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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 21

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 21

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

itis-wokn wAktio ltlW0MtN WAMTEO lin-APHIAXSEt U2-XtM WANTED lU-HIN WANTED 812-MIM WAMTEO KSUSEWAKIS ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER Accounts iulra ta v-j SALES -A receivable, payroll weekly, union. Good uL.i2UiV 1 M.kin rJtt CA ktlkir IT BcurM tec Niagara Company mods Spsnlsfi wwaklna accurate typist. Oakland firm. Salary 8400 YZZZ. 7 IDINETTE SET with cNm catena, xcat- -e ar51Cw5ST aa pyr munrn.

wme, Tr MULCIER. 5 CHEMICAL LABORATORY salesmen. Unnmrted lead earn very oood Income. Apply Hi person, till east 14h Street, San Laandro. I 'V avviimf I aa-t I a AVI BS I UlflllWB IK(aVlfeJl 8aUaUaVaan Iff dfJIBP Vs Insurance Adjuster MOTORS INSURANCE CORPORATION "Affiliate of: GeneraPMotors exceptional career opportunity fcx man with at laatt 2 vaara colleoa ACCOUNTANT, experienced In kKflvWueiUpDvlCE STATION AtTENDANfS, AUIUWAI IL WAon-l Hand ley, walnut, baeutHuL atsam let iOUfTi SERVICE STATION taleunM want-l prefer marrieo.

Anracrive, pleasing F175 Aun nPYFUS XHFsF APElr myrmrt, yn. nus. wimi -ni mummni ci aoorama, mmuu Mu -nhiMifal uelHcitUM! mini-1 "-ia uiua err 1 ad. exnariancad In tunaun and brakea. naignT, s-n.

a oust m. i wat rkUM rrri irsi.N Isnad sJaces. LaavWn country. 26S-7MI TECHNICIANS An Paid vacation, profit snaring eno lo eo-vancament Drooram with attractive (ala riiZi jHk ri. SVji- wr it Tn a nr Hie nnim r-w a.

Block, -1826 Clanwt, Alameda. 5214448, STSibT FR SET. cWUrftoU sat, slnglefeVT-y AA4BITIOUS LADY WANTED to Mrvlca 1434 14th Avenue. Oakland. I I.01?6"..

"wrny n.lW. AMBITIOUS LADY WANTED to service 1434 14th Avenue, Oakland, ry increase. Apply in person oeiwean iv OuWllnortxtlt-fBT rrtaluia Inrfhrtrtml. iust be wilting to transfer to maior West a.m. and 12 noon weekdays only.

Coast City. Previous adjusting experience $9.95 WAREHOUSE Will JSJtrfgj ICI franchise Fuller Brsuh Route. Phone -for STAMPER'S SHELL SEKV SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS '-who with to become members of an engL Bearing group servicing tha manufactures' Ing division of Friden, San Laandro, requireo, nowever applicants- witn conOiflaw, tm. tX r- Hwy. 40 and Magazine, Vallelo interview.

NE 2-1662. single and double needle on jacket BE OPEN SUNI. .13021 Florida Street. Reer Puplex. mecnamcai aptituae ano-or taiet ATTENTION ALL AREAS Taiaohona and draues.

i experience will receive favorable consto- SALES A.M.-9 P.M.; ASTHWtOW arat Ion. work from your home SALARY light SOABAR OPERATOR tvnina. raoulrad. MERIT BLIND CRAFTS. Too waaas.

staadv work Selected, employee will be trained at Successful applicants will perform chtml- analysis on procau solutions and raw ATH 1 7TH lMM). (open, tvenlngs). MAC. RAMI, GM Institute. Flint.

Michigan. Salary and 534 MM. imaaimiliam, sal Amm arret, uamana. lasw east im. -w caai im.

An opportunity to very good Income sell ng lagara products In hemasor stores. Sales experience helpful not necessary. Apply In person ,1211 East 14th Street, materials uiad In tha manufacture of I BEAUTY OPERATOR Hammond Ocn-. 4595 NEW TRANSISTOR Exoerlenced only. Must be citizen -eompgnami tot ousiness machines h.

ISSi' dplTM LOCATED AT 2224 MARKET, bihiETtSs, MeVama sets slight S5 SZiSrr- CORNER OF WEST. GRAND KS'Misft an expenses win no paio wnne in training. $577, starting salary. Including cost of living allowance plus company car, GM stock purchase plan, fully paid Blue san Leanaro. United States excellent fringe benefits.

Student Services Public Retatlen I between San Laandro and Keyword; For appointment call Miss Llebleh at 5J3-608J Mondey through Friday a.m. to OAKLAN D. cress, aiua sniew ana lira insurance. Posltten with repldtv- advancing aviation yaan of technical tchool training or equivalent exMrience In enejytitil shim-. Isiry required.

For Intarvlaw contact Mr. Tansill. p.m. training academy. Prefer 2 years college itrr obcuh vour Tuiurw unarm.

Tniirrp-pein Tii jtt GOLD PHONE 397-4040 An Equal Opportunity Employer 77- hav. ananlnoa'far statistical tvDiata kl a wtuwiuk ailRKUIIJ, riA RfJ-llClfPPPPB. full rharaa. Public -iio nt experience, p.o. pox SHERMAN CLAY SOUTHlAO Opea ft PM.

oaa 8M8) SAI Ut! ES, audio-visual equipment and sup- AfEER2. ine. hangers, bought entirb counting office, salary 8550 month. fox variety lrur.ll.T1 Trlbuna. IMCh DISTRIB- Employment Manager, Friden, Inc.

2350 1 1 en hsu nuiisatrn vmvt wvi ivntiT i i i j' i iiipii i x. to schools by aid astabllshad firm plii wiminoion, Mn Laandro, California AND ARB TO OUR tor promotion exoer HAMMOt.6 Organ Ml cawU, Oroan full ceaaii ia, BOOKKEEPER Trainee S325. Hony 7-' due to expansion. "Prefer some exi this field. Income oommansural "Prater soma commensurata INSURANCE AGENTS Km lsi i iv wwi niuwi-1 with strator Save I4ba.

therm aa Cav iwoTaV CUSTOMERS OUR DISCOUNTED PRICE Winters Placement Agency, IM I i mant Interviewer today. For your conven- HOLD IT previous experience. All replies confiden LAND, 783-7474. 14th, San Laandro. ienca our Interviewers are available for RANGE IS FOR JO" ft JO" BEVELED TO 129.50 FOR EXTRA LARGE tial, eox tumo iz-ia tribune.

1 BEAUTICIAN LICENSED to do vour talanhnna- calls anvtlma betwaanl LOADED! Dont buy another appliance yet I can repair your old one. Guarantee 261-2798 FANCY FRAMED. A MOST USEFUL wins and patrons. Will teach. 860 weekly, 00 AJW.

and 4:00 P.M., Mon. through SHEET METAL LAYOUT, precision elec-tronlc Only- qalHlad rnead appty. Call Cunt MUTUAL the credit union Insurance company, has openings Tor expert-1 enced agents in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Guaranteed salary plus bonus, fringe benefits second to none and CHRISTMAS GIFT, SHOP TRADEWAY Friden V. DIVISION OF SINGER are an aqoal opportunity employer 50 per cent commission.

