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NORTON COUNTY NEWS CULTIVATE! GULTIIE! PAIN? NOT A BIT I FOOD SUPPLY NEEDS TO BE INCREASED LIFT YOUR CORNS roduce More Food, But at tho Lowest Cpst. A trip through most of tho grain OR CALLUSES OFF No humbug! Apply few drop then Just lift them away with flngert. THE NAME OF OLD GLORY BY JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY i OLD GLORY! say, who, By the ships and the crew, And the long, blended ranks of the and gave you, Old Glory, the name that you bear growing districts of Western Canada, nd Information received from aui hen- tic sources, revealH that tho Hprinu This new an ether compound discovered by a Cincinnati chemist. It seeding of wheat, barley and oats in finished nnd the grain Is having a most rapid growth. Men of farming experience hero say thut tho conditions nre similar to those years when there wu With such pride everywhere (Prepared by the United Blat Depart-lut-nt of Agriculture.) Sou's must lie bred before the end of June if full Utters are' to bo obtained.

Tho pigs will then como before the last week In October, nnd will have ut-tallied growth enough to be ublo to Hhlft for themselves before cold weather arrives. If the breeding can be done In early Juno or In May, so much tho bettor. Under no circumstances, (his year, should breeduble sows bo carried over tlio summer unbred. Tho food supply needs to bo Increased, and under common-sense management, full litters ore profitable. Scruples over breeding Immnture hows should bo forgotten.

Whllo In normal times most hog raisers do not breed tho gilts earlier than eight months of nge. There ore thousands of young gills furrowed last fall and winter which will take the boar and tho pigs retards tho growth 'of the young sow, but this permanent retard-utlon of growth Is small and of minor Importance when the sow will produce a good litter of pigs. Obtain Large Litter. Larger utters are obtained by flushing sows beforo breeding. This Is done by feeding In such a wny os to have tho sows putting on weight at tho time of breeding.

The suckling sow should have her pigs weaned shortly beforo being Her udder should bo dried up by a reduction of feed. She should then bo flushed and In a few days can usually bo bred. After breeding, the sow should be wutched to bo sure she has caught. If sho has not, 21 days later she will again show lndIcalloiis(of heat and can oguln be bred. A good purebred boar should be used, preferably of the samo breed us As you cast yourselt tree to the rapturous air And leap out we're wanting you to Who you that name, with the ring of the same.

on abundant harvest reaped. During the past year a number of new settlor-came Into tho country, and they will undoubtedly lmvo a good crop tills year. This added to the normal uere age, made considerably less by the) And fhe honor and farnf so becoming to iOLi is called freezone, and can now be obtained In tiny bottles as here shown at very little cost from any drug store. Just ask for freezone. Apply a drop or, two directly upon a tender corn or callus and instantly the soreness disappears.

Shortly you will find the corn or cnllus so loose that you can lift it off, root uud all, with the fingers. Not twinge of pain, soreness or irritation; not lack of labor owing to tho number ho have gono to tho front, will give i fair general yield. It Is surprising lh growth that this country Is cupuble ot producing. Wheat has this spring gornilnntea aiid shown three or four Inches growth even tho slightest smart flvo or six days, nnd with onylhlng ing, either when applying freezone or afterwards, like favorable weather, harvesting should commence about tlio of August, or a little over one hundred bur stripes stroked in ripples of white and of red. With your stars at their glittering best overhead By day or by night 11 Their delightful list light Ll Laughing clown from their liWe scruare heaven of blue! Who gave you the name of Old Glory who -Who gave you the name of Old Glory? The old banner lifted, and faltering then In vague lisps and whispers fell silent again.

ii Old Glory, speak out we are asking about How you happened name, so to say. That sounds so familiar and careless and gay As we cheer it and shout in our wild breezy way We the crowd, every man of us, calling you that We Tom. Dick.and Harrv-each swintfinS his hat. This drug doesn't eat up the corn or callus, but shrivels them so they loos days from first Hooding. Hundreds of.

farmers throughout this vast country paid for their entire holdings out of one year's crop and it would not bo surprising If tho same experience mol en nnd come right out. It Is no humbug I It works like a charm. For a few cents you can get rid of ev a great many more this year. ery hard corn, soft corn or Tho best authorities on the wheal corn between the toes, as well as painful calluses on bottom of your feet. It situation give It os their opinion that for many years to come, wheat prices will be high.

