The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 9
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> FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1052 »LViHEVlLLE (AEK.) COOTTIW XEWg FARM Early Cutting of Alfalfa for Meal Or Hay Doesn't Pay, U.A. Tests Show OSCKOLA-Results of tests at the Eastern Arkansas Alfalfa Substa- I tion here prove that the early or I proMcom cutting of aiialfn (or meal' nr hay does not pay, according io i Raines F. Jacks, junior agronomist i Hpl charge of the University of Ar- ' kansas' station. In order to determine the effect of repeated cutting of alfalfa at different stages of growth on Die yield of hay per acre, protein content of the hay and the pcrsisiance of -stand, a test was set up at the sub- salon In 1949. Oklahoma Common alfalfa seeded In the fall of 1949 was used in this two year study. Mr. Jacks said, and i the stages of cutting were: m pre- i blnom—no fall ffrowth, «2) 1 10 bloom plus fait growth. <3i prc- ,' blonm twice- phis l/lo bloom re Stage of Growth When Cut Pounds Per Acr« Percent Plants "»>' »l rrnieln I'rr Sq Tf>»r 12% Hrotein In |>,« Fool Moisturt H.^. n-1-51 FrcWoc.m-.No Pall Growth <U»M J10.828,1,550, m •1951 ! 8,460 j 978 ll.« : 23 IMeani 9,614 ; 1.264 15,95 ; 1,10 bloom plus Fall Growth '1950'I13,5'8 J2.01S 1 U.9 ) 11951 i 9,660 jl.472 ; 153 7 j |Mean;ll,589 |1,145 j 1505 : '"S.r'*!^ 1 ' 10 W °° m n ' !!«? "M* "' 5 « ' '" Prebloom phis 7 inches Pall Growth , . 11951 , 9.300 |1.284 13 8 ' •Mean;10,280 11.4H [ 13.75; ! H.2 ! 11.8 !9iO !M,151 '1,576 ! 1951 i 8,560 1.010 , . . IMcan; 9,855 ; 1,293 j 13.00 VA Reminds Veterans to File Reports On Missco Farms kr •r, ™* C»«nty A|,,t *'"'"" J. per year ana, limes twice Alter I this type of cultivation lit has very. reminded today by the veil Administration that reports their 1!)51 earning must i )e milted no later than Mar. 1. Experiment Station, B. A. Lynch, Arkansas Bankers' Association. J. V. Highfill Fanners' Home Ad ministration. >istrlci Meeting will be held in the court house in BlythM'ille on March « in- eh.'n.' ' Air * rol " ld ' EX" 1 ' 1 '°rget this aordoYrBariies Extension ,„ ,„»,. i cnariRe, and we ipologine to you. mologLsl Failure to submit, the reports bv , y °" "'"i" 1 attend «ll or the ! J,H'« l>« Our Mm. the deadline, the VA wanjed n.a, i meerln ""' P |ck °>'l 'he part that' M - . ' Snce- <-sr — -i™ E ! ~t r=:- -• -1 ~.r— — "- AdistfSn-.™ 1 ' uic — sa^s: sr^sr toh , ° -^fL-in L.V.H_V lJllJ^ i/ nj OLOOIU re- | malndec of season and n»pre-! illp proWoom stage because the of growth. GrcuKr yield? of hmi, blcmn plus seven inches fall erowth. i l' lots had become infested with protein and hay can be exoe^rt Mr. jacks compiled the lable at »' rs « *"1 '«" of stand Mr. aeks when I he cutting., are delmej , ,» ripht lo summarize the data ob-; saui - the alfalfa is in "the I'lO blrnn or tamed from this study. f.ow protein foment of ih. „,=. slishtlv later is n^h.w,, j.. .'^ This year, in addition, farm trainees must send in a second report— H certification as to the period of time they may h ave been engaged In employment outside the farming activity. This, loo, must go to (lie VA by .Mar. 1. The earning reports are used bv the. Veterans Administration for arijiisluiB each veteran's subsist ence for the current year and they are part of the veteran's course of instruction m farm accounting .... . ..-. ~« WU ( on. ii a nun 1:00 p.m. Cotton Mechanization and Production lems. Prob- 2:16p.m. Insect «nd disease control The Ae<l Informerf Some o[ tlmse assisting with the meeting will include: , T. E. Atkinson, Extension Econo-' --_, „....„ nuj gvuu ClU- Zfn will volunteer 10 do. Rpd Cross has meant a lot to Mississippi „ .„„ ifj ^, l.VMIVSlplJl County farm people In times n ( dls- trew and Hood. But, whether that Is (me or not they are constantly helping some one In distress, i am sure our [«r;n peopl« will givt proper consideration to the Red Cross drive In March and will do Ihejr part. ike what Allan B. Kline, president of the American Farm Bin-can lilllp grass and sbmit the only rea- , [ion lor chopping is u> remove wec.ds ' i Slow Pokes ' ' A recent telegram from the Na- iitonnl Fertilizer Astociation to the! | State Extension Office indicates jlhal farm people are slower than i usual in purchasing their fertilizer [and moving It out to the (arms Al- 'sn. l hat southern (aimers have always been slower lo buy their (er- lilizeis than tho.