The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Gathing's Views Match People's, Survey Shows WASHINGTON </P) — After one sampling of public opinion in his : district, Rep. Gainings <D-Ark> is inclined to believe bis views nnd of his . fr.lrly well. constituents concide . Now he Is going to do some more sampling. Gatliing.s recently compiled a lisl of 10 questions on matters of gen- - eral puMic Interest ana 1 decided to poll his constituents on them. He sent 300 of the poll blanks to con- law the support level is le« when the supply of the commodity lucre ase.s. Do you favor the St. Lawrence Seaway development program? J)o yon favor reduction in the production ol civilian gcotfs in order to speed up defense preparedness orders? Are you In Invor of re-arming Japan and Germany? BLYTTTEVrLLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWi Pupils Booflegge Into Oklahoma, Official Charges Neighbor Stair, Says It Is Losing About $50,000 Yearly FORT SMITH. Ark. (Al')-ln- vcslienllons o-?nr>ri r 0 r|n- on a complaint that Arkansas Icachors uiul parents were boitlc-trmir sin dents across the stulfl Unc Into Ok- Would you favor Genera) Eisenhower ri'signins hk past, as head ot -- — the North Atlantic Treaty Orxani- 1111110111.1 and asked others tlironsh zation. lor political reascns, al- j dents across the stale 1! ine press and the radio to answer I though to complete the assignment.! lahoma school districts the questions. j would require two, three or more Eddie Higgins of tlii Within a week he had 60 replies, j years? "• • Pleased with this response, he com. I piled 10 more nuesticns and plans I to send them to 1.000 of his constituents. After compiling the replies to the i first poll. Oathings said his posl-j A J. tion Is |he same as the majority f^l ', on nine of the 10 matters involved. The queslion on which he differed from Ihe majcrity was this: "Are you in favor of the economic Recovery program, which is the] JONBSnORO. Ark. f/i>i — The -- , -...* ^ Marshall plan?" ! strike - troubled Pierce - Williams i Kansas state line. . O' these replying 22 answered ; Br4:el Co. Is closing Its j-npslsom lira's explained yes. 32 said nn. Gainings consist- IpHnt. emly has supported the Marshall i H. A. Brown of snilh Haven Plan. ' Other question:* nne! the results as tabulated ' by ! would end 'before April 1.' districts Involved'? Gainings'office: 1 The company was strike bound I "e saw the practice was new for n moiuhs in 1040-50 and has To Shut Down l i --™ -. Oklahoma Department, of KducaUrm torn- plained hb state was not receiving compensation for the extra pupils. In {set. he added, Oklahoma was oslng an estimated $50,000 yearly (n special fees normally charged students of other states attending Oklahoma classes. A. n. Bonds. Arkansas education commissioner. eafd yesterday he would launch an Investigation, beginning tortnv in this area and other points along the Oklahoma-Ar- -.., "The Slate Department of Ecluentiiui is Jmcrest- from an information stand[ Mich., the firm's secretary ami sren- POlnr^aUhough actual jurisdiction the first poll crnl manager says that production (r > 'he controversy belongs to school 1. Do yon raver universal military training? 41 yes; 17 no. 2. Would you favor supporting an Invasion of China by Chinese Nationalist forces? 33 yes, 15 no. 3. Do you favor American expenditures abroad for the development of backward nations—the so-called Point Four Program? 14 yes; 41 no. 4. Are you In favor of the Brannan plan lor direct subsidies to farmers for perishable commldillcs? 4 yes; 43 no. 6. Do you favor a compulsory national health program? 7 yes; 51 no. 7. DD you favor federal aid to education? 13 yes; 45 no. 8. Do you favor cutting Preslihuit Truman's budget, for non-defense spending? 52 yes; 2 no. 9. Do you favor cutting President Truman's budget for defease and military purposts? 38 yes; 16 no. Gathings said this will be his second list of 10 questions: Do you favor Increasing federal income taxes and corporation taxes In 1952? Are you In favor ol federal rent control? Would you approve legislation which would relax controls over a commodity when the production of vhich. commodity equals or exceeds the demand? Do you favor Incrensmg Social Security taxes In order to provide increased Social Security insurance benefits? Do you favor repeal of the sliding scale support levels of parity for agriculture? under the sliding scale formula now In the hecn threatened with another walkout. Brown said the company refuses to go ttiroueh ancther strike. The plant employes from 150 to 203 workers and has a weekly payroll of $5,000 to JB,000. to It would be Hornets Kilt 2 Boys Playing Ball in China SINGAPORE CAP)—Two Chinese Tipsters Holler on Ban •. Of Tip Sheets' Sale ARCADIA, CalK. M'I— The City of Arcaiiln, home of the famous Santa Anita racetrack, not Itself In hot water recently when It banned the sale