The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1952
Page 5
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_ TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1952 Yardstick for Foreign Aid: Second of a Series- BLYTHEVTLL.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS France Is Weakest Link in Defense; Italy Seen as Beginning to Come Alive' EDITOR'S NOTE: Hnv, m.inT millions have we poured into Ihe defense of Western Europe What have we gotten out of it so far? These are Ihe questions millions (if Americans are asking themselves as Congress debates President Truman's request for S7.!> billion in new Foreign Aid. /Irrrjrri ivi||, hitlierlo-tinpub. listed figures on country - by £\ country assistance, an oiiislaml- \^- Ins editor-reporter has traveled through Kurope measuring the extent of the rains brought by America's billions. Here Is his analysis, in the second of five dispatches supplied exclusively through NKA Service and the Courier News. , Py IUC11A1U) HOLLANDER NEA Special Correspondent PARIS < NBA >—Surrounded by evidences of past political and military glory, the French to- clay are the weakest link in the chain of western defense. Geography and tradition made Prance the logical continental keystone in Gen. Eisenhower's NATO plans. Now our vast investment [see chart) In her recovery mny turn out in be a total loss from a purely military standpoint. The disastrous political events of the past few weeks, hard upon the conclusion of the Lisbon conference, add up to the toughest problem yet to be faced in the total effort toward mutual western de- fens*. (^ Failure of the French to find jio- " Illlml stability likely will have an Important bearing on Congressional debate on further foreign aid. The big fight now is between the Communists of the Left and the Gaulllsts of the Right. As usual, the middle-of the-roaders are being crushed. Should Gen. Charles de Gaulle come to power. France might crawl into a nationalist-isolationist hoie with embarrassment to the entire NATO concept. Some Frenchmen charge we pushed them too hard and fast to military preparation. Some American experts believe that if the strain of military costs hadn't been added to the French economy she might, have been in pretty good shape in two or three more years. Every movement upward of prices of civilian goods, every movement downward of the standard of living, sets off selfish political cat- The going has been very tough Indeed for the average Frenchman. Since the beginning of the Korean , war. prices have gone np from 30 4^ to i.^ tier cent. The present French n-ilil3ry budget Is three time* as CTCat as two years ago. The wnr in Ii:do-Ghina. which Frenchmen frel vc arc inclined to forget about, has been cojting §1 billion a year. French povorriment officials as- s?rt that the more than 5,000.000 Communist votes in the last election are largely domestic "proiest" votes. Whatever they are the Communists, together with the Ganl- llsts on the other side, have greatly weakened France in the eyes of the rest of the western world. France came out ot the war with a national inferiority complex, 6temming from the. ignominiously swift defeat of 1941). Liberation Didn't bring automatic prosperity. The Communists ajid the Gaullists grew on ail this. Then there was the traditional fear of Germany. Finally, came the moment when our efforts abroad were focused, not so much upon a lonp-trnn sta- lile economic future, but upon im. *ie*T»t« £»trml» against the threat of Kussfin Sjfcmston. This, with NATO and Its military offspring. SHAPE, meant that economically <J,kit((Tin; nations like France would have to divert Increasing proportions or their national budget* toward production for possible war. To a French people starved for civilian goods we promulgated "guns instead of butter" as the order of the day. .Most Frenchmen ' hadn't ever hnd the butter. This was gravy for all dissident groups. But even within this grim picture one finds a few bright spots for collective security. Right now there are 850,000 troops on active duty. T.-.ken together with men already trained. France has an Immediate potential of 1.2CO.OOO. It Is estimated that by 1054. a trained force of 6.000.000 troops could be available—if there is equipment and training facili- >s for them. To these can be sdd- Lend Leaso .. 1/iteri/r) Aid Mutual Defense Aid. UNRRA Post-UNRRA ....'. American Red Cross Civilian Supplies . . . Army & Air Force . . 372.469.000 313.4O4.OOO 1.991.0OO 3,061,000 €0,OOO 2.U6.OOO 000 $ 959?! 65,000 176.0S4.0OO 10.0OO 409,754,000 117.414,000 191,000 134,487,000 109,947,000 $2,651,923,000 $1.907.022,000 Export-Import Bank Surplus Property European Recovery Commerce Dopt. (Ships) Other $1,112.734,000 5.957,000 . 