The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1952
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1953 BLITHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! ?AGH WIKB Russell Senate's Parliamentary Whiz, Brings Keen Strategic Know-How to Presidential Bid Bp WADE JONES NEA SUlt CorrMpondent WASHINGTON (NBA)—The successful career of Sen. Richard Russell, Georgia's new candidate for the Presidential nomination, ij a triumph of parliamentary procedure. While still a political youngster in the Georgia legislature. Russell made it his business to memorize the rule.? of that body. It helped make him speaker of the house. When he was elected to Ihe VS. Senate back In 1932. he again set as his first task the memorizing •3pf 1U long and complicated rules. That has paid off, too. The only' two times that Vice President Alben Barkley has been overruled while presiding over the senate have been on appeals and motions by Russell. Sen. Paul Douglas, of Illinois, debating on the floor with Russell while the latter was leading the southern bloc's fight against Civil Rights legislation, said at one point: "I yield to one of the subtlest men and one of the most able field, generals who ever appeared on the floor of the Senate." Essentially, Russell is and has He was for the Marshall Plan, hut wanted Its scale reduced, and, before the Korean War. lie was against spending millions In military aid to Europe. TUe Senate voted against him on this. Russell says he's glad of It now. Russell has been interested In things military since childhood. He has read widely on Ihe subject, and Is said to be one of the few men In Washington who has gotten through most of the books on World War 11 canpaiens put out by the armed services. Such knowledge, of course, stands him in good stead as chairman of the Armed Services Committee. He is also a member of the Appropriations Committee and, last Summer, he was Joint chairman of the MacArthur-Truman investigation by the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees. What kind of a President would Russell make? His qualifications are definitely limited by geography, of course, but there are Indications that he has kept campaign premises in the past. One in par- RusseH, a state legislator since he was 21. was running for governor at 32. He premised that he svould. if elected, ease the state's credit. legislation by pulling out all the i|,e°St. "Lawrence' watmvay'"and desperate financial condition by The balding, blue-eyed, 54-year- parliamentary tricks in the bag to j,e talked 20 minutes trying 'to do whittling down the government old Democrat shuns the social life keep the measures from coming so But he didn't. Russell stuck bureaucracy. of the Washington cocktail circuit, to a vole. fastp He whittled, all right. Following although as a bachelor and a Wp It's not generally remembered, R h sl] nnorted Social Security his election he cut the number of figure in Congress, hostesses are but at the Democratic Convention ^.Iml ami nl"veri ™ l»r« n»rt boards, bureaus and commissions before the 1943 elections, Russell received 283 RUSSEIX THE STRATEGIST: The Georgia senator (second from left) master-minded the southern hloc's fight against Civil Rights. He confers with his colleagues (left to right) Russell Long (D-Iji) ; nurnet Maybank, (D-SC) ; «nd Jolm Stennis (D-Miss). continually angling for him. phone rang back. A flustered White He Is probably best known, out- House secretary wanted to know been a behind-the-scenes operator side o! Washington, for his lead- why TlusscH had hung up on the in the Senate, master-mlndinc the ershlp of the southern bloc's fight President. political strategy and letting others against Civil Rights. And here, Ro n>evclt wanted lo persuade make the big speeches and take the again. Ills tactics arc to halt such Russell to his v-.av of thinkiri Cattle Killed By Mounties To Stop Epidemic Carlson, federal assistant district veterinary Inspector for Saaltatch. ewnn, said no new cases of th» drended disease have been reported since Feb. 10. Weavers Face Starvation nEGINA, Sask. <tn — Canadian MANDALAY. Burma W) — Star, mountles slaughtered 16* dlseasrrt i vat!o " has beset Mme 3.000 weaver* animals Sunday in the second m tne Amarapura area. It has been shooting of a drive To wipe out Canada's first foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. The slaughter, postponed from Saturday when drifting <mo*' blocked roaris to trip, grave sUe on a farm alxmL 15 miles east of here brought (o 370 the number of anl- mn!s shot and buried so far. Unofficial estimates .say 850 cattle, 190 swine and HO sheep will be killed by Wednesday. Dr. K. E. reported. The rea.son given for the report*d famine is the closing down of * number of handloom factories. In order to keep their children fed, patents are reported to be starving themselves