The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY MKK.V ffl UKKK a Home Town Boy Made Good Divorce Court Jurisl A Finn Believer i;i elect [Miss. Still nv Ji'nni: THOMAS F. GHAIIA.M Sun I : r.ini-isrn Divi.rrp t'o'irl lin- M, N'::li(in:illy I'Limoils ;ls " 1 In' ( Itot-inu-iler' 1 marital happiness! ami hvlilCsiTOiu*? I ii'.ert'dienls of !m- nlw.!t?c and lore-! inoi-c lo do v.itlij liiippy than any- | A ioci|;o for ifjr Jim-; l)yk'.:s Tuo rhnplC' ' inrin innkeui>-t br?araneo—-hnvp im? ^ iioinc if! I kno'.v of. j n'tl ;o .June brides and bride- j :ms :uid this;.? of all olhi-r; inonih;s !r-l ::ic ure^ a tolfi'iitit lit- , titude lounid c-r.j'h otiior':; IH'.lc | l?s: linttii'Goni sin^tiijr or v.'hai-J t'vcr iht-y may I'p. Thus, the spiv- ' In o fforcb'j^i'anr.? in re?.! adversity lv,'ill cnmc crtsicr. li Don't Ix 1 :ni.s!cd, oitht-r, by tho ||^-- l "SLO!s:neiU that may come i:ig the first year of married life. R-jardles-i of wh:it auvclisls v;riie of it us t» golden en. tlio cold linrd fact is Dial ilnving tiih fstst ycav h'.:.sbaiul mid wife throw off till 1 characters thu-y fa'soly—al- though unconsciously—assumed in their courtship days, and rissvimo Iheir trite chtiracttrs. Remember: tolerance ai:d forc- bearance! You'll find thM infirriajjo briivj,^ practically n loss of ronumce, find noro rnmpnnionship. I Marriage is a stinnge bargain. IO:i the sui'iac?. two ix?oiile as- liuine its, contract as a -30-50 prop- l-jsition. II they'll maintain fcliai, all is well. Bnl lo soon allei 1 ceremony, it's a CO--10, or I'wmner-takc-aN" pvoiwisition. I And one of the surest ways of liUainny. the 50-uQ basis is to co- Ijpevatively start nctum-ing soir.^- •thing. wit, hboth plugging to ici. l)tit of (iebi. My earni'Sl advice lo llG31 newlyvvods is: Buy an auto- Ir.obilf 1 . On llie in^tfltlmonl iiliin In' necessary—lint bny it. Then, l)»y (i radio. Then start buying Kurnitur? with the idea of establishing a home. Nothing instills Imch a feeling ot stability in mat- I'imony or citizenship ;is docs the B-etisc c' owning soiuethilis, ac- Piuirtd by joint effort. ItfMril seldom st-e In the divorce •^iirls the cotiplc starting life by Biuying a rudi'j. an auto and fur- j liUuvc—incUicling the walnut din-1 Ing set a'inost paid for—nnd a Biaby bt;3gy later. These people | liave interests in common. They | B:vc tco coiyitruclivoly busy for j Hhon^hts nf divorcr. I Ownership of material things, Becurcd by sacrifices of oth hus- Kancl and wife, give hnppincss and H fceHng ol pvojrress. Couples who • cgether crcftte hoines in which • l:.?y take pvitle usually remain Hemmed. In 30 years on Cue Hjench, I've never hoard of a man Hriim'n» a rosebush, then *i ski tig H divorce- V/omcn seldom neglent Hioine acquired or equipped by Hoir.t elfovt. I This 50-50 basis should be cav- Bied into the aciuisements and Bltier endeavors. li is wonderf'.ii Bf tiie couple can enjoy outdoor Bpcrts and games—esp?clrv(ly base- Ball games—in common; like the Bame liooks. plays, etc. That •uilrls l^Mint! companionship. But • the bride insists upon the groom Hoinv: out to play bridge with her Hrfrnds, she shouldn't object wlicn ^Ei.? gi*oom in turn wants to enter- Htin his o'fiue and businrr^ friends Ht the new home. • T.el both sides remember ,lco t ^Bial- losses through bridge or poker Hrc cqinHy tough on th.? bankroll. ^1 EstnblisJi your own home, rather ^Hian live with relatives. Be ^K-icndly with each other's rela- •vi.'