The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1952
Page 11
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TUBSDAT, MARCH 4, 1952 BMTHEVILLE (ART.) COURIER NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU PACE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WHlMms FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS i WHILE voo psrirjy- PINCHERS \ WERE BSRWU4G ME FOR • ASY IflFWITEStMAL COMMIS- SIOM IN THAT VEST DEAL,x/^g HAVe 86EN TRYING WrfW A^ MAIN TO R£- SfcUR WITH t* ABLE ASSISTANCE Of- TIFFANY TWlSeS. ' MISHT ' WHEW A CAR. SPLASHB3 GET MAPL6 £V(?UP OOT OP A PALrA tRe&. BUT I'M AFRAID HE'S COLD ASHES WITH HIS HAT VOU DELIBERATEW DYKE / KEEP WORMM 1 ON TMC HEX---YCU GOT MOVEP TO AMOTHCR MOW D'YA LIKE THOSE APPLES, HUB-CAP? DON'T TEWSC, JUNIOR—M THIS HOOPFESr tSMT OVFR. YET/ THE WORgy WART ^ _ Political Announcements Benefit by Reading and Using Couritr Newt Classified Ads CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 3fi fn. Corrugated Metal Culverts Subject to Preferential Election July 22, 1352 You work for the people next door, too—I suppose they never quarrel or gossip about the neighbors?" WILL MEET SOME OF THE Automatic Flood dales Concrete A; Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at State Line Phone 7H . The "smoke' thai rises from an | erupting volcano usually is not smoke but steam. FOR SALE For State 'Senator .SEN. LEE BEARDBN Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforccd, AJso Concrete Building Blocks er than lumber Tor barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WATCH THIS, CARLYLE WATCH ME HAVE SOME FUN WITU VOLJR MOTHER! OH, HA2EL! WHEN YOU) WILL < CERTAINLY DEAR JUST SET IT ON THE KITCHEN GO SHOPPING YOU TAKE MY MEAD ALONG AND SET HAIRCUT THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN"/ Se// That Staff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant— Promised Land SPRING PLANTING SEEDS That means knowing exactly HOW FAST you're driving! Let us check your speedometer if rou're In doubt . . we can repair them for all makes of ears and trucks. Then you'r* SURE! Oats, Alfalfa, Lespedeza. Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Biytheville Soybean Corp T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Fhon« 6856 - ISOfl West Main WELL, LOUIE. IF "KXTKE^ FINISHED TALKING O\'ER OLD TIME* WITH MR. THAT MANNY *CR WOULD A,\AXE CLAM LOOK Irf LOUIE, I LOQUXVCIOU6-! -^x TWOUSHT I COULDWT PUMP) WE LEARNED NUTTIW OUTA Chnrslef-Pljmoilh Dealer 1ZJ E. Main Phone 2122 MANNY WONT -TOUCH THE WORTWMOHB JEWEL* WITH TWENTY-FOCT POL* HOT HE CAMERAS REPAIRED Guaronteed Watch Repair SPECIAL PLATE LUNCH Choice of Meat & 3 Vegetables DELICIOUS BARBECUED RIBS GENUINE PIT BARBECUE SANDWICH The NICKEL STAND 103 W. Main Phone 9666 Dr. Logan's Wife XXXTV lunged toward the desk, and in the instant that vjota jsprnng back against the wall, (Peter felt his outstretched arm [hugged (irmly against Pellclier's ichesL. Braked less by Pelletier's [restraininj; weight than by the sheer comfort of contact, Peter relaxed slightly. "You are a faker, Cola," he slid, letting his arm drop. "You haven't got a thing on me and you know iL Exaclly what should I come clean about? Come on, say it, Dr. Pellelicr's »• big man, he can lake it Arid frankly, I'm curious, too." Cota shrugged. "Surely you don't need me to tell yoi about yourself," he said with a confidence that shook both men. "Matter of fact, I don't think the FBI needed my assistance either. They have access lo the Washington files . . ." -Washington files?" Peter ••hocd, ™Cota Cota J3t flown at lii* deffc, moved a few papers, looked up. He addressed Dr. Pclletier. "1 see no reason for detaining you further, Doctor. 1 have nothing more to say, and I have a great deal >f work to do. The hospital doesn't run itself, you know. The prob- 'lein of Dr. Surinov's loyally is in ^uch more competent hands than ;my own. I am not responsible for 'his pas( nor am 1 interested in his future. Good day, please, gentlemen.'' ' Peter's l'-s rlnmr^d like a ' :ung trap. He felt Waller's • •• and met it, expecting to! tncre commiseration at the ruccness of the dismissal. Instead, he saw worried questioning. He turned and walked out of the oBicc. Walter's Triers !' " ! on his arm. "Peter, is there something you should have told me before?" He shook his head dispiritedly. "1 don't know, Waltet." "Come to the office for a minute. We can talk there," followed Dr. Pelletier through the back entrance into the consultation room. He sank into a chair, absently