The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 11, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER <"w vnc-rvif..-™, .,,„.,,,..„ .,.„ ^"^ VOL. XLVII—NO. 297 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily Newj Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUJU '51 County Financial Statement Shows $128,455 Surplus . Mississippi County took in ?G52,810.46 in 1951 and Had a surplus of ?1 28,455.67 in three funds, according to a statement of receipts and disbursements released today by County Judge Faber White and County Auditor Eunice Brogdon. The balance on hand at the end (County Library-Operatio of 1051 was more than half again what it was at the beginning of the year. Tile 1951 receipts include (79,614 79 from 1950 funds on hand Jan. 1, last year. The money received in 1951 other- than the 1950 surplus amounted to $513,195.07. Aclual cash disbursements during 1951 amounted to $52-1,354.19 The surplus on hand at the end ol 1951 R-as $128.455.67—3 figure including the $79.611.19 surplus from 1950 and the 548,840.88 surplus from 1951. Funds In which the surplus was placed were county general, SG7, 344.19; highway turnback, $38.153.-' 19: and county roads, 522,953.29 The statement follows: Receipts Tax Collections . 14527376 Voluntary 3-mill Road tax 39^05.02 jj£k. Land Redemptions 2,928.24 V5* Delinquent Personal Tax . I'IIGSI Bus. truck tax L666/12 Circuit Clerk 18^983.33 •County Clerk 9J155'J2 Licenses 265.00 Pines Collected 22.815.C6 County Penal Farm . . . 51,580.52 Prosecuting Attorney Fees 300.00 Assessor's Salary Expense 13.851.10 Big Lake Refuge 82^3 State Sales Tax 116,317.15 Refunds Miscellaneous . . . 3,698.95 Sheriff's Excess Fees .. 4.7C5.CO Treasurer's Excess Com's'n 7,006.50 Labor, Material Sold . . . 2,857.12 State Gas Tax 95,902.56 Slate Oil Inspection Fees 1,333.33 Federal Aid Projects 30,590.54 Funds Bal., Jan. 1, 1951 79.614.79 TOTAL . .652,810.46 four square mite area of (he supply depot vyii^vni. vn-tiv.t oni., i^.^ps. JD.iyyou ,.. t , ,. Assessor's Salary. Expense 13,640.™! . U loolied llke hpl1 ilselr." said those Disbursements County Clerk's Sal., Exps. Circuit Clerk's Sal.. Exps. 15,79950 Other Salaries Jails County General Hospitalization J. P.. Constables Circuit Court ^ Municipal Court .... | Child Welfare Dept. Farm, Home Demons. County Health Unit ------ .• —i — County Library-Bldg. County Farm. Poor Home 53301 76 9,999 93 •'50000 . Malarial Conlrol 8,500.00 o,auu,wj Ark Children's Home. Hosp 50000 Roads, Bridges 27871321 Hospital Sites 22,14801 Treasurer's Commission .. 12,'oco 48 Fund Balances Dec. 31. 1951 County General Fund .. 67.344.19 Highway Turnback .... 3815319 County Road 22.95s's9 TOTAL- 652.81CU6 Inside Today's Courier Newt • . . Wilson News . . . Arkansas News Briefs . . . Page 9. . . . Delay In plans for BHA units here . . . editorial . . . Page 6. . . . Society . . . I.uxora News FiiKC 4. . . . Cards dump Braves Cleveland rookie shines. . . ra r e BLYTKEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JJAKCH 11, 1952 TWELVE PAGES « 'O-: LANDSCAPING LAUNCHED—Work on beautifying the Court House lawn began here this morning with County Penal Farm inmates wielding picks and shovels under the supervision of County Farm Superintendent c. E. Lucius, in the top T .y. photo. Imnales remove shrubbery from the front of the Court House. Helow, another group is shown at work on a parking area north of ihe Court House near the Jail. (Courier News I'hotosl Jet Pilots Blast Red Base into 'Hell Itself By SAM SUMMERLIN SEOUL, Korea WV-Amcrican jet pilots turned a liuue camouflaged