Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 3, 1968 · 27
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 27

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1968
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? if -l u it v : f if If A v !: . .' o if (f '! " i-T Sin l ",;:V' ... 1 it , w - i jC -A, J 1 iilii' i i Neighborhood in By JAN SILVERMAN Tribune Staff Writer The courage to get up and fight again after' you've been knocked down Is a widely admired quality. Last year around this time The Tribune ran a story about the Oak Center Neighborhood Association, whose members were struggling to save an old Victorian mansion in West Okland - from demolition - so that it could be used, for a neighborhood house. They succeeded in saving it from the wreckers, but the house was nearly demolished anyway by vandals. The once elegant edifice at the corner of 16th and Filbert was broken into and the interior ruined beyond repair. It has since been torn down. Were the Association members discouraged by this revolting turn of events? You're-darn right they were. Imagine opening the door of the house you had pinned the hopes of your neighborhood on and finding it wrecked. But the determination which had propelled them forward originally has - come- through again." They are now in the process of selecting another house for their neighborhood center. The choice has now been) narrowed down to two old Victorians with good potential. When the choice is made they have been promised that he Oakland Redevelopment Agency, under the direction of John B. Williams, will rehabilitate the house., Then the Association will purchase it and develop facilities for of fice space, a children s u brary and study hall, an adult library and reading room, a kitchen, classrooms and meet ing rooms. To raise funds for these ambitious plans members of the Oak Center Neighborhood Association are presenting their second annual fashion show at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at Low-ellJunior High School. t Music will be by the Roberts Trio, and Marcia Sakamoto, a- teacher - at McCl mond's High School, will bring some of her dancers to entertain. Joan Sparks, director of the good Samaritan Home, -wiUplay her guitarrand Ernesto jForres, a talented musician, will play violin and several other instruments. But the fashion show will be the highlight of the evening. Styles from Mr. Yanci's Clothes Hanger will be modeled by young people of the community. , Mrs. Mores Rubin is in charge orthe event, and assisting her are the Mesdames Lynn Littlefield, Arsula Hill and Sisoretta Walker. V 1 'i : V, ; ' --.vr" Medical Memo MRS. CHRISTOPHER McLAIN . honeymoon in Oregon Barbara McFarland A Bride What is the right thing to do if someone has a piece of meat stuck in his throat? I have read conflicting advice. One doctor says not to slap the victim's back and another doctor says that it is all right to do so. : it (i e pen ds on circumstances. It may be all right to do so iii one case but in another it could clause the meat to go down further toward the lungs if the back is slapped. - Generally "speaking,- so long as the victim is conscious and actively 1ryingjocoughjp, - the stuck piece of food, it is best to leave 4him all alone, , If it is obvious that the food is obstructing the airway and the victim cannot breathe, then there isn't much choice but to place the victim face down; his head between his knees and slap his back with -Jhehope of jhslodging the piece of food. The slapping should be as gentle as possible to get results. The danger of too vigorous pounding 'of the back is that the victim may suck the object down further -into his windpiipe. . -tal H.U Herschensohn, M.p- Copvnaht 1M, Los AmwIm Tin ;'3ys; ......ai... ipp. i 'in - "iirlii i nrfmrnri m-- Trlbun Bhoto by Howard Erkr Robert Williams and Janese Rubin will model for Oak Center Saturday. Their goalLajsprucedup house like thiT one AMY VANDERBILT (DaklanbAlS'ribunc Tues.7 Dec. 3, 1 968 E 27 Tipping the Maitre d Dear Miss VanderWlt: My husband and I had dinner in New York at the Ground Floor Restaurant in the CBS building the other night. Our bill for two came to $21 and we left a $5 tip which we considered generous. To whom did the tip go? We noticed some men slipping something to the. maitre d and we were embarrassed that we didn't know whether we should, too, and if so, how much. Is this essential -in a restaurant like that? E.D., Hicksville, N.Y. YOUR TIP was generous. The usual tip in such a restaurant is from 15-20 per cent. It is divided between the table waiter and his assistant and, depending upon the restaurant's practice, the area captain. Were you to sign a charge check, there would be space for your tip to the wait er and your tip to the table captain. The amount that you give the maitre d', if any, is always optional, j Women dining alone do not normally Jip the maitre d but a woman giving a dinner party would tip him commensu- Home Line: Dyeing Polyester Sheets Dear Dorothy: I would like to dye some white no-iron muslin sheets the same color as my curtains, to use as liners. -Will the 50 per cent cotton and -50 per cent polyester take an all-purpose dye,; and, also, would the dye ruin the no-iron