The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Stalin's Trojan Horse: One of a Series- Italy Is Key Point in Kremlim-Built Fifth Column Noose Around Europe EDITOR'S NOTi:: Il;ily 1 5 * toy ; a.t^npis M d« .,„ n, . N , C ,J ( - S f ; , ( |,, f! . K ,, ( , ( , ,, point in the KromHn 1 * rfforls tn ; Thry am up nujnnst the him! f:n t lih people well • - --•! f''<"'- i ThPro is MHiif' around Wrstom Kiiropc. llo\i lln- ; qucntly throu poli>;r rt nvcrlvurr! in Communists are moving i} l( < r ing trade unions \vlirrcvor tli<*v IMIJ, l( rlCM-rihcd hire l>y H'lHi,,,,, I.. ih( , ,,.,, o| nf |h(v H.'an, Kiistlan-spcaluii? ar.ial.v.1 of: ^ n ,, ln ^ t!Ulf , f , n [ ,, r The ,1ssocj,ilerl IVf«%- forclfru «l iff. fin a t'Hir of I'uropc. llyuii save ! !" /: ', "L ^ " lf "' : ' Ihe overall |>iclurc Ir. <«•« ells- I by lllc Ccl1 to ""'" '"'»' patches frmn Vienna. prlnl,,l car-j m rp * t ln wnrkt-rs in Her (his work. Tnd.iv hi' shows him- ', t>cf ' tt " l ninilpy. a rrs'urc r (he tr.insmisMiin liell reaches Intrclian -jvorker imrirr^nnns an indH-idital crmnlry. By mruAM r.. nv.\\ ROME (API--The Commiuilsi.s evidently are ornpnizm^ filrioinly in Italy to huilrl Ihetr Trn).-in Hor.^, Mn,-eo<.v"s 19.S2 ve-rnon of the storird sieeci that broke the defen.-es of ancient Trny. The chain of command frnm Cominform throiich the World Federation of Trade Unions and into Italian labor IK easily discern- Ih'.e. Italian non-Communist jmliural leaders profess to discount its importance, but the fm-ei-jr.ers in Rome do not. In fact, they me watching Ihe situation mo-t --are- tiillv. The CommuniMs. In control of the bzsgest labor fcdernrfon. the General Confederation of Italian Labor, have imposed n hi«h level. hard corn command over the un- fon?.. and the commami is organizer! down to tlie factory level, Giuseppe (II Vitloryi. a Musrow- trained Cummunist who ?hiinle,i back and forth to vicuna WI-TU headquarters, has Installed in each factory what, he calls a "peace committee." This committee is Ihe cell through which the Communists u-ill exercise their control when and if the chips are dO'.k'n. Di Vittorio imposed tne.sp. committees asainst the will of many in the unions themselves, and the order which crentcrl the c/nnmitteps some time ago had the [one of n military command. Foreign observers in Rome have little- doubt these committees lire, tlie "action committees" of the future, nearly to react, swiftly in the event of crisis. The label "peace committee" clearly shows the influence of the Cominform and the thai. Di under e. and hr. |K. irinn -A'OiiUi not Kronre if 'J»f CVinmnrm.'.! r>. ,„, | wiule the | ); ,,'v h:ir- f.vo million h'nil I f'^Wwi's. til" li;i:n "nr(- ]u',)lMhly 1= tlie area n! H'O.(Mlf) irvi5trd. harri- The CGrL is one of three mn)or labor organizations In Italy, and by far the strongest. It claims more than five million members, at- thouch a more accurate figure jirobnhh 1 would be 314 million. The non-Communist unions ore represented by the Confederation of Italian Trnrte Unions, clnlmln? more .than two million member* but, probably having only I,,100.000. ami the UII,. the United Italinn Lnhor. with 400.000 members, mostly Socialists. Italian government lenders are certain a Inrge percenteee of Italy's Communists are Commnnlsls of opportunity only, and s. bis part of the membership of; the COIL would be} unreliable for the Communists In the event of a show- dou-n. But the Communists already have fhcuv-n they can paralyse Italy with this organlzntlon. In 11)48. after the attempt on the life of Communist boss Pnlmiro Toellnltl. they slag- ed a general strike.. Tlie CGII. h.