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Oakland, California
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30-A 0AUn6ii(Tribunc Nov. 1,1967 'Qgfj Russians Patrol Chinese Border Saucers' At Park tween the Chinese and the Soviet Union had been highly publicized in that period. Khabarovsk has been heavily built up by the Communists during their half-century in power. That was in line with the policy of developing-the eastern, sparsely populated part of the country to Insure it will remain Soviet. Khabarovsk, founded in the 17th century by a Cossack for whom it was named, served as a small trading center under the tsars.

After Uie outbreak of the revolution the city was held for five years by the White Russians, helped by American "and Japanese military forces sent there. By 1922 it was largely in ruins and two-fifths of the people had been killed. Now there is no trace of that and the visitor finds a city of factories, apartment houses and one of the bigger and brighter shopping1 districts in the ons and troops displacements is a military secret. Around the city sailors and naval officers also were spotted frequently. The Amur River forms the Chinese Soviet border along part of its course and there has been trouble about movement of the two nations' ships.

A joint commission set up to regulate navigation broke off its meetings. The Chinese raised questions about the frontier," Minevich said, adding that they tried to claim islands considered Soviet territory. Soviet ships, according to this official, are continuing to use old routes. These are along the half of the river nearest this country's shore. The Chinese use the other half.

Minevich praised local conditions before the rift between the two great powers, saying people passed back and forth over the frontier easily and trade thrived. Hie Ussuri Sanatorium, located about 10 miles from Clunese territory, to see for themselves that life was going on normally. Nothing was in sight there to indicate tension. The staff and 500 patients behaved as if they were undisturbed by the proximity of the Chi ese. But along tlie way and in Khabarovsk itself the military was more in evidence than anywhere else visitors have been allowed to visit in this country.

The Kremlin's basic strategy apparently is to mass such strength along the border that the Chinese will not dare try anything. Squads of border guards and regular troops march through the city. Small groups of uniformed men were encountered again and again, They were off duty but their prevalence indicated big concentrations. The' border zone is off limits and information about weap "The Chinese government is to blame that all this has changed considerably," he said. But he added there has not been a complete halt in trade.

This country, he said, "still delivers wood to China under a long-standing agreement. Minevich talked tough about what would happen if the Chinese tried to make good their claim to Soviet territory. Peking insists much of the area on this side of the present border should really belong to It. "We all know what would happen if the frontier was violated," Minevich said. "History has shown what fate aggressors sufftr." Minevich's clajm that Russians take the nearness of the border calmly was backed up by statistics.

These show an average of 10,000 persons annually settled here from other parts of the country the past three years. The dispute be- By JOHN WEYLAND KHABAROVSK, U.S.S1 (AP) Khabarovsk, the biggest Soviet city near the Chinese border, is full of soldiers. "Our people know the border 13 well protected and because of that they are not concerned," said Boris M. Mi-nevich, president of the planning commission for this region. Minivich told foreign reporters that although armed Chinese and Soviet guards are facing one another there have not been any "significant" incidents.

The border is about 35 miles west of this city of 400,000 on the Amur River. Another local man commented that the Chinese occasionally wave their books of Mao Tse-tung quotations and shout and gesture from the other side. But he said no clashes had taken place and no blood had been spilled. The reporters were taken to A couple of crazy, way-out-things to climb Rocket capsules, the Oakland Park Department calls them have been placed in Astro Circle near the Lake Merritt Em-barcadero. Within a month or two a 12-foot flying saucer also will be in place, standing about six feet above the ground.

A pit filled with fir bark will be by the saucer to provide soft landings for unsuccessful space walkers. Astro7 Circle is located between Lakeshore and Grand avenues, near the Lakeview branch library. The new climbers capsules were made in park department shops from sections of steel boilers. They were made possible by a $1,500 gift from the Grand Lake Kiwanis Club. -AsS- STEPHEN NICK HANGS ON A ROCKET.

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