EDUARDO Frl. on 835-3971. If outside of Oakland, Due to Tiemenduus fad New Wurtttaar Planea A I 357-2511 ALL THREE STORES FOR SPE HOLIDAY BIFT SPECIALS COIFFURES, san Leandro. 4a6420. lean Pacine Taiepnone-an equal SALE I CI AL HOME GIFTS AT BIG SAVINGS.

We find Ourselves Overstocked On Rea. S300. HOIIV opportunity employer. BEGINNER Steno rest opportunity for advancement. Make SALES, Chemicals, Industrial.

Eastbay area. Salary. Expenses. Car. Distributor VMAMVUAW East P.

1200. Holly Winters I iZSZZ: 2.5 CU. 1155 ters Placement Agency, a must can to investigate! lan Lynn A- laaiiaiiai I Placement Agency, lis East vatlw hmvV DVvai sa 10860 San Plfblo Ave aan Leenare, El Cerrlto, 525-2379, Lawson, syJUi, ror rurmer aeraiii with extensive supplier arrangements op-1 eretlng In Northern California and North- dad unn i Armiw ni ueonaro. uibiM i iiihwni tif.aiu. i.a 1 350 Carisun Blvd.

Richmond, 233- ernoons 1910 East 14th Street or 5867 San TELLER PART TIME 189.00 Admiral Uprlgh Freezer .....148.88 Pullman BkSg.l, 1 USED PIANO OStMSW PIANOS FROM 849 ORGANS FROM 8199 SIB GUS PB ARSON HENDRICJC PIANO CO. 25809 MISSION HAYWARO (Next to Wiseman's) 87T7f -Open Mon. thru Frltll 1 1 west, man resumes to treai western Chemical Company. 860 Wharf Street, Dih iuMHu. rtairian I a.

a-XMui MMAra aaMMiat awa hHM-CMw-E M- i.u 1 auiiaui MACHINIST-JOURNEYMAN Richmond. BOOKkgEPER. 8-5. day weak. Salary working, conditions, washer 280 Adeflne Street.

Berkeley, 841-0373 Cab Driver STEADY INCOME SALES MANAGERS, REPRESENTA ooen. Own transportation. Havward ares Itomecr wrs. oi ver, hmi. An quai I jrt.m Kitchen AW Built in Dishwasher FURNITURE Buy direct from masu-k For prototype work.

Modifications and maintenance of production machinery. send resume Box TM33960 12-13 Tribune, lopponuruty employer. Applicant consio-no panel fxturer. Save 70 par cent. 1344445.

deal- TIVES, career opportunity, call 687-1960, Mutual of Omaha. Mutt have good machine shop back- 2,1 S'ous creed, color, national origin or an- Portable Dishwasher .158.88 round. Under 35 years of aoe preferred. FURNITURE OR APPLIANCES HEALTH AND WELFARE PLAN SALES PRINTING jui cesrry. I ramous Brand Portable shwasher ermanent for man.

Phone Mason Hamlin console, period styMi New S1695. Sale-used BS Baldwin 5'4" Baby Grand, excel lent 8S CREDIT PROBLEMS WELFARE. BEAUTY Operator 533-0544. experienced heat x-RAY TECHNICIAN, prefer someone 4-50 P- downtown work, good business. 'hop.

with typing experience, Wurlltzer Spinet, ebony fieasani orrice sow credit? no ueait? Call Dealer 241-7745 626-7254 EXCELLENrPENSlON-PAID VACATIONS ....149.881 Commercial orlntlna and business forms. 444-1188 632-6407. work. Havward. Plaaw nail j.a4 ba- vtyvr wiiii aaiviy, aiari MULTILITH paiowin Acrosoriic Needs some touch-up CAR RENTAL and AGENT AGENT SECRE-ltween 8 and i.

i9951S. used IA nar r.rft-Brtra niu-nimt at all niirlHIDE-A-BED. SIMMONS. Must have 1V4 years experience In operat- TARY, phone for appointment, 632-2225. Thomas 2 -manual organ MinshaH erua 2328 Tele-; No- experience Abety In oerson no 1250 and 1275.

High school graduate. Electric Ranges from 89.00 Up. NATIONAL ITU graph, Oakland, 4-212. Large peninsula company has opening for experienced salesperson with commercial printing background. Established accounts.

Salary, Incentive, plan, mileage plus other fringe benefits. Apply Personnel Department, p.m.. The Times, CHEMIST. To do developmental work on 514 Willi Wlltld, DlHIltiO the application of chromatograoh math- anytime, any day. Come in right now Magnus chord, new Save to 50.

per cent I More on New HIDE-A-BED SALE, year end close outs Ability to work with other departments. EAST BAY firm. Salary Excellent fringe benefits. Call between 10-11 Wurlltzer, Muftlmatlc percussion Thomas horseshoe bandbox I15B S15B. 8135 8199S im 8544 children.

My home. Appliances. Satisfaction Guaranteed, 8150. NATIONAL. r-URNIIUKC, ua i olo ring out now mucn you can make.

YELLOW CAB COMPANY 1685 24tti Street, Oakland graph, Oakland, HI 4-2112. m. 1080 -South Bayshore San. Ma f.miii.nw with riinir.1 lah mn. y.

week, permanent, tan anar Baldwin 41 -P Combo Compact Organ Farflsa New appliances with slight ease damage. mc.lll.v ,1 Pint enma Hams. All sublact to HIDEAWAY Bed, new mattress Included, teo. dures desirable. Phone Mr.

Proom, Bli' Rad Labs. 32nd Griffin Avenue, Rlch-BABYSITTER-Own 1 8100. Dick's, 2946 East 14th Street. transportation. Near prior sale.

new 8491. usao-A Real ssuy SHERMAN CLAY TBAneulfaV 1M4S San Pahln Ava.ll IUIMR nnm. fraiaht damaoa (sllahtlvll Whlttler School, East Oakland. 632-0868. CHEMIST.

To do development work an the application of chromatographic meth mono. MAINTENANCE MACHINIST LlghT housekeeping, nue, EL Cerrlto. Open Daily 9-9, Sat. 9-5. sofas, sections; divans, modern or maple 2135 Broadway Oakland Clerks Needed for 2 Months KSHOP MACHINIST rallahla.

afar. Sun 12-5. 525-2379. styles. Huaa selection.

From 888. Tremen- out. NEW SPINET PIANO ods in clinical problems. Chromatographic experience and resourcefulness necessary; familiarity with clinical lab procedures desirable. Phone Mr.

Proom, uiatD ruisee um nFP; can oaf 7 dous savings) R-i-urnnure ienter, in Assignments. Immediate openings. 4 tbiencas. 376-6W1, 533314, BABYSITTER, light housework. Start aft-day or nlte Immediate delivery on i "wr To do raoalr work on all ohases of Droo $499 er Christmas.

Salary ooen. Alameda. I washer, drver. refrnerator. stoves, freer- LIVING Room group, sofa, 2 chairs, otto- caoabla of operating machine lathe ship -Bio-Red Labs, 32nd Griffin Avenue, p.m.

snirrs. Selective Office Service 1330 Broadway, Suite 903 835-2476 esslng 8, packaging salt plant. Experience vn-ltXi. Ur. TVs.

dinette sets ate. Call anytime I man. 4 Diaca. S44J0. Turouolsa, Dersim- piece.

