The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1952 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dfilly rule per line for consccuilTe Insertion: Minimum chare* Sfc 1 time per line lie 2 linnet per line per dny ]2c 3 tlaiw per line per d«f „„.. He 6 limes yer line per dAy .,,.„.... 7c 12 tlm« prd Hne per day fcc Month pi 1 1 lino BOc Count [Ire mcrARtr '*orrts to thp ILut Ad orde;M for l!u*e or E!I emir* «n<J ed lor the number of iliurs the &<i appeared and &djLi.Mmotu of bill »ind« All classified Bdyertlilns cojjy euh milled by persons residing ontMrte ol the city must he accompanied tiy cusri Ratei may easily bo rnmpmrd frmn the aboie iftbtc. Attic ft t^tii" ordered lot irtri;«ilai in- iftllous t«>:e ihe onr tlrtirj l«b3c No respojistbillty will fcp CHX-HS tot more than one incorrect insertion ol »ny cla,-firied ftd. AJI *ri* are- n^incird 10 thHr proper cltsalllcRtloia. siylp nnd lypr The Courier Newi reserves the /iR^t lo edtl or reject any ad. USED TRACTORS 1 VAC Case \villi cultivator, planter and disc. 2 Oliver "GO's"; one with cultivator and planter. FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. 515 E. Miiin Ph. 6120 2 19 ck If TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W Walnut Apartment for Rent Desirable 2 bedroom nn [urn ri'tpi'-x, private hath, newly decorated Moilrni kltchfn, ITlO Hrarn Cull 3758 -Sntur- dny, Stmrtdy, ftiid nl-;)iis. 38 |ik 12 3 room A: 4 room flpts. )612. C. Abraham. 3 bedroom \mturn. lenc*-s. 904 W. Mnln. ('nil . All convon- Upttalrs 4 room unturn npl wllu bdlh. elcclrlc v.-ntcr licator, wlrncl toe tlecirlc AIOVP Newly decoititcd Coujile only. Ph. 2T87. 219 ck tf Modern 2 room fvir apt, Ph. 2595 i 4505. 2.14 cfc Modern »pt . 3 rooms nnrt bath, newly decontttd, ^ood furniture. BS\S ecjulp- menl. Ph 3373. T Simon. 0,21 ck I* Plenty of Parking Space New Oliver GO tractor — .51,. r .f!;1. N'ew li-ro\v middle buster —?200. Now Oliver 70 motor—$:'fln Oliver bailor chains and other parts at dealer cost. GLIN HARRISON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V, Ash Ph. 2552 or 2,'M-l 227 ck If 2MO Rustic* M ol Rood Whistle, Phone Doll 2 to! corn A. I. 2 2fi pV 3 1« Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Ktftrn ohovp 90 rtEr'J.RANTD hi 2 hii hnu';. J. W. U'Ulnrr, Ph, -1BOM2, 41 IR. Porln^rvinr-, Mo. 3 5 pk 12 Our* pair hi;? inul'-.i tor rnlp. CbnrLrs Fxillcrton, ArmOrol. Pis. fi717, 3 rm A; bath. Unfar. apt. 209 E. MO y_ni.js |UtKl 5 room furn. npl., ptlvnto bnlh. rls HM. 3.4 ck tl c.hlnet. 1D27 2 rm. writ, apt. 4&S4 N. Ftrtnklln. Ph. Auto Supplies and Services I>Vt I!) 4 row John t>tor« Planter wild rr TH: -I row Joliri I)c(T« rotary hoe lohn r)corp (ll'r- hnrrow. Hnln 'nrms. nurdctlo. Ph 4T02. 37 c Good t plntio, Ph. 4117 14 Don't endanger your family n fcultj 11 ret— BUT Ln TIRES. CHAPMAN SKRV1CK STATION Mitn fcnd Division Phn]^o ?36^ R:\bT)ltF. now Zcnlnntl whites, hit* 1 mont fryer*, some Kanr\ does - bucks. Jim Holrson, Th. 20fi4. Ithi - 37 rk 11 tnd Three California orchrxrri hrntcrs. like [line. At 4J2.50. nbovit one third Actual cost. 210 En fit Kenturky. 3,"7 cfc 11 Services Lnunrlry In my home Ph. 15 I repair Rny make or motlrl u-ashliiK Qiachtne. 2 blocks wrEt ot Dlx'e rlK. on Rth St., by new echool. llprhc-rl Graham, Ph. 6738. 3|T bk 47 ^For expert pHimblng. oil BIOVO- (ind pump repairs,- cull 6349. Harry Myers. 