Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 22, 1968 · 46
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 46

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1968
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46 0AkUno2ltrribunc Tues., Oct. 22, 1 968 my flighty LAS VEGAS As you town that really goes in few years one learns to opening of tiie Circus Circus here over the weekend .was something else again. "count but there must have ple for the opening of this lavish $15,000,000 casino which is the ultimate in big tops. The Circus Cir cus is the creation of Jay of Caesar's Palace, and he's .being compared along the famous strip to H.P. Barnum. - , Sarno's creation is currently the talk of the town. When something is talked' about constantly in this -town then the whole country knows it. Sarno's theory is that no visitor will pass through Las Vegas without taking in the new Circus Circus. He may be right. The Circus Circus is a two level big top. You enter the place and are on a balcony Jhajfencircles a gambling area below. Everything youve ever seen at a circus, a carnivat or a boardwalk is incorporated, inta. "this unbelievable structure. On the balcony level alone you can keep busy all night long and still not cover - everything. There are numerous shooting galleries with the latest in electronic innovations and equip-ment. You'll find skee ball, dart games, horse racing games, wheels of fortune and even peep movies. The games cost 25 cents a throw and winners are given iokens which are redeemable at a well-stocked redemption center. The casino will be giving something like $20,000 a month away in prizes alone. ,i 'If this isn't enough as a starterrdown on the pit level there's another array of games which encircle the gambling area. Oh, yes, the gambling area, it's all there, roulette, craps, black jack and the restThat's the reason there's a Circus Circus in the first place. And over head is all the equipment for the stars of the circus, the highwire and trapeze acts. There's a projecting stage to the right of the pit area for tumbling, , acrobatic and dog acts with enough circus entertainment to fill a dozen big tops. p!!;!;: Included are the Flying Cavaretta's, the Rodriguez Brothers, aerialist Jeannine Piboteau and the three unicycling Goetschis. Then there's Joe Gerlach. The name might not mean anything to you but Joe Nvas signed to a 52-week contract by Sarno to do a high diving act 3 times daily. Gerlach leaps from a perch about seven stories-high, landing on a sponge which 'measures five by seven feet. Gerlach is falling at a ; speed of 45 miles an hour, when he hits the sponge. Lest I forget, there are all kinds of side shows to round out the thousands of dollars in entertainment already on the circus bill. A 450 - seat showroom is presenting the "Piece - full Palace." A musical with music by Steve Allen. There a7e ringmasters, and aerial ballet and the ever-present Circus Circus band -You name it, and the Circus Circus has it. It's a para- dise and children are welcomed though not allowed in. the gambling area. There's even a kiddy room for the tots with periodic visitations from the clowns. As for those who enjoy food, the Circus Circus isn't