on alternate days. Although contributions of rice have been sent to the stricken aret. the situation Is said to he worsening. Read Courier News classified Ads. MAHK.ET BASKET'S HIGHER —The unskel ot groceries that cost S10 in 1939 and $23.75 a year ago has gone up another S1.75 this year. Above Newschart shows comparative prices in cents of certain food staples for 1951 ami 1952. Some food prices have dropped but the majority of tho items have soared In price despile government controls. IBtireau of Labor Statistics oillcials say Indications are fhat prices will uo still higher before they start to level. RUSSELL TILE MAX: HE DIDN'T believe It was FDR. Truman's 94TA. '(The other half vote went to Paul McNutt, of Indiana.) Russell hadn't sought the nomination. He wasn't even in Philadelphia. Further, he did not Join the Dixiecrats after the convention was over. In fact, he helped Truman carry Georgia. Russell thinks of himself as an independent Democrat, and his voting record backs him up. Generally speaking, he voted with the New Dealers. He co-spcnsored the Tennessee Valley nnd Rural Alectrifi- cation legislation. But he was against the St. Lawrence waterway plan, and In the later connection they tell a story p.bout Russell and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. ' The phone rang one night in Russell's hotel room only a short time after he had come to the Senate, and a voice said, "Hello. Dick. This is Frank Roosevelt." Thinking it was some drunk Russell hung up. Ina moment the itration alive. d_ from 104 th Among the ca . sl , a | tie ., were two Civil Rights, he has balked at a college boards of trustees, of which large part of the Roosevelt-Truman Russell's father, a judge, was par- fcreijin policies. ticularly proud of being a member. i J v \ RUSSELL THE SOX: With his father, Judgre Richard Russell, ST., who once lost » }oh to hi* son's campaign promts*. Briscoe Takes Command Of Seventh Fleet YOKOSUKA, Japan (.4>) — Vice Adm. Robert P. Briscoe yesterday took commimd of the u. S. Seventh fleet, succeeding Vice Adm. Harold M. Martin. The fleet has the double duty of bombarding Communist supply routes In North Korea and guarding Chinese Nationalist Formosa to prevent Communist attack. Briscoe was commander of Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Naval Forces with headquarters at Norfolk. Vn. Martin will become commander of the Pacific Naval Air Force with headquarters at San Diego, succeeding Vice Adm. Thomw L. Sprague, resigned. mill building fund tax will constitute a continuing annual levy until payment in full of the bonds now outstanding and of a proposed bond issue of $5500, which will run approximately 15 years, to be issued for the purpose of purchasing a building site, with the provision that the surplus ertch year arising from the building fund taxes, after iroviding for principal and Inter- st maturing that year and the next ix months' interest on all the out- tanding bonds, may be used by the district for calling bonds for pay- netit prior to maturity or for oth- 164 Huks Reported Killed By Filipinos IVP) — Defense headquarters yesterday said Philippine Army troops killed Ifi-1 Communist Hnks, captured 64 and wounded 74 l month. Army losses for the period were put at 15 dead and 32 wounded. Headquarters said 358 Huks surrendered In Febniary. NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCTIOOL ELECTION IN GOSN'EI.L SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. fi OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKAXSAS Notice is hereby given that rhe annual school election In the above named District will \x held on March 15, 1952, for the following purposes: To elect one director for a term of 5 years. To Hibmit the ouestton of voting a total school tax of 40 mills, a set out In the District's budget which includes 10 mills previously voted for payment of bonds no outstanding and 30 mills for oper at ion of the schools, and the H Mr* • nonftmt •¥• *• d'neo , rti of etrloin ca« ARTHRITIC • r * TB i is M»ny Doctors Recommend DtiqhrM taiting Se> loia'-**. MountainVaUeV J Mi«eral Water J f~> NOT MM^U MIL.iij Liberty Cash Grocery 501 W. Main Phone 4973 er school purposes. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M. and will close at 6:30 o'clock P.M. on March 15, 1S52. nt the following polling places tn the District, to-wit: Gosnell High School Building. GIVEN this 19 day of February, 1952. BOARD OP DIRECTORS. GOSNELL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 6 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS By: O. A. Moody. President And: G. P.. Letibettcr. Buy Lots of Aspirin? May Be You Seek Perfection Too Much LOS ANGELES llfi—lt you are! II soldiers showed those who auf- Put New Life Into Your Clothes! a perfectionist. !l's a safe bet you are a good customer of the aspirin makers. So says Dr. Harold O. Wolff, a Cornell University Medical College professor, who yesterday addressed a convention of the school of medicine, College of Medical Evange- ist*. Woft stays tests on World War . 