31 |ik 4;i We are now In a position to cto entering fipeclf\l toads for luncheons ntid parties- Angle Hood r.oxlr Gny Ph. 4013 Ph. 4643 2 20 pk 3;20 rOR palntlr.s. paper bRnglns, Tex- tone, Khectrock [lnlshln« rail Roy yrceman at 2B3S 3 9 pk 3,10 30 U1KDT« pnOTOSTATIC SERV- ICI. O'STHEN'3 STUD1O-1I5 W, MAIN 12'4 ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Diy EpfTlcr on Jewelry— 3 tlrvyj nn done AT o' BRYANT Mniti & Soconrt 10, a ck ll for Sale, Misc. Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON [•T'KMTUKE fO. 517 W. Ash 'I'll. '>r>n2 S-2 ck tl PHILLIPS SAYS 1950 FORD Kt|iiip|K'(l with gas-siiv- injj overdrive, radio and healer, this Meadniv- hrodk tlrcen Fordnr is a good buy. 1950 CHEVROLET The popular Fleelline deluxe model, (his 7>0 Chevrolet I-door Sedan has radio and beater, lilack. 1947 fORD Make n good trade now on this '-17 Tudor. Nice tires — good healer. Attractive maroun finish. 1949 CHEVROLET A lale mode] Chevrolet, this Hcetline deluxe 2- door Sedan also lias radio and heater, lilack. 1950 FORD You'll enjoy driving this custom deluxe Tudor. I.ovcly Silvertone jjrey . . .ov.Tdrive, radio and I'.eirt'r. 1950 FORD Another late model he;iuty is this Sea Island (,'reen Tudor . Sedan IvciniplH'd with both rii- dio and heater. 1950 FORD A n"i'K*-' ( >iis, glamorous Hawaiian Hrorr/.e color. this Tudor Sedan offers you radio and healer, too. 1950 FORD If you're looking for a nice late-model car, (lien drive this hlack Fordor' Sedan. Kadio, heater. *P illips Motor Mmpanii <|J'7:T 'M ^: 1 H^Jtrgl g .Tcj J t»1 ? I d J'-'fc ^^ ** Broadway & Chiclcasawba Phone 4453 Save Money On a Combination Spray & Premerge Kit Jack Robinson Implement Co. lilytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Job Wanted Sh«r« ?rop or hire by ctfiy or month Pff Alvlo Wilson, MULlKfln Rlilk-e. lit. 2. Manila. Ark, 8|>k 12 V/antcd to Buy Drop Ipaf uhlfi In good condition. Call 2305. 37 pfc II We Kill p»y CASH (01 O'STKKN-S STUDIO l|5 WKS'I M»l candidate for the presidency. It KOCS back to last August. At the end of a iiot Washington summer, the senator arbitrarily de- f'Klecl his 252 pounds were too much to carry around. So he started Diisliiii" back Irom the lable a little sootier, passing up (he second helpings. Also, he nou- walks for Notice For Fuller Brmli Scrvlco nnd Debutante Cri'mctlcs call Mrs .Tolin Wnl- ilrn. 2033 or 2388. 221 pk 321 $12 50 co!<l ivaves. 15 " Extra good G-rooin house and biitli, on Hearn Street close to high school. Gas heat, lartro livitiK room. One " lr *'° Mnchincirsn Viso si.w i, , ,, 11 , r • i treatment. !2 Open cvrnlni; liy nn- 01 tllC thl'Ce hCdrOOniS IS ail irolntmcnt. Oprnnorsi l.amlys t! Mnj- cxtra large master beclrtiom. ""• L " nll> ' s ' '. !cMlliI s !"">- r " 3;j26 ™- I6 Garage, outdoor storage, — '• fenced backyard. This house is in good condition inside and out. and the neighborhood is tops. Price JKi.OOO. Modern 3-Ijcdrooni home on Illinois Street — little lady, you'll like tins convenient kitchen. You will also like the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Choice neighborhood, corner lot. I'll A financed. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor m So. 2nd. Phone .1111 Residence Phone 259G 3:1 ck tf EASTER SPECIALS S15 cold waves $10 ?H) cold waves'$7.50 $5 up THK-KKAUTY HAR Itotpl Hid?, mo 3202 Wmnte* Trnclor driver with family lo rnakc ro|>. Ph. 6301. Utho HftrueR. 3[l ck tf Female Help Wanted ATTENTION l.AniKS Expansion ino;:niii) started. Neiv or- Ice o|H'tH>il In Joneshoro. Need 2 ladles o represent one ol the l.r E esl nn- Innal liLMunnee companies to .soil hos- pltiill/ntlon lit nlythcvllle urea. No pi- •rlt-nr-e nrt-f-ssiiiy. \\'c truln yon and rj| iHiniilldr lends dallv Wrllf A FOSTEfl. mil, s. Main'St.. Jonesboro, frjr appointment. 