wanting for eating concessions. Forinstance, there are different circus wagons dispensing, everything from hamburgers to pizza, tacos, fried chicken, chilli, corn on the cob and Chinese egg rolls for only 25 cents a pop. ; The diet buster offers all of the ice cream, cake, ' pies and nuts you can eat for only a buck, and last but ; not least the Bavarian Beer Fest may yet prove to be the most popular of them all. Foranother buck you can make your own sand- wiches from a selection of 20 meats and draw your own beer, light or dark, in chilled steins. It's a beer "drinker's heaven and I noticed only one thing missing, no rest rooms. So there you have it folks, the Circus " Circus," without a doubt the "most startling and utterly fantastic innovation to hit the casino business since Monte Carlo first opened its doors. TAKE OUT SERVCE JUOTHIGRAPH AVE - 8934944-OAKLAND CALIFORNIA 893-5553 9 LO0CC! WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY night special 5:30 fb 10:00 P.M. Our regular $3.95 choice Prime Rib or New York Steak Dinner now two for $5.50. - Of course 1 his includes 20 delicious salads from our all you can ear Salad Bar. LAKE MERRITT HOTEL RESTAURANT 1800 Madison St., 832-2300, Oakland nf$Q3 Si) Sounds may well know, this is $ for opening nights. After a take them in stride. But the I didn't stop to take a head been more than 5,000 peo Sarno, he was the innovator SUPERB CHINESE CUISINE LUNCH .DINNER COCKTAILS hit Undo. S. 193-1692 ITALIAN DINNERS Fv BANQUETS 1. r i a vt" i 20 SALADS 3 HOT ENTREES FASHION SHOW TUESDAY FREE NYLONS FOR THE LADIES TUESDAY OCTOBER 29th. dac:cc to if IV XV III I IIS VI Jmii Frl Oct. 25-9 F.M. STARLIGHT BALLROOM 47 Notre Dami Ave. SAN JOSE Res.: 286-0726 Sun. Oct. 27-9 P.M. JACK TAR HOTEL Vai Ness I fieary St Sia Francises Res.: EN1-5415 " Bl..ul Co,, ft!1 ft iriWVt M ?V ,t . 1 IMt) ft J At-" J I 3 c 'J if ?SiV- G 3 iff C n n n n n a K f.' Read Gerald Nachman WILBURSTUMP VERNETTIS TOWN HOUSE EMERYVILLE RED SAILS ur i Dim' in n Intimate Marine Atmosphere LUNCH DINNER COCKTAILS This Coupon flood For Two Dinners For The Price Of One! Choice Of Anything On The Menu WED. & THUR. ONLY I PLUS: STUFFED FILET OF SOLE I STEAKS t LOBSTERS FROM OUR BROILER I DfirL(t.iAl AlAMCnA C44 vvi s win Alices HiHIIItlH JAA'tilO pj RUSS MORGAN end hit orchM tro RUSS Du Irak Y if-Ira All MORGAN t GUY3. 1 TiTnA Royal Canadians IN PERSON COCKTAIL DANCING 2nitesonly-thurs.(oct.3I FRI., NOV. 1-S4.50 tax incL GROUP RATES - HALLOWEEN COSTUME PRIZES TICKETS N0W-843-3O00 or Hotel Canterbury, SJ J jci 77 7T 7T7T7TTV 2K S rk-. jVati 4-V 1 b cl b &l b iTIirJl q I'l I V JB M (Wilil 1 rs w ta -jTSlTD- d d r - California's Award Wmmng Twin Restaurants anrf Motels Renowmttf for Coct3f(a . , . Steaks . . .. Satada ... Cftfcksnu , , aat Heavenly Horaeinadft Pastries ,. ; It's IN to EAT OUT during October, National Restaurant Month! : Visit our PINE CONE for fun-filled : .family dining . . . with Free Kid-f dies' Gifts and Happy Birthday and :' Anniversary Surprises! Or enjoy ..the BRANDING IRON for Cocktails ' and sophisticated dining... with -superb Charcoal Broiled Special- ; i ties! All major credit cards honored. L "The most spectacular revue I have ever seen in Las Vegas" - norabei ivTuir "Spectacular Revue"..,. ii s a smasn ' Los Angeles Times "Fabulous Rpviip" ' "Pzazz! 