The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 11, Highway Audit Commission Reports Waste, Dishonesty in Department By The Associated Press Following is the second part o! a report submitted by the Arkansas Highway Audit Commission which, recently completed hearings on the i Highway Department. The report \s critical ol" tile administration and Gov. Sid Mt-Math hius said the commission was out to smear him politically. Turcliaslnjc 1 "We a bo found much waste. <lts- ! honesty and extra vac mice, usually i (n violation of the statutes, in con-; nection with purchases made by. the department, j "The department claimed to In 1 j in some confusion "as to which pur-j chasinc law erjverned H. . , Art C5 j Of 1523 or Act 214 of Ifl-W. . . L "During the course of our public hearings, thfi governor released: statements which asserted that the ' Highway Audit Commission (bribed | its) investigations and conclusions; on Act 214, which ho claimed to: be an impractical law. . , j "Resolutions passed hy the high- ; way commission v.-erfi read info t!i« | testimony, ^hov/lni; adoption of pro- \ ccdurcs rontrary to provisius J 'f, both Act fio and Acl 1>14, such wo-' cfrture-s belnc adopted on Ihfl i crountl tliey were r oro pr a client, j '•We foimd. liriwevrc, tliai ihe j 1 department consistently violatedj both acts , . . rules and rcetjluiions j adopted by its own commission, . - ; "We did not. concern ourselves siith technical Jnfrnrtjnns of the' law when emergency matters v.crej concerned. . . i "We found that the grent bulk of the equipment piirchwcd was purchased without competitive hid"., that frequently the low bidder was not awarded the contract find that apparently the commission had so little control over the purchases and the purchasing agent that it v.'^ not aware of these practices. It established to (lie complete satisfaction of the <T!AC> that, the governor's office made the derision us to the vendors ami the purchases in many .many ca?es. . . "We recommend thnk this report and the testimony nt the public hearings be revie«'e(J by both the attorney general nnd the prosecuting attorney (of Pulaskl County>. . . "The testimony developed, wo believe, that the purchasing Hpent solicited campaign contributions from would-be lilghwuy vendors and used the power of his office to threaten with the loss of business those refusing to contribute. This, In our opinion, is a shameful and Intolerable sHimMon. . . • "Testimony proved thai a certain member solicited 'campaign funds' from a vendor at the sume tinip nnd in the same building that the high- j way commission was in sepslnn for I the purpose of making lett-lnss forj •which the EOlicLted vendor was a | bidder. True, thrre was a conflict ot testimony as given hy the commissioner and the vendor, concern- Ing certain phases of the transaction. . . "We have already referred In this Teporfc to the so-called 'campaign funds' and the apparent practice of requiring vendors to contribute to the fund RS a requisite to scc- cessful bidding. We were astonishr-ri at the close relationship between such contributions and the purchases of highway material and equipment, the nwnrctlng of negotiated contracts nrul other activities of the highway department. "The findings of the auditors nnd the testimony at the public henrim*?; left no doubt in tht» minds of the members of the HAC that, while acting as purchnsinj? agent for the hi^hu-ay drpartmrnt, Mr. John K, , Brown meekly followed procedures and practices which rnadf* honesty, efficiency and economy within the rjeparlmentr secondary to the collection of 'campaign funds 1 for the administration, For this faithful we note t, -at he was promoted lo (he more important position of state purchnslnK agent. 'Brown since has resigned that office). . . '•\\ T f reropnl^c that H costs money to CMiiirjfiifjn for office, and we re perts from Virginia and Texas lo testify on the operations nf their state highway departments. For their testimony, the HAC Invited meml>erB of the Arkansas Highway Commission, and addrd:) "We considered this constructive step one of the most important phases of our whole invest in at Ion. We now wonder If (here is not , J?reat significance In the fact. tVmt cocnizo ihn ritthl of an Individual, | nf the 12 members of the Arkansas or organization, to support with« Highway Commission, ten were nb- renfonabJe .Jinanrial ns^islnnre a j AMU from thnt hearing . . . candidate who Mnnds for the same "We . , must admit. That the n oo . principles of government as docs P l e o f Virginia and Trxus have been more alert to affair* in ihelr stntrs than have we in Arkan.