The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1952
Page 3
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PAGE FOUR ELYTHEVULE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Jane Shelton, Society Editor Phone 4461 Events Continue F£r Miss Crafton, Bride-Elect Mtes Mary Sue Craftor. t'>mlm«?s to tie honored with varied social events prior lo her March 16 marriage to Kns. G- A. Hincs, Jr , of Norfolk, Vn. Mrs, Genre** Crass, Mi;.. Kd\vm Robinson nnd Mrs. K. M Terry ivero ho-te^sf? .S:ituiriay at thr Terry home with 3 Iimr-hron {rune Miwi Crufron .-\ yrlln^v ''mm? iv;js chosen to prrtiomin;Ue the drrova- timis nt the- din in 2 room while a mixed mntif of ]i;i-U'! tnm-s \vcre utf-ti in the reception nnd cnlertaimm: reams, SnRprlr.iEOM.s m yellow nnd wbiio tulips interspereci with h.iby Juvaili and firrntu;fd inrrynnl cr-iiU'iori th? r^hlfl £ r ft m which lm?r hcoti w a s Et-rvc-d, Tin? yellow and wnito s-turiy was ilhiiniu.wd by yd low utpers 5d in crystal. The figure nf n bride rifsi<:na!eri the lab'o at which Mis^ Cniftnn, her mother, Mrs. Rupert Cnitlon and pmncimothor. Mr>. T. F. Mirtm of Di'll wci-e sc-AU-d. Fern filial liiicl- vases hojrfms >m.iH Wo^som? rnnrk- eci the other tables of the pur.sts which were arr^ntjerl about n roaring log fire, Gladioli and giant jonquils completed the partv Betting. Preceding hmc'hcon Mr?. George Pyles served cocktails from a -silver tray festooned in fresh, colorful pansy clusters. Gifts of silver and china were presented Miss Crafton from her hostesses by Jnnc Terry, granddaughter of Mrs. E. M. Trrrv. A trousseau inotir-1 of blue printed silk was chord! my the Imnorcc. The accordion [Heated skirl was poised over crinoline rnul her broad brimmed while strnu- Jia( ivas trimmed hi pink blossoms. She was presented yellow carnations from her hostess. During the afternoon pictures were nitidc. Martha Nichols Is Proclaimed Red Razoo Queen at Banquet-Dance MlM WnrllM Nlr-hoh us.s escorted lo the throne by the claimed mieen of ihe He-it HJW.OS j dun pic-sidcm. and rro'inrd ,, for Hb2 Samrday nicht :n li,e j and pre.'enled an arm bnwiiic clubs anniml bniiqurl-dance in i red roses Hotel Nobles Mirror Room Mis'i) Composing tjneci-, Manila's court Mchols was crowned by club prwi- | were Ciailya Stilwi-ll who wns os- denl, Jerry Halscll. <-orled by O.-ikic l!op:i: Meny Nell MOWTJAY, MARCH 8, of red attd while and balloons in a fnyriad ot colors were Coming Events Monday Wesleyan Service OnlU ot First Methodist "hurch has 8 p.m. mwt- fng with Mrs. Gal Gosett. Wonwms Auxiliary nt St. Stephen's Episcopal Church has 8 p.m. meeting at home ot Mrs. H. B. lUchardsori, 025 Parkway. First Church Gleaners Glass has 7:30 p.m. meeting with Mrs. Frcrl Copclanrt. i Mrs. Arthur Rahn hasto.s* t/) 1 a« arm bm VK i of | Friendship cla M of Fijet, Baptist Church nt 1:30 p.m. at her home 524 N. 15th. Trinity Baptist BWO has 7:30 Professional Manicure at Home Is Easy Lane, escorted bv Jim {.'ulbc-rt:-on; Sandra I.on» and I'm tjinijthermnn. nnrJ .Sally Tr^srhm/uin with Ben looped about the room and the mirrors held fontlinlI roirrams fliower- cd with balloon clusters Al our Dam in" later l.pii.jwfd DIP coro i curl of the spurious room stood the ! nation crremoir ] queens 1 throne which floi'cd i Included in i balloons tied In (iowine streamers, ! .several lilRh frl Followlui; supper. Miss Nichols ', bei s. (nciiliv mem- [Party Honors (Tulsa Guest 12th Birthday Marked with Party Mar.sha yrais old third t-alfi her v.i:h a ,ii : >'\ marking tlie Miss Virginia .Swearenqen Saturday afternoon was ho.stcis nt llic Rustic Inn In six taiilns of rli" r rt hridec-cnnaslii rJiicsts when she, „.,,.,,., entertained in honor of her hrvi-e-, !