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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 17

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 17

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Man Alfv Like laves on trees the race of men Is How green In youth The Ftrot-in-Mouth Disease Scott Carpenter, the ex-astronaut, has been house-guesting in Piedmont with the Lon O.akleys and Judge. -LloyhBurke asked'a question that had bothered, him. "Didn't it take an, awful lot of courage to step from the gantry into the space capsule just before blastoff?" Carpenter thought that over a minute, and then: "It would have taken MORE courage NOT to step into the space capsule" The Wall Street Journal on Don 'Sherwood's salary since returning to KSFO: "The station raised his salary. It isn't known how now withering on the ground: Another race the following spring supplies: They hit successive and successive rse. -Homer much he makes, but it believed to be more than a year." (Hal Lewis, Hawaii's top disc jockey under the name of "Aku," makes a reported $250,000 a year) About Donnybabe, the first Don Sherwood Invitational Golf Tournament goes Dec.

1 at Carmel Valley Country Club, a benefit with Sherwood to be on hand looking as much as possible like Bing Crosby. Slri 0 0 BILL FISET Credit Vic Befera with being an enterprising publicist. He has Bimbo's for an account, where the great Tony Martin is singing. So how to hypo the action? Tonight will beOakland night Arnold and Bud Michaels opened their eleventh Grodins in Concord last week and will open their twelfth Thursday in Sacramento Western Contract Furnishers open their fancy new showrooms at 4400 Broadway with cocktails tonight Sometimes I feel a little sorry for LB with all his problems about Vietnam, and now Wallace Johnson, Berkeley's mayor, home from Saigon, telling everyone how to end the war.Who next? Sam Yorty? About Southeast Asia, the Sid Kellners (of Martinez) are in Bangkok to buy eight or 10 baby elephants. That's right.

Kellner owns the James Brothers circus, already has two elephants at his Martinez home and figures they're getting 1 bolic of the regeneration of man. To Kel-. ley Brooks (top) it means leaves must be raked, and to Doris and Leslie Avery of Pleasant Hill, the rain is something to watch from under an umbrella. Acting a little late this year, capricious Nature finally stripped Bay Area trees of their foliage and watered things down a little to prepare us for just around the corner. As in the stanza above, the Greek poet Homer felt the process sym Tribunt photos by Prentlet Brooks, Ron Rlosttrtr and Roy Williams Carol Doda, the silicone queen, turned down a chance to be on the Joe Pyne show because "it wouldn't help the new image I plan to create." She's going to change the image again? Ed Rosenkranz (Edwards Clothiers) claims to know a guy who worries so much his hair is falling out from his toupee Bob Elliott, iriHawaii 11 years as right hand man to the late Henry Kaiser, is returning with his family to Oakland and will headquarter in Kaiser Center Alameda's Marie Beyerle, who puts much stock in platitudes, has had 500 wallet-sized cards printed saying "Expect A and wants to send them to Vietnam servicemen, if she can get names and addresses.

Well, a miracle WOULD help there At the Alameda flea market a woman, in sheer delight, bought six jars of marbles from a kid and explained she'd collected them for years and has 15,000. The kid: "Well, no one can say you don't have all your marbles, lady" Florenzi Vax, an Oakland legal secretary, blossomed up to -135 pounds, decided to diet, and to help her resolve she painted four-letter words on her refrigerator door "Diet," "Firm," "Thin," "Slob" and soon. It worked. She's now 121 with only 11 more pounds to go. (No woman who's five feet 4 should weigh more than 110.) 0 0 0 Andy Anderson, the Richmond assistant fire chief, retires in a few months and already has his next career picked out.

He's opened "Geno's Hair-em Salon of Beauty" in El Sobrante Mirabeau's John Hamilton couldn't get his Volksy started and needed it to visit his wife in the hospital. (She just had a baby.) So Hamilton borrowed his sister-in-law's Volkswagen drove to the hospital and when he left got the wrong car. Stopped by the cops. Three hours in the cooler until the mixup was straightened out Rick Monday, the Athletics star, plays golf with Rick Barry this Saturday at Sky West, a Cerebral Palsy benefit sponsored by Hayward Elks About benefits, the Presbyterian Medical Center had a "people rental" party where services of prominent people were auctioned Saturday night. Someone won Dr.

