The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 10
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' PAGE TEN RI-YTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS USED TRACTORS 1 VAC C;tsp with cultivator, planter and disc. '2 Oliver "(Hi's"; one with cultivator and plnnlcr. FARMER'S IMI'LtMKNT CO. 515 K. Main |>)i. HI20 '1 10 ck If TYPEWRITERS" ' DON EDWARDS CO. Ill JT VVftlnut Pin 111 1 .lisa Plenty of Parking I ">.ll ad» urn rtstrlcJM to litdr pToppr ^->^Jd^C •l»*MflcaUoil style mid (ypr. The | - „-,..... • Nrwi frse'tres the rtsln to «llt I Illn^finori- stiuvlirrry Plants. Mrs. J. •<• F!arin«li. 1713 w. Clilrkr, ; ,;,»br, U'liniif 3740 j u pk :! 13 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully tftit per JSn» tor con&ecutlY* Insertion: Minimum chur^e 50c 1 lime p#r Hnf >*c 1 limes p?r line per daj '2c 3 tlmfi p*r line per clay Be 6 11 rrn-8 per line prr dny ?c J2 Ume* i>(rt lln* prr dity Sc Moruh per llnr OOo Count fl»fl RT-'TMIB wnrctn lo thr line. flapped before expiration Kill h* chained for ihp number o( ilinc.« the Rd tppenrfd «nd adjmtmeni ol bill inarf* All clUJMIted adiPitlsliiR copy *ub- mltted Or jifr*-tm* res id In R ouisldo of ihp cllr mini he (u-rompnnlrrf by cA*ti KMra "nmy rA.MLj bt* consul* tl tnun HIP abai* lablr AdTertl-'illic ordrrrrt for Irir^ilur U»- ttrUoni> late the one ilinr table No rrspojiMbimr will tar ufcon for more ihnn one incorrect in-mion of or Tf}ec\ itny »d. Apartment for Rent | V ou (Jlh'oi- <;r, Slrct'rTr Votrlj r r:,tr,V |?l,5!)f). >'ew- ;i-rmv niitWle bust IT 2 rtn. fiirn. s|U. K mi w r . Matn. i'- 1 * p^ •> ^ 2 room lurn. Rpl . -Alth bull Nrwly dccorjilrd. 322 NorOi sixth. S'h 4:i:'-6. 2 27 U'K :i I Call 381? nlelm TVm~Inr »|i 320 N. 2nrt. SS.l Newly rl»ror;itpi( 2 no. tnr. mil., el kitchen. 103 W- Ky, rh 310^ 2 25 p* Now Oliver 70 motor—-$:)<IO nath. HMMnatn.-. | Oliver bailor clutiiis anil 227 pic 31 | other parts nt denier cost •^".•s-^-iGLiN HARRISON! FURNITURE CO. i bnth, clpcirlr -w eJcctrlr stovp. N only. Ph. 2;fl7. in uijlnrn «pt will. wlv ilrroriiifcl rouplr 2 10 ck it 517 \V. Ash l). 2552 or 2IM i'k U'; Slock and Ovain I*THUS Halhrd County. Kentucky. From I.S'J _ __ Jl-cvel iirland Piom !110 to 52'Kj ppj Modem »pl , 3 rooin.s anrt bwih. new- ,nrre. C'ontrict Hofi Rou^*-rln«. ncaJlor IT decorrupt!. Rood furnlHtrn. ^^f^) 11 ^; '-173'., Hif>;tdv. ny 1'Mclitcah K" Pbon*- I 13.iv. 27WW, N1«hl. Ph, 259.S or 2 H ck tl 3 rm. nnftir. »pt., 313 N- 7nrt Call I35fl or 60KG- 1 -"> «' k ' f I . . l furnlHtrn. /nt- Ph 3373. F Strnon. 921 ck it Small Apartments, furnish-, eel. f8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833, 3-4 ck If Duplex dpi., couple 504 KMrn. ph. 23f>3. e Mrs \VUson. 