Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 7, 1969 · 18
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 18

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1969
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'yrw n .' a " aa a )) "XV. :;' Wv( " .. ' ii' ' - ' . ' v - . u v.-;v,,. I'M 'fiii'i' I t"! 1 a-, -4 I 1 t i I! I I 1 t t i ) I t- t IOtE Oajaanblffrtbttne Tues.,Jin.7,1969- iiHY.nHi bctoyadlwsband of Judy Barry f tvm sawier at jormny Len ramoM; devoted ten or Mr. ueiiy or i-r ITS. JOBnilO Way of Fremont, Lain Berry of Fre-monf and Mis Bom Brry of Pre. fnont. A ns SanrMrvOI nmnw or banr; ageq 2S yeers. umon HIT M l IinBlltM aWftf CritrY. Haywart. Friends may caH JtHAPEL ofjie PALMS MORTUARY, after 1 pjn, Wed Jan. I. RIIM DUS. Kossuth D In Lea AkhIm. jan,. y W69, father of Kenneth W. Bre. of Roseyilie; son of the late hit. ana mrs. i. e. urraoes ot oax ana; bf.orher of James R. Bridges of Dan- vtllei grandfather of Lorl and Scott Bridges. A native of San Francisco; eoed 44 years. An alumnus of the University of California class of '2. A rnembtr of Theta Delta Chi fraternity, fJeBtoy, Golden Beer, and the Statu and Keys Honor Society. Friends are Inyltea to attend services frV Jan. n at 11:30 a.m. at TRU- SSmSalrtSii T,lwraoh Avt- at BRIMS, Emmett of Oakland, Jan. 4, 169, beloved husband of Cora Briggs; lovlnf father of Jamas E. and I. V. Briggsi loving grandfather of three svanognnran; toving brother of otna MmM ElMU - Bl.w rim. Ulll I Minetha Willis; also survived by many ether relatives. A native of Arkansas: aged 62 years. A member of Laborers Union, Local 304. Friends are invited to attend the funeral from the new Mortuary of CHARLES P. BANNON, 6800 East 14th St., Oakland, Thursday, Jan. 9, at 2 P-m. Interment Sunset View Cemetery. (For further Information please call 632-1011). CARPENTER, Tecia, In Walnut Creek, jan. a, iw, Deiovea wire or me late jerry un aroenter: lovlna mothar of Pnh. art c. Canenter of Danville and Jarrv Carpenter Jr. of San Jose; aiso survived by five grandchildren and three sweet-graridchiklreri, A native of Ohio; aged tv. years.. .. . . . are Invrtad 1 jrnrrrea to anena memo- rial., services Thursday, at tna Grace erian Church, 2100 Jan y a? z p.m. Walnut Create. Dr. lams, officiating. Inurnment ii, aunsei view uemerenr. .SlUNSET VIEW MORTU- a'rsic1 CHENEY. Jotmstea At. In Alameda. Jan. S. -1969. dearly beloved husband of Jessie N. Cheney; loving father of Mrs. BerMtta Starkey, Donald C Maynard and Mervln H. Cfienev; brother of Ratoh G. Cheney and Mrs. Rhoda Rob-bins; survived also by 12 grandchildren. A -native of Ohio; aged 72 years. A member of the Melrose Baptist Church. Friends are invited to attend fha services Wednesday, Jan. I at 2 p.m. in na. LAUREL fcMAFfcL Of. AJLI OF ALBERT ENGEL CO., 3300 Hl( with Dr. Wood row Rood officiating. In- jwi.SL-t.y?!!"0. lei mail mi. view Lemerery. memorial donations may be made to the Melrose Baptist Church Missionary Fund. For further Information please call 532-6068. CORNETT. Corona In Castro Valley, jan. s, i9oy, oetoveo momer or eraay rerro ana juai r-inppi; grear granara-S. Cornet! of Tulsa, Okla., and Mrs. ther of Ronnie and Stephen Ferro; also Eula M. Wade of Oakland; grandmoth- leaves nieces and nephews and cousins er of Harold E. Wade of San Leandro In the Bay Area and Italy. A member, and Mrs. Robert Offlll of Seattle, of La Madonna Delia Guardia of Bay Wash.; also survived by four great - Area and Italy. A native of Italy; aged entioren. a native ot Mississippi; t years. 88 years. A rnernber of the Aock- Friends are Invited to attend the fu-Unlted Methodist Church of Oak- neral from CAPORGNO and CO. MOR- rrienus ere imniea TV afrena services, Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 2:30 p.m., at TRUMAN'S CHAPEL. Telegraph Ave. at 30th St., Oakland. Rev. Bernard Mott officiating. Entombment, Chapel of Memories Mausoleum. DEUTKH, In Oakland. January S. 1969, loving n of Los Gatos, tro Valiev. Mi mother of Mrs. W. Ragent Mrs. M. Tandeta of Cas- An. J. m. viuinion w t-am Shulman of Palo Alto. Dr.. F. Ungar of. Minneapolis, Minn, Irving Deutsch of San Francisco and Mrs. R. Salinger of Peace Corps In Mjavsta; also survived by 16 grand- -. Serylces Wednesday, "Jan. S In the Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Ave. Oakland. ALBERT BROWN MORTUARY.. ELLAM, Mabtt, In RWirnond, Jan. & T9tftA wyiTfti rnomer or o. Bryan tiiom of Kwntncrfon &nd Rivrrwnd B. EHani Jti jurvfved by four v Piuymw mu a nwrrvv xzwrmtuj s. A member i a a. SaR Franpfafln. iiwiwn w Kjm uitww- i InvtU aMnrf i nti .. Thorsdev, Jan. 9. at 11 a.m.. af the new SUNSET VIEW MORTUARY, 101 Cofusa Ave.. DarkeleyensTngton.. Interment, Sunset View Cemetery. Memo-rs mey be sent to the American Cancer Sooiety or favortte chertrr. FRAIfZELL AHred L, San tJsaridro. AdeNne Hockett of Cvktand. Mrs. Aiber- fa Anderson of I forrtana, ore., Nathaniel Frwwfl of Hayward .and Mrs. Rachel nr,or aen jooe. t A nastve of Ore.; tWEMelifi c., 969, dearlv belnw AaManf l " a 19A9. riaarh, KlnuH iuk.. Zi 'iE fcmma 1. Larsent lovmg father of Law- rlffeekfcSn mer of Mrs. Mrs. Florence. Erlekson. of Fort Braoa. A norive or Denmartct aead 87. I "WHENCE, A.. llrMsMlitf tm .laA 196Vbaroved mother :i?V Of RflMf- Hamat Of Marv W aSarlrau it nanner m WW OT inomi f wylno grartdrriorher of Katttv A native of Tfinenester. Mass.; ased 85 