Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 18, 1968 · 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 11

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1968
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akliubilitrribttne Sit., May 1 8, 1968 1 1-B S"0 1 V van man, afi without works is dead" ... ' - . -' ' ' - James 2:20 cK$CHCUMifM ftkflir CHURCHCbMifM Display t VEDANTA SOCIETY VJanta Society EA4BAY CENTER V Hif, and Bowditch. Berkeley Buaaee 51. SI end 40 Sunday, May 19, 8:00 p.m. "THE FIVE PLANES OF CONSCIOUSNESS" Speaker: Swemi Chidrupanande ASSEMBLY OF GOD rJIRST CHURCH Rav. Pau Schoch, Pastor ; Rtv. W. C. Nelson, Auoc ASSEMBLY OF GOB 10th Avenue and East Uth StrMt TE 4-8909 9:45 SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR ALL AGES Worship Service 1 1 a.m. Rev, Eldo N. Lindgren of Santa Cruz speaks at both services Evening Service 7 p.m. . -BAPTIST. OKlemont Baptist :Oiuith--i'5! 259Avarka--M2-9414 Evening Sarvica 7 j m. Retherlea T. Conrad, Pastor "JESUS TEACHING Sunt, School 9:45 a.m. Wed. 7:30 p.m. Midweek Service Foothill Boulevard Baptist Church 1530 Foothill Boulavard DR. 6. ARCHER WENIGER, PASTOR KE 4-5225 1 1 a.m. "Sinlessly Perfea Saviour" DR. WENIGER 7 p.m. "What I Would Not, That I Do" STEPHEN SE IDLER 9:45 a.m., tan S.S. Daptv p.m., eight Training Laaguei NURSERY PROVIDED Busat 40, 41A, 43 and 43A Of FSTREET PARKING Manor Baptist Church (Conservative Fundamental) Rev. W. Glen Roedei, D O., Pastor 1845 Levelling Boulevard, San Leandro (1 Mile west or Washington Avenue) Sunday School 9:45 a.m. 6 p.m. Training Hour 11 a.m. "One Thing at a Time" Sermons by Pastor Roede 7 p.m. "The Great Physician" Midweek Service Wednesday 7 p.m. c MELROSE BAPTIST CHURCH ... Affiliated with Conservative Baptist Association 47th Avenue and Bond Street ft KE 2-3140 Bible School 9:45 am. Training Fellowship Groups 6 p.m. ' Dr. Woodrow Rood, Pastor Worship Service 1 1 a.m. "Captivated or Compelled." Rev. L B. McCracken 7 p.m. Rev. Don Rood POCKET TESTAMENT LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE Alameda First Baptist ISIS Santa Clara, Alameda Rev. Milton Gtre Sunday School 9 45 a m. AMERICAN BAPTIST. Morning Worship 1 1 a m. "WHEN YOU FEEL LOW DOWN" Vesper Service 7:30 p m. Prepared by the Youth ffite (MutcA tftat ates .BROOKS1DE BAPTIST CHURCH U300 MacArthur Blvd. KE 2-9233 ' p.0 11 a.m. "L.S.D." 7 p.m. "E.S.P.", NEXT SUNDAY; 11a.m. "Play Boy" 7 p.m. "Fun, Fun, Fun" 9,30 a m. Church Cesses, All Ages ' Nursery at All Services - FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Telegraph Ave. at Twenty-second St. Dr. Boyce Van Osdel, Minister t ' CHURCH SCHOOL ALL AGES 9:40 am. ' Worship Service 1 1 a.m. ' ; "A Compound of Faith and Fact" DR. VAN OSDEL NO EVENING SERVICE THIS WEEK Lakcshorc Avenue Baptist Church 331 S LAKESHORE AVENUE Rev. Rodney R. Remney, Minister Broadcast en KFAX (1 100) Worship Service 1 1 a.m. "Journey Outward" Rev. Rodney Romney 7.45 a m. Weekdays "Hours af Prayer" KFAX (1 