844.50. Turquoise, KKnmona. zm-sijz. with machinery tools, arc gas per, mining macnine, reaa rrom oiue prints. Union scale with liberal paid be SHOWROOM SAMPLE PEDALS PLUS FALLBOAKD raPF enp "i anv-tiA Iiu.832-1077, 452655.

mon, beige plastic. Dick's, 2946 East 14th welding necessary, union scale witn liber DANCERS WANTED nefits for appointment call 797-2281. in-out. wyaa. iREFRIGtKAIOKS, itoi CAMERA CLERK.

Retail experience selling cameras and camera supplies required. Permanent. Palmer Drugs. Unl- al paid benefits. For appointment can Ma miwLmvpa nAr-aMirvr rwmA nav.

SHERMAN CLAY SOUTHLAND Discount prices. MARTIN'S, LIVING ROOM SET, NEW 899.95. i. iciosa ours. m-ja.

hours. Must be over 18. Mr. Nelson. fLL charge live Open til 9 p.m.

Mon. thru Set. I iwuiltea Dries, casters lupen evenings. vorsiry ana anamicn, oerxeiey. AND Follies.

429 nth Street. Oakland. MN. couple, salary open. Box M220101 1-18 1ZZ' MAGRAM'S, 8600 East MORTON SALT CO.

nearly new Wurtfriier 4108. wllii REPOSSESSED STOVE SALE I MORTON SALT 444-2571. inoune. COMMISSION SALESMAN 1947 "O'Keete-Merrlts," MAPLE furniture clearance. Dinettes oetcusslon, 81150.

549-pdi everunis. Mil Ilka rhllrfran 7388 CENTRAL NEWARK CALIF, DRIVERS, ICE CREAM VENDING! fpUSE KEEPER. 7388 CENTRAL NEWARK, CALIF. Used 2 months. Cost 8325, sacrifice 8189 869.95.

Tremendous Reductions. utwtT terences. si 60. 254-8163. $2.00 hour plus commission, yyiil.

An equal opportunity employer TRUCKS. An equal opportunity employer Excellent opportunity for experienced salesman In our floor covering department. 40 hour week and full company each, installed. Nothing down, essume sip 110227 East um St. 836-3903.

Practical Nurse) 5 HOUSEKEEPER BAR monthly. Frtedmans, 1923 sen and BOX SPRING Frtedmans, 1923 san and BOX SPRING Must be expert- Jw weekly, S150 monthly. Live In. 524- Oakland! ORGAN, Lowery Spinet. Uka new.

Coat 8495, secrtflco 8395. 532-2467, eventr-s. ORGAN, Gulbransen Rlalte TnaW. Uka new. 2 external speekars, paas mutu-rank tab.

Take 8700 fer SIM equity, assume payments. LP S-7e7. DENTAL ASSISTANT enced. 655-9787. MAINTENANCE MACHINIST GAINS.

Slightly damaged seconds from freezer 840. famous Simmons Co. Double, Queen and I I JO. benefits. Apply In person.

Personnel Department, Montgomery Ward, 39201 Fremont Fremont. An Equal Oppor STOCK ROOM ATTENDANT LIVE IN, 840 per Opening for first class maintenance week, care of 2 glrU, Washer $40. 835-2084, 643-6648 King sizes, to and 1-3 of regular price. babysitting and housework. tunity Employer, Sunday SEWING machine Singer repossessed.

jyONALFU I 2328 Tfbv HI U. macmnisi. ci-tiricai -ai hk- rcwiicu. Good workina conditions. GILRO MA graph, 4-21 CAB DRIVERS, Be your own boss.

Tern- Raaulres 3 to 5 years experience In elec CHINE 8, STAMPING 2915 Ford EILEEN FEATHER SALON live-in. position practical A1SSfTSrJR ataaau-u AmkMltarlM mif Cllllw '-'-f ORGAN, Hammond Console. Maexd A-WBt walnut flntehj eacallant cendttten, nenrty -new. 939-8478. 1 I Cl I I A CDI I CTOUE.

flEa mtVl, tronics stock. Some shipolno and receiv porary, permanent. 241-7008. Street, Oakland. Call I a.m.

to 5 p.m. I AA axsitUes UIj-E r'uCECIII UrtliC UWIIWiif W. "r1 w.ww I'v-. i nsi.8i.r-wfci nvtfitt niurntMri. 171 ha i ft nr or monmiv.

mrr rhAiru trnesTi cartMTi ctc. 3Jittt -DRIVERS Monday f53M062. ORGAN-JGulbransen Thaatar OrmtA ing experience Jielpfult. Will operate fork lift on occasion. Young growing company with good salary and benefits.

Call Don Due our ExpanslonrMram we Mf'ltPW home trial call 451-6244. Lee's uATTRE. factory REBUILT SliiS. Friday I a.m. -3

LUXURY CABS, MACHINIST Journeyman, general ma I AAanuakv. full naaa. external Lasue a Box Sorinas. 816.88. (Open evenings).

684 12th Street, Oakland. chining. Leon Hommei Machine, 2340 Ada- Mllisap 6J3-2UU ror interview. inet. Coat 85400.

Make offer. lERMa BE 7393, BE MOM SSm'SQm' charge. 93W595 -SEWING MACHINE PFAFF. completely MAGRAM'S, 8600 tsjt ism. CARPENTER Industrial, structural ne, Oakland.

ALPHA SCIENTIFIC LABS automatic Excellent condition. si. ya- termite experience necessary, Journey ORGAri-Ampflfler, Beaxwai MATURE MAN, experienced In- hospital MATTRESS Box springs, mismatched, factory closeout. Deluxe oualltv. 824 each LIVE-IN, middle aged care two elderly rjeoole.

Lloht hnuakAnina. Salarv nnan IUPJ man only, zu-rtu. APPLY: 2461 Shattuck, Berkeley. billing and collection and credit. Salary 8800.

687-gio. anerman Liay, tm vmm- cost 8240, R-Furnlture Center. 16918 East 14th Call after 8 p.m., 526-9216. SEWING MACHINE, not used, CAB, OAKLAND. CAB DRIVER, CITY.

SERVICE STATION Mechanic. Salary ORGAN Lowrey Holiday, 2 kayboard. r. tail Monday un ueanoro memo-Hospital. All calls to 357-8300, exten seH $85.

776-2192. between San Laandro and Maywarg 957 35th STREET. ooen. uniform furnished MOTHER'S HELPER Babysit while re sacrtflct, 8350. 581-OW3.

sion 218. WOMAN mother works. Live-In preferred. Middle- SEWING MACHINE 1967 PFAFF. 5 years OCCASIONAL CHAIR; blue brocade up- Must have experience and references.

Ap CREDIT Trans-America Credit Corpora- Excellent ORGAN, BALDWIN SPINET. EXPERIENCED COLLECTOR Salary ooen, iiharai nm.iaoeo. References, ajz-ieuu. petora-z. woiioiiit.

wiw. wiiiiwhi MUTUAL OF OMAHA ply in person, sou mr. uiawo souievara. condition. Must sell.

Offer. 848-4770. tion, national credit card company, desires experienced, young, aggressive man pany benefits. Contact Miss Ellis 834-1913 MATURE WOMAN COMPANION wanted STOVES All sizes, clean, tested, guar' has sales career opportunity for the right Larayene. PATIO Piano stool.

wine SALE Old SALE Old SUPERMARKETS. NEED CHECKERS extension 216. I to share home with same as Companion, anteed, DELIVERY INSTALLATI INSTALLATION. man. Phone Mr.