finish? Mrs. Delores B. AS YOU MAY have noticed on the package of commercial dye, it is not recommended for some polyesters and acrylics." With so man y types of synthetic fibers, Jt'sdifficultfaiL.developjme . proper color or color-tone. In this instance, the polyester fibers will absorb the colors differently than the cotton fibers, and could cause light colors. It might be possible to get pastel shades. - , As far as dye hurting the no-iron finish, this is also experimental as such finishes are sometimes affected by too hot water. Good luck - if the above hasn't discouraged you. " O O 0 missing and put it in. George B. Dear Dorothy: Party favors for a children's party can be made with-bathroom -tissue rolls' or cut-up paper-towel rolls. Fill with paper wrapped candy and cover with bright paper. Twist paper at either end and tie with ribbon. Mrs. E.K. . . 0 0 0 " Tip to Brides: If that used tablecloth contains meat juice or gravy, it would probably be a good jdeajtosoakK to jme rate with the amount of attention he has shown her. A man, planning to return to the restaurant, particularly pleased with the food and attention he has received and hoping to get good placement the next time, tips the maitre d' anywhere from $1 to $5 or even $10 upon leaving. The average, is $2. Even generous tippers, however, don't do this each time. 0 0 0 Dear Miss Vanderbilt: Do you have any Christmas gift suggestions for an e 1 d e r 1 y woman in her late 80s that would not cost over $10? The lady is senile and all the jcreature comforts are tak- en care of by wealthy relatives. She does nothing but watch TV sometimes, and the nurse is not sure that she knows what she is watching, for it might be just the movement. However, she is aware that under a Christmas tree there should be gifts, so in the past I've managed a few" small bright objects that she can feelShenflesrMrddesn't talk, read or try to walk. I'm stumped for suggestions this year. Mrs. L. G., San Francisco. I REMEMBER A psychiatrist suggesting once that the most comforting gifts for hospital patients no matter what age or sex, were stuffed ani mals strange as this may of the enzyme-active laundry "seem. I think your old lady products. If the meat was might like a little, soft, cuddly rare, there might be blood in thing, orjsvena baby pillow, the stain and regular launder- wnicn is one of my favorite ing with hot water could set it its to anyone sick, as it can into a permanent reminder. . be tucked in spots thatrache. o a a ooo Send questions and suggestions to Dorothy Ritz, P.O. Box 1111, Los Angeles, Calif. 90033. . 1 Copyrlsht IKS, Los Aim It Toms Write to Miss Vanderbilt in care of P.O. Box 1066, Weston, Conn. 06880, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. r.T"r.r.:::::rr:--: Copyright mi. Lm AjimIm Tlms Dear Dorothy: Noticed your item about the squeaking shoe and thought I'd put in my two cents' worth. If men's shoes squeak, the cloth between the double sole is missing. A good shoe repairman will know - immediately that the filler is AUDIVOX HEARING AIDS SALES v - f i SERVICE IN ROME SERVICE , FOR i SHUT-INS 7 PHONE 35-3242 - LEECOBELL KIAJtWO AID SPtOAUST isni:sj";TciKuv3 MUM' arm H4tU;TT;.ivilf.mimirTT4 AT8P.M. After a honeymoon along the Oregon coast, the newly wed Mr. and MrsMhristcv pher Michael McLain (Barbara Jane McFarland) will reside in Alameda. Their, 11 a.m. nuptial mass took place at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Piedmont, with a reception at Montclair Woman's Club. The Rev. George E. Crespin off iciatedr Barbara, a senior and Gamma Phi Beta at the University of California, is the daughter o the George E. McFarlands of Oakland. During 1967-68 she participated in the U.C. Study Abroad program in , Madrid, Spain. Christopher is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James McLain of San Luis Obispo. He is a graduate of U.C. and Boalt Hall School of Law, where he was on the Moot tionofwhatcaneddnOo make an old house attractive teuowoiiaw. and quite livable, without de- Mrs. Alfred J. Gorman of stroying its Victorian charm. Canoga Park was her sister's They hope to see their whole matron of honor. ' neighborhood bloom in the Jeffrey Foster of Laguna same way. Beach was the best man. , : 4 Mrs. Lillian Love, president of the Assoication, and her fellow members have a model home, one which has already been spruced up, to encourage r themJLocatedon .Chestnut Street, its bright yellow exter ior is a tangible demonstra' ill LOST lift IN KAYWARD , MUST REDUCE. OUR STOCK! . Until Closina of Havward Stort, Prices Prtwil lm . DERXELEY OAKLAND IIAYVARD ALAMEDA FREMONT CCKCCRD LAYAWAYS INVITED BANKAMERICARD MASTERCHARGE WIGLETS 100 Human Hair Value: $12.50 CASCADE FALLS 9.99 100 Himau Hair 1st Quality All Catsrs Valut: $25.8,' WIGS 100 Humai Hair First Quality Value: $30.08 9.99 IVIGS HAND MADE Nowhere at this price! 100 Humai Hair 27.77 FALLS LONG LENGTH LIFELIKE lightar tbodn iKgHly higher 5.99 STYRO FACE HEADS, re g. 1.50 . . ..... ........ 57c STYRO WIGIET DOMES, reg. 1.00 ..... . . . . . . 28c WIG CASES, assorted colors 4.99 WIGLET CASES, assorted colors .... .T.Tr. ... 