37 pK n Girl for Kcneral office work in downtown office. Must Ijo good typist, no shorthand necessary. Apply in o w n lia.mhmtin.jr to Box C-l, c'o Wonted local ha mrn. 117 Wife Fined with Husband GOSHEN. Hid. (AP) ...... After un- lockini; the police .station at mifl- nisht to jail a man for rtninken police gal both him nnd j his wife fined in city court the next morning. The wife, who had seen him off to Jail, admitted she broke into the station during the niehl to £et the purse she hud forgotten inside. , aho "' an h »<ir liefore coining to wn rk. are his only diet .secrets, which linve cut his weight 12) cx il down (o n iin'ie 225. F!e says he feets better, loo. COI- Ailils Fuel for Ilig \ (;:uirpaiRn rire Bi-partiMii foreign policy Is In f~or a rotiKh tinte till afler election. Senator Tuffs campaign speeches and South Daknlu GOP nian E. Y. Berry's resolution nsk- iilS President Truman to report on any commitments made to Prime Minister Churchill set the pitch. Many Rcnvnlicnns blame the I GOP election lo.v? in 1<M8 to for- llne.. Call ' nose. 3.5 PK 12 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlcki- .inwba Dlslrict, .Mississippi County. Arkansas, Hermle DcCanter. ptf. vs. No. 11,986 Charlie E. Decanter, Dft. The defendant, Charlie E. De- Canler. is hereby tt-arned to appear within thirty days in the court, named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Hermie Decanter. Dated this 22nd day of February. 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk Anita Sykes, D. C. Guy \VnlLs, attorney for ptf. Ed B. Book, attorney Ad Lilem. 2'23-3;l-B-15 In WARNING ORDEIl the Chancery Court. Chtcka- For Rent dcmra! .Iny. Si nl Liiifiirn. hoiisi-. ha'h Newiy -'1 171(1 Itc.irn Cat! 37S!i Satur- nrlay and nights. la pK 12 Conrrctr nlocK nnlhllni:. snltfthle for irni:<i or Meirr anci adjoining 5 room 111?!- «-l:U li^th Uirntril In curve on Juhu.iy rtl *r>uln r.lrtc of Holl.-md, Atn ill 44(11 nr write Paul Hyrnnr Implc- r-nl Cf. t 22 cK tf Mndoin robins CMurt.s I'h POM apt" B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL 2 — llixoi; fi ply Goodrich rico aiul caiie tires & tubes. nraio.\STRATORS Kojrnlar price 1 tire and tulir iv'le p'.-icc 1 tiro and tulie foncrc- Bny 1 27 ct 322 Ph. 2920. 33 pk 3 imfur. hoi . Ph. 1C67 fur twiur sifltfthlo for I iirr>|ilr>. I'll r,fi7S. 1512 W oiinil floor. Vrry , Burns, ll.s r;urt5> 3 3 r* If Courier News. 3 r S ck tf Insurance sau-ba District, STississiprii County, Arkansas. Allcre Rylee, pit. vs. No, 11.983 , Prank L. Rylee. Dft. Tlie defendant. Frank Rylee. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the ctsnrt named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, Allene Dated this: 19 day of February, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Ijiverne Ball. D. O. Ed B. Cook, attorney for ptl. Claude F. Cooper, attorney Ad Lilcm. 223 3)1-8-15 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V J. Pollard Aprncy Planner! Protection 1« rv Asti st GI.INCOE BOTH aim.mrio fi cl Real ESTATE Farms- ..... City Properly LOANS If ln<rr<-*Irrl In * RClllllR , .~~. ~ ' ~ iB. F. Goodrich Co.; Used I ractors | ,117 \v. M !lin _. |. honp , m r. 2—I! F;irni;ills with busters and cultivators. •j K John IJeei'es with i.'inmi- meiH. )"50 model Kcr},"i: ;: >n with cultivator and Incurs. 2—F-'>0 KaniiiiHs with cultivators 1 Mr.pscy Harris 101 Supcr with i-row cultivator. 3 Pel? of International MitMSe flusters. Cash or Kasy Trrnis Many olhrr ir"nd used tractors to choose from. .If vou want a .unort used tractor at a good price go to 61 Implement Co. j N. Highway 61 | Dial ai-1'2 i ____^ 12-M ck tf-' For rmirh litrr^T a:l kln-1-; ^o~fn! »p^!s: cut timhiTf. cr.ll o s Rnlllson 3">03, South Enrl 21st Siri-rr 1. 