100) Rodney Romney. David Gettey CONFERENCE BAPTIST Lakeside Baptist Church " Trwa Avenue East 1 5th Street ' "THE POTTER'S HOUSE" Dr. Harry O Anderson, Inter. Pastor Or. Harry O. Anderson Vvednndev 7 IS pm 7 pm "CHILD EVANGELISM" lee Study, P rarer Service Rav. Emmanuel Rasmussen First Southern Baptist 25m Avenue Phirva 534-7UB 52-2334 Or. Edward Tewnsend, Paster ' SOUTHERN BAPTIST Sunday School, 9 45 am. Ham. "QUALITY EDUCATION" Evening Worship 7:30 p.m. Wed. 7.30 p n, Bib Study and Prayer -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE- CHURCH Classified Display CHURCH Classified Display CATHOLIC i St. Francis de Sales in the Heart of the City CORNER GROVE and 21st STREET SUNDAY MASSES: 6, 7, S, 9, 10:30 High Mau and 12:15 WEEKDAY MASSES: 7 and 8:00 a m., 12:15 p.m. St. Joseph's Church CHESTNUT STREET AND SAN ANTONIO AVENUE ALAMEDA SUNDAY MASSES 0:30, 8, 9,10,11:13 a.m. Midday Mau 12:15 noon Night Mass at B sjh Phone 522-0181 St. Leo's Church PIEDMONT and RIDGEWAY AVENUE OAKLAND SUNDAY MASSES: , 7,8:30,9:45, 11 (High) and 12:15 Dairy: 7, 8 a m. First Friday: 7, S a.m. and p.m. First Christian Church On 29th Street at Fairmount Between Broadway and Harrison Dr. Dallas L Gladson, Minister -CHRISTIAH- Church School 9:40 a.m., all ages Morning Worship 11:00 "HOLDING LIFE TOGETHER" Dr. Kyle M. Yates, Jr. ' "W here the Scriptures speak . . ." Fruitvale Christian Church E. 17th and FRUITVALE AVENUE Rev. Charles Dubbs, Pastor Church Office 533-1784 Bible School 9:45 a.m. 1 1 a.m. "In Fear" WORSHIP WITH COMMUNION Nursery Care Off Street Parking CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE -Grand Avenue Alliance Church Grand Avenue at Fairvlew . . . Piedmont REV. LINDEN W. HEATH, PASTOR 9:45 a.m. Bible School 11 :00 a.m. Russell Dalin 7:00 p.m. EINAR WAERMO, Swedish Tenor Presenting a Sacred Concert No. 12 Bus Stops at the Church Berkeley 2215 Prince Street, Berkeley 843-6061 Luigi List, Minister Bible Study 10 e m. -CHURCH OF CHRIST- Worship Service 1 1 a m. "LES MISERABLES" Evening Service 6 p m. "PERSONAL CONSECRATION" Wed , 7:30 p.m. Bible Study Central " 531 25th Street TE 6-0164 Robert R. Price, Evangelist Bible Study, All Ages 10 a m. Services 10:50 a m. Evening Services 6:30 p.m. Wed., 7:30 p.m., Bible Study East Oakland 2808 35th Avenue Robert Le Croix, Minister 534-5900 763-8608 San Leandro 601 MacArthur, San Laandro ROY F. OSBORNE, Minister S68-7062 Bible Study 9:43 svm. Worship 10:50 aJs and I p.m. Wed , 7:30 p m , gfbls Study Bible Study 9:45 a.m. , Worship 1Q,50 a m. and 6:30 p.m. Wed. 7:30 p.m. Bible Study CONGREGATIONAL Pftnfinmno PsMrvMfitiAnn I 1VW"UUU,U v6'W worshlo Sarvica II a m 1 536 Oxford St., Berkeley, 848-1685 "THE MATURATION OF Faith, Freedom, Fellowship RELIGIOUS VALUES" First Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland Dr. C. Eugene Sill, Minister Rev. Lincoln B. Wirt, Assoc. Rev. Paul Formen, Oir. Youth Ministry CHURCH SCHOOL 9:30 am Worship Services 9:30 and 1 1 a.m. "What Things Change" , Dr. Sill