182.4OO.OOO 43.27O.OOO 353.30O.OOO $2,697,261,000 8O.323.OOO 137,968,000 73.OOO.OOO 50,030,000 1.494,000 * 342,815.000 ARMY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIC 11 div, plus troops In fndo-China; additional divs await «quip- ment 143% of 1938 figur. MILITARY $3.7 billion (tripled w BUDGET \ past 2 year*) MILITARY (SWrttllory, vahlcl.s, PRODUCTION som« p!an«< and •mail naval v»**)t 3 inf rfiv, 2 Alpine brjg. 1 armored brig; additional units await •quipmarrt, officer* 140% of 1938 figure; ha» unused eapaefty, rv»«4» modwnization J1 billion, mostly far Largely small arm* and ammunition POLITICAL CONDITION/ Unstable, out to Communist and Caul- list strength, inhibiting all-out production mor» tta- bl», but Communist votirs «xert pressure against aM-out effort mined that France will fulfill her NATO commitments. Others like iiim are convinced that only through honor can France win back her place of dignity In the western world. As staunch as France's Bidnult, Italy's defense minister, Kinaldo Fiore-Verrt .177:1. Where Bidault Is small and tired- loking, Fiore-Vernazp.a is full of robust vitality. In his office he !azes often at a large picture of Garibaldi. He has lost count of the number of threats on his life, by Fascists, and, more recently, by Communists. 'The Communists?" he snorts. 'Every clay r do something to provoke them. Anil what do they do? Nothing- Italy will fulfill its share for NATO." Publicly, he makes these ringing statements, and yon are forced to lelieve that he means them. But between statements and fulfillment are the heart-breaking months of jacking and filling while econom- st.s and politicians slice the harsh fncts of daily life along the political lines of least resistance. Italy came out of the war with more physical destruction tlian any Cooked Fine Dinner; Threw it TO DOG! One lady used to throw her own citnnpr to the ring most, of the time, t made her sick Just to look at food. She was swollen with gas, lull of bloat, felt worn-out. Finally she got CERTA-V1N and soys she now eat.s everything in s[^ht and ciisif^ts it perfectly. This is the new medicine that Is helping so ninny stomnch "victims" here in Bl.vtncville. It helps you digest food . , - f^ter nnd letter. Taken before ed 9fl.OOO airmen on active duty, and [meals, it works uith your food Gas 50.00(11 men in the Navy. \' nms go , Tnchcs „[' Woat vanjch .And she still has one important ; Contains herbs and vitamin B-l point in her favor: with Iron to enrich the blood and the pride of past military glnry nir ,-, :c nerves stronger. Weak, mis- that dnm.inds rchirlh. It slicks dptply in men like Georges Bldnult, defense minister In the last cabinet, who is deter- erable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on sufferine Get CERTA-VIN--Klrby Bros. Drug Company. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE I'hone <lfi2I Show Starts \Veckrlays V:00 p.m. Sal. Sun. 1:00 p.m. TUfS.-Vr'ED. DOUBLE FEATURE ^DISNEY'S Baschall Short: y Hall" country except Germany. Her national economy was stalled. Communism was rampant. Only swift U.S. aid In the Immediate past-war years (we chart) kept Italy from falling into the Russian camp. Today, the Communist vote is still numerically large — though, as in France, non-Red politicians maintain that this simply represents a "protest" bloc. Italy had one pout-war economic advantage over other F.urojisao countries. She wal prevented by treaty from rebuilding her armed forces above i microscopic minimum. Now those terms have changed. Italy is scrambling to get its mu.wlen bark in »hape, and her economy, weak at best, l< being bent back upon Itself. here's the picture: at the begin- Old College Try Has Students Making Beds SOUTH HADLBY. Mass, .AP)~ Having college students mate up their own beds and clean their own rooms to pare down college expenses is nothing new. Back In 1837. Maty LVOIV, founder ot Ml. Hnlyokc Coliece, orea- nizert ht>r .nncients into breakfast circles, laundry circles anri Ixiking circles. The first year nil charjw for board, room ami tuition were S64: in 1838. l>y dint of cooci man- nscmem Mary [,yn» was able to reduce the charge to soo. City's Founding Date In Doubt By Celebrants CARBONDALE. JJJ. iAP>-Thev are KMK ahead with plans lor Oarbondate's centennial celebration this year — althoush there's some question whether this Southern Illinois city was founded loo years ago. Records show the siu? wa s picked in 1852, the first house \vas built first sermon preached and first business set up. it was 1851! before the city was orc.inizerl. 'C3 before it eot its special charter, and '73 before it uns broucht under the Illinois City and Villages Act of 1370. Gas Man Loses Tools SALEM, Mass. IXPj—Now it's the gasman instead of the plumber \vlio foreets his tools. Anci he doesn't forget to brill? them, he for sets to take them home. Police received a cnll reccntlv from the gas foreman of a croup of workers ariiustlns? home appliances for the nrh-ent cf natural gas One of his employes hnti left a box of tools worth almost $100 In the gutter. Inquiries were made but "the box iras not located. PAGE TTVTS nint; Italy's navy wa s largclv depleted, her srmy ivas practically non-evistent. her air force do™ to a few officers. In the months since, the' US has been re-equipping these forces with M-24 liBht tanks. 