223 pk 37 2 rm. In Ph. 3665. Cniwplllrtr six/. 7». unri hiwh W/K! (•'»? (Use. icndy to an PMrp JlClM) CLAY BROS. 916 PLFRI St.. Kcnnrn, Mo. ---------- ...... . fur. apt., pvt. Dnth. BJU'I. l ppopte only. ph. 6!'I5. 2 2U i>k •* "R P I.~ pilvatr Until, hoi 1051 NOI-KC - j like new. juHumntic defroster, call 8i!H5 or 2001. '2 1W ck 'M "Phillips Has The Values" 1950 FORD A real value is (his t,w jjcoiis Sheridan blue Kurd .. .a '.">lt iniiilcl Tudor. Hnlh >vuli»;in<l teller, »f ciiiirsv. 1950 FORD Tlie (Jish'nclivc Il;tw;tii;m liron/.e color, this custom deluxe Tudor Sedan also has rndio and hcalor. 1950 FORD Ki|iiipjH>(| ivilii (IMS-sav- in jj- (ivenlrii'c, I his Sil- verlnnc (;rcy Tudor is our custom deluxe model, Hatlio, healer. 1949 CHEVROLET A gloaming jet - black hlitck color, I his laic model Chevrolet l-'ordor Jiiis rnil'iii ;i i) (t dealer. I'Tuctlinc deluxe. 1949 FORD A n o t h e r cood-lonkinx black car n- i I h every- Ibinjf. Overdrive, radio, liealcr, while (ires. Tn- (tor Sedan, 1948 MERCURY S'itvc money now on Ihis ' IS Mercury Town Sedan. Kifiiippcd wilh hulh ni- clio and healer, il'.s a 1947 DODGE You'll ",e< grunt service from (he reconditioned engine in this Dodge Coach. .Nice tan color. 1947 FORD •Make a good trade now for I his niaroiin Tudor Sedan. Conic lo Phillips, .'{(II) liriKKiViiy in fily- tiieville. Broadway & Chickasuwbu Phone 4453 »M'nV -^ 7 i' rinimi "' R . Rl. 2- Box H. E)lvttipvkllc! aw pk 31 ph ?firhS _ 327 s rooms &• bnth. (25- ^Ji. 41fi7. 329 ck 4 Auto Supplies and Services Don'* (ndnnser yniir (ainlly with fault* llri-s—HUY I.RB TIRRS. CHAP11AN RSnviCE STATION Unln und Dirlslon Phnnr 25fiT J2 JJ ck i; Service* We no^" In R postllon to do catering. Special foods for lunrhfons nnd parties. Anglf Hood I.Ml* G«y Ph. 4013 1'h- -1613 2 2fl pk ,1 2« TOR pqlntlnt;. p.iprr hangtnif. Tex- to/if, flfjcptrocic fJnlshiiig r,ilt Roy Frermnn El 2S35, 2 9 pk :vi() I rppfllr sny make or mo'lf) wsshtnif machines. 2 hlncVin WPSI of Olxlf! rip. on 8lh St., hr new school Herbert Crnrmm. |>h. 6738, 2 fi pk .10 30 U1NUTK PHOTORTATIC SF.riV- XC1. O'STKEN'S STI7DIO-115 VV. UAltt 12 4 Ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair dont by ry—1 ria,7* en , Gun ran (cert work PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second For Sale, Misc. 500 HUKJiM Whlstlr, EMioin USED FORD-FERGUSON $695 USED FERGUSONS$1095 & $995 Jack Robinson Implement Co, lilydieville, Arkansas — Phone 2:171 EDSON dummied fonn I fnr 61 rait anrl a political opponent, hr- cansp he was Hie hittho.M Ijukb'i. ; •Siji)il;(j ly. for two W';((.s he b;ii ; apptoSTt! xiviiiK a j;ov<'i nmriit pj-imhiK cimtr net t/i "Kl Imjiat/'iiU." ; a tnbloiti new.spajinr -,vhirh is the A tliriat'ir would have j)i-pforj-erl : Rnvirnor's opiioncnl., be-j the .sri-iip. says bcvftnm !'' a "- se " was '««' foi'Klw. Muii'i'/.. yet he .ipon.somj Hie reform It thr rourus mil from under lllie unvrriuirs domination, | .A OUU!,l.VTKK KOK MI.VOKITV j I'AB'I V / There J.s no o,ut.stioci bttt that i Miulo7.-M;intr^ I'opnlui pmty is in I'oilltol ul Pnrtto Hit-ill) jjolitif.s ni)',v. (It holds 70 ol lla- 73 M-ats In (.lie j Puctui Klfiin i'<ii,-rr.«.s. Governor [ MIIMCW derided this \va.s ton big a j majority. So utiilcr tlic new consti- ttrtion. tlieie is im>v>-ion fnr whin is ;!J'i'lia|W tlie first "uiiiicritv giKlrilll- tl'C." IN TI1K CH.VS'CrnV I'lll'K I' I -'(111 TIIK CII1CKASA1VI1A DISTIiH I ; OF Mississii'ri rorN-TV. AKXA.VSAS. CJI.KN 11AYKS. et a\ rh.itllinv vs. No. 11951 AI.VA HAYES POS'I'KN. ft ii! ! U'-fr-ndntits NOTICE OF SAI.K Nolice i.s hpH'by uivrn thut thr r-- in C'h.uH-i-i'y will ijn Mif (in 1 , Milivl). IS52 i,l Ilic Sotilli <ti,nr ut tiie Ciini-l House "at Hlylin-1 iiie. Mi.| lint elect one-lhird of ihe repjescn- sissl l'l>t County. AiXiit]>as bciwern j talivr"! and scnaKns, the member- i llie lm " rs of len 0 '<l (1(k AM., nnd I ;hii> bothrs Is U, br- increa.s-i uv " "' clork P - M - nlll ' r '"'' ^'^ "' Ml to clvl! their, tills , •1'ilLs .A,,,,l(l he ,u,n,. by ,l t .,larim. i-l.-et.-tl ui> 10 six mimu-itv .seiiHt,, ... »»<--tion to the lii|!li!-.~t hhtdt-r UC , <1U "' lllre '' """ n " s tho 1 -' ' .'"'"u ,"'! S: '" l """ "' ' Mac, , dofeac- Pourtl-cn (141 North Rnnnp Nine For Rent nf RdOtl cnrn A. 1, )rll 2651. 2 26 pk .1 13 ) For Sale, Real Estate :<• nc'x- 4 ro*lrn coinptr town, linrdwnl Moor! . hulil in <^l)ln>t.v i^l;i i. vlrix] lt)r clcc. mo Private Rooms Two liocirormiA. prl FOR SALE BY OWNER Nice 5 room house on cni 1 - nci- lot. Only 5 yearn olfi. Atlic fan, Vcnoliiin blinds ;il! Bi-rl HlOEIl. ^i'er. Ph. 2I5GS bfith Ph. 4(54^ 2 26 41 rl hrdiooiti for I 25 H 23 jik 32 . Mrs. K. P 29 pX 3j9 :nnl hi,Ui Kcitr >il-li 155, 1'h. 2fl:ill or -15117 . 2MS W. Vine, E'h 223 pk it-am licit ted htdromti aijolif- 901 W. Ash. ph 220-). 1U lie 3 11 I ,., dul.,,,,!. UM «i,we i-an I dml, S:iW sal,- | s ,„,.„(, lo ' !'. : ^ "^'"'V'KKly hkCJi our! Older of Chaiiwrv Court for Ilii- Drograni. On i^s iirogniin, Oov- 1 Clilckasnwlm Dislrk! r,[ Misslssiupi enirir Miuioz s;iys lie will probably i County. Arkansas of clatr- Ki-bvtiiiry run for re-elr-clion In Novcmtacr. 25. 1952 in partition nroewtliiies. ' Uioneli lie Iia.s not formally !i«- j Purchaser at such sulo will be ic- liniinrcdhis c'iiiulirincy a.s ycl. Num- <|tilrp<1 to give nute with approved liuvtlng convenlion.s ,ire in Am; ; .'