of tip sheets on city street*. Tip sheet owners have entered suit against the city maintaining that their horse selection businesses were hnndlecl mainly by disabled veterans and that Arcadia's action was unjust and discriminating. nels. They were playing on the clay basketball court In their school yard when the hornets attacked them. Minutes later, they were picked up unconscious near the insects' nest, close la the basketball court. Both died In hospital without regaining consciousness. They 'had been stung on their head, legs and arms and a number of hornets were found Imbedded In their skin. him, but admitted to happen," Wiggins disclosed Saturday 600 or more Arkansas students were taking advantage of this "(rec rirle." Ifc also announced plans for an investigation in the area. Same parents of the students gave Oklahoma addresses, he said. Teachers, living In Arkansas and teaching In Oklahoma, sometimes bring student* ncro.w with them according to Iliggins. "Oklahoma is paying suo to S200 Two Chinese | per child without receiving a pen- Union Officials Say Picketing 'Unauthorized' MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1952 OPEN-AIR JOB-Chcster C. Hyland, taking his dog, Ginger for a spin, says his IfKB-modci jalopy is just right for the weather and £n,n st -.V° uls ., Parlt - Minn ' Even in IS-below cold, there's no f.r. Wh P, roblem -^ U se the car has just one cylinder to warm rt r fi u ? mo ™'. the am ' >lc road clearance takes it through snow drifts that would stall today's aulos. livland would make only one improvement—addition of a windshield Lifo Insurance Purchases Down 9 Per Cent in Year NEW YORK <AP>—Life Insurance purchases In November totaled $2,446.000.000, 9 per cent less than the amount purchased a pear ago, the Life Insurance Agency Management Association reports. The purchases of ordinary life Insurance In November were II,556,000.000. Industrial life Insurance! bought amounted to 453 million dollars, about equal to the figure a year ago. New group life insurance purchases amounted to 437 million dollars. Tills was 49 per cent less than November. 1950, figure and reflected the curl) on fringe benefits under the wage frerr.e, the association said. Cotton Imports Cut For Indian Market NEW DELHI, India Wi—Imports of Japanese cotton textile.! by India suffered an almost total eclipse during the first five months of the current fiscal year. During the current five-month period India Imported only 40.000 pounds of cotton twist and yarn, as compared with 5.340.000 pounds plus 26 million yards of cotton piece-goods in 1949. Oft::lal sources explained that India had stopped most cotton imports In 1950 and 1051, Also Japan, because of the war in neighboring Korea, did not have much to spare for export. On Atom Bombing MONTREAL. (If)-ll there Is a _ atomic war Montreal is "Canadian target No. 1, and we cannot exi)e c ^ the enemy to by-pass us," said Brig. J. Guy Gnuvreau, Montreal civil defense head. "Bombers on their way from Murmansk to New York do not have to detour to visit Montreal," he noted. Read Courier News Classified Ads. I HEAD STUFFY DUE TO COLDS f r _ _ ' lor fast £:£•/• symptomatic ODD REIIEF Arkansas Neivs Briefs — Tax Man Resigns After McMath Investigation LITTLE ROCK frJV—Chcrles T. Emery. lj;t :nw.w l.c.1 jyrcr.l ^h was attacked by Oov. McMath for his rf the pnvtrniV federal income tax paymem.s. has rpi'.cr:ed. Emery was reported earlier beir.g iraj«Jftrr«i to Chirtfcv K-.J res ignation was effective last Friday. PINE BLUFF. Ark. (/!•, — Union officials predict about 2,000 skilled craftsmen will cross a construction workers picket line tcday at the multi-million dollar Pine Bluff ar-' senal construction project. The picket line was set up last, week in an "unauthorized" strike by some 1.500 members of the APLi International Hod Carriers and i Common Laborers Union. j The craft.smnn refused to crCNs I the lines Friday and Saturday, but] J. W. Llicns. president of the Little i Hock Building Trades Council, said j this week-end that they would go I Tenacy Law Is Hitting Landlords in Pakistan KARACHI, Pakistan — IIP,— The legislative assembly of I'akiston's rich Punjab province bordering India have adopted a new tenancy law limiting landlords to retention of a mRxlrmtn of 50 acres of cul- tlvatablc lands. t .Under .the land- reform law—;cme of'the most advaliccd in Pakistan *—feudal landlords' nre deprived of the right to eject, tenants at will without reasonable excuse. It sets the division of produce between tenant and land lord at GO per cont for the tenant, 40 per cent for the landlord. Punjab provincial officials estimated more than 500 landlords arc affected by the land reform net. Intensive "oil exploration Is being Rend Courier News Classified Ads. conducted in Israel. Taft Boosters Open State Headquarters LITTLE ROCK M'j—The Arkansas Tsj-. bxwers open their stale headquarters