They base their opinion on a scientific calculation nnd thole rensonlng seems to be sound. Anyway, never disappoints and never burns, bites or Inflames. If your druggist And hurrahing "Old Gloryf like you. were our kin, we all know we Yeas common as sin I hasn't any freezone yet, tell him to get a little bottle for you from his Tv wholesale house. adv.

ll it is quite evident that for some yenru to come, tho producer of wheat will be amply reworded for any effort he' Didn't Need to Be Told. Katherlne, age six, bad been going moy make to develop tills branch or agricultural industry. Money may be made on the high-priced lands of the-wheat-growing districts of the United to school about two weeks when she CHAMPION POLAND-CHINA SOW FROM MISSOURI. said to her mother one day: "Mother, I nm the nicest and the prettiest and the smartest clrl in our class." Her the sow or of that breed which predominates in the sow. This will result Stntes, but It is a question If thescr high-priced lands would not be more-profitably employed In other branchesr of farming than In growing the smaller mother, very much elated, exclnimed in a more uniform lot of pigs and an "Why I Did the teacher tell you that, should be bred this spring.

By breeding them this spring the feed given them through the summer will have been more completely devoted toward food production. It will help to produce greater meat supply nnd a supply ready for market six months ear dear?" grnlns, leaving It to lands just as pro upgrading of the breeding herd. For the young gilts and small sows a "Oh, no!" said Katherlne. "I Just breeding crate may be necessary if found It out myself." ductlve for wheat, less expensive to op erate, and with a much smaller Initial price, to provide the world with this necessity of life. Here the boar be large.

The pregnant sow should be fed WATCH YOUR SKIN IMPROVE lier ihnn if they were not bred until fall. Breeding such young gilts will huve no bad effect on the farm herd. ration consisting of bone-making and muscle-making feeds. She should When You Use Cutlcura The Soap to gain weight but not be mnde fat. Pas Results at the Missouri experiment Purify and Ointment to Heal.

station show that the young pregnant ture with a' small gruin ration proves excellent for carrying the pregnant On rising and retiring gently smear sow until she Is almost ready to sow continues to grow under proper feeding and that the size of the litter Is not appreciably reduced. Suckling the face with Cutlcura Ointment. Wash off Ointment in five minutes with Cutl cura Soap and hot water. Continue this treatment for ten days and note the change In your skin. No better the ground, it burrows for a time in the ground, is changed Into the pupal And yet it just seems like you humor us all And waft us your thanks, as we hail you and fall Into line; with you over us, waving us on Where our glorified, sanctified betters have this is the reason we're wanting to know-(And were wanting it so Where our own fatners went we are willing to goj-Who gave you the name of Old Who gave you the name of Old Glory The old flag unfurled with a billowy thrill For an instant then wistfully sighed and was still.

hi Old Glory: the story we're wanting; to hear Is what the plain tacts of your christening your name-just to hear it, Repeat it, and cheer it, 's a tang to the spirit As salt as a And seeing you fly, and the boys marching by. There's a shout in the throat and a blur in the eye And an aching to live for you always-or die, dying, we still keep you waving on high. Ana so, by our love For you, floating above, Ana the scars of all wars and the sorrows thereof. Who gave you the name of Old Glory, and why Are we thrilled at the name of Old Glory? Then the old banner leaped, like a sail in the blast, And fluttered an audible answer. at last re And it spake, with a shake of the voice, and it said: By the driven snow-white and the living blood -red Of my bars, and their heaven of stars overhead By the symbol conjoined of them all, skyward cast, As I float from the steeple, or flap at the mast, Or droop o'er the sod where the lond grasses name is as old as the glory aTGod.

I came by the name of Old Glory. toilet preparations exist. A FARMERS' PATRIOTISM I stage, nnd from this the mature fly emerges in about one month. Some Free sample each by mall with Book, Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. The shortest claim that the egg hatches on the hair definition of Boston.

Sold everywhere. Adv. nnd the larva makes its way directly through the skin. Boy. Aged Nine, Kills Cougar.

Grubs cause cattle to fall off a little Lynn Obye, only nine, of Portland in flesh and milk, and they greatly de auallfled as a hunter when lie shot nnd killed a cougar that meas preciate the value of the bide. It Is well to press out the grubs, using a knife, If necessary, to enlarge the opening. quicker way to destroy ured eight feet seven inches from tip to tip. The prowling nnimaV was killed in the foothills of Yamhill county in them is to apply a few drops of kero the Coast Range mountains. The cou sene through the opening with an oil cnn.

To keep the flies away from the gar had been killing stock of the farm- ers and his death was welcomed by cattle, use pine tar or one of the coal- those who had suffered from the raids tar dips. upon their cattle. patriotism is service for one's country. There are many ways in which you can serve your country while at home. Here are some Plant a larger garden tftin ever and can 'sufficient from it to tide you through this year and part of the next.