>unco jinny for, Miss Dnrolhy Wood nf Tul-a. home of lir. r mother .Mrs okln - nlarknrd. Adding nn air of spring to the i Carolvn Clr-n-nt mm Inch <onr" parly soiling 'Aero the touches of: In the bnnro "iimrs v ith Mnnlvn whirh predominated in (he Jones taktiu; low and Joyce Thrail- pm. meeting with Mr.s Mtirl Lowe. Tursslny Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta si K - nia Phi has 7:3f> p rn. meeting nt. home of Mrs. Jack Owens. Mrs. Randall Hawks, co-hostess. Drop-ln at Malt Monaghan home from 4:30 till 5:10 p.m. honoring Miss Mary sue Craflon, Mrs Hiram Wylie. niici Mrs. Monaghan host- Trlnltj 1 Baptist Circles One- and Two meet at the church at 2:30 p.m. Junicr Then School Parent Teachers Association has 3 p.m. meeting at school, preceded by 2:30 p.m. .. - Rxccmive Board session > milch provided | MTfilc fircvl , cemetery A.-Mrin- loli-iirniion wii- a; t jon has 2:3Cj meeting with Mrs. J ir. suesis nt ihe j o . gudburi- the eveninp Billy Party Reid Has for Seven Billy Held, son ol Mr. one! S/frs. T. A. Held, wns 12 years old yesterday and a dinner party for seven hoys marked the occasion. The white birthday cake, which was decorated in louche, 1 ; of pink aJid. green centered the table al which the guests were seated. The. afternoon was spent Informally and in games. Party Marks 8th Birthday *yce Ann Williamson. riaught/>r o< Mr .nnd Mrs. John Williamson, was honored Friday night, with e. porfev celebrating her 8t.h birthday. Mrs. Malcolm Doyle and Mrs. joe Morris were hostesses for the evening of Informal entertainment. Ice cream and birthday cake was aerved. party decorations. kil i. | ravf .| ln ,. 1(llrll Carnations limed green and In- ' refreshments of : -niKhur'hfs, (red tcrspersed with shamrocks formed j drinks and pany foods wero served. the central table deslpn and bud i vases holding matching carnation:, and greenery topped the smaller tables. Handmade tallies and place] cards fashioned in green and In-i scribed "Sissy" nnd "Ditty" were r used. ' i In the bridge 15.1 me. lueh score | honors went to Mrs. Everrtl Peter- j son. Mrs. Hill Rnrier '.von second ''• htph nnd third score went to 'Miss Ethel I country club Duplicate Bridge LcatMje plays at 'the club at 7:15 Tuesday nndae Club mcet.s with Mrs. Riley B. Jones. American Legion Auxiliary has Bits of News i 8 p.m. meeting at the Hut. Lnella names. Mrs. J, M. Williams, Jr.. won low. Miss Pollyann Stewart won hirth score in the rnnasta game, with Mrs. Hill stovall. Jr., takini: rccond hlr-h and Miss Connie Parker, bridge. Miss Wood was presented a gift by her hostess. Wrdnesihi Garden Department of Wonnns Club has 2 30 p.m. meeting at chib on West Mam Street. i Mrs Ji. E Jitg-fefi entertaining ! Jlish Two Club j Town and Country Club meets with Mrf. Marvin Nimn. i Mrs. J. Graham sudbnry hasten (to Club Eight. i' j Thursday } Mrs. Lillian Frank and Miss Mel! ba Pryor entertalninc with 8 p m Miss Mary Outlaw spent the week- J bridse , Mrty al ,'ryor j, onle •^ It's so easy lo give yourself a professions) manicure at, home, if you allow enough time, and follow the important basic sleps. To stimulate circulation and make your