Kansas City Sun from Kansas City, Kansas on May 6, 1921 · 8
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Kansas City Sun from Kansas City, Kansas · 8

Kansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1921
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AFFAIR OF GREAT DIGNITY Pally Opening of Session ef British Hou of Commons li Cr. monlou4 Matter, Tiit recent rvllri'int'iit of Hon. Wllllmu Lowtlier, who wan hih-uIht of the lirltlhli liuutto of cuinuiuiitt tor 10 jvarn, bun given rla to coimlurul)l i-uiumeut ou thut Jul), which U one of gn-dt dljfulty. The opening of the dully Hi'hslou of common In Itself u HiTiilr of much volemnliy, l'lint come tin- Hpi'Mker'n attend-nut, weurlug evening dress, with gld budge MUNieiided from a dm In, A ht ttiJ)rotiehei the Inner lobby fiom the corridor the erg.itut ohout. "Huts off, atrantierf I" iind the proi'e.HNluii Immediately enter the lubliy. Following the gpeuker's attend-unt cornea the sergcuiiluiariini beitrliig the hiuhhI ve gold muce, Somebody i'mcnII thut It wan Oliver Cromwell who filed, "Tuke awuy thut bnuhle," and for the time wrecked a custom that wai speedily revived. The speaker follow the mace. He U uttltvd In n black silk itown, full-bottomed wig and Milk knee breeches:, the lull of the gown being lifted from the ground by the ttpeuker'H altwicltiut, alMo gowned In Hllk. The chumlierluln and the Hpeuker's xecreiury bring up the rear of the puiade. It Ik enld that the Htrunger who Wiij Inclined to smile at thl .llipluy hud only to glance at the face of the speaker to check his levity. The luiier'n l oiiipiisure and the tine dlgutty of hi mien, robbed the ceremony of ull sluglllfaiii. "INNOCENCE" AND AN EGG STATE NEWS ITEMS Occurrences During Past Week! Gathered From All Parts of Kans?.;. LOSS IN WHEAT IS MODERATE It Wj Milwaukee Man's Misfortune That He Should Thus Have Been Doubly Armed. A certiiln Milwaukee muu bought an van for next morning' breukfusi late one night and placed It carefully in the mi side pocket of bin com. Ou the way' home he met a suspicion policeman. ' "Are you armed?" Inquired the guf.rdiiui of the pence. "With innocence." replied the cltl-len. The policeman hud never heard of thut. He derided it must be some new kind of Swiss cannon for night use, burked the citizen against a wall and proceeded to pat lilm from bead to foo; In search for lumps. Ultl- mutely he struck the lone egg. "Ah-ha!" ,suid the cop. "I thought so." What he thought was never said. He jammed his bund dowu Into the pocket and the egg exploded wrecked by brutality. It spread over the Inside of the pocket, li clung to the cop's Augers, stickily, gummlly. The cop pulled his band out and backed away. "I got a notion to run you In for operatln' a shell g-.mie!" he said, thick ly. "Ciu on belli K '" "Beat what the egg?" asked the man sweetly. The cop chased lilm two blocks before his wind gave out. Milwaukei Journal. State Board of Agriculture Report Shows 6.6 Per Cent of the Acreage Abandoned. Topeka, The flint spring report ol crop conditions, Issued by the. hUU board of ugrlcullure, show a winter wheat condition of 86 8, on 9,?33,7g8 acres, after ullowiug for au ubundon merit of 6.0 por cent, or 658.000 acre. On the bul of the usual method of culcuiutiou the figures Indicate, n probublo crop of 1C0 million UuhIihU, If the present condition Is muliitulued until hurveht. Figured on the buals of the uverugd yield of recent yeui's, the crop would be 120 million bushel. Last year s civp wu HI mllll m buHliel. Of the 6.6 jier cent of the acreugt! sowu thut is ubuudunud the greuter part of the Iohs I attributed to dry weuther aud to winds, although the Busier freeze was a factor, and In tba extreme southeastern counties the green bug was a chief cuuse. Tint principal ttr.ta of loss Is in u half dozen mid West counties. Kills, the chief sufferer, bus an estimated loss of tl per cent of the acreage sown, followed by Rush with 24 per cent probubly abandoned; Ellsworth, 23 per cent; Trego and Russell, 17 per cent, and Lincoln, 16 per cent. Nearly 50 per cent of the correspondents lay the loss and damage to winds, 24 per cent blame the Easter freeze, with the remaining 27 per cent giving other causes, as dry weather, insects and late sowing. Jt seems the greatest Injury by the Easter freeze Was sustained in an area extending southwest from Clay, Ottawa and Saline counties to Nes, Hodgeman and Ford. Replies to special Inquiries sent out this week to county agents and other are to the effect that the low temperatures of Saturday and Sunday, April 16 and 17, probably damaged wheat very little. While green bugs are numerous in the southeast and reported in many of the eastern counties, no other in sects are prominently meutioued aa yet, although some