preaching EPISCOPAL East Bay Eoiscooal Churchw CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOR OAKLAND 4jg Lincoln Avenue Wiltar M Vl Family Sarvica 9:30 jms Holy Communion 1 1 a.m. (Except First Sun.) Church School 10 em First Sunday, One Service, 10 am Holy Communion ST. JAMES OAKLAND 12th Avenue and Foothill Frederick L Lattimore, Rector 8 a m. Hely Communion II a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon ST. JOHN'S CHURCH OAKLAND. 1707 Gouldin Road, Montclair District ft Block off Thomhill Drtve B a m. Holy Communion; 10 a m. Holy Communion or Morning Prayer . o (m. Church School ST. PETERS OAKLAND Broadway at Lewton Rav. Robert S. Morse, Rector 455-4283 Bam. Holy Communion 10 am. Family Eucharist and Church School Saturday 4-5:30 p.m. Confessions TRINITY OAKLAND Telegraph at 29th Street Rev. Rowland G. Hills, Rector 8 Holy Communion, 10:30 a m. Morning Prayer, Sermon Church School, Bekewell Hall, 9.45 a m. Child Cere 10:30 am. Wed. 12:15 p m. Holy Communion .EVANGELICAL COVENANT- CHURCHCIassified Wsplay CHURCH Classified Display CHURCH OF GOD Church of God ' 15602 Meubert Avenue San Leandro Rev. Frenk Polumbo, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 11 ajn. ' Sunday Evening 7 p.m. Wed . 7:30 p.m. Y.P E. Evangelical Free Church 6022 Seminary Avenue EVANGELICAL FREE Church Phone 562-2635 Rev. trick Frohmen, Interim Sunday Church School 9:43 am. Mem and 7 pm. Services REV. DALE LEANDER Guest Speaker Choir message In musK CHURCH doaatftod Display CHURCH Classified Disatay N0NDEN0MINATI0NAL Rockridge Church College and Hudson and Manila Rev. Robert Keller, Minister EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN Sunday Church School 9 45 a m. Worship Service Hem. "BREAKING THE TYRANNY OF THE FUTURE" Wed. 7:30 p.m. Midweek Service Robert Keller speaking FRIENDS R.-Ul.,, t?.J. ri l V . 1 lt,1U3 V-" UI Ul Worship Service 1 1 a.m. Cadar and Sacramento St j Berkeley "THE NEED FOR CERTAINTY" Ronald Woodwd, Pastor - Sermon by Pastor Church School 9:43 a.m. Cynthia Bedford, soloist LUTHERAN LUTHERAN CHURCH OF THE CROSS WORSHIP at 4 locations in Berkeley 9:30 a.m 401 Grizily Peak Blvd. 9:30 and 1 1 a.m. 174 University Ave. I I a.m 2516 Durant Ave. II a.m 1300 Rose St. 9 30 a m. "CHURCH SCHOOL at 1744 UNIVERSITY AVENUE CONFIRMATION SERVICE, May 19, Durant Avenue HOLY COMMUNION, May 26, Griuly Peak Church Office 848-1424 Central Lutheran Church 213 Ridgeway Avenue REV. WALTER C GRAVROCK. PASTOR Sunday School and Bible Class 9:45 SJn. Wprship Service 1 1 a.m. "God's Living People" Sermon by Pastor Gravrock Child Care Available at All Services Servicemen Welcome TUES. 7:30 p.m. "DISCUSSIONS ON FAITH IN LIFE" CLASS, PARISH HALL Faith American Lutheran 4335 Virginia Avenue KE 3-49V0, KE 4-2863 C H. Eller, Pastor Worship Services 8 30 end II a m. "TIME TO LOOK UP" Sunday School 9 45 a m. Sermon by Pastor Eller Luther League 5:30 p m. Brooklyn Presbyterian fc school, an Ages, 9 45 a m. ine Historic friendly Church" worship