1 Settlement Broken Up By Communist Terrorists JOHORE BAHRU. Malaya (AP) —A spokesman for the Johore ntate government has explained why the Mawai settlement of 1,200 was abandoned and Its families resettled In other areas. The settlement could not be defended against Communist terrorists. The residents said they did not wish to be put behind wire In the area, he said. Secretary 2U9-26 3,4 NOTICE In the Probate Court of Chlcka- sawha District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OP N. W. TRANTHAM, deceased Last known address of decedent: Blythevlile, Arkansas. Date of death: December 22. 1951. An instrument dated June 13th, 1951, wns on tho 25th day of February, 1952, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executrix thereun- der. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the tune provided , by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of thi* notice, or they shall be forever barred »nd precluded from any benefit In the estate. This notice first published 20th 'crerj from headaches were mainly perfectionists. Immediate cause of violent nead- iches wa.s a swelling of the blood vessels in the head. Wolff said the individual'.-; psychological problems were the basic ca\ise. Some of them may be: His inability to reach the perfection In his work which hi* nature demands. Lack of appreciation or approval by others. A. childhood background such as parental competition for the child's affections. About the only cure for most of the perfectionist's headaches is realization that perfection Is unattainable, Wolff said. Wake up the looks of your wardrobe wilh quality dry ors are re- 'freshed . . . original lines restored. Your clothes will look like new for Spring. In 19+7 there were six Income tax returns filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue whose adjusted gross Income was at least »5 million. day of February, 1052. Bculfili Trantham, Executrix Blytheville, Arkansas Marcus E\rard, attorney for Bx- cutrlx. 2|26-3]4 IREJOMH 1ERRIHC POWER! TRY FIRE DOME ... the engine with famous dome-shaped combustion chambers. Terrific 160-h. p. performance on re^u/ar /ue TRYTIP-TOE SHIFT with Fluid Drive ... for finest no-shift driving! You just step on the gas to go ... and Btcp on the brake to stop! TRY POWER STEERING! can turn the wheel with one finger. Hydraulic power does the work . . , parking is child's playl SEE DESOTO TODAY! . . . it's got everything! Power Braking...Electric Window Lifts . . . Solex Heat- Resistant Glass. Lots more! Our experts use gentle but efficient solvents In cleaning, and rlo a fine pressing job too. We pick up and deliver. Call us BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 MOTOR SALES COMPANY 110 West Walnut Street, Blytheville, Ark. DE SOTO-PLYMOUTH Dealer, pr««n, OROUCHO MARX in "You 1.1 Your Lif.".v.ry w..k „ bort , R«, dlo B( , d T .Uvl,l«...NBCn.r*orta. the price of the unpriceable Water is h*.vond price,.yet at Intervals you get a water bill. Water i* free, yet someone has fixed a dollar and cent* Talue on nature's unpriceable gift. By what right? Gn out into Ihe country and you'll find (he farmer getting nil (he water he wants, merely for the effort of digging a well and working a pump. He gets no water bill. Go up inlo the unspoiled mountains, dip your cup in a bubbling spring nnd drink your fill. Bring home a few barrels full. No one will impose any charge for whnf you take. Go down to the nearest river bank. Fill as many buckets as you can haul away. You won't have lo pay a cent for their contents. Or Ihe next lime it rains, put out tubs anrl basins. Or do as they do in KrrmuHa: Make your entire roof a collecting system leading lo B cistern. No meter will register payments due. Hut ask the farmer what it cost (o dig his well and how much energy is consumed in operating it. Figure the expense of your trip lo the mountains, not forgetting the price of the barrels. Compute the value of the time consumed in hauling river water, adding the doctor's hills in case you fail to boil it before using. And compare the amount of water you obtain with the cost of installing a liernuida-lype roof collection system. Water is free lo all. Hut it isn't always available where people want it in a condition safe for them to use. It's (he water works' jab lo lake over the task of collecting water, transporting water nnd making sure that the water is delivered safe for human consumption and suitable for human use, 21 hours a day, 365 days a year. And Uial's what you pay for when you pay your water bill. Biytheville Water Co "Water It Your Cheapest Commodity"

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