The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1952
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILT.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JIAPCH 10, IMS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D-H1] j rule per line (or c insertion: 1 time yer line a Time* per Line per day ,... 3 time* per \die, per d.iy .... fl titnei per Hue per day ,,, 32 lime!- ped lln« per dnr .., Month per Jlne Count fit* Average wordi t< Ad orderrd Tor three or Mi For roujjti lumber, all kinds, or for eprrlrtl cut timbres tall O S. Rrjlllson. 3309. South End 21st fitn-ol. 2 15 p* 3 15 Clnotl pile* 01; 4 ply ivooit boats, or will build lo order. 601 W Ash, pli «6'3- 2 « j)k 3 25 j Illakfrnore Stftwbrrry ['lams, Mr*. J, j . C- Hnrnlsh. 1710 W Chlrknufiwb:*, ; j Phona 3740 V 13 pk 3.J3 | ; f Fcrsh country F.^KK-CrocprU-s | ' ' We nit- oju-n nfUT supper, h«'for<f ; ; j Siorf. Dogwood, K. fil. 3 5 ph 2't ' OOc line * and f d lor ihe Dumber of t1mp« ilie iwl B pp eared and adjustment ot bill made All classified ftrtTerilslng copy submitted by persona reslrtir.K outside ot the cliy must be Rcccmpnuiprt by cash Kates mny o.islljr be cnmpmet) fmtn *he Abo»e table. AtjTc.-tlslns ordered for uir-sular insertion* lake tiio om? tune tnble Ny rctpontlbllLty will be Mitm for more than one incorrect Insertion o( any classified Rd All JKle are restricted to iheir pnipr-i clfcMiriCRVlon. stylr ftncl type- The Courier New* referven ihe fight to edit or reject any ad, Notice :ciil] Clinrlie Bmjjrkm. So. Wuh^uy 01. : Ph. GMT. 3 5 pk 13 USED I TRACTORS i 1 \'AC Case with cultivator.; ' and disc. 2 Oliver "liO's"; one with cultivator and planter. FARMER'S {MPJ.I'MKNT CO. 515 K. Main I'll. 612!) 2(19 ck tf In doeprst slnce-rltv. ur- n*K our many Jrieti[Is, nclphbors ami relative-* 10 sic- ccpt our Brailtmlp nntJ ttiiinks Inr lh« many acts ol Xl)Klnr.<;s. lovr iincl bflp rend'erptl durlnp ihe extnuK'd UJin-^s and tlORlh of the tjesl ImsltntuL J^^S and brother fi ftimtly lin.s <?v?r 1m(1. Mrs. Waltua W. GnrrpU. clii'drm nn<! slaters. 3 10 P* n Apartment for Rent 3 rm unf- apt with hath, llerison^b rent. Cull 3S12 nlRhts. 310 pk NJcp 4 rm nnfurn. rtpl H^lh, OUR Ahot M'nter. Close In. Day Ph. 2121 — night 2366. 310 rk 10 3 rm furn. Bpt. Pvi. haih. pvt. entrance, 404 E. Dm- Is. Ph. 3^P.». 310 pfc 16 Well located (uin)shrd ftpl . TOO W. Ash Phone 45S2 E, O. F«rs\i:on. 3 10 ok lf> Desirable 2 bftjroom \mliirn tlnplcx, private bfllh. newly decorated, Moilom kitchen. 1"LO Hrnrn. Call 31S3 Saturday. Sundias-, nnti-nights. 38 pk J2 3 room A." ^ room apia. lor ifnt. Cnll DfiU, C. Abraham. 6 ck it 3 bedroom imf urn. npt. All con von- lencrs, t>04 W. Main. 3|4 pX 4[4 Upstair* 4 ronm imdirn opt wlt'n bath, electric water hcnter. wired for electric fiiorc. Newly dpcorturrt Couple only. Ph. ?7S7. 2 19 ck tl Bpt Ph. 2505 or ajH ck if Modern J roon 4S05. Modern apt , 3 rooms end hnth, ncw- lr decornled. good furnltme, pas envilp- sn*n*. Ph 33T3, F Elmon. fl,2l ck U Small Apartments, furniah- ed. ^8 up per woeU. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Aali, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf a rm <!t hnth. Unfur. Ri>t. 200 E. Mo Bt. Call 6110. 3,1 pk IB 5 room Turn. Bpt., private hath. Vh. M«4. 