Service II am. .in r.iw, win jireer V "tr"t ruiprr uuear REV. TOVEy M. HOVAGIMIAN, Pastor it aod Sr. Hi, Church Pksr 7 pm. First Lutheran Church Lutheran Church in America 4100 MOUNTAIN BOULEVARD 531-8050 9:15 and II a m. CHURCH SERVICES Sermon by Dr. Vernon Strompke 9:15 a m.' Sunday School 10 a m. Forum: Mr. Pete Velasca College Avenue United PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 5951 COLLEGE AVENUE Rev. Ronald Has. Pastor Our Saviour's Lutheran 8800 Fontaine St. (at Crest Ave.) Sidney E. Jorgensen, Pastor Walter Holten, Asst. Pastor 569-0689; 569-8850; 636-0849 S S. and Bible Classes 9 4$ a m. Worship Services 8 30 and 1 1 ajn. "PRAYER IN JESUS' NAME" Junior Luther League 6.30 pm, Tues. 7:30 p.m. Catechitation Thurs, 10 am. ALCW Workday St. James Lutheran at 993 Estudillo, San Laandro Rev. Donald E. Rydbeck, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 a m. Worship Service 10:45 a m. "MUCH FRUIT" 6 p in. For Community Youth 'Our Comomn Heritage in Hymnody" Thurs. 7:30 p.m. Prayer, Communion Action Group St. Paul's Lutheran Excelsior Ave at Woodruff Rav. Carl E Olson, Pastor 534-0444: 531-3606 9 45 a m. Church School Classes Divine Worship 9:15 and 1 1 a m. "THE SWEET AND BITTER FRUITS" Rev. John H. Wagner preeching Wad 7 30 pm Bible study, prayer Trinity Lutheran serving the living God Alma and McKmley, near Park and MacArthur llvd 836-3135 Rav. Aaron L Plueger. Pastor Sun. School; Adult Bible Class 10 am. Worship Services 9 and 1 1 a.m. REV. JOHN HELGESON Guest Speaker First Trinity Lutheran 1431 - 17th Avenue, KE 4-1630 Buses 40, 41, 43, 60,81,82,83 Henry G. Hertner, 0 D., Pastor B. Mieger, Choirmaster LUTHERAN MISSOURI SYNOD Radio Sarvica KMPX-f M 7.30 e-m. Sunday School Bible Classes 9:30 a.m. Worship and Communion Mam. "HEARERS, BUT NOT DOERS" Walfhor League 7 p m. Grand Lake Lutheran Euclid at Van Duren Avenue Walter E. K reamer. Pastor Robert N. Hullmoer. Assoc. 444-5JI2 444-J19 Worship Service 1 1 a m. Holy Communion, First Sunday (undey School 9:30 am. Adult Pble C'esa 9:33 am. Immanuel Lutheran . . , . ... . Sunday School, BiWa Oesa, 9:45 am. Santa Clara at Lafayette, Alameda Kav. Charles A. Nehnsen, Pastor Worship Services 8.30 and 1 1 a m. 523-0659 Sermon by the Pastor Pilgrim Lutheran Worship Service 11am. 3900 35th Avenue "GAMES PEOPLE PRAY" Rav, R. H. Wolkenheuer, Pastor Ascension Day Service .Thurs. 7.30 p-m. 531-3715 Sunday School an Bible Class 9 4S am Redeemer Lutheran j?' ' ' m- Sermon by Pastor Moeiey 1st Avenue end Br enn St. Holy Communion B 30 a m. Rev. Lalend Mosley, Pastor ASCENSION DAY SERVICE NE 2-1392 NE 2-4141 ThurdfYg i5 ,m. St. Peter's Lutheran ,TJ.VV 11 Broadmoor at Bread lr!lvJ tn4Utm-. , . .m,ni, Hoty Comunion 8 30 a m. San Laandro NEB-701 7 . Thurs. 7 30pm Communion ServKO Herman C Theiss, Pestor AtNSION DAY FIRST COVENANT CHURCH 2 100 Fifth Avenue at Park Boulevard Rev. Stanley R. Henderson llajn. "Reconciled Man" Sermon v Paster Henderson 7 p.m. Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Weld Covenant Missionary fa Colombia, IA. Farewell reception following service WfDNFSDAY 7:30 pm. Family B.bie Study and Prevat Service PASTOR EDWIN S. JOHNSON inn f.iithrran Churrh Worship Services a 30 and II a m. I S201 Park Boulee.d vTTaTt??- " Sunday School. Bible Class, 9:45 a m. Ascension Day, Thurs. 7.43 pm. -METHODIST- INDEPENDENT CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCHES Branches af The Mother Chwch, The First Church af Christ Scientist m Boston, Massachusetts CHURCHES Alameda 2164 Canti el Avenue Barteiey . Fs J4I9 DwpM W m . Second 1 52 1 Spruce S"t Thwa 2'IS Ptvxa Street -feCarrite 601 Lanongton Avanua xVemon-3823S Biacow Road ' Har-er 1814 B. Street Cat land f r 1751 FrVi Street "2 WtxS-t'i J-i Sw ,-Z.' Trur 14 Fruitvaa Anue Fowrtn 1)0 taSesrya Anua - F.rm '0 Fooi.ll SavM Severn 2 31 J haireon Street Kvk J Jjj 3(tt Averv . Tsnttv I ISO Mountain Boukrvard OrMda 2 Ormda Way PwdmonS 801 Magnolia Avenva San Laandro ICS DuHon Avanus San Lorema 19741 Hahaay Ave sant Canj Avat-abia ( READING ROOMS 2402 Santa Care Avenue 2UJ Canter S"rt 712 tairgraryi Avanue Cciusa Avenue 27H Praxa Street IC2I9 San Pabia Avtenue 37390 Framonf Boulevard 923 A Street 3H 19m Straat 47 34rti Sft 1642 Frurtv Avenue 5 ; Lake Pa-k Avenue TTi MacArrnur Botrvni 2333 Hrno Street liii Jim Avanue , 4 79 Morega Avanus I Ca-na Sotrene 801 Magnotia Avenua ICS Dutten Avenue 174! Haha-av Avenue Nmtti Ovch acaptad9 estbrae Me CI IURCH 1343 1 lopkins Street, Berkeley 1 1 a.m. "Our Kinsman Redeemer" 7 p.m. "The Leading uf the Spirit" Special music "Victory aires" ((ALT BIBLE CHURCH) Pastor Paul C Reiter speaking FIRST METHODIST CHURCH ONE CHURCH TWO LOCATIONS 6th Ave and E. 17th St. 9 30 m. 24th and Broadway 1 1 a m. 9:30 and 11 a.m. "How Much!" Sermon by Rav. Wmkeimen Child Cam Both Sarvica Church School 9 30 a m. Wesiev Center 10-43 a m. eVoad.ev Canter Lake Park United ?8I Santa Clara Avenue Of F GRAND AVE. AT MacARTHUR Phone 444 ;J Fredertck YevMJ Wis. P. M.ller Church School 9 40 a m. Worhm swe Item. "THt INWARO JOURNEY" Coffee Hour Child Cam Apartment Dwellers Welcome INTERDENOMINATIONAL -1 arn-Awda. tvtaav 2nd. 3rd. El Carta. CakVand 2nd, 3nJ. S 7m, 9h, 10th. P-w, sjb Laandra. San Laranta II am. and 8 pr Barfca-y 1st. Oak-end 1st 9 30 a m- and 1 1 stvou-art Oakland 4tN 0"nda 12.30 P SUNDAY SCHOOL 11 AUrnaaa, BerkaT JnJ, O Caa, Caknd 1st. 2nd. 2- d, 4m, 5-. 7v. 9sh, I0v Pavjmont, San Laanava, San Lerwa 9-33 am. and II am- a-ay 1st, 2nd. Haywanl. Cve - . 12 M pm Zienewt I USSON-$IRAON K'8fCT FOR SWOAY : "Morals and Immortals" - - ...... . . WTDNtSSAY VEtTiMGS 8 09 p m. at Owcnas (ritar BVSawy 3-d 7.30 p mj Fraf Church. Caknd. 12 10 neon and 8 pm. "Xu. E CCDiAHY IWTTtS T3 ATTfO TV SEtvCtS,TO BJIS-S " O-SLWEN TO SLCAY SCHOOL. AHD VtyT THt READING RCCJ . . ?tdood Chapel '3O0 vtd nmi f 9- van nrrr-i Pasa ii (-;. JJ7-t951 coMMUNmr Ca Svtvm- Scsani 9 30 a m. tVo Sannee 1 1 "i, 7 pm. T r,rrj Naur 6 p J". 