Taylor, wv-yui. to oegin Training ror management position. Salary, "liberal company benefits oresa. j. sat glass raoie tamo.

HU125 wMklv. Laarn Grocery Checking COUNSELOR, Rent free. References exchanged. 845-1850 East 14th, 834-8819. PFMAI PI AI-FAAPNT MACHINIST, JOURNEYMAN.

Custom Contact Miss Ellis, 834-1913 extension 216. ,1,1.. irr noe. aotmn aouona. unna PIANOS-.

HT81D OR tOLB 9- low tuition, aee viass jeus experienced, sharp. Concord Area. Tre-7129. Machining and Tool Company. 483-1488.

DRAFTSMAN, MECHANICAL 2 years menoous potent ah box 332U12-12. Tr E. 14th Oakland. Market Training School 5J6-M19 U-TTE i i 1 oisnaa, oneway, atc.J aunoar une. BIT WORK WANTED.

II EH PROM II Mft JIMnaTII T----1 conege wrni or wimoui experience, up-Portunity In growing company. Pacific NIGHT SUPERVISOR rw ea mm aai STEADY i part ttma work. Average 83.50 J7Sr" Si' ivr "iwonoay. a-a. mb aniney, naywaro.

Icellent condition, white, VS. 531-8954. in AltVl Am. ir. $400.

Holly Winters 1155 East 14th San GIRL Friday Placement 'Agency, Pumping 9201 San Laandro Street, per hour In your own established Fuller Foundry, located hi East Bay Area, I college degree, malnte- VACUUM, Canister, upright tanks. ar- an. avrallant com! km. OL a-49. route.

Call 6564)445, 5-7 p.m. nance. suDsrintanoam. Droouct on. oran- ga nsi 1 t-ranxun street.

Leanaro. GO-GO GIRLS. Over 21 DETAIL AND WASH MAN expert HEINE PIANO CO. OAKLAND 45f Ptrklnj t-1TI IAN FRANCISCO has an excellent opportunity ror an aggressive and ambitious person to supervise a- nloht cleaning room operation. Alibi Club, 4308 Ing, overseas experience; start January, WASHERS-Exceilent condition.

Guaran- JZ SHOE SALES, experienced, permanent, full time. Huston's Shoes, 2216 Shattudc enced. local references, oood workina Telegraph, Oakland. 654-9176. 1 1968.

Write 3804 Everett Avenue, Oakland. ted. Delivered 835. 782-4049. Oealer, 827A 83 weekly.

R-r-urniture Lanier, levia 841-0460, Mr. piame. Prior experience as a supervisor is not but the candidate must have 27? O'FarraU re 1967 East 14th between san Leanaro ang May- -conditions. Sea Barney or Al, 1425 Clay Street. DELIVERY WORK HAYWARD GIRL FRIDAY for termite company, EXPERIENCED Brake and alignment, WASHERS DRYERS Frigidaii East Oakland, typing, bookkeeping, salary! permanent.

East Bay, Vallelo, Napa, c(ose Discount prices. SERVICE STATION Local exnerienca In the metal trades Industry. MARTIN 5,1 ward. MAI reference. 3530 MacArtnur eouievaro, "'124031 Mission, Haywaro, AREA CAR AND PHONE NECESSARY.

wages commensurate witn experience and value. Submit detailed experience re Oakland. SnT hair 5TTLI5U excellent opportunity "ki. Bokhara, 772-2487. Klrman Keshan 1964 lection.

Pianos: Stalnwey Grand 7 ft NORGE WASHING MACHINE, sume to Box 338 40 11-13 Tribune. mature person with out-going MAINTENANCE. ENGINEER run- 524-1375. Perfect, atearway orang An equal opportunity employer. I WAN TS model.

"Used only 2 years, hospitals, nng condition. 89j 254-2523. Hers, coo DRIVER AND CLERK for motel; valid license required; non drinker. Nights. ty, must have sales and management ebil-STEADY WORK.

Apartments, ROLL AWAY BED, cost S6O4 sacrifice CmckejrtM Baby vrefas Sonmer wrand. a ft. 7 KlnAall Grand I ft. 8. French arav CUSTOM IMPERIAL S30: Danish radinar.

845-2493. seno resume to box i smz-iz inoune, mmmImIm c-n nn Iit .1.1.., I WASHER. 1967 Service Manager 101 iiwan, ami-, ,10 XmfrUlr aerifies S195, cnEA men 1 DRY Cleaner spotter Dresser combl IklTEDECTIMA TELEPHONE WO carpemry, glass, uTomotive, waiomg 'rZerM: in s. iri nation; full-time; experienced only; apply rrieomans, amntafc DIcK's 2946 East 14th Strew. AWridi SPtnet Baldwin, assume balance IS45.9B Oraans: Hammond M-8 FROM YOUR OWN HOME.

MUST 1 auivr. in parson. Anthony's Cleaners, 1417 Web PRIVATE LINE AND AT LEAST 4 MAN needs "AM needs (Painting). Nemselas Wanted Reward' FOR MAJOR ster, Aiameoa. 1ob desperately' BLINDwould you please call 655-3899.

WASHER, automatic, late model; excel- SOFA AND CHAIRS, OUILTED. NEW. 899.95, shepard Casters (Open evenings) MAGRAM'S 8600 East 14th. i nomas on-i. iiui lesnua aaaav HOURS DAILY.

WALL 0J4-MIJ lent. 860. 865-0237. EXECUTIVE SALES TRAINEE, salary to AND HANDICAPPED PRODUC Hammond c-itx I week ota, 7A ttl 11 iiuniwr; pppaipc. naintinfl.

small S800 per month. Management opportunity WASHER, automatic, good condition, 850. NSURANCE BROKERS' office needs ex-1 tons. 30 vears axoarianca. S224382.

SOFA-BED. 4 foot with chair. New tur or vour own business in financial planning DRYER, electric, 850. LA 3-5717. perlenced girl to handle personal Una I- quoise upholstery, uncleaned 8150.

351-4 rAllM mH hiiin KaHrnraiinH H- Auto Leasing Co. WANTBD! U881D PIAPX9 Pleno and Organ Rentals tOM SHERMAN CLAY-SUNVALLIY CONCORD 687-23 1 0 4050 evenings, 783-3641 Sunday. uACucDC rmccniiT caic must know auto ana nonreowners rorms sstflBsf WiyTCfl wnutu irH r.u ur that we nave mterrupreo vour. cortee 'l-, v-uvuwwi I and rating. Mr.

Courtney. 652-6101. jeie nvna: nnn niiasn land, Fremont and walnut creek areas, lorea, wny gm i yuu wop a ninw Clearing '66 8, '67 models. Everything IISHED. Think Benefits Include health Insurance, pension plan.

Give marital and draft status. Box PIANOS tWrLIDAY SPECIALS pay pnone ana can nm iuck xi-itii, EXPERIENCED LIFE and ACCIDENT maVauS'teS WOODCRAFT, 85 Dewa, Free InstaHaHea) miles- HEALTH aoante i-Branch afttce has Excellent -refar- MJ4MOIHS inounev- j- time sales, executive; positions available. "rHmts-Jf UPRICHT. Knabai BjusaHasst exceptional lead and financing plans Call Viviane Woodafd Cosmetics, 803-004. ences.

j-jsw. criM.di2ilTslS Contra Costa Blvd. Pleasant Hill, (at 67 Frlgldaire 4-speed eodfS25 Monument Bowl) 939-5558. Special ttPI available, easmay area, w-jiuu. luciioAurc nHira tit airi PHARMAC ST th 7 vears exosr ence In ENGINEER, MECHANICAL.

