The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTJJEV1UJB (ARK.) COUK1EK NEWS U. S. Business Prophets of Gloom Point Out Signs of Economic Slump WEDNESDAY, MAKCH 5, igw By SAM DAWSON NEW YOHK. ffl — The prophets of gloom are pointing today to the reports of sudden easing of demand lor metals as a sign a business slump Is underway. But more optimistic souls see no justification for fears ot a coining depression. They think first, that there are other explanations of the reported easing of metal supplies than just a sudden lack of demand. And the optimists think secondly, that any easing in the tight supply situation Is a step In the right direction — toward order and stability, with the final goal the ending ol conlrols. Arguments Their arguments go like this: Much of the easing of demand iur such things as some steel products Is more apparent than real. When material* are controlled, as at present, the shortage of any one needed In making a product redxice-s the demand for other metals, whether they are available or not. An example Is (he auto Industry. Until it gets more of tlio copper essential to producing cars, it won't need all the steel now being offered. Automakers say they would buy the steel if they could get the cop- er. A second argument is that as long as civilian goods producers are restricted as to how much metal they can use, It U impossible to tell what the real demand for the is. An example here is aluminum. The stretch-out In the warplan building program has apparently eased the demand for aluminum, since the aircraft industry doesn't need as much right now. But a number of fabricators say they aren't getting all the aluminum they want and can't because they don't have priority. Some aluminum makers say there would be no blank spaces Jn tliclr order books If nil would-be users were allowed lo buy. Hoarding Stops Other observers see the apparent sudden drop in demand for many metals as a healthy thing and traceable to a variety of reasons, In addition lo the apparent one that consumers aren't buying as much of some products as the nation's factories can turn out. The argument here runs along these lines: manufacturers are now reacting just as consumers did n year ago, nnd as distributors did last summer. Consumers, after two scare-buying sproes, got over their fours of shortages nnd stopped hoarding. When retailers saw Uila was n long time tendency of consumers, merchants stopped order- Ing. Since then they have uecn working off the store Inventories they piled up in the months when they, too, feared coming shortages. Now the manufacturers realize 1 1 that the rapidly expanding .capacity of metals producers, plus the stretch-out in the defense program, mean mclnls supplied will be more abundant by year-end. So manufacturers aren't ordering ahead in fear of shortages. They are cutting back their buying to what they need right now, nnd even bringing •out some of the Inventories of met- nls they may have srminled n\vny. The emphasis is now on n faster turnover of metal Inventories. A short time ago the emphasis was on making sure there would be enough metals In Inventories. The Tdes of March piny a part too. perhaps. Businessmen arc hard put lo It to find cosh to pay big Income taxes next week—and another big payment will come due June 15. ff they can save cash by not ordering metnls now, nnd living off Inventories Instead, so much ilio better. Those bankers who feared Inflation were among the first to praise consumers for stopping their scare- buying a year ago. They also praised merchants for whittling down In- ventorlc» »nd getting Into proper balance. Now the same bonkers are praising manufacturers for what they call the sober behavior as a sign of coming depression. Loser of a Million, L V. Gives Out Pointers on Thrift RENO, W — L. V. Italfleld, who says he Is "a man of character but not a 'character'," still Is unconcerned over the loss of an estimated Sl,500,000 In cash, Jewelry and negotiable securities. As police checked rumors and listened to a multitude of theories as to how burglars carried away Red-" field's safe from his hurnc Friday, the 51-year-old millionaire told reporters; "Money can be replaced. "There nre many things in life- Marriage Brought to End NEW YORK <A!>) — Novelist Fannie Hurst goes as a solitary mourner today to the funeral of her husband, whose death ended a long marriage unsurpassed In fiction, Her Iniib.ind, 70-year-old Jacques S. DanielKOn, retired pianist-composer, died yesterday at his home. Miss Hurst planned a funeral service with herself as the only person present. The body will be cremated. The novelist, now 62. married Danielson in 191B. She announced the marriage five yeara later olid told of Its workings. The two kept separate apartments, breakfasting together twicf n week. He telephoned her for appointments. On each wedding anniversary, they took a holiday together. She kept her own name. that are more important (him mon- :y. I havo good health; I have a jood wife and, with apologies to the song — f have her love to keep >ne warm — who can ask for anything no re." Bargain llunlci Then he philosophized on thrift: "I buy a bargain -Alien I see one. 