes to (lie senator's 35.000, lie look nearly GO per cent of the total. Kefain-er took the Democratic machine in New Hampshire, np- .. . Sen. Kefnurer. . . he llioueht IM'rentry wrested away thousands of he'd marie some friends •••labor union votes and emerged* with a score of roughly 20,000 against Truman's 16,000. All Precincts Kcnorl All of the state's 297 precincts had reported by niiri-mornlng. The trend ivn.s established hours earlier and remained fairly constant thereafter. The vote: Kcfauver 2»,|.|7; Truman 10,- Workmen yesterday topped the old tree in preparation for cut- j j "MCK '.ma it down. The tree will be"! bank Cue Hurt in Auf-Q Coliisicn Here The Blytiievllle Y Jaunched its 1052 membership campaii;ii last night on twin notes of hope for a building of Its own in the foreseeable | future and the more immediate employment of a full-time assistant f Emphasis wa.s lent the drive op• euing by the announcement that a j playground for Negro children has One nian was injured when two • :een ob ' aillerl [or 'his summer and cars collided at Seventh and Wai- i ^ le llr 6i' 1 S by the veteran presi- nut at noon today. j dent of the Memphis Y1ICA that The Identity of the injured man I "•' ;lna11 Y 's like Ihe one In Biythe- and the extent of his wounds were ; v '" c shmutl a 'm at having their not immediately available. He was > °™ building and a full-time staff." rushed to the emergency room at ! In t!ie principal address nt the Walls Hospital before being nues- i annual membership meeting in the tioned by officers. i Y rooms in City Hall. T. Walker Driver of the second car was Jer- 1 Lewis, president of the Memphis ' VMCA since 1930. called for "more men and women who will deny themselves and give more lime to ry C.-igle of Blythevllle. His car was going south on Seventh Street and was passing through the intersection when the other vehicle goinq cast on walnut collided with the Cagle cur. Both cars were heavily damaged. Y work, Mayor Dan Blodgett, In a brief talk at the beginning of the program, held out hope for a build- ing of its own for the Blytlievilli' The city's tax' structure is being checked, he said, "with an eye to ! building a Y in the future." " I "We can't say when," M.-iyor ' Blodgelt said, "but we are working I on it." ' i Pointing out that a number of i cases of Blytheville youngster.-i ' hauled to the county farm where it will remain while county of-' flciats attempt to sell its trunk to furniture manufacturers. There's probably no way of telling just how old the tree is but it's much older than Blytheville. Oldtimers here can tell yon how the tree once stood vigil in the cotton field that is now the court house lawn. And. could the (rce talk, it could tell an interesting story, for It saw Blythevilie grow from a river swampland to the thriving city it is today. ioner; and Paul E ' s c n ro e d e r. Jack Oivon manager of Memphis Branch of a™,. an-n,- I.JOI Dan Blodsett bankers and John Eisenhower won all 11 Kc]iubli- c:in drtcnales. liefami-i- n-iin all | z Democratic delegates, who have e'lRbl convention vntes. Ill pre-election forecasts. Taft said the preferential vote would be close between him and Eisenhower. He called it "n horse race." As to delegates, the senator said he would be satisfied if four ol his men won. Kcfauvi-r Is Moih'sl Kcfauver modestly said only that he, thought he had "made some friends." Many observers expected The trio is charged with the fatal! 'I 1 ? • 5 t alc . P art V organization to shooting ot Frank Vassallo, 33. of '"'"'' St. Lcuis whose body was found lying in front of a cabin at the Hayti loin i:,t Courts. He had uccn shot six times. The three were arrested in St. Louis Monday night and yester- , welcomed County authorities yo.iu>rday M. Move, Mrs. Hell, who gave her a'-e -,s Bar Group Okays CourtRenovafion Association Approves 12 Recommendations For Circuit Courtroom Members of Blythcville Bar Association, nt n meeting In the Court House last night, approved 12 recommendations mnrte by a special committee on the renovation of tha Circuit Courtroom. Tile recommendations were made at the reriueat of Circuit Judite Zal B. Harrison and Chancellor W. Leon Smith, who in turn will pass them on to County Judge Paber White. 'The Association, Judge Harrison and Chancellor Smith said their interests were mainly in the comfort of witnesses and jurors. The association recommended— 1. The judges bench be moved notes, but with quite a bit of misapprehension." tlie Rev, Mr Nance said Inst night. "As a speaker I'm like the bo.v wlio swallowed a flv— first one thing and then another keeps coinlnt; up." | "One nifrlit. I lo.