Up to grand, emarson, 'prencn rravasaair walnut Holiday Special TV TECHNICIAN WANTED. Expert on 7 vuhirinnni nut. laraa filter S179 TABLES. Coffee table, 2 end with Initiative to act as relief transcrlp- United KitKjdom and Australia, seeks em- years experience, opportunity in a grow color, outside work, is per hour plus casn ton st and perform genera office duties, prwrmateviitai, mrait-ai '67 Maytag, dlx features. Was S309 iM9 Beeutiful condition.

6434364. KIMBALL. Panor Grand, ft, HODORFF Bunoalow Unrtah. BaiuWul PAINTER ing company. Pacific Pumping 9201 benefits.

Apply Star TV Company, 444- Mr. Courtney, 652-6101 or cosmetic organization. 687-6825. san Leanaro btreet, oaxiana 4910. 66 Wash-Dryer pr.

Whirlpools .8419 8280 TEN drawer chest, 820. Florentine coffee 67 Washer-Dryer pairs. Norge. NowS280. and and tables, 8100.

Red and green FRIEDMAN'S. 1911 SAN PABLO couch matching love seat. S22S. Rattan SPITHerrrv iXar. EXPERIENCED hand, iav-uo man for p.m.

nights and weekend hours. AltalDlS WOrK WllltMi DOnlltlCt For general plant maintenance, know) Fiberglass Reinforced plastics. Call 914- with oencrt, apaciai HI 4-0544, ooen weeknites til 9, 3 dining set, 8150. Miscellaneous 1 lemps. aa aandblastlna and a Dedication tntes Hospirai in.

a-nu. ext. u. miss 295a. Astra-Piastics toweu, cantor- oil base and epoxy paint systems.

Excel THE WESTERN ELECTRIC" COMPANY Hansen. BABYSITTING 8 to 6 Monday throuoh MILLER-MILLS MUSK 812.50 DELIVERS IMMEDIATELY Rcl WhbU TVs. miscellaneous furniture, etc Wash. and ladder, S60. CA IWrlpool nfa.

i imc( 484KI1 W7S Shattuck AVE. lent company witn iioerai paio oenenrs at I.A.M. Union scale. For appointment call ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN, national LMWico cleaning, ironino. exoeriancd.

32. ers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, freei- PIANO, grand. 797-2281. inree women neeoea at once to nanaie company needs electronic tech tor branch office In the East Bay. Prefer trouble Needs Deo pie to train as Installers mock, sia Kitchen set, sw.

Refrigerator, fnuMiin( pp af Tir'Ai nra. .,..1 Weitlnohousa. S7J. 32 euble foot telephone central office electronic equipment. Must be hkih school oraduate.

shooting experience In communications or MORTON SALT CO. mstofy 5x5, excel lent trtacnajnifsw cbnea tlen. Vintage wood. Csuid wm renaaWiinn. Could aeir far VlH hfoMmtTVPtm 8400, 523-4745.

i imnr imrta8tauivv. amv nar i4M-awi arinniw. rB.i ni. iiumii uiBitwass larva aairu A raoar. can aaxia tor appointment.

must pass mechanical aptitude Tests end 7388 CENTRAL NEWARK, CALIF, sonable. LIveT In or out. Employers VJZmi i tables, STS.tompleta household furnlsh-; LEDGER Clerk Placement Agency, EXPERIENCED furniture upholsterer for lngs. 797-8959. An Equal opportunity Employer pTaHcT physical exam, start rate range sz.i4-S2.80 per hour as adjusted for experience Agency, 832-5312.

IlIcTrTcT factory work, sjz-wi. 523 HOME FURNISHINQS Leanaro. soaekarai nortable. SUB full I kt t. LECTRICIAN ano-or educational creou.

LVN night supervisor for modern 36 bed v.H:.wM""Sr,r. "2 7. uAiitriiflREt UNCLAIMED REUPHOLSTERED FURNITURE to be sold for charges only 1 1. Simmons hidea-hed. aaartmant sua.

child's nxtnv -den, rmngva, carnbeL 464V U12. extended care facility. $475 per month I uowana mtbj. nvuesttans Immediate opening tor an all around fully qualified Journeymen. Must have basic electronics, construction and controlled Apply: 234 nm streer Monday through Friday An Equal Opportunity Employer after probationary period.

Liberal fringe ELDERLY Care to one lady live PLAYER PIANO, $28. Guaranteed benefits, supervisory experience requireo. References. aH-wsj. ACT Nowl Reliable party wanted to toast tweed and naugahyde.

-take over 85 weekly payments on deluxe 2. Cuddle Ottoman, 40' round black nau- circuit background. Call Personnel super- Sherman Clay Southlend 783-7471 WOMAN wants day work. References. Apply Clare mont convalescent Hospital, 2500 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley.

841-5260. TRAINEE; some drafting background to layaway furniture including charming dl- gahyde PIANO, WURLITZIR SPINET, dentin visor. Continental Can, Pittsburg, 432-3501 between p.m. Monday, Friday for 653-3515. work for national pre-englneered building oxedo chair, toast nylon walnut finish.

2 year Shift to a.m.l Ivnuur ni noire, Deauiiru aniwin, iVa" i j. LVN. Nloht iht only 1 4. Armless chair and green eon- Hon. 8750.

376-4182. evenlnaa company in san leanuku; permanen ir- rtnirrh i ana I rjr room. Originally 8519.95. Balance Interview appointment. An Equal Opportunity Employer Contact never letTiremoorarv left tempore and tun time; pox 3t iz-e i rioune.

srd" HWpit.i; San Pablo, 235 S385 This 1, new furniture Convalescent PHARMACIST- RETAIL for LARGE SERVICE STORE Management Possibilities ACALANES PHARMACY Bill Eames, 284-7121 PIANO, Drachmann Grand. Good tonit tlon. racenttv refinlshed. 339-9939. store.

R-Furnlture Center, 16918 East 14th 5. Green floral occasional chair 551 A 6. Solid walnut arm chair, wine and beige between San Leandro and Havward. medical ASSISTANT for busv medical GULBRANSEN SPINET ANB Spinet PIANO, ELECTRICIAN bed- Walnut, excellent conditton. UN.

BENCH. TOOL AND DIE AAAKER room; rattan, and formica tables, dinette; Chocolate brown small oceaslenal office in Havward, experience desirable, send resume to Box 32445 12-11 Trib chair. lllke new washer; miscellaneous; 451-naa, Call momlngs a-10, 939-4520. PIANO, uorloht. oood conditton, t3Z arav ruacraaaiai uaa rn une.

Larpet specials wit eki uth straat 532-8499. APARTMENT Owner's Tweed 81.69 so. vard. $450. Holly Wln-1155 East 14th, Journeyman tool and die maker, MEDICAL secretary ters Placement Agency, San Leandro.

I X. IvlSsoSt i L. DELIVERS IMMBDIATILY food caatdlftoA. PAINTERS. Large Bay- Area firm, has Wanted for general plant maintenance by plant manufacturing and processing heavy chemicals.

