The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVTU,E (AHK.) COURIER NEWS iour I icwi of l/i / *-^ a Behind the Blackboard KJ RUTH LEB (School CorrMpondenl) Three Blytheville Band members, lion. Albert Fair/ield, Warren McClure »nd Ralph Wahl, will be In Comvuy Thursday. Friday and Saturday to participate itl activities of the Arkansas all-slate band. Robert l-ips- rornb, band director, has announced. Personnel of the 110 person all- state band, whidl is composed fit topnotch band students Irimi the state, was selected by an all-Male I" 51 »« committee ol which Mr. Lipscomb \ ,. ^ I] ^ is a member. Each person Is auditioned and chosen on the busis of his ability. Selection for participation in this srouu Is consulted the Highest honor wlilcjh can come to a band member, according to Mr. Lipscomb. The all-state band will present n concert Saturday afternoon, and will p)ay at Ihe nipht session of the Arkansas Education Association Thursday March 37. Election Campaign Spirited News analysis and commentators, newspapers /md magazines ^ re speculating on the national election, but at Blyllieville High, the student body Is concentrating on the election of n group of student council officers for 1952-1953. In what is probably the *pirltec£ campaign ever held In connection with a high school election. Tommy Harrison, Calvin Czeschiu, Max Hill and Jan Rnycler will lie busy all week telling the student body why they would make good student council presidents. Freddy Gore, Bobby Lee Hill, Bob Childress. and John Krutz are vice-presidential candidates; Sandra Long. Jo Alice McGuire, Marilyn Donghery, and Fruma Hoioiv- sky arc running for secretary; and Lorna Homer. Carol Ann Holt. Linda Taylor and Betty l.<?e Garroll are the nominees for treasurer. Is T o;n hint ions \vcre made by mi executive committee composed of the current student council officers and the four class presidents, according to Miss Frances Boweii, sponsor of the all-student organization. The election \vill be hold Friday, but votes will not be counted until Monday morning. Outgoing officers of the student council are Albert Fairfictcl, president; Benny Hays, first vice-president; Bertha Ann Gainc.s. second vice-president; Peggy Zachry, secretary; and Bonnie Nell McCormick, treasurer. Flays Rehearsed From now until April 3 and 4. 14 senior sludents and two members ol the English faculty will be keeping late afternoon hours in rehearsals (or the senior memorial plays. Although plans are still Incomplete, two one-set plays. "The Pest Guest." a comedy by Jay Tobias, and "Rock Dust," a qcrtouis drama by Mnrk R. Sumncr, have goiie' into rehearsal. Under Ihe direction .of Miss Luna B. Wilhelm, Ihe comedy ivill feature in Its cast Nita Rose Hall. Mary Lou Sawyers. Joan Perkins, Winnibeth Buckley. Howell Boyd, Albert Fairfleld snd Jean shelton. Cast for "Rock Dust" includes Elizibeth Lutes, Jeriy Berry, Pat McGregor, Larry Baker, Tommy Dowdy. OakiE Ropp, nnd WaelonI „,,. Powell. Millie Aim Mallory will be i student director for this produc Final p]nii» «-ji| be announced within a week of so. I'oc Portrayed T. E. Rowlctt's sixth period American literature class will present, Edgar Allan Poo's famous story. "The Cask of Amontillado", nest Wednesday afternoon over the weekly KLCK "We Know n I'oc Story" broadcast at, 4:30 p.m. The isl has not yet been si'k'ctcd. '!ie meantime. Mr. Rowlctt's first period American lit class presented a dramatic interpretation of Poe's "The Pall of the House of Usher" this afternoon wltli Rhonda Eaton. Shannon Langlcy. Oliver Coppedge and Johnny I.ogglns in the cast, nnd with Ann Perry as announcer. The hiRh school speech class will resume the broadcasts week after next. Attend .Mi Miss Clam Cecil AU.-STATKHS _ These Blylheville High School Hand members luive been named to the Arkansas All-State Uand and will panlcirmc in the activities of dial no-piece croup tomorrow. Friday and Saturday in Conway, They are ilefl to right) warren McClure. Albert I'alr- ficici and Ralph Wahl. (Courier Ncivs rholo) Cassldy. mercfnl le.ictier ot BBS. "MIS in Little Rock last Saturday where she met with the state scholaislilp committee ot Bella Kappn Gamma. nallnnnl honorary education fraternity. Miss cnssldy is chairman of (lie scholarship committee of the local croup, Zeta Chapter. She Is ,-ilso n past president of the local chapter Scholarship winners will be nn- with pictures of objects they have drawn. The scenes o! Circe.ce were drawn by Jiruniie Lendennic and , colored by him and Becky UUcy, coin- j N ilncj , Trjjiiue. Gary Sjiarts, Jane Ynnccy and Woodylynn Newman. of the Desert Brown. Mary Kh/ahelh UiUis. W. F. Crcnshaw. Jr.. Kula Mae Cubtu. Mas:slo Joe McCiee. Second Bratic—Ciirl Smith, Helen Marie Thornton. Hubbard Wiish- inglcn, Jame.s Lewis Klus. Norman Lce CioLln^nl^e 8 'l^utamie'' °na ' W ' W<x " l>! " VervU Jolm Lee P;m( , c _ Jones. Earn- Cl.mcm. Jr cups arc for the Veterans Hospital In Little Hock, and ivill oc used on St. Patrick's Day. Hurnle E\ib:mks pie.scnled an "interesting and Instructive" lecture on Japan to the sixth graders re- ci-ntly. Mr. Eubanks. who .spent two and a half years on the Island of Hokkaido, discussed the lile and customs, of the Japanese people. The sixth grade students In Mrs. Julia Penn's room have made post*- --, ...