>Pt»iity foi 1 the pi/cclia^r pritc_ At one time, when Mimoz-Marin i Ualnd this Hie 281 h day of Fel>was a rising political lender mid,!— president of the Fuel-to Ritran .Scn-^ ate. be hud ideas oil biiibliiis up ihe ' piiMMly-MiitkcMi Puerto Kl l -an ec- oiuiiny by a [)r't>yr;nt! that wu.s close lo Mic-iuli.sni. | Tlie governtnent built and tried lo! operitte i(s own facloiir.s, (o relieve' uiipjiiployiiient. It. tried to break iiu bin Inncl hok!i]it:s anrl iiulyilgdtl in many expei imetual reforms. ; When il, was roiinil dun the^e re- i forms were not working, however. I^uis Munox-Marin wns tiie first! to abandon thorn. As governor he i authorized the sale of some state! lnupertie.s to Luis Fcrre. a liepubli- SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oafs, Alfalfa, l.esuccleza. Clovers, Soylieatis and Socil Corn. Sec us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. I'linne BSS« - 1800 West .Main faii, Vcnoliiin hlinds ;tl! TVoTnTr"r7"in"riM< o,,n and n rrVM'm- \ asi pi j;ai wav, picket, fence aminul bark I^Twhon^hMr.ilm"' j" : 'i"'inmusox j™ nvl> "'"J' '" ™»th!' 1 S!'p»r\ 1V bi l ri M j; v "n"r' yiinl, hardwood 1'loor.s an<| *"««'»• ""• i* ™' "' *™ M ^^j _'-. _:__.' '_ "" '' k 7 healing ' sysloni . inuilcnilcly priced. Fur np- j>oinliiiuiit (.o iiisjii'i.'! rail 'J'.Mli. S t KKXT A NK.\V SINC.KK VACL'l'.M C'l.lOANICK :', Days—ifl.OO PiiijriM- Sewing Center Rlythevillc—Ph. 2782 '?::: 2 ^s c-k 3: n rtn tioinr \vlih ijrtdi. Ian S I r.itiV: Un. No cliiulrrti. Cull !>V.V<. '> W. j.k J __ Help Wanted, Male Trii.-iur ililvpm wnntril. A. I.. WrilscTT «"• ' I t. Alk,. I'll. JD,.|l. 2r..',l. 226 pk 3 11 MEN' NRPDED TO HEr.P TJiKK CARK OF OUR EXPANSION PBOOHAM AOKS 2.S -ro 55, WITH CAR NEAT API-EABANCE. O O O D CHARACTER. IF vonn rnKSKNT KAFININOS ARF. NO'I" KNOtifltt ?'OR I'RKSKN'L' DA Y I.IVI.Sli 1,'O.ST.S. WilV NOT LET MK COMK 'I'd V<tC/R KOMK AND DIS- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Modern 5-rooni raiu-lt lypc Imiise with iitlnclu'd garage 1 ' room i and ulility room. Tliis i.s anl vh ^ roM n altradivc floor plan, is spa- lN \™;Vf;' r "• """" „•:,•"' -.,-:. IWIIEN i CAN SBK YOU.' ! ClOtl.S ;i!l<l 111 (i|l((l[l COIKlition i ' - ""' '- [ K »"'">VilKNT MANAr,f:R. 214 S. i \V.,1I I II . "I'll""., ,,,,,,| r[11 h.,1,50 rl.^np I'll SSTB CI.KVEI.AN-n ST.. MKMrlllS. TF.NN. | \\.t11 to wall rarpi'ts a n il jmniurr 1512 w. AFI,. jSTrkr- 1 — ' (trapes jr r > with the house. 1 Owner is heinu transferred.!*. 