correspondent state that close examination of the fields suggested unusual activity may be expected or. the Hessian fly and chinch bug as the season advances. Soil conditions throughout the state are uniformly favorable for the vigor ous growth of wheat. All spring crops have suffered loss and damage by the repeated freezes and supplementary information re reived as to tho effect of recent low temperatures of records still furthet injury in many localities, especially to oats, barley, alfalfa and fruit. Rains and snow have supplied abundant moisture generally, and only seasonal warmth Is lacking to New Reason for Dehorning. Young red cellar trees in tin Wlchitu Natlotiul ii.rcst are no longe injured by the herds which gruz there. The solution of the prohleu was simple, ihe cuttle ure now de horned. One of the drawbacks to pas turing national foiests has been the injury which was apt to result to the young grow-ill from the grazing animals. After tlre-protectlon methods ou the Wlchitu were (airly worked out aud tires became rare . Instead ol tltr- rule, red cedar begun to come (Other plentifully ' ull over the forest under the oak stands. As the cedar began to rei.cli a little size the supervisor of tie fore-it noticed thut It was being broken r-it'.er badly by "cuttle, biAh in ilie ti and In the branches. Afier some .r'j.vddetntlon the supervisor decided io usk the cattlemen users of the'".orest to ri.n no;u but dehor ieil can la on -he Wichita, R'iauy Nc. lmr,ortan,. Aa InviflUgator claims to uave discovered In' some dusty archive that back In the days when the Pilgrims lunded each person coming to Anier lea from England was required to bring with them eight bushels of corn meal,, two bushels of oatmeal, two gallons of vinegar and a gallon each of oil and brandy. In view of the favt that nothing of importance hinges ou the truth or falsity of this statement, not much time need be consumed to useertuin whether this is truth or fiction. , ... Brown Coal, Germany expects brow u coal to make her rich agutu. The beds of this newly discovered fuel are ouly a few feet below the surface of the ground, so that the material can be taken out with dredges. No shafts will be re: quired ; no timbering, ho costly ma chlnery, aud no explosives. Of course "brown coal" is only coal In the mak ing, with about one-third the heating value of bituminous. It contains much less carbon than the latter, more ash and a good deal of water. ImDortant Experiment. Domestic oroductton of chaulmoogra oil. long used In Asia for the treatment of leprosy, Is made possible through a consignment of seeds of the Hydnocarpus tree, sent rrom Slam to the bureau of plant industry. They will be experimentally propagated In Florida. Porto Rico and Hawaii. The oil formerly was obtained only from ceeds of another tree grown in Burma, make soil ami weuther condition well nijih Jde.il for crop growth. The state hoiird of administration Hiiuoiini cil iM i'iitly thut the plaim wore nearly enmplotod and tho actual com. frill-nun work for three new build-Iii,n iinl Inn i'.i d by tho hint legislator would begin before July 1, the day the tippioiH'lii lions 'become available. Tiie thine ,,i ructuren the board regards as n 'cderl inn most at this time are: The new cottage for the boys' Industrial school at Topeka; new power pi. ml ut tho University ot Kansus; new cufeierla and domestic science hull at the agricultural col-logo. Music Festival Week at the Fort Hays Normal will open Sunday, May 1. Mr. Hurrlot Woodln Comstock, 101 years old, died at the home of hei duughter, Mrs T. C. Cory, at Parsons, recently. Mrs. (,'omsUick came to Kansus from Peuiisylvuitlu In 1867. She wa a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. "Harvest lu Southwestern Kansas, especially in Pratt County, will not start until the lust ten days of Juno, possibly Ihe lust five days," John C, IlHrdesty, president of tho Citizens Stute Dunk at Pratt ami secretary of the Kansas harvest labor committee, suld recently. ' The Merchants' State Rank of Wulervllle bus taken over the business of the Fanner' State Bank. The consolidation of the banks will take place immediately.' The Farmers' State Bunk is the oldest bunk m Watervllle. It was organized aud owned as a private bunk by S. T. Powell in 1857. "Pain Points." On every human body there are four million "pain points" connected by nerves with the brain. They are, of course, distributed very unevenly. They are placed close together at the tips of the fingers and are furthest apart In the back. Anyone can test this for himself. If you will place two needles ono quarter of an inch apart by sticking them into a piece of cardboard you will have a very effective instrument for making tests. Put yonr finger on these two points and