7.30 -. P-ever, e $jy Nurtar Cam at a Servcae The fitighbothooct Church 8411 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland -Rev. Jacob Bellig, Minister 9 30 AND 11AM. YOU ARE INVlTEO TO ATTEND CUR WOWING SUNDAY SCHOOL OF OVER 1200 Worship Services 9:30 and 1 1 a.m. Rev. Don Rood Pocket Testament League 7 p.m. SPRING CHOIR FESTIVAL 8 Ycuth Choirs Youth Orchestra , Instrumental Groups English Handbell Choir LTTEN EACH SLXSAY NrGXT ORGAN MELOO'EJ CewJ Van x at the consaie Ffcm Kitten af aha Mjfaarioud Cfercfc 30 7 pm. Sunday UAR NAZAftfNE CHURCHoftheNAZARENB UT here's A Church In Your Community' u Vhile ye have light, believe in the light , that ye may be the children of light John 12:34 PILGRIM TEMPLE CHURCH 7007 MzcArthur Boulevard CO.-DIXON, Pastor Phone AN I-2948. LO I-B732 Sunday 1 AS Ministerial Gathering DINNER AND FaLOWSHIP FOLLOWING THE SERVICE MINISTERS AND PUBLIC INVITED Sunday Evening 7 o'clock Evangelistic Service Midweek Meetings Tues., Thurs. 7:30 p.m. UNITED PUniYTIRIAN . Alameda First Presbyterian Church Santa Clara at Chestnut w . ' A.C buaas 91 and 58 H. W. Van Oelinder, Pastor CHURCH SCHOOL 9, 10 and I lam. Worship Services 8, 9, 1 0 and 1 1 a.m. "HolyCowPV - SERMON BY REV. VANDELINDER Coffee Hours after 9, 10 and 1 1 a m. Services Berkeley First Presbyterian Church DANA STREET AT CHANNING WAY Dr. Harold N. Enflgnd, Pestor Worship Services 9 and 1 1 a.m. Broadcast KGO, AM-FM (8-10) "In Christ Now Meet Both East and West" DR. HAROLD ENGLUND 7:30 p.m. "Focus on Mission Arizona, 1968" REV. ROE B. LEWIS ASCENSION SUNDAY Sunday School 9:30 a m. Worship Sarvica 10: S3 a m. "THE WITNESSING CHURCH First United Presbyterian Church 241 9 Bmadvay Dr. Arthur M. Romk, Minister AnH" 'fbTj - Thornton, 7mZt Newton R Peshtey. Director of MuuP Church School All Agee 9:30 am. Family Worship 9:00 a.m. jy, of worship Ham "Puzzled, But Never in Despair" Musk by tha Tempi, Cho Child Care Both Sarvica. 10-11 a.m. "Meet the Black Man" STUDY SERIES ON CIVIL DISORDERS REPORT Fruitvale Presbyterian 273S MacArthur Blvd. 281-4915 Robert Dew Nicholson, Pastor 45 a m. Church School, All Ages i.irr n. nupnos, music director 10 43 Momma Worship 'CHURCH . . . CLUB OR CAUSED Child care Cottea Haur 9 4i a m. Special Adult Forum: "Tmi christian and his community" High St. Presbyterian church school, ch.id car, 10 T4i mon street RMON Tv dr. Tsrvi'tT Rev. FrW B. Trwvltt. Th D.. Mini.,- ,y mV,TT Frank Tavlar tkentJ,U-. ronowwo ma services rrena: layier. Or sen uf -Director W4vJmm.t. sii. a., vi - . w. 0 pan. Park Blvd., Presbyterian Church . ras aauieverg at nampal PhonaS3J03 Jamas William Beird. 