68 can take a bow' - ' " ; LA. Herald-Examiner 7 Produced by Frank Serines. Created and Directed by Donn Arden. v r - For hotel reservations phone your travel agenYor (415 ) 474-7045 Monday PESERT 0C3CV3 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA .. . I I I I I I I I I I THIS COUPON EXPIRES 10 27-4I $2 I 95 I uniHiiiii.:."' li fTJTA MEXICANOOD 'rn k Onlllk vwsreiillnMv. SlUNlMti S, DINNERS II 1 D ReS 30 first class downtown Reno motels... minimum rates guaranteed phone 4444253 ROAST PRIME RIBS of BEEF from the CART PRIME RIB ROOM ' jmOKT HOTEL ulalemmt ASHBY AT CLAREMONT OaklandBerkeley MERCED V pine coke North 99.' V Street Also Business S9 Ar "iETREE SAN JOSE VaHey Fair SAW LEANDRO Bay Fair MONTEREY Del Monte Center MODESTO m r McHenry Avenue At Orangeburg , thru Saturday -1 OPEN STARTING TOMORROW WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 9:30 to 2 A.M. qOOOOOq .0 O J r.i ; Y Cr tJk. . Hp CICEC10: 1 Wt JUST LOOK tXPtNSIVI S LAMORENA 9 Cloied Mon. & Tues. more than 70,000 Yl I used to xJate ij I FREE JET-SET FUN PASS II jpick yours up today! 1 Of 100 6 1 Vic's Son Directs HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Andrew McLaglen, son of the late great actor, will direct two feature films for 20th Century-Fox, the first of which will be a Civil War epic, "The Undefeated." fiiunrTTrrrrrrrrry NOW OPEN 1 X LUNCHEON j fW i'm lunchean-CocliliiilrDancina Tuai. thru Sol. Nighli THREE HITS AND A MISS SUN VALLEY CENTER (Low.rMall) CONCORD A1ANEDA ALAMEDA Phone: 522-4433 Anne Bancroft - Dustm Hoffman "THE GRADUATE" . Robert Wagner - Raquel Welch "BIGGEST BUNDLE OF THEM ALL' HI D R U V Cinema - ALBANY AliOHil I - Solano Ave. - 524-5656 EAST BAY PREMIERE SHOWING! "HAGBARD & SIGNE" No one should mist it"...N.Y. Timet Also:" iNGMAR BERGMAN'S . "PERSONA" RDT rfMPIUfll93-8600.Oakland mil Ollllil'Ut Broadway at 12fh STRICTLY ADULT ART FILMS! "OFFICE PARTY" "SPIKED HEELS" nil Phone 357-4400-SAN LEANDRO OiUi East 14th St. at 148th Ave. Los Amores de Juan Charrasqueado'color David Reynoso - Irma Serrano QUE HAREMOS CON PAPA" - Color BERKELEY (48-4300 Berkeley Shattuck & Haste Zero Mostel "PRODUCERS" YESTERDAY, TODAY & TOMORROW" BROADWAY "nth & Cornel WILDE - Rip TORN "BEACH RED" "HOT RODS TO HELL" "THE TOWN TAMER" ALDTORNIA BERKELEY Phone: 848-0620 KITTREDGE I SHATTUCK Jim Brown - Diahann Carroll Ernest Borgnine Julie Harris "THE SPLIT" - In Color! "STRANGER IN TOWN" - Color! CENTER FREMONT Phone: 7933833 Natalie WOOD Richard BEYMER "WEST SIDE STORY" "FINDERS KEEPERS" TONIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT! CHAB0T CASTRO VALLEY 6560 Castro - 582-2555 Starring JULIE ANDREWS in SOUND OF MUSIC" In Stereophonic Sound Shown at 8:00 PfUF n 261-3382 OAKLAND VlHla I MacArthur Elvd.-38th Ave Dustin HOFFMAN - Anne BANCROFT "THE GRADUATE" Starring JULIE CHRISTIE in "DARLING" . ; Free Parking! CINEMA 841-2038 - BERKELEY Shattuck l Haste LAST TIMES TONITE! Michael CRAWFORD - John LENNON "HOW I WON THE WAR" ALSO , "MORGAN" With Vanessa REDGRAVE CINEMA I & n HAYWARD 783-2607 Southland Nimitz at Winton CINEMA I: Color! ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! "THE GRADUATE" Shown: 2:00 - 3:55 5:50 - 7:45 - 9:45 CINEMA II: Color! English Speaking Version THERESA & ISABELLE" Shwon: 2:00 - 4:30 - 7:00 - 9:30 DEL MAR i SAN LEANDRO 14th-Euclld 632-2536 "THE ODD COUPLEf - Jack Lemmon Charlton Hestort' "WILE PENNY" ELM WOOD 848-0931 . Berkeley College at Ashbv INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL WINNER! "THE TWO OF US" Michel SIMON - Alain COHEN - FflTRPAY S33-4787 - Oakland nni tA Foothill Blvd. A Fiirta. Ernest BORGNINE - Julie HARRIS "THE SPLIT" Lee MARVIN - Angie DICKINSON "POINT BLANK" Free Park inn' Dnnr. rv a. at Wed.: THE ODD COUPLE'-lark L....J villa RIDES - Yul Brynner PfiY rnnvrnwT wn a aiAMA'iuil t 793-4200 nop. benrer ott Nimrtz on Mowry Dustin Hoffman - Anne Bancroft in Mike Nichols' "THE GRADUATE" Julie Christie "DARLING" FRUITVALEe",7.6 Clint EASTWOOD - Inger STEVENS "HANG 'EM HIGH" James DONALD - Barbara SHELLEY "FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH" Free Parking! GRAND LAKE OAKLAND 452-3356 Natalie Wood Richard Beymer "WEST SIDE STORY" "What s So Bad About Feeling Good HAYWAhTi 1-JMO - Hard 1 1 22177 MrnkM llvd Natalie WOOD - Richard BEYMER "WEST SIDE STORY" Also Disney Festurette "RUN APPALOOSA RUN" LORENZO SAN LORENZO Phone; 276-467 Frank SINATRA - Lee BtMICK "THE DETECTIVE" Tony Frenetoia - Bob Denver "SWEET RIDE". " - LUX 893-3786 OAKLAND ,'. 13th t Broadway 1 ST RUN! Jim BROWN - Julie HARRIS " "THE SPLIT" Henry Fonda "MADlGAN" MOULIN ROUGE OAKLAND 451-4537 Mi near roaeTway-Doors Qpn 18 am. -ABITTI" Phrt 2rtd Naufhty Httl "Sweet." 7:00-10:30 - "RacheV 8:45 Merritt to Show "Kon-Tiki," a 1M7 film, will be presented at Merritt College, on Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. The film 1 a documentary of the adventurous crossing N0RTHSIDE 841 "IsZa STUDIO A: NOW! - TOM JONES" Albert FINNEY - Susannah YORK "A THOUSAND CLOWNS" . Jason Robards. Jr. - Barbara Harris STUDIO B: Lynn Redgrave GEORGIE GIRL James Mason - Alan Batee Michael Caine - Peter Sellers "THE WRONG BOX" OAKS Ph: 526-1836 - BERKELEY Solano at the Alamed? Natalie WOOD - Richard BEYMER "WEST SIDE STORY" Zero Mostel - Michael Crawford "A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM" PARAMOUNT 893-2300 OAK. Broadway at 20h First Time On American Screen "HELGA". In Color! "Dr. You've Got To Be Kidding" DARinif JiV 833-3333 - Oakland niiunni Park Blvd. & E. 18tr tAil bAY HKEMIERE SHOWING! Peter USTINOV - Maggie SMITH 'HOTMILLIONS'-9:00 p.m Also: Jean Paul Belmondo ' "THIEF OF PARIS" - 7:00-10:45 PIEDMONT "VSLTSz: tnds Tuesday! "RACHEL, RACHEL" "SWEET NOVEMBER" - Sandy Dennis Coming Wed.rf ALICE B. TOKLAS" PLAZA Ph: 835-5266 OAKLAND fast 12th at 7th Ave. rtuvnt del HALbON ' - Color! David Reynoso - Rosa Ma. Vasquei "AMANTE DE Ml MADRE" - Color! Jeanne Valerie - Arturo Fernandez niT7 phon: 52-0420 - HAYWARD " 22131 MiKian Blvd Jim Brown - Julie Harris "THE SPLIT" Anthony Quinn - Anjanette Comer "GUNS FOR SAN SEBASTIAN" Continuous Show Every Day WED:. "OTHELLO" , RflYlT P"' 893-3311 - OAKLAND nUAIXi 17th and Telegraph Dana WYNTER - Raymond ST. JACQUES IF HE HOLLERS LET HIM GO" :ii-James Gamer - Sidney Poitier "DUIL at niAnirv Continuous Daily Doors Open at 12:00 sHowcASE5r.r.LAsS mine nitnvn "THE