3',-t ck ir l l t TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill « Wrnhiut Plmne 33R'J Plenty of Parking | Space New Oliver (j(5 tniclor — 51,595. New 3-row middle busier —5^00. New Oliver 70 motor—$;!OII, Oliver Intilor L'luiins and; other iiiirls at dealer cost. j GLIN HARRISON! FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash 1'h. 2552 or 23-14 2'27 ck tf 2SOO Bti&neui nr poo<l corn A 1, Whlsllp. Phone De]l 2651. 2 2R pk 3 LS Ofidon hpins. 2 ycarA Irom Btailon Rrrm flbovr <>n, nECl.KANKf) hi "2 tin bas". J. W. WLdnnr. Ph. 4HONT2 411R 1'orlnRcvlllc, .\TO- 35 pk 12 On*- nr snlc. Clmrlcs . 87L7, 3'fl pk 13 Usrd kllrlirn cabinet. 1«27 44«4. 2 rra. unf, &pr,. BOl N. Frnnklin. Ph. «B4 .1,4 »k 1? Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger jour family with aiiHy Hres— BUT I.KI TUtKS, CKAPUAN SKRVICF. STATION Main »nd Division Phoiif 2503 17:13 cV: If Services j 4 row John Dcoro I'Ltinier with mnrk- Jnhn Ilcetn rdsir hnirtMv. Jlnlr Kppil ratins, !lvir<!rttp, rh. 4702, :i 7 ck if Cloofl ii!(rtl jilnno. Ph. -HIT 31 i^"\\ new Zcnlnnd wliltra. ^nil white men I fryers, Kiime- poo<f tlors nnrt bucks. Jim ftolpson, Ph. 2nfi-t. 3;7 ck IE Three CAllfnrtiln Orchnrd hcntcrs I1kr jirvi-. At *12.50, about ot]*" Uilrd nctunl con. 21(i East Kfritticky. 3.7 ck 11 B7T13OODRICH SPECIAL 2 — 13xHG G |)]y Gootlriuli rice niiti cane I ires ,K: Uilies. l.RUntln'. In my home Ph, 6147 is j I repair nny make or model wnshliiL; machine. 2 hlorks WL'SI of Dlslp Pic. on 8th St , l>y np\v school, Herbert Graham. Ph, 613S- 3,7 pk •! 7 For exrifTt plunihlnR. oil stove tint! pump repnlrs. cnll fi!40 Ilarfy Myers. ^;i pk 4 1 We arc now In a position ID rto ca- t€-i!ntc Special Tootfs Tor UmcUrnns nntJ parties. Anple Hood l.pxlp day Ph. 4013 - Ph 4643 720 pk 3;2U 30 K1NUTI PHOTOSTATIC SERVICE O'STKEN'S STCDTO-US \V MAIN 12 4 CK tr Ri'KHlnr prico I lire and lube S222.05 Sale price 1 lire and Uilm ? 125.00. B. F. Goodrich Co. •117 \V. M;iin — Phone (5331 38 c-k 12 7'j ontbnnrtl motor. I'U. PHILLIPS SAYS 1950 FORD K<|tii|)pi>d vvilli iras-sav- ing overdrive, radio and lu'alcr, this .Mo;ulmv- lirook (Jrt'cn l c 'onh>r is ;i K»«cl liuy. 1950 CHEVROLET The |)(i|inJ;ir Hci'lline deluxe moili'l, this ':>{! Clutvrolel .1-iloor Se<J;in hiiK radio ;ind heater. BlacU. 1947 FORD Make a jjoml lrii<le nuw on this 'J7 'J'udur. Nice tire.s — jjtxid lioalei'. Attractive maroon finish. 1949 CHEVROLET A laic model Chcvroh't, llii.s l-'lfdlino (iclu.xe '2(Inor Ki'dan alst) hiis radio and healer. [Slack. "ll'l'i 1950 FORD You'll enjoy driving (his custom deluxe Tudor. Lovely Silverlone j^rey . . . overdrive, radio and heater. 5950 FORD Another late model hc'aiily is this Sea Island Green Tudor . Sedan Equipped with hoth radio and healer. 1950 FORD A K'>n,'(.'ous, jjla morons Hiiu'aii.-in lironxe color, this Tudor Sedan offers you radio and healer, too. . 1950 FORD If you're looking for a nice lafe-model car. (lien drive I his black Kurdor Sedan, liadio, healer. limps Meter Ibiinpeiiii ^it'JJjJUJjIj^^gf^rkJ^.I.'l.rT^ «• Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4153 / On a Combination Spray & Premerge Kit Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Job Wanted Share crop or hire hy day or month Pre AM*- WIlMjti, Mllllfjan mrlt-e Ri- 2. Manila. Ark. BpX 12 Wanted to Buy 3 tiprjroom hninp In this cny Ph 2633 after 5 p m. 310 CX 16 Drop [enf tnhle In good conrtltlon. f call s^as. , 3i pk n We will nay CASH for Join nlrt 1 KtKlakb cameras and !ens:-< ftii ]];irls ' O'STEEN'B STUDIO. 