The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1952
Page 14
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*ACW FOURTEEN THURSDAY, MARCH «, 1953 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dairy rule per Line for ccmseeinm Insertion: Minimum charge SOc J time per line tic 2 times per Hue jior day ..,.»,,,,, I2c 3 limes per line per d^r 9<r « times jn-r tine per 7c n limes pert Hue jier cixy .... Ic Month per line 90c Count [l»e nTcvjigf words lo the line Ad ordered [or tlure ni MX Uu;n BJitJ i ftoppert before ^xpltailon will lie ! lor l tie number ol tin us ih USED TRACTORS 1 VAC Case with cultivator planter and disc. Oliver "fiO's"; one with FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. 51T) K. .Main ph, GI29 2 19 ck tf ^n^U^sF^'^f DON EDWARDS mllltd by jierumi rrMriiiii; omM'lp ol l -'^-'l N l_ \_J V I f AI \ LJ O CO. MimMns~orarml lai Irie;-Hht m- " 3 ** VV«ln»l Phonr 3383 ;rllone tnke the one Unit t«b!r D I .-,.~. 4.. . _J1 D I • NO r<. ; , M ,,M>;;my »,u ,„ „,»,„ ,o.-[ plenty or rQri<.\\~\Q icre ih/.n one 1m'nm-i:t 1/iM'jtJoii *>J f ' *3 Space N'pw Oliver (ifi tr.iclor . mere Ih/.n one »uy clFi<2iried Ad >.!t ftfis arc ic-'ttlrtfil to th^lr proper rJar^incM'OJ), *ty]e flild tj'pt'. T'" 1 Contlfr NPW» rcsfrte.' ttie rlgiit to «;JU or rejtci any «.d. Apartment lor Rent 3 room A: -1 room flpts [or rnu Cnll B832. C. 6 rk l! 3 bfdroom unl-irn apt. All New 3-row middle- busier Now Oliver 70 motor--?;W) Oliver (jailor chains and oilier parts at dealer cost. tenets MIi w Main j'i)Vx44' ' neaier cost. -5sr, n :-^-4 /I i,- m -,Vn,'um. '» P i JGLIN HARRISON Oas. haih lin'^-iif IT n<iv »tn-in« o0.1 r _. Oas, hath. hotwatrr. Day jilionp 2t:M. ._ , , r-, . , ^iLE h ™i 23W ... 3 '_ pk .« FURNITURECO 517 U'. Ash I'll. 2552 or 23-M 2.27 ck tf Upstairs 4 room unfurn apt „ bath, elrrtrlc \vatnr hr-alcr. wired lor electiic Move. Newly decorated. could' 1 only- Ph- 2757. 2 19 ck tf Modern 2 room lui npt Fh 2.W.S or 4555. 2 M ck tf Modern apt,. 3 rooms and bath, new- ty decorMed, Root! futnUutc, s>* equipment. Ph. 3373. r Simon. 9Jl cfc tf 2.'<f}0 Hmlins ol tfoorj rorn ' '^" | Vhlstk'. Phone Doll 2C51. 226 pk 1 13 Dlnlnc room fniltc. l.inip'i. kltrKrn Small Apartments, furnish- Anliylroiis Ammonia rii; A- lr.irroi ed. J8 up per week. Bedrooms |™ <ST I<! "'"*"""• Kc> - H1 ^^ «' JS4 up single. 114 U'cst Ash, I 'rp.^r-nu^^-'p,;;,,.- M , hc , Mn . Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tfi" 1 "' 1 ": «*"» ««UP. M/S. JI^IM. SJH. tlnplcx npt,, couple. See Mrs, Wilson. 1501 Hrarn. ph. 2309. 2 25 l>k 37 > K Apt. — <1 Um. & Hath Unrnr—W. Main Kt.—Ph. 34^2 3 4 c ^ i pK X \ S rm A^ hnih. Unfit St. CflJl 6173. apt. 209 E Mo. 34 pk 18 Slock and Grain Farms j ti County. Hi-murky. Krof to COO Acfci. Fottllt, Fenced. Flnonced. jiL"" 1 " furn ' " ptl 1 " u " ln "J" 1 --.. 1 " 1 .'; •'-'"' l ">' llnd F «"» »>'» 2 rm. llnf. apt. 801 N. Frankli *M 3-1 Auto Suppf/es Services '_.'