GRADUATE" Anne BANCROFT - Dustin HOFFMAN Shown: 6:35 - 8:20 - 10:10 ALL LOGE SEATS Acres Of PARKING THEATRE 70, OAKLAND Phone: 453-0777 MacArthur Broadway Shopping Center Unlimited FREE PARKING Upper Deck Alan ARKIN - Sandra LOCKE "THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" Stacy KEACH, Jr. - Chuck McCANN Tonight at 7:15 9:30 . Wed.: 2:30 - 4:50 - 7:15 - 9:30 TAUTrn 653-8022 Oakland a w 1 1 aatl sijft Teleoraoh EXCLUSIVE EAST BAY ENGAGEMENT! LUIS BUNUEL'S MASTERPIECE "BELLE DE JOUR" With Catherine DENEUVE In Color! UNITED ARTISTS Dustin HOFFMAN - Anne BANCROFT "THE GRADUATE" " Also Starring JULIE CHRISTIE In "DARLING" u.c. Phone 843-6267 BERKELEY University at Shattuck MIA rAKROW In Roman Pliantki's "Rosemary's Baby"-color Rod Steiger - Lee Remlck "NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY" VINE LIVERMORE Sandy Dennis "THE FOX" "THE GAME IS OVER" WED.: "OTHELLO" CENTURY 2IpJSS?1i,!5 urr n way osu Monument Bird. Contra Costa Shopping Center (Next to Wards) , EXCLUSIVE BAY AREA SHOWING! - "CAMELOT" Richard HARRIS - Vanessa REDGRAVE CINEMA SUNVALLEY 687-7660 CONCORD Lower Mall 10 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! WEST SIDE STORY" Shown: 1:30-4:00 - 6:40 - 9:20 EL REY WALNUT CREEK Phnn- 934-aaai AvAutMT AWARD WINNER! "WEST SIDE STORY' 8:50 " Natalie Wood - Richard Beymer "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" 7:00 Rod Steiger - Sidney Poitier Wed.: "WILD IN THE STREETS" "BERSERK" HILLCREST Pleasant Hill 617I4A I ayior Moreno Blvd. Jim BROWN - Julie HARRIS "THE SPLIT" Raouel Welch - Robert Waaner "BIGGEST BUNDLE OF THEM ALL" "SpMt," 7:00-10:35 "Bundle," 8:45 ORINDA 3 Tunnel Highway and Orinda Crossroads ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! Natal Wood - Richard BEYMER "WEST SIDE STORY" Show Starts 7:00 PARR Dam Road - EL SOBRANTE Phone: 223-8400 Sean CONNERT - Bngitte BARDOT "SHALAKO" . Robert Shaw - Mary Ure "CUSTER OF THE WEST" , STARTS TOMORROW! "WEST SIDE STORY" " "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Dim LAFAYETTE rtilil Phone: 24-4533 Joanne WOODWARD - James OLSEN "RACHEL, RACHEL" Sandy Dermis - Anthony Newley "SWEET NOVEMBER" "Sweet," 70-1010 - "Rachel." 1:41 Wed.: "MOT MILLIONS "NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY 1 Aik AIOUT THI mil ' J 1 BIRTHDAY DINNf I M I STEAMED CLAMS, STEAKS A SEAFOOD, VEAL SCALOPPINI M COCKTAILS DELIVERY SERVICE 1 I RAVAZZA'S 41(t Ian Poblo, Inwryvlll M OL 4-2)14 ft 2 01DBAGSFR0M0AKLANd 5S25 J JJgJ3 I World'B Gr.cte.f f emae II JLJ -, - Impertonaton . V JT WMiHW? Show 9 'til 2 S f egf"- '-('t'A,Kf msftr I y''. 1 1 Nv fUN ROOM W: 'Kon - Tiki' Film of the Pacific by six scientist on a primitive balsa raft. The voyage was taken to prove the theory that ' Polynesia was populated by men who fled the Inca conquest of Peru. Thur Heyerdal, the author of the best-seller "Kon-Tiki" filmed the 101-day voyage. The film will be shown In the Merritt College Audito rium, 5714 throve St., Oakland. The Merritt film series is open to the public and admission is free. RIIETM 25-1300 RHEEM VALLEY nntjlil'l 4 Miles from Orinda James COBURN - James MASON "DUFFY" John SAXON - Mary Ann MOBLEY "FOR SINGLES ONLY" Show Starts 7:00 CliniVPACr e87-00 CONCORD anUribHdlj