The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1952
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 1952 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Stalin's Trojan Horse: One of a Ser/es- World Federation of Trade Unions Accused of Being 'Message Center' Editor's Note: The Communists are using sympathetic trade unions M a weapon In Europe. The "front" In an organization with Vienna headquarters. William L. Ryan, AP foreign news analyst who Is tour- in; Europe, denicis the setup in this second of a series which began yesterday with an appraisal of the Trojan Horse Moscow Is setting up In Europe. By WJLLIAM L. RYAN- VIENNA (AP)—Behind every open Communist party in Europe is a hidden Inner organization with strings leading to Moscow. The Cominform co-ordinates the overall drive to dominate Western Europe. One-of the Cominform's principal helpers Is the World Federation of Trade Unions, working to co-ordinate the work of front organizations. The WFTU, with headquarters in Vienna, serves as a transmission belt for the Coinlnform. The WFTU is housed in a building within the Rlngstrasse, the international section of divided Vienna. The building, at 3 Sallerstaette, Is also used by Soviet officials of various industries the USSR has taken from Austria. WFTU is not registered with the Austrian government, as it ordinarily should be under Austrian law. Its foreign officers have asked the police for residence permits and have been refused, on the ground that the WFTU is not a legal organization in Austria. This ordinarily would mean the WFTU would have to clear out. Reds Challenged To Investigation Of Germ Warfare' \VACHINGTON. (IP) — Secretary of State Acheson has challenged the Communists to submit to impartial investigation their "fantastic" charge the Allies are waging germ warfare in Korea. In a sharply-worded statement late yesterday, Acheson said: " We have dented th is no asense | about germ warfare in Korea bc- " fore. We would not bother to deny it agaiu were it not for the fact that the Communists are spreading these charges around the worjd at ihe same time they are stalling in the truce negotiations." Two Drivers 'Arrested' To Listen to Highway Patrol Radio Compliment ANADARKO, Okla. (&) — Two drivers traveling on U. S, 62 towards Anadarko yesterday were surprised by an unusual Highway Patrol maneuver. They were stopped, ordered out of their cars, and brought into patrol cruiser. The cruiser's radio blared: •*] want to thank you men for youx good driving. You're the best drivers I've seen aH day on the road," The voice was that of Trooper Art Hamilton who had been cruising in an airplane above the high way checking drivers. Obituaries Jackson Rites Conducted Here Services for Jasephus Jackson. 84, former Blytheville resident, were! to be conducted this afternoon at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel. Survivors include -his wile, Mrs. Ethel Jackson of PocahonUs; a son. AncM Jackson of Tamms, 111.; three daughters, Mrs. C. B. McNeilly of Tarnms, Mrs. Bethel J. Davis of Granite City, III., and Mrs. Helen : C. Klein of St. Louis; five sisters, c. seven grandchildren. and four great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a son, Edward Jacksson. ; Rocket-Busters Have Troubles With Grand Jury WASHINGTON (&\ — AUy. Gen McGrath's national racketcerin survey has run into some dlfficul tips as a result of questions raisec by U. S. judges on how Tar federa grand juries can legally go. Specifically, it is reported tha some judges have doubts that jury convened under U. S. author ity can inquire into strictly loca offenses. Others are concerned about pos sible "runaway juries" which may g fnr afield in any blanket inquir such as that proposed into genera crime conditions. CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page I) agents. The request for names of 50,000 ROKs. whom the Reds say "do not exist," was based on Communist radio boasts of the-number of prisoners they had captured. The Allies insist the Reds impressed most of them into the North Korean Army. Men 'Keleasefl at Front' Lee repeated today; "We released at (he front the majority of prisoners of war whom we cap- turert." Adm. libby said none of the day's exchanges makes "any difference in the principle of voluntary repatriation," key issue before the subcommittee. "They ivon't buy voluntary repatriation and we won't drop it.' 1 Mel 14 Minutes Staff officers working on truce supervision met for only 14 minutes. Each side said it had nothing new to offer and there was no point in just talking, Their current stumbling block Is Red insistence that Russia help supervise the truce and Allied refusal to consider the Soviet Union. Both group.s meet again at 11 a.m. Thursday (9 p.m. EST Wednesday). BANKERS (Continued from !