The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1952
Page 8
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Exhibit to Tell Ginning History At Memphis Meet Ginners Schedule 3-Day Convention To Start Monday MEMPHIS, Tcnn.—An exhibit- tracing the history of pinning irnm crude equipment used in Asia centuries ago to elaborate plants which can process as many as three bnlrs hourly—will be the principal attraction of a three-day program here. March 10-12. Every pljn.sp O f cotton processinc, from the field through the mill, Kill be Included in discussion* dlir- i Ing the three-day joint annual con-! . versions of the Tennessee, and Ar- ! kansss-Missonri dinners Assoda-; tions, and many of these steps willi be demonstrated Bt the Mirismilli' Gin Supply Exhibit, held In con-' Junction with the meeting. i W. Kempcr Brulon. Blythevillc", j Ark., general chairman ol the ex-1 hiblt. in announcincr the program I also pointed out that an all-cotton ' style show for women guests is be.- Ing scheduled and that visitors to the pin supply exhibit will be en- terlafned by one of the Midsmith's most popular hillbilly bands. Lowenstcin's, Memphis department store, is sponsoring (lie style show at the Skywav, Penbony Hotel, Tuesday. March 11 at noon. Ralph S. TriKn. Deputy Administrator. Defense Production Administration. Washington, will be the principal speaker on the opening day program at the Casino Build- Ing, Midsouth Fairgrounds. The second day's session is scheduled In Ihe same building with Robert C. Jack- Bon. Executive Vice President. American Cotton Manufacturers Institute. Washington, delivering the major speech. Jack P. Criswell, Memphis, Na- Livestock Men Warned About Disease Little Rock — Livestock producers were alerted today against a serious reproductive disease of cattle and sheep which now appears to have spread to every state in the nation. The disease, vlbrlontc infection, lakes a heavy toll of livestock prof- Its through breeding failures, according to Ihe American Foundation for Animal Health. "Vihrionlc infection Is caused by a tiny perm which nHacks roa-s and ewes, causing sterile animals or the loss of calves and lambs" tlie Foundailon reports. "Diagnosis is difficult, a vlbrlon- Ir. injection can eally be confused with other cattle and sheep breeding diseases such as brucellosis, trichomoniasls, salmonellosis. pas- leurellosls and llsterlosis. For this reason, when owners have breeding troubles In their herds, they should have the animals Riven blood and cultural tests. Tf the veterinarian finds the trouble Is yibrlonlc Infection, steps can then be taken to deal with the problem on a herd basis, "Bulls and rams are believed to be the chief spreaders of the disease. New cows and ewes should be (ested. too. Safely measures include segregating heallby animals from the Infected ones, and guarding against the spread of the. disease." H.D.CLUBMEMOS fcy Mr.. Gertrude B. llnlima* (Horn* Demonstration Agent) Poultry J-.1VS Mrs. O. R. Redford of the FlaJ, Lake Home Demonstration Club proudly reports on her chickens. She keeps a good record nn (hem, so she knows that chickens pay. Mrs. Redford says that she purchased 75 white leghorn chickens and raised 78 to maturity—a few extras were Included. She and her husband have eaten snine of the chickens but she has 50 layers nmv. Her chickens started laying at four j months, five days. They were In full production in August. The average number of csiiiS received ]|r day during the winlei months was 28-30 eggs. To date she has recclv- ! eel 353 dozen eggs from her fifty i hens. • Mrs. Redford knows the import, ancc of proper rare and feed for I her chickens. She feeds them complete ration pellets which she keeps before them all the time. She also keeps oyster shell and clean water before them. During cold weather she warms the water and keeps the liens in the laying house. Community Improvement The first state-wide community Improvement leader conference is set (or March 10 and II at the Marion Hotel In Little Rock. We would like to stress that this Menu of Summer Meals Best Guide for Garden Schedule To prepare a production schedule for a Liberty garden Is a matter of arithmetic. Take carrots, for example. How often do you serve carrot* to your family? Once a week, twice a week, or three times? It should not be hard to decide that. The harvest of carrots from a single sowing will last In top condition at least eight weeks. During that tlonal Cotton Council, will serve as moderator for a panel discussion "HnrvcstliiR and Handling Cotton for Quality OitmlnR." listed on the program for Monday morning:, March 10. On Tuesday morning, March 11, Dr. C. R. Sayre, Scott, Miss., chairman. Production and Marketing Committee. National Cotton council, will preside as moderator for Ji pane), "Ginning and Packaging Cotton for Quality Spinning." Read Courier News Classified Aris. SEE ALL YOU GET in For LESS than Any Other Leading 2-Plow Tractor!