nails healthier, buffing (upper leftl wilh a nail powder or paste ruiwder is an absolute necessity. Since cuticle lias a habit of becoming unruly wilh little or no provocation, keep i't in check by massaging a nail cream around the base of Hie nails (center left) using Ihe cushion "t your linger in a firm rotary motion. When you are ready lo apply nail enamel (lower left), give some llmii»h( lu the shape and general condition of your nails. Wilh a liltle practice, you can actually . reshape Ihe nails, if necessary, and make them appear more beautiful. Don't limit your nail care lo weekly m:micures. only. Daily touch-ups and . creamings will always keep them looking perfect HOLLAND NEWS H.v Mrs. Ed Hampton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs, Paul Samford and] Mr. and Mrs. Earnest McCrary. has family arrived Saturday from Ok- j accepter! a position at Boston : s De- j winter. i Ray Nunnery, son of Mr. and j Mrs. Nathaniel Nunnery, has vL=it- I ed home several days He is t stu- | dent at Columbia u. i Mrs. Dewey Kenlcy Is home from i Campbell's Clinic. Memphis, after undergoimr surgery on her left arm end In Rector. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jimmic Edwards returned Saturday from a three weeks lour of Mexico and California. They , Chickasi\\vba Avenue elect. Miss Mary Sue Crallon Miss - ' -' less 10 lahoma City, where they have I parment Store in Fort Smith, m i " lvf " f° r c he past year, Mrs. Snm- ot] 'jforri underwent surgery Thursday feting bride- . Among those who are ill: Mrs. and shoulder. will continue A4ore For P*rt •runcH* SANTA BARBARA, Calif, (^ _ Mractfve Betty OroebU u«d *pMt- second thning to get h«r bachelor'! degree. Wife of a professor and mother of 6-yeir-old Gary Groeoll, Betty worked out an exacting schedule to educate her.self. Often she would attend an 8 a.m. ela.« at Santa. Barbara College then ru.-.h home to get Gary and hubby ot! to their respective schools. Now that the pert young brunette his her B degree, she plans to work out another schedule and try for her master's degree. Purgees Build Railroad >1i HONG KONG Iff-j-The Chinese Communists in an official dispatch from Chungking said lhat 30.000 civilian workers were employed on construction of the ChenktuChlinskini: railway line. It was sched',:!-"i to open on Army Day. Aug. ), !952. The army of workers came mostly from purge courts, the dispatch said, "Monthly Pains" stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 oul of 4 tases in doelo/s' tesls! • Chances are you're putting up — caused pains, cramps and weak, "no Rood" feelings of menstruation! For, in actual tests by doctors. Lydia Ptnkham's Compound brought com- plcte or striking relief from such distress in 3 out of 4 of the cases! So iret Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegptabtg Compound—or new. improved Tablet a v/Lih aridert uon. Sec LI—taken throucn the month—it doesn't give relief (me? those hacknche; jitters—help you !*T better belore and durfnjr your" perl5£? n °^~K - vou s ' Ifi er from functional "hot nasties of 'change of life," find out how U'onder/uL finkham's is /or that, roo.' effect on treatment at home for several months. . Arriving iiome Tuesdav, Miss . = ------ ------ ..,„ ....... .^. vg iome Tuesdav, Miss Theadore Payne is home recovering | Laura Pu^h will remain here for '° Party Is Given AtG. Harris Home wr nt, especially fnr the Goner n I Electric fonvention h-^lrl in S n F'l-iTiirlsco, . - - ....