105 and 155 mm. artillery pieces, training aircraft, and some small naval vessels. Soon, Italy will begin lo receive F-84 combat jeUs. There's a fcclinsc o( Ihe nation eorrHnir alive militaril.v. If it were not for her geographic position. Italy might well he tossed to the wolves—if one wanted to be I ruthless. However, that position. Jutting far out into the Mediterranean, and flanking France, would make her a powerful weapon against the West. That's why so much time, effort and expense are being poured into the boot In hopes the ancient seams will hold. Threats Spar Search. ForGanglandG unman UN 22.000 Soitifi i; Xcdi l8,500S«;ti«L' NEW YORK UP}- Death threats 10 a mournlnE family and to ai garageman involved in the arrest i if hank robber Willie Sution today! spurred New York City's srlmmcsl killer-hunt In a dozen years. For 10.000 policemen the No. 1 Job was to trap the slayer who in Saturday mulit shot rlnwn pant-s .salesman Arnold Schuster, 24. It was his tip that 'cd to Stilton's arrest. The scope of the manhunt was 'mphasizcd last nichl when Mayor Vincent R Impellitteh said detectives and ewarms of uniformed police, hoping to find a clue. watched a. crowd of some 2000 persons. Mourners muttered threats of vengeance. Women wailed. Schuster's father, Max. and mother, Ethel, had to be supported. Ths mother collapsed at one time. UN PLANES LEAD-Abovc Newscliart sho\vs one reason why Ihe UN is losing more planes than the Reds in Korea— they are Hying more missions. Allied aircraft nre flyint; in support ol ground troops and on interdiction missions, vvjiile the Communists nre content to krei> their air force in North Korcn mainly for defensive purposes. Next: Eastern Approaches. Real Esfate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Best Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Ks-Off Sale WASHABLE WALLPAPER fle,. 37c te 75c 25 C to5CK Smgl, Boll, nov> Pre-season 5ole_3 doyj only. 3uy now, and recfeco- role your entire hom« ot big lavings. Choice of ony waihobl* wallpope, ;„ jtoclt-newesl 1952 potterni. Ask /of How-ro-Hon g .Wallpaper folder-it's free! BETTER WALLPAPER FOR LESS AT WARDS, AJLWAYS The first Etcp in gaining U. s. citizenship is to make a cleclaratioti of intention in the office of the clerk of any naturalization court. The volcano in Hibokhllwk Mountain in the Philippine Islands went through n five-year period of activity from 1371 to 1810. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. TUESDAY THE BLUE VEIL' Jane \Vyman Charles I.aughlon WKD.-THURS. "G. I. JANE" Jean Porter • Tom Neal •cuild ask the city board of esti- iale lo vote a $25.000 reward "for the capture of the murderer." Not since 1940 has the city put ip Mich.n high reward, and then It was ill Ihe killing of ni'o detectives. Terror Shadow Falls Even as Schuster was burled .•cstcrday, the reports of new death threats extended the shadow of terror over Brooklyn. A report said that just two hours before the funeral, Schuster's family received this warnin s : "One l'vith isn't enouBh. there will be thnv It was no! dear whether Mm messnpp wns mailed or phoned. Police had no comment on this report. Police Commissioner Gcorec P. Monachal! noted that a special ?'l-hn.jr cuard had been placed on the family. Schuster received several threats before his death. Police said Inter he hart rejected offers nf a cuard. While the Schusters were at the funernl, a threat was directed at Jack Pecnc. a garaceman who was r ' ' helping Sutton with a stailer shortly before his capture Fe] A man telephoned Pcenc's wife! Mary that she should advise her' husband "to take out a larger in-1 .sur.incc policy and not <o lake long '• walks." Pceiie immediately was Riven a police guard at his service station while his wife and their two small I children were sent under guard to Young Schpster's funeral come I under tight scrutiny. A score of I i New Stretcher Planned GORMAN. Calif, OP, _ Gorman sheriff's deputies plan tfl build a stretcher to carry Injured persons on Ihe top of a pack saddle. Present horse-borne stretchers fit uloncsidc the saddle- and are not adaptable to trails in this mountainous area. Abbott has detailed some members of the sheriff's posse to work out plans for the stretcher and 01 hers to train a horse for th« mercy work. WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY IF 1 *? RUSSELL-MARX i rom One Woman rther... TUESDAY BARGAIN MTE All Tickets 1 13c "HAVANA ROSE" Kstelilc • Bill Williams Folgers Has The CoffeeFlavorMostPeople Like Best! Women are wonderfully willing to share some of the really important secrets of running a happy home. So the word IMS been passed in little friendly gatherings, "Try Folger's—it's the coffee flavor we lite best." . That fact is a Irihule to flavor. There posi- lively is not another coffee with a flavor quite like Folger's. Actually, it is a special kind of coffee, mountain grown coffee, with a vigorous, keen, n-iiicy thai belongs (o Folger's anc! only lo Fcrlger's. ! ry it at your house and spread the wordi "Folgers has ihe flavor we like best, too !" Folger's Is a Special Kind of Coffes ' MOUNTAIN GROWN So Extra Rich in Flavor You Are Urged to THY VSIXG '/t LESS Than with Lesser Flavored Branch In Regu/or, Drip or fins Grind In Both > -Ib. onrf 2-11). Cc EW . Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 TUESDAY "FINDERS KEEPERS" .Itilia Adams WKD.-THURS. "Meet Me After the Show 1 Betty r,ral]lc MacDonald Carey FORSA Ammonium Nitrate 20 1 / 2 Per Cent For Information and Price, Call WEST MEMPHIS COTTON OIL WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. I'hone West Mempnis, 84 I'hone Memphis, 5-4040

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