* low Firsf Co* • low Operating Cost • Good Service Everywhere ' Parts Always Avoiloble . Mod.rn D.,i gn on d Engineering • Quality dear Through • Top Value At Trode-ln Tim. S&S TRACTOR CO. It2 No. Franklin Phone 8D51 DIMOIKTilATlON I* r *. rr mod " nRowCr ° ptra « orflect »"« fir,l° W> 7 u"u 88 "' J '' S an id "' Uni ' f " r ™« ntrat ed farmmg . . for the b, E « m V jobs when speed « v « doll, n . WorUn" I ^ '" mmissinn P™ >'"» ' Poetical » p.-,, for any f arm op Eration _ from 1.Z m. p. h. v,-,th rcgular-sued tires. You have ' Ch ° 1 " of en 8 ;ni = typ« for the fuel you prefer . . . and such 5peda| equi , J§ the D lr e« Drive Pouer Tjlce-Off and s.lf. »«ui«d belt pulley. Then, there', the com">«<«>!« new »eat. FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO B. F. Brogdcn 515 E. Main E. B. Woodion Phone 6129 YFA Chapter Begins Drive For Members The Rly(hcvi!le chapter of the VOUIIK Farmers of Amerioa this officially launchrcl its 1952 membership drive with 100 ppr cent of veteran on-the-farm trainees ns goal . Homer Wilson, new pre-sklcnt, of the Rlythei'ilJe chapter and reporter for the stat« organization, siud that, the local chapter currently has a membership of 49. There are GO on-the-!arm trainees no* attending elates at Blythevitle High School. Mr. Wilson was elected president of the group last week. Other offl- cer.5 elected were Garland Mcody, vice-president; John Howard, treas- mcrtfi)g"r«"being ncM'prSnwril/for ! " rer ancl Tip Hol »ns™rth, report- leader training. The prosrnm has! ,, ..... been set up with an eye tn ev.i'il- I Wilson said that a* state nthiR what we have already do'ne'""'"'''"' hl> llas bec " aliened ad- nnd looking ahead to what we hone i vls<>r ' or YPA chapters in the to do in Hie lutiire. j .>.i..u-.:st Arkansas areas. His tcr- Wc hope that each cnmmiiintt r ' tfl i.v. he said covers 10 countie-s. will )>nve representatives at this Hc ls '" hcI P chnpwrs in this area Important meeting. Hoth men and j in an anvisory capacity and help new chapters in organizing. Mr. Wilson said that, thr lilythe- ville cliajiter has appointed a committee Io contact seed and fertilizer dealers In thus area about co- "ive hiiyins and that the crmp- women are urged to attend. ' RcBlstration will he by districts at the Marlon Hotel beginning at 10 a.m. Among (hem, the planets In the solar system have 31 moons. It's Wasteful Stretch Window curtains are due for sprlnj? cleaning shortly. A sale way lcr ls "'tempting to obtain use of to launder curtains Is to enclose I '' ''"'Ming nt Blythei'ille High them In laundry-size mesh bags— I Sch ° o1 «' a warehouse, four to n bag and two tines to a ' washer load. Use plenty of lukewarm water and a (rond detergent and run the machine only the few- minutes necessary to remove soil. Rinse thoroughly. Nylon, orlon and spun curtains need no reshaping or stretching an frames. Cotton and rayon marquisettes, howr-ve.r come out well if dried on stretchers, but cannot be stretched to their original size because laundering causes shrinkage. Tests have been made showing curtains to split when shaped to original sra. The curtains shrink most. In the first laundering but shrinkage continues with several successive launderings. Loads rvf nee Lettuce has long been the favorite salad green because of Its good looks, crisp tender texture and mild flavor. Americans eat lettuce because they like it—and they've been entinu ;»qj(f ilid..more of It for the past 30 yoSiis" In 1!!1B only BOW carloads of commercially - grown lettuce were shipped to market, compared with about 100,000 last, year. The average American now uses, n pounds of lettuce a year compared (o 5 "i pounds in IOIB. When a bip. head of lettuce sells for a dime—the price in ninny retail markets lately—it's a treat for the pocketbook as well as the table. One great virtue of lettuce is that it makes so many different and nutritionally valuable foods appetizing. Just by keeping company with them. Thus, lettuce has encouraged the use of more raw fresh fniiU and vegetables in salad. To step up vitamin C in meals this month, how about citrus salad — lettuce and sliced oranges o. grapefruit segments server! with a dressing marie with lemon or grapefruit Juice? Most Accidents On Farms Occur In the Mornings Some Jnlxs nrc more danccrous thnn nthcrs and now It appears thnt sonii> times of the rtav arc more dangerous than others. C. E. Stov- cns. Jr.. (arm eiiRincor nt. tlin University of Mtamiri. says recent studies show tta! most, rnrm accident.*; tnke pl.ire about 10:00 Alter ten or lon-tliirty the accident rate poet do™ ncnin. Mo,=t safely experts blnme operator [a- ttpie — Just setting tired In other wortis. Alter that, they say you eel your second wind und aren't nearly- so likely to eel hurt- nest euro or protection the safety expert.