<ns. Our tho contributor. "We think It unfortunate hut ne- tur:»l thai vendors are milling t/> state, with K'R hijrh mahr rpa?;onablp contributions to a ! prlneFK and its lou- nor capita \v lecilimfite cnmpalpn fund In order j nrcris to he so prnnv-wfsr that we «'onlrl rank as the number one- that they wjH not be di.sciinifnaled against. . . Hut when vendors are compelled, so In speak, to contribute to a fund \vhlch Is under control of the Rfivernor's executive fircretary. . t hen wo frrl that the term 'CEI tn paten fund' Is n mi^nonirr, "Wr frrO thne should be a Jranl t derisinn 10 Ihe qiirstlon of when | TPXHS and VIrRlnIa conti ib'iUnns erase to be lo- j njntp campaign gifts and enter realm of finbery. \Vf. call (his to rtir attention of ihe pro norny minded d<'pnrtmr-n*, of I)\P nation. In that way and in wny alone can UT hope to givn an honest and dpservcd acrountinp to the taxpayers of ArVrmsas. Wo hn.irtily recommend n study nf the transcript of thrir ft he experts) tcstl- F ecu thin attorney and to Hie "So ffir n.s cnrrcdtve "Much was paid rluritiK O 1 nf niir investigation conrnrninR th*? stockpiling of highway mater- "Stockpiiinp on a rcaKonahlp ba- . -sis. with favorable competitive j j prices 5rcurcd on a quantity buying, undnuljfodlv has a IcKitlmatc pi act* in the hlclr.vay program. However. Hi is acirnlnistrntion. particularly dnrhicr cnmpaiRn periods, handled fi't'Ckpilinp as a vehicle fr>r favoritism and for puymcnt of funds into t h P n a rnii ai tr n trr a si i r y . . . 'The HAC trnl.s convinced tint ...... ,j5:i '"Concerned, much study nnd plan; nine should RO Into our rerommnn- 'ie course I ' tnrfo » s - Wo shntl make this on« of * * l"*™ e tibrnli ou ' « rtlti " 1?| (fn " n » rt " th CHANCE IS FOOLPROOF—Puerto Rico's "foolproof" Jotiery machine spins in San Juan as students make the weekly drawing of numbers. The government-operated lottery last year returned nearly 70 per com of its $2B,GOO.OOQ take to the public, distributing the rest lo chnrittes, noedy municipalities, and to lottery ticket sellers ns commissions, No one touches the numbered balls until thgy pop out of the outlandish-looking device the thinking and action of t that each citizen of Arkansas will it.s citizens i Mien lho.-e who live. he a n active participant in plans ' »» at the crossroads on the hillsides, meeting of the 1D53 leg Mature. "ThroyRhnut Ihi.s rr-port arc stated and implied recnrnrnenriaiion.s that require no new lecLslation. There are likewise jnimy other recommendations that require only the will of our highway officials to •serve the people of this state. citirs, must share the rospon.sibU- Itir.s tor the present conditions now prevailing in the Arkaasa-T highway department, and make up t h n i r minds v;hct,her or not they are will- ins to shoulder the burden of the j required public morality, in the election of ) their public servants). If the citizens want a roa,d, whether it Is honest or honorable or not, whether it sr.rvea the and practices to see that our state is furnished with leadership in th greatly needed movement. . . '"Arkanas Stale Highway Audit Salary, Wage Study Planned In Little Rock ATLANTA (API—Little Rock has been selected as one of five important Southwestern cities in hich a comprehensive salary and •aBf study will be made during March. That announcement was made today by Brunswick A. BaRiion, Southern regional director of the U. S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Uibor Statistics. The survey is boms; made to meet the increasing demand for business, labor, government agencies and the general public for current wage information, said Bagdon. Bapdon will outline plans for a survey at. a special meeting in Little Rock March 11. Board to Discuss Differences in Race's Schools UTTLE ROCK <AP> — Differences in white and Negro education in Arkansas—and what can be done about them—will be considered at a special meeting of the state Board of Education here March 24. At its regular meeting here to- day, the board decided to March 24 to receive views growing out of five regional meeting* with school officials. Ed McCulstfon, director of )f<ero education for the State Educ»Uon Department, said it would tik* IS million dollars to bring Negro school facilities up to the level ol facilities provided for white pupils. He said it would take an additional five million dollars a year to equalize operating expenditure*. Read Courier News classified Ad*. Pig Hatchery Set Up ROCK LSLAND, III. W ( —Robert C. Walters, a 26-year-old farmer near Cameron, III, has set up a pig hatchery to furnish feeders with growing stock. The purpose of the pig hatchery Is to furnish farmers with 8-week old pijjs welshing about 40 pounds ar.d ready to be fed /or market. When In full operation. Walters expects to have 20 so«s farrowing every four weeks, with an average litter of eight pfes. Electric lights should nc wiped | periodically to reduce a possible life i hazard through excessive dust. Commission: H., ! Morrilton. chairman; Herbert L. Thnmns, FayeUeville, vice-chairman; W. s. Fox, Pine Bluff, secretary; .f. K. Grain, Wilson and V. L- TindalU Stuttgart." orows administration of the func- contraet for the- work by competl- tii-r bidding. "Thus slnfe force work, with extensive funds at 115 disposal, with arnplo opportunity for political maneuvering. 1 ?, nnri because of the case wlt.h which dishonest atlmin- Islrntlrm can be hidrion from public view, becomes a tempting bait in all administrations. "It is an established fact that there arc types of maintenance and repair work which cannot be hnmlJ- ril through contracts with independent operators, nnd for .such work tlio state does need funds, men and equipment. Therp. may be differences of opinion as to ihe necessity nnd rte.sirabrtity of uslnn state force work on some types o{ new construction." '!