-.Mr. aiul Mrs .Inliiiuy White fire L l' nn Hughe. 1 var,ittQiii;ig for tu-o weks in Flor- Irla. ^cl^vpSrf^tnlaln^erc^lli f" 1 ™ "'.«'"• ^"^ ^ ^ 1 »"~^"""'"'^^ »«« three .W-cia^trnan-ric.- ? «r f ,cov? ry . ,, and JT ^ ^ S"^ 1 o^r^i^^£' SE^, '^^^^ CEO Club, j £ , «« rcccjjt parcnu, of a «-, NoblQ o h is in Mpmphis ,„ : „„„,„ }»^ 'of Mr^aiKl M« E .: ;," > • treatment before undei-ftoins sur- ] Miss Catherine Bipp in "willington Miss Britty French, daiisliter of ?cry: Mrs. C. P. Jenkins is twin? ! South Carolina and friciuis in Mr, and Mrs. Rov French, treated at, her home: Mrs, Benlah : North Carolina and Virsinla. fn St. TI.?] Club meet.s with Neeley. La jVuex'e entertained by Mrs. J Mrs. Mrs. Ale.v Curtis hosteso to Kibit. Club Mr. nnri Mr.s U r :)lian! Allied of; .Miil-Weck Club meets with Mrs. Allcm. III., announced the birth of j Hirry XV. Haines. I their first child, a son. Feb. 28 in Duplicate Bridge League plays at Sevenleen guests ynsltrrlay were Alton. He lias been named Thomas " ~ entertainer! at the Gordon Harris I William. Mrs. Allivd Is the form- home when they catllerii to honor ' ff Miss Ada Cavashore, daiichtcf of Charley Jean Harris, vtho \vas ob- scrvlnir her eleventh birthday. HitrhliBht of the festivities was a talent, shoir nnd in the afternoon's Dairies David Burnett and Nancy Billiard were prize winner.* Refreshments of birthday cake. Ice'cream nnd party foods \\cro served buffet style during the nf- ternoon. Mr. anri Mrs l,ee Cavasliere. Atr. and .\trs. R. A. Carv Hotel Noble at 7:30 Friday PEO Chapter "N" has 2 p.m. meet- and . . . . dauchter. Caitnen spent the week- irl in Sr. Louis. Mrs. M. T. Burke has returned to her Okl.ihonn City. Okla,. liomo after a foiir-wrck visit here with her i .), p. | inn nt home of Mrs. R, H. Kirby. Afrs. Jack Webb hostess to " La club. Friday Contract Club meets Kith Mrs. Loyd Whittaker. Saturday Mrs. J. M. Wall? and Mrs, Ralph Nirllols entertaining Miss Mary Sue Gosnell Sophomore Class Officers Are Named The .wphomore class of Oosnell High School recently namerl officers with Billy Hyde being elected president. Others scrvinc nre Kvle K. Uillar. vice president,; Jane Raspberry, .secretary; nnd Barbara Potler. re-1 porter. Jimmy Hodpc was named j cheerleader for the class basketball I tournsfnent. Duplicate League Winners Named; Series Ends Mrs. B. A. Lynch and Mrs. Eu- trenia Jenkins took first place honors in the five-table Hovel) movement played Saturday by members of the Duplicate Bridge I.cacue. Mrs. o. S. Crovvell and Mrs. Jim Rolcson took -second yilare in the fame player! at Hotel N'nble and miner. .), i'. Allison, who is ill at, I "irnois entcrtaininc Miss Mary his hnme on \ Walnut. Mr. Alii- i Crafton with morninE parT.y. m's comiilion is rejjorted as im- Jimniy Kin: Is a pal lent at. i Miss Jane Wilson and Miss Vivian She Is , Dessert bridge at Hotel N'oble i hnrmrlne Miss Mary Rat- Crafmn.l Blyrhcvillc .. , Miss Dorothy Wood left Memphis by train yesterday for her Tulsa. Taylor hostesses. by train yesterday for her Tulsa. Okln.. hnme after .several days Asit A / f\^ p A/nr/l///7/r here 46 . guest of Miss Virginia -' 1 * i ' Jt ' -fJ-WlJ 11CJ U SwearrlKI'Ml. Miss .SU'E^nrenrrn mn_ i - ., -.. Miss Swearencen motored Miss Wond to Memphis Mis. K. \V. Stovall of Fulton. Ky.. former Hlyliieville resifient. underwent surrery today at Memphis Baptist Hospilal Mr. and Mrs. ot .