Red supply base into blaring ruins today in ihe most intense attack of he Korean War with flaming jellied gasoline. Flames spread over a. 9,'239.M 15,078.10 22.183.01 13.00 950 95 ,. n,544.60 1.523.25 5,338.28 13,952.31 9,628.04 Courifoom Renovation Eyed by Bar The Blytheville Bar Association •will meet, at the Court House tonight to pass on recommendations of a special committee regarding the renovation of the Circuit Court i-oom in the Court House here. The committee was appointed at a meeting of the Bar Association last week. Us recommendations, it upprovfd at tonight's meeting, will be forwarded to County Judge Faber White. Members of the special committee are Municipal Judge J. Graham Sudbnry, Chancellor W. Leon Smith. Claude F. Cooper and Max B. Reid. Frank C. Douglas is the new S* president of the Blytheville bar. ~ Other 1952 officers are H. G. Part- some of the pilots, who flew a total of 250 sortie^ ill waves. Swarms of Red jets streaked down from Manchuria to try to protect the base near Sinmak, 30 miles northwest of the truce village, Pan- tmmjoin. ' U. S. Sabre jet pilots shot down three MlGs in air battles, probably destroyed another and damaged five. — - fun BiHOTtf j_ fcpj^ j5 f J1TN.S booag^SgTrftarits?ko'cTW- H In Uo 'days. The Air Fnrce^S- ported sevW MIGs downed 25hd flames shootuia three damaged losses, if any, weekly. vesteidav U S reported onU up and it, looked like hell itself. I think it 1 was sheer will power that made my engine start, but. thank God, it I MIG's Roar South The Filth Air Force said Red MIG-15 jets roared scuth "to try 10 stop the wholesale destruction of one of their most important supply e-ieas " Bahras chafed'%m.M»v. k^jt lute fltelefr4gl'®^Se jtffth m «n-r ^'i, r, ,.^L^!^ _ ,, T ° low. vice-president Johnson, secretary. Blodgctt, Matin to See 'Soil-Cement' Display Mayor Dan Blodgett and City Clerk W. I. Malin will leave tomorrow morning for Alexamlna, La., where they will obaeive a ".soil- cement" street paving demonstration. The city officials are attending in connection with the Arkansas nicipal League. F-SO Shooting stars attacked ihe western supply depot, camouflaged so it "looked like an innocent farming village." Pilots, said they could see it was a fake. Then they let loose. They poured 33,300 gallons rtf searing napalm (jellied" gasoline) on Ihe area, blasted it with 300,000 pounds of explosives and raked it with -55.000 machniegun bullets. They attacked through a curtain —wr"*.<**«ti .ag-Qtic itji^iii 10 Alley, shot do'omo MIGs and damaged another Tw'-ntj-six Sabres and 55 MIGs were involved In the' nrormn-o Sabiea, otit- Court House Landscaping Work Begins Work started this morning on ft beautSftcation project at the Court House here with County Penal Farm labor removing shrubbery and building a parking lot. A low vine is lo replace the lietigc or shrubbery around the Court House. Miss Eunice Broedon. county auditor, said this morning. Si.v oak Jiws are to be planted on the lown to replace dead or dying trees which must come rown. one tree will have to be removed to make room for a pnrk- ing lot to he constructed on the northeast corner of the. Court House property. The present drive entering the property from chickasawbn on the ran Mdp of the jail is to be eliminated. The parking lot be- ina constructed will be entered ', *"P*f I'-'iLSLi UClfd Wll numbered five lo one, shot down' from Second Slreel one MIG. probably (ieslroyed another and damaged four. Credit for the two kills in ihe afternoon went to Capt. Brooks J. tales. South Norfolk, Va., and Lt. j Kenneth H. Rapp. Picayune, Miss. I The air war continued to OVPI-- I shadow "round action, along the! thav.