The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1952
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1991 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoop I. For County GENE BRADLEY PHILIP J. OVER. I. D. SHEDD Tor Circuit Clerk OERALDINE LISTON For Slate Senator SEN. LEE BEARD EN fe 4 (ARK.) COURFETt NEWS OUT OUR WA By J. R. Williams FRECKLES AND HIS FRIINDS DID rJOT/ i K:MOW BUNKO LIKE TO HIDE IM C1TIE9 HA.TS RURAL COPS ,,, YOUNG MAN.J OOtfT IN» YOUR vwSw MY TELEVISION?- . BECAUSE THE VILLAS& CftT COMIIA3 DOWK) A GT/~~SO t WEMTTO THE NEAREST 6IS TOWW A.UD AOVSETISED TOR MY RASCAL?—OM.? YOU COMBED TH6 STATIOfiS, r. Bur FOR GOSH 'WILL YOU STOP WEARING OUT RU6 BETWEEN THEM? THE FUMMY PAPEg „,«.,,„_ Political Announcement's Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Subject to Preferential Election July 29, 1952 "It's no fun watching Mom's bridge parties, but listening to Dad's poker games we really see life in the raw!" A LITTLE IF PLAVEc> COr- KOBEEtMVBOLEl-'OW (MVElEFr LIJiE THIS. WE CAV'T 60 B4CK TO TWE PLV/N6 TRIANGLE T«E WAV We Cfl,vie,AA1/IIZJ. WE'LL WAVE TO CIRCLE To THE OTHEt? $|PE OFTHEPLATfAUl OTS HOW.TUEMOKALOr. TO x ALW4V5 ANCHOR PSKo WHEN you LEAVE '£/M IN p/tl Automatic Flood Concrete & Metal Septic Tanki Sewir Tile Best Pricei We Deliver Highway 61 it State Cine Phone 714 The new British airfield at Entebbe. Africa, has yeai-arptmd eood ' weather. FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 inch to 48 iiu'li, plain or rccnforccd. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lunihrr for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us tor free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO DON'T SAVE YOUR MONEY IN THERE, PR13CILLA! THAT'S NOT GOOD BUSINESS! YOU SHOULD ...1-I--.1 <-*i_ IN A WHILE IT SPRING PLANTING To be a safe driver, you have to know how fast .you're going. That means an accurate speedotneler. I,ct us check yours. We give 1- Day service on speedometer repair for all makes cars and trucks. SEEDS Osils, Alfalfa, Lcspetleza. 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Anyhow, I swore up and down that u-e thought it was going to he a Democratic rally. And I took the opportunity ol mentioning Cola's vested interests in some slum properties downtown. The dick had already quizzed me on your interest in «Jum clearance. He could put two *nd two together." "H doubt if that'd cut much ice, •though I appreciate your eltorts. Tred," Peter s;iid. "No, I'm afraid it looks pretty bad for me now. Pretty bad." . -Why?" Jennet demanded. "I don't get this. What is this about the Templar person? Tell me!" She resumed her seat at Peter's ^Jfe She put her hand on his ffftgh and he remembered fat pink fingers with aseptic square- cut nails and he could not cover her pale, blue-veinec! one. Hands. like their owners, different from each other, different as moonlight from the vulgarity of noon. "Some protest I signed at a meeting this dame held in her apartment last spring," he said. "She was a social worker at Angels. She nskcd me to come to hear Kelly speak. I took Fred along. We ditin't cntch on at flrst, but it turner! out to be a Communist meeting." "But you only went there." .Tennet argued. "Anyone c;m si?ti a protest. You ditin't join anything You riidn'i do anything." Pelor didn't look at Fred He leveled his glance at the xvide gold weadim? bend on her finger. It \vns still bright from the nolisuung cloth of the Mexican jeweler. "No, sweetheart," anything." h« Mid, T dMirt do T-TE jumped up suddenly, began to Ai pace, hre arms folded on his chest. "Then what are you worried about?" she asked. He wheeled about, narrowly regarded her as once he had dmie before, tong before, making a stranger of her. "About the record in Washington of my presence at a Communist meeting." The flat, almost patient, drumbeats of his priAary statement hit Jennet at last. Under the pounding, the dream of honeymoon