«e in the north Delay In purchasing is causing produc: tion to be curtailed rine to lack of jstorifje facilities >i maiuilai-luri,i(- ! plants. This naturally limit* (he a-! i mount of fertilizer that ihey CPU' niamifm-lnre between now and planting time. 4-H ClMfc Bjisifih.ll Tournami-Bt The 4-H Club Buskethall Tourna- ment will be held on M»rch 7 >M I n the I/Mt Can. umnMiuw. Thlj It about the l»th >nnu.l Uuriui- ment with which loc,l l«dw» ),„. insisted 4-H Club boji .«d (trb. It is primarily /or jwin««r bo., and 8lrls who have llttl, opportunity lor game.s and tourn«ment experience. ^ *rrt Kl,.k. M |k e W», Harry Wright »t M,ni)» hM «»- t) head of steers th.t h.v. b«n on full feed since November I. They >re confined to a ].r,«. / e «Un« i«rn, 130 feet by thirty leet in me with concrete floor and »utom»tic (Mel liojjpers. He teens his atcer» on full feed lor 180 days. Th« l«rg«.t at*«r ill the barn now weighs 1350 pouiwU. He has 100 more nun o^ljhing about 700 pounds r.hat «ie reidy to go into Ihn barn April 1. [Bureau Federalion R H. Sloan, list. slightly later is probably desirable Easing the Pain A study of the yield data nrc.-,cn bloom plots, caused by grass ted in the table .-.hows thai when tations. plus lower yield gave the The practice of leaving a eood CHESTER, in. men. sympathizing fall growth is very helpful in main- i In the i own where ''shoppersTnas parking fines conveniently. ead Courier News Classified Ads. ;- ...<.. with no fall growth yield le.« p r o- The he«hi>.st. mean yield of hav ' t(1 ' !1 lhan an - v other. 11.MS pounds per acre,'was obtained j The stage of growth when cut and when the allalfa was cut with l/lo i related frequency of cutting also af- well .•supplied there will be less winter injury and earlier and more vigorous growth the next season. Cutting alfalfa in the prebloom stage of growth has been practiced cy o cuttng also af- of the plants In flower with fall ! reeled the persistance of the stand prowth. The men in nreas wl 'ere the alfalfa is riehy- when it is so young has Invariable Excellent First Cu(liii B he ex- j grew j foot. The | amines pins fall was made The MI™!-: cuiti,,,,* ^ * " 1 ••--.- t "—, »ut s L <j"Lij uas macie --L-.- ; - ~ ~ ?«^-£3S,r ^ra plants per an excellent first cuttin« of hi"h protein alfalfa, but during the sub- cutting average 6.4 ,,,.., square foot. The poorer stands on , — ,...,,,,, livr .--nif- .'iifunt t to'-c I ne nonrpr ^i a n/(c nn led to difficulty in maintaining a productive stand for more, than two or three years. Early cutting is not the only factor that will cause loss of stand. Diseases, lack of drainage and possibly insect damage ha.s reduced stand. Exemptions Claimed CALGARY. A!ta. (API—Drivers of milk wagons here are seeking exemption from Calgary's new law against jay walkers, so they can cross the street anywhere to make deliveries. Read Courier News Classified Ads /WE FOUND -. / YOUI? POCKET80OK BUT YOU CLAIMED IT 1 HAD BETWEEN NINETY AMD ONE HUMDP^D DOLLARS THERES A BI6 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ORDINARV SERVICE VOL) OETAT OTHER PLACES AND THE WONDERFUL SERVICE •YOU rj£T AT DELTA IAIPLEMENTS.I* A GOOD USED TRACTOR IS GOOD INSURANCE, TOO Xow and in (he days ah.arl... make thc most of all (he me* weather we have lo gel your seed m (he ground early. An EXTRA tractor, n good, cheap dependahle used Iractor can be Ihe difference in jf«Uin* an early plartlin*. I)el(a Implements has a good selection on terms to fit your income. FARMALL C's, H's r M's JOHN DEERE'S OLIVER TRACTORS YOU'LL SAVE MONEY AT DELTA IMPLEMENTS J. Richie Smith. National Colton ' Federation, said about Ftert Crov;- TT'w , >i „ I'" 1 "''' RCrt C "" S ' S nn ""^'""ding J. U Wright. Production and Mar- I example of a voluntarily financed 'ting Adminlstralion. j and operated, enterprise conducted Waldo Prasier. • Arkansas rarm i without the aid of lax money for ureau Federalion. j the welfare of all. it Is our respon- Cotton ; sll '" ! 'i' "S individual citizens !/> continue our support of the American Red Cross," He s»ya It Work* Oeorge Hale at liurdelte say.s that James I,. o*tti.< * Roberl E. How- Extension Agricultural Engln- eeis James Dameron Coiton Branch y.s a he has cross plowed cotton since 194fi. In addition lo cross plowing, se.s a rotary hoe at least once •L Whether Us new plumbing, —a m«trl«rn kiieh»n, inMla- tion, a K «ner»l f»r« Kftbtr, painting or remodeling