The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 11
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FRIDAY, FKBRUARY 29, 1952 BOARDING HOUSE — with Mojor Hoopl* BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ATOwTc' SCieMTlS- COUPARED TO LJS GOURD^ CnilF- He M ™J r<j^T^/.u TO ALL "' Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election i July 22, 1952 >'or County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILIP J. DEER For Circuit Clerk GERALDF.NE LISTOX For Stale Sciialnr SEN. LEE BEARDKN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 3f> In. Corrugalod iMetal Culverts Sizes up lo SI in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flnoel Gates Concrete A Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Ilcsl I'ricci We OelJTCr Highway fil at State Line I'hcmt 7U FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land PAGE ELEVEN "I was showing him how easy it is to get hurt slipping on soap on the bathroom floor!" The city of Oslo. Norway, was founded more thnti 900 years ago Guaranteed Watch Repair 55* SPECIAL PLATE LUNCH Choice of Meat & 3 Vegetables DELICIOUS BARBECUED RIBS GENUINE PIT BARBECUE SANDWICH The NICKEL STAND 103 W. Main Phone 9666 For Only 53.50 Your watch is disassembled, cleaned, pivots polished and hair springs Adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler Next door to Wade Furniture PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guarnnleed Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores How About You? If You Witnl (he Best Car Service, Come lo T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone Tim < Logan's Wife XXXI J-JIS face was close: to hc-rs, the scent of his skin pin-pricked her remembering heart. His body blocked out light, crouched over Jier. and n shaft of desire plummeted down through her body like a sword swallowed. Jennet f.oq look Ins hand from her wrist, played for a moment with his fin-' grrs. admiring the size and shape of his hand, feeling the smoothness of his broad palm with her own. She looked up at him, and her hand went to the dark hank of hair thai lay on his forehead. His |,air was springy to Ihe (ouch, resisted Ihe combing of her fingers. "Peter I"—she domed her mcltinp Ihroal' —"what do you want of me?" •Only everything," Peter Snri- rov said, grinning clown at her Kvcr sinro high school there had been girls for him. He often got their names mixed, Ihcy were so alike. He could have married any one of Ihoin. he supposed ..ind led a pleasant family life but Viomchow he always fought shy of lh£ finality of in.-unage. There was always the next one. Now he knew (here was no n«vt o-ie' He thought constantly anti only of Jennet. I3ut the m-imefJl was solemn for her. "Arc you asking to marry nie?" she said earnestly. punis)>- inc. the grin. It wiis a shaft that struck unexpected at his Adam's apple winch ho- swallowed twice. "Yes, I i!iic.=.« so." he said slouiy as if the words were sac cd. "i guess Jennet thought she had seen him scared, and wanting him made licr InJinble. made her change her lerms so quickl? that she believed they were her own. "I don't think I want marriage, Peter. 1 don t wnnt to belong to anyone hut my-1 sell. When you come right down tfi (I. we don't have much in common except—well, I think it's been a physical attraction between us from the start. And," her voice furled to a whisper, "tint is longer possible." It took him a few seconds lo realize that his proposal of marriage, hnarded through the years delivered in joyous shock had been turned down. Yet it was slie who tiarl asked it of him. The pride wlii,-h he had been swallowing stuck now like a gaff in his tin-oat. " 'Just 3 physical attraction?'" he quoted on a .,arsh bir.ith that gave out loo soon. "Nothing in common? Why you colci-hcarled liltle snob, do' you think 1 can't get a woman without all this pleading • ml hogging? Uo yon think I've been 'crowding phone booths, for five months just bcc.itjsc J wanted . . ." She slapped him across the jaw, Krui-H:<g with the effort of it She leaned with all her weight on the door handle, jumped out and ran across the lawn. • • • |KK mother answered her ring. Mrs. I.eiky was dressed for the Irani, even lo her hat. 'I'm glad you're here. Jennv It's .1:30. wvir eat as , OO n as you' wash up. I ordered the taxi for 6:30." 