The Times Standard from Eureka, California on March 14, 1969 · Page 15
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The Times Standard from Eureka, California · Page 15

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1969
Page 15
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Arcata High Finishes -Top Ten' U.N. Category Moonlight Oasis 'ueen Is Crowned ARCATA - For the second consecutive year Arcata High finished in the top ten category at (he Model United Nations conference held in Berkeley on February 13, 14, and 15. ·The six students, Dcbby Dillon, Maureen Finigan, Frances Dickerson, Gregg Moore, Midge Pelham, and Zaeh Zwerdling, represented the Communist country of Albania. Jodie Nickels was unable to attend. Each year, at the end of the conference, ton teams are selected- as the ones who best represented their assigned countries. Approximately 135 schools participated in this event. It is run by the students at the I'o- iilical Science Department of Berkeley, and they pick t h e countries each school is to represent and the five committees to be included. Students from the various high schools are to look up information on their countries, and at the conference try to act as the actual country" would. Each school participates in these live committees and the Security Council, as well as the General Assembly. They pass resolutions and amendments that deal with world problems that are relevant in the real UN. Arcata High's team, since they represented Albania, had only one ally, that being Red China. One of Arcata's projects was to get a resolution passed COMMUNIST REPRESENTATIVES from Albanio ore (l-r) Gregg Moore, Maureen Finigan, Debby Dillon, Midge Pelham, and Zach Zwerdling. Not pictured are Francis Dickcrson and Jodie Ntckols. to admit Red China to the I'M. This attempt was unsuccessful, but the country of Albania was praised by the top officials for Iheir valiant efforts. Robert Berko\vit2. the din advisor, had this to say abou! the event: "This mock United Natioas is a great learning experience for all of the team members." Since there, will be three spots open on next year's team, Berkowitz is urging students to try out. "Arcata High now has a good chance to win top countrv three years in a row." stated the cap- lain of the team, Zach Zwerdling. Arcata will have the first choice as far as picking their country, and they hope to try for tlie countrv of Israel. "I think that tins year was really fun. especially when we were able to speak in front of committees of the General Assembly. We had to learn to talk like an Albanian." said Debhy Dillon. F r a n c e s Dickcrson added. "It's really a lol of f u n . and a great chance to meet lots of people." QUEEN MARGARET WENTZEL was crowned at the annual Fortuna High School Sweetheart Ball by 1968 first runner-up, Connie Peterson. Margaret is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rolan Wenfzel of Fortuna. Her escort was Steve McCollum. FORTUXA -- '-.Moonlight,sponsored annually by the For-.FIJHS. 'lliese girls were judged . Oasi.s" was the theme this year 1 tuna Girls' League. ion personality, poise, and ap- in Fortuna recently. The !event is a girl-ask-bov affair Lccipicnts Named rip THE .TIMES-STANDARD As the winners in the D e l ; Norle. Humboldl, Lake a n d : Mendocino county area Linda! and Larry will receive a certi-l ficale and Iheir applications! will he sem lo the State Youth' Committee. This committee w i l l - jseelct one girl and one hoy as {the Youth Award winners f o r the stale. These two young peo- I p l e w i l l receive S5U each. i In order to apply for this 'award Ihe student had to be J a business major, have a "B" i average in his business courses 'and in his total school classes, have had typing, have taken :: units besides lypmg in the 'i- j o f business, uriie n li'Uer i application and a data shu I have obtained .several letlers o! ! i-ecuminL'udatiim. and have evidence of his work and extra- ·curricular activities. All high schools in the area were eligible to .submit candi-: dales. Those on the selection! 