. . »"c. Contact Bob luttECrlnK. rieallor, rh^ <23>i Brmidwa;.. Paducah. K? Phonr 5064 Day. 2725W. Nl K r,t. 2,13-16-20-23-26-2fl-3 3-6-10-10-13 Don'* enflanffer your farnliy with faulty tires—BUT L7B TIRKS CHAPMAN SKRVICf STATION Main »nd. Dlrlslon Phone- 25ft3 12 13 ck It One pnlr hlc mulrs for* 1 . CliarLrs Fullerton, Armorel, Ph. 8717 '36 [Tk 1.1 LATE MODELS are good buys at Alotor Co. 1950 FORD You'll enjoy driving this custom deluxe Tudor. Lovely Silvertone grey . . .overdrive, radio and heater. 1950 FORD Another late model !)<.•.•! illy is (Itis Sea Island (irecn 'I'u dor . Sedan Kfiuippcil u-ilh 1>n(h radio and lieator. 1950 FORD A gorgeous, glamorous Hawaiian Bronze color. this Tmlor Sedan offers you radio and heater, too. 1950 FORD If you're looking for a nice late-mr.dcl car, (lien drive this black Kordor -Sedan, Kntlio, healer. 1950 FORD Equipped with jras-sav- injf overdrive, radio and I'eater, (his ,Meii ( tou-- broorr (irecn (<'nnlor is a goorl huy. 1950 CHEVROLET The poinilar I'leelline deluxe model, this '51) Chevrolet ,|-door Sedan has radio n nd healer lilack. 1947 FORD Malic a gutid Inufe now on this '17 Tucloi-. Nice firos —good heater. Attractive maroon finish. 1949 CHEVROLET A lale model Chevrolet, this Fleet line deluxe 2- door Sedan also has radio and healer, lilack. Broodway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 t's A Mudder! THE NEW FERGUSON U 30" Jack Robinson Implement Co. lilytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Notice Help Wanted, Male T; ,^ ar,,?™?.,,^!;';x^ 1 :- R ™^r,^.^; wh ' s '' e - Wanted Jin Services Tor expert plumbing, ol! stove and pump /epftlra, call 63-S9. Hurry MyfJ-s. 3 I pk 4 1 We are no* la A position to tfo ca- Ifctnu. SpecLM foods lor luncheons tvnd Anplc Hood Ph. 4013 Ph. 4C43 2 20 pk 3 20 tone, pointing, paper hanging, Trx- *" ----- . 1 at 233: 2 V p)c S 10 __ 512.50 rold wavfs f^ Rrcir _. . ------------- rhlnelrM SI 5r, ^50 hoi oil ror movliiijr A: lorat hauHnir. Call ' »"Rtmenl. J2 Op-n rvrnin« bv «n 6525. W. W. Bi-ckhfun. 117 W. Hnsf, iPOltilrncnt. Operalors- Landva ,- \l"J" 33 p'/. 12 fine- Lnndy*' Denttty Shnp. Ph, 269i>. 3 3 pX 16 For Sale, Real Estate Modern 3-bcclroom home on Illinois Street — little lady, you'll like this convenient kitchen. You will also like the dishwasher and gai'bajre disposal. Choice neighborhood, corner jot. FHA financed. A 'l-room house and hath will like. I.arjre living , where the movie is showine For Sale of Trade For ?Me or trade for car 1 19V3 whiTe Tractor WA-io vi-Hh a 2s or li^lt tract rr.otor llKc nc-»-. to to on road Can be MFn at 516 N, 5th or rail 6TOS a.ter Sjim. 3 3 pV: 3 Tractor driver "with fiunllv i^r> "rrTrT. I , n l vnl " lt '' e c ' eri " Foicl autoinoDlle. ^.•.^^1^^ a,,.,,.^^, i, 1 ,^,;"^ 1 t S,V7" ^"p^ 10 A"l! ; Robinson Implpnient Co. 34 ck 3V program. Female Help Wanted '^\t^~^ui^~^",',M,ir^-^—l Eyesight Is Linked EASTER SPECIALS i^^^^r^'^^jTo Child Delinquency -.15 cold waves ->10 j Girl for general office work! PITTSBURGH ',?, - one of the' •> 10 cold waves .?7.SO fin downtown office .Must be fac!OTS ln Ju^-nili? delinfjiiency is ; JJarhinoless ?s up (food typist, no shorthand ! fn'™, in ^ e « u P" <->«i 2 ht. nccnni- j T ; HF RP.AT^rv uAr, ,,pr. 0 =«.,' A,_,.. naml|1 . ne . l , 0 .. the American Optometric \ THK BKAUTY BAR f.lflirf).. Hol^l BH Phonp 3202 3S rk IS > - I room, extra larjjc muster bed-{ I room, roomy kitchen, lots of! cabinets ami dininjj s|iacc.f T7 Good six.ed sinmmm or second i » UINUTI PHOT05TATIC 5ERV- IC», O'S-TKEN'S STUDIO-113 W. MAIN Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Du .ei-Tlce nn Jmtlrr—3 rti>T« nn l, n ,|,..,,,, , •, w.tch.j and clnclti. Ounrantced wr>rk : " e<l " > " m - ( Iwse tO new Jrt n c«. b> " """' " 1> " 1 "" rn ^o""'i school on Moullrie Drive .