Install electrical motors and equipment. Some instrumentation knowledge of wiring diagrams and operating circuits desirable. Excellent company with liberal paid benefits at I.A.M. rianv, beaivT vvnaviv, 8275. Make offer.

7974B79. to fill opening created by expansion. Only those Interested In Derma nent work need doubi. lute Sac' SL98 sq, Dlck-I ooeninas for first class paper hangers, ers. dryers, freex- aaikt exueriencea in vinvis na Mahoaanv.

2946 East 14th St. SPINET. Kohlar. PIANO, 1520 ANTIQUES. ART, ETC.

ers. NURSES apply. Apply In person: Amot Controls Corporation, 1st Street and Nevln Avenue, types of wall hangings and must have A sacrificel New bedroom 899, living GOOD CREDIT NOT NECESSARY leAaatXsflklsaalMMaR local union -arniiaironir aieoav employ union scale. For appointment 797 Richmond. California.

Bench. Excellent condition. 820. 842-5447. PIANO Wurlltzer walnut Spinet, nearty new, perfect condition, Eskekt aaas.

S49i. room, 899, dinette, 839, 2401 Twograpn.icall 832-1077 or 452-2655. Oakland Meter ment. State age and experience. Box ANTIQUE DOLLS Original clothing.

CHRISTMAS GIFTSI Private party. 532 BEDROOM SUITE MANUFACTUR- Plan. M35340 12-16 Tribune. 2281. MORTON SALT CO.

531-8257. Tool and Die Maker ER'S SAMPLE! Mediterranean Tremen-' I UIIII.J I AT REGISTERED NURSES IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Evening and Night Shifts TIN CENTRAL NEWARK, CALIF Experienced in plastic Inlectlon molds, Umtiqiifc. miaii dous Savings. DEWEY'S, 10277 East urn. 5Z3A.

WAMTED Ineous. 1858 East 14th, San Leandro, 483- BED, box spring, mattress. Also but tot. wvwww. nmv, IWWM bass strings, 8150.

Yamaha lUrtng tar. 8125. 652-0552. small cavity dies, own final design from parts drawings. Excellent working condM An Equal Opportunity Employer tsi-mji.

sou tot an. v-auj, evenings. i ATTCMTIrtKI PART TIME EVENINGS LIFE CIRCULATION CO. 1 i a i r.T,:i7 I iLm lons, small clean snop. unnmitea over PIAkfi, spinet wlfn bench, Mot.

vWIm with case and bow, 825. 376477L An i4U Olaque ooiis, l1 p.m.uio PKLIKUUVt treiuni aainav, iiiuu-t Proctor Avenue, Oakland. ern and maple styles. Big selection. From We pay highest prices for furniture and time, profit sharing, permanent.

Precision RENT New Piano 87.95. OAKLAND'S Paarl $78. OUTSTANDING VALUE! R-Purniture appliances, compme novsanon cr any BUFFET. Wicker chairs, Founders Incorporated, 414 Hester street, San Leandro, Al Lewis, 562-4971 im, kuM. tut imuini Enthusiasm Sherman Clay, Center, 16918 East 14th, lease, Roclsers.

LU 1-5140, Havward BIGGEST MUSIC STORE. 2131 Broadway. 4444440. TV Technician, experienced, top wages. Leandro and Haywaro.

Needs vouna men, 20 veers or over, to Paul Shapiro Furniture Co. TE 2-8143 lrUDICTAC CDCriAl I antlniM I' need 3 enthusiastic sales minded men to MEDICAL INTENSIVE CARE MEDICAL SURGICAL Excellent Salary Liberal shift differential COMPREHENSIVE FRINGE BENEFITS new mattress box sorlna excellent. mxxmimnit German TS train, telephones, all complete, 832.50. Warrens' ED, single Lafayette TV center, assi mouni uiaoio Boulevard, Lafayette. work In our modem office.

Earn above average of 860 week, salary and good help ma in my appliance ousiness. it opportunity is what you're looking tor. rnade. sa KB wn. Morningt.

(quality). S45. 357-1775. ALL CASH IMMEDIAlELY- bonuses. Hours 5 to p.m.

582-7446. BEDROOM-NEW, TWIN BEDS. Dresser, Ona Diaca or a houseful. Call tar FAST tail 581-S9P. TECHNICIAN, s- DINING ROOM SET.

Italian, formal. AO- Lnest. sano. an.p lopm evaninBj SERVICE. 351-2131, 581-3551 For interview can: 658-5325 eebcmiuci proximate 200 vears d.

First tta 'iwu, aww cast imm. Full training but requires some photogra-ohv ar lithoaraohv experience; extensive EXPERIENCED SUPERVISOR BEDROOM SET (NEW) 5 piece S99.95. ni puimiiLoa anu ruiiiuuio davs) condition. 2354 San Pablo, Pinole. davs) SUNDAY SALE PftCM loo tow to wvorttoo OPEN SUNDAY FROM Tiki SEE GUS PEARSON HENRDRICK PIANO CO.

SoutharK Aiamada's Onhr Aulwoi Ileal Process Service Part Time Prefer someone with plating or galvaniz travel. Write full details to Box 33040 i wainiif. Bad. mole oresser, inest, uaaa. Hionesr ericas pan.

un now. Inside. Sellers. 523-3700, Extension 472 FOR INTERVIEW APPOINTMENT FLEA MARKET, heated After 6 p.m. 537-3606.

ing experience, however, not a must. De- 12-12, Tribune. Stands. (Open Evenings), magram aaoo te 2-3936 Evenings, weekends; over 18, car. Alame-de-Confra Costa.

Suite 702, 1330 Broad- DMidabilitv. ambition to advance and will East 14th. AA APPLIANCES FURNITURE TAILOR, retired, part time work. California Cleaners, 3447 San Pablo, Oakland. DCnOrVtU CCT mnHrn way, Oakland.

Excel- ALAMEDA HOSPITAL lent condition. ReaVmable. 278-0522. We pay the highest cash prices. Bonded PUBLIC AUCTION et CLAREMONT HOTEL Production Manager CLINTON AT WILLOW ingness to learn more Important.

Good starting rate and all company fringe benefits. Including hospital, maior medical. Insurance, retirement, vacation, paid Apply: Triangle Conduit and Cable Company. 432-3853 or 687-3160; between WURLITZER KNABE PIANO AND ORGAN DISTRIBUTOR 25889 MISSION BLVD. HAYWARD (Next to Wiseman's, J82-7778) Ooen Mon.

thru Frt. til 9. Sun. 1 te I 522-1700 ALAMEDA BED, DIVAN; wrought Iron DINING Tf- i 000Q SETroolf clubsrsailboatrmlscellaneousJ-Cali ItmpleDar TAB OPERATOR Production experience necessary, full Ashby 4 Doninpo Avenue, Berkeley. California.

charge of manufacturing operations Ir n. IDI-04JI. Victory Furniture GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY metal fabricationg. wtsit-AO iwnu SUNDAY, DECEMBER p.m. 6-8 p.m7J7-l580 ask torMr.

Russell. Alto, 840. Morses (Perls) BEDS, Modern one year old, SAX. Kino FACTURING 657-6W. Viewing from 10:30.

