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NORTON 1 VOL. NO. 5. NORTON, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER 4, 1913. $1 PER YEAR Victory Was Certain Reward of Perfidy WIFE'S GONE TO THE COUNTRY oD" 111 W7IJI AMP ONIONS plp' Jb Republican Party Broken on Rock of Punishment.

VINDICATION OF ROOSEVELT A FOREGONE CONCLUSION. the colonel deserting the people In a shameless manner Just when they need him. Trust the eastern papers to make a line of conversation about Colonel Roosevelt under any circumstances. EDITORIAL PARAGRAPH Crime Committed in National Convention a Year Ago Make It Impossible for Progressives to Help Float the Ship. Something to Think About Laurence D'Orsay le telling of a time when a brother comedian and himself were comparing the size of their respective chests and biceps In DOrsay's dressing-room one "Feel the muscles of my neck," D'Orsay said.

"Pqt your fingers around my throat" The other gripped D'Orsay's throat while the latter set hie teeth and contracted all the muscles. He Beamed much impressed by the display, and D'Orsay says he expected some compliment to his muscular development All the other said, however, was, "D'Orsay, they will have a bother to hang you," Joy riders would better take time than do time. The more the fashionB dare the harder the Willies stare. One is sometimes tempted to think that there is too much weather. There was a time when people objected to 'even the peek-a-boo waist.

One Lie Nailed. Colonel Roosevelt has nailed one slanderous lie; but the trade of slandering decent and courageous men who step on the toes of wrong-doers will not be lessened appreciably. One of the crying needs of the hour is a standardized slice of Valuable advice to those getting cubist haircuts: Take out an insurance policy. Wilson Knows What He Wants. President Wilson is proving a real leader.

He knows what he wants and purposes to get it Beneath his smiling suavity is a determination which commands respect. The changes which he suggested In the tariff bill were promptly made and the measure now has his approval. Most Earnest and Judicious Condemnation of the Michigan Libel Came From the Enemies of the Colonel. Mr. Roosevelt's vindication through the peculiar turn of events at Mar-Quette is in full accord with the verdict long ago rendered by the enlightened thought of the country and by the press in general, to whom the attack upon him was repellent In many ways.

Fairness compels recognition of the fact that the most earnest and Judicious condemnation of the Michigan libel came from Mr. Roosevelt's enemies from accomplished men of the world like the editors of the New York Sun and Times, who vigorously oppose almost everything for which Mr. Roosevelt Btands, but to whom the ignorant, narrow point of view occupied by the prohibition zealot is repulsive in the last degree. There still survive among us men so poorly Informed in the ways of civilization, in the philosophy of Individual moral accountability and in the supreme grace of courtesy that In their ignorant eyes every man who takes a drink Is a drunkard and the onyl national virtue worth mentioning is the practice of enforced sobriety because no liquor is anywhere to be had. Men of true cultivation and upright character take a drink when it is right and proper for them to do so, and when it Is not they refrain.

There Is an Inevitable freemasonry among such men, stronger than church or party ties, which irrestibly impels them to make common cause against extremists of the prohibition type. The issue Is one that has no bearing whatever on the political or personal controversies that have revolved about Mr. Roosevelt It is merely a chapter in the uplift of the race from passion and Ignorance up to urbanity and Part of the trouble about the cabaret may come from calling a booze shop a cafe. By flying over the Alps in- an aeroplane one avoids paying tips at hostelries. (Copyright.) Still In Business, A number of people who declared they would be ruined by previous revisions of the tariff are still In business.

Washington Star. At last the aeroplane has been used for an elopement But it would never do for a honeymoon. EDITORIAL PARAGRAPH I TRANSFERS REPORTED BY Lota of men attain success without ever knowing the difference between an aura and a hiatus. "There's No Excuse for Not Knowing How to Trim Hats." Headline. That's what every husband knows.