„ ,, : ,,. on . „.,„„ 2 , 61 ar DAT (^'RDVAKIT i monthly payments onlv ;;-"""--, 9 , 7y> - ot cjmr.'ajsi. ir,r Pr ^M"! r/A I U DK T AIN I ?«2.3fi. l.oa.i halance less tlian ; "" r '"" : ' >n 2 ls clt tr Main & Second $-1,000. ?.17r> to J77r> cash will : .v?v™ T "r ! '"' 1t ^ : ', n " b " h m ;i n '™". ... '"* « " Jiandle. It's vacant—move in "- ---"" ' " p " '"°" lh For Sale, Misc. tomorrow. "~ Save Money When Yon ."^ C . °A °. a ! Ca " J " hl '^ s '"'- <'" Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO 517 W. A?h Ph. 2552 necessary. Apply j n own handwriting to Cox (M, coi I7le rhilrl who cannot see w»n! i Courier Xcws '< R rL- ff €!no '" h to perform his whool tasks i ' J ' CK " : ""™ seeks self-expression in Bn ti-! ocial behavior, says Dr. J. Ottisi EArayo, with or r.i. Soutli Hloh- 2361, JOHNNY MARR L^w^l 8-2 ck tt; -.,-;-. Realtor 312 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phnnn 2:iOn 1 cl< t f P Ph. r^73 2 27 pk 3 6 nn MrOi\nlH St Ph 2 5 rk tl Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W f. Pollard Aaency Plannpfl Prntortion I3< W A*h St Ol.tNCOE HOTK1 6!MI.!>[-;o ror f"onci<-tf RlnrV; BrUHLne, itulutili! T^K* cr siorf unit RrlJoinlDR 5 r ir»ii»f. *-[Th r>ith In curve r (l--)i^Av f,[. «^nh Hrle or Holland. M M"''"'?!, nr:v)f! ';' 1 lT '' r ' ^ =ip-irt- MPv f'irn'^h^.i rn FnVr!]"to ri , r* :> -,?'* i " i ' tf ' 1 ° p " n rnr iij - i 2 21 ex tr : I;'!.") lu-r.-s :>, miles of f'itv Limits,,,- Rlylhcvillc !"••<•!• '"II It 'hi. 1« l»!Vl 'o;l n'.r.rk'ot i MP \VHISF.VHI-VT ' Used Tractors 2—H Karmalls with busters and cultivators. 3 B Jolin Ooeres with oiniiii- niont. 10,50 model Kcrptifon with cultivator and busters. ;';•"' 2—F-20 Farmalls with cnl- *- : tivjitors p.'' 1 Mnssey Harris lul Super '"' l! with 4-i-o»- ciiUivator. "".,7 3 Sets of liiteriuitional r,?" Middlo Blisters. Cash or Easy Terms |'\.' r ' Many oilier Rood used trac- ! Kt'i tors to choo?e from. . . ]f yon ; F " want a poott used tractor al a : eoed price go to 61 Implement Co. N. Highway (]\ Dial 21-12 - 2 ' 14 Ck '/^"""-^ n ! Wonted to Buy l Co i 32 Real ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS K Intrrrstrrt In Ruylnj ! nr vrllln^ «r« , i |Noble Gill Agency] ! FNSURANCK rClencoc lilrtg. ph. r>8G8 , . . White. a.s-O'.-lntinn president. A New York City study shoivi-d! that 50 per cmt. of a i-roiiti of dp-! liminrnls were fnund to be school S failures. Two studies marie by the! Ohio State Bureau nf Juvenile Re- 'earcli revealed that over 26 per tent of children hroucht hcforei j'lvenile courls were delicienl in i ^ i.sirin, he said. i Or. White recommended hetter visi:a| environment in (lie schools I and a moie cornprehr-imve eyesiehl THE MAN TO KNOW The mnn io know- is the mechanic who knows how