*age 1) president of the First Nationr Bajik here; B. A. Lynch, pyesidej of the Farmers Bank and Trust co. here; E. C. Fleeman. president of the Merchant and planters Bank in Manila: J. \v. Farrls. executive vice president and cashier of the Mississippi County Bank in Osceo- Ia; C. E. Dean, executive vice president and cashier of the Planters Bank In Wilson; Atherton Hiett, president of the Leachvitlfi State Bank; and Benton Garrett, president of the Bank of Wilson. The committee on arrangements includes Riley Jones, vice president of the First National Bank, and Fred E. Warren, vice president of the Fanners Bank and Trust Co. of getting out. Vienna is entirely too valuable to it and to its Communist bosses. Vienna is a WesUin city of great culture, a city respected all over the civilized world. It makes an Ideal point, from the Communist view, for launching various propaganda drives and for coordinating Communist efforts. So the WFTU's foreign officers ipealed the police decision to the curity director, the next author- up the ladder from the police, necessary, the WFTU simply ill ignore the Austrian order and main under Soviet protection, oreigu officers of the WFTU live i the Soviet sector, under soviet rotectlon. Thei r building in the ing is leased from the Society for le Promotion of Cultural and Eco- omic Relations Between Austria nd the USSR", called the Austrd- ovtet Society for short. The WFTU office is on the sec- lid floor. The rest is occupied by oviet officials of such enterprises i the distributing agency for oil •om the zistersdorf fields, which he Russians have taken over. The WFFU serves the Kremlin ell. It Is involved in every peace ffensive propaganda attempt o! he USSR. It is a training ground or agitation and strike techniques t is a sounding board for every Soviet project. Giuseppe di VHtorio of Italy is iresident of WFTU. The Commu lists who shuttle back and forth between Western capitals and Vienna are in the main a shadow; group little known outside the par. :y. It is only for the big show, .hat the big names show up pub icly. The WFTU, pretending to n olely a labor union and not a Communist weapon, attempt :hrough its various affiliates am its slogans about labor rights U attract workers from the non-com :nunist unions. The WFTU alread las been extremely active in thi way in the Middle East, tying th "rights of workers" to the "figh against imperialism." But the WFTU fools nobody wh has followed the Communist drive The recent international conferenc of the Red-dominated Metal Work ers Union in Vienna Is a synthe-s of all the labor drives pushed b WFTU. The Metal Workers Union firs issued resolutions demanding high er pay, shorter hours, paid vaca tions, old age pensions, social curity and many other things. The it unmasked itself, it proceeded i pass resolutions for a five-powi peace pact, the insistent cry of th Soviet peace offensive. It oppose remilitarization of the West, t> North Atlantic Treaty Organiza tion, and rearming in West Oe many. (Neil—Italy, a key point.) Baptists to Moid Monthly Workers Meeting Friday The Monthly Workers Conference of tho Mississippi County Baptist Association will convene at the First Baptist Church In Joiner Fri day with the Rev. E. C. Brown, moderator, preiding. "A Mighty Crusade For Curisi' the program theme of the one- iy conference which begins at 10 in. and will be ajourned at 2 p.m. lie morning devotional will be led • the Rev. B. D. Cloud of Whllteii. peakcrs will be the Kev. A. M. ouston. pastor of the Immanuel aptist