Some of those bargain bathing suits give the owner the decorative effect of a cubist Easter egg. One year ago the appeal lay from an early convention decision of George Friable Hoar of Massachusetts to Vic Rosewater of Nebraska. The Republican national convention upheld Rose-water. EUhu Root was elected temporary chairman of the convention by a majority of stolen votes. A great historic political party dishonored Itself, and later received dishonor's reward.

One year ago Theodore Roosevelt made a speech at Chicago, and his text was "Thou Bhalt not steal." The next day the stealing was done, and a misrepresentative convention elected the senior New York senator as Its temporary chairman by a vote of 568 to 502. Elihu Root, undisturbed, took a chair and a gavel that were given to him by fraud. The will of the majority of the Republican voters of the land had been nullified. A discredited national committee had succeeded in its crookedness, and there were men in high places eager to profit. W.

Murray Crane, William Barnes, Bols Penrose and other bosses, big and little, set themselves above the principle of the popular primary, and for the hour had their way. "Thou shalt not steal," and they Btole. These men and others with them had it in their power one year ago to save the Republican party from destruction by doing right, and yet right for them had no appeal. They knew that all of California's delegates, chosen to vote for Theodore Roosevelt for the presidency, were entitled to seats In the convention. They knew that Washington's delegation was entitled to place and preference.

They knew that other delegates and delegations held credentials whose Integrity could not successfully be denied, and yet denial came with the smoothness which adeptness in political trickery made easy. One year ago the thieving began, and continued until the last and greatest theft was committed and a great party, misrepresented In Its leadership, was broken on the rock of punishment One year ago Herbert 8. Hadley of Missouri stood strong for the right With Johnson and Heney and Fort he fought for decency and party honor. Later he fell away from his high estate, and now, one year afterward, it Is a question whether he lamented or nnlamented. Other progressive Republicans in that convention tall fought shoulder to shoulder with the men who today are neither Republicans nor progressive Republicans, but Progressives.

Hadley and those of his mind were the weaklings, and today they are in the position of petitioners to the party wreckers to Join with them in an attempt once more to float the ship. Changes may come in party names, but whatever comes the assurance is here that the crime committed In the Republican national convention one year ago was the final act in the establishment of political progress in this country for all time. i New sun spots have lately been discovered besides those on the arms and shoulders of incautious bathers. At some restaurants one can purchase French prunes that have an absurdly accent. Bonded Abstracter FOR TWO WEEKS ENDING AUGUST 31, 1913 A Chicago pastor seems, to have hit the mark when he said the' heart rather than wages was the cause of sin.

Flies have become so scarce and cunning that it requires rare generalship to accomplish a swatting. I The Vital Difference. In pondering the differences that the Republicans from the Progres Another pet delusion was exploded when It was proved that the soft collar Is hotter than the armor plate, kind. Still, this would be a good enough world if there were nothing more, serious than slit skirts to worry about sives, meft subsidiary matters, how Leave the wearers of the slit skirt alone. Sooner or later they'll catch cold and come to an untimely end.

man who lives in a modern fiat building and gets acquainted with his next-door neighbor in a year is a mixer. Another balloonist was killed In Seattle. Will they never learn that the only safe way to travel Is In an aeroplane? About the only way to inspire appreciation of the hobble skirt is to recall the day when women wore bustles. There is not one dance that looks better on the face of it than that "Boll Weevil Wiggle," the step with the kiss. 1 FLfflg- Aviators in Providence can't drop handbills on the pavements from above.

If they do the fly cops get after them. i i An Italian is now reported to have discovered perpetual motion. The nearest approach to it is the reported discoveries. It is strange, but the man who is Just back from his vacation always wishes he had waited till later In the season. The man who married in secret for fear his son wouldn't let him must have great faith in the efficacy of early training.