15 r k 3 15 j r.oc-rt p-.r^ on 4 ply »•«« boa is, nr • •111 bullrl to ordor. fr'» VV Ash ph <4 ' 5 225 pn 32S W;'Vr r t, 0:r . ?;:,'^ r-,,-rrv Pinnts. ^us J. C. M:.rnl<h. K15 w rh'.rn,a-*l>» Plifir.r 37« j „ rt 3,3 38 ck for Sale, Real Estate Kf-:\T A NK\V SIXGKR VACUUM CI.F.ANKK ;! Pays SI.HO Siiujcr Sewiiifr I'cnler Ulyi'heville — I'll. 2782 :u> ck o (~~'\\ vail I EDSCN eU[n policy co-opcnition Kivc'n by Ciotwnor Dewcy, the late Senator Vandvnbcrg of Michigan and John Foster Dulles of New York. Stra- egy this time will be to avoid any support for what's now tickeled S.K the "Trumair-Ache.son" foreign Front-I'.-iRe Ileversa! C. I. O. tabloid News carried a :ull front-page picture of its President Phil Murray signing a hi? petition to "Fight inflation." Hcad- ine over the picture, referring to ! another story' printed on page t\vo. was: "Wage Drive Showdown Grows." It told how Steel, oil. Tcx- lle and Shipbuilders' unions were fiRhting for pay increases which, of course, weren't considered infla- ionary. Seaway Baltic Underway Aguin St. Lawrence Seaway project, on which Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Tom Con- nnily reluctantly called hearings, now shakes down to a fight between rival big business interests. On one side are railroads who feel they would suffer from waterway competition. Private power companies who tear St. Lawrence public power development, back them up. On the other side are, principally, a group of pittslnirgh-Clevelantl- Detroit steel companies developing Labrador iron ore deposits. They Want deeper seaway to move ore to Great Lakes. Vermont Senator Aiken's compromise proposal to let private utilities comjmnie.s develop St. Lawrence eleclric power is a shrewd jT-ove to tj oL power interests swung over in favor of s.caway project. YOU'RE WELCOME AT SULL1VAM*NELSON'S BIG "OK" USED CAR LOT ON WALNUT STREET IN BLYTHEVILLE BETTER BUYS—BETTER TRADES 1951 Chevrolet deluxe -1-door Sfyleline Sedan... equipped with radio, heater, very low mileage. Save §S§ 1951 Chevrolet a-passenger deluxe Coupe. . .extra clean one-owner car driven only 12,000 miles. Save on this one '729 785 ess 1918 I'lvnioiilh deluxe 4-door Sedan...' heater & seal «ivcrs, A-l motor, real rubber. liilS Chevrolcl Fleet muster-2-dooi- Sedan... rudio, lienler and defroster—a steal at Iftl? Chevrolet I'leetlihe i-door Sedan... both radio anil healer—a beauty for IfllS Chevrolet 3/4-Ton I'kknp Truck... nuike a KOO<! trade at Sullivan-Nelson 1919 Chevrolet 3/4-Ton I'irkup Truck... come to the bin used car lot on Walnut Street liMli GMC '/,-Ton I'iekup Truck. . . K et yourself a real bargain on this used pickup liMfi Ford 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck. . .a real buy $ at Sullivan-Nelson's low price of , 1040 International y 2 -Ton Pickup Truck., come (o truck headquarters in Blylheville Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at 520 .. S 495 CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Ki g Used Car Lot on \Valnut Street" 301 West Walnut Rhone 4578 CERTiFiED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Certified l>el(.ipine 15 Codonsccd « SMO.OO per ton. Slississii'pi Ccrlificci Coknr 100 Will Cnllnusccri ®- S1S5.UI) per tun. Tliis roltcm is evccllcnt for hliglit laml as it resists wilt. These sew! are cleaned, drlfnlrd, (rcafcrt ami sacked 100 Jiounds lo the ha?, anil arc priced r.O.Ii. Iil>theville. Art.ln- sas. Telephone 11-j.T, Kelznni, Mississippi. J. D. UJNOY GleilCOC Uldg. Private Rooms Two bedrooms, private bath. Ph 4*13 226 41 onl Mrs'* For Safe of Trade j Brrtrooni, r hciit. 