Church, Blytheville, "The Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Open High Low 4051 4065 4050 Mar May July Oct .ace of Prayer In A Crusnde For hrist;" the Rev. Percy Herring, astor of the First Baptist Church sceola. "The Place of the Church i a Crusade For Christ;" the Rev. . W. Pierce, pastor of the First aptiit Church, Lcachville, "The lace of Personal Witnessing In in Crusade For Chirst." The Rev. Hoyt Jernigan. pastor f Calvary Baptist Church, Blythe- ille, will deliver the conference serum, "The Place o! the Gospel in A Crusade For Christ." In the afternoon session, the de- ctlonal will be led by the Rev. Harld White, pastor of the First Bap- 1st Church, Luxora. and the Rev X B. B'.edseo of Wilson, chairman if the Revival Crusade Committee will report on the progress of plan; or the concerted evangelistic effor f Mississippi County Baptis Churches March 23-April 6. Soybeans Rector Renews Gas Franchise Another Northeast Arkansa town has granted Arkansas-Mis sourl Power Co. a renewed naturr gas franchise. The City Council of Rector, 'i Clay County,, last night renewed Ark-Mo's franchise. This leaves two others—Luxora and Dell—to be renewed. An initial franchise is being sought at Monetie. The renewals were nccesitated when pipe shortages delayed installation beyond the franchise expiration dates. lar. May uly Oct. 307D 3935 3915 3898 3915 3890 3COJ 3018 3601 Orleans Cotton Open High Low 4055 4057 4049 3872 3930 3912 3893 30)3 3800 3002 3614 3032 1:15 •1058 3980 3900 3604 1:15 4053 3973 3890 360' High . 298*; . 200H Low 29 5 *i 284'': '•Yt<. Close 295 l i 289 284'-: 278 l ,i. Men. ,1ay July 28S : H Sep 279 New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Hetli Steel iir.vsler Coca-CoJa Gen Electric Gen Motors . Montgomery Ward .... N y Central Int Harvester J C Penney Republic Steel Radio Sccony Vacudm Texas Corp Sears . U 8 Steel Sou Pac 63 1-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. ttfl — USDA — Hoss 10.500; fairly active, uneven; barrows and gilts mostly 15-25 lower than Tuesday's average; .sows steady to 25 lower; choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 180-230 lb.i. 17.50-85; largely 17.75 down; sales at 17.15-fi5; mostly choice No. 1 and 2 under 215 Ibs to shoppers 158 1-i 60 349 1 49 3(59 3107 I- 5G 552 61 3- 2t 33 367 1. 41 1. 26 1, 37 :l. 55 5- tecruitinq Station Here Gets 4-Man Air Force Quota The Army and Air Force Heerull- ug station in City Hall here has K'en assigned a.quota of four Air •'orce enlistmet\fs for this month, vl-Sgt. C. R. Barton, recruiter, aid today. All four vacancies are still open. There's no waiting Hst nosv and t's first come, first served," he ;aid. Even when this quota is filled, :ie explained, men may enlist in ihe Air Force, have their enlistments processed and be placed nn a waiting list for the next month's quota. He also said the Air Force Is Tc?epting enlistments from men \vho have taken their Selective Service physical examinations, but who have not yet received Inclir* tlon calls. New Quakes Recorded NEW YORK (n — New earth shocks—believed In the Philippine Japan areas—were recorded by eistnographs last night and today. WAR (Continued from Pnge 1) der a terrific drive by the Reds rnnking all-out use of th^ir air ns svcll ns lunri power. In that event a |irl!ny vhich h?n been cm the United N'cUkm.s l)ool:s in Korea lor ft year \vcnld probably be put into effect. It provides that, should Communist air ntt^cks threaten the security of Ihe United Nations forces, the United Nations may State Draft Quota Set LITTLE ROCK Wj — Arkansa* draft quota for April is 251 men. Read Courier Hews Classified Ads. 53 1-4 Ktrlkc back at the launching bases. 