115 WHST Main I I2< ck t Wanted For Miming A: lornl hatillnc Call ! HS28. W. W Bpckhnm. 117 W Ilosi- I H«lp Wanted VV'e have house located just north of Kroner Store for sale. Consisls <jf one four- room and hath apartment and one ;>-rooni and \> a t h apartment, lias separate light nwl watc'i' meters. T'o enlarge Hie parking lot for Kroger we must move this house. I'nrcliiiser will have to move it or wreck it at once. Will sell at low price to move it at once. Call or see us now TOM UTTUC RKAI.TY co. Ph. 2H23 — ion W. Main / :: -__ 310 ck 15 (i rooni-hoiisfi— N. Hallimorc For Rent ... l>llml» — n h« IViinhi Htxir Furmire — Alllc fait Fr-nrou hi y lln i An Attractive Home PKTK r |rA!;r:[SON 3 6 |»fc I No f ice Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Osj -"fTTLrr on Jrwchj—3 tlav^ an watoti** »nr! rlorlcs Gnarniilotti vrork rione bj eTprrt trp^irnirn Lnwest TAT p'BRYANT Main & SPCOIK! 1(1 :i r» tl For Sale, Misc. Save Money When You Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GLIK HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2r,,-,v 8-2 ck _^^^ 3 R 3 12 Slock and Grain Farms nallrmt Comity. Kentucky. Frooi l.SO to Mil Acre* f.-rtl],.. r'rneetl. Plnniiccd I^vc] u;ilautl Prom l\]ii to 52'KI |ifr ncrc CoiHivct Hol» Rollpc'rltii;, Ilrnlior. ^2H'j DroiKtwn". Pndnrnh. Ky Phonr 50111 n,\y. 272SIV. Nliiht. 2 K(-lr. 20-2^-'2G-2«-J .T-6-Ifl-lll-13 .. -. 7', hor.-.e|-o-.v,.r merrnrv <v ilhoarrl. I <' : <''.!rt f • nr»v <K':> N \v Ci^ynmo. ! !Mn::*r :;. Alrh-,-c. I'h r.;?l ' I i- =..0^,71 .1 HI r,K 17 ! For Sale, Ren/ Estate tor Fuller Brush Srrylrc -nri Dcnu- anle CnMtu-tlet r^U Mr- John Hi-n. 2(531 or 13M 221 pli 331 .(•i:\tlnr 312 5(1 cold w;tyrF, SS Krcn- 1'r sia Mnc-hlnr-l.-..s (4.^ 5.150 hoi oil irrntnirnt, 52 O]>ni evrnlni: hy nji. l>oliilTiieiu Operators: I.ntiriys A- MnK- InD. I.aiulys' Urntity Shop, Ph 2o^u. 3 3 PX 1(5 EASTER SPECIALS •S 15 ('((Id v.-;»vos $10 $10 mid waves S7.nO MiU'liiiH'less $5 tip TMK i:i-;,\rrv ii,\i; Hc/p Wnnfer// M(1/e Store liuililinjr located IOS- 107 \V. Illniii St., across Hie sti-cct from Hoxy 'J'heatre and formoi'ly occupied l>y Jim Mi-own Sloi'e. This building SO ft. wide Ijy 120 ft. long, (''i-einlil oli'vator to use for upstairs. \Vil| rent (o onn tenant or would divide into two rooms, each room 2r> i't. wide 25 ft. wide l t y 'Hi I'l. lon^. Also n paved ptirkiiig space 20 tl. lonjf belAvecn buildinj; and alley, liiiildino; lias two front entrances now, each side with display windows. Will lease for any longl!) of lime tenant (k's-ires. TJie only larjfc store building in city in the lielter parl of city for rent, ('nil us at once for furl her information. Phone 2323. TOM i.rrri.i.; REALTY co 10!) W. Main St. Blytheville, Ark. 3 10 ck 15 ^ room unfiirn. hoxipe. bnth N>u-lr ilpror^trd, 1710 >lcam. Tall 37JG Pntnr- <[_»!-. _Rj_"«>»y »n,] nlRhi,. 18 ." 12 ("norrrlr Rtork BtiHrtlnc. silllnbte [or ?nrnt:e or Mnrc nn ( ! ntljolnlnc; s room hdif, with talli l.orntecl In curTe on Mlclmnv 1,1 ,oiuh side or llollnntl. Mo (nil 4104 or writ* Paul nyriim Impje""•"' r " 'ill CH t! I OH Bos 1 22 ck 3 22 AT hath Xcwly 1 .t fit 12 -ai.-m Src \\' M ml. It | Kxtra yiiod li-iwim lionsp Tr.'.