2.50 KUimY! OIILY 25 DAYS LEFT! i: it OMUMDt34t-l4tkSt emiiiifttisn- JtllttS CONCOIIhSatlnrirkt Staf Ctittr MlrlM.MN.tFrt.1t4 AUMIDi1423 PHkSt. rnwMi-Jtti it5niiitntiam Sit. FriHII IREMONTt 4Mli FlIMM IM. - Iitk Mart Cultf Krnj KM Iniifln hit Ottici ft.it ISM1 IS, -S-M MntmStt UlUUTiUISStXUCk rtmiMnn 15;Jtl!lf,iH.tft$lt- Ttm.MII NArWMDtttRteatSL- ICltit Jttrt '- rtmU7-MH . , IMIir1l-iStt.H-SSai 111! WfZfS-J GCicririFic REsnanen aids oicim pdodlgug, helps BLACKHEADS AND WHITEHEADS . . . NOW LITERALLY WIPE OFF COOTnOL ACID OEDICATG ACri2 111 TIII1EE EASY STEPS Vie Through the growing-up years something inexorable seems to happen. Most of us lose that beautiful freshness; that glow of babyskin complex ion. Scientists have long known that actually improve after a few Duvaline applications. Blackheads and whiteheads will literally wipe off when removing the beauty mask. Thanks to Duvaline, blackheads can now be underlying every person's skin is a remarkable, fresh new skin. But, by the time this new skin reaches the Surface, irTas alreadylbeen badly contaminated ... in part by air-borne soot,-dirt and grease penetrations and old skin Infections ... so that even the new skin seems no different from the old. All the old troubles ore still there, and sometimes new ones ore added. The blackheads,- the - pimples, the acne the oily spots seem rooted through every one of the so-called seven layers of skin. Researchers answer to skin problems Now Duvaline presents a new formula that may unlock many of the bar- removed without digging at and squeezing your face. The Duvaline Day and Night Cream will control and treat pimples that often plague the self-conscious teen-ager. Available at modest cost . Until now, only the rich could afford a surgically fresh skin. Some advanced dermatologists have achieved a fresh skin for their patients. Skin planing, the Surgical process, literally sandpa-ersthe oldkinffndevealslhe" pink, new skin underneath. It is usually a treatment for the rich or for the complexion too far gone for conventional methods of treatment. The Duvaline 3-Step Skin Treatment is so sintpfe'that you can treat yourself in the privacy of your own home. A 45- riers to o beautiful new complexion . . . without surgery ... or great cost. The Duvaline treatment is research's answer to skin problems that may have plagued you since childhood. With a remarkable new series of skin control aids, Duvaline chemists have formulated three mutually, complementary, medicated skin and beauty treatments. Each one has been com pounded to tackle and treat a specific level and range of common skin problems. For everyone regardless of age In the case ofjhe adult or more mature skin, you will see an electrifying improvement. You will be able to control and treat skin contaminations and topical infections even during the day, under your own makeup. You will ... as your treatments progress ... lift the veil from your muddy or murky complexion. You will reveal what really seems to be a new skin. It will not only look fresher but seem to have a new youth and vigor of its own. The teen-age skin, which is often referred to o$ the adolescent skin, will treatment supply of three .. Duvaline products is sold in one complete kit for 5.95. In. conclusion, you will see results beyond your expectations black-., ' heads will loosen ... pores will tighten . . . complexion clears . . . acne and pimples will show remarkable - improvement. Some of these results you will witness olmost immediately ... if not, be patient; years of neglect cannot be repaired in a day. With treatment every day for the first week and two to three times a week thereafter, you can expect remarkable improvements within 30 days. Duvaline is yours to your complete satisfaction or your money will be refunded Let your mirror be your guide. ; - CapwefT Cosmetics Broadway-20th, Oakland Please send: Duvaline 3-step Introductory k!t, 5.95 Duvaline Facial Mosque, $3 Duvaline Medicated Control liquid, $2 Duvaline Skin Control Creme, 240 Name ' Address ' ' , Gty Zone Phone Charge Check B.CA. U tale lax. Add 35c ihippmg dwg ofsW UP T FINItSTORIS . lllilllll Follow this simple 3-step treatment toacleanerleWeffliealtlu skin . . . See its. Afitim 95 45-treatment supply 5 If you don't have a fresher, newer-looking complexion after using 45 Duvaline treatments, your money will be refunded. . . Charge It! . ; Cosmetics, All Five CapwtB't Step J Apply Duvaline Beau- ty Masque to face by parting on with fingers. As compound ingredients go to -work, you will feel a tingling, drawing sensation as it loosens blackheads and other pore impurities, penetrates every pore and prepares skin for step 2. Allow to .harden .......... $3 Step 2 Wash off masque with lukewarm water. .Take a cotton pad and lightly saturate with Duvaline Medicated Control Liquid. Gently massage on skin surface. Deep penetrating liquid begins action designed to eliminate more serious conditions that cause clogging, , ocne. Tones, braces for step 3 $2 Step 3- Apply Flesri-coiored Duvaline Medicated Skin Control Creme, final treatment before going to bed and upon arising each morning. Flesh color won't be noticed on men or women, end can be used under make-up, thus assuring continuous treatment day ond night . . . r. . . . .i . . . 2.50 A

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