^,, ers for (.lie Mississippi County Ttl- "Hou 1 Can the Schools berculosis Association, advertising *" " '"'C free X-ray clinic to tie held this nmuicecl at the fraternity's mectinc during the *\KA meeting scheduled for Mnreh 26-28. Superintendent of Schools w. n Nicholason attended sessions of the American Association of School Administrators meetinB at, st I/nils February 2,1-27. To l.earl Discussion Blythevilc High's chapter of Ihe National Honor Society will lend one of the discussion groups at the Society's state convention H Joiicsboro Friday. April .). Their topic will be "How Can the „ Provide the Individual with (lie Ability to Enjoy Cultural and Intellectual Thlue.s?" acrordhiE to Mi-is Effie Lee Terrell, sponsor of the BUS firoup. Winter's Club Metis Mrs. Ira Gray, librarian nt the Blytheville Public Library, was guest speaker at last week's meeting ol the high school creative writer's club which meets weekly In Die high school library. A discussion of ways of selling creative writing comprised the program for yesterday's meeting presided over by club president Granvillc Cooley. The agenda for the remaining Tuesdays in March includes n micsl speaker and panel discussion. Each l.'iird Fisher, Juumy Lent/, and Susan Smith. Lrmgc's fourth and tiflli graders hiivc been mni'.liii! nut cups for a dls, nichard Hughes, Tommle HugliM, Norri-s Ei-ans. Jessie L. iirooks, Billy Cathran, David Dod- soj], Max Redd. Sixth grade — Christine Bryant,. Ai-menthia Gklron, Earlcuc McCoy, George Thomas. Charles Whltfield. Arthcntla Scott. Lola May SVash- Ington. Sixth grade news: The sixth grade class presented a room to room program on the lite O f George Washington recently with the following students taking part: Armenthia Gidron, George Thomas Willie Dimlman, wilbcrt Mitchell. Christine Bryant. Shirley Johnson. Shirley Hurlou, Ora Lee Mitchell Arleihln King, Shirley Calloway. and Amiie Fay Dunn. Number Nine News Joe Fi.sher, first grader. Jimmy Caldwell niui Thomas Hart, second fc'ifldm, and Eriwarti Moure. sixth grader, have perfect attendance records for the last six weeks of school. The iirn graders are reading "Fi-iemls For Every Day" and "Friends in Town and Countrr" Second graders are reading "We Are Neighbors." This class has enjoseil Especially Dorothy Aldis' '"Hie Un< unshed House." they have IHu-sirated and Written stories about. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 1952 AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION 50™ANNIVERSARY 1902 1952 LEF1 ISN'T R|CH'I —1'he American Automooile Association's melltsl clutch slipped a bit when this SOth-Anniversary commemorative Ihrec-cenl stamp was designed. Driver of the ancient auto should have been on the right-hand side; of the vehicle, not the left. However, the stamp is in the works, and will be on sale in lime for the anniversary celebration in Chicago on March 4. cotnmunuy and'*Thomas"Hart. Ed! |dy Rr,v Kecrt'have made a >_ttJmtle. nncl Laukc joucs have an :.• :;, inahe-ililft niatcrli draun a nnira! on commutiity life for the blackboard. They have also been drawing pictures Illustrating Spring. In connection with a unit on messages which Hie fourth grade is wcrking on. David Gregory and Rayfcnl Whittle Imve made a large television set. Betty Coats and [phone, and Thomas Jones and Ted- radio— Tiie fourth graders also are working on a unit on Holland En their geography work. Junior Red Cross project. Kim Slrecl School Elm Street School has announced the- names of the following honor roll students for the first six weeks of schoil: First grade—Frccklie Richardson. Mary Alice Strickland. William Wiley, Billy Mack Hufihcs. Curtis Morris. Elaine Brown, Shirley Mae Thfatrice Cantioi.. Georgia IA'P Hill, Dcloris Ervln. l.vns Jolu^oii, William T. fiealim. Third tirade — RobitJo'i!, NUHII, Joyce Rhodes. Mildred Smith. Guy Jean Wells, M:ic- F. amis Williams. Mingo Burton. Collie K;iye Jonos. Thecdoic Uate.s. Ili-rohi Campbell. Eddie Giviiu. Join) Hart. Ciaphla.s Sheail. Betty Joyce Thomson. Roosevelt Rufliiii, Fourth ("lade — Marvie Joy Bill. Bobby Jean Cathron, Alma Jean Cole. Alice ClemlsMnc Daris. Her nice Jones. Christine Givan, Tom mie Gene Coy, Grace Morris. Cora Tnlley. Jimmle Ree Wallace, Flos tie Mae Weatlierspoon. Fifth giade — Henrieita Wecden, TheodMia Smith. Geraldine Gad ECZEMA ITCH Cot you down? Try RESIN0L c . t ^ I r° r '°nB-iasting relief Tuesday is devoted to analyzing critically original work by club niembers. Attend FIIA Meet T»'enly members of the blsh school IMlure Horaemakcrs of America club, accompanied by Miss Olorln Crosby, home economics Instructor, attended an f'HA federation meeting at Osceola last Friday. Clovis Garnett vvns one of lour high school boys Invited to take part In the program of the meet- iHR. i Miss Ella Dean of Joncsboro [ State college and district super- 1 visor in the State Department of i Vocational Education was a guest] In the BHg home economics de- i ist Thursday morning. I.angc Scliool News Nancy Trlmue reports lhal the, fourth grade boys and girls tn Missi Prances Brian's room have made a picture show with two sticks and • an egg crate. They have also made film from a long piece of paper MARSHALL IS HONORED- Gencra) of Hie Army George C Marshall will receive this year's Four Freedoms Award, at n dm- ner to be given in his honor ui. March 1-4 Marshall was chosen ,? r ™V h0 ™' b - v tho v <»e of 15.000 persons Irom all walks ol me. according to the Four Freedoms Foundation. The award is give,; annually in commcmora- h 0 " , 'n e !>UbUc scrvi " »' the late Prcsirienl Franklin D Roosevelt, who gave his famous rour Freedom* speech to Con-' uress ]n 1941. HAVE 1 PIN-WORMS I AND NOT KNOW IT! I HSiS IPr^ c V «rm, cj«rai«d. Kr?ti"c"'!"m 11"; 1 a m«y b* vu-liir., nnci no! kno» ii. C f piJta mi'l"*"' P ' n " W "' rn "' """ ) ( kilWhl'lhcT.'rBc'i^toUnc'ih!'^ i «U, i",t"j,'°J. til>! - v -. Th »'* «*• B ... mij hcr<.'» how they do i\? *° ) ri«j'lhl"tJb"Mint ri ° (r"" 11 * '"" 1 m^e'rV 1 reViSr"'" 1 ^'^ - »ro<lient (rocji richt lo work-Jl-VJJ rm-\Vorttii quickly and < 6s ily. Don't Uko chRncc^ with ihi< .jfi°o"Ti' fhfL?"!^ 1 o" PI": ) V*0tm?. n^k your drugcist fr.r tt I In Osceo/a... CALL Harold Siler at Siler's Drug Store for everyday delivery of the Blytheville Courier News $1.08 Per Month Oil Field Waste Used As Fertilizer, FAO Says BEIRUT, Lebanon m— Fertilizer may be converted from by-products of Arabian oil fields as the result of a recent, agreement between the Paurti Arabian government and the United Nations Food and Agricul- (wn \~s .-^ Lovely Spring Creations! Fashion favors colorful flavors in Spring's exciting footwear! You'll find a delightful array of colors in Spring- styles at HEUER'S. Connie's new pumps, slings, sandals are decked in luscious Moonf lower Blue, Red, Cyclamen, Chalky Pink, Ombres. Beautifully made ... Value Priced! ONE STOP SHOE SERVICE Rcpairlnj — Cleaning — Dyeing «21 W. Alain Dia! 3549 iofl kid at only 95 Facts truck owners tural Orijanliaticn. Under its lerms, the FAO will provide technical assistance on projects recommended to the Saudi Arabian government by a special mission which has been In the country since March. 1051. The 'agreement envisages erection of & plant for tills conversion. Tremendous amounts of natural gat are now burned oil as waste. In World War If the Armed Forces acquired more than 18000 dogs of many breeds. IMPORTANT NOTICE! Quitting Business SALE Barneys Friendly Shoes Stock Must Go Hundreds of Pairs of Nationally Advertised Shoes to Go At Cost or Below! One Group Ladies Dress & Casuals Values «p To 7.95 1 00 Scores of Other Amazing Values! Watch Thursday's Courier News For Complete Details Sale Starts Fri.! BARNEY'S Friendly SHOES This Sale Is Being Conducted By the New Owner, Keliey Welch. d know about hauling bigger payloads "VT7ANT to know why you can carry more payload with Dodge "Job-Rated" trucks? First, they've got better weight distribution. This means that bigger payload capacity is engineered into a Dodge "Job-Rated" truck. Many trucks carry too much weight on the rear axle, not enough on the front. 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In Dodge "Job-Rated" tracks, the engine is placed forward and the front axle back—for better distribution of the load. Thai's \vliy you cnn be sure of carrying bigger payloads in a Dodge—without overloading. ff e , ,'°,? 9er life! Th «e's a Dodge truck that'i Job-Hated to fit your road and load condition —with every load-carrying unit and every load-moving unit factory-engineered to stand up on the toughest service. 'DODGE BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Walnut & First Phone 4422

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