MONDAY, DECEM- CALL636-f957 Inet 850. Hammond Sofovox plan attacsv IN- BER PRECISION SHEET METAL WORKERS lstn, 7:3 p.m. Persian and Opportunity for growth In our East Bay location. Facility will be converting to CHAIRS, all styles, floor sample close- raoahia nf tat us and operating own PRE- DIA RUGS, JADES. IVORIES, FULLER BRUSH time, deliver or sales.

$2.75 guaranteed to start. We Buy Everything merit 870. 782-8543 TRUMPET. Selmer, Paris Model. Ua rnmc CDCkiru nif.

1-3 and 1A off. NATIONAL- FURNI- tape computer in near future. Minimum 2 desks, equipment, must Know iwonnn. metal 3 years minimum experience 836-4241. Nurses RN's-LVN's Dally Staff relief Work Alameda, Contra Costa Counties FURNITUR E.1TURE, 2328 Telegraph, Oakland, HI 4- old oak furniturc Tapes, I COLUMBIAN AND CONTINENTAL PAINTINGS COINS.

new, 80. LA 4-5147. years experience requireo, ana Teminari-tv with comoutara hlahlv desirable, sala bureaus, ate. Any condition. Call 111.

w''i, FOREIGN car salesman salary and required. Day and swing snin wora. iuu ry dependent on qualifications. Weekdays TROMBONE "Besson," with case; condition, best offer. 339063.

CHAISE LOUNGE, blue print, 2 klnoslio commissions open with opportunity of be Grayson street, Borneiey, owy, TOP PRICES PAID. Cash Immediate! coming manager ana stock rwioer cor PRDRBAMMER EXPERIENCED 1 to spreads, conion ironer. w-ia6. ROLLTOP DESK "STANDARD" any amount furniture, 351-3404; 782-6161. 2 years, 1440 disk.

Financial Data Center, poration, ncaiea in urareiw. must 25-35 years old, responsible, educated. TV BENCHMAN. Good on color. Excel- Special order 66 Inch top, Golden Oak, apaciai oroer ea incn topi wun uan, 1036 A Street, suite sua.

naywaru, jm- PROFESSIONAL NURSES BUREAU INC. OAKLAND. rrc DCVMI fDOI ID buy enyrning or value furniture, Unequaled Special Please submit resume of Qualifications lent pay, many fringe permits, jit-ait, excellent conoition. principals only, agrns witn llii, ixwivi wrvwf idishes, tools, 893-6698. 0671.

Brown and Jones, Accountants-Auditors, 508 16th Street 834-9304 furniture available. 782-8700. TV Technician, minimum 4 vears ex INCLUDES ALL NEW WURLITZER, Italian Provincial, wglnot as4atatafattaaaef 3443 Golden Gate Way, Lafayette, perience; good salary. Lin's TV, 11365 Heyward, 483-2450 -Walnut Creek. 939-5111 VICTORIAN round walnut dining table, 48 1624-MUJICU 1 PC LIVING ROOM GROUP 5 PC.

BEDROOM SET HONEYMOON DINETTE SET San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrlto. pleno with bancn. monrna on oaeuty. REGULAR $890. Now 8890.

Save IM, TEN YEAR GUARANTEE inn aiautviCT ryv. toi-vq3. FARMERS INSURANCES Part1 Full time careers. Berkeley El Cerrlto mf0mmm00r0m0mmmt0m0tr0 NCR OPERATOR, experienced. First' ACCORDION.

120 Bass Silvio Soprani. Richmond note Areatl 527-4405. TERMITE OPERATOR and Inspector for termite company. East Oakland, guaran- Western Bank. 4900 Telegreph, 653-5277.

Igjflf WAHTED Paid 1300 goes. to highest bidder. 234- $199, I A WORKERS WANTED RCA teed salary. w7w. NURSES AIDES WANTED 5259, 234-5259 KENT PIANOS PSTOMSliee P1U.

Cline Piano Co. 2124 BROADWAY 4S1-fMI Must be experienced IMMEDIATELY. For modern convalescent hospital In Cas-L, UTILITY YOUNG MAN; full time work. Start 81.75 hour. Apply 1926 AC0RDION, white, deluxe Soprani, per 658-4114.

trn Vallas, Pyrallant oonrtunltv for rloht 7 rern.ivr! No Down $2 Per Week 93-6698. iled condition. 8140. iM-IJAT. -POOD ROUTE DRIVER! aoe 21 30, Some- GRAND STREET, ALAMEDA.

Mon. A Frl. TH 9M GREAT WESTERN FURNITURE WORKS OP ART, all types, especially 5944. 120 bass, profes married preferred. Apply 9:3012:30, 1926 WINDOW CLEANERS, experienced, scef- Ashby A San Pablo, Berkeley, 848-5700 I7TH MISSION, S.F.

UN 1-WM Ooen Eve. 'til Sun 1-5 religious inciuoeg, 4 sional. Paid 5700. Make otter, sir-im. GRAND STREET, ALAMEDA.

in open Nights until Sunday 11-5 lold, chair. Apply 1276 West Grand, Oakland. PART time work partment. Good 632-2243 or earnings. FLORIST PARTNERSHIP or on bonus UPRIGHT PIANO, S84J0" ACCORDION Soprani, 120 Bass.

Excel basis. Good worker. Must be experienced 234-8661 Needs TV Technicians Sherman Clay Southland 783-7474 ir oar hour ass st manager with sales- CARPETS, roll ends, all sizes, rea bar- lent. 8175 or otter, 357-1775. FHOTOGRAPHER Receptionist expert- 822 APPLIAHCES Opportunity up to 815,000 a- year.

Box USED FBNDER AMPLIFIERS model 120 bas. petite vmi win find start no sa arws vary at gains. TILE TOWN, 2525 Oak- acORDIOnT 'hd. nnnri mndltu. good condition, delivery, car-pnone necessary, naywaro area, cell 656-5003.

Fuller Brush Compa S464Q 12-14, enced only; East Bay studio. Send Bassman S300i Showman 8508. BROWN 'Si 875. 483-3686. tractive with additional earning possibili sume to Box 32585 12-11 Tribune.

ny. 685-3252. ties. Modem benefits program. Including part TIME-20 hours, bank installment weshars, freeiers.

New CAKKtli) UKAKtS 817,000 COM. PLUS REGULAR CASH nirf holidays, vacation, nosoitaiization. Guaranteed. Delivered Installed 825 loan and credit check experience; post- T'STSrvSTIrJ" Highest quaiiTy lowest possible prices; BONUS for man over as in uaxiana area. hfe Insurance and retirement plan.

For GROW. WITH A Major oil firm up. servants, n2 leiegrapn, mi aaia. fa.hirlM national brands and large selec 'Mr. tlon available Immediately.

Phone BALDWIN PIANO CO. WHY BUY LEASE OR RENT Your choice of new pianos $3.00 FREE LESSON PLAN Nn Delivery Charaa Take short auto Trips to contact dioi maintenance oroduct customers. Air ma personal Interview call Mr. Ptiilbrick Mr. Gunn at 533-9922, Oakland.

APPLIANCES, Washers. Dryers, Refrl- tlon. Free In home estimates. Carpet gerators. Ranges, reconditioned and guar- Clearance Center, 680 Hegenberger Road, K.

A. Dickerson, sournwesrern pe anteed. aiso, some "as is- mooeis. s.ys makiana, 6J2-mo. troleum 534 N.

Main Ft. WHY RENT TO OWN FROM $6 PER MONTH East Bay Music Co. Nunn or Mr. Franco, 835-5000. RN NIGHT SUPERVISOR Large convelescent hospital.