I'lant more potatoes, especial- ly sweet potatoes, as these are staple food articles. Every acre should be planted a to corn or kaflr, and receive the best cultivation possible. Twenty-five to 50 per cent of the wheat lund could be disked after cutting and planted to feterlta. Corn land can easily be pre- "pared for wheat next fall, thus having the two crops overlap. 2 Plant cowpeas for their feed 4 value as well as a soil builder.

Save the manure and apply five tons an acre. Make this a banner year for SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES where Western Canndn, with its vast rich fertile plains, its low rnllwny rates, its exceptionally good shipping privileges, Its excellent cllmnte, and its perfect social conditions, has a combination of advantages not possessed by any other portion of the continent- Furthermore, these lands, of unexcelled quality, are extraordinarily cheap, while for the man who does not care to undertake farming on so extensive a scale there is the free homestead which offers him nil the opportunity for which he Is looking. The prospective purchaser will hove no difficulty at all In making a selection of a fine piece of land, well lo cnted and convenient to transportation, which may be had for from $15 to $25-an acre, nnd the railway companies or other holders of large tracts are airways glad to sell on easy terms. Of if he desires a farm that is already under cultivation and Improved, many such are to be hod from farmers who' already have made comfortable for tunes and are rendy to retire. It is not to the grain grower only that Western Canada offers grent opportunities.

If one wishes to go in for cattle raising, there nre great stretches of range land both free and for lease and in many sections of the country there nre the finest of grazing lands that may be purchased at very low prices. The appeal which has been sent out both by the United States and Cana dian governments, for an unstinted, unlimited production of food stuffs to prevent what might otherwise be a fam lne throughout this great continent-and then consequently, throughout the-world should In itself arouse all the? ambition nnd desire In tho heart and soul of the man who Is not fighting at' the front, to produce all he con. In-' addition, there is the potent fact that no-chances are being taken in nnswering; the appeal. Take it from either stand--point you answer the country's call, al-though not fighting, and you nre nlsc Insured against nny loss by the high prices thnt are bound to exist for soma time. Whether it be in theUnited States on Its excellent grain lands or In Cannda on its splendid grain lands, all should do their bit.

WRONG METHODS OF FEEDING ON SUNDAY Allen's Foot Eane, the antiseptic powder to be shaken Into the Bhoes and sprinkled Id the foot bath. It relieves painful, swollen, smarting feet and takes the sting out of corns and bunions. Used by the British and French troops at the front. Allen's Foot-Rase is a certain relief for tired, aching feet. Sold ever; where Adv.

Serious Disorders Often Caused by Overfeeding Animals Which Both Appropriate. Longmore The former clients COPYRIGHT 1900 BY JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY Smith, the divorce lawyer, who died last week, are going to do a nice thing. Short What? Longmore Show their appreciation by erecting a monument to his mem .4. icnicKens una swine. A Hr i-i.

nan 3 1UUIU UUCUUUU D11VUIU UCgilCU j. ory. to raising turkeys. TnsW ripshq should ho com- Short Have they chosen the design? Longmore Not yet. A number of them want something among the lines bated in orchard, garden and field.

of the Statue of Liberty, and the oth ers favor a colossal granite cleaver, The Lamb. HEEL FLIES PESTER Are Working Hard. More work horses are sick on Monday than on any other day in the week. This Is good evidence that something is often wrong with the method of feeding on Sunday, declared Dr. C.

W. McCampbell, assocl-at professor of animal husbandry In the Kansas State Agricultural college. "One form of illness to which the work horse is subject occurs so often just following the Sunday rest that it is popularly known as 'Monday morning said Doctor McCampbell. "This trouble is noted most frequently in those cases where horses are working hard, require heavy feeding, and are given the regula feed on Sunday while they remain idle in the barn. This Is a serious disorder often resulting In death.

"Another common disorder among work horses on Sunday nnd Monday Is colic. In most cases it is caused by heavy feeding while Idle, but it may be caused by a cold, sloppy bran which is a sure troile maker. A warm, steamed bran mash to which a liberal amount of salt has been added Is often Smile, emile, beautiful clear white clothes. Red Cross Ball Blue, American made, therefore best. All grocers.

Adv. CATTLE IN SUMMER Still Very Much Alive. "She has a past." "Oh I Why doesn't she bury "It Isn't dead yet." Judge. Parasites Cause Lumps on Backs to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to is Pa THIS inspiring poem was read by Mr. Riley on February 23, 1903, when the state of Indiana presented a sword to Admiral Taylor, who commanded the battleship Indiana the engagement oil Santiago.