.s. brcau?c you'll ue?d them nil HBcca^ionnliy. In your own home Hife :an bring a little ".spat" to a ^•^jjute and peaceful conclusion. ^1 * * * H Three-fourths of the troubles of ^Biarridc folks ncvjr happen. Lots ^F the. gvlevrniccs they briiig into ^livnrce courts nre purely iinngin- ^1 in 30 years on 13;e bench, hear^Hi^ marital woes. I've learii?d ^H'l about, human nature. And I've ^Hnmd that tolerance and forcbcar- ^Bicc—not a divoice- are needed. • -Thcs* (elks dcn't wunt n di- ^HircL-: they just think they do." "I ^Btou say (o myself after listening ^H> part of the evidence. Couple by ^Hnmlc. T roll them into my cham ^B"rs to talk it ov.?r. ^BAnd I f:!id that hi most cases ^B:oy had no real reason for want- ^B.g a divorce: in fact, would be ^Btscrable. Just angry at each ^Hhcr. Di'op'Kd Feme minov little ^Bffercnc?. instead of acicably tci- ^Hing it. Rcsctilmcnt sprouted. ^Hincr (hi tigs took on exaggerated ^Biportance. I've had hundreds of ^Hch coupler. a?i*ce to fry it all ov- ^B- ngnin. k^s and bavc happily ^Hgc trier. ^•\Vhy n^t seUlR these petty things ^H,ce 'n.r,!l for all ai home, without ^^Ke exiKive, the heartiich- 1 and the ^^•ibciTvnviv.oi'i c-f going into court? ^^Bxcbodv vet Ins '.von a war. And ^Hdivout: (s Ji' v -t n Httlc war that, ^B'.rn ii i^ ail over, leaves bDtti ^^Wcs siiff'riu.4 from wotimis that ^Hvcr heal. ^•udentf Joust in Armor jHi Tor Fair Ladies' Favor ^Magdalene" Finds America TliriJlinff But Prefers Home. ely knows whit' PAC.K i— Louis Srhni:i:ier. Icrmtr indinnapolU motorcycle policeman, is Miov n in this CouriH- Ntivs and NEA Si-r- viLC. !:«:.. |)ho:o, at the riflr., .sea'.rd besid? iiis mechanic in (!:::r Howes Fast Spfcial alter winning | the otO-milc auto classic sit th« lMi;ina;jaiis spirHlway. IJesplte a wet and >:hpp:ry track, they averajnl 36.0M miles per hour. Tin.- 1030 v.iiine:-, Uilly Arnc.:d. had been lending for Hie first 400 miles of the nice, but V.IKT. o:i!y S7 miles froai the finish threw a '.ire on a turn and went over the c-inbnnkmCK 1 ., v.-reckinj the niilo and R:"ii)K the lead to Schnci:U'r, who- held l(. «3 .swiftly slu' .s.-arci'ly knows whit' folk son:-.-; mid me olil oJd tongs iidii'iilin-,. h n .st. jl! Is tli- tiiliin \vc Live mosl."- Rut '.In- Is iliv iui'.|K)l]etl. im-lls- j n wa.i lier unusual voice ns well liu-lii'i |-lrl ivli-i slipped by-ncc!-|a- ; authentic latent that, made her ilciii hM iiiiD HIP nms fu-;, faiiinn-:-ovi-riil^tU wlicn without a >l|-,i:n:iliL- iolo. prulj.iMy. l;:at single reht-aisal she stepped Into jt"i- diflicuH iol: »f the "Nfngda- lene" urn 1 carried away lier audl- eiiio. Quietly nnj i-ni-neslty slu had lici-n imclmtmlylng Hie role ami M'lien illness suddenly ' called tile orliilnnl HCIU'.IS, Mls.s filled herself perfectly Into liny v:uinnn i> The di'ui-c'jvd Bills ni'vcr flickm I'jrliislil at any at I hi; tilings tlmt i'ltllui.-jiLtslk' Anu-iieaii!! art 1 crowd- JIIK Into liev d.iys \\llli Hie liopu of vlli'lllug fiom ln-r some sir.iy ex-'a«ay cLiiiiallan of ::iuprlsi'. 'llic Invilr,- i Mayr tlr,n In uo up in 1111 nlijilnnu \VILS uci'epU'd ivudlly In rioililu and only In;!