-ing front lines. A U.S. Eighth Army briefing ofli- of anti-aircraft fire. The Shooting cer sald tllc Red - s Monday "failed . Stars unloaded their bombs, roared back to base and came back with new loads. 32 t'osilions Demolished Pilots said they demolished at least 32 Red anti-aircraft positions but lost count of the number installations and Red troops < stroyed. The U. S. Fifth Air Force said they still were attacking the flam- . to throw a single prohm? attack at (See \V.\R on f.ise 12) Thc area between the Court House and the jail will be for the use of sheriff's cars. In addition to the low vines to replace the hedge around the Court House, groups of flowers will be planted at entrances and corners of the Court House. County Jwigc Fnber White recently appointed Louis Cherry, Freeman Robinson, and Keith Bilbi-ffj' us. a committee to arrange for the 18-lanriscaping project. A similar program has been instituted at Osceola. Ridgway Says Red Falsehoods " Upset Korean Truce Talks ,i ing area at nightfall. Lt. Col. Levl R. Chase of Collrtland, N. Y., said every officer and man in the outfit was loading or flying. Majors and colonels were on the air strip helping load the jets with napalm, bombs and bullet-s ant! I refueling them for renewed attacks ! R ' d3v ' ay " ' 11 , p f ,, K T" ( ' F '~ Gcn Matthcw B - RidBway dcclared tod "j' lhat Red falsehoods arc upsetting Korean truce talks The U.K. commander said armistice nesotiatiom have reached a point where it s impossible to toll what is going to hap| , cn . ,, e „, Communist nP8 ot,, l( or s -who ,,, ol t u, nuomperate ,an g , li!f! e and I- llberately employ known fake-hoods." USSR Proposes Meet to Reunite German People Russia Also Seeks To Keep Reich Out Of European Army MOSCOW M'p-Thc Soviet Union proposed today an immediate BIB Four conferenc o to reunite divided Germany and prepare for n "pe-v-i treaty barring the Germans fron alliances aimed at any of thei World War II enemies. Western observers predicted the United .Stales, UriU Franco would turn down thr SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Morris Called To Defend Role In 'Ships' Deal Senate Investigators To Question 'Cleanup' Man in Trade Case Hy C,. MILTON Kn.LV WASHINGTON IA1>, - N e<,vbo!d Morris, the government cleanup man, soes before Senate investigators today lo defend his role in big ship deals and trading with the Chinese Reds, Morris heads the China international Foundation. Inc., whose subsidiary United Tanker Corp. hauled ol! to the Chinese Communists m ships llyine the U.S. flap, until a month before the Korean War started, in June, 1950. I!is law partner. Houston H Wasson. ami other witnesses have named Morris as a lawyer also for a Chinese firm which shipped goods lo Rod China ports until the war was six rnonllis old. China had openly entered the war in ils fifth month. i:\plaimliun Is Vaeue, Tile firm was the China Trndini; and Industrial Corp.. a self-styled Chinese Nationalist group. No witness has explained fully why Nationalists were willing | 0 carry fiooits to Ihe Chinese Heds. The Senate investigations subcommittee, headed by Sen. Hocy i D-NCl called -Morris to tell whether he riuosiioned the propriety of so. any of the shipments and It whether he tried to halt them. Wasson, secrclary-treasuz-er of Hit China International Foundation, has testified the organization could have forbidden united Tanker to sign an oil-carrying contract with a Sovicl Russian agency but did not. Fire Started Quickly Morris, a Republican, has