Before reading the stanzas, the poet paid an introductory tribute to the flag as follows "It may seem a late day in which to attempt a tribute 'to our glorious old flag, the Stars and Stripes; but that it is an ever newer glory in our eyes and an ever clearer rapture in our hearts. The coming generations of its patriot followers, high and low, can but lift to it continuous voices of applause- and benediction. Master orators may eulogize it till no further thrill of speech seems left with which to fitly glorify it, or poets may sing its praise till their song seems one with the music of the ripples of the breezes in, its silken folds; but no tribute-voice of forum, harp or clarion may well hold mute the one all-universal voice that breaks, with cheers and tears at every newer sight of our nation's hallowed emblem the old flag. Over its brave heroes and defenders, since 'the shot heard -round the it has been a panoply, a shelter and a shield, and yet how proudly have the embattled hosts gone that they might lift it to securer heights. Its wavering shade has fallen on the weary marcher softly as the shadow of the maple at his father's door.

He has heard its flutterings, like light laughter, in the lull of noonday battle; and, worn with agony, above the surgeon's tent, that all is well. Yea, and in death the sacred banner has enfolded him, even as a mother's fond caress. So, but the Lord's own victory in which he shares; the land he loved restored, inviolate, to kinsmen, comrades and oncoming patriot thousands yet to be the broad old land of freedom firm underfoot once more the; old flag overhead! And what inspiring symbol must this banner be to its brave defenders who go down to sea in ships. One of these a hapless prisoner for a while says this of the old flag: 'There is an odd thing about that flag when you meet it on the high seas and the wind is blowing hard, namely, that of all flags I know, it is the most alive; when the wind blows, the most eager and keen, with the stars seeming to danco with the joy of excitement. So that there is none better to go into battle, or comd down the street when the fifes are piping "And with righteous pride it is recorded that upon the sea borne on the throbbing bosom of the gale and baptized with the salt sea spray this beloved flag of ours was first christened by the name of Old Glory." to to Km a to fca sa to to to to to to to Hi to' to to to to to to to to to to Let me tell you that ev.ery misery Tain is no longer pain when ft past.

Margaret J. Treston. miss Is a new blessing. Izank Walton, of Animals Kerosene Oil Will Destroy Them. (By GEORGE H.

GLOVER, Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colo.) Several letters have- been received lately respecting "lumps" on the backs of cattle. One party made the important discovery that "worms had eaten big holes through the backs of The Effects of Opiates. MIAT INFANTS are peculiarly susceptible to opium and Its various preparations, an oi wnicn are narcotic, J3 weu known, liven in the smallest doses, if continued, these opiates cause changes in the func beneficial. "When the horse is working hard his Sunday feed should be of the same kind and quality as that which he receives on other days, but the grain portion of the ration should be reduced one-half. If a small pasture is available and the grass is not too plentiful, It would be well to allow him to spend the day there, especially If he can have access to shade." tions and growth of the cells which are likely to become permanent, causing imbecility, mental perversion, a craving for alcohol or narcotics in later rife.

Nervous diseases, such as intractable nervous dyspepsia and lack of staying; powers are a result of dosing with opiates or narcotics to keep children quiet xn their infancy. The rule among physicians is that children Bhould never receive opiates in the smallest doses for more than a day at a time, and only then if unavoidable. The administration of Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Soothing Syrups and other narcotics to children by any but a physician cannot be too strongly decried, and the druggist should not be a party to it. Children who are iU need the attention of a physician, and it is nothing leas than a crime to-dose them willfully with narcotics. Castoria contains no narcotics if it bears the Jf signature of Chas.

H. Fletcher. sjJ Genuine Castoria always bears the signature QV-AafyZi-UtcAjMt SHOATS FOR EARLY MARKET his cattle and were found at the bottom eating their way." Cattle can do very nicely without these parasites, but the parasites cannot live without their hosts. These parasites are the larvae of the heel fly. This fly is about one-hnlf inch long and looks something like a small black bee.

The flies pester cattle during the summer months and deposit their eggs on the hair around the heels and hind legs. flies are unable to bite, but cattle are instinctively afraid of them, and will run with their tails high in the air, to the nearest water hole, when they approach. The eggs are taken into the stomach by cattle licking themselves, and there they hatch and the tiny larvae migrate through the body to their favorite habitat. By spring or early summer' the grub is full grown and makes its escape through an opening which It has made and through which It breathes and discharges Its excrement. Falling to Sideline developments from the war in Europe are endless.