- host fccpl her from nijref- ini! lo try a imiuclnue jump, l.lkrs H:isi>lull th: 1 . pfrfoiinance. '11ii> sturdy pliysl<ii:c thai has ean-led her llirouijh 80 consecutive IKUormiinces—irom ft o'clock In llic morning until o at nlghl— Just one ArncrleaiiUni lo comes, she says from climbing The checked Ha? in if judge drDy-jcci as this piioio -,va.5 snapped, and Louis Schneider of Iiv:llnnapcills v.-as the victor in the oCO-mile auto classic at the Indiannpalis s'j-odsvay 150000 fniK w-l- BaL ' wlluR<1 1![c '" " IKtlo Alpine rhrd. I:!::! grind 10 ihe li'tK-.''" " • V!!!II K >! l:;,s cnnsWcd ol lonh il-jy:, By NKA Scn-icc j BOSTON.—She dd'.'Sn'l smoke- nor diink any of the cocktails lo which her Amerk-an friends are : committed—nor use a lipstick. ] There is a Jiimrcsllon of modestly colo:ed pan-dor, perhaps, on the j tip of he: nose, but the artifices ! end thi've. She wears n dark bin: • coat and frcek. and a plainly smart dark straw hat. with only Uo bright, roses beneath the brim for color. And she is like her clothes—HID girl who plays the "Magdalene" In the Passion Piny of Obcramnier- . gau. And although diplomats hnvc . been her dinner partners and she was Comdc Mack's to see : Babe n«th piny baseball, and the ] Prince and Princess Takamalsu I were her liosl and hostess, she ha succumbed lo no new mannerlsmi since the vivid panorama of th United States has been unrolling before her. Al present In the mld: west'. Miss Mayr is making a tour of the United States. 1'iom Quiet to Tu.jn.ill Miss Klarf Mayr. of Ohrrnmmcr- uhose M.lR ilalcnc" tf nlngs nl home and the dcinlnnllni; oveilone ol rcllglan 'Hint spreads Its drama over the ot the Un- 'nrlan villagers, no\v Is transplQiil- ed Into n current of life Hint moves whlcli slir hus succumbed since, slo . inilvoil In the- land of whirling' inillle towers and buildings Hint s'.-e nito lunch Iliu sky. "Woiuleiful!" she said. wh?n HuU.' nulli cruckcd out one home inn afler nnot)i?r In 1111 cncounU'r bi-twi'i'ii tin' Yankees and the Alh- Icllcs. And this praise-lndcn phnivc sllli:, mil from her whenever the subji-tl tnuehes he: 1 pnilimlnsiiis. "Anu'ilc-aii!, nre utindcrltil . , . woitdi'rfiill" .she says. -They arc IK kind to you. They hurry nil day through the stui-ls—this way and thai. The people In the i \vw!d. Aiul yit U:ey aro never ! busy to be kind. They open iiieir homes (o you and do nil kinds o! things lo be nice to you. You I eoiiHIn't i Stales without Direction in your i heart lor AmcL'cuns. They nre llic [ klndi-st people I've, ever met." , Bui the American women who I ciiiukc? "No-o-o . . ." sire tells you, | slowly. -I don't think ll's .so very ! nice lo smoke. But. then, It Isn't nice to crlllclw the people of an- lolhcr country. The girls smoke hi I Hi'i-lln. of course, bul they never i do In my home. Sliifiint,' ('dines Natural The .su-ee.l. resonant voice Hint has added lo her fume In the I'nj- slou I'liiy comes, she says, from *!iigliiK since she nrsl Ictirnctl words. "We all shi|; al home." she "Ami when ore yen jolng to Ijt marrled?" sh« wits asked. "Oh. not for a Ions; dine!" Miss Mayr assures you. "If I get married. 1 cnn't be Mary Magdalene. Only mi ur.mnirled womim can IK llic Mr.jjdaleiit. And I'd rather be llx 1 .