-t<ir ,i-u : nnil bath, on Jlrurn Stvoct "" is ^"" r Ark cliise In hii;h Sfluuil. (!as| jlu'ai, lariic livinj; room. One; i of tlu> liirco l>o(lnionis is an 'oxli'a lai'jri' ni:islor bedi'imn). ' (I a r:i iri>. otililoor slorajjo. '• ' fi'iu'i'd backyard. This lion^c ; I is in jrood condition inside 'and mil, and the nciphlxir-, hiiod is tD|>.<. ('rice .?i:i.OOO. . Miulern '^-beilrooni litniie on i Illinois Street — little liiily. iyoii'll like liiis c'otiveiiienl mtr<l A I, Drll. 2i'.M MECHANIC WANTED! H.' frnu-rrte hlilrlc hulldlnir tor.\ted .-III" flly 1II111T,< oil SOllth HlSll^r, We ^OVBO. LlvtnB ouaitrrs jCall 711:1 ' 3t _ >ll 'T'.iinrl Cn>pd prrllon of ph <*•'•'* 3 in [,x ifi i T-'i;ru 2 rm dollar -.vlth hith. elfr. Kit.-hen ph 2!i^a or PfiTI Tractor driver will! rnmlty lo make ciop. Ph. fiROi, utho Ramos. 3ii ck tf Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Auency Planned Prntoction 131 W .St. OLCMCOE HOTKI BU1LD1NO Aft ck tl Real ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS If Interested In Buying or F.elUUK see Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe BUlg. Ph. R868 Private Rooms Two hrrirooms, private bath. Pli -3543 2 26 4 1 I Rfriroonis Men only. Mrs. E. F Blomeyer I'h, 2CCC 29 pk 4:0 Btxlroom. convenient to bath, steam hcnt. 611 W Main Ph. 332S. 2.11 pit 3;11 Nice steam heatc-ct brdroorn adjoining hnth 901 W Ash ph, 2209. 3 11 pk 311 15 A: (7 BLythevllLe Hotel. 3[21 U*.»lrooni lu. i KLce room, near town ph. 6H3 3,10 pk 16 Hun bath. .1 io pk 13 DredghiB n shi|> channel In Uie Orinoco River iti Veiip/.ur-la will begin this yeitr. Its ptirjuise is lo Inp one of tite world's richest iron ore resc-i-yes. Hollywood (Continued from Page 8) More DrMllle gave me Hie part. I Just didn't like any of the scrjpls. iini, brollifr, I'm sure gelling bct- It'r seripls now." Working in "Condor's Nest" at Fox. Cornel told me about two hour-long sessions with DeMille bt- for<? he '.vns si^jicci foi- Uie pk'ture. '"Hie first hour he musUy looketi at me \Yitli gimlet eyes. The next lionr lie told me the plot. When he told nie Eihoiit that entrance, I really » 0 i excited." .Cornel's reaction to his high trapeze work in the film: "I slnrt- ecl working 55 feet off the ground «'ith a net. The first couple of days my hands were wet and my knees were like Jelly. Then 1 got used to it. I didn't even mind it when , there was no room for the net In i a couple of Ions shots." I Joan Crawford Is slZ7lin<; over ] the story that the Music Corpora- ! tion of America stuck a price tag | of $209.000. plus 50 per cent of the j profits, on E\ deal for her to star in 20 TV films! "It's untrue." said Joan, who's now queening it in "Sudden Fear." her first independent movie. "It's had publicity this talk that everybody in television is running away from me because I'm asking for too much money. "There have been conferences '> nbout television Jor me. but money hasn't even heen mentioned. My whole concern at the moment is for good material and the right presentation." Joan's interest in TV—if it's on film—Is red-hot, she admitted, but she isn't jumping for Joy about showings of "Rain." a movie she rn-dc back in 1932. on the TV channels. "Punchy" Krfrcshcr? Peter LinrJ Haves has shelved his Punchy Callaghan prizefighter character, which lie created 12 years ago, " I'd be accused of couyitig Red Skclton," But he's saying that hell do a "refre-sher" on his TV -snow for. all comics doing punch drunk 1 fighter routines. Says peter: '•Tin- lioys ur»i forgetting a lot of tilings." j In Hollywood with wife Mary Healy fur 'The Mill) Finger* ot Dr. T.." Peter was introduced to Toil 1!, who wrote the fantasy abonl a child's wild imagination when he rcvulls against piano lessons. Gel^cl. who uses the pen name of Dr. KiK-ss, is the •nithnr of "Gerald McHoing. 