Convicts complaining of their treatment in Sing Sing are not usually asked, "If you don't like the place, why don't you leave?" Nobody has a better chance to lend money than an elevator man in a 20-story building, unless It is one in a 25-story structure. There are few more awful sights In life than watching a man with false teeth that fit badly trying to eat green corn oft the cob. ever important some 01 tnem are, should be left out. Reform of the representation in Republican national conventions, for Instance, ought to have been provided for years ago. Nobody wanted it.

so long as "his damned rascal" was seated from the south. Moreover, since progressivism must keep on progressing, who knows if national conventions will not become as obnoxious as state conventions already are to the uncompromising absolutists of direct primary legislation? These things belong to the mechanics of government The division of opinions on vital principles is what counts: The Republican party Is progressive, as every living party must be. In the west at least it may be argued plausibly and perhaps soundly that the Republican and the Progressive are not far apart on many theories about what the latter call "social Justice," but those, even if the older party is induced to accept the Roosevelt method of dealing with the trusts and such fantasies as minimum wage standards for working women, are no part of the essential marrow of dispute. Will the Republicans ever consent to the recall of Judges, to grant to the people "the ultimate authority to determine fundamental questions of social welfare and public policy" by voting to sustain or reverse decisions of the courts on these questions? Or will the Progressives give up this part of their program Just as, since the passage of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, it might be supposed that they would find unnecessary their" pledge "to provide a more easy and expeditious method of amending the fundamental Constitution?" Unless the Republicans or the Progressives yield on this point, how can they come together? The Republicans cannot yield; If they. do not stand for the security and inviolability of constitutional Justice unsubjected to the winds of popular passion, they will be swept away.

New York Sun He Is a shocking pessimist who remarks that many a June bride has knocked her knuckles on the wash boardby this time. To be perfectly frank, we have al-wayfl wondered if the Liberty Bell is ae great a drawing card for an exposition ae it is cracked up to be. You are right, Ethellnda. Many a man's chief objection to the styles in women's dresses this season is that they are not "more so." Though this is a tender-hearted world, those pictures of hardships in the Antarctica would arouse more sympathy if exhibited in cold weather. A Pennsylvania baby was born under the auspices of five grandmothers and- is reported to be doing as well as could be expected.

The Weak Links. Senator Newlands of Nevada, elected as a Democrat, follows the senators from Louisiana in announcing his hostility to his party's tariff program in congress. Almost by common consent Louisiana is absolved from its allegiance to Democracy by reason of the superior claims of sugar, but Mr. Newlands, representing In part a state which knows sugar chiefly as a commodity to be had at the grocer's, is as devoted to its welfare as any man in the business. He Is also a faithful servant of wool and fruits.

There may be others. If every so-called Democratic senator who represents a state attached In some degree to sugar, wool and fruits choose to lock arms with Mr. Newlands and the gentlemen from Louisiana there will be no need of a tariff lobby at Washington. Privilege, monopoly and high prices will carry the day without assistance. Parties, like chains, are no stronger than their weakest links.

As few accidents from sportive rocking of boats have been reported this season, the satisfactory inference is that the foolklller is at last on the J. R. Smith to Louisa Smith, warranty deed, nw qr 22-1-22 1 00 John B. Wrayto Austin B. Con key warranty deed, nw qr 17-5-22 950 00 H.

R. Mattietta to Hattie Munneke, warranty deed, se qr 6-1-25 and other laud 7,000 00 E. R. Baldwin to T. E.

Stewart, warranty deed, shf ne qr 1-4-21 2,000 00 John Cochran to Lawrence Hoover, wairanty deed, lot 6, block 4, McCune add Norton 100 00 F. L. Smith to Janet Smith, warranty deed, ehf se qr 5-3-22 1 00 A. Bennie to C. W.

Cramer, warranty deed, ehf nw qr 9-3-21 1,000 00 Sadie Nolan to William Raymond Nolan, warranty and other consideration, se qr 3-2-22 T. J. McKinney to Shei man Moore, warranty deed, nhf nhf lot 1. block 8, Cases addition Norton 1,000 00 Mary N. Chesmore to Mrs.