* say Is a ten-mlinite res! tn the middle of the mnrninsi and acain in the middle of the afternoon. Real Esfate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Best Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 period, say. you wJJl serve carrots sixteen times, or twice a week, A row r>f carrots two feet long will provide an ample serving for the average family. So your first aow- Ing of carrots should b« 32 feet long, This fthoulri bp followed by 2 ser,- ond sowing, timed tn mature when the first crop has been harvested; anri three sowings should *et you through the reason, so far as table' use Js concerned, If you win estimate Ihe number of family servings each week you evpfcl to use of fill .short-harvenl vegetables, you can figure out the number of sowings, and the length of row for each, from the data In the accompanying table. This lists the vegetables, of which several «owlnft& .should be made, and plves data to enable you to plan successive sowings, and also the space which will be required for each rrop. In order to produce enough for family needs, without waste. Column 1 gives the time each harvest lasts from one sowing, and fn Column 2, the space to plant in the garden row. to provide one serving for a family of four. Data on days to table size ts given !n most seed catalogues for every vegetable variety. Early varieties of lettuce will be ready In 40 days; while late head lettuce may tnke 90 days to mature. By sowing early and late varieties at the same lime, you can have a longer harvest. This is advisable for sweet corn, because late varieties do better iti Ififc summer and enrly fall weather. But this practice requires nore space, si ruse the slow matur- .ng varieties occupy soil which could be used for something elrc. if a succession of quick growing crops were sown, Peas, lettuce radishes and spinach will not do well in July ai) J early August, so do not plant the?e j crops to yield in hot weather, bull sow them for early summer and' fall harvests only. All the others i should be sown two or three times. J or more, with the last sowing tim-: ed to mature before killing /rests 5 arrive. Do not follow a leaf crop, seed crop or root crop with nne of the. HERE NOW! 1 LIQUID PETROLEUM ECONOMY WITH THE WORK OUTPUT OF GASOLINE MASSE Y-HARRIS The Massey.Harris 44 L.P. Is custom designed and taclory built for efficient ope ra iion on I,.P. luel And because il is built as a complete L.P. unit, Ihe 44 LP give. you the some high-power rating a* lh« 44 Ga»— the same bell and drawbar efficiency In addition you get the economy of operating on low- cost fuel and Ihs low engine upkeep lhal re«ull« from •ho use ol dean-burning, high-octane L.P. "Your Mossey-Harris Dealer" 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. H,ghway6l Phon. 2142 same class; but UK * different! type, to avoid disease and soil ex-l haustlon. I Before sowing a second crop, dig! up the soil and apply plant foodl • gain. 2 pounds to 100 square fectT or 100 feet of row. m THE MAN TO KNOW The man to know Is (he mechanic who knows how to care for your car ... and .to?* bis best ! In repair It right! Vou'll /inrl Ihe besl service fur your car at T. I. Seay Motor Co. Trj us. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-rijnuith Dealer Ml B. Main Phone J12J TRACTORS & FARM EQUIPMENT I have for sale at all times several tractors and equipment.. .both new and used ones. They inelud* John Deere, Farmall, Fords and other makes. B« sure to see me before you buy or trade because I ma.v be able fo,save you some money. Terms can be arranged and I will trade for most anything yo« have. REGISTERED DUROC HOGS I also have several good spring Duroc boars and several bred gilts. These gilts have been bred to a son of (he IflSO Grand Champion of Illinois—the son of the 19f>0 Junior Champion of Nebraska. DONALD CROWE F. C. CROWE MULE BARN 1 Mile Southwest of Braggadocio, Mo. Voull get fiiore for your money in a 2-pJoiy MCormick* c Mora ye«r-'round utility. McCormick Farm- sH C stars at all jobs on all crops. There's a complete line of matched McCormick implements . . , every machine you need for every crop you grow, Mor» convenient u». When you cultivate, for instance, you watch the forward-mounted gangt while you face comfortably ahead. No tiresome twisting and turning. Mor« eompl*t* hydraulic control. Farm- nil Touch-Control lifts and lowers tractor- mounted implements with a fingertip touch. But that isn't all! It holds planters and cultivators to their work. And it gives you selective control of left and right gangs or delayed lift of rear gangs. More power at the drawbar. Farm*.II C weight is distributed to give top-notch performance with both pull-type and mounted implements. 54-inch high wheels have big ground-gripping surface. More rldfng comfort. Your ride is cushioned by upholstery, by spring mounting, and by a hydraulic shock absorber. You sit up out of the dusc zone, away from engine best. ^ Mor« yeorj of Mrvlc*. More lhan a million farmers have found that Farmalls itay dependable year after year, and that parts met service can alwayi be had at reasonable cost That's why so many early Farmalls arc still io regular use. It's why Farmall* htve inch high trade-in value*, too. It's •nsr to buy a McCormiek Farmall C. With the Income Purchase PI»o you can pay for it while it earns money for you. Ask a* to show you— right in your own fields— what i Farmall can do for yotx, r*tjlit*fwd frorf* mark* #( I DELTA IMPLEMENTS ~~ BLYTHEVIUE,ARK. FOR SALE! Ammonium Nitrate 20V2 Per Cent For Information and Prke, Call WEST MEMPHIS COTTON OIL MILL WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. Phon« West Mtwpnis, 84 Phoni MempHta, 6-4049

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