Just now London shops are featuring an egg cup for the use of men with only one arm, Black paper covers for celery plants make excellent bleachers. The paper Fish Are Misnamed. Apparently every popular name for; fish Is a misnomer. There Is a flsbr plentiful on the coasts of Alnskit known as the atka mackerel. The bureau of fisheries patiently points out thnt It la nnt a mnnfrorol nnfl tinthlnEf- In Asia tusks are possessed only by the male elephants.

Four pounds per capita is the cheese product of this country annually. The Christian churches planted by the apostles were seven. It has been computed that 25,000 vehicles pass Forty-second street and Fifth avenue, New York, each day. More than 700,000 gallons of oil are burned each year at the light stations of the United States, about 350,000 gallons of which are for lighthouse comes in flat sheets, and Is fastened about the plant by means of a string Give Millfeed Slop Twice Dally in Connection With Good Green Feed. Shoats for early market should have millfeed slop twice a day In connection with an abundance of green feed.

Keep a box of wood ashes and charcoal (a small quantity of salt may be mixed In the ashes) under cover in the feeding pen, where they can eat what they need. and buttons, The heavier the soil the deeper it should be spaded. Light soil needs more food nnd more stirring but only on the surface. Heavy soils are sel- like a mackerel. But it Is an excellent food fish, and can be shipped salted.

Alaska canneries have been encouraged to salt this fish, which will be known as the atkaflsh, and if should make Its appearance In our markets In the coming winter. dom stirred deep -enough, Then Silence. They were dancing merrily, this young man and the young woman, and were talking of nothing at all, when suddenly the girl asked "Have you enlisted?" "Ko," answered the youth. "Haven't you joined the Officers' Reserve corps?" "No, not yet. I haven't thought much about that sort of thing." "Haven't you done anything about the "No," the youth replied.

Whereupon the girl stopped dancing. "I wish you would take me to a seat I don't think I want to dance witi you." Washington Star. Sinks Rapidly. "What Is a sinking fund, Johnny 'Ta's bank account when the bill begin to come In." SCRAPS Ancient Rome' was built on seven hills. The Spitz Is a domesticated Jackal.

Kissing was at one tinie an essential port of the marriage German naval authorities are experimenting with electrical machinery for gathering peat. In the olden times the sultan was allowed seven kaehims, there' were seven principal officers of the court, and seven female court functionaries. Artificial flowers for millinery are being made to Inclose tiny Incandescent lamps, which can be supplied with. current from storage, batteries hidden inside the wearers' hats. Toronto has the largest Industrial school in North America.

The school has cost nearly $2,000,000. Its auditorium will seat 1,300 people and its gymnasium is unusually well-equipped. A dish rlnser, in the form of a broad sproy attached to the hot water faucet. Instantly and thoroughly rinses a large pan of dishes. The spray is circular in shnpe, and at its center is attached to the faucet.

pany C. E. in command of Capt, George Black, better known as the Kill Irish Potato Bug. One tablespoonful of arsenate of lead, one-fourth to one-half pound of lump lime, and three gallons of water sprayed will kill the Irish potato bug. commissioner of the Yukon territory Feeding Goslings.

Goslings at first should be fed a mash of two parts shorts and one part corn. At the end of three weeks this menu may be changed to equal parts shorts and cornmeal, with 5 per cent of beef scrap and grit. who has as a corporal Lyman Munger HiacK, his son, Kldd They sny Venice has canals Instead of streets. What do you suppose the Salvation Army does for co ners? i Klddei- Guess they have to use the navy department over there. King David's Militia.

Need of Our Pastures. Do not forget that we shall have need of our pastures long after the wheat gamblers have failed. What the Yukon Ha Given. Over six hundred men have come from Dawson since the war begun. Many walked long distances to enlist.

In 1914 the first band of men from the Yukon begun to train, and, eventually, went to France, and won distinction. The latter word is used advisedly, for seven men in the Yucon motor gun detachment won the military medal, the captain was awarded the military cross, and a number were promoted. Now a new body of men Is In England In training tha Yukon infantry com- King David organized a national nintia, aivioea into 12 regiments By Their Fruit. The animal or the crop which does not return anything for the time and money and labor spent on it is no good for the farmer or for his When Your Eyes Need Care under their respective officers, each of which was called out for one month in Don't Crowd Beets. Do not try to grow two beats whera one should he year.

At the head of the array Try Murine Eye Remedy 1 Ko Pwmrttnf Jat Kt Comfort. een ft prnggiitt or wlL TvHf for Fre Btb Bxifc. fcU I JC M-SLfci) CO. C1U AW. Pittsburgh has measured telephone service.

vhen in active service he appointed cuiiiniander la chief..

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