vear. A 2521.!. ?yorm Methodlsf Church and a retired nurse of the t inwr i Heart Assn. MH Oaktand, Jan: S, 1969, beloved husband of Darts Lisser loving father of Dolores Alexander. loving brother of Charles Lbse of Yugo-levle. A native of fMbrvvnlk, Yugo- atari. - - " -' lul. from the new Mortuary of CHARLES r. oahwuw, aaua East 14m St., Oakland, on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 1:30 o.m. ntermenf Mountain View Cemetery. If friends so desire family would prefer rmmorlalcorrtTlbutloris to the Cancer socieiy. a um sr., uajciano. (For rur- i can aaz-iom. tOVE, Rkhara frt of Oakvena. A grduate of Castle-Friends, are mvftad to attend funeral at 1 a m In IV. Dr. JarJr Caiaiiaa aSHrlaMaa fUtm sojadous.plrig adjoins the ChapaL In- rn maummm view Leiiieiei. UNO, Assart AtMtrve of Mt. Eoen; aged 75. srwnve or nw. corn: aged 7i. fiamrlam AHaaa arill ha haMThm a4 Keawem.aaas will, oe nera I nurs. fjajn. a the Hojy Ghostu Catholic Cherch, RedtaHon of Rosary Wed. at 8 .l&J?Z5(WJpfLOF THE vta rns-r i i , rvaiM Dm, IFS iAOOTUABY. Teal I et-Tempie sVby. Franoia G. MARTfN, Mai WesTHr. m Oakland," Jan. . a. me, nusoano or ne tna. awriorie d. aaarnn; lovina TBrner i ef Marian Norrl . . lajaefaf trmlm 1$ faaaxia toy . . ymt, it ra Meaid ma aanrfrt mvmry mk a-acf mmiM years. rrterxn are inteo ta ettend services RILLIET, Jtfast.f3aMaBd cheiei of GRANT beloved ftULLEft MORTUARIES. 2372 East 14Mi and C S. OaMariB- Thura.. Jan O & e m lAmpie pencmg m edtoirrina oaraoe) 7rE&FlSf!W Alz.JGrirooym rhSX5fvii3!Jj& XSuPliJiVJ: 01 PaklarKT and Rosalie Lindsay of Gra- WONG, Don, boy, 1M., - K iD.uJn'..5?or Lf EPworth Methodlsf nada Hi s; brother of Mrs. Annette WISE. Brian C a rt, 11-28. iCTJIT?!L sunse' Bank and Mrs. Elvlne Letschi also sur- WATSON, James R.. girl, 11-26. Mausoleum. Contributions In her memo- v ved bv four arandchlldran and 11 WOMACK. Reders. bov. 12-2. .v mmt n mm ro me Aiameaa coun ty Chapter of the American Yvonne Dyer, Vernon Lbse, Anna Tav- SCOTT. Annie H m San Francisco, Jan. 1. lar and Lucflle Nordlander; loving 1969, beloved wife .of the late Clarence y andialtioi of Joan Nordlander, Joanna A. Scott of Honolulu,. Hawaii: toving Shaonard. Jaan mmA UMul auuw. aunt of Mrs. Mav Hall af Oak and. rimm in - tm lend; dear brother af MnL RHiird mil " father ot Howard M. and I OPEN SUNDAYS. 12 to 4 JM'.:- ,.: ,v n l; "... V ',. . Funeral of Concord; grandfather of Lynn, Richard and John Norrls. A native of California. Private family services were held. Contributions to your favorite charity preferred. ALBERT BROWN MORTU- . MKT. McCOLU Ruth, of San Leandro, Jan. t, 1969, beloved wife of Douglas McColl; loving mother of Douglas McColl, Jr.. Ruth, Raymond and Dale McColl and Gall Hester devoted grandmother of six grandchildren; loving sister of Amelia Dale. A native of IB.; aged eS years. rrlends are Invited to attend the services from the new Mortuary of CHARLES P. BANNON, MOO East 14th St., Oakland, on Thursday, Jan. 9, at II a.m. Interment, Chapel of the Chimes Cemetery, Hayward. (For further Infor-motion, please cat! 432-1011.) NISHIDA, UkM, of San Leandro, Jan. 6. lamwM, wicm, w oen ueanam, Jan. o. 1969, beloved husband of Fude Nishida: oving father of Ichiro Nishida of San Lorenzo and Amy Nagaki of Ontario, Ore., and the late Heruko Komoto and Yull Nishida; dear grandfather of nine Srandchildren; dear brother of Yomezo , Ishtda of Longmont, Colo. A native of Japan; aged 88 years. Friends are Invited to attend the services from. SORENSEN BROS. CHAPEL. 1140 B St., Hayward, Thursday, Jan. ? at 7:30 p.m. Rev. H. E. Terao officiating, closing services will be held Friday, Jan. 9 at 9 a.m. at the Chapel of Chimes Memorial Park, Hayward. nyrnment Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park, Hayward. WEf - H' Bartoktmee G., In Oakland, Jan. 5, 1969, .dearlv. beloved husband of Orso a Occelll: lovlna father af Mr rma bnerione and Armur occelll; lov- IP.L1'?!!! and Linda Occelll; father-in-law 'of Ma- rio Gheriorta and Evelyn Occelll; also survives o nieces a no neonews in Italy and in Honolulu. A native of Farigli-ano, Italy; aged 84 years. A member of Roma Grove, No. 95, The Druids, The Fratellanza Club, U. P. E. C. Liberty &uJKil,JLn aSt. Bv Automotive Machinists Local No. 1546. neral Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 8.m from MOSSWQOD CHAPEL of ALBERT ENGEL and Co., .3630 Telegraph Ave.; " ora are inviieo to enena me ru- thence to St. Columba's Church for Sung Mass. of Reaulem at 9:30 a.m. Rosary Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. Entombment St. Joseph's Mausoleum. KOPS. AlanSOJI. of Rarlrabw. Jan X. 10AO beloved brother of Miss Alice DeBruyn K.ops or walnut creex, Mrs. F. T. McCllntock of Solebury, Penn., Paul ueBruyn'Kops of Orlnda and Charles DeBruyn Kops of Oakland. A native of North Dakota; agwf 72 years. Friends are Invited to attend grave- side services Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 2 M.m., a i vmk run memorial rarx, juu Curtner Ave.. San Jose. Memorials may be sent to the American Cancer Society, -477 15th St.. Oakland. Friends may call at TRUMAN'S CHAPEL, Telegraph Ave. at 30th St., Oakland until 11 a.m. Wednesday. SiftAUA. I mm a . in Cm i i- e, io. peioveo nusoano of Anna B. Pagano; loving father of William, John and Domingo Pagano, John Ferro and Mae Mahler; father In law of Florence, Olivia and Ermlnla Pagano, Anker Mahler and UI Ferro; brother in law of Maria. Pagano and Adeline Tabacco; grandfather of Douo as. John. Robert Pagano, Jans and John Mahler, Tom i uakt, tru orove . si., uaxiano. iiiuisuay, jan. t ar t:w a.m.; incnce to St. Leander's Church, 550 West Es- Tuaiiio Ave., sen Leanoro, DmiiImw U K Uua u.111 K mIip4wI for the repose of his soul commencing at 10 a.m. Recitation of the Rosary Wed. evening at 8 p.m. Entombment Holy Sepulchre Mausoleum. PRUNTY, Jama Earl, In Oakland, Jan. s, iy, peiovea nuspara or w 5. 