'committee: Mrs. Charlene An-: :mack. Fort Bragg District l.i: - hrarian: Mrs F.rma Crmant ; Wiliist High Librarian; Mr V.. ; S. Nelson. Assistant Superintendent. Fort Bragg District Schools: an.:! Mr. Frank John- ST BERNARD'S - The Girl's Ihe niaht league basketball payers to the Herd's five and.slon. Chairman. Past President Alhle'lic Association in dire need tournament that is held at St.: the Herd had to wear boxing of the Section and an instruc- of monev. played ' a nnmitimci Beinard's. Iglovcs. t»r « .l.aytonvi»e High School same of basketball with the' It was deciJed that the girls The game started olf good found it ditnciill lo make .-, Thundering Herd The Herd is should have a few concessions'for the G. A . A. Hie girls Choice among the candidates one of Ihe ton competitors i n ' s o lltcv thev were allowed six: seemed to have the jump nn the .because of the high caliber ol _ ...J"_J ' ------- hoys. However, it didn't l a s t - t h e applicants. long as the Thundering HerJ A similar award will be giv- started tiirowiag long passes, en for Junior College students. Their height seemed lo over-,of Ihe Stale. This organization. lower all Ihe little girls. The of educators and others interims were good, but had a esled in business education 111 EURKKA - Eureka H i g h purchased lor HI cents to $10.: lendency In foul loo much. With all levels hopes through awards was contaminated last week..Thursday the slaves performed: ( |, c \, 0 ^\ n « gloves they just!such as this to encourage c\- Svmntomsof lauahler an"! mer-j l i l s k s for tiieir . owncrs ' 0 " rr . v -j couldn't re-isi punching Ihe girls jcellcnco among those students Symptoms ol laiignter am M.LI i . )IR lx)n] . s singing and dancing, j,, n,e nose i taking business subjects, i-iment caused the Spring fever| ( , r . |1)hy Day ^ )o(] . |y saw a n ' T|)c gir)s h;l(| s(in)( , oulsland for the annual Sweetheart'Ball; Eighteen senior girls were pearance al the semi-finals held ' -- 'sponsored as candidates by,the Tuesday prior to the dance, clubs and organizations a t ; T h e judges this year were Mrs. iCharltnn (Evelyn) Schwartz, :Mrs. Alfred (Margaret! Bulz, Ed Williamson, and Claude Par; ker. These people made their j final decision shortly before the crowning at midnight on Satur- j day. i They chose Myrila Nolan as i second runner-up. She was es- ' icorted by Tom Henry. Firs i Tlirec girls from local high Columbia, each accompanied. runner-up was Karen Kenyon, ischools have been named 1969 by a school teacher, will join j escorted by Mike Smith. Queen !Betty Crocker Ilnmemakcr o f : i n an expense paid educational;Margaret Wentzel's escort for .Tomorrow for their school. They j tour of Washington. D.C., andilhe evening was Steve McCpl- '·are: Pat .lurkovich of St. Ber-j Colonial Williamsbtirg, Va..:|um. Wilbur Morris. Superin- '·nard's. Chris Baldwin of Me- next spring. tendent - principal, presented : Kinleyville and Paula Towne of T|, c national winner--the 196!) each girl with a bouquet. :Del Norte. These girls were ,\lI American Homemaker of- More than 200 couples at- ichosen on the basis of a score-Tomorrow-will be announced; tended the ball this year. The .in a written knowledge and apli-;at an American Table dinner'· decorations included an "oasis" ZA!\E -- A group of 120;tnde test on homemaking given ; j n \villiamsburg. The choice will | in the center of the dance seventh grade science studentsiW senior girls on Dec. 3. ihe on the basis of her original! floor, and a "shiek's" tent en- from Zane Junior High went to- Their achievement has made:test score pins personal nbser-;try way and stage. Harem gills iHumlioldt Slate College recent-1 "'em eligible for slate and na-'valion and interview during the! served refreshments tn the . . . i , ',, . ., ... Itionul scholarships. Thev have! tour, and her scholarship will!guesls. ; l lo look tlnough the wild- al ,, 0 bern avva| . d1t , d ,, 5 p P(: j.,iK- be increased to S5000. Second.; The candidates and the clubs : -life building. 