lo care for ymir car . , . and dues his best to repair H ri?lit! You'll fiiul (he service fnr your al T. I. Scay Molor Co, Try us, T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 K. Main Phnnc 2122 YOU'RE WELCOME AT SULLIVAN*NELSON'S BIG "OK" USED CAR LOT ON WALNUT STREET IN BLYTHEVILLE .... BETTER BUYS-BETTER TRADES 1951 Chevrolet deluxe J-door St.vlelinc Sedan equipped with radio, heater, very'low mileage. Save $5$ 1951 Chevrolet n-passen^er deluxe Coupe. . .extra clean one-owner tar driven only 12,000 miles. Save on this one J.'MS Plymouth deluxe l-<Ioor .Sedan... < heater & seat covers, A-l motor, real rubber. 1SHS Chevrolcl I'Meet master 2-do»r Sedan... < radio, hciitcr and defrosier—« steal al 18-17 Chevrolet Klcetline -1-cloor Sednn... l)oth radio and heater—a beauty for . S 845 Chevrolet .'!, i-Ton Pickup Truck.., make a good trade at Sullivan-Nelson 1919 Chevrolet .'i,-1-Ton Pickup Truck... § come to (he bijr , 1KC (i car lot on \Yalniit SI reel H)J<i CMC Vi-1'on ricluip Truck. . . fjel your- $ self a real bargain on this used pickup" ' 19'lli Kurd '/,-Ton Pickup Truck,. ..a real buy al Sullivan-Nelson's loiv price of ISMfi Inlernational '/,-Ton Pickup Track... come to truck headquarters in Blylhcville S 525 15 Many More to Choose Krom EASY CM AC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut p ho ne 4578 Title Baffles Newspapers i fi " [i a suitable translat™ in .7n\vl r I script. So they stuck to "Que.'n SINGAPORE Wi—Malnyn's vern- [ E!i23!)<-(h". The Mnlay lanuilf* acular press lias finally got over lu i onl >' 'i n s the equivalent for wi!e~OT initial difficulty over lit™- to refer ! a ruler, to Queen Elizabeth in the ncws- paprrs. Tamil translators solved the prublfin by naming her "Maharr/i in her ov,-n rigiit. The Malay press \vas not able to An object out in interplanetary ipjice. away from the attraction of lave no weight but would still have 0*4*' COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt Delivery NOW.' • Courteous Service HESTER'S Coal Yard Priyate Rooms CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Cerlifir-,1 Ilcltapine 15 Collonsn.,1 « S200.00 per MississiFiil Ccrlific,] Coker '|00 Will C,,(ln,,siT.I f? 5185.00 ppr (on. This rntlon (s p.xcrJIent for hli^rit tanrl as i( resists Tlirsr se«l ari- cleaned. .Itlinlc,!. Ireatr.l and Mckcd 100 Iiminils lo the li aB . a,,rl are prirrcl F.O.B. Bljlhcville, Arkansas. Telephone I7-.I, Helioni, Mississippi. .1. T). LUiN'OY only. Mr; T , ' ' Hnlrnon] convenient to t)-iCh. Hi 1 .NT A NK\V SI\'(;KK i • 6 " w "" n rh M »- \'ACn;M CI.KANKR I— •". Mays SI.OO ' mi "»«„''^J w"i«S r Sowing' Center lilylheville — Ph. 2V82 . ph vltrs hnth 1213 H ' :' fi ck 0 ! • Rr>om AII Auniotivo Honie rh heat, cloic In. hrti -x- tn hath, clean f^n! ,V arnfi. 22ft FRESCR2PTIOXS 4 root:, I!-.-:., „,, f -, It N , o ;,, lr i, r,,,...." ,H..rrt-\-»M -l-v-n, iv^r f,irnsrr VVIT.l ,.or ^t;ro:i:,^rtr "-,-hT f.n'v rlo-^ n p^v- ti-.rn! Tnr !r. :n- ^-,., r.,, „- Fa n I \V1ifl- n"m. ^.c.-,- i,v,-., mi.,..h cf l.-i:^ I'rcsh Slock .,.,.., „.;,,;„, ,.,„•,•,•.,„;.,; ": , fi'imranl ccd licsl Prices •'^'\^;'.