'f I can save n nickel nn an item. < buy It In timintlty, thus saving' one or two dollars, ff r hadn't done that all my lite, I'd be just like so many other people today — just one step ahead of the bill collector. "f can say that I ilrin't owe a com 1 anyone In the worlii. Including Uncle Sam. If the Internal Revenue 'Pie will check lliclr files, they'll 'hid f have paid Income taxes on far more money ihan was Inkcn Ihe other day." The burglars didn't "break" Rcdflckl. They overlooked another $1.000,000 in securities. Reno Police Chief L. R. Oreeson was not as talkative. All he would asy about the robbery was: "We're checking and .chasliiR leads. It *c were getting cW- wc ' couldn't make it public anywav" Alaskans Buy Freezers To Store Moose Meat ANCHORAGE. AlasVa (AP) — The super-salesman who sells iceboxes to csklmos is not just myth. H. A. Faroe, proprietor of the Northern Sup.'Jly Co,, recently sold six 11-cublc-foot food freezers here where temperatures drop to 00 degrees below aero. The freezers are in demand for storage of moose meat. SOME MARKS TO LIVE UP TO—Wilfred James Cartier, 18, wearing his dad's jacket, is overwhelmed by the marks he'll have to live up lo—Ihc hnshmarks acquired in 22 years of service with the Army by his folder, M/Sgt. Wilfred Cartier, right, who recently witnessed swearing-in of his son. The elder Cartier, now a recruiting sergeant, plans lo remain in uniform for at least 30 years. llu, 'H llty may be cha,, S ed. It also explains why a man who I Dr. Alvarez said. pcrson - has >«<> » •-'!•-. energetic life «,d- Io3es hi , drlvc „„,, amb!t|0 Little Strokes: They Kill, Too LOS ANGET..ES IAP) — now A scries or "little strokes" — sometimes iis many a s 200-can cause personality changes, memory lapses or death was explained at the College of Medical Evangelists' convention, The strokes occur when a liny brain artery becomes clogged by ft blood clot, Dr. Walter C. Alvarez emeritus consultant lor the Mnyo' Clinic and lecturer at Ihe University of Illinois Medical School, said yesterday. They impiKii most olten at night nnd may go entirely unnoticed, lie said. "If one of the clots forms in the memory center of the brnin, for example." he suld, "Hie victim may wake up and discover that halt of BUSINESS FOR SALE Here's a good opportunlly (o BO Inlo business for yourself. Tf you're interested in Ihc imnbu and home service business, Ihe HOME SEKVIC'KS * STORAGE CO. li for sale. MuvhiK equipment includes: 1 2!i-Ton btmlelukcr Tractor, 1 Inlermillunul 2-Ton Tractor. 1 Chevrolet rick-up Truck, I Van Trailers, 1 Grain Trailer, 1 Ford Beta! Body nnd oilier equipment essential to the moving' business. Office nnd lu-ulhiB fixtures. DphnlMcrhie sufijillcs for home service, ami furniture rcunishiiiE equipment". Also 1,000 ft. of walnut lumber. Ilusliir.vr Is for sale due to death of owner. IVrile of contact.... MRS. C. D. EATON fi2(i Walnut liiytlicviile, Ark. -Williams Varnish MAR-NOT VARNISH A BARGAIN FOR FLOORS, WOODWORK, FURNITURE... 1 qt. Mar-Not Gloss Varnisli and 2" Pure Bristle Brush REGULAR PRICE ...... $2 50 CPFf Ifll SHUWIM-WIHIAMS HIGHEST QUALITY VARNISHI SHESWIN- WillMMS SWP HOUSI PAINT • WEATHcRATED for extra pro- 1. Exccisive lost of glen 2. Uncontrolled chalking ? 6° 5 GAL. IN 5', Point and Col*r srm GUIDE Yovri to borrow ... no thor Owr 100 gioBl-tiia pogei. Full-color ptielograph*.. Color harmonl** for «riry loom. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 4H W. Main Phon« 6767 . ELECTION FKOCIiAMATION Notice is hereby given lhat the Annual Schwl Election for the year 1952 will be held in each of the school districts of Mississippi County, Arkansas; on Saturday, March IS, 1052, for the purpose of electing school directors, for voting on school taxes and on such other measures as may properly be submitted at said election. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M. and close at 6:00 o'clock P.M. at the following places: Name of district and polling places: OIVEH this 1» day of February, 1952. Luxora Luxora, Bowen Bldg. Victoria. Store. Luxora School Board — C. B. Wood, President; R. C. Langslon. Secretary. BlytlKville City Hall, Goff Hotel, West End Fire station. Yarbro Langston Gin, Number 5, Clear Lake School. Promised Land McGee Store. Blythevilte School Board - Max B. R«id, Pmident: O. Murray Smart, Secretary. Gotnrl! Gosnell High Scnool. Qosnell School Board — O. A. Moody. President, C. E. L*dbetter, Secretary. Armorel Lee Wilson Company. Annorel School Bonrd — E. Jj. Hale, President; Arthur Vance, Secretary. Manila Manila, City Hall. Manila School Board — C. W. Tipton, President; C. B. Childrets, Secretary. Dell Del). Planters Gin, Half Moon School. Dell School Board — M. E. Griffin, President; R. B. Crawford, Secretary. Burdette Burdette Supply Co. Burdette School Board — C, F. Toiiipklns, President; Holtis Jumper, Secretory. I.emhvillf Lcachville City Hall, Newsome's Store. Lcachville School Board — J. Lee Bearden, President; G. B. Ray. Sec- retary. Brinkley . Store, Veach's store. Brlnkley School Board — f j.',l Bowland, President; &ttnnerin« Towles, Secretary. •; Bead Courier News Classified Ad«. 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