yon will, of course, feel both of them. Now apply them to the small of your back and you will feel but one point. In other words, the nerve centers In your back at this point are more than a quarter of an inch apart. Boys' Life. Andrew J. Fenland, 70 years old, ot Osborne, is dead as the result of Injuries received when he fell from a ladder while painting a house. Four sectional conferences of Kansas farmers will be held in May to decide upon the wages for the coming harvest, the Kansas harvest labot committee decided at its meeting in Sallna, John Hardesty, secretary, announced, The dates of the conferences are as follows: Wichita, May Z7; Kinsley, May 28; Hays, May 31, ind Hlinn. .lunf 1 ! T V V y y ? y t l I Billiards and Bowling , for Brain and Stomach Fag Swing a Sixteen Pound Mineralite Bowling Ball for three games daily, in a well ventilated room, such as ours, and the air pumps in your chest will give you the digestion of an ostrich. That s Why Appendicitis Never Gets Bowlers i t It is proof against rheumatics and is a safe and pleasant flesh reducer for the corpulent. Grooves in a Business Man's Life are a Menace The Same Old Routine of Work, Eat and Sleep is a Health Wrecker Eating without exercise will enable disease to catch you i the office some day- . THEN, GOOD NIGHT! The Safest and Most Pleasant Remedy is Bowling. in The Peerless Bowling and Billiard Parlors 541-543 Minnesota Avenue (Upstairs) ' DON'T FORGET US- When you need anything in the line of neat and attractive Printing. The Civil W ar ON THE BORDER IN TWO VOLUMES Ony a Feu) Copies of Last Edition $6,00 a Set Wiley Britton KANSAS CUV, - KANSAS ft UI.K ATION NOTICE. v BEFORK J'Al'L H. IHTZfcJN, J USTICK OF Tit li t'KACH, QUINDARO TOVVNitiHUJ, WVANDOTTifl COUNTY, KANSAS. Win. Shutta, 1'lalntlff, vs. Marguerite or Margaret Riirns, alias Marguerite or Margaret Graham, Da-' feiidant. The above named defendant, Marguerite or Margaret Burns, alias Marguerite or Margaret Graham, is hereby notified that she has been sued for $284.45 and costs in the Justice Court of Paul H. DiWen, Justice of the Peace in Qulndaro Township by W. M. Shutts as plaintiff. That in said action a garnishment summons and order in the sum of $284.45 and costs was Issued on January 4th, 1921, to and served upon Arthur J. Stanley and Guy E. Stanley, partners as (Stanley & Stanley; and that It appears to the Justice from the answers of garnishee that said garnishees both at the time of said order of garnishment and now were and are In possession of $300.00 belonging to defendant herein named and are indebted to said defendant in the sum of $300.00; and it further appears to the Justice that the summons issued in the action has not been and cannot be served on the defendant In Wyan-dbtte County, Kansas, as prescribed by law. The defendant is further notified that she must appear and answer the action which will be tried on the 31st day of May, 1921, or plaintiffs petition will be taken as true, and Judgment for $284.46 and costs will be rendered accordingly. W. M. SHUTTS, J. T. JENNINGS, PlalnUtf- Attorney for Plaintiff. (First published April 29, 1921) BUYER SELLER TRADER V J 3. V V Se ee GEORGE KENNEDY & CO. 530 MINNESOTA AVENUE PUBLICATION NOTICE. In the District Court of Wyandotte County, Kansas. Mabel S. Simpson, Plaintiff, vs. Joseph Simpson, ' - Defendant. J-o Jom'ph Simpson, Defendant. You are hereby notified that you have been I" the above named court in (he above entitled action, that you must answer the petition of the plaintiff therein on or before Tuesday, the 2Sth day of June A. D. 1921, or said petition will be said as true and judg ment rendered aKainst you divorcing: plaintiff from you and for other equitable relief. MABEL S. SIMPSON. (First published May 6. 1921.) List your property with us for sale or exchaftge PUBLICATION NOTICE. In the District Court of Wyandotte County. Kansas. Charles C. KobeitB. , Plaintiff, vs. No. 15746-A. Div. 2. Josephine Roberts, Defendant. To the above named defendant, Josephine Roberts : You are hereby notified that you have been sued in the above entitled court and cause, and that in said petition bo filed in said court and cause plaintiff praya for a decree of divorce from the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between you and plaintiff on account of your desertion and abandon-mmt of plaintiff for more than one whole year prior to the filing of the petition herein, and that you must answer said petition of plaintiff so filed in said court and cause on or before the 2ist duy of June, 1921, or said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered against you, divorcing you and said plaintiff as prayed in said petition, and awarding to plaintiff the care, custody and control of the minor