'H's nol late!" Jetmet cried, holding her hot cheeks. "I know, dear. I'm not scolding," Mrs. Lecky said. "There's plenty of time. I don't know why I'm so -•'Iy aboul trains. r vc never s.sed one in my Ufc. Say. don't let me forget lo phone Mrs I'cl- Icticr. I want to be sure to say goodby to her. They've been'so kmd. They . . ." The doorbell interrupted Jp n - nct-wmspcred. "Ym: get It, Mother. I vc got to go up;" Rhe raced up the stairs, and at Uie landing stopped and took shallow breaths so that she could hear tnnre acutely. She heard him say that she had left her purse in his car, heard t h c i r self-introductions, heard him wish her mother a pleasant journey ant) her mother repeal her llianks for Hie purse, heard the d^oor close. Jennet ran to the bedroom window, watched him shag the grass to his car. The car disappeared inlo Ihe trees. Dry-eyed, she rocked back and forth on the window-Keat. chanting her hate of him into her hands. JENNKT woke at nine the next morning, having first wished away and finally slept away the nisht. She reached for the telephone book, ran the point of her lingernail down the column. Stair Laboratories. When she p./.vn Ihe number lo Ihe operator her voice was slill scratchy from sleep. It had an intimate sound, seductive, and she hoped the beating or her heart wouldn't send <t into the higher registers. With her free bond, she lit a cipnrcttr v -> abel Ihe husky tenor. !J,n wn en s he reached his department at the factory, she was told he was in conference. She left her name. She lay back on the pillow, smoking, practicing the call again "Peter," she said humbly, but with an edge of gaiety. "I called io tell you I'll never slug you again. Because I love you Terribly, darling. Ami 1 " wam Io marry you more than anylhing." He sulked, slill h,, r i. "\viry the sudden change of heart?" Or. he. having come to the same pass Wy Ihe same ni^ht-travelcd road, matched her mood. "I have Ihe jaw-bone of an ass. my Img. Chalk it up as a lover's quarrel. What time shall wc have dinner tonight?" Or, he spoke stillerjly to make clear lo her lhal there were people within earshot, "Good. I do too Very much . . ." and she had to talk for both of them. She went on rehearsing all the . issiljihtics but one — that 1'eler wouW not return Ihe call. (To Be Continued; Complete Selection of C.fFT ITEMS! Vickie & Harbarn's GIFT SHOP lor, s Plion* 8301 You'll find a wonderful selrcllnn of Aladrrta Linens, < Sheets and I'lllow Cases. Cadillac Hosiery, H,im]m:uU- Aprons, Costume Jewelry. Lamps. Planters. Handkerchiefs and many other Items, Corne In soon! CAMERAS REPAIRED Harlii; (rouble irftfi your r.niMTA? Then bring it to Barney's DruE. «'c'rn ei|Uip- |icd to fix all kinds of cameras . . . from lirnivntes to Leleas. rrnmpt sen-ice. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200r> Wesi Main I'hone 3G.I7 SHOE REPAIR H-flLTCRS LH fc TY SHO€ SHOf lit W.-MAIN ST. PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM KASTIE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SURE,! COUV.P CROWP ONE MOKE OM. BUT WHY ? 1'P BS THIS BIG /AACHIKJP FOR ONLY Tv\O TK NEXT BATCH SO WHAT? HE CAME UP WITHOUT EVER . . ASK1M' A OKJS O' TH6M f SUY NAMED THIMG&--AKT IMIK6HOW TO SPELL MIKE--1IO A FEW M1MU7ES IKE I vvisil rii.vr HCX3DOO w UiV Willlptpjr,' SOiio wnrij,u2.c THf- PIFFpiJEMCE I-S, WHAT? Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads we CAN'T « FOB THEM TILL TIISPOO LIFT* IHTJJE KCK.KY. -5 t AMAIZA! WHERE AM/SI™ iwAy -<M ARE you? Il/U't I COULD MENTION I.WAS THINKING; - .v^-i-"-^ (vicri t t<_^r*j . IT .T5 H !¥ THERE'S WHAT?.' AND HIDE THAT BEAUTIFUL REALLY; DEAR VOLJ HAVE THE •SWE£T£ST WAY OP •SAVINS- LOUIE, MAD STOLEN THE WORTHAAORE SAID yuPPO^E- ) 6£T HOLP DIDN'T I ? _J^OF A FENCE AMD vs: --* ,rSY' EA\ QUICK ! _ „. frf -.J^vi JBWEL.S. ARE MOT' -«—-- N-y T~e.r?'>.i .-. r-iiy--r-^.i i MY- AHEAA- R3RMER DAYS. I US*D TO KWOVV ONE \VOT HAP A TER'N A PISTOL! WAY WIT' HIM, OP SCRA&3! ...ITS TRUE, I HAVEN'T rOLt> YOU ALL ABOUT Ms 8UT HONESTLY IT WOULWr THROW tIGHT QW THE ODD THIHGS TB HftPPEMED TO 1)5- SLLPECIPETHATilJOW THE WHOLE TRUTH! I'M IW CCWFU5ED -(OUR COt-TLICTING STORIES TO THIkJK' CLENRI.Y— FIRST VOITRE 3AME NicUICKEE.. THEN Wl) ADMIT BEING JANET TUUIS...NOW VOUP6MV IT! WHO D01IT BE CROSS WITH ME; 6A5V- » ILL TELL VOU BUT I CHMIGED IT TO TULLIS ...VJEU.IO soon BE F^^^ou«,)^^Jo i WWJT THE PUBLIC TO IEM?N I'D BEEM IN PRISON..EVEN IF I ! LOOKS LIKE YOUR PEANUT- HEADED AS ORIGINS HAS BEEN FOUND' OOCL*,,YOU\WHY NOT? IF IT HADN'T SHOULDN'T (BEEN FOR HIM.THAT HAVL- DONE/ PEANUT- HEADED •\ THAT? ^ABORIGINE \\OULPf BE WHERE HE IS RIGHT WOW y* , PONCT GOTTA BLOW \ OLf THAT THiNG AE=TEK TON'GHT £000 IF WE«E I I'LL 06 KUOWN GONN^> WIN AMV P MWJ&^ 100 HOPE VOuPU<b n\oa- JU vi

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