The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1952
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH «, 1951 Truman to Ask For Foreign Aid Billions Today Painful Expense Is Cheap Insurance for Anti-Red Program By JA.MKS MARI.OW WASHINGTON M'j — President Truman today will send a message 'a Congress asking some more bil- $>s for foreign aid. In a great many words he'll probably say something like this: Even though the expense hurts is, it's cheap insurance against communism It through it we c»n nnke western Europe strong. The lone of his message probably ivill be a little different from Sen. Tim Connally's angry blast at the French earlier in the week. That white-haired Texan, who's chairman of tlic Foreign Relations xO'immitfee. stuck a needle in the French Monday, telling them to act their age. He faid Prance must "do h?r duty" or she can't expect the U. S. to five her economic aid. HP rMn't snv no wouldn't keep on giving mil'tnr. 1 ; aid. Recent French ;>ntics had peeved him. Tl-ey probably peeved msst Americ?ns, The French are part of the At!'.'!<tic Pact. They n'nrovcd b-ar'ire a --eater share of the burden of N>TO. To i*ct tlie money for this share, i'-oy'd have to raise taxes. B"t jt"!i they faced Ihe question of SW'im; taxes a week ag.\ their Parliament backed down. That perlor- mr'icp didn't look very good over here where taxes are almost as hi"h ns during the war. A"d ii dlari'l look eood for a cour>l" of other reasons: 1. If the Russians cut loose. Ihe French will be the main tared in F-ii-opo. So no one needs more rail- it-rv nr"'"rtion than the French 2. The French don't have a stiff tax program. The heaviest part rf ft f'.ills on {he poorer elates al- trrjug'i the rich and middle classes h-ve the m-st. to lose, economically, i f the Communists ever take France. Si Connolly was probablv onlv e;:^ressi"» the exasperation of mit- lir">s of Amei-icans. Since Mr. Truman is head of the country, and has to deal with the French, which Connolly doesn't h~''c to do. he will be more polite But. the underlying point Is still th's one: Whether ue like it or not. we'll have to have patience with the French, and keep on helping them, i^.ioly because we need them as m-ch as they need ns. There can hardly be a European nrmy without France. France has agreed to provide more division. 1 ; thin any oilier NATO country. For our own Ions-range safety we need a strong European Army, ,,-th France the cornerstone, ns the first line of American defense against Russia. Tf the Communists were able to tpko over France peacefully from wilhin, because of an economic col- l.-p^e. the European army would fall apart. * So it's to our interest to see that France doesn't collapse. Therefore, in spite of the indignation of Connally and others, we'll have -:o keep on helping. BLMREVILLB (A*K.) COURIER HEWS Firing a Government Worker Is Expensive WASHINGTON W, — Firing one government worker is BO complicated, says Senator Olin D, Johnston (D-SC), it cosls the taxpayers 51.000 In paper work. He told the Senate yesterday his Civil service layoff system. One unidentified agency, he said, ran up a bill of SJ59.I)0!> in dismissing 25 people. Johnston related these detail's of the case: 1. The agency spent 4'i months In an attempt to discharge 16<i workers. This entailed 1.553 "paper actions." 2. Only 25 employes of the 164 actually were dropped. 3. The reshuffling Involved v»as so damaging to morale, at least 297 employes quit. 4. The agency found Usclf ) n the "ridiculous", position oi having to recruit new employes. Johnston said his committee "found in government's personnel structure the loss of thousands of man-noun and millions of dollars each year through duplication of effort, poor utilization of manjmu'er and the use of cumbersome, obsolete and time-consuming procedures." Doctor's Statement Ends Girl's Hopes of Discovering Mother MARTINEZ. Calif. Mf>,_Haby pic-t Itures and a doctor's slatencnl up- ! adoplion of Ihe baby' bv Mr and jparcivily ended 'Mary McClelland's I .,_, _. , „ . ,, [hopes o! finding the mother she "",' ^' a lcris , Bcck ' Ic , a ' ld "'*• 'never t-new jk rcfllspri "> reveal he;- parent- j Dr. E. W.' Menithew said he rie- 1^°; DCCk is dcad ' ! livorcd the baby who now Is Mrs • ^ewmnixr pictures of the MOII- | McClelland, 24-year-od San Pablo., i rrnev family - in which Everett I Cnlif., iioitFe'.ufe. Therefore, he j McC'ellund said he sa\v a re.