1969, beloved Prunty; loving f vaster ling. Srace W. father of Mrs. Adrlenne . James F. Pruntv Jr.. inanes p. prui intv and the tate Barbara Trestler: lovlna Brother of Mrs. Veda ii Hale, Leonard and Harvey Prunty; loving grandfather of 21 grandchildren. A native of West Virginia. Friends are Invited to attend funeral services Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 11 a.m. at the CHAPEL of the OAKS, Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Ave. Interment Mountain View Cemetery. RAM BO 6rc M, In Oakland, January a, vtr, wire or rm rre lootan Rnmoo maytim mrnnwr or vrnnam f. Kimoo 01 Glenedon Beach, Oregon; or. native Friends are invited to attend services Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 1 p.m., at TRU- 3hN'lt OSES 122"' n at., OBKiand, Rev. George Berry officiating. Interment, Golden Gate National Cemetery. Corrtributlons may be made to the Mufttole Sclerosis Society of Northern California, 2015 Srelner St San Francisco. Lacia Mae, January 5, 1969, sister of Mrs. Richard A. Bonn lonstan P RlllUt Ir i itnahhr M lmm XAjf Ml Ur r tM C D It iter sr. A native ot Tutara. A member of the Pryrnouth United Church of Christ. Private family services were held WiLSSl. TRUMAN'S RUSSELL,. Burnett, In Martinez, Jan. 4. io .peioveo nusoano ot ineima t Russeff; loving father of Burnadette 7. Ruuell: lovina nh of Fmm CncfII wTflSr? PttMlaraS Biscottl; uncle of Fred Blscottl. A native of Calif.; aged 47 vers. A Veteran sUdu.'' A,rtsrn Friends are resoectfuttv Invited to attend funeral services, Wednesday, January 8, at 10:30 a.m., at the Fruttvale Chanel of the CLARENCE N. COOPPO Mortuary, 1580 Fruttvale Ave., Oakland, kcv. r-rea irevirr menr, eoioen Gate aan eruno. ipor turrner information ESbD?0 s-1,- Parking area adiacent to Chapel. vived bv four arandchlldran and . 11 great-grandchildren. A native of San Francisco; aged 83 years. .. Private family services were held at m'llermoikJariesIp GRANT elth Warren of Phoenix, Ariz., Jack liaV llj2I.a wEEin'af'i 13 hb lave cuoene k. warreri or s.r. a no lf. and f,otS; .whw wi iihoi. ivua I iviu.l..niinpai, yi mmaf or onnoa. services, were. ma vnapai ot uaxiana. CAREW mask fa222ai iSiijLS!rSi3iiStrSZ irderrMnonal Brumeinooa jjEiectncji Warloara. Local 595 and famete Beth snoiom or aan Leanoro. a nanve or Chalaaa. Mace.: aaad 5D vaars. Friends are Invited to attend funeral i are Invited to attend funeral from ft CAPORGNO and CO. t2Bm fclaring. Interment, Home of services iron MORTUARY, Tuesday. Jan. Zucker offkHattag. Interment, Home of peace uemerery. SKINNE lvS7 t Alameda, Jan. 6, of Mrs, Mary R. o and Leonard C. Tanner of. IrAI aavotaa orand- . and Jo Ann Tanner; faWr suf yawr far jraar after torn rtpalr r raplocaasaars, are . . . aistal Waaa raw car, roof sisier wiirrea w. Kantcin or santa il" ""it c...j " ur MARR..Jnhn I . nov. Lewis, eisseii or. usx hi ot oaxiana ana Mrs. North. Ireland. . . . next Monday, Jan. a ar Memories Crematorium, FUNERAL Dl- S yy", c aratrrnen; uenweu son wifl r , . . i 1 1. r Notices a-m., Rev. Jack M. Wyne officiating. Services lis be concluded at the Mortuary ChepeT. (Ample parking in adjoin ing uaragej. ror runner ama-maiiun please i can s3-ijz. THOMAS, Ana B in Martinez, Jan. 4, m. of all WlHTam Way, Concord, lov- Ina sister AArs. Maraaret Jeaaer of Concord. A member of Most Precious Blood Church. A native of Berkeley; aged 57 years. Friends are Invited to attend funeral services Thursday, Jan. 9 at 8:30 a.m. FERLLc1iAfJ?.Nnf0 Concord; thence to Most Precious Blood Church where a Reoulem Mass will be ceieoratea tor me repose or ner soul. commencing at 9 a.m. Interment Gold- en Gate National Cemetery. Rosary wea. eve. at 8 p.m. For rurmer intor- l at 8 n.n motion please caH 682-4242. WHITTEN Sr., A., J., In Berkeley, Jan. nnniEn ar., m., in 5, .1969. a resident of Er merwill. ftoarlv Deiovea nusoana or js Jessie d. wnirren; beloved father of Billv G. Davis of San Pablo, Jay Whirlen Jr. of Richmond, Ruby Faye Beal of Nacogdoches, Texas, Annie J. Wells and Joyce L. Posey, both of Richmond, Corporal Jesse F. Whitten U.S.A. at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Sgt. Curtis L. Whitten. U.S.A. in Vietnam, Norman L. Whitten and Joe A. Whitten, both of Emeryville; loving groiner or joe ivtacK wnmen, steiia Pmw. ratharin Hav. Vaiiia Hanut. on tjr iex, aiso surviveo oy u grano- cnuaren. a nauve or uooansoorr, loui- saoo; agea s years, a memoer Of Cannery Workers Union Local No. 750 ur ugp.iano. Friends are Invited to attend funeral services Wed., Jan. 8, 1969 at 1 p.m. from the Draw no Room Chapel of h ELLIS-OLSON MORTUARY, 727 San fablo Ave., Albany. (Adiacent park- WILSON. Stanlw P.. In Larlrur. I.a x l?9'. loving, brother of Mrs. Adeline Hardcsen of AAodMln! lirwl 4 Jul r. Thomas Clyde Hudelson of.Corte Madera, Robert Wilson of San Leandro, Col. Ernest Wilson of