39 1-8 j Those bases ore on Chinese tcrri- ory, north of the Yalu River. EARTHQUAKE (Continued from Page 1) and reported few signs of damage. The harbor wall appeared to have been battered by the seas. The city appeared to be returning to normal. Noboru Saito. national rural police chief, credited Japan's tidal wave alert system with holding down casualties. and butchers; about 75 head early 18.00; packer top 17.50; most choice 240-270 Ibs. full width of grade 16.50-17.25; 260-350 Ibs, 15-75-16.25; 120-140 Ibs, 13.75-15.50; 100-110 Ibs. 12.25-13.25 sows 400 Ibs. down 15.25-16,00; heavier sows 13.25-15.00; stags 11.50-13.50; boars 9.0011.00. Cattle 2,000, calves 400; moderately active early; bulls 25 higher vcalers 1.00 higher; high choice and low prime 1179- Ib. steers 35.50; other good and choice steers 32.0034.00; prime 822-lb. mixed steers and heifers 36.50; commercial to choice mixed yearlings 28.00-33,00; utility and commercial cows 22.002400; canners and cutters 18.0021.50. Residency Established LITTLE ROCK f/T*—The Council of Medical Education of the American Medical Association has approved the Arkansas State Hospital for Ne r vou s Di s eases for ft two year residency in psychiatry. ou. rugi .. Different! Moi o Packed f*ady la n. Vacuum aft. DIRTS d> to wolk , Shoe Poliih. One Gallon Beautifully Clean* appro A !ma1e!y Four P*12 'ugi, o!f GaKof S2 29, .Collar. 13.79. y GHAS. S. LEMONS, Furniture Sariif i— Safe— liquid loop loam C i ute $p'rnV!n on Bru GONt. CARPUS DRY Soviet Subs Reported Near South America CIUDAD TRUJILIO, Dominica! Republic {£>>—The Dominican Republic plans to complain to the U N. Security Council that Russia hns committed "flagrant violation" Dominican waters by sending Soviet submarines nosing around her shores. Freezer Demonstration To Be Held Here Tonight A home freezer demonstration covering nil phases of preparation, prekaging and freezing of foods will be given by Sears. Roebuck mid Co. at 8 p.m. tomorrow in the Women's Exhibit Building at Walker Park. Methods of preparing and packaging foods for freezing will be demonstrated by home economists from Arkansas-Missouri Po\ver Co. and Mississippi County Electric Co-Operative. Czechs Sard Willing To Discuss Oatis Case PARIS f/n—A diplomatic source said today the Czechoslovak government has expressed a willingness to conduct official talks about the case of William N. Oafis. imprisoned American correspondent. This source said the willingness to t,ilk represents a step forward, since at one time the Czechs refused to listen to any mention of the subject. 54 Injured in Train Wreck Near Chicago GARY, Tnd. r/T*i —Fifty-lour persons were injured, none periously. last nffht when a crowded commuter train from Chicago crashed into the rear end ot an empty train in the Gary station. All the Injured were riding in the first car of a tour-car Chicago, South shore and South Bend electric express train. Only six of Ihe injured remained 1n hospitals. Political Fight Rages in Korea PUSAN, Korea (ff|— A hot polti- cst fight Is raging In this embattled Korean republic despite the pressure of a mighty Communist army massed near its Norther n frontier. With a presidential election only three months away, antagonism be- :\vcen President Syngman Jlliecnnd the one-house National Assembly has flared into a running battle. Political observers here agree almost unanimously that Rhee has little chance for re- election — even if he seeks another four-year term. REVENUE (Continued from Pnee 1) before then to reject it. Opponents of the plan say they are certain a majority of the senators voting will be against it but that they are not so sure of getting 49 adverse votes. The law governing reorganization plans requires a majority of the full membership of either branch of Congress to kin one. The key provision of the plan would abolish the jobs of the politically-appointed collectors of Internal revenue. Regional officials under Civil Service would be .substituted. half-size suit for spring Sell it ... by using classified advertising in the COURIERl Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS A marked advance in style! A half-size fashion hit! GRAND ENTRANCE SUIT With newness in every line, here's a suit by Fashioned Originals tlint should satisfy your every wish for style, quality and 'lis- tinction. Made especially for the half-size figure, it fits with smooth finesse. Masterfully tailored in rich lOO^r wool Sheen Gabardine in an unrivalled assortment of new Spring colors — Navy, Lilac, Biene, Green, Grey, Black. Sizes 12'/2-24l/ 2 . Prices begin at Slfi.95 in Fcinhcrg's smart new suits for spring. . .misses and junior sizes. FEINBERG'S LAST CALL! 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