611 SV , I ISIS nlilte I"" ""« ; m« h^th to b,\lti. nirnin i 331A. 2 U p* 3,11 irtjoln- '^tert hrtlroom Ash ph 2209. . 516 N. S:h or 12 roosu from him lir.n?r. coofl location srliool Divide.! lino .1 li \vilb rlcctrlo V:lTrh" ^rtfnrms. ono fi-roo:u ri:Uv rumlslicd For so or !!! !ip;ilth Oprn 2 CO rk t 215 acres ^ miles of City Limits of Hlytheville 4 tfji^nf liou^"'. 1 erod bis: bur with fron!^7p 3 3 p* ^ Help Wanted, Male Tr;u-;nr rtrlvor.s \\ tosclnnU. ,\rK.. Ph ntrd A I. WblsTk Or 11. 3951. 2 If, pk 311 (Continued from Pag* 8) National Shipping Authority operates over SIM Liberty ships. They saved the government nbout 90 million rtollars hauling Marshall Plun car co. All told, the government's reserve fleet—including those now on active service—numbers 2247 usable hulls. "Itust" Is Hrallr Hull Preservative People who drive by the eight Maritime Allministration moorings j '.vhere rfserve ships are anchored j frequently write in (o complain I that the ships arc "muting away." r>8C>8' Or flsc lbe - v ask - "Why aren't the k i, i .-hips sold to relieve the scrap shortage?" Reason given for the rusty appearance is that everything above water is now painted with a new lead oxide and oil paint which is the color of rust but is actually a bi'tliT preservative than anything so far discovered. New methods of hull preservation have also been pertectcd, involving The ship hull Is given A negative electric charge. Metal ingots, dimkcd in salt water, alonk'side earn- the positive charge. •" i f Hotfl ! SI pk 3,21 Business Opportunities c"H ^, or rrllr i -.von't br-Urx, nivrhovtll" rn r ano T rtl-'n't lri In tlir nrx: tro I?rinod l-:< nr Vn clfh*, orf tvv.e oulv " MECHANIC V/ANTED! Horo's an oxer-litnt joli • intr In ft bnsl yo»i op[ir tl^t land IMS cV r'u!.r""hm' u"t r iiif *!" ; a K"'"l tnochanio \vilh cxvcr- =00 In CL\S!\ and rs i\ \vrrk ^p^r[• 1 ?'^1 or nitur ^ n:t)H tovlli,' March B K F. \v. staler. 02:1 n-.imlier. I a 111 1:U.T- Flow of the electric current between the two gives the hulls a protective coating which Is rust resistant so lonn as the hulls arc moored in fresh wnter. Sooner Solnn Now Carries I^-ss Wei>lil Senator Robert. S. Kerr of Oklahoma isn't the man he used to be. He's 27 pounds lighter. This reduction in weight has nothing to do wiih the senator's entry In the Nebraska primaries r\s ft Democratic. h'.in -V ', rotlon tbls o;i r^Tvl On m:ufc<M KFMP WHIPTCNHPN r .16 ck 9 ronrmy 'IIP' rnom hnti?e — N. Baltimore I'xir Furmcf -- Attir tun nncrrt In ynrrl Aii Attractive Home working on General .Motor Cars. Apply lo Verner Williams at Homer-Wilson Motor Co., 309 East Main. 37 ck tf There nrc nearly five million tribesmen in Upnnda. Africa. Frr- brcnktAtt A- bct-Accn Store. I3o;;-a-ood B 6i ?. 5 pk 20 HarcUvoort flor, ? -j- - — i lor automntu- v Anhydrous Ammonia rl? A- tractor. Imcnt. For Inter Call Cr.athe Bros^ion. So. Htphway 61. .hum. frcorvl I "" "" i,5 pH 19|Stnre on U* T . Pt. 6M7. 11.-\KK1SON* IIK -\TnnlU 3(1 pit 13 on r?.st Moultr'n Drlvp :. rir-^r rurll^C'' WUr-rt .sslii-r t.o'.v doMn t^v- m^tlnn !=rr Fanl NVlnrl- •lOnsC SOVlth Of l,Utc = Cl. 3,6 pk 9 PRESCRIPTIONS I'rcsh Stock Gtiarantccil licsf Prices Kirby Drug Stores INSURANCE to fit your needs SAVIXCiS Sl:l!VK'»'. SATISFACTION" RAYMOND ZACHRY IS.-KICJ BJrff. Mutual Insurance Ajencv Phone 3190 THE BEST SERVICE mechanics heav> .. du ly 10 serV ' Ce s ou «pert

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