been under fire from the GOP side of Capitol Hill almost from the niin- ule he got the government cleanup job on Feb. I. nad Republican . . subcommittee members gave (rank hot notice they were'preparing reception for him. The Senate Judiciary Committee has disclosed it is holding up action on a request by President Tam- ilian for broad subpoena powers for Morris—authority which even the attorney general docs not possess- Moscow until a(tcr Motrls>«s told Jils slo proposal, v-iiich Included a detailed outline of principles that the Soviet said would t,r- the basis of the pence i treaty. The Russians, said, howevci I also' W ° Uld dfac '" s otller 1'roJects" Army Worries Russia West Germany is one o! six g ov - criinipnis negotiating to form a Fu- ropcan army linked to Ihe Atlantic Alliance against communism — nn alliance which Russia has insisted is aggressively directed against her Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei (jromyo handed the plan to Di" Three diplomats in niqhl. it was made immediately, in early iet broadcasts and tin to At 8 Tonight City-Council is scheduled to hold its monthly meeting at 8 p.m. today in Municipal Court Room at City Hall. "Nothing In particular is nn Hie agenda." Mayor Dan Blor: b 'ett said this morning. Ike Holds Slight Lead in First Two Primary Reports Truman, Kefauver Divide First 2 Democratic Votes By liKLMAN MORI.V CONCORD, N. „. (av-cencral Eisenhower Held a slight lead over fhTL™',"- Taf V" "" firsl - i ' 1 - l »™«°" *PubBc.n pTesiden "'" I" 0 ' 0 "'"* P»mary today in the first Uvo tiny towns to report. — — + The 2 Suspects Held In Tourist Court Slaying at Hayti County Sheriff Jake the men Pair Identified As George Harvill and William H. Sounders CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Two St. Louis men are bchiR held in the Pcmlstot County Jnil here today on suspicion of murder in connection with Ihe lalal shooting of another St. Louis man. Frank Vassallo. 33 at a touri-u court in Hayti Sunday night. Pemiscot _ Claxton Identified ,..„ „.,... ,„ Gcorfie Andrew iinrvlll and William Harold Saimders. He said the men were arrested in St. Louis last night and were brought here for nuesiioning this morning. Va.wallo was fatally shoi by a man who police said fired "six or seven" slug into Vnssallo's body as He fled from the Fra-Motcl at Hayti, where he wns registered lo Ihe Hayti Tourist Courts nearby. To lie /Jue.siici»e<! Tod.iv His bullet-riddled body wns found lyins; in front, ol a cabin at the Hayti Tourist Court. "We believe that these are the beys we want," Sheriff Claxlon told i repoiter, but thats about all I - towns - Waleri-ille Valley and Milhficid _ gave Eisenhower seven votes and Taft four The combined population of the fvo places is only 2li. General Eisenhower got all his voles in Watenille Valley and Taft got his in Millsficld Two Democratic votes were cast in Millsficld. President Truman goUmc and Senator Estcs Kefauver ol IcnncsEcc—his only' opponent— gol the other. Harold E. Stasscn, a third Repub- hcan^andidate, got one vote' in N'o Way In Gauge Vole There was no way to gauge the big city vote because the polls don't open in Manchester until noon and in Concord until 3 p.m. In the smaller city of Claremoilt however, there was n heavy vote of :>00 in the first two hours, despite » steady rain, observers said this was twice as many voters as in an ordinary primary. "It looks like a record vote." on« Claremonter said. In Waterville Valley Senator Taft got (wo write-in votes for vice president nnd Stassen got one. Vote Follows Pattern The vote for delegates to the national conventions followed the pattern of the balloting on the presidential preference side. Political observers expecled the vote lo ;„ over the 100.000 mark .setting records for many communities. National, and even international attention, was focused on tha election. Correspondents from both London and Paris were on the scene lo cover the story, as well as American newsmen from virtually every part of the country. Snow Greets Voters Riiin and snow greeted early . .vi.u.