\I - iJulmcr and Hi. are t he i Blvthcville IlospUal Dismissed: Frances Ford, City Mrs. Thnmas Hail. Cit.y \Valls HnspUal Pruitt Harrison. Armorel Forever The Favorite -,„ «,- , . , """ I >-•"--'•' ''i ->Jjn. inillllfl ,1 [IHJ! esul.., of the- ftaturnny afirr- [Frank T. Byrd and famllv »-li?Mr- ;'"'" W " S i>m101 '" C ' ; 1 ° W1 ' ! WllFon " f M(>m l )h ' p - f "™" with Mrs Elise.nia Jenkins win- ! Rlvthevillo r e s i t l e n I uniferwent 15 first plare and Mrs. McCutrh- I surccry Raturdav morn,,," * h P eon. foconrl hich. i"',,' t0 and Mrs B , , . , . Man- nnri Mrs Edgar p. Horum re- ' •"'- < " c -MIS. rrviin riiirrlson. Arniorel T.J,,^.- •',s mother, Mrs. Mrs. Calvin Walton. Braaaadoclo T " as ' family. \<,._ arlnlnh Hninit-'.-o r-ii,, I Mr.;. Maud home over the week-end employed at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, James R. Hicks, son of ,Mrs. Celestie Hicks, hns recenilv arrived back in the States after having served on the .ship irss Kidd sev- He is no\v attending a radar school in California. Pvt. Glenn Wood Taylor, who is stationed at Scott Field, ill., was home with his wife and family o'ur- inc the week-end, Mr. and Mrs. Bury] Cihoon of Campbell. Mo. were here Saturday and Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Webb of west Holland and Mrs Tlielma Cohonn. Weekend visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Odi.s Ha; man ivere .Mr and Mrs. Err! Orr and children of Para could. Ark. Mr. and .Mrs. Sam Kerilev u-ere in Kennett Tuesday visitiiis Mr and Mrs. Roy Frank Palmer, who are formerly of Holland. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, associated with Hart's Bread Co.. are :jeinc transferred to Sikeston where they will make their home. Leon Hendriv o! Chicago stopper overnlte Thursday at ; 'Mr. and Mrs Oarvin Wilson's home, en route to Stinnett and son Doiialas. have bren in Elowah Ark. the several days vlsitinc • - -. • .- .'i-'.11.11°. m i u « ; — ^~rs KtinnetL's daughter and fam- Mrs, frank i Bapnst Ho=p)in|, Mrs, stnu' ! Mr "™ Mrs °- w McCulrhen ily. Mr. and Mrs J D Dunk-in •: ,hnd score honors | nnri Mr- C. E. Wilson arc with Mr i "* '" c harleston, Mo,, today. j .\M- S Pi1t McCrarv. rianahter o A Lynch, [ourih, j Wilson and his family. Mrs, nu.-.-.cll'- Adolj^h Heinicke. City erlv resided at 2003 Chicka«awb,i, Mr. anri Mrs O. W. McCulrhen - r rs gar . orum re- Some scientists believe that spots j lurn-j to Blyihevlllc Saturday af- on the sun caused by treat master having been In Memphis for the netic slorrns on the surface are i oiination linked to the aurora polaris-fllck- j Mr. nnri Mr;. Rolx:,! G. McHanev c-rinp licht in nisrht skios seen In i are now a: homr- nt their new resi far north and south latitudes den, r. HIS \\>M Walnut They form , /r , IB. in. 20; ^,1. 42, Sfi.c 1!, I4'-.- yatus of H;5-i,.cji: •- ynrri Him For I'.:.- piv,.,,. M ,' :ri 3flc , n COINS. VOli- ,:A:nf. , :> l,iv r .,, „„ cifsiif.-i. .-•.,'I t,.r- rATTrl.'.v XirM- BER to Pi;» IV.irr.ert. Cnirier News 375 Q-.i.wy. s;. Ciiin-.o r, j]j B-.:.:c KAKHIOV fo r '53 is filled with to make -.our clothe. buri;cl m further -li:r,r-;avii,g ana rco;irn-:rril (ien::ns thnt are pnsv To :-r ; ,v. Gift patten; printed msirie. 