The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1952
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 10,1952 Officials Begin Study Of Audit Commissions Highway Group Re port BLYTHKVILIE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS LITTLE ROCK W>j—Arkansas of. ficinls today hesnn a close study of the Highway Audit Commission's sharply worderi report on on. crations of the state Highway Department. (A Tin- report blaster! operations of *»ie Highway Department as "Inefficient, extravagant and wasteful of revenue." The 40-pasc report was to be tiled with Secretary of stale C. fl. Halt. Copies also were to be given to Ally. Gen. Ike Murray, n no }ar . ticipated in the HAC's 'public hcar- inRs and Pulaski Prosecutor Tom Downie. two officials have been asked to review the report to deter- Arkansas GOP Won't Hold Primary Vote LITTLE ROCK ^-There'll he no Republican presidential preferential primary In Arkansas this year. Osro Cohb, Publican state chairman, said this weekend that .*\though county committees were W favor ot the primary, most candidates for the Republican nomination were too heavily committed In other states to enter the Arkansas race. Coob said the Republican State Executive Committee will meet at Lake Hamilton. March 25 to complete plans for the state convention April 25-20. Arkansas Hews Briefs— Fire Destroys OldPostOffice, Store in Roe ROE, Ark. W)-One of the oldest buildings in this Arkansas County community was destroyed by fire yesterday. The hlaze s«-ept through the G. E. Fraser General Merchandise Store, the community's postoffice nnd a two story residence. Damage j;as estimated at 520,500. McMath Aide Appointed WASHINGTON" m _ The u.'s. Senate has been asked to appoint Gov. McMath's administrative assistant, Orval E. Faum.s. as postmaster of Huntsville, Ark. President Truaian requested confirmation of Faubus 1 nomination last Saturday. 'Murry Day' in Fordyce PORDYCE, Ark. «• -An "Ike Miin-y for Governor" rtay will be 1:^1 here next Saturday. "•Jonsors said the celebration at j:.::-ry's home town is strictly -Fordyce-inspirert planned. The South Pole was discovered by Amundsen 40 years ago, after B 55- day with dog sleds across the great Ice shelf. I mine if Ilicre has been any criminal wronK doing. Downie said yesterday that it is possible that several transactions revealed in the report would be presented to the Pulaski County Grand Jury for ins'esti»ation. He said he based his remark on newspaper accounts nf the official HAC report. Gov. McMath. who was sharply criticized by the HAC. could not be reached immediately for comment Chairman J. B. Lambert of Helena. Ark., chairman of the Arkansas Highway Commission, said he I had not had a chance c'O study the report but added that "it was about what I expected." He said he probably would com- I ment tatcr. It If estimated that the average U. S. farmer produces more toJsy In one hour ot work than the farmer ot ES years ago produced In two. LAST TIMES TONITK "FURY OF THE CONGO" Johnny M'cismuller as Jungle Jim TUESDAY HARGAIN NITE All Tickels 15c ^"HAVANA ROSE" Eslelilc • Hill Williams LAST TIMES TOMTE Fealiiri-s al 7 & 0 p.m. lESUECMGK WILSON NEWS By MRS. B. F. BOVI.KS Forty Wilson High School students will go to Jonesboro tomorrow to participate in the district vocal festival at Arkansas State College. All events will be held at the R. E. Lee Wilson Memorial Auditorium. The mixed chorus and girls' glee club will be accompanied to Jonesboro by Miss Martha Ann Stuart, school music director. The senior class at Wilson High School has started practice on the annual class play. The three-aci comedy "Silas Smith from Turnip Ridge" will be presented April 25 at 8 p.m. in the school • auditorium. A matinee performance will be presented at 2 p.m., April 24 ( for the benefit of elementary grade .students Carolyn Lynch will play one of the leading roles, others In the cast are Joyce Haynes, Raymond i Edrington, Deanie McCiendon, Patsy Oreenwell. Wayne Alexander Jimmy Muncy, AJsie ntilaney Betty Shippman, Frank Keel, Buddy Stanrod and Jo Ann Feeny. LADY BIRD—Dorothy Kuhn formerly a control tower operator at Philadelphia's Northeast Airport, joins an elite circle HS she becomes one of the few worn-en in the country lo pilot a cargo plane. She sils behind controls of a Uniled Export Airline cargo plane, the airline