Nebraska, Mrs. Lucyle Powell af E7I AAnnta. Calif A toAhal Zt Califprnia; aged 87 years. A member of R i?i Hyu,r,e ""vTi.v VXl "jfs.01 vaiMona. uaKionu acDTTisn kits noaias and A ah met Temple Shrine A.A.O.N.M.S., Old Rail Club. A Locomo- Jive Engineer with Southern Pacific for 50 years. riends are Invited to attend services Vital Statistics a. mm.m m . - . Alamarla Pnnnt Miameaa WOUnTy BIRTHS Bom to the wife of: ANDRES, Jose, boy, 11-21. ALVELAIS, Leo J. Jr., boy, 12-4. ARIAS. Adam H.. oirl. 1243. ALVES Lawrence A., girl, 12-08. Bi tLi Kan, Henry v., dov. TDAN. Hanrv ' .1.2-4.. BATTLE, Ernest R., boy, 12-04. BARBER, William j. JR., boy, 12-06. BALLANCE James R.. girl. 12-04. JAKMOKE, ORE, William G.j boy, 12-7. H. Tvory, girl, lY-29. fGER, kobert D., boy, 11-27. VELL, Timothy R.. girl, 11-28. iKUWN, -LAY. Vaiiahn. how. 11 -.Kl COATES, Benny D., boy, 11-30. CHEW, Dennis T., girl, 12-2. CORDOBA, Nick E. Sr., boy, 12-7. COMBS, Lonnie R., girl, 12-5. COOK, Steven C, girl, 12-05. COLLINSLWilliam A., girl, 11-25. CQLLIER, Frederkk P., boy, 11-27-DOTY. Charles N., girl. 12-06. DESAI. Pramod, girl, 1204. DE LAO, Frank, boy, 11-28. fcFFlNGEK, oraon poy, ii-ar. EASTHAM, Joseph. R., girL 12-8. fung, Ronald, gin, u-v. PDV. Inhn C . ar.A1M. FUNG, Ronald, girl. gin, FONZENO, Nicholas L.. boy, 11-24. CFFD fowl PEED, David L., DpV, 1Z-Z, FLOWERS, Larry J., boy, 12-03. FIOL R i.eardo M girl, 12-04. ENNING, Robert 5., bov, 12-5 GRA.PPO. Thomas A., girl, 124 fe.rW-W,12-8. ' Pvrd,l)pv,12JJ6. .... rii. ra tcuueinus, i i. Leonard c. a ri. I ihm. IVETTE. barrel, oirl, 12-09. JAN1S, Charles A. boy, 11-27. . KERSEY, Stephen E., boy, 12-1. KUKUSKA, Stanley R., boy, 11-25. KING, James Stf bov, 11-28. t .. KLIPPERT, Richard H. JR., boy, 11-28. KIRK, Harold G., bov, 12-8. , . .... KIMBROUGH, Nathaniel H., girl, 12-01. kowal, Henry j gin, LcVANDcR, Kl odenv A., oirl. 12-01. LAINE, William O., girl, 12-1. u Hr' UI5, Lawrence l, pov, iz-vr. larence n,,ooy, i i-zs. 11-27. bW MORTENSEN, JOFM I bov. 11-27. Bite 12-1. z-os. My ft, Jonn p., oov, iz-oe. . MEESE, Cliffonl H., bov, 1246. MURPHY. Willie R- bov. 124)5. MARTINEZ, Gary. F boy, 12-06. MATINZO, Edward L., girl, 12-01 MYER. Dwight D. boy, 11-25. .. MC COWAN, Charles D., glrT7.ll MQNDY, Maceo boy, 11-27. gin, u-vi. 26. PANIAGUA. Ramon H.. oirl. 15-6. PICKENS, .LarkesN., girl, 11-82. perez, Micnaei t.. gin, i -z. PRICE, Ernest R., girl. 12-4. RAMOS, Carlos M., girl, 12-1. RlOFRIO, Louts C.. girl, 12-1. RHQADES, James D girl, 12-02. RICE, Thaddeus, boy. 124. Kay: Willie C.. bov. 11-29. 1AMIREZ, Ruben, boy, 12-7. . ilMMQNS. Earl K.,gTrl, 12-1. . Shepar i, Gilbert J, IHERRILU :.boy, 11-27. PRITZ. Irwin t, girl. 12 r.UI I .. Duv. I L-J. i d, junan, oov. MN. Jean. bov. 12-04. imuiii rtrtisTram ija wh tr HIVEL, Robert EZ girl. iiiAi AAta...! I .tm veil ii.i THOMAS. Edward alri. 11.2. it-o le. boy, 12-2. WHELLER. Kenneth A, girl, YOUNG, Paul U alrl7il-24. MARRIAGE LICENSES ANDRUS-GUHIN Brent W. Andrus,2J, Orlnda, and Chert Guhtn, 22, San Bernardino. ALICEA-ESTRELLA Domingo M. All-cea, 28, Hayward, and Pasouala Est-rella, 24, Union City. BROADBENT-MC SHANE Harvey Broad bent, so, Aiameaa ana jane mcsnane, sz, san Leanoro. ... BA man. 25. Huhtln BLUFJWALKFR- R-Earl J, Blue, 17, and Marsha Walker,. iicer, .14, oom uaxiang. COR DE IRC L. Cordel ro, 22, and Ma nue la ia, pom san Leanoro. CANDELARIO-KNEZOVICH Robert M. Candelarlo, 20, and Diane Knezevich. i a, oom naywaro IMBS, JR-AUl ELSEN Stanley N. Coriez, nt. and Marsha Axelsan. 17. is, premont; DAV I S-CLAR K-Rooert l. fvt, 31, ItViZZ-flVL. B- la00 20, and Care L. Ballon, 19, both ana oeioris lmtk, zo.osm yoxiana. both Berkelev. nPLAIIRENTlSUSFY John R. De- laurentts, 25, Oakland, and Gayle Bus- ay, 19, San Diego, FALCON - RODRIGUEZ Rodrlgo G. b&kSndfnd !.-. GARNETT-RICE Terrv L. Garnett. ir, ano Margaret kicc, iy, oom uax- CAI I Ft-fill7MAM- Bnhart F- Galla. 31, and Patricia Guzman, SI, both Alameda, GRAHAM-LEONARD Charles jLGre- nam. z maryiena, ana Lino sjeen- ard. M. san Pranflcra. GALLEGO-WINTERO-4aul. A. Gaile- HUGE c, Hupenoeroer, zu, ana Jvay arnes, . 1st Sal I 04 aesraOJvJvjr 1 1 HEDEMARK KE.NT Robert W, ana rlARRlS-THO ., and. Eliza M. 20, and Bertha Hughes, It, both Piac- ( , orvlile -KEARN-SUERSTEDT-Marfla 8, Kaem. 20, Sari Lorenzo, and Patricia Suer- stedt, 21, San LOMAX jr. -page Jr., 27, and D Berkeley. sreoT, zi, sen Leanoro. IET George T. Umax Diane Paget, 23, both MC ALPIN-JAKE Wayne A. McAWn, 20. San Leandro. and JannHar Jake. T6, Oakland. . MC GINNIS-WEST-WHtlam A. McGln- - nis, Z4, Aiameoa, ana reggy rresi, ze. Berkelev. MONTE-VASQUES-Menuel J. Manta. 20, and. Brand Vasques, 18, both Havward. MAURER - YOUNG-Lennie T, Maurer, ziHayward, and Beverly Young, 26, MNEY. JK.-GEp?'-0" s Mcclunev, Jr.. 2a. San Leandro. ana rid. 32, Newark, and Baroarg fanom. gen, I JVARn AraasfV W. Mar. ; JONES JEFEE sail JOLI ?.SICK, Stan clain, Arcnie, gin, n-zv. FFyTT, Russell F girl, 11-39. AKESHOTT, Paul Oa boy, 124.. RELUNA, Hernan Y., girl, 12-3. ARKEV Larry D- bov, 112-2, Piorp. navld K . bov. THReADFuKD. BOOD llaiila. -' at. ' II St, both Oak- a Talaoranh Avenue Chanel of GRANT MILLcK wyKIUnKIC aw Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Wednesday, in a a i.m n m under tha ausnicas or Alcarraz loops no. h r. ana wk Inurnment private. . " . . . YUST, Lyle 5., of Oakland, bekivedwhus- hnrl ii tha late Ann HaHowell Yust: kwlng father of Judy Blair and Vtckl Yust; loving brother of Clem Yusf of Yuba City and Lawrence Yust of Minn.; dear friend of Chester W. Gal-tettt; also survived by other relatives. A native of Minn.; aged 56 years. A veteran of World War II. . Friends are invited to attend the fu neral from the new mortuary of CHARLES P. BANNON. 