«.i, uui, winvs aooui au I , •-•£*:," ~fn zll JJH at th'* rime Wv jaiow 2f\Sr ng votcls hut w «s not ex- I'rtt these men pcfe~iii the Hayti!™'!™ tr\ have any marked e/fect McmlU at the tin« of the shooting on the turnr-- but we have not tuic.stioncd them as vet." He said he planned lo question the men today and indicated that a tirst desree murder charge would be filed against them. Sheriff Claxton said that the blonde woman who registered at the Fra-MnU'l uith Vassallo as his wife has been identified but he did net reveal her name. He said she is a lormer Hayti resident. ment's press officer Mic nermott. said early today the text of the note had not been '•-••• and there \vould be no U. J Anniversary Auction %% Arouses Out-of-Town Interest - - -lOUl. , Major Interest focused on the itrugslc between Gen. Dwi-ht D Eisenhower nnd Sen. Robert \ Taft iR-ohio) on the Republican' side. This is Eisenhower's first appearance in the national political arena. HP is In Europe as head of the Nortii Atlantic Treaty Organization forces and has neither appeared nor participated in the maneuvers in New Hampshire Taft Test Seen New Hampshire may lie the le^t of Taffs vote-getting abilities. Ha campaigned hard in New Hampshire, making 30 speeches In thrca days and firing most of his big guns at the Democratic administration and at his "opponents who arcued lhat if nominated, he could no't be MAN1LA-A report on the amount ol money realized Iron, this ! __ ^ ^ j | town's 50lh anniversary auction Saturday was expecled to be completed i ° n the Dcmoc 'a(ic side, the con- until Stale Ocpartmcnt of'f"!! this a««™°n-<>mici5t Ph"»e calls from out-of-town residents whose h'v Wn^v imcrest Wie first efforts Superintendent of Schools W. W. i lion of Manila's 50th rmvlc-r ; : aicl thk mot-nint/ (l>af i<itil_ A. ,i.- - . : .. "There isn't much of anythin " left of that place." one pilot said °! "completely, absolute];- and c;ttc»or- Wnen the jets first flew over thej lc;lll > 'al'-e." base, they saw "stacks of boxes cov- | "e speculated Communist acrira- ered with straw roofs," said Capt | Uon.-= were either 1 an alicmpi llrtecl Red stories that -in-oe weeks. They have not ni;; germ warfare as i m.-[:tioned in lri: f -e talks. Russians said they wanted Big Four talks on German nnifica-' ' M wli[ ' lilis mo """K lhat total- lion and on the treaty to b'-"'in! iri1 " of l ' lr nU)nf -y received Irorn sale "without delay" and asked Western!?' s0 ""' 5 ' JO contributed items has fn irc-cneo 1 from as ..;„ i,,, hi- said. Other .Mil- J Van Weather Arkansas forecast: Fair and a little cooler this n tier noon and to- WARMER night; lon-est temperatures 28-34 in knorth portion tonight; Wednesday Ppartly cloudy and wanner with showers Wednesday ngiht. Missouri forecast: Fair east, increasing cloudiness west Tuesday; colder extreme southeast; Wednesday cloudy, followed by occasional rain mostly west and Central; warmer south. Minimum this morning—45. Maximum yesterday—57. Sunset today—5:CH. Sunrise tomorrow 6:15. Precipitation 24 hours to i n.m today—1.98. Total precipitation since Jan 15.21. Mean temperature "midway tween high and low i—51. N'ormal mean temperature This llalr I.asl Year Minimum this morning—4}. Maximum yesterday—so. Precipitation January i to date— 1 — be- for J. Krcft, Altrtdena. Calif, j cover up their :...