0.0. Paster Worship Services 9:30 and 1 1 .m. "This Do..." Dr. Jamas William Baird Youth Groups 7 pm. 7 p.m. "Crisis in the City" nsv. i end HOWARD SWARTI Church School, Alt Apes. 9 30 a m. A SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army OAKLAND ClTADTL Cfital lth end Feomill Brig. Andrew Telter, apaakar 7 p m. Ivangelietic Sarvica RELIGIOUS SCIENCt Sundsy 8 30 a m, en Channel 2 IhE LIVING WORCT Sunday School 9:43 a-m. Mornma Worship Mam. tlLLta WITH THI SPIRIT First Church of Religious Science 5000 CLAREWOOO DRIVE, OAKIANO ARTHUR MANTER, Orpannt RAYMOND MANTON, Soloiat 1 1 a.m. Dr. Lillian I loppcr "Divine Love and Guidance" Sunday School Junior Church Nursery Car Wednesday Evajnings Healing Meeting 8 p.m. DIAL A PRAYER BS4-7500 1UHANI fATlAKia Ruhani Satsans T w Oakland YWCA ISthand Waoatar Street Room 301 Mas TV xiRPAL SINGH Jl Ham. Sunday, May 19, 198 Public Invited jriRrruALirr ar VIUVI 4 WV4 k. k'll t MCBVaM tft . CHURCH. N S A.C iuo0v tm- 1407 Nmth Street, Alameda Speaker, CONNIE SMITH Charles Bmomen, Presidant cat rTiNGS hv A-i-ri n... THE0S0PHY v a t "v. i If A i BERKELEY CHURCH 23C4 ScKmirr Avenue Rav. McMahen, Pastor Arlington Aires Quartet 1 1 a.m. Service 3 p.m. Sacred Concert HXRS OF Uvi Vdav School ecas Vou Moo. 0 pm. Erenrf Weovrtfl,, 7 )0 urn ALAMfOA 2!S2 Csvitral Avenue IJNV 8 Taot Avenue ANTtOCH Sj5 D-au Sfeat C53 VAUEY-EOf VOALE I 2J0 Lasa Cnatw Road CONCC0 ItSI Aintunr Drra f. SOANTT aC4 Ann Way -V-AI3 26221 Gadng Rood irstsvcct 4 8 iclrxi Avenue O ' L tr-CL t.K It Avenue ST CCCH lew Laeio-a Avarvat P'TTSeS3 SXS t 'xM Ava-x. 4 729 SAacnaid Aexie SN IEC3 Ua'l B"c.'Vl Avarua SAM PtS.O 12H and UJ-rorwve St. vkSi.vtT tnt ' l?i3 Svv-w Avenue 9 4 em: Mem-v W. 1 1 E.eneet.sra 7 p m.. M k. rv )yzt.-r't" iU-7S7 Sii-;-'3 (rv t--rr D Carsar 5.S-4T50 Vr-wn Nut 7JMS79 f 'an ftodrJa S414177 4.9t:i Ba. Jewaa SMrw aisas a4-43: e'r T 2I3-IS? rv PJ Ma H2-0i3 537-75CB v. W-ri-w Pork 443-2 !S 447 -394 a, htr-,m Har-aan Ait-1458 e nfiii Pev4j' 8i2-3Sil Sil-'74 SV O-v-jw E-era -Ai2-t.i7 fv. w'tim 5'Aa Ji2-nO 7S8-4JI9 r. 4 e"r 3i7-SK9 JS?? Sn VV'njrn P-v'v 2j334X5 233-4454 Xy4 Caar 9jjjO United Lodce.Theosonhists th!ckpmy m-hool n . .. MASONIC TEMPLE. BANCROFT and For Adults and CNidnsn -MAUWtH AVINUl, tHIT.tXrr tvm nwnre STUDY CLASS Thursdays S pm TUTH CENT I K OAKLAND TRUTH CENTER 1453 MADISON STREET REV. HELEN ANDERSON, MINISTER Sunday Worship Service 1 1 i.m. "The Teachings of Christ" Rav. Anderson Andrew S m. Sokstst Raassho Camba. Oraaniet THURt 2 pm HEALING REALIZATION MEETING. Rav. UNITARIAN UNIYlUAltST Fint Unitarian Church 14th Street near Grave Organ Prelude 10 50 am. Church Sarvica 1 1 am. Rav, Amid Crornpton. Th D M mater P - Oowa-on s Sermon SuBiact: rw. rw Tw , . am t sr,rt OH A -WHITE' MAN?" LINfTT LAKESIDE UNITY TEMPLE 144 Atl a E. and Lakawvjre Ava. REV. KATHtRYN J. JARV1S. MIN STER SvNCAY SCHOOL CLASSES. ALL AGO 9 30 am. Devotional Senice 1 1 jun. "A Friendly Ticket" Gwast speefcar, Ra. Mary ScuRy DAfVY MEXTATTON 1 2 NOON.12.30 pm Tuw. Haahng SsHca I JO pm WarL mvjvaak Se-vxa 7.30 pm Prarar and Cauneairyj B34-B852 SAN LEANDRO UNITY CHURCH REV. AA.1ANA COPPOCR. MiNHTBt SCI 3oasv Avee , , m 43-3132 Devotional Sennce 1 1 a.m. . "What Is That to Thee: " Ra. Jua Caacxxk 4aahng Serve Tuesv 1 :30 p m Majwaok Sawee Wad. 7 JO am Op" I-tv4 TVjgn v II 1 K t 9J1jivJss BW IBJftw-t-!! (K M . ,s SB. L.

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