Frank Gerbode, the famous surgeon. He'll perform at a dinner party by carving the roast Bob Ehr-hart, a stock broker Glore, Forgan, William R. Staats in Walnut Creek, touted a client on Western Airlines stock. The stock dropped a point or so and Ehrhart fired off a letter to the airline demanding a flub stub because the transaction "caused me considerable embarrassment." The flub stub came back by return mail from Wayne Lichtgarn, Western's customer relations man, who said: "I-know, just how you also hold Western. Airlines stock.

I am issuing a flubitub to myself also." reaf Tiryck Bern, People tals along the MacArthur than along the Nimitz, he said, "and they were there before the freeway was built. Those along the Nimitz came after the truck route was designated in 1949." Sutter said it was "ridiculous" to say that the MacArthur ban could lead to similar bans on every highway. "The only reason the MacArthur ban was' approved," he said, "was because there was an adequate alternate route available." The Nimitz freeway is flat, he said, whereas there are many grades -on the MacArthur, and the noise factor w- t. take to ensure the health, safety and well-being of its citizens. "The question of whether the truck ban is a reasonable use of police power," Brom said, "is something only the courts can decide.

However, according to Simmons, the matter is not before the courts. He said the ban, which expires Jan. 1, was made with the approval of the state and federal public works departments, and both agencies must agree to an extension before the expiration date. Simmons and Sutter said the federal department has indicated it would not overrule any decision by the state agency, which leaves the matter up to Samuel B. Nelson, director of the State Department of Public Works.Nelson-' is an appointee of Gov.

Ronald Reagan. Zeller said the trucking association's objections to the ban were on three main points: the state? Are the schools and hospitals more valuable?" Sommersett said there are as many people living alongside the Nimitz Freeway as the a statement challenged by Sutter, who said the Nimitz passes through industrial zoning for almost the entire distance that it is within the Oakland city limits, which is the only area that the MacArthur ban applies, whereas the MacArthur passes residential zoning for most of its length inside the city. 'Trucks have used the Nimitz 'ever since it was built," Sutter said, "but they have never used the MacArthur nor did they use MacArthur Boulevard, whose route the freeway follows, even though the boulevard, too, was an interstate highway. "Now the trucks are asking for special privileges to use a route they have never had." There are many more schools, churches and hospi on trucks. This doesn't give trucks any special privileges, but it does give them the right to use it legitimately." And forcing trucks to take longer route is reflected in prices of goods transported by trucks, he said.

It is "discriminatory against the people who live near the Nimitz Freeway or who must use it," he said. "Are the senses of those living along the MacArthur Freeway more acute than those living along all the other freeways in It is a "dangerous precedent" that would "deny the use of any highway to legitimate users. If any group succeeds in diverting traffic from their area, there is nothing to prevent others from doing the same thing until every mile of U.S. highways is closed to trucks." It is "uneconomic not to use such a freeway for the use' it was intended," he said. "One third of the cost of this freeway was paid for by taxes wwuu ik inucn greater as me trucks "grind up the hills through several gear changes and sputter down the other side." And, he said, "How econom-, ical will the extra costs of maintenance and repairs be, once we open the highway to; the pounding of constant use by heavy trucks?" Does the MacArthur Freeway trucking ban discriminate against trucks and people, or would lifting the ban discriminate against cars and people? Both views were expressed during a panel discussion on the truck ban at last night's Oakland Town Meeting at the Main Library.