6800 East lm St.. Oakland, on Wed.. Jan. I, at 1:30 p.m. Interment, Mountain View Cemetery. "(For further Information, please Call 63Z 1011.1 San Francisco Deaths Abort, Viola T. Arnold, Elwyn A. Barnett. Irene D. Bowman, Charley Rav Burn, Andrew Cellisoa, Ferd Davis, Charles H. Lemmon, Ellse D. Maxwell, Beatrice Morrice, Edward J, Nanna, Assunta Ollvera, Alfonso A. Pillsbury, Clifford A. Rodriguez, Rfchard Healion, Caroline scnneioer, Annie Scott, Annie H. Thorn, August C. Tuffts, John Marshall Weinstrom, Ginevra S. uVi.iTu cw Helslev. EthKl c. Keegan, H ermine M. Keith, William Kiezmer. Harry . - , Card Of Thanks ALAMEDA County Heart Ann. gratefullv knowledges .memorial gifts. . Mall to office, 121 E. 11th St., Oakland. 444-3564, or present at Crocker Citizen's National panic law eroaaway, uaniano, CITY OF HOPE gratefully acknowledges conrrioutions. am Brooxoaie Avenue. Days, 483-9440; nights, KE 34442. ,m CATHOLIC CHARITIES gratefully knowledge memorial gifts, 433 Ji ac- Jeffer- son Street, Oakland. 834-5656. Alameda County MARRIAGE LICENSES PRATT-ELLINGBERG John A. Pratt, 21 , and Sharon E lllngber, 18, both Oak and. PARKER-ST GERMAIN David U rarxer, iv, Kussiavuie, ino. ana mic- iwieoi. uernuin, jv, Mn ueanaro. PROCTOR-KNiaHT nhrt R. Prortnr. 21, and Glenda Knight, 16, both Hay ROSE-PEREZ-Wllllam G. Rose, 19, and Linda Perez. 18. both Havward. ROGERS-MARTINEZ David R. Rog- rs, bi ana aim mamnez. 10, oom Hayward. STEWART-WITT Bobble J. Stewart, .SANblis-E 0uaius2S: ders, 50, Oakland, and Earnestlne Foster. 44, Richmond. SCHENK-BROWN Laurence B. Schenk, , iameaa, ano vuz urowjujy. san . Lorenzo, SOUZA-LARSEN Robert J. Souza, 40, . Oakland, and Karen Larsen, 21, Hayward. TRIEBEL - STEWART Charles "0. Trtebel Jr. 29, and Barbara J. Stewart, 25, both Oakland. TQSINI-TETZIAFF-Joseph A. Toslnl, 20, Huntington, New York, and Gloria leiziarr, is, Newarx. TAYLOR-BENJAMIN Alvln M. Taylor, a, ana, Lorraine neniamin. u, oom Oakland. URIBE-SALVETTI Gary S. Urlbe, 21, and Sylvia T. Salvettl, 21, both Oakland. VALCOURT - BRECKENRIDGE - Luis Valcourt, 44, and Frances Brecken-ridoe. 34. both Oakland. WE RTELKA-SALN ICK Anthony J. borhdakl nd oamicK, zi, WlLKINS-PADEN Kenneth M. Wllklns 22. Lancaster, and Susan Paden, 21. WOODHOUSE-KLIFMAN Craa P Woodhouse, 18, San .Leandro, and Judith Klieman. 22. Alameda. WILES-SUMPTER-Marvln D. Wiles, 20, Madera, and Kathrvn Sumoter. 19. ZACHARIAS-KUVETAKIS George Za- cnanas, 33, New Yorx city, and He len nuveraKis, a, uaxiano. DIVORCES FILED BLACKSHEAR, Almeda vs. John A. .(annulment) NEHREBECKI, Marts E. vs. Peter M WALSH anlce L. vs. William W. iron vs. Kooerr L. .. jla P. vs. Oitle. baker. King G. vs. M JOHNSON, Margrid U. CLIFTON, Betty F. vs anrim mafntananf-al s. Mary M. vs. Albert E. vs. Delton H. (sep- DE CLUE. Merry E. vs. Jerry- A. N EWTON, Janice L vs. Donald R. BOYNTON, Janine J. vs. Albert (separate maintenance) gOBlNSON. WIHma D. vs. William M. ROWAN. Lzena vs. Donald D. LQCKEY,Lloyd E, vs. Irma, COOP :R. iv J. vs. Graoarv W. WAtTI IKS, Jl Ktlna a w Ivn, a EVANS, Mario R. vs. Carlton E. (an- GREEN, Laura J. and James R. SWARTZ, Diane aka Diana Elizabeth Bea and George Edwin. DIVORCES GRANTED INTERLOCUTORY DECREES DARLING, Jennifer L. from Michael L OLIVER, Gary C. from Margie E. RQDGERS, Shirley M. from Frederick fCONDA.Susan A. from William R. GOODMAN, Margaret E. from Joseph SOravrt7 ler- nard I SHACKEL' .TON, Sandra A. from Harry FINlDORE, Llle from Raymond H. MAGRL Evelyn C trom Thomas J. - PINSLEY. Bernard from Cheryl L. . w., jr. 'um, i-reyious j. rrom vryvurn. FINAL DECREES REINHARLT, Shirley from Clyde Nunc PAR- r i u i uift as or -o-oo. TREE, Linda K. fl from Jamaa D. VAN I5,.nsargai ret A. from Ronald. 0, Harvey J, from Donna G. ftpAMS. Marlorle from Frank C'. VAUGHN, Frances p. from William A., I, Martha F. from John H, ylDGE, Oma J. from.W1U)am J. liv from Jon C giMW-frSI LSeLL. Mltrhall rnm Pra, ranK j. ifllbur UL AN HAI Frone. BANIVAIT. Pctalla IMu DnU DIETSCHE, Helen from Henry F. MRotrR?5- GALFNA. AntnlnaHa fmm ttaaual Contra Costa County MARRIAGE LICENSES BRAN SON .SCMWFIT7P P laffarv W oAnrVort ,nd Kw Semwltor' '6' BANDUCEA-RbSS. -f Nick Banducea Concor. ' CHARLES-BUGGS- Coy Cheries, 21, Rfchmond : ana Kozetie Buggs. M, icnmond. CQVINGTON-GUSTAVSON John Cov-and Audrey Bigron, zi, Kicnmono Robert ri Gal legos, 18, HOLME S-CAUDEL BHtv L Holmes 2k .and Linda Caodel, 22, both Con- LEE-GRIFFITH - Samuel Lee, 20, Rjehmond and Blanche Griffith, 19, ,KLJNEIER-SUTTON Relnhard m. ..iMieneieiiar, a, rieasanr Hill, ana Oaklav. 51 LHR-TI DWELL -.Hank Suhr, 35. easanr hiil and Connie Tidwell. 