flexed his fingers, made a fist, scrubbed the knuckles that had been held back from the superintendent's person. The mining's expenditure of emotion had bought him nothing but a soggy sense of defeat. He said, "I suppose you have to be innocent to feel this guilty. It might even he safer to be guilty _ at least jou'd know when to throw your frtiard up." Walter lit a cigarette, sat swiveJ- ing in the desk chair. "What could he mean?" Peter went on, frowning. "The Civil Liberties Onion? That's not on the subversive list The N.A.A C P _ that's still okay as far as I know Washington ales, the man says When I was in college 1 remember I sent $25 which was my entire bank account at the lime to some Spanish Loyalist outfit. Maybe that puts me in the drawer marked 'premature anti-Fascist'. Do you suppose Cota could have tracked me that far bark?" Waller smiled then "I! it's thai vague, then forget iL Cola had me worried there for a while. Listen, even if there's some organization you joined that's">»w verboten. they may discount it. Same thing happened to me. I had to be cleared on this thing too. you know. I'd have sworn they ^oiild finecomb my past and not come up with so much as a flake of dandruff. Then one nighl— funnv how yon b^in to rcr^'^i^cr t v- ^-" that clearance neriod u aerv<- Tour watch is disassembled, cleaned, pivots polished and hair springs adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler Next door to Wade Furniture racking—well, one night Stella ;ells me she r;..,ou,_2rs she sent a check in 1946 to some organization—Friends of the O.S.S.R. or some such name. She thought it ^a* for Russian children's relief but we looked it up on the attorney general's list, and there it is a subversive outfit, a front. Can you imagine that? I tossed plenty don't think I didn't But if they d track it down my record must lave outweighed it." "It's a joke," Peter r-'\ *--v-ling. "The country is screaming for scientists but it won't let them in the laboratories to work. We're the most valued and most distrusted men in the country today. How can the government expect young men of intelligence and integrity to come inlo a profession where they're treated like criminals. You're not even granted a criminal's right of selZ-defeiise." * • * l J 1 rfE door opened i few Inches and the secretary talked through the aperture. "Dr. Pelle- ticr. the patients are standing all the way into the hall. Will you be free to see them soon?" "Right away, my dear. HigM away. I'll buzz you." Peter got up. "I'm sorry, Walter." "If he's tryinff to frame TOII, rn tell you right now he won't EM away with it" Peter made no ans'.vcr. Walter stood up, put o\rt his hand. "Keep me posted Peter " "Yup." And then, }oath to Tct refer go Pelletier followed him ttirough the back door, flung his arm across his slouched shoulders. "Peter, you're young and you're angry. I'm too old to be an angry man. Bui I beg you to sit tight for a while. As long as your conscience is clear, I'm not worried. Sit tight The slakes are worth it. You may hav« the recipe for the antidote to atomic bombing—remember that. You may he the one to find the security the world Is looking for. Let's hope the government won't bar you from thai chance. It's a paradoxical situation, but there it Is." Flaring trouble with yonr camera? Then bring It to Barney's Drug. We're equipped to fix alt kinds of cameras . . . from Brownies to Lelcas. Prompt service. BARNEYS DRUG STORE 200fi West Main Phone 3647 SHOE REPAIR KflLTCRS =J_ 'V SHOE SHOF W. M O I M ST. PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM KASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut IF VOU WEEENT Y VOU MAKE ME SOUND LIKE A CR1W- OUT FOK KEUEWSE \INALiEASY! I HAD WlEREL'NGOM AFTER M.EEP TO SUGGEST THAT HE HAND OVER TO PRISOW P «wy 1 SOME ™ IIIJG WHICtl WW RIGHTFUILV PIP vou sn'oor HIM, JAWE ? ^ THE AFRICAN PRIWITIUE WE CALLED "SQUATTING BUT HE WAS QUITE GREAT SCOTT! ARMIP ROB»ERV ]S WHAT IT WOULD'UE AMOUNTED TO IF YOU'D SUCCEE- HMM! JAWE, LEMWE SEE THKT AFRICAN CARVING AOWM 1 . . I HAD SERVED SIX MOUTHS FOR WHILE I WAS WAVING STEALIMG It. SO I RGURED IT WOW BEIOMGED TO ME! THE GUN AROUWD TO IMPRESS H!IJUT.,,WELl, IT WENT OFF!'. ALL RIGHT, FOOZY, / WELL.WHATTAYOUOHALLRIGHT I 1 ^^ L «) V ^.T?As^5HAL I ^WE B E/STlL?VHINK ON OUR WAY? /*. HOAX - THE OPtWTUNirv TO PK3VE ME WRONG! THINK HOLLIS I'M QUITE SURE zyxn TK| P. HE'LL HAVE 6?^?A TO TAKE VOU A9 ,\ ^tVV VOO \ SftW \"V ViV^H II V«OT , V\VSt'S MV OVOtt I HU.^^^ owt

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