F. Gay, warranty deed, lot 4, block 2, High School ad- dition, Norton 600 00 W. L. Dusen berry to Mary E. Wilcox, warranty deed, nw qr and nw qr sw qr 28-2-21 5,000 00 F.

H. Bishop to G. W. Bishop, warranty deed, nw qr 19-2-24 4,000 00 J. A.

Fowler to M. B. Lease, warranty deed, whf se qr 33-1-23 4,000 00 W. B. Rogers to A.

R. Williams, deed, lot 5, nhf lot 6, block 5, Hillside add, Norton 1 00 W. B. Rogers to A. R.

Williams, Ex. "deed, lot 5, nhf lot 6, block 5, Hillside add Norton 600 00 A New York policeman Just forty continuous years of eerv-lce on the force. The new income tax law will no doubt hit him heavily. Many" wives say smart things, but that one who called her husband by her affinity's name certainly deserves credit for arousing the height of indignation. Two o'clock in the morning Is a poor time for an automobile accident Yet the hour is popular with those who indulge in automobile accidents.

A thrice married New York man is being sued for nonsupport by his first wife. "Only he who Is without a wife or has many wives rides far Into the desert." Last year's corn crop was bushels. Think of the appalling by-product of corncob pipes and husk mattresses that somebody wlll have to use! I Democrats on the Defensive. While the Republican party Is still divided in leadership, probably permanently so, its inherent strength makes it a force to be respected and feared by any minority party. The Democrats cannot afford to shut their eyes to the fact that they are putting themselves on the defensive the more every day.

Red heads may be great people, as a certain eugenic professor has proclaimed. But we know many people who would prefer to remain Currency Reform. Business in this country Is not merely local or regional, but national in its scope, and there is no need of banking on the same scale. If reserves are to be employed most economically and effectively centralization of them is needed. A national and not merely regional market, for the rediscount of commercial paper is also required.

This is a nation and not a mere conglomeration of regions, and It Is to be hoped that the Democratic party will have the intelligence and courage to recognize the fact In its banking legislation. New York Tribune. The only thing a bull pup can not bang on to is a whirling auto tire. The dog that tried it was thrown Into the branches of a maple tree 30 feet high. The Washington woman who says she was deserted by her husband on her wedding day has a Just cause for complaint He should have waited a week at least If Charles Dickens should visit this country again he would no doubt be glad to discover that chewing tobacco had ceased to be a national Warning te Redfiold.

According to the Emporia Gazette the feeling against Secretary Redfield Is becoming intense and it will surprise nobody if he finds a bomb In his whiskers one of these days. Why don't the Chautauqua circuits stage a series of Joint debates between Mr. Garrison, secretary of war, and Mr. Bryan, secretary of peace? EsassusasKss A St Louis girl slept uninterruptedly for six days after playing in a bard tennis match. Looks as If there was some good In the game, after all, In New York during the past year over twelve hundred fires were traced to' careless smokers and over sixteen hundred to carelessness with matches.

The carelessness in these cases Is apparently so slight and the results are so disastrous, sometimes fatal, that systematic public education on the danger arising from this one source is particularly timely in the day's important issue of prevention as an ct science. They'll Find a Line of Talk. The eastern papers express surprise that Colonel Roosevelt is going to South America just at this time. It spoils their talk about his being the anti-Tammany candidate for mayor of New York. Still, It will afford them an excellent Bsawrtunlty to tJ UJ i reiraJa about The One-Term Plank.

Already Democratic spokesmen are pointing out that the one-term plank adopted at the Baltimore convention cannot possibly apply to Wilson. A few months In office" seem to have reversed th train of thought Gradually, It Is said, the parcel post limit will be raised to 100 pounds. Before long It will be possible to put a stamp on the children and mail than to grandmother. 0.

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