25 ON CURTAINS! Take advantage of these big reductions in prices of those wonderful curtains! All types Ornandy "liile ;IIH| p;islels, pernin-fin- ish Kufflcd Knitntiitlcred lodges Lovely New Valiinces in lilue. green, rose and wine henueline Panels and Cntlajje curt.iins of all types You will find a In'?: showing of irifts of all kinds, tie.'iiiliful haiid-painled Iwiskcls. mir- vrs, t lower jri'owers. lumps, heaiiliful plates and China gifts. Come in real sunn! LINEN & CURTAIN SHOP 311 North 6th St. Blythevillc, Arkansas Put New Life Into Your Clothes! Wake up t h * looks of your wnrdrohe wilh () u R I i t y dry cleaning. Colors are r o • freshed . , , original lines restored. Your c I o I h c s will look like new for Spring. Our espprls u,=e pentlc hul cfftcicnl solvents in cleaning, and do a fine pressing job loo. We pick up and deliver. C'all us BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 Cockrell's c ---- condition is unchanged, j Louis she remained a short time Rev. and Mrs. Fred Boren and i before returning via Rolla, to see hiltircn Richard. Pliylis and Gene '-. an un tl^. Mr. Roy Houchins. ere in Imboden. Ark., the past; A'sturty eoursp in Trainini! Union :'ek with Rev. Boren's parents, Mr. ! Leadership which lasted throughout ind Mrs. \v. I. Boren. j the week at the Baptist Church of' ! ' nriert Friday evening with a social „ i period and refreshments. . Sunday visitors in the home . and . Clifton Walter v .'ii. cijiu ivjj^, viuton \vatKer were l ^- . Mrs. Ollie Youns and son. Bill, and ! M ;' Ue l, S '" e h ? me of Mr - anri Mr. and Mrs. Walter Young' and ;on. Dale, ot Warden. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reid left Friday to visit their son Larry who is attending Columbia University. After two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. and Detroit, Mich..'and points in Frank Donahue. Mrs. Clarence tit ley Sunday were Mr.s. Hettie Newman of St. Louis and son. Ed Peterson of Memphis, who vi=itvHi a short time before resuming their trip to Memphis where Mr. Peterson is stationed al Millington Nnval Base. Mrs. Ne\v- .. and A Boy Scout Court of Honor will be held in the Holland Wish School MU-.I Hv"^"TXi ~~,' ""' ""•-•! E >' mna "« m tonight. N'ei?hborin? all fonncriv { H S3ntiford - i | r ™Ps have bren invited to partic- Sandford has returner! to be at! which Scouts 1 wilf b^TrarclErt'thiir home here the remainder of the badpes of achievement. Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission flc & 30c At All Times LAST TIMES TOMTE Double Feature Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily for our program announcements. Bos Office Phone 2752 — Office Phone G9!)S Box Office Opens at ] ;:I5 _ Show Slnrls 2:00 p.m. Continuous Sl\o«'ing Everyday • Television Lounge » Cry Rooms • Every Seal a Choice Seat • Smoking LAST T/MES TODAY WARNER BROS. i'ltTURE JOAW I j D£MN Paramount News CARTOON Novelty Reel Rifi Guests to See "Lady from Texas" Mr. .t Mrs. Odell Campbell At Family .Mr. & Mrs-. Amos Clifton & Fnmilv WltllAM BENDIxwiUllM louiie AlUiHiON (rru Poli Two For (he Price of One * ^'^LJ«*T?£* TUESDAY! ONE DAY ONLY M G M s Drsma Packed RoTOnce" nnm nn GRANGER-MIGEU «,«SANDERS SELECTED SHORTS "CAT CHOO" & "HULA LA LA" Ritx Guests to See "The Light Touch" Mr. & Mrs. Troy Craharn Mr. X Mrs. Raymond Domar rr COMING WfD., THl/RS. - FRI. kf r LONE STAR' CLARK GABLE AVA GARDNER Guaranteed Watch Repair 53.50 For Only Vour watch Is disas^rmhlcd, cleaned, pivots polished anrl hair sprinRs arijusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler Next door lo Wflrle Furniture I

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