13.iing" and numerous oilier juvenile stories, but he has mi children o[ his own. "I have H motto I tell everyone about." 'IVcl loid Peter. "My motto is: you make 'cm and I'll amuse Vni," HERE'S WHAT YOUR CAR DOES IN 10,000 MILES: • Your distributor will break 93,000,000 'I times! • The valves will open and close 186,000,000 times! • The air cleaner and carburetor will mix about 555 gallons of gasoline with 59,940 cubic feet of air! These facts (which especially pertain to Chevrolet cars and small trucks) show yon how important a regular engine iune-up is in keeping all the parts running smoothly. Engine Tune-Up Special For Just $1.25, we'll ailjust Hie tappets. cliPi-k or re|>l«cp ilislrili- ulor points and condenser, test UnEtton coil, sel liming, adjust carburetor, service nir cleaner, tighten mnnifoM and cylinder head bolls, test lottery ami genera tor. That's a lot for your money! his parts, of course SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone .1578 The ox Is not really an ox at nil. but a member of the slicep family. It is known nlso as an ovibos nnrt polar ox. Although 17. s. population '. (iO million between 1S10 and today, the Innn population droppe 32 to 24 million. PRESCRIPTION Fresh Stock Guaranteed Hcst Prices 3 today, •--. f m^ M idJromjKirby Drug Stores ) lore's an e.vcoiltrit j<i)> for •'< pond mi;i-hiinic with oxper- ienc(> working on lieneral Mntrn- Cars. .Apply to Veniir Williiims at Homer- Wilson .Motor Co., :(0!l Kast Main. '•' 7 i-k If Used ! ractors 2—H Fai-malls with blisters and cultivators. 3 B John Decres with equip- 1!)50 model Fcrjrnson with ! kitchen. You will also liko the cultivator and bu.sters. j dishwasher and narbajre <lis- 2—F-20 Farmalls with cul- ; pa=al. Choi.-o m'ijrhborliowi, '^^ '"'•'•' »'••'>>*« ViVu-'A',' tivators ; corner lot. FHA financed. ^''h"'^,,^'?. '";',"*'"':' 1 JIassey Harris 101 Super j Sen or call 'kn'dH'n""!! .' ix '!Vr"r''T"i < ' with --1-row cultivator. ;.-i"i' tt " [ |v" 1 'if''"' < /' > r:«'l^iii 3 Sets of Intel national; JOHNNY MARR Middle Busters. Cash or Easy Terms Many other good used tractors to choose from. - . If you want a good used tractor at a good price go to I Coiiijilcto Realtor ir, 112 So. 2nd. !j. Phone 4111 j Residence Phone 2oflfi |' 3"! ck (f; • -1 nn.s ,=.- l ; ,i;i 3 turn hoij.'f. roller only. TiiMi 417 N nro;ul\vay .1 10 jik 1(5 Office room IS feel wide by '•"> Icot Iniijr. Very best flour- I'M-cnt lights, gas hent, tile on floor, has private nffico in rear. l c 'ornierly occupier! by (;.<'.r.C. Located Ififi S. •Mh Street, just south of Ark- M<i Power Co.. local office. Will lease for any period of lime wanted. Call us at 2323. 'TOM urn.K RKALTY co. 100 W. Main Hlytheville. Ark. 310 ck 15 CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Certified 1>clla|iinc 15 C'oltoiiseed a «'0000 net ton. l !tlississi|iiii Ccrlifie.l Coker JOO U'ilt Colloiiwcrl « SIKOO w"t '""' T1 ' iS r ""°" " CV '' e " < '" 1 for llli " llt '»"'' »s"n res'islj Fft.' Tl "' se s ' »« eleane<l..