for which she'll fly. On three of Bermuda's outlying uninhabited islets scientists have discovered living cahows. rare oceanic birds believed'to have been extinct for 300 years. Crying for RELIEF M* m Quit crying, start trying C-2223 for quick pain relief. C-Z223 is iodized, contains 2 doctor-prescribed ingredients. a\so "Black Snake Root" herb — for fnst, effective rcli'ef. Price of first bottle back if yon are not satis- ied. Hurry, be sure to get C-2223 now! 90 Leave Beds For Cold Rain As Hotel Bums TEXARKANA, Ark. I^l-Approx- imaiely SO night clothes-garbed persons /led in a colri rain about s'a m (CS'D today when fire gutted the three-story Splawn Holcl in downtown Tcxarkana. First reports said that everyone escaped by means of aerial ladders R. A. Splawn, owner of the hotel and an employe routed Ihe euests from their beds when the fire was discovered. . Origin of the fire MS not de- J™"!£ d ' mmcriiat =lv. Firemen from the twm cities and the near- blaze* C<! Riv er Arsenal fought the Read Courier News Classified Ads. HOLLAND NEWS Hy Mrs. Ktl Hiimnlem, Jr. The home of Mrs. G. T, Cohotm.Foti arrived Wcrincsrliv f,-r Jf southwest, Holland was the set- i Mevm p,a whe fltn, i ? ting for a miscellaneous party tor | the wintor. Mi-, and \lU L I Mr and Mrs Buddy Northern F,i-; who also have win.cid at das. Out of town guests were Mrs., Meyers, returned Sunday ^l, 0 ^^^!-""?:*^ ..*«" the week-end 'here FO t with is Wednesday ni S ht to tj« Tow,, and Ann an Bobbfe are Mem hi. Country Card Club at her Home on mm! today with M?s Near'b" he rit.r H 1W! , l> ' , "': """'' ">•*•]*»« «'««•. Mr. anri .Mr, HaX Lester Hester won high score, sec- Gaiiett and Mrs. Pollv S.ewa,, and nn,.' M° "X S ' V ? M '' S - vlr K« Mr. and Mrs. Hubert' Bible ' Ullcy. Mrs. Threat bnrisoert. Mrs. | vi , ' Hubert, utlpy of Slocle substituted : \,1 for an absent member. . 1, Mrs. The Samford Cflmmuuity Club "were mel Wednesday at Mrs. Joe Ike son Samford's country home. The ten '• Dexter Mo • M-s Fl r • members preseni spout the day j noils, Tcnn" mother o"f v'r« "vt" 1 quilting a comforter, to be sold with Kay Jr • and Mr, Irnn P 11' n i proceeds goin, to thcir n.asury. | and We ™* £'&£ > ™ A ™^ A bring a dish" luncheon was Holland and family arn. ,V, ,,.;,„ served after which a business meet- until Ihe recover ' ol * er 11 V" m " B me u-a.s hp H rvi rim ^ff«...,^,.., ,v.. .,, ; .,. ACCUH.JJ [ii ner littl, Mathews, Mo., were cuest.s ovor- nlcht Tuesday of Mr. Talkinptnu's sranrimothcr. Mr.s. Florence Gra- liatn. Mr. and Mr.s. Allie Howrll accompanied Mr. ami Mrs. Harvey M- iiJBton Monday to Houston, Texas to see their soti, Rillie ,ioe, Thny will return over the coining weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cohoon were called lo Memphis Sunday to seo the tatter's aunt, Mrs. Tony Thurmnn. who is seriously ill. They also visited Mrs. Noble Capphar't at the Methodist Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. vorls Workman were Rtir-sts Sunday al Mr. and Mrs John Azhil's in nisc'o. MO. Accompanying them home was Mrs. Florence Workman who had visited tier dauKhiers. Mrs. w. J. I.imlcman of N'eosho. Mo., Mrs. Hnrlev Hnldman of riichlatirl and n The baxlmum snowfall In the United States occurred at Tamarack. Call!.. In the winter of 1806107. One drift measured about 74 feet deep. PAGE FFVE Tripoli fousht a war xlt'h the United States, 1801-OS. Had Brick in His 'Monthly Pains" stopped!Stomach 10 Years! - c ing was held. In the afternoon lh c Williams . cluh members reviewed A Rirte to Freedom.". the Miss Ruth Fi-awr. daughter of Mr. and Mr.s. Bernard E. Frazer, has been elected by the Holland high school faculty and student body as the Sophomore lo attend the annual Sophomore Pilphmaf-e i o Jefferson City, April 12. This "trip sponsored by the Holland Federated Women's Club ami a statewide project of the Missouri Federated Women's Clubs. ^ Mr. and Mrs, Tcrl Taylor are home with their daughter, Nancy, who has received treatment at Bap- list Hospital in Memphis several days. Mrs. O. T. Cnhonn and Mrs. Bill Sherwood were in Memphis three days last week with the tatter's sister. Mrs. Price Tatem. Mrs. Tatem formerly of this community, was painfully Injured recently when she fell froin a stepladder. injuring her spine. Among those ill: Mrs. Noble Capehart, who underwent surgery Friday for gallstones is recovering at her home; Mrs, Olio Chilrier.s, suffering from a toxic poisoning, is improving; Mrs. Lawrence Stivers was the victi:.l of a light heart attack Monday. Clint Collins of Blythe. Calif., was here Friday with his sister, Mrs Freddie Collins. Mr. Collins is the houscguest this week of Mr. and Mr.s. Frank Collins of Steele. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Berry and book mdereone j conmuon L, ' '" "'vi.iiHi it[]ii ii sister, Mrs Marv ..-.» m Ihe home of Mr. and; London of Puxlco. ' 5 Isaac McKay and Mr. n ,,d Miss Palrlcw utlev. Missouri ^'" C Am;'ie a Ti,ube' tl ;t'k7 < "aad'! r^arcnVM^"n^M.^cu, and daughter and Mrs. Felix Carney were in Joucsboro Saturday. Week-end guests at Mr. and Mrs Porter Hauls, were their daughter and Rratirisons, Mrs. H. L. Mclhvln and Jimmie and Franklin of Truman. Ark., nnd a son Pat Harris Girardean. Lloyd Hon!:er and two sons, Jerry or amazingly relieved in 3 out ol 4 cosei in docloit' laiUt • Chances are you're putting up — unnecessarily— with the functionally caused pains, cramps and weak, "no eooci" feelings of menstruation! For. in actual tests by ctoctois.Lvdia Pmkham's Compound brought co»i- pfeffl or striking relief from such distress in 3 oul of 4 of the cases! Ho Bet l.ytila f.. Plnkhnin's \>"et3bl* Cotlipoiuirt—or H«IO. improved Ttib]t-ts with Brtrtcct Iron. See 1C—lakrn ihron»h thr month—II doosn'v nlve rellcr (rom hacki\chos. Jmeis— hol,j you foci betU'r bfjore and drtritt-j yoili period! Or—If you slitter from functlnml -iiot flasbrV of "chniiKe of life." firicj out hnw '••' flakHam't ii lot rlial, ion' | A nian said for 10 years he felt i like he had a brick tn his stomach due to undiEested food he always : had inside of him. He was weak, i worn-out, headachy and swollen i with pas. Recently he cot CKRTA-VIN and says Ihe feeling like a brick disappeared the second day. This new medicine is helping many Blythe- vllle sufferers. It makes your food digest [aster and belter. Taken before meals, it works with your food. Cias pains EO! Inches of bloat vanish! Contains herbs and Vitamin i R-l wilh Iron lo enrich the blood , and makes nerves stronger. Weak, miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on sufferinz Get CERTA-VIN - Klrby Bros ru^ Co. . .. ,, ' '' "'"" llas J ° 1 "" !U '°"- I5is Home for the \veck-nul were Pi't •>r,,i M,"",-."". """-""' »• <-•!•<.• l-l'l. i an wo sons. Jerry Fed II ' , ' Co "'""" 1 "' Scott "»'fl S'.'',,do). and Robert i.cdljelfer lid I J vv-?i-*T B " esls " l Mr - : " f Df " ; '''"K '>»«• returned from Jet' nr<i Pritcl "»'" and person City. Lyudol also visiled Mr . , ».!,,, Ill | J IH. Jlil J .Mrs. Fem Coleman. Mrs. , j . — 1*11.1. i'j 11- •>'in n» [?>. u a i jin wu cliarti is employed In East St. [x,uis Uoimic In St. f.ouis. with an automobile a her mother Mrs, J. D. Dest and sis- ler, Georgia Mae. She plans to enroll in a school lor practical nurs- me. Accompanying her was Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Talkinclon of . and Mrs. Ralph Williams and 1'fc. Carl E. . Base inTexas lo Field. Cheyenne. Ihe Warren Air Wyo., where will train for Ihe next three months. Visitin B Sunday in the home ol COMING SOON! Big News In Feeds-|:f Watch For Announcement This Thursday! It's R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. JION.-TUES. 'THE BLUE VEIL Jane Wyman Charles Laughton WED.-THURS. "G. I. JANE" ,7can Porler • Tom Ncal NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 I-AST TIMES TONITE "BRIGHT VICTORY" Arthur Kennedy Peppy Dow- Julia Adams TUESDAY 'FINDERS KEEPERS' Adams WBI).-THl;KS. "Meet Me After the Show" lit'lly fJrahle Mac!)onald Carer 'LIQUID PETROLEUM ECONOMY WITH THE WORK OUTPUT OF CASOLINE MASSE Y-HARRIS Lv? tf;""?, 1 44 L - p - is cuslom desi ? ncd °"d cauTJ» L '? eifidem °P eralion on L.P. fuel. And because it ,3 built as a complete L.P. unit, the 44 LP gives BEam f Jh ' gh ' poW6r tatin 9 as 1he « Go3-th 9 nd drawbar efficiency ' ' he econom y Of 0 P e «"in9 °" low- cos "YourMassey-Harris Dealer" 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Highway 61 Phone 2142 Phone 4621 Show Starls Weekdays Hf 7:00 p.m. Sal. Sun. == 1:00 p.m. . .__ _...__ * •••«•••••••••••«. 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Ours Alone in Blyfheville Whitsi "Because You Like Smart Things"

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