1 FOR RENT Typewriters & Adding Machines New & Lafe Model Machines—Low Rates \Ve buy itsert office runcliines A: furniture. Johnson Office Equipment Co. SALES—SKKVICK 112 S. Broadway—Phone 4120 i-m-a«n rirr m w " tt MMn 2M '!' HE "'"KSKNC-K OK voon WIFE PRE- ip'Y WRITK THF: TIME AND i,.-*,r, [WHEN I TAN SEK YOU. ADOHESS n-rrlp Work hiUUIlnK Loontrd 1n- .„ v,,.., r " v llm « s "" s "'"t> m<i>'.v«y r.i PossRssi,,,, M^-cli | or sooner. !on JM"""'' """" """""" 2°"!^":^ FIIA loan. Price fJ5,7SO. St:e or tall JOHNNY MARR Realtor 11'J So. 2nd. I'hone 4I1I Residence I'lione 25<lfi - 1 f> ck t f, ?ws. Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAURISON & SON KURMTURF: co. 517 W. A?h I'h. 2o5a 8-2 cU tt Used Tractors 2—11 Farraalls with busters and mltivators. S Ii John Uceres with i'i|iii|>- n> l '"t- v, ,«,; 1 \,:,r H ,,fts, i 7 „,.., 10oO model Fergus-nil wilh -^' 1 " r '"- i^m-h IM^ stnurkoir ,rnv,i:o cultivalor and huslors. ; w'roo." m o"; > h,v r ",^ s '« r "'o ^ml'r i 2-K-20 Farmalls with cul- m:*,.;!^™:,::!, 'l 1 ^,.?'. tivalnrs 1 Jlasspy Elan-is 1(H Snper with -l-vow cultivator. ^'O!! TtlF. CHICK AS.MVliA CIU : MV. AllKAXSAS -- - - Hubv .IOUH, Mcnlcy, Plf. -00 acres with two houses. vs. s- n^ Free of sli!in]ts. On gravel I Tlnntiiis n. Mmlcy. ntt. road near I'ortnKrvillc, Mo i _„ w.MiMNr; OKDKH i , ,, , . .-..,. ' Tr> : riiomas ft, M nicy, the Apply liOX 1-A, (.•Olll'IPr News. i;ii x ,,p ,,.i,,,«l rlr>feiirlnnt: 2 10 llll If ! YIIII ;i f p hcri'by vvnnird tr> np- - - - i >'('iir tn I In 1 ccuirt njpnimnrt) in Ulr; »lVl«!i f |t S ll'vi'n" ,,"IIirtrr" ln Ko'»tl""l[-..-i!- I''"'" 1 "" '"'"' l " «'i:lllll tllirty llliys vv 61 Pht'iir (.-vnrr 2'T,i or nir^.'uli^ 111 ' .lH'^i'r thi 1 (HJtuphlillt of the 'cr.inu. n7w. IT nmr. itjsi. ror jutrii- I nl.nniiff and ui>on your tnilm-r tn itrmnl inrnrrxixtion. 2^ rk tt [ apponr, thr rnniplainl will bi- takni 'l' st. rh" !" s <-"»i">rd. 55 ck it , natrri Ihis DIP 21th rlny of Fcb- RECLEANED SOYBEANS MEAN GREATER YIELDS! I.el Us (Jlp;in Your Seed Sovhejins. We Hnve Two Modern Cleaners. Increase the Purity of Your Seed, Have 'IJhem Rccleancd. Blytheville Soybean Corp. ISO!) W. Main I'lionc li'Sfie or 6857 FKBRUARY W, 1953 729 BEST TRADES IN TOWN! JSI.11 CIIKVROI.KI ekliiu- (i-l'iisscnucr t'tiuiic. A nice clean car (only I 2,d()() miles. S:ive riinie.v now. 19 IS l)()])(iK dohiM' l-tldtir Secliin. Ural gone] K"i»i riihlic'i 1 , niMloi hi A-l cdiulitiun JillS (:iMC\'K01J.:r Root master a-eliiin- Sedan. Original bliu-U finish. A l>vaiily for I!M7 CIlI'lVUDI.I/i' Fleetline deluxe l-door Scdmi. A rciil liarttnin (Vir Miinenne—you? These cars have many extras in IK i)<!ix;i: i.\vn <.;A> & missis Truck. H.