\Tn Inference' "Due to political patronage in the employment of personnel, the prevalent inefficiency nml Tow morale. the state of Arkansas is not obtaining value received for the money spent for maintenance and the malntenanre cost* the slate loo much. \Ve reached the opinion, also, tliat the county systerti of maintaining the highways is nn extrava- eant anri Inefficient system and it would be much better from all standpoints lo have \vhat hiphwny engineers describe as the route nnd section system." Ttperlcnrp nf Other States' (This section of the report dealt with the HAC asking highway ex- a great de-slre to return to both personal and public honesty. We trust lions of the wei^hiiiff stations <(o> .. . .. ,. . . Increase revenues tfrom Cfirqo "IhroiiRhoui the naUon we feel trueJw) nnci diminish the number j n * timn K of the P™^' ""licatin? of overloaded t nicks that are de-"* stroying the hisihways (weighing stations are sxiperviscrl hy the rev- finup. not Ihe highway, department), (4) Alignment, of the highway director's responsibility to the highway commissioner rather than to the governor, (ft) The hic;liwny commission exert it.s right to determine policy free from the governor'. 1 ; office (G) Proper accounting of all traiwactioiis manual of all of lice procedures (nnd expenditures kept within npproprint.ionR> and (7) More extensive records of higliway cojHmi.ssinji ineeting.s." 'Ilcsponslbllily of Assembly* "If there Is truth in acceptance (of the theory that Rovernment re- Bul thli id^ntiMc way way avoid showing monfhly "n«rv«t H All the tnsXf-up Jo tbe »wM ran't tak» (h»t d/iwa. »«n'Oi]j l<J«h.o'jlCil joureyMewb criontb But hcre'j • modern wny thil bu Wiped many womto tnJ IDJ lit flitns. [fa Cwd'j] 1 ! • f t«i«f 3 mfti'kln» a ibtt Art P y^'^>" a i'e^M S!flTi?."(sSS™'«Vd. JSiK^r IONTHLT CRAWS :HANSE OF ura THERE'S A MEW SIGN § a COMING TO BLYTHEVILLE! "" v Watch For Announcement This Thurwlay! MAWAV • » li H B 'm tTm m mm_am m n B H ffl S a B m tt V K D n E tt a m Put New Life Into Your Clothes! Wake tip (he looks of your wardrobe with qualify dry- cleaning. Colors are refreshed . . . original lines restored. Your c 1 o I h c s will look like new for Spring. Our experts use gentle huf efficicnf solvents in cleaning, and do a fine pressing joli too. We pick up and deliver. Call us BLYTHEVILLE 1AM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 Granted (hat wafer Is free; granled that you nre paying only lo have water gathered, safeguarded and distributed; just what is it costing you? What, for example, does it cost lo gel enough water delivered to wash your face—just lo fill (lie basin? Less than five one-hundredths nf a cent, or less than five cents a month, assuming you're satisfied to dean up three times a day. You can get all the waler you require for a bath, poured right into the tub for approximalety a penny, and a shower will cost you even less. The bill for flushing a toilet runs about two- tenths of a cent. Go nut and water your garden. Give if a good hour's soaking. Then count the cost. H may set you back a dime. Add all these rosls up: allow for (he water used for drinking and coffee making and cooking, include laundry and household cleaning requirements, nnd (hen consider how you'd go about meeting your waler needs if you didn't have a public supply system. Suppose you want fo keep that garden verdant and blooming. You've been pouring some 300 gallons an hour on it at a cost of ten cents or so. Pumping nnd carrying the same amount of water would lake at loasf six hours. Ivven if you could get one of Ihe ncighhor's youngsters lo work for fifty cents an hour (in itself o,Hi|p unlikely lliese days). VOH would have (o spend ninety dollars a month for the service. Compnlc any of your olher water uses on the same basis and try to think of any other commodity which is delivered lo you, guaranteed ready lo consume or employ, at a comparable price! The important thing about your wnler hill is not the charges il records, hut the savings it doesn't mention! Blytheviile Water Co. "Wafer /s Your Cheapest Commodity" Motorists, here's a savings you can't pass up! We'll pull front wheels, clean, inspect and pack bearings; check brake linings; adjust brakes and check master cylinder for only. . . OFFICE ROOM FOR RENT Office room IS feet wide by 75 feet long. Very hest fluorescent lights, gas heat, tile floor. Private office in rear. Formerly occupied by GCPC located at 106 South 5th Street, just south of Ark-Mo Power Co.'s local office. Will lease for any period of time desired. Call us at 2323. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 109 W. Main Blytheville, Ark. MARCH SPECIAL! Noble Gill Pontiac Co. Phone 6817 Sth & Walnut Sell it ... by using classified advertising in th« COURIERI Adi placed before 9 a.m. will appear samt day. All classified advertising payable in advanc*. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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