Willow Past Grant Exclusive Contra Costa Showing,! "THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" Alan Arfcin - Leurinda Barrett Shown: 7:00 A 9:15 p.m. Wed. & Thurs., Oct. 23 24 "OTHELLO" Matinee 2 p.m., eve. p.m. STAMM ANTIOCH Phone: 757-2303 Anne Bancroft - Dustin Hoffman "THE GRADUATE" VII I Hrr Ph. 837-4600-DANVILLI f lliliAUCs 233 Front Street "Jack LEMMON - Waiter MATTHAU "THE.ODD COUPLE" Shown: 7:00 & 9:00 STARTS TOMORROW! "I Love You Alice B. Toklas" MBDfinT AUTO MOVIE Oakland ninruni in-car heaters Ott Nimitz on 98th Ave. 569-3622 Jim BROWN - Julie HARRIS . "THE SPLIT" Rod TAYLOR - Yvette MIMIEUX "DARK OF THE SUN" ALAMEDA DRIVE-IN Phone: 523-9344 ALAMEDA Webster at the Alameda Tube r Robert Walker - Adam Roarke "THE SAVAGE SEVEN" - - Vincent Price - Ian Ogilvy "THE CONQUEROR WORM" COLISEUM S3Nm7nz,;.ln'sBtd OPEN AT 6:30 p.m. "THE GRADUATE" Dustin Hoffman . "DARLING" Julie Christie FREMONT AU,NCA'rHEATE0(tS Fremont Blvd. Nimitz Fretw'y-793-5900 'THE GRADUATE" "DARLING" Julie Christie ' ISLAND AUTO MOVIE Blocks From Tuba 522-7205 Alameda SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 BOTH PICTURES RECOMMENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY! ' Both in Color! "BONNIE & CLYDE" Warren BEATTY - Faye DUNAWAY "SWEET NOVEMBER" Sandv DENNIS - Anthonv NEWLEY - - Flea Market Opens Sat. & Sun. 8 am-5 pm WIMIT7 AUT0 MOVIE FREMONT mi'll 16 IN-CAR HEATERS Nimitz Fr'way-Durham O'pass 656-9500 "THE SPLIT" lim Rmwm "DARK OF THE SUN" Rod Taylor fthVI AMT1 DRIVE-IN San Leandre UnAlaAnll Phone: 351-7020 On East 14th near 150th . GATES OPEN 4:41. SHOW 5TARTS 7:1$ - WEST SIDE STORY" - Natalie WOOD - Richard BEYMER "HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Rod STEIGER Sidney POITIER CAM RfiMftU AUTO MOVIE waaai isaaaawii DUBLIN At Highways 50 A 21 Phone: 128-1700 "WEST SIDE STORY" Kl.t.li. Wl "HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Rod Steiger STADIUM sAEAMNDv.a East 14fh t 154th 331-7030 "S GATES OPEN 6:45. SHOW STARTS 7tll Starring RUTH GASSMANnM - Guide for a Married Man Walter MATTHAU - Robert MORSE ' Also: "PLANET OF LIFE" UNION CITY Union City . 47I-C144 . . ...... -r-. nimrrz-Aivaraao rules Road OPENS AT 6:30 p.m. "WEST SIDE STORY" Natalie Wood "HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Rod Stelaof -"WILD ANGELS" AUTOMOVIESnan u.. OPENS AT 6:30 " X " H E I G A " Ruth Gasman "GUIDE FOR A MARRIED MAN" Also: "PLANET OF LIFE" . RRIDGEHEAD ANTIOCH Phone: 757-4114 ''MINI-SKIRT MOB" - Jeremy Slats) "ROAD HUSTLERS" - Robert Din HILLTOP 223-3784 RICHMOND Hilltoo Drive H'wer 40 ";. Opens at 6:30 p.m. - "WEST SIDE STORY" - Natalie WoW - "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT"" "WILD ANGELS" MOTOR MOVIES p 2040 Contra Costa Highway 4IS-B01 1 nHVS!t?,,i1A-Tr-rDui" Hoffman DARLING Julie Christie - RANCR0 :JJ4--aiabla OPENS AT 4:30 p.m. "THE GRADUATE" Dustin Hoffmae) "DARLING" Julie Chrhrtte SOLANO I CONCORD Ptt . ISI-ltll Arnold Industrial Freeway at Solano OPENS AT 6:30 p.m. - "WEST SIDE STORY" Natalie Wwod "IN THE HEAT OF THI "WILD ANGELS" SOLANO II CONCORD Bfc . 11K.1 11 Arnold Industrial Freeway at f-Htn, OPENS AT 6:30 "THE $pL,t-2,' "DARK OF THE SUN"

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