\rngiliilene than to bs nmr- Kuwait llbmiinds NEW YORK. (UP) — An In- scnluun Amirlenn device making li pOMslulc 10 saw through the loo j linrdcs' d!nmo:id provrs more efficient nnd economical than split- tlnj the sloncr, by cleaving.- The I sasv Is a very thin metal disc turn- In^ nl tremendous speed. An en- lire dny Is required to SAW through a one car.u roiijfli diamond. Tliere nre 23,000 slones ill Washington Monnmcnl. tire RADIO REPAIRS Pliono 121-122 Louis Green - Julius Shicle on tile moiinlsunsldc, quid eve- Kiss and Make Up ti!' liic favor of th? fair Mary Lyon S;|IDO! durins tlie ati- miM cc:rincncrni:!it «tok. T)ie Mary I.ycii ^IrK. gnrbcd in (he roiiirii'.iic ro'tnn,c~ of Iho days ol Kiiv; a;;;l Iiis kulfhts. will cheer the tourney. Tiie win- nc.- cf Uir joiiH v.-ill have his "fair! |l:t<I>- crovmrt v>.ei\ by Major! Gc:icic\l \Vil!in:n G. Price. ",)r.. 1 commander of liir 58:h Young Folks and Yoimc; Old Folks Life's sure short — anyway yuh look at it. Might as well give yourself a good treat when yuh can. And Rancho Rea—• high up in the cool Jcrnez fountains of New Mexico—with its palatial clubhouse and every known spprt and entertainment feeds and treats you like a King and makes life longer by many years— Season May 1 to Thanksgiving Day. •JKSTER. Pennsylvania, <UF)~ fmor-cbd knights nuylvanla Militnry from College the will Tirst Auto Klclc- at S8 MALDEN. Maw. 'UP! - That Division. ' : iu\v-f:in<?!ed ro!',tr.'ptic:i Pei:nbyi\;ii>ia Nalional Guard. l:no\vn as Ihe autoaiobllc !s no — longer a novelty lo I.cvcrett Dana McCOOK. Kecraska. (UP) _ i Holden. 88-year-old city cierk of John I.oicnVjorg used to be a dc-1 tlli;; Boston suburb. Ho recently liveryman before (he duys of the' *' cnt niotorlni; for Hie first time automobiles. One day in 131)3 liis^ 1 " hls Ioll s ii'". After the ride, horse rati away. Lofcnborg cra^h-1 llc declined to comment on his ! cd through n window of his wagon, »<lvtrmire. gelling a bis sliver of glass In Ills leg. He lias just hail nn opc-r- alirai to reinnvo Ihn In Canada, more than 53,000,000 i acres of land nre mirier f.ulMvallrtn. I at Jemez Springs, New Mexico' ll'r>/fe (or full information to ' 155 EAST SUPERIOR STREET •' O. jr.HNOW Here is wliat Rncc Drivers with Life and Victory at Stake have decided about Tires F OR twenty-one years the In- <lin innn|)olia two and a half mile circular lirick truck, sur- rdiindnl by u concrclc wul! to keep the cnrg from dashing off, IniBliccn llic crucible where ;it Mliilo licnl nntoinoiiilcn ;mil tires huvc lipon Icaluil. Thoti- ennds of CSfin Jiavc risknl, HIM) annie )i:ive on-.'ri- firnl, their liv<-r>. unit immufacturcrs iuivc aijc-iit iiiiilione of dollurs tu ihu end ol' making Iirlti-r automobiles atul lictler tires. l.onis SchiK'idei- iintl mci-hnniciiin on Sntijrihiy wott (his r:ii-i> in a heavy eifcht cylinriiT car. lie made an average sipecrt of (Mi.fiifl miles pei' hour— «n (he '.stniiijliliiways anil in |)>iHsini; card he louchecl MU miles and better. He drove on (i.00-20 Firesliiiic Hi^'h Spcwl Tires wilh racing' trcatls. He hud no tire trouble. He need Firestone Tirca Jiccansc Fircalouc experts and cnginccrB have through twenty-one years taken this raci: us a challenge to tire making. From this rncu they huvc developed these vital improvements which have given (o Firc- etone Tires the world leadership in safety, milc- :ige and endurance. 