The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1952
Page 7
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MARCH 5, 1052 Legislatures Rescind 'World Federalism' Action in Most Cases BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NEW YORK M>)—A majority of the state Legislatures that once called upon Congress to back a world government have reconsidered and rescinded their action. But backers of such a federation say they are not disinnvrd. United World Federalists, Inc., says such a supra-national government "'ill come because *':•;(, is the only way to prevent war. Opponents claim world federation would threaten United Slates sovereignty. 5£^ The ideal of one world, one government caught On during and immediately after World war II, when nt least S2 slate Leisislatuivs memorialised Congress to do something toward building a world federation. Their resolutions too* two forms: The most wide))' adopted called for revision of the United Nations Charter, strengthening it by set- tin? up police and military'forces to enforce world law effectively. The other urged Congress lo 'rail a convention (o propose amending the Constitution so the United State.'; cuiijd negotiate with other nations a constitution of world federal government, open to all nations, with lirnilert powers adequate to assure peace. States that had adopted resolu- lions calling lor some kind of limited world government included: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia. Iowa, Kentucky, I.oubi- flllLi, Maine, Maryland, Massachu- | setts, Missouri, Nev Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ore- jjoil, Rhode Island, Tennessee Utah, Virginia. States that have passed repudiating resolutions include: California. Colorado. Florida. Georgia. Iowa. Kentucky, f.oulsi- HJJJ, Miiiue, Missouri, N'eiv Hampshire, New .li'rsx'V, Oregon, Itiiode Inland, Tennewce, Virui'ila. Some slates natality Connecticut and Arkan.-as, have resisted m- tcmuts to refill ihelr affirmative! Virginia Is Ihe latest sUte to reverse itself. Her f.euislatuie, in a resolution adopted Pel). 15, declared opposition to the principle of world \ i (etlariitlnn nc "It is now being advanced in certain quarters." Some stales hnve withdrawn ] -|ulions calling for world federation but have continued to urge strenefiifHlnfr ijte (j, N'. Charter. Amou3 them are Alabama and Maryland. i Should the states eicr undertake I 10 force federation action toward ' setting up a world government, PAGE SEVEN . .. LITTLEST FLAT-TOPS—Und«rsiie. one-plane aircraft carriers are Ihese barges belng'towed into Lake Washington ship canal, Stattli, by two Navy tugs. The planes PBM patrol craft were brought by ship from Alamedi, Culif., to be overhauled ai ihe Sand 1'oinl Wash Naval Air Station. New York office. II depicts him as the "cop on the corner." The Flietch vyas done by cartoonist Peter Arno as a birthday present. : Murphy" gained a reputation 'BS a racket-busting U. E. district attorney, as the perjury-trial prosecutor of Ajger Hiss and latci as "clean-up" police commissioner of New York City. West Germany Cats Off Power Soviet Sector Starts Action Putting Stop To 'Swap Out' Deal BERLIN fAP) — West Germany cut off electric power deliveries lo Ihe Russian zone today in reprisal for the stoppage of Eastern current to West Berlin. Tiie two zones hart each supplied 384.000 kilowatt hours daily to the other. Tlie Soviet-controlled East Berlin power company shut off electric deliveries to West Berlin last nleht, giving "economic difficulties" " in the East as the reason. West Berlin officials said the city could do without the power from the East and that no restrictions on power consumption would be necessary. New Hampshire Has Primary Tuesday - Voters Undecided CONCORD, N, H. fiVi— Storms r,f political oratory are raying HC {•few Hampshire today, but they Six Airmen Injured SHATTESBURY. England M'j — Six 1J.S. airmen were slightly injured in a fire which early today destroyed quarters of 400 