slipped away. Up till now, she suddenly realized, she had been merely going through the motions of concern. The joke-worn initials. FBI. had not yielded up the proper threatening sound. She had been making housewifely obeisance to a doom which had seemed not only equivocal but unlikely. Legal injustices occurred from lime to time, of course. You heard of these things. You read of them, clucked your tongue over them, sighed and turned to the movie page. T,ike motor accidents, like wifebeatings, tornados, crimes, these things hnnyicncd every day, but they did not happen to you Only to others. Until now. Now it was happening to her, and slic felt the blood turn cool, sick, run thin through her body. She couldn't bear the sight of Peter pacing, hugging himself. She turned her obliterated gaze on Fred Chancy, saw the dccplincd forehead, the sad, bloodshot eyes, the pained slash of mouth, the fine hands on the neat knees, rubbing, rubbing, back and forth—for comfort? a term ot thumb-sucking? Who had the right to turn grown men into [earful boys? "It's like beine one ot t minor- My," she said. "All of a sudden, Peter, you and I are a minority." She saw th« rivuleted face of Maxwell Cota nod to her over the rim of a martini glass, she saw it backed by a field of faces over glajse*, and she threw her own glass into the menacing blur of closed faces. The fantasy thickened her blood. She felt mean enough, maternal enough to kill. "I'd )ike to take a gun and ki'H that Maxwell Cota, she said. • • • PETER'S hand squeezed her shoulder. "Look, sweetheart, don't get excited. So far nobody's putting me in jail or killing me." "No," she said, pioneering the depths of her thoughts, "nobody's killing you. Somebody's just taking away our means to live." "Well, let's hope not," Fred said, rising. "I'm in this thing too now. I suppose they'll be investigating me, on account of this Communist meeting. I'm getting paid by the city, so they'll want to know." He sighed. "Well, I'll be going. It's past midnight. I'm sure sorry I had to be the bearer of bad tidings on your first night home." Jennet smiled. "And we're sorry to have kept you up on a work night." • • • A FTER Fred had gone, they sat close togelher in the corner of the couch, staring silently at the gyrations of the fire. Minutes passed, and the warmth of Ihe flames, of Peter's body, melted her fear, filled her with languor. Now it was the threat of doom that 5een5C<i unreal; the reality of the dream reasserted itself. Fred Chancy dwindled down the tunnel of reluctant memory and the intelligence he hac- brought them powdered to ash against the banked fires of her love. She looked at her husband, who still stared into Hie fireplace. "What are you thinking, Peter?" He turned his head away from the tire, looked down at her. Tor answer, he put her hand in his "That we arc married at last," he said. She gave Mm a small, secret smile 01 delight, "So was I." (To Be Continued) PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM KASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut The man to know Is the mechanic uhn knows how to care for your car ... anrl dots his bc.M to repair It riehl! You'll finrl tlie best srrvlrp for your cnr at T. I. Sc.ny .Motor Co. Try us. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Crirjsttr-riyinfulh Holer 121 E. Main Fhont 2122 I-OOZYAND HOLLI HAVE WXJND UP IN A MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE' // 7 , ,, "•^YT— n —~~rr^COri, • .fe ' if/ NEVER HAVE I ^ ' SEEN RAIN LIKE THIS! COULDN'T , , WE FIND A CAVE '-V\. OR SOME tpjf\ THING? RENT YOU TH'GUY \VES....DUT I /THf-Y'KF NICE KLLRirHT WHO I HEAKO RAVE/CANT THINK 1 W1U VOUCHSAFF AM' krag^lr-™ I NEEC" NEW EWl PLUS* t?e<3IN O' THIS OF HOLES ..,.. FURTHE.KAACHZE.. J-AONEV SACK... OH ^ IVV .Nicrw\KlG TOR VT , 1 "VO ?ftOW5C'L ^ of v\v wowbtv? WOStotR , - V •STUMP . MUSvf TO

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