^cmb- said. «!-.c couldn't be Mary Mmi- i nmc to his wile _ had aroused roiicy. kidna'jcd from her Chicago .speculation Mrs. McClelland might liome "2 years ago a.s a 2-year-old, be the mhsilia Momoney B irl Old Man Shoots ildren, Self No Motive Found for Murder, Suicide on Lonely Kansas Road SHARON SPRINGS. Kan. I.T',—A i railroad engineer killed his small j I prandson, wounded his grand- ; ] daughter critically, then shot him- j self to dentil on a lonely road | ; seven miles e;?.st of here Tuesday, j j A coroner'.? jury ruled it H case ' of murder and suicide. i Coroner W. W. Carter said Die i man wns Herbert Abernathy. abcut '- j 60, of Sharon Springs, i The boy was Jeffrey Nolan. 3. and the girl is Janet!) Nolan. 5. The j r'irl wus rushed to the Goodland i I Hospital where attendants said she had a fair chfnce of recovering from three wounds in the chest, and i arm.s. j She had lain in shallow snow at | I least an hour and a half before the I | tragedy was disccvercd by Jack All- ! man. a mail carrier. The coroner said he knew of no motive for the shooting, which was done with a revolver. Escape Proof Jail? 'There's No Such Thing 1 OKLAHOMA CfTY Wi-"There aren't any escape proof jails." So says Olin G. Blackwell. ' supervisor of federal custodial services. "Put a man behind bav> and i : e becomes a mechanical genius right quick," Blackwell explains. "After all, a man in Jail has noilihw- to do but dream up a way to escape 2'! hours a day." The federal official is anion" a panel of experts attending a 3-day institute which ends tcday. The officers will tour the El Reno Federal Reformatory and take part in discussions on ceil housekeeping and controlling fire hazards, of the Blytheviile High School basketball team were .special sursts at yesterday's meeting. Coach Fisher introduced each team member. Other guests were Max Hill and I Johnny Lacgins of the Blvthcville High School Key Club, and Elnert Jobnsrm and Cr:tjik.<:lon Stiff. «4 200,000 OHMM KW TIWH iUi«« «* N*v AifttriM S Attack SimiUr to OM CM(r*M«4 in FAGE MW1 hi FE ^,'?, Et l9. RIVE IN 'NDO-CHINA-Newsmap above shows critical situation in Indo- Chma, where Viet Mmh Communists are advancinj at a rale imperiling the whole French position in «th»2? , po ; n '. whfer ? the defenders may have to moke a major withdrawal. Most grave r^cen" H»no w . as . loss o'Jhe fortress city of Hoa Dinh.necossilalins a "last ditch." defense ring around Ham., and its port Haiphong. With Chinese Red troops masse,! on Jndo-Chfna's nordiern border Irench Jear a Korea-lype invasion, possible through an "end run" through Thailand to attack Cambodia and Cochin Chinn. Scientists have determined that, geologically, (he North American continent extends far out under the Atlantic. Kiwcnians See FiJms on Gome Hunting in Yukon iVfembers of the Kiwaiiis Club I were shown film.s of bii; eame luint- ing in the Yukon Territory. Alaska. [and in Northern British Columbia by Lloyd L. Ward. Blytheville big same hunter, at Iho weekly meeting of the club in Hotel Noble yesterday. Mr. Ward narrated the film, which was taken by him on the trip, A. O. Hallrnan. Dr. B. F. Scott. T. p. Scctt- and Gilbert Smythe were inducted as new members at yesterday's meeting. Coach Jame.s Fisher and members Hollywood Continued from Page 8) ly different. Arthtnr Kennedy playing a cowboy in "This Man Is ! Mine," had a line which read: i "Before I die J aim to loss p. ropei over my own cow, just once." I From somewhere behind the ' camera, a Hollywood extra play- int! a cowboy intoned: "IScfore I die, I aim to toss a skirt chain over my own Cxdil].io, Just once." I . . . i Jane Wyman was introduced to' an admiring male fan at Warner Bros. "How do you do, Miss \V\man," (be wide-eyed genl said. "I've s^n you in so marsy pictures you ought (o recognize me." CKIIIl) "WOLF" A Hollywood physio-therapist. Dr. David H. Jones, was giving advice lo an aging movie actor who still plays the role of the gay bachelor In private life, "i suggest moderation and relaxation." said the medico. "Lay off the night-ehib- bing and late hours and dating young actresses. That's the best advice I can give you." Replied tlie wolfish aetor: "Doc- Itir. \\-lti\i p|se ran you suff^est? Really. T don't deserre the BEST advice." • • * Lou Costello has a hilarious memory of when he was a $30 a week carpenter at MOM in the enrly '20's. "The