25. satin. t . IIGwWi0- tJN, Roneiee vs. William W. DINGTON, Bernadhte B. ve. Leslie Sarah Jitni VS. Jamas R. - Vs. Michael A. . R. vs. Franea E. (An- laUfnstflt .vs..BroeaU v vs. WHiiam 1 9. vs. F.emand R. I. au flvaWooiTt MAndrew Jr. vs. wilr Armor R. - Wttma i. Kooerr vs. otana tth ml rVaiM WALKfR, Beverty vs. DoneW EVERETT. Janet vs. Ernest Precipitation CALIFORNIA - Fairflekl .01; Sacramento .01. . NATIONAL . Albany NY Blll- aosroa Burraio.M; Bur- m wva .0?; L.CIevlnd fcwn vt i i vf ivy- "asms: liftA mi EdmontW.02 Morireel Si Ottawa .11 Toranta Jli Wlraaaaa NUTT-CARY Defanev G. Hurt, 29, and uWotW Cary, M, both Concord. HUNN-LARGNT - Stanley N. Nunn, 19. and Paulina lamut. is. ham; vv.V -6aM . arid :Vl A.M. ESTtJon.7 j Data From U. WCATHEft BUktAU CSSA Ttwpa p0 4Va SflOW FORECAST There will be snow from Dakotas. It will be colder from the the Great Lakes through the Appala- Great Lakes southward to the Gulf chia'ns into new England Rain is pre- Coast. Sunny skies are predicted else-dieted along the northern Pacific where, according to the Weather Bu-coast with snow forecast inland to the reau (AP) Weather SujnnmaTy7 Forecast San Francisco Bay Area Goody tonight and tomorrow with x rain likely tomorrow. Low tonight to 45. High tomorrow In the 50s. Gentle winds becoming southerly 10 to 20 m.p.n. tomorrow. Chance of rain 20 per cent tonight and 70 per cent tomorrow. Northern and Cerrtral California Fog and tow clouds central valley and . north bay area tomorrow. Night and morning fog in valleys and elsewhere. Fair otherwise tomorrow. Occasional rain beginning near Oregon border tonight spreading to Monterey and Stockton. Northwestern California Increasing clouds leading to occasional rain beginning near Oregon border tonight and spreading over area . tomorrow. Little temperature change. Low tonight, high tomorrow at Fort Bragg 42 and 55 Ukietl 39 and 60. Mount Shasta Slskyou Area Increasing clouds with rain beginning near the Oregon border and spreading over area tonight through tomorrow. Snow level lowering to near 5000 feet tomorrow afternoon. Little temperature change. San joaouln Valley Fog and low clouds tomorrow with a chance ot. rain extreme north portion, tomorrow. Little temperature change. High In the 4rs. Low tonight from upper 3Cs to low 4Cs. Light wind. Santa Clara Valley Cloudy tonight and tomorrow with rain likely tomorrow. High tomorrow In the SVs. Low tonight near 40. Light wind becoming southerly 10 to 15 m.p.h. Low tonight and high tomorrow at San Jose 40 and 52. Llvermore Valley Cloudy tonight and tomorrow with ..rain likely .tomorrow. High In the 50's. Low tonight In the low 40s. Light wind. Diablo San Ramon and Moraga Valleys Cloudy tonight and tomorrow with rain likely tomorrow. High tomorrow In the 50's and low tonight In the low 40's. Light winds becoming southerly 10 to 15 m.p.h. tomorrow. y California Summary The entire Central valleV, much of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles Basin are all covered and ceilings and visibilities in other vaHeys are showing signs of lowering. A weather front extends west south-westward from the . Oregon coast In about the same position If has. heW for the last week. If Is now stowing signs of movement. Pressures oyer, the Pacific Northwest haev begun to. fall as rls Ing pressures are being Indicated over the western gulf of Alaska. The front Is expected In the northern part of the state tonight spreading, rain as far south as Monterey and Stockton tomorrow. Rain is expected below about 5000 feet In the north and to above 6000 feet in the Yosemite area. Slight onshore flow of air ahead of the front will cool central and. southern coastal sections tonight and tomorrow and low cloudiness In those areas. The southeastern desert regions are expected to remain fair and mild tomorrow. National Summary Snow or snow flurries will continue from the Great Lakes to New England. Rain will fall over the western portions of the Pacific northwest changing to snow In the eastern portions of the Pacific Northwest changing to snow In the eastern portions to me. northern portions of the rockles end the plains. Some snow will occur across the, central plains and the lower middle Mississippi Valley. Cold or colder weather Is In store across the northwest and most of the east while warmer weather continues In the southwest. ! Surgy skies will prevail from the southwest to the gulf states and the Carolina!. NATIONAL OUTLOOK, for TOMORROW: A cold front will He from a low In Western Minnesota to extreme northeastern Montane. Another ..cold, front will trail from northern California Into a raw In western Nebraska and then continue as a warm front to central Texas. Highs will be over the western portions of the Carolines and on the Arizona-New Mexico Border. - Temperature Table BAY AREA Concord Danville Nlles Llvermore Martinez Mt. Diablo Oakland Orlnda 50 36 40 36 37. em jttsburp 37 Pleasanfon 36 Richmond 55 38 San Frnesc 48 4l 37 WelnWCree&SM 39 CALIFORNIA BakersfMd 45 Eureka 53 Fairfield 41 Fresno 41 Hamilton Fid 42 Los Angeles 82 MoffettFid 55 Needles 75 PasoRobles 70 NATIONAL Albany NY 26 41 Red Bluff 48 Sacramento 38 Salinas . . 38 San Diego 39 San Frncsco 51 SF Airport 42 Snta Barbra 43 Stockton 36 Thermal 21 Jackson Miss 25 Jacksonville 31 Kansas City 08 Las Vegas 24 Little Rode 35 Louisville 20 Memphis "37 Miami Bead! 04 Midland Tex 39 Milwaukee 32 Molt St Paul 47 New Orleans 21 New York 23 No. Platte 23 Raleigh 42 Omaha 21 OkihmaChV 28 Phoenix . 