<lcliuteil. lre:ited anil sackcrt 100 pnuiiils lo Ihp lia e . Hud arc , )riTO j F.O.H. iilvllirville Arkansas. r l ,-|,-[I|H.,IC 17-.!, Kelinni, ^li.uissippi. J. I). UJNDY EASY ON THE EARS—British scientist N. D. N. Beldam ot CIu-!nis(oi<l. Kn.alimd. riaiit, looks over liis invention that promises relief to car-weary nnisic teni-hers and nrjishbors or mnsieians. It'.^ a silent electronic or.gan. As many as 24 pupils can play different pieces Kimtjl1anf:oii5ly on the nrgan nnrt bear their music on earphones while not a sound is heard elsewhere. The teacher can listen in with separate earphones. Business Opportunities [ female Help Wanted 61 Implement Co. '^:^^^^-^^^^'x^ »T TT- , ,. ^"^' .mrn;s. rarl) u);l, rlr-rlrlc kurllf... T»'i> lo six hours « «rek- M'»T llnti- ivill N. HltfhwaV 61 |.l-loom a|«ttii,ml<. oi-.i- 6-rocin »n»rt- inske yi"i ssod'or mnio a month 1 will nt.l 111 1 ) T,"!' "" f " 11y r " r " ls1 "-' 1 rorrrJ W ! lio In IMs'.luvlHo Mnrrt. 8 Kor ln!r t . JJ1*1 /14i Frit bfcnns*. of ul hr^lth Oprn [or In- j vlpn- ^vrite K W stiller fn; Chr-.tmi' 12-14 clc tf Frll bf-crtli^e of ul health. Oprn [or In- jvlciv. ^vrite K, W StMler, fi2.l Chrstn Apply 713 chlcXnsawh* !Pt. fip^ (;ir^ril":.ti. Mo. til 3,20 clt tfiand phone number. 3,t pi n ! ITTKVTKIX LADIES Fxp.iiismn pr(v;r^m xtnrtnl Npw of- flrr op^n^.l It) ,lone,^bnr(v Nrrd 3 ladles lo ropic.-.rnl our of the lAr.'si na-COVA; In^urauco eoinp-tlllr-.^ le ^^n fios- TI!.ill;i\Hoii In Illyllivfillr rif,> No es- priifn.e nn-i^nry. \\> t™ln y«n: IMI.I [:iriMsh l«>m(lrtr le.-u!-; tlatly W T 1ie V F KosiKIi. W|i, S. Maln'si. t\>ro, for •i>polacrucot. j,, pk 11 I INSURANCE to fit your needs SAVINGS • SERVICE • SATISFACTION RAYMOND ZACHRY Ti^surance Tbone SIE>8 Horner-Wilson's Car Values '46 DODGE .5095 This 2-door Hc-diin has a new rernntlitioncrt motor, plus % radio, plus a healer, plus Rood tires! MS CllliV $fi<)5 A dojcone Rood buy is this !-Tnn Pickup Truck for SB!I5. And the tires are extra good! 'IS G.VC 2-TON . . ..$Sfl5 Hey, take a look at Ihis supcr- InJJ on a big truck: This 2- Ton. <;MC. long, wheclbase tn;ck is clean! '•IS PLYMOUTH ..SSflo Here's a rar .you'll ENJOY tlrivinc! Speeial ilehive t- docir Seilan with radio and heater, too. Drive it. '51 G.MC S1195 It's like buying a new frnek at a b.irsrairj price! Tljis lf>51 !i-Ton IMckup is like new. Mfi MKRCURY . . . Sfi'15 A Rood ear. 1916 Mercury 5- Passencer Coupe. And. a,s nn extra bontis, it has brand new tires! Ml FORD $3<15 Tin's car has sure hcen ivell taken care of. Orir,innl paint, loo. Uarlio, heater. Test drive It. forman 2-(}o M2 nODGK ...... §3!)5 This ear will give you fine pcr- re ... a 1312 Dodge Se^I.Tn ivilh a motor! Nice automobile. 'SO CMC .......... ??? We're not even Koin? lo tell voii the price on this insO GMr; '--Ton Pickup. Hut it's Cot .VCH lircs. rartfo, healer. '•1!) CJMC .......... ??? Another pirJvup ivilh .1 mystery price. Hut if yoti want ii find out «hat a i;ood trn|P you ran make, .sec us tomof- rniv. HORNER-WlLSON Roctscl Oldsmobile — G.MC Trucks Plinne 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone filSl ON MAIN STREET

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