^s not been Intei-fer- inii with Ihe unloading of military I ftlpplies in Italy from the United ! Stales, ever since the Communist I STREAMLINED CYCLINO-A conventional cyclisl In Berlin slops lo slnre at Iho rwllca) dC5i/(n of the (wo-whcclcr ridden by a ^ 0 ith n L W0 1! an i" th ° Amtri " n scclor of B«»n. Her bike, equipped . e, equipped hD 11S in fi , murlgiMrrts ai,rl n well for pachafics was designed by Walter fisclicr, a Czcchoslovakian refuaee. Record Number of Births in U.S. Indicated by Preliminary Figures Heroic Efforts Fail to Save Life of Infant OKLAHOMA CITY. i,l', -. A val- if.nt effort by a r l uKa ambulance driver to save the life of Ted Alen Laffoou. three month olrl son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ohnrlrs Laffoon of Tahleqiiah, |, n .s failed. The baby died yc.-iertlay at. an Oklahoma City hoxpiial, Charles Lindsay, driver lor a Tulsa funeral home, sped his vehicle at 60 niie.s an hour lo-.vairl.s Oklahoma City. He drove with one hand.l and with Ihe other pumped phlegm from the boys throat. The ambu- lanee'.s txygen supply failed. Ted was reported in good condition at firs!,, but tank a. bad turn nnd died. _raimSDAY, MARCH «, 1953 Blankets, Food Dropped to Quake Victims in Japan TOKYO — American Air Force, planet i/jday dropped blankets and \ food to shivering victims of TU-.S- day.s earthmiay.e and titlal wave. Repair crews began u-ork on shattered rail and communications lines. Extreme roirj and driving snowstorms lollowed the quake. An Air Force field imlt called for an sir drop of 600 blankets and Army field rations (or 1,371 homeless in Ihe villace of Kirltappu, I some 25 miles south of the Rus- I sian-hcld Kurile.s. The field unit i faid 309 homes wore destroyed and j three persons killed in the tiny villapc. Kiritappu. on the East Coast, and the inland villane of Urnhoro apparently were the hardest hit on Japan's Northern Hokkaido Island. Bike Trip Round World ROME IJP,~A 55-year-old scoutmaster from rnriia is pedaling his way around Mie world. With lurk Mateli Narasimhan hojws to do the lob 1» I 1 ; years. N'arasiinhan said on his arrival here recently lie Is carryine a message of brotherhood. He also ivnnl* to correct cerlain false Impressions about Inrlia lie ocean his Journey on November 20, IMf) from Hyderabad. Deecan, South India, He said he supports himself by paid radio talks and lectures about his trip. & PIPES SKIRL FOR 2ND ARMY OIVISION-SBt Frtck Brad ,ortl, riant, E ive« Pfc. Harold O. Cornell pointers en p,pmg n5 Ihe M« Armv Division, m Korea, resclivatcs its bagpipe hand. Some Scots comnls.nerl wn r. n Ihe hanrl chose the Royal Stewart lartan for its kills hul the Yank pipors felt better when the Madame of ->rtir"r"nT iho^/nd' fro C ' nnS M!u-l! " nc ' WTOIe to lhe commanding f ° r r,!'S n ,'- h ' S I"'?,"' J he Ma ' -lalnc chicf sairt It fs''^^^'^"'™" nreci.non of all the United Slates has done in the cause of •"nrld freedom," Farm Youth Is Found Unharmed STTLLWELL, Okla, 'fi — Jimmy Stone, 4-year-old Stil'xell farm yoiilit. was found safe early toda\ - - U hours after he wandered a,way from his hrine. A party of 150 searched the heavily wcoried countryside near his home aficr he was missed yesterday. His mother. Mrs. Tom Stone, said her son was scantily clad when he left with his doe. The doi; came home last night The youth »as found in a clump of grass by searchers, The black color of the "smoke" that comes from a volcano usually is caused by volcanic ash carried n.v sti-am. TRUMAN MEDALLION- President and Mrs. Truman appear on (his portrait medallion, lo be cast in bronze, executed by Paul Vince, 43-year-old Hun- ganan sculplor. The medalliA is not for official use, but iu« for the Truman family. EARLY TIMES IS KENTUCKY'S FAVORITE STRAIGHT BOURBON.' Mgnjs Whisk// T WASHINGTON Wi—Preliminary* fiqures indicate' n record 3.B33 TOO ; births In the United States In 11)51. | the Public Ilea'.th Sorvlre rcporl"r|i Uiriay. Previous high vv ns 3,818000 In lf)41. • i •'Because ot the small (liflr-rcmc ' between the two ficurcs, il Is nc-c- cssnry to wait for finnl data for IflSI before dctorrnlnjnri whether insi Is definitely the all-time hlch." the agency sair! In n ncus release I The infnnt mortality rnte drop- I ped lasl year for fhe JSlli straight ' year. The 1851 rate was un.a per 1 I.OOO live births, contrasted with ' 47/1 in 1910 and R4.B in 1030. The national overall death rate, last year was listed ns 0.7 per l.nno.' practically Ihe samr HS for 1MO. O.