15 Philadelphia 70 36 72 46 48 41 49 42 66 50 40 37 80 42 30 40 42 17 65 36 60 35 37 13 51 34 74 52 69 34 64 36 42 30 35 23 39 27 33 03 53 30 Albuquerque 54 Amarillo Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Billings - firm Ingham Ismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Ruff aM Burllroton V 28 ChartestnSC 47 ChartstnWV 38 ChertotteNC 32 Cincinnati 35 Cleveland 31 Columbus 0 33 72 9 36 35 12 prrrsourgn IS PortindOre 14 Rapid City 27 Reno 00 Richmond 22 St. Louis -05 St Pbg Tmoa 25 Salt Lke City -16 San Antonio -31 St Ste Marie 36 Seattle 22 Shreveport 30 Spokane 63 Tucson 52 Washington 06 Wichita 20 53 37 32 21 66 35 34 29 41 15 65 45 36 21 66 35 22 15 45 38 62 35 37 34 76 44 35 29 46 28 Denver Des Moines 33 Detroit 33 Duium EPaso Fairbanks 13 H 19 '20 Fort worm Great Falls 28 Helena 3S Honolulu 77 Houston . 68 tndianaDolts 33 CANADA CMgarv Edmonton Montreal 21 05 Regtna 07 -12 Toronto 27 25 Vancouver 23 17 11 -03 14 1. Ottawa PAN AMERICA TO 71 Maaaau 88 75 San Juan PR 70 61 St. Kltts . 66 41 Tegucigalpa Bermuda Booota UlIMM 77 06 veracruz ilarmoallla 84 7 Ciiilaean 4 76 i MexClty S INTERNATIONAL Aberdeen 12 a.m., 39 AmMerdem 1 a.m., 32; Ankara 3 a.nv, 37; Afnens j am. aS: Berlin 1 a.m.. 18: Brussels 1 37; Cairo I a.m., 45; Casablanca iz a.m., at; vooennagen i e.m o. Dublin 12 a-m 37; Geneva 1 a.m., 28; ianaon u a .m jai auona i a.m.. 39; Manila 8 a.m., 73; Moscow 1 a.m 16; New Delhi 5 a.rru, 52; Oslo T a.m., 25; Parts 1 a.m., 37; Roma 1 a.m., 36: Sofia 2 t.m4 16; Sydney M ajru, 73; Tel Aviv 2T a m-48; Tokyo f aJiu, 39; Tunis i a.m. aa, Warsaw i ojtw ie Vienna a.irw 43; Auckland 12 pjrw 64; NKa 12 Road Conditions IR 80 Dormer Peas Open; Snow: V V!36bt60 Until Wdnwdoy Morning Dr. Ferd Callison, S.F. Surgeon, Dies Dr. Ferd W. Callison, multimillionaire surgeon and businessman for whom a college at the University of Pacific in Stockton was named died Sunday after a brief illness at the age of 71 . Dr. Callison died in the Callison M e m o r i a 1 -Hospital, -which was formerly the Polyclinic Hospital, one of his various San Francisco properties. A specialist in abdominal surgery and gynecology, he also devised a spiral ramp as a space - saving device for an 11-story automobile garage he helped build at O'Farrell and Mason Streets in San Francisco. He was also president of the San Francisco Garage and RAIL VETERAN S.P. Wilson, Dies; Turned Down Riches Stanley P. Wilson, a native of Sacramento who spent all his life in California died yesterday after a long illness in Larkspur where he had resided for the last four years. Mr. Wilson would have been 88 on Jan. 23. A locomotive engineer with Southern Pacific in Oakland for 50 years prior to his retirement in 1951, Mr. Wilson lived at the Hotel Woodrow on 14th and Grove in Oakland from 1926 to 1964. In 1926 Mr. Wilson renounced a bequest of $103,454 from the late Robert McGregor Thomson. In naming Mr. Wilson as chief beneficiary, Thomson declared simply that the railroad man had been his friend during the dreary months following the death of Mrs. Thomson. Mr. Wilson said that because he was Thomson 's friend he instructed his lawyers to assign his interest in the estate to Thomson's surviving relatives. - At that timehe stated, "Friendship is one of the finest things in life, but it may be misused. I am perfectly able to earn my own living, so why should I take mat which would otherwise have gone to brothers and sisters of Mr. and Mrs. Thomson." Mr. Wilson was a 50-year member of Alcatraz Lodge N0. 244F.& A.M. of Oakland, a life member of the Oakland Scottish Rite Bodies and a member of Aahmes Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. and Old Rail Club of retired engineers. He leaves one sister, Mrs. Adelne Harcksen of Modesto; two nieces, Mrs. Thomas Clyde Hudelson of Corte Madera and Mrs. Lucyle Powell of El Monte, Calif.; and two nephews, Robert Wilson of Oakland and Col. Ernest Wilson of South Dakota. Masonic funeral services under the auspices of Alcatraz Lodge will be held tomorrow at 1 p.m. from the Telegraph Avenue Chapel of Grant Miller Mortuaries, 2850 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. ANGLERS' TIDE TABLE V PACIFIC STANDARD'TIMI High Lew Hie Low 7 3:34 52 7:56 3.1 :50 5.9 8:44 -0i 8 .3:58 5.4 8:56 2.9 2:28 5.4 9:20 U 9 4:28 5.6 10:02 2.5 3:28 4.9 9:56 0.8 10 4:58 5.8 11:14 1.9 4:40 4.4 10:38 1.4 11 5:34 V 6.1 12:26 ?U 6:28 - 4.1 U:26 2.0 'Denotes pjn. hours. is a.a lai Mill at naa Lexer Phasaa far Jaseary FM mesa rtaaa Till bj. Parking Association and the Downtown Center Corporation which built the garage. He was a regent of the University of the Pacific to which he donated $2.5 million in Nob Hill real estate two years ago. A cluster college at the Stockton institution was named Callison College. Dr. Callison conducted his medical practice at 516 Sutter St. and was a resident surgeon at St. Francis Hospital and a visiting surgeon at French Hospital. He was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1918 and did his undergraduate work at the College of the Pacificneforeitwas expand--ed into a university. He was a former president of the Building Owners Association of San Francisco and the local chapter of the National Safety Council. He was the founder of three life insurance companies and two years ago was elected a director of the Golden Gate National Bank. In the 1940's he founded onn of California's first prepaid medical plans for a group o! labor unions. A native of Fall River Mills, Shasta County, Dr. Callison was president of the Commonwealth Club of California during 1963. He was also a past president of the Union Square Optimists' Club and was on the board of directors of Presbyterian Hospital and the Better Business Bureau. He is survived by bis widow, Viola; a brother, Frank, of Fall River Mills; a sister, Mrs. Robert Summers, of Fall River Mills; and another sister, Mrs. Peter Flood of Redding. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Halsted & Company, 1123 Sutter St. in San Francisco. Richard Love Rites Set Tomorrow Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Richard Kenneth Love who was killed Dec. 28 in a motorcycle accident near Pearl Harbor in Honolulu. Mr. Love would have been 25 this month. A native of Oakland, he was graduated from Castlemont High School in 1962 and attended Laney College. After serving four years in the Navy, he was employed as a civilian with the Military Sea Transportation Service. He was assigned for six months to the U.S.N.S. Richfield from Point Mugu and at the time of his death was assigned to to the U.S.N.S. Mercury from Hawaii which tracked the Apollo 8. Mr. Love is stuwed by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Love of Oakland and one sister, Mrs. Richard Hil-gert, also of Oakland. , Services will be conducted at 1 pjn. from The Little Chapel of the Flowers, 3051 Adeline St at Ashby in Berkeley with Dr. Jack Finegan officiating. Interment will be at Mountain View Cemetery. fait fliaat Oililna Jan. SH:U.m. Last oarterj Search for Schoolman Launched DANVILLE San Ramon Valley Unified School District trustees launched their new superintendent selection process last night by naming a three-man screening committee.- Dr. Richard Foster, current supermtendent, is 1 e a v i n g March 1 to become superin-tendent of Berkeley schools. The screening committee announced last night includes: Dr. William A. Brownell, professor emeritus at University of California; Dr. Frank Fiscalini, superintendent of East Side Union High School District, San Jose; and Dr. Ferd J. Kiesel, superintendent of San Juan Unified School District. The committee holds Its first meeting today and will meet with the board in personnel session tonight to discuss the desired qualifications and type of applicant to be -sought, and where to look for. him. Meanwhile, the board announced that five classes in the first three primary grades at Country Club School in San Ramon win go on double session. There were 795 pupBs at the school yesterday, and 150 to 200 more are expected by the end of the term. OAKLAND M.D. Dr. George Shipounoff Dies at 51 Dreorge-Constantin-Shi- pounoff, an Oakland physician for many years, is dead at the age of 51 of an apparent heart attack. Dr. Shipounoff, who had been ill for about a month, died in a local hospital Saturday. A native of Syzran, Province of Sinbirsk, Russia, he came to California in 1921. He was graduated from the University of California Berkeley, in 1938 from the U.C. School of Medicine in 1944. Dr. Shipoun-' off also attend e d Stanford University from 1939 to 1940 and was an instructor of physiology at U.C. in 1941. He maintained his practice : at 6105 San Pablo Ave. for many years. He was a member of the -California and Alameda Couh-ty Medical Association and : the Stanford Men's Club. Dr. Shipounoff leaves his widow, Mary Lou of the family home in Lafayette; one son James G. of Berkeley; two daughters Mary Elizabeth and Dorothy Anne both of Lafayette and his mother, Mrs. Mary J. Shipounoff, also of : Berkeley. ; Funeral services will be ehld ; at Ellis Olson Mortuary, 727 San Pablo Ave., in Albany Wednesday at 3 p.m. under the auspices of the clergy of the Holy Virgin Cathedral of San Francisco. The Day in Sacramento By The Associated Press THE ASSEMBLY Elected Robert T. Menegan, R-TracVr as speaker, and Charles Conrad, R-. Sherman Oaks, as speaker pro tern., THE SENATE Kept Sen; Huoh M. Burns, D-Fresno,! as president pro tern after postponino. Indefinitely Its usual election of officer. Resolutions Adopted MILLER Pays tribute to Sen. George Miller Jr.,. D-Martlnez, who. died New Year's Day; SCR 4, Teale, O-West Point. .FINCH Honors Lt. Gov. Robert H. -Pinch, named secretary of health education and welfare; SCR 2, Burnt, tv Fresno. PAY Approves pay for Sonata employes. Including ' substantial raise in Senate, aecretary' oay to $24JJM . a year; SR a. Burns, D-Fresno. Shipping News CHEDULED ARRIVALS Subject to change w WEDNESDAY, . wtnwui noTtcv , JANUARY W HMUtnl aku. i ana K4jern. f iv m BELGIUM VICTORY, Long Beach, OAT CALIFORNIA, San Pedro, Pier 37 DON ANTONIO, Los Angeles, Pier 80 rkwyvni, san cnego, pier yz ELLA ZETA. Com Bav. P Pier 7 la, OAT- ARD VICTORY, Manila, IAWAII, Honolulu, PUT J7 ' haina victory, Yokohama, oat . Pier 7 pier au Vietnam, Ra- Psar M 'okahama. Plar PHILIPPINE pier ae BATAAN, LM Aiwetot, ts uvi as I at e - - - - - IURSDAT, JA VICTORY. V VICTORY. Vane.: SCHEDULED DEPARTURES. avoiecr re cnaage WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, me - NCO QUEEN, Wilmington, Stockton -RJZONA STANDARD, Esrtro Bay, B4 BESSEGGEN, Ocean Falls, RUfcT BUKRaUCLfi I kaku, pornano, pier FERNVIEW, Manila, GOLDSTONE, Tacoma, r i arwmm, rrcr BUILDER, Lea Afloat, ler HAWAIIAN i XLWBDI?Eureka, RLW MISSION BUENA VENTURA. Sea) f itm. Pt. Aanlata , MISSION SANTA YNEZ, Houeton, Onl OLYMPIC ULv Chile, Betraeheni 20 ma Annattt Ward. MV both 01 1 Vanoouvar Ml. iPortJaTidr mum. PAN AMERICA teTmtoa f JV. ' Ml &afs Line 7. YAMAWAKA 4 -- -i - -i n-i

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