Keeping trucks off the Mac-Arthur not only discriminates against the trucks, according to two of the speakers, but it also' discriminates against the people who live along the Nimitz Freeway, the principal alternate route for trucks banned from the MacArthur. But permitting trucks to use the MacArthur, their adversary said, would, disaiminate against the people who live along its route and the cars that use it. Speakers against the ban were Richard H. Zeller, assistant manager director of the California Trucking Association, and Earl E. Sommer-sett, comptroller of the American Rubber Manufacturing Company, Emeryville, and a resident of San Leandro.

Favoring the ban were Oakland Vice Mayor Paul A. Brom and John H. Sutter, chairman of the Citizens Against Trucks on MacArthur Freeway. A fifth speaker was Dr. A.

E. Simmons, California Division of Highways assistant district engineer for the nine county area that includes Alameda County, who served as "expert witness" and described highway studies on the subject made by his department. Oakland Municipal Court Judge Jacqueline Taber was moderator. Brom, an attorney, said the" ban is an example of police power, which he defined as actions a government can Herrick Drops Obstetrics They handed the Rev. Lester Pugh a flock of tick-, ets to sell for the Travelers Aid Society cocktail party set for Thursday night' and he reported back without much success.

"I don't know anyone who drinks who can afford to buy the tickets" About Travelers Aid, they opened their booth at Oakland Airport just in time to get an Army private who'd lost hs wallet. "'Can I walk to the Oakland Army Terminal from here?" No. They handed him bus fare They're, flipping out at Mills College. A concert (with far-out instruments) set for Monday night will feature "A Smell Piece for" Frying Pans" and "Sights You See When You Don't Have Your Gun," to "be performed 'with weather balloons and air compressors. I may 'have to miss that event Atty.

Dave Himmelman 'gave a big dinner party and promised an interesting guest. The guest was Amy Fields, Himmelman's barker, "an expert on Vietnam, politics, sports and many pother The crowd loved And down liaCenterville local merchants kick in with prizes, for A spokesman for Alta Bates said the projected loss of its obstetrical department this year is $120,000. By taking over most of Herrick's deliveries next year, the spokesman continued, Alta Bates is expected to trim its operating costs to the break-even point. Figures on the amount of loss at Herrick's obstetrical a for this year could not be obtained, i Alta Bates had 1,500 deliver BERKELEY Obstetrical services at Herrick Memorial Hospital will be dropped Dec. 31 and provided only at Alta Bates Community Hospital after that date, it was announced today.

The announcement was made jointly by John F. Wight, administrator of Herrick Memorial, and Robert L. Montgomery, administrator of Alta Bates. Both hospitals cited large fi narirtal losses, a decline in the gomery, "will allow the ob-stetricaj service at Alta Bates to operate more nearly at an optimum, while providing additional bed space at Herrick for medical-surgical patients. "The alleviation of an obstetrical deficit at both hospi- tals quite possibly will forestall the necessity of a marked increase in cost to our maternity i for ob- stetrical care." 5 Alta Bates now has a nur- sery with a 40-bassinet capacity and 3i maternity beds.1 Her- rick's nursery can accommo the Bay Area Health Facilities Planning Associatita, a voluntary organization interested in more efficient use of hospital facilities.

Administrators of the two hospitals said the centralization has been planned carefully so that there will be no disrupt i of maternity dare services to patients at either hospital. The maternal and infant care program at Alta Bates, designed to help lower the newborn death rate, will continued, the administrators said. date 24 infants, and there are 25 maternity beds. "Due to this larger capacity and more recent extensive remodeling of nursery facilities, it was logical that the consolidation should take place at Alta Bates," said Dr. J.

Gordon Holmes, president of medical staff. "This move is a definite step toward better utilization of the facilities of both our community hospitals," said Dr. Richards P. Lyon, president of the medical staff at Alta Sates, and Holmes. The move was applauded by ies and Herrick 868 in 1966.

Both figures are declines from drawings at the local movie. The master of announced: "Next is a certificate good for a free brake Don't say you have the free ticket until the job is finished, else you don't get as good a job." ing hospital costs for the centralization of services. those for 1965. "The centralK zation," said Wight and Mont.

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