-.biliiy t "in prevent "They had no sides and Ihe supplies were plainly visible as \vc went Close Calls Are Jlan.r Thert were many close calls as .he F-EO pushed their attack through heavy flak. The engine conked out at 1,000 ,;„,»„„.. pV 1 "± Jrtlt T nb , yLt - Wm ' am BfcLolmcl >' « na( " th ^ TW'mics R. Chapm. Los Angeles. He said: ; arc sweenm" Red Korea but evi- I wns about ready to give up, dcnce indicates bubonic plc.pie is epidemics and to control them a!:er they do occur" or i? an nidu-al they plan "to crnplr.y su;-h im ads" germ Warfare theii,.=f!,-e.v. the Reds o! nlotlim: to . In the armi.iice talks»lve-i I Hear Aelin. R. E. Lillby told Ihe Communists: "We air, getting fed up with your attempts to make thin.fs appear as facts that are not facts." j Libby's blunt stat'inenl. came in I <Sec <'K.VSi;-FIKi: nn F-a_ cc !•'( their shortC'M ])o.-..sjl>lf limn. -;nie piBiiliif. of a ucacc liraiy ! f;<1 ' »-i Ln w.ln Cirrrnany will 1,,, conducive , , alls have to Hit: improvini: of Ihe interna- i I J iir.-Roii!d, tional state of affairs as a wiml" ' >*n thus beii^ couchidvr to tho en ; ,b- All want intormalion on the sue- h^ persons in At. the same time, it raised money bearer The cd that . after hnviim ask- nanic be withdrawn . , money ............ ., .„„„„ „,, wm-arawn lor stase curtains needed by the ; from the election, consented t<) let lni;h school. The articles sold were j H be placed on the ballot. cr.s cumar.tcd bv lanutactur- of the lishing of a stable pt-arr." viet communication said. the So- ! Cf Mr. Fowler New-;.are ccrtaii been cn said yesterday they muh inont-y for Lire eosl about 52,000 — cl. The n;:,t will be „.„„., ™ un.rit U rt-. ^ OeSoyed teriological warfare, "but it is con- ! I „ R , I ,*, ceivable." And. he said, he wasn't «" ^UfglQry V^QSG when I get down to 500 too late to jump. (ect •••r-v, T i , j lten radios nave r>jcn Then I looked down at all of the germ warfare sturics rampant. Reel radios have bocn pouvnii; out for almost Joycees to Conduct Drive for Scrap Metal Throughout City on Saturday Tire Blytheville Junior Chamber! rtcnts lo leave in drnwivs lo w- of Conimrrrf n-ill ysA-^^..^» „ _:.,. . _ .. - 1 - • otierations. •d iron. s:-.-cl. - t ]-o aL:O S2 n (l will conduct a scrap pick-up drive here Saturday to help alle- Scrap „„„«,,, „„„,„, viale 3. shortage being felt by steel; aluminum, copper b--i mills in Ihe elloTt to maintain both are soncht. The Ja-'cee^ sill cii-- civilian and defense production, j mantle any large pieces 'of olr-ol-'u- A 15-man committee to conduct j machinery donated. They al,-o piaVi the drive was named by Jayce'e Prcs- ) '" solicit scrap fr^m machine shops, ident H. L. llalscl]. Jr., at a meeting ' Rins, auto and implement dtalei.- | plumbers and manufacturers. Money rai.-rtl hy the rlul, from .sale of scrap and rac« -,,|1) -,, r „., c ( to send rtrl'iiat"-, lo ir:e :,!air Jav- cee conve:Uion in p;: c Filuff ^n-'I 4-6 Also srmnc, 01. l::c scrap dri-.r- rulnm:i!ii' arc Wil]i:-.m 11. \v\ail. Max Walters, .loe WLUIMI, Ki-,!iir! Har. L liman, T. F. 