1. Ciim-Dipjiing. Tires hnd to lie stronger and nble to elnnd the hcitt of u hot red-brick track at high speed. Firestone met this by developing and perfecting the dipping of cords through a ruhlrcr solution lo iiuiiilatc each fiber of every cord to overcome heat and give the cord greater strength — and 5&% "roaler flexibility. This is the Patented Gum-Dipping Process uacd in the making of every Fircslone Tiro. o liiolil Standard of Tiro Values — Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires hold all world's records on road and track for safely, mileage, speed anil endurance, — for itrchc consecutive yean ifcey have iron the 500-mile Indianapolis Endurance Race. —were, on the icinning cars in the Pike's Peak Race where a 3lip meant death. 2. T/>r RuUunii Tim ivaa developed hy Firestone Ic iierinit v.rt'alci- spoeil wilh cum fort and mifcty liy iiierriising I'ond gri]i and absorbing shut kn. It was made jiossilile liy the nildcil strength anil llexiijilily given hy Gum-Dipping. In the 1925 rare, some of llic drivers tried the then ncvf Firestone Balloons. The others stuck to high-pressure tires. 5'cler dc'l'uolo on Firestone Balloons —ircre on the G.M.C. Truck, carry* made a world's record. Al! tlie prize winners ing a tiro-ton load, that hung up mine in on FirMlnne Halloons—Now the hal- the coast-to-coast endurance loon tire is everywhere the standard. record 3. Double. Con/ Rrrukcr. The hiirlicr-iiowercd . -• -„ -. , ,- ... ». — were on the Studeboker car which on a board track in Atlantic City in 1928 went 30,000 miles in 26,326 minutes. —on 125 buses of the- Washington Electric & Rail tray Company, ran 3,674,266 bus miles during 1930 cars and ihe si('p-u)> in speed dcinumled mill more lire Idiinliurds. Al one liundrcd miles ail iionr, Ihe rirriiinfci-ciicc of u lire increased by more than 10/C) and 'hie, added lo the centrifugal force, tends lo throw off the lire treads. Firestone met this Ity developing the Patented DonhlcCord Breaker which gives a 56 % stronger bond Ixrtwcen the trend nn<l the tire body and also gives a 26 % greater protection agninsl punctures and blowouts. These are gome of the great lessons that Fire- atone' hag learned on this racing track. Anil go the men whose lives anil fortunes depend, on knowing tires nlw.iya liny Firestone Patented! Gum-Dipped Douhle Cord Breaker High-Speed Tires. There were 72 entries. Of these, 40 anrvivctl the elimination trials—and every one of them was on Firestone Tires. And every tire was Irought nml paid. lor. We give you the ht'iiefit of all the lessons Firestone has learned from these races. Yon can got from •• all Iho strength anil safety in lirce that the racing drivers liny. with only 13 tire delays. —on 150 trucks of the Safeway Stores, Inc., ran 1,500,000 mile* in one year without one single hour of delay on the road. Take advantage of our Hb- eral trade-la plan. Avoid the risk el blowout, accident or delay. Prices om these World "s Record Tires are the lourest im history. Come in Today. 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION

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