-t my miles nnd i was in the position of a young foot. . hall plny cr confessing to his priest " the speaker continued. He told of | an athlete who told -h and said she was a beautician 111 : t v St. Louis ,b believed to be the worn- I A nniVf^FSn f\l an with whom Vassallo registered j " HI'I Yd 3{J I J Auction Nets Manila $3,770 , .............. * ......... n tlu \^- McW '» Hnytl about an h "" r bCl ° rC hc was killc<l . she surrendered to St. Louis po- ! ' itc yesterday with the statement that she had heard she wa,s wanted Jor 'I'TMioHliii; in H.-iyti. She re- fn^cd U> make any other statement "I '"C ''me. Claxton. Pemiscot County suited in reform school commitments, the mayor iirecd continued Y work arid added parental Inlr-r- est in it us an answer to juvenile delinquency. Playground Site Found Miss \Vinnie Virgil Turner, ic- Scc III.YTHKVILI.E y 0 ,i r-.ifc 3 on scaffolds erected under the stately old tree. The tree probably would have lived a mnnbi'r of yeais yet. had it 1/jfn Irft alum 1 , bnt in order to inert flic drm.'uiri for mure parkin" space aromid (lir- Court old landmntk had to go. priest he sheriff, could not be reached this M^U a «m a uuii nuro tmrinif a ioo',- . moming but Havrill and Saundcrs, ran gnnie and wanlori foiBiveuoss : were to have been questioned about lor it. The priest askctl how it hap- the killing jcslcrdny. "' ' ln St. Lcuis. police .said tlicy have . ow ap- pened nnd the football player said, " "I got a wonderful opening, beautiful blocking, and ran 80 yards for a touchdown, but as I stepped across (lie strlpp I lonfcrd clown and didn't have thr bu!]. Father. I fnul Src HAN'KLRS on I'usi 3 recovered a convertible answering the description of the antomotille in which Ihe V.ill'.-r is bcUei'crl to have llctl They said that Hiurill liad been J'.ous;lit .since it was Icarm-d .. . • - --<• yield, nt most no more than M pei cent of the total preference vote and no delegates, ri4 ™ i VDt f , al '" 1 ' 0:< ' nuu « l • es enc e .H.CW and exceeded the total in ! forward two feet to provide a pas- the 1S48 primary by upwards of j snijewny behind it to eliminate traf- iiG.OOO. Heavy rain;,, with snow at 1 flc to and from the judge's cham- mnny points, apparcnily hnd little, j bcr and library passing ,„ f ront ot "" ' " the bar. 2.'A new and slightly hi»her bench in order to »lve judges mora privacy. 3. Enlargement of Jury box to provide three raws of four seats instead of the present two rows See FJAIt on Page 3 Sec NEW !l,\MI'H!ll!:i; nn Pago 3 LITTLE LIZ— MANILA A total was obtained from f 53,710. !)0 of donated at Manila's 501)1 anniversary auction Saturday. It wa.s announced today by .School Superintendent W. W. I'Wlcr. Cliro.ixins AJaniln's goidcn nnm-. \'crs:a-y, the auction was sponsfjictt ! by the Manila Education Af.sooa- i tion to raise funds for stu;:c cur- t."ln.s for the hldli schcnJ hnc. 'flic curtains will cost alxmt i'J.- uOO The rcinainder of the funds v;ill - ^ A loxpoycr _'.d his nnorcy aro soon ported SNU Blytheville Host to Bankers Group one bankers meeting here yc.sterd;iy were s-crved relresh- meiits between afternoon evening setslom at Hotel Noble. In the first picture, John M. Move, Jr., m of Helena, elected chairman of <|, OH,-, and Je.ry n,,.., s ..>>, of I'll,.. Bluff, nn-.utent of Junior Bankers Set lion, help tl«m»clve» to hor» d'^. iu. t -uc« dio- n.«,n MX ion. Hf a--:rd s'lnor bankers to l,,kc time to li.jlp junior excc- uluc* Hurt mil »hai t), P j- n ,, k j. t ,|>,|. ;c ,,,, d , t , e [fil . wif , or , ls (]ecl . finns. In -.HCUIU. t»,,. M r ; ..,- lti M ,, w w Campbell of r-oirest Cit> talk to Rilfy Jonc--, vicc-r-; isident of First National Bank here Mr Oampwll. or.e of Norn,-a.,1 ,uk,,^ s - bc.«-known bankns. told tiln Kl.niV) I'J liiv ...,.,,1 li, v t , •-:„,,,IH- »l')i n Mrnnp of ,|,>(,. :>M , i,,,,,,, S .,, M Air.eiUan ai.i to Kurojie llui Ir i i tl t H| IM s t ir ipcins Mr Campbell Mid. "Kuion- Is doins all vj,.- ,-a,, tor w«..-,i»rn dclrnsc hfr v*< capita Income Ls terribly low. nc explained. "If w« car, tiuilci up a ricfeirr- fn cooporalion W ltli »iro|io. \<e must," according U. Mr <':m,pb']l. In pillule llnv.-. H A I'.nt.r. \ic,. piosUlclil ot 1-niil.ti.-. liai^ j,.J Iiuai Ctiiipal.j i.un-, 6 i CL ;., J. \v. litlluiny, Jr., ul mini, and Ed I. ported on recent 1 i t ! \i f n n<i i \ MfKliilcy, .st.ty i MI ik- vimnniKsior.oi. Mr. Bollainy ABA activities, Mr. McKinley urged banks lo set up their own s a [e- guaid.s to put a stop to the rising number of dedications. Open market operations and trie commercial banking system since the betiinning i>l ll'.e Ki.ifan ('i)nllu'l »,.|(. iliMu. seil by Paul E s<im,i'di'i of the M.n.i-h.!. bi,..,..h, lua-ul iv^rt •,).•,><;>,. ( (,,iiil<..- .\ e ,i, Clc.ilos)

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