'designed silver charm f r o m , third, and fourth ranking Home- that sponsored them were Jean- 1 Two groups of 60 students.Ceneral Mills, sponsor of ihe i makers of Tomorrow in the n a - ; n e Albright. Actors', Inc.; Mi- leach, out of William More-j Betty Crocker Search for the-lion will have their original jchelle Murphy. Art Club; Jan- ihouse's and Jerrold Comfort's! American Homemaker of To-i scholarship grants increased tolet Abrahamson, Bowling Club; 7T|classes. \vere shown preserved | morrow. ;S4,000, S3.UOU. and $2,000, re-1 Karen Kenyon, Boys' League: _| specimens of birds and ani-| A state Ilumcmaker of Tn- iS P ecuvc ly. -Linda Carter. FBLA; Debra I mals, fish hatcheries, animal;morrow and runner-up will he ! This is the 15th year for the.McKamey, CSF; Palsy Barnes, {skins, pens of live animals, and)selected from the winners of theiBetly Crocker Search, initiated!Coin Club; Alana Coope, FFA; ;experiments in the working.!schools in the stale. The slate in I954-5S by General Mills to 1 Betty Speir. FHA: Lianne Det|The guides of this tour were'winner will receive a 51.5(10 col- emphasize the importance nL'cfson. Future Medical Careers' i w i l d l i l e students at Humboldt. -]egc scholarship, and her school-homemaking as a career. .More.Club; Vickie Kieinan. GAA; i What they saw ties in with will he swarded a complete set than six million senior girls Shcryl Huffman. Husky Howl- · w h a t be studying. i_JC!/^«_-kt'.4- iscemrd l o enjoy m e irip very sf[]| txliicalioiuil f j . . . . . . . . . . Imudi." commented Mr. Com: Tin- Bctl Crocker H o m e m a k a l " 1C conclusion of the current ii Raslen. Senior Class; and FORTUNA - Linda Dungan.M'orl. From their happy faces cr nM'omorroiv Irom this state.'! lm5 '' ; '. m - .Mai'yjiemier._Tri-Eltes. Fortuna High School Senior.!it's obvious Ihey enjoyed their.together w i t h those from a l l and Larry Bunner, Fort Bragg:half day off from work. too. other stales and lite District of High School Senior, are the sec-! "" tion winners of the Youth; Award given by the California- J «M*igroiM«Mj*aAh9agMaa«Mft^!h^'ft.tu»*Mft^^ I Business Education Association J i n each of its eight member sections according to Mrs. P. A. Sieuberg. President of t h e North Coast Section Friday, Mar. 14, 1069--P Business' rs ev ivive heTM and w i l l ° r lllr Encyclopedia Britannica-have participated in the Searchicr; Margaret Wentzel, ' l """ """ |, v KiK-yclopedia Brilannica.'Program since its inception, and· League; Eleanor PegoloL... ... laying. "Hie -students [,-,,. T | 10 ' n m nc'riip will earn a j ] - J60 winners will have earned jteract: Chei-yl Leach. Key to enjoy the t r i p very sr,[)|) educalioiuii grant. .scholarships totalling SI.59l.,iOO!Club: Myrita :\oian. .N'HS; Mar- Girls tli. In- STUDENTS APPEARING on the Response program seen weekly on local television were: (top, l-rl Vera Cruz, Kathy Agnew, Shawn Battcrton, Jim Francesconi, Rich Hawley, Alan Giacomini, Linda Dixon. (Middle rowl Doug Dailey, Eileen Aycrs, Barb Thomson, Roby Agncw, Joe DeAndrcis, I front I Father Michael Kenny, Diana Trichilo and Sharon Duggan. This group, students from St. Bernard's High School, sang a medley of songs which ore used in folk masses to express the need and necessity of God. L ong u Aids leain ever , ......... , ..,. aclm-:^,, , oss w i lee lhaiTow races. i ing players, such as Tcri Miles. land Mrs. Maurice Dniigan nl 1 and a week filled ^ ti ^ ^ ties. 'tug-o-wars. and relays held o n j K a l h y Rnberls, Sharon Duggnn.' Fortuna. "Spring Fever Week" began; the football field. Rally Com-jBarbara^ Bean. Linda Finnegan. Linda is the daughter of Mr ' Slated This Saturday which -ill clsscs carried' out algames." The first billed game is j Berla, Steve Williams, Grcgi night. March 15. ihc Lem.n theme At noon tandem bike; the Sophomore-Junior clash al! Masterson, Myron Anderson, Tree in Arcata is bringing on and Irik'e races' were held I ? p.m. followed by the Senior-!Dave Inlcrsimone. Ernie Nuncs/some sounds of "Smack. - : ' · - I - . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . , : . . . . . -.. , p anL . m ui |i !)e nh | 0 , 0 i.e,,,- this very popular group Irom Ihe north fc.T $1.50. Wear w h a l . vou want f.nd dance froni 11 and trikc races were ncm. .' JI.MI. MMID^LU uy uiu DLiuiM-|i.'ii't t..,^,.........^. i,...,^ nun,;.-,, The Key Club held its Slave!faculty game at 8;30. A daiiceiand Ihe able-bodied coach, with Kale during lunch on Wednes-'will climax the big week. Dress;a broken ankle, John Shields, day with members being solilhs casual and "Uncle. Spin's.Even (hough it was a financial lo the highest bidders. In prev- Cereal" will provi.le music for i success tlie girls, in trying their ions years, slaves I'-ive been the evening. 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