Other shifts. Fullor part LVNS ALL SHIFTS Mrs, Naughton, S2357 Openings for qualified high tchool rredu-ates In positions leading to a variety of lobs In REFINERY OPERATIONS. Rotat SERVING ALAMEDA-CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RCA Service Co. 3900 Foothill Blvd up. MARTIN'S, 24031 Mission, Haywaro.

Worth, Texas. 76101. APPLIANCE RENTALS Refrigerators, 444-1636 2100 Broadway stoves. rraeiers. wasners.

lmrT. a pnrrt A I AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER ing snift worn. LIBERAL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Combo Talent Contest cents per oay, i-3ti VnKIO I (VIMO OrCV-IMU PN and LVN. P.M. and nloht Oakland's Quality Music Stor Parkland Convalescent Hospital.

357-1887. coror olM' feS EMt B'y euiDT EirTnDtf av nasr Laiexr-aw4 TC frost free, excellent. 521-2186. fraH. Apply Martinez Refinery Escobar' Street.

1201 Clay 452-1265 orators and pressor. Experienced only A BEAUTIFUL CHANcT RECREATION SUPERVISOR City of Walnut Creek Utt (Ml Everything reduced tor me noitoeyi stoves, need apply. 521-855. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, CLARINEf LEBLANC, model (LL) 8400 new; S273 offer. 6534901.

CLARINET LeBlanc, like new, excellent Martinez -or call ZO-6I6I extension SHELL OIL CO. MARTINEZ REFINERY 1 1 laaaiaal -alll immediately. 31250 524 A MUSIS AL WAITI11 Edmunds Furniture' 2266 East 14th Final fllina date January 1th 1968. condition. Sacrifice a.

m-wrn. GOOD CREDIT NOT NECESSARY 832-1077 or 452-2655. Oakland Meter Plan An Equal Opportunity Employer I LLARINc I OCIIWUCT. new cork. Good condition.

885. 2764110- ABSOLUTELY Mgbeat prtcea MM. Fre Requirements: U.S. Citizen, valid California driver's license, experience In conduct end supervision ot recreation activities, graduation from college or university OUP needs singer, must play string Tribune. Ki Rr-rR ICtkA UK SALh toSrt! estimate, sa-aaw.

CHEST, 19x54, 8 drewers, rock maple, DORIC ORGAN with amp, good condition. rument. 223-75)8 FANTASTIC BUYS on superb 1966 Si 1967 with mirror, 3120. 785-3979, 8575 235-2433. CASH for usad: 8PINtT UWrSftfj or GRAND, Mlller-Mllla Music Bertoaley.

GENERAL MANAGER for small water SALESWOMEN models, tverytning orano new a pertevt. a. rf III Ct ATLfiaa uHiltu Mint have workina knowledge DRUM SET, Pearl. (Complete) red. I TAR, Harmony, Heethklt Amplifier, 8414511.

with maior in physical ecucation or recreation or irty equivalent combination of experience and training. Apply Personnel Office City Hall, 1445 Civic Drive, Walnut utility business. Send resume and Acrllan, roil ends ang nan 'L TJILTES9 JZr'JES: Hotpoint compact, meat bpr 899-S159 Wool, Nylon, th excellent pay plua convl i WanTed HrwriUT'C 2544912 no career c'raata wmir nwn run I pTOoT price! requirement to Box M3334U iz-tz irioune. used spinrrs. almost Bassman emoilfler.

mfsslon c.ll our employment tatervlewar "J'C. 1385 WASH I FENDER" Creek. 935-3300, ext. JI3. MAN CLA' lY, OAKLAND, fodav.

Put vour col age or previous busi new. s.iaa. 548-1971 evenings AN 1QUAL orrumiUHUT nnri.m 149iTON. SAN LEANDRO, GUARDS Ustb Al FENDER SHOWMAN amp and tpeeCrs, ..8199 CARPETING eTwSk thta l3. thS Frlgldelre custom sharp ....82 mTMrJ? Kelvlnator frost free.

Save now ir'iT0 G.E. frost free, Dlx. Cost ...830 ...829 axcaiiertT dw ness axpenenceivso offers valuable Ml ROUTE SALES candy, nuts, chips. Established route. Experienced.

Opportun ANY Closing out. 1580 square yards of nytanlllke new, 8395, 278-2424 I ADO lltFD PIANO HI time and steady pert time lobs In anq company pen- ,7, crktidalr. frost free. Dlx Full Ity. 328-4148 evenings.

SUPER REvtll AMPLl- acrllan. via carpki vu. lptNDlR ifla. SHERMAN-CLAY Birfiimnri. Oakland, and San Loendro for ruts, ror your convenience our Hi.a sue RICt S1I-W0MEN WANTED JaleT Fender sfratecaster guitar.

Shu re kiJi. a L. netrioerarora ywa ER. ip UavwarW men 264).

'Clean background. Experience LAi Zrr FRIEDMAN'S tta AN rABLO ruccTcbEitW r. uani BArt-llbUb'S Inmfhar. Mtcnmhane. All cases I.

4-ri th ZZW mpL es MlrVon LAMPS tremendous Like new condition, 1850 Imt-d. Secrt- not essential. Applicant must oeni, ifenanrf.hia. in rvw haa th and temper 436 14th Oakland AA. ROOM 814 est 14th.

(Ice it 8475. Qgrnplere or parts. 471-5928. COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANTS WE NEED PIANOS day on 835-3971. If outside of Oakland, ti -1 reduction.

DEWEY'S, 10227 ate. Union acele" fringes, uniform provid can -coiiecT. Pacific Telephone-an equal "5 atu.h, d'HAift, recllnina, with foot rest, In beau- GU.TAft; electric bass, never mod. 8308 ed. Telephone required, vehicle I TAB DOIUXe HOtpoint, rriuioai.oiTii"T,.j t7, fMjou or offer.

853-1498. i ei-iejz For your convenience, Pacific Telephone scuffed. Reguler 8300, sacrifice 8189 each, l.7 MiiTaB La. write giving oecxgrouna in own iw 1- Boh M-334-I4-H-14 Tribune. mTmTmMmTm0mmm1mTmmmm0mT01f0m now orrera employment mmviewa nhana.

Pacific Talaohone has ODanlnaa frrieamen iva -ur-f-ee i aduc. sewing. YSWr.iB fci iT sVajtai I1' "g1J "m- w-" i 1 I cash, or sio mora cash, or 810 monthly, tUIURAE A6ENVS Wanted: management sales positions. Excellent salary, oood sales and Product training. gas deluxe; Employment Service Agency C93-7444 mnm uiuiMi TBAININO PROGRAM needed for Immedlete opanlnos.

Hloh used. mo. 865-0237. iver COFFEE TABLE, mahogany, 4J mahoga- guitar, r-enger arratocetrar, supw rar- ny and tables, Blgelow well-well corpot-1 erb amp, tun, excellent. 352-1643.

m. Ing. padding, Mastercreft sofa. 261-9825. I GUITAR, FENDER DUO SONIC end opportunities for promotions and compre Beginner gred, tile clerk, 8320; Produc i Bast commission schedule tor Immediate WHEN YOU pltot a Trftswoi Want Ad you glvt Khouei ratesjnstant pay.

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