^^:i^ l ^\^ Kirby Drug Stores •i j l . f >. . rir 'VJ T, ^r 'JiRl T r ^i, > r For rouch lilmbrr. all *r,CfJal cut tlmli.-:.. c-ll O J3D5. South End 2I«t J^trrf ; Gtxxl prlcf en 4 pl~ -. *,„».,. «,„. - c Bl fS. ^rs "zxz^t J^"". 37110 2 " *'• :"* 5 room luuise, on '1 i,,< • Price S1500. II. ('. 'or jour So/csmor> Wonted AV1VMIO- " Delintings Treating Service \Ve are now operating our NK\V Ctrrcr Delint- ing «nd Treating I'Unt. All new equipment including latest model Slurry (liijuid) treater. All sacks electrically sewed ... we K iur*ntee yo« (jinck. eficicnt and satisfactory service. Seed accepted in truck or carload lots.. .discount on all lots of 5 tons or more. Insure * belter stand and le*s rust daMaite by treatiii.i; your seed, lirinj your seed EARLY and aroiil the rush. WARD GIN COMPANY No. Highway fil — Khlherille _ ph ni ,e 375« '•IS CMC 2-TON . . .?S95 Mfi ey. t.lke a loofi at this suprr- Im.v on a biz truck! This 2- TOTI. r.MC. !on B . wtierlhnsx truck is clran^ '•IS I'l.Y.MOUTII Here's » car you'll I:\JOY ilnvint! Siirrial deluxe 1•l«or Seitan vim radio and neater, too. Drive it. '12 DODGK .,...., This car ivill pivc you fine pcr- fnrmnnrc ... a |<)1J l)ncl;c 2-ilnor Sedan wilh a real fiOOI) mnttir: Nice automobile. 'SO CJ.MC til We're nol pirn mine In Icll .vcni the prire on ( ll I s W*t\ OMC ',-Ton Pirkiip. Bui it's .tr>l .Vrw llres, radio, healer. '•ID CMC ??? Another pErkuri «ilh a mvs- Itry prire. ilut ir you wanl to fillrl out nlint a qood traite you ran m.ike. ser ns tomorrow. SM5 This 2-rtoor Krdiin has a ncir rec-oiniitioncd motor, plus 9 ratHo, plus a hpalcr, plus pood tires! *J,S CHKV $fi!)5 A dogqonp ynad buy is Ihis 1-Toii Pirkuji Tmrk Tor 5695. And the Itrcs arc extra good! ft's likr Im.viu? n now truck at a bargain pricpl This 1551 Si-Toii rickup is like ncir. 'ir, 3IKRCURY . . . 5695 A Rood car. 1!)16 Mercury 5- I'a-iscnRrr Coupe. And. as an cMra honus, it ha.s brnml new lire. 1 .; '41 FORD $305 This car lias sure hern wrll t^^rn r,ire of. Original paint, too. Kadio. heater. Test drive it. MAN WANTFO Fn *>. sell ro i wi ran^iy Price S1500. II. C. r.'m>pbPlY\™r > o"',, !1 V 11 ''.'' """ n " ' ;;i: "" "• :; '' : ' ' : -'"" 1 - .''.'» '"i"'., "u,V, r ri," rii. j-j-in P.- .187.1. _ sr,ck8;rjr^r;\^ 1 rL7" ; ' 1! ' i: 'i l lV -'-'-"-- '""•- "AKi'-VKr.*:;;: r,«h country r^,.. ^0,7,^ i^m r n,v,^,no'^V;,? ^ IIF "'') T" -" '•'" M '> ,''.'i»!iT' m."!i P "^ ^'"A brwkf." A-' hef«r"n m r T'' K" •-"* JT'rT'"'" - E W ' ">"'<• "5 <''."! ^ ' '' '""""' " k """« 3 » ^ ' EU>re. IX-, t wood, a. «1. 3,5'p'k SO and piionc'iii",'bjr ' ""' l ' lvl ; "'' ! ''-' 2 r,«m ,;n[ houie Th 4MS •* pi! " I . 3.6 Pi, 13 Soybean Seed FOR SALE Drvrlrh Nn, 2 anrt Ogtirn sor- >> serrl, clf^netl and s.irkrrt. Hook these before price in- e reaves. RED TOP GIN ni>thevllli> — Phone 375S RECLEANED SOYBEANS MEAN GREATER YIELDS! l.el t's Clean Your Secrf Soybeans. \Ve Have Two Alodern Cleaners. Increase Die Purity of Your Seed, Have Them Herleancd. BSytheville Soybean Corp. 1cn l W. Main Phone BS5S or 6S57 HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Olrismohile -_ G."MC Trucks Phone 20o6 Used Tar I.ot — Phone fil51

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