studio," Lou fells it. "had a purgatory for carpenters who were no good. They put 'em on the nnll ?i!e. straightening nails. I was so bad they put me on a tack pile straightening tacks. "But I got even with the studio. One day I was fired, but no one advised the paymaster. I went back lo the studio every Friday for six months and picked up my S30 check before they discovered I had been fired." I • • • l Some of the TV fraternity ucre discussing a producer v.'ho keeps using his girl friends in important roles even though many of Ihem are horrjble actresses. "He probably was a sullor hi-hirc becoming a producer," observed John Cameron Sw.iy/.ti, "the uny lie insists on R sweetheart part." in everv ' EDSON Continued from Pa^e 8) agcnient. This first O'Conor-Bricker-'cape- hart amendment goes even farther. 7t prescribes that rates set by the ICC shall enable the carriers to earn "sufficient revenues . . establish and mainlain sound credit, attract equity capital . . . ajiri improve the art of tranr-ixirtation." Though it doem't say so in so many words, AAR officials interpret this lo mean that the railroads must be. given rates high enough for them to earn H profit of around 0 per cent. Background for this is that since the end of the war. railroad profits have averaged around 3' 2 per crnt a year, with most other utilities earning c or 7 per cent or betlcr. the railroads say they have not been able to attract new equity capital. Writing Into the law a provision that rates must be set high enough to attract new equity capital would in effect fc-ilnranlco the roads casi-plus system. No matter how hk'h ua^c find material costs wo RO. rates would have to be set high enomrb to cover costs mid earn a profit besides. This idea would be carried even beyond this point In the second of the O'Conor - Bricker - Cnpelwt bills, ft would write a new section 15. h into the Interstate Commerce Act. Could Increase Rales on 30 Days' Noiicc It would permit any group o! railroads, any express or sleeping- car company to put into effect on 30 days' notice any rate increase it considered necessary to meet any incrcFiseri expenses. If the rale was found to be dis- criminnfory or In excess of what was needed by the railroads "to establish and maintain sound credit," ect.. ICC niiild then require the rates to be modified by the extent considered necessary to prevent di.seruninntifui, prevent excess revenues, or both. Spokesmen fw AAR say this amendment is proposed because of the hme. delays now encountered In ^cttinj/ rate inci'cuses approved. After the 7 per cent rate Increase Put New Life Into PS Your Clothes! Wake up t h e looks of your wardrobe with quality dry cleaning,- Colors are refreshed . . . original lines restored. Your clothes will look like new for Spring. Our experts use gentle hut efficient solvents in cleaning, and do a fine pressing job too. We pick up and deliver. Call us BLYTHEVILIE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 Blue and White Copper Tan and White 9.98 ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP Blue and White Copper Tan and White approved last Auftuet. the roads asked for another 7 jwr cetit increase In October. Hearings bfgan Jan. 14, ended Teb. 28. u win he several months more before ICC cnn hand down its decision. By that time the railroads claim costs will be far beyond ihi> j ev el or a year »go, when they first isk- crt for a 14 per cent increase, AAB officials admit privately there is little chance thi-s second amendment will be passed by this Congress. They think chances on the first projwsed amendment are /nu<h better. 406 W. Main Phone 4591 TIRE SALE GUARANTEED 1st QUALITY MATERIALS THROUGHOUT 1195 I I . / So/ 6.00-16 Flat f , J. To. wrtk yo»r M II,, 6.70-11 SAVE WITH SAFETY-FULL NON-SKID DEPTH-FULL TREAD WIDTH-FULL SIZH RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS Size. 4.40-15 6.70-15 7.'0-15 7.60-15 8.00-15 6.70-16 Tire Prica* 13.25 13.45 15.45 17.25 18.95 13.75 Tube P,ke** 2.35 2.70 2.80 2.95 3.50 2.75 RIVERSIDES FCS OlOER CARS 6.50-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 15.75 11.95 16.25 2.70 2.40 2.75 . f.J. To. : <JJ tin. "Pluj 1,4. Tox. PRICES CUT ON DELUXE TUBES Nc',» lubes odd lo the m.leoge and lafely of *~) I f\* your new tires. Save now during this safe. ONLY 10% DOWN ON TERMS HURRY—SAIE ENDS SATURDAY -aL L

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