child, Ruth Katherine Roberts, age 16 years, and setting off to plaintiff the real estate described in plaintiff's petition, free and clear of any lien or claim of the defendant. CARSON & MILLER, Attorneys for Plaintiff. (First published May 6, 1921.) Phones Drexel '1713 Home Orexel 0771 Bell Fairfax 0175 Sec M. SHAW Dealer in All Kind of HARD AND SOFT COAL Wood in All Sizes Hay, Grain and Mill Stuffs LIME AND CEMENT, ETC. OIL MEAL, STOCK AND POULTRY FOOD 1601-3 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kansas PUBLICATION NOTICE. In the District Court of Wyandotte County, Kansas. Julia G. Taylor, Plaintiff, vs. No. 16760 Eugene Taylor, Defendant. To the above named defendant, Eugene Taylor : You are hereby notified that you have been sued in the above entitled court and cause on the 28th day of April, 1921, for a divorce on the grounds of groBs neglect of duty and extreme cruelty, and that unless you answer said petition so filed in said cause on or before the 24th day of June, 1921, the allegations in said plaintiff's petition will be taken as true and a judgment of divorce granted against you and for such other relief as to the court may deem just and proper. JULIA G. TAYLOR, Plaintiff. By J. N. BAIRD, Her Attorney. (First published May 6, 1921.) PUBLICATION NOTICE! In Jihe District Court of Wyandotte County, KanBas. Maude C. Cotherman, Plaintiff, - vs. Frank L. Cotherman, Defendant. To Frank L. Cotherman, Defendant. You are hereby notified that you have been sued in the above named court in the above entitled action, that you must answer the petition of the plaintiff therein on or before Tuesday, the 28th day of June A. D. 1921, or said petition will be said as true and judgment rendered against you divorcing plaintiff from you and for other equitable relief. MAUDE C. COTHERMAN. (First published May 6, 1921.) PUBLICATION NOTICE. In the District Court of Wyandotte County, Kunsas.Melvin Smith, Plaintiff. V8 No. 16823-A John Arms, Eliiabeth Arms, Abraham Anna, Joseph Arms, William Muikey and Mulkey, his wife, William Muikey, Trustee, William Muikey, Trustee for John C. Med- sker, John C. Medsker and Medsker, his wife, Emily C. Cooper and . Cooper, her husband, Robert C. Pierce and Pierce, his wife, W. A. Pierce and Pierce, his wife, W. A. Pierce and Pierce, her husband, Mary H. Parrlsh and Parrish, her husband, R. A. Harknesa and Susie B. Harkneas, his wife, C. W. Hoffman and Ellen C. Hoffman, his wife, Lydia Ellen Henderson and E. H. Henderson, her husband, Susie Vogt and Harry J. Vogt, her husband L. E. Henderson and Henderson, her husband, L. E. Henderson and Henderson, his wife, If tbey or any of them be living, or if dead, the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, successors and assigns, if any of Buch as may be dead, and the heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, and assigns of Emily C. Cooper, Robert C. Pierce, Robert CutU Pierce, Mary H. Parrish, Nannie M. Moore, John Arms, Joseph Arms, Abraham Arms, Eliiabeth Arms, Eliza Arms and Eliza Brown, deceased, Defendants. The State of Kansas to the above named defendants, Greeting: You and each of you are hereby notified that you have been sued by the above named plaintiff In the above entitled court and cause,' and that plaintiff filed his petition therein on the 6th day of May, 1921, and that you and each of you must answer said petition on or before the 18th day of June, 1921, or said petition will be taken as true and Judgment and decree will be rendered in favor of the plaintiff and against you and each of you, of the following nature, to-wit: That plaintiff is the owner in fee simple and in lawful possession and has the right of possession of, and has a gcjd and perfect and . valid title to, the following described property situated in the County of Wyandotte and State of Kansas, to-wit: The west 36 feet of lot twenty (20), block five (5), Rockingham Place, an addition in and to Kansas City, Kansas. And that neither you nor any or either of you have any right, title, interest, estate, claim or lien, in, to or upon said property or any part thereof, and a judgment and decree forever quieting plaintiff's title to said property against you and each and all of you and forever barring and enjoining you and each and all of you and all persons claiming by, through or under you and each of you, from Betting up or claiming any right, title, interest, estate, lien or claim, in, to or upon said property or any part thereof. C. L. PETERSON, Attorney for Plaintiff. (SEAL) Attest : R. J. McFARLAND, Clerk District Court. By J. P. FOX, Deputy. (First published May 6, 1921.) t CALL 4864 FAIRFAX I Selma Sign Co. "At Your Service Make Us Prove It" 743 MINNESOTA AVENUE

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