airmen in a U.S. Air Force transit camp near here. Squirrel Visits Patients ' MOLTNE, III. IIP) - "f'nls" Is i friendly squirrel who visits patients whenever he'pleases nt the, Moline Public Hospital. He eals food from patients' tra.vs and defies any nurse or doe.tor to throw him out. Most persons call "fats" a "freeloader", but he gets away with It. they would first have to get memorials from two thirds (321 of the state Legislatures urging Congress to call a convention to amend the Constitution. Even then, in the opinion of some experts. Congress would be under no compulsion to do so. What you want is a Coke tile stale yesterday. not appear lo be altering mntcrially^r/ny Re/USCS Four t'13 pattern of popular s^ntiin'"it ill t'.iese elosinc clays before iho' LCC/S But Y/fites Its pivotal uriinary election. * ntf • i TI New Hamiishirc voters go to the <J'tlCial I flanks, Any\VCiy poll TncsrJny. At this point, there Is every evidence thai unity persons! KAl-MAZOO, Mich. lAl'j.-Thej —especially ncpuMic.iiu—imve yet Army is tiUtl lu knoiv nbrnit youii-- I '" •""'- " "—' J — -- ••'"- '•'•- Mike Drown, 12, and Ills 102 Feared Dead In Train Wreck / Brazilian Disaster Injure* 200 In Freak Accident KIO RE JANEIRO, lira/il CAP! —ne.soue workers duK today !u the siilinterecl debris of a freak truly \vreck, fearing the toll of 102 dead will rise higher In Bra/.ll'.s railroad disaster. About 20<) were injured. The wreck occurred yesterday on bridue nrchlne 'he floociecl Pa- vunii Hlver as two trains a]i- pro:iched eaclt other on the double track ai a combined speed of 100 mile.? an hour. Three wooden co;u-he.s of one uns.seju;er train jumped the rails find swims across the path of n speeding steel-bodied commuters' train. Tin' electric locomotive of (he commuter train smashed the conches into kindling. Some bridles fell Into the river, swollen by recent rains Others dandled fnmi the bridge or lay in the smashed wreckage, Jc>"(] Knnlo', a laborer nomt; to': rn i;-.« co'nnintcr train, said hxin h's :'jat in the M'frmit car the collision looked "like opening a sardine can." Drafted Youth 'Dies' And Lives Again For Few Brief Moments NEW YORK, M>, — The drama of a youth who "died" nml then lived again disturbed the steady pace ol draft examinations yesterday Rt the Army Pro-induction Center here. But the "second lilt-" of 20-year- old Franklin Janice Morrison was ;hort. It lasu'ii but 40 minute*. Morrisuji, of lk'lU v ro.<e, N. V.. iva-'i waiting in line with other inductees lo be weighed when he suddenly pitched foi\var(l lo the ll'jor. He turned blue and seemed to stop k»'i>a thing. Pur ;i'^ hours doctors worked over him, applying artificial resulritilon and oxygen. Finally ihe youth's breathing was restored and lie was placed lu an Iron lung. But lie died 40 minutu l»t«r »-hli« hi the Iron lung nt Beel£m»n-Down- town Hospital. An autopay will tx performed today. final decision on a can to make didute. All signs indicate the nd°' s be- slej-.s li pills Mike mid four otlvrs— Ed A °T «|»J" W »'" »* ">" R«*erl Black, ,,„" T, ,i ls very l j » vlri ° 1 ™' ""« KemiL-th bK.7t e ,r UK «'»>"; »—»ted ,0 enlist. On the Democratic side the ef- ,, °'"=' h " ol accc P'ed. forts to get out the onnuilzallim ' ey llr>tl tlle Almy ' s ° rilciBl lll! "> ks ~" l^fstmal letter lo each of them loda vote for President Truman are in high gear, nntt going "exactly as we expected." National Committeeman J. Emmelt Kelley told this reporter today. Against it. Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee is making what he calls "an uphill fight." He entered Iroin Mflj. Gen. George E. Armstrong, surgeon general. Because of the centrifugal force of ihe earth's rolalitn, an object weighs slightly less at the equator than it would at the poles. Soviets Seize Books in Purge BONN', Germany (iVi— East Germany's Communist rulers have seized an estimated six million books in a sweeping purge to root out Western literature, west (Jcr- man officials said tcday. They huve replaced 'the banned volumes on Ihe shelves ol schools libraries and book stores chiefly with Communist political literature. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Further A-Bomb Tests Planned LOS A N a E L E S (API — The Atomic Energy Commission Is laying the groundwork for further A-lwmb tests at. Frenchman's Flat til Nevada and KMlwetuk Island, a member oi Hie AEC suid last niytit, Thomas K. Murr:tv said in an interview Dim plans cull lor use of Ihe present proving grounds in Nevada each spi-ini; ami fall with Ihe Enlwetok tests at longer intervals. Wee/t/y Pop*/- Reports Basketball Gome Facts —Three Yean Late VENICE, Pin, <f, _ Th» Venlc* Gondolier, n weekly «ewsp»p«r, Inst week printed a snorts itory alwnt the hunietown'j baskttbalt team reachlnif the finals of »n area basketball tournament at Punta Oorda. Tlie fact* were straight with on* exception, reported the Gondolier ihis week. The tournament w»a held three weeks ago, The newspaper explained the team's coach had left the wrong score book at the Gondolier'* office. Man Consumes Barrel oi BAKING SODA One man told us he took bakint soda for years. Claims he has used over a barrel of it for stomach gai, but got only temporary relief. Recently he quit the soda habit and took CERTA-VIN. This new medicine Ls bringing REAL, lasting relief to many Blylheville gas vic- Urnc because it Is taken BEFORE (not often meals and thus work* with your food. It helps digest your meals faster, so your food doesn't lay there and ferment. Besides relieving gas, CERTA-VIN also contains Herbs with Vitamin B-l and Iron lo enrich yonr blood and maka your ueives stronger. Weak, miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering.. Get CEnTA-VIN—Klrby Bros. Drug Co To irork rc/reshctl |*' When you have to keep your wits alioul you, refreshment helps. You just can't Lent a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola. HOTTIEO unoii *utHORiry or IKI COCA.con COMPANY »v ,.,, . C °CA-COLA BOTTLING CO, OF BLYTMEVILLE *• " ' "t"l«fxl PraJt mort. © m». THt COCl.COl* COMfANT Gall out the Reserves with a touch of JVlost cars lead a double life. A good part of the time, they're running errands, taking children to school, taking women to stores, taking men to work, taking family and friends to clubs and social functions. It doesn't call for a very great output of horsepower for duties like these. But there are times when you want a car that can do vastly more, and these are the times when you'll want what this year's ROADMASTER has to offer. Beneath its proud hood, there's a Fireball 8 Engine —a valve-in- hegd that can Jet loose 170 lively horsepower when needed. And —alongside this engine — there's also an Airpowcr carburetor which thriftily feeds fuel and air through two smailcr-than- usual barrels for normal driving — which means that you now use Jess gas at 40 than you'd formerly use at 30. But there are two barrels in reserve — waiting for you to cull them into action—and they let loose a soaring rush of power that sinks your shoulders back into the seat cushion, swoops you past a truck—out of a tight spot—up a hill -sets your speedometer needle to registering added miles more than twice as fast as your watch can tick oil the seconds. Ti • 1 Ins is an experience you certainly should know firsthand. You. should also know how Buick's Power Steering* provides a helping hand in slow-motion maneuvers — lets you keep the "feel" of the car in straightaway driving. And just for good measure, this '52 ROADMASTER also has the biggest brakes of any postwar Buick—the greatest trunk space since spare tires moved off the front fenders— a warning light that glows when the parking brake is set —and to top it all, the smartest interior fabrics that Buick has ever offered. When arc you coming in to look this distinguished performer over? We urge you to make it soon. Sure k true for'52 LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555 ^

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