-ifly C'ukiKi The cuckoo not only lays it.> e^s in other birds' tiesl.s, but aL^n carries off one of the frvster birds' eaqs and devours it. The youiii; curkoo hatches hcfove il.s [osier bmllicrs and then works its wav unilerni'nih the unhalcheri ccc.-. hacks to Die erhre of Ihe nesl, ami slKH-es the Peron Pleads for AusterityProgram BUE.VOS AIRKS. Arcciltina <a-i — President Juan Perou says Ar- Rciilinri will be fed before exports are sent abroad But he pl^dcd In n nalion-wide broadcast B.=t, nl^ht for supjiort of his austerity program nnd [nr siiealer production ^niphfyin? his Feb. 18 address. wh*r> he decreed meatle.\s days, hu s.tlrlT "we do not ask useless sacrifice." The written lansuace of Easier Island has not. been interpreted but has been compared to the Viier- oelynhirs of (incicnt Euypt and to ancient lanisuaces In India. eves oviY the nm one by one. The fm-ier lurris t.hen devote their efforts tn fecdiiiir (he iutruclin; cue- <5> ifi B Williiins%irsifsh A BARGAIN FOR FLOORS, V WOODWORK, FURNITURE ... ^ ) ijt. Mor-Nof Gloss Vamhk oi;d 5p£f IA! ,•% 2" Pure Bristle Biosii *•««« '^ REGULAR PRI« $2 M ) * J 98 ^ SIIERWIrl-VdUIAMS HIGHEST QUAUTY VARNISH) HOUSE PAINT • WEAWERATEDfo, exlropro- tec'ion ogainit— 1. Eicciiivt Icis of rjlcis 2, Uncor.troiletf c SHIJV/W- WHIIAIHS and Color STYLE GUIDE Read Cotirler News classified Ads. EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY Louisville \, Kentucky 406 W. Main Phone 4591 5|jiSW^i5f;,-..:;;;:;r? •vRflfKiv^;^:.;:;^:;:^ Siwp'idty No. 3136 EASTER FABRIC LEADERS . Fashion-Right Cottons and Rayons 42" NAILHEAD TAFFETA Arfdt sxtro glamor to dreu-up clolhss. Fuil- bociied royon with dobby naiihead designs woven in. Choice of brilliants, dorks. 89c yd. 39" RAYON PETALDOVVN Inenpeosive and practical, yel styled with the beauty of flno silk. Dull-luilar aeps in v^bronl prinis. Hand-washabfe. 69c yd 41" BEMBERG RAYON Height of fashion for coolness and comfort. Shee/ on<J lightweight in a lovely variety of flattering, hand-washable print;. 79c yd, 39" LINEN-LIKE RAYON Washfast lo 140". Shrinkage confrc!!cd to 2%. Cool, crisp Rayon for family jporlwear, Choose dark, medium, paslel shades. 79c yd. L . 33" EMBOSSED COTTON Permanent embossed desian gives a crisp, coo] appearance. Stays fresh longer because of ill crease-resislont Everglaze fimsh. 69c yd, 42" BUR-MIL SUITING All-royon woven in menswear-type shartskin Oild patterns, lloht-weighl, wrinVle- resislcnt. Now reduceri from 9flc. 77c yd. 36" PLAID SPORT DENIM Popular sporl cotton In colorful woven pot- terns. Mil and match. Sanforized. 69c yd. 36" SOUD-COIO!) DENIM 59^ yo. 35" CRISP WAFFLE PIQUE Vof-.-iyed collon in <o!id-color poslels. Waffie d'sign givei rich texture interest. Choose if for skirts, drcises, children's wear. 59c yd. J Better Cleaning... A feature that has enabled our business to expand through the years .... The most modern cleaning methods, executed by highly skilled hands, is your assurance of highest quality work, The Hudson Finish A Hudson-cleaned garment is Ag always returned to you with that "like new" appearance - . . "Shine" and "Flat" appearance are completely eliminated in our m-vdsrn and thorough process. Your' cfothes look newer - and l«rt much longer. 8 ta Service... * Hudson is geared to meet your every emergency in dry cleaning. Quality is not sacrificed in supplying this super-fast service. Call us - when the emergency arises .... Phone 2612 'Don't Take Less Than the Best" HUDSON CLEANER - CLOTHIER - TAILOR Blytheville, Ark. Steele, Mo.

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