here today with a Democrat, Utt!e Rock manufacturer Fred Veimcr, as chairman. The slate group is supporting Sen. Robsrt A. Taft of Ohio for the Republcian presidential nomination. Jonesboro Fire Destroys Business Building JONESBORO. Ark. r/P,—A raging fire, fanned by a strong breeze, whipped through a two-storj, brick structure here late yesterday, destroying 12 business firms. The blaze, believed to have started in a restaurant, threatened the entire business section of the city during the nearly two hours that it raged out of control. Insurance agents estimated the loss at between t250.000 and $300 000. back to work Monday. Union officials have iirged the strikers to return to their Jobs, hut both labor company and army leaders have refused to discuss the strike. | Some of the workers said they \ walked out to support a demand for higher wages and rc-inslatemcnt of an employe.-who was fired. '**' e Baptists Have Organ Trouble LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (,v>-There was a slight mixup over a portable organ at the Central Baptist Church. The Rev. M. L. Moser reported to police yesterday that the organ was missing and he conldn >, begin Sunday services without it. Detectives began checking around but received a call a few minutes later. The Rev. Moser said the orsan was back. A member of the congregation hnd borrowed it for a Saturday night parly and was lat« in returning it. MEET THE MANAGER You're invited to meet the new manager of Modern Home Economy Store, Mr. K. D. Marr. A former resident of Blytheville, Mr. Marr has been associated with two hardware firms in Marked Tree for the past eight years. We think you'!! like his friendly, helpful servvice. And, at the Modern Home Economy Store you' 11 find a complete selection of famous Hotpoint appliances, hardware, gift items, kitchenware, and many other varied items. You'll find it at the Modern Home Economy Store. ern HOME ECONOMY STORE 109 West Main working together for by Felix Carney Eventually everything gets to television. Ant! here's ;i show which starlet! out as a mere filler on a small budget back in I'M!) . . . and which has since won the coveted Pealiocly Award. It's X.oo- PARADE, a lioiiseholil favorite from const to coast. II just bundles up a remote TV camera and takes a weekly trip Ihrough Lincoln Park /oo in Chicago. The Zoo's dhvclor, Marlin Perkins, shares top billing v.Tih the animals in the *i«>. Aiul he likes it. He's aided by commentator, Jim ihirlbut. j Ar<I together they guide usj v'a the TV camera through' all the inlerastinvr spots in the j nwvelous housing renter f or j animals, reptiles anil birds. ' You'll see Sinbad, the Korilla. Lin Wan. the orangutan. Fund, the fcnnee, Judy, the elephant, Oinny the 'fawn, Chief Beaded-Bag, the gihi monster and many others. It's a great show for kids and adults alike. A show you'll all when television comes to your house. When you do get television . . . make it a GENERAL KLECTR1C set. You'll get better reception, clearer, sharper pictures with the famous black daylight tube. Come in and pick your favorite model. \Ve guarantee installation and .service at BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. 138 E. Main St., Phone: 3R16. and LIFE INSURANCE is simply this...many people regularly deposit small amounts of money. Put togcthcr,trm builds a large nmu. Policyholdcrs can call upon this fund to help them in times or need. As a result, people can have ptattifmind 'and their lamilies can have lecuril) in thiir /limts. ' t i KachycaL- T.rri; INSURANCE COMPANY OF GEOROIA makes* dcuik-cl report in State Insurance Departments on what has been done with the money entrusted to it. AS OF DECEMBER LIFE INSURA.VCK t.v FOROK $321,964,811 Gam ol ,SPO,S()5,Sj'j in One Vrar PAID Voi.icviioi.DKRS AND lilJNtFIClARlKS IN' l^Dl . . . , $9,.W3,4(H $136S,7S3 More Than i, 195(1 ASSETS ?6<i,757,955 A One-year Gain o LIABILITIES ?54,S66,225 Liahililitl Include Po/io Rrsrrva RF-SFRVK; , $48.555,280 Increase ol $9,99-1,181 in ikt Year SURPLUS FUNDS AND CAPITAL$11,OTl,730 Di.stiict OfI'ice: .100 A. W. .Main Street THEY LIVE DANGEROUSLY and so do you! You don't have to be a sfoeplejack to live dangerously. In fact the National Safety Council figures show that 82'A of all accidents happen off the jot)—and a lot of these are in fhe home! If you had a serious accident would you like to get §500 for hospital, nurses and medical expense? You can. for about SOc a week! SOc a week! Now's the lime to investigate. Gel all fhe dclails from the friendly people in the Insurance Department of The Farmers Hank. \Yhat are you doing lo- ninrrow? INSURANCE DEPARTMENT - G. I!. ROI5SOX .Manager THE FARMERS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Th« Oldest Bank in Mississippi County "Time Tried—Panic Tested" F.n.t.C.—SIO.OM K»ch Deposit Member Fcilcnl Rrsrrve

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