'Doci t)tan J T Sudiniry. Preliminary hearing for Johnny T. Buchanan of Manila on a char-c o; burglary was continiicd until to- nicrifiw in Municipal Court I his morning. , Buchanan is charged wi'th break-112 into the Amrrican Legion Hut v.i Manila la.n September. Acord- : 'i i''" ''"' ! ''' i:<f ' r - Manila city mar- iir.l. Sin cash, .several rarlons of n-.irets. a quantity r>; chewing gum. -sort drink* and beer :vere taken in :':K bin-clary. Mn: =l:al B;.;:rr said Buriia:iani rhar-cd with the ihc.'t of j •ith n: tools rr:m the H. I). | Oaracr in Manila last Jan- | of the club last night. The Jaycecs today a.sked Blythc- ville residents to check slorage rooms and attics for ••forgotten" quantities of scrap metal and obsolete machinery. Kinriy i-'r.uu-is, at Blyllinville Wa- it-r Co.. ami Charlie Mix>re. at Avk- Mo Power Co.. were appointed to take ealis from persons having scrap to donate. The Jaycees will canvass the city Saturday and pick up scrap meial which they asked res.1- Eoll Cotton SligiiHy Damaged in Fire Here i niirnin? bill cotton at the. Wfsi ' Rif!v Gin on West Highway m was I th" (•aiue ol a fire alarm this morn- I-He Chief Roy Head said that Ihe i-oilon K:I', unloaded Horn a tun-:-: this inuriiiiu! and a (r.w min- uti-., laier bcann smouldrnng The ip ,, f . .*..... ...l-^l,. 1 III; icijl \VIJI Oe type o. puijocl This; applied on a piano and public ad- l-a.lH.,ar auct-nn climaxed cHclua-1 dress system tor the school. ,., -— Bui he "id not come to Nc'.v Hampshire nor did lie cumpalsu ui-tivi-ly ' ^larArlhiir KriirV-srnteci Gen. Douglas MacArthur is represented on the ballol by a sbtc of [ielccalrs wlu rccrLtered for him dc.spite his request that he be '.vnli- clrawn from tly •-l:c(ion. Anil for (Sec rillMAIiV on I'^ri- I'l AHSeyen Voters of Ski Village Back 'Ike/ Wait for Results By DON' (ilJV WATERVILLE VALLEY. N. H. W'p—The seven voters of this tinv ski village—who have given all Ihrir votes to Eisenhower in mid- niBlit ballotinn — sai hack and w;i»d today for the rest of [N'cv. Hampshire to set on with the elcf tion. Watcmlle Vallc-y — totAl population 10—won the distinction of belli-/ tin- first community in the country lo vote in the 19r>2 presidential primary by opcliine its j burnii-i- northern ov.n with a population ot 16. It save Tad four vntes. ,ind Stassen, Kctauvn- and Trunian one each. Eisenhower ^ot no votes Iher.v To ir.ake Miic everyone was on bar ' to vote in Wau-rvilio Vallr-y To- i Clerk Bean in'-itrt! Hie v.holn ullage to his inn for a late supprr. After thi- hallntn;c. in front of fireplace rojiinc wiih . o u. ore m Neely. Jamrs Gardner. Bob Warren, i property damase refilled The - load ! however. T.»si ixr; MAI-LI; si <;.M> while (oiiniiR .Von- Hampshire hi Ihe senator. iAr Wircpholoj Sen. Ki,L-il A. Jim, N' 11.. lor a '" ra "" e I for support m 'he state's presl- pnllini! place at. 12:01 a.m. The polling place closed a tou- ' pie of minutes later when the last ' of (lie registered voters dropped j his .'ckciiim in the ballot box j The vcitina was held at the I Watemllc Inn because snow was piled too deep around the Town Hall for Yankees to ti it-ifr dt^rcin^ if o'.it lor such a 'iirirt mepjting. V.'ord of the nnanimou.s vole WES flashed—(iiroiish the Associ- srr;i [>icss—by Ralph Bean, owner of ihe inn. lown clerk, police chief, die chief and road apent. Ah-.-jjt ihe only town mb Bran do---n ; hold is lax oolllctor llif ft Iff ll.Ti jol). W.i t<i Mile Valley .,],t, c:lve Tail ' tno uriip-iu V ote.< and Stasron otic write-in vote for vue president. Close behind \Vat-er\iHe Valley In the ballolmj was, MilUlicid, a ,,,„„, lo ' s|Ic ^ ,l« ™; at U'-r Inn. The cIMim-tion of bcini- the f'rsl voi-.-r in N'c-w SIanip=l'irc's fnst-in-ihc-nalion primary went '" "2-yi'ar-old David Austin .LITTLE LIZ— Girls ondbilliord balls kiss each olbcr v.ith obocit the some omounl of feeling ,„„

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