-.S §7«r •S^.i x 2(1 tires all aimmd, nt'W heavy duly motor I S3 HUT rmcs-uouvT L\yu n-.u-u W iti, ii-f,,,,i h,, ( | V m •.xci-lk-nl shii|)t—extra K o»(l tires...A Ueal I!;,, w i,, j.i'is (iiiv\i!ui.i:r .-', i-Ton ritkiiD Truck. ?"jr»r .Save yiintself some money ;il Sulliv.-iti-.Xelson ' / s?D 1!IIS CIIKVimi.KT I-Ton Pic-!,;,,,, Truck. A S^ftC nn'irlily ^">»\ buy, this one i.s unlv C 1)3 1!»K I'OIJI) \--,S i-,.Ton Piclu.p. A tnilv d'»:ui Sr«« truck, it's yours jit Ihis harjfaiu price '55S»J •\Inuy More to Choose I'Yoni KASY G.MAC I'AYMKNT PLAN Rcmeinher, you can always make s'ijood deal ut -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Hic His; Used Car Lot on Walnul Street" 301 West Walnut Rhone 4578 JAMES TERRY BYRON MORSE R. H. KIRS3HNER \atned for Oeeils The bulking received its name from the fact tliat il n.i.s ucecl in Rmiland lo [iitht bulls. The pit bull WHS so named because it louoht 2/2B--J/1 other do?s in pite. Delinting&Treating Service We are now operating out NEW Carver Dclint- ing and Tvealin ff Plant. All now equipment inrlud- ing latest model Slurry {liriuid) treatcr. AD sucks electrically sewed . . . we guarantee y ()l , quick, el'icienl and satisfactory service. .Seed accepted in tnu-k o,- citrload lots. . .tli.snmnt on all lots of r> tons or more. Insure a belter stand and less rust dama-'c l,v treating your seed. Bring your seed EARLY ;imi avoid the rush. WARD GIN COMPANY No. Highway 61 Tilylheville Phone 37o6 II ly-,':<v.s, ,, t i), i, rr ,nh, opon Icr In- ! Ov'tuni Ap^lv V13 Clilcknsiuvlm I 2 "JO rk 1/1 HARVKY MOJiniF. Clerk i lly Atiiln Sykp.s. IXC. j | 222-20-S7-U ! Meat/ess Dinners Planned I (.!'. Cash ov Kasy Terms Many other irood used tractors to choose from. . . If yoni™^; " want a pood used tractor at a , I '" > ''•'" good price eo In 61 Implement Co. N. Highway 61 Dial 2142 2 ?f* <-V 4 •^'isp u-ith ? rm. housp In .T ],.• .-,o\).vi. Oooil Invrst i w- trr Hi- air b.T!"- Wil'r n Th:.' : Insurance Call 4:353 \'i'Ci't:iiwii Socirly hns stliMiulcrl si monthly dinnrr-mcrliiiB. nl wlntti ! no inrrtt will he sn^'Cfl. ' j Tli,- mm-mcal -paters alsn Imvr ^nn.Hu^i-ri thrii decision fo look j inM thr i^v^ibilit y of .^l.ivlinq an r-« hisiv.^v ^^^ct.-ii-jan ir5tnurn;it in I FOR SALE Cuncrrte cufv«rC-S, \'i Inch lo 48 inch, |>l;iin or ri-ciiformi. Also ("pncrrlo BntMiiig Hlucks c(tra|»- rr \\\.\n luniltcr for bams, cliickm hoiisps, ptunp li osiers, tenant limiKfs, innl shrils. We deliver. Call us for free cslimnile. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Soybean Seed FOR SALE llurlch No. -I and Ogilrn Hoy- .srrel. rlp^nrd and sarktiil. Bonk these hcfore price in- CTPascs. RED TOP GIN Bl.vllirvllle — Phone .?7.">S COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt NOW/ • Courteous Serv.ce HESTER'S Coal Yard :> JR i«i; :t 3 j \V Notice Us <-:i!l Mrs - -ntj nrb'!- -Tnlin \\~rtl- 3 21 pk 321 SPECIAL cV: tf T> >- n nuiirr,! pcr- < J10 Fnr bimh.r. «H kir,"<l". orTo- Wc '( IC'flJI cut Mmrr.r f . ^»[| O S Ro1!l«M! 3?r^. south Fr.rt 2I?t Sfrprt 2 I.j pk ,1 :.i tiprlFht piano In t«ij~" mnrtmnti Cheap, Ph. 2.-.66 2.75 pic 'l 3 Good prtctr on 4 ply wood boats or »•_!_» hvilld lo order. 601 w. A^h. 'ph Hi-iuity Har (.ilencop llotc-1 Bldg. Ph. 3202 3 1 CX Prartlrallv nrv 3 botlom AC niVrt-l^t i|rbn««r. or «-i:i trade tor l-or,l mi,]. ' «N ilrbilslrr^ oil ITO. j 23 ,, k 31 i (lr , Praellrally t\tv c, .lohn Defr? Trie- tor f26W>. 1-49-A for 51700 nHo 4 IMIV culllvntors. Ste Drrvrr Imnlr-njcnt Co., Cirdwell. Mo, 2 23 pk 36 BlR ham lor suit. 1104 So 2Ut ' 225 pk 325 .loin Farm >IT»rll'|K' tl.' 1 h. :\ yo'.ir Plannod Real ESTATE rnniis Cily Proper!}' LOANS tost and Found iapi-t pin 2.27 pit If Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE (Jloiu-oo TUdg. Pit. fiS(>S Wanted to Buy I W> will pny CASH fnr' o:<i KodMc^. CRHI»:I>* Knri lrn«r» tor psitf. OJiTFF.XS RTt'niO. liS \VKST Mf\ln 1? 4 ck tf rivipir «!>M:< n ioom X ii.nh ^pt. m ' house. clo<e In, CMI 3192 altn .S (• ui I 2,27 pX 3,1 j Mtention Farmers! The 8 & S Iraclor c«m])any, your author- ix.od Ford tractor dealer, carries the ONLY complete stock of genuine FOHI) Inn-tor parts in Hlytlievillc. The Famous Is Only $1,553 S & S TRACTOR CO. Phone 8951 112 No. Franklin St. Th .\ t n^c.» TI^ k innv i n e c t ac llv HOSV FAST rou'r* rtrivin?! I.rt us rlicrk yr>nr 5j)rcitninrlrr i( vnii'rr in rtnuht . v WP ran repair them Tor all innKes of cars anrf trurks. Then you're STRKI T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-Plymouth TValor 121 E. Main Phone 2122 CATCH THESE VALUES ot Horner-Wilson '51 CMC ... .$1195 If yon want ti> s:tve money on ;i pifkii|i Unit's itood as new, see this one, New truck Kti '49 GMC ..... 5895 An unusually- e I c n n I nick, this !,-T<m (J.MC Pickup also has-, excellent tires. Only S805. '41 FORD ..... $395 One of Hie slickest oliler ears you'll find anywhere. In fine shape — • MOO<| motor and tires. '46 DODGE . $695 You'll ire I fine service from Hie reconditioned iiiolur <»i this 2-door Sedan. Hadio & healer. ^^ggrf^^C'' « ^<i>,-1> IS ^^vO^'Sfe 3fe^^% *^ ll '46 MERCURY $695 \\ilh a set of l)iiiinl new tires, Jimv c;ut you jjo wroni;? An extra nice II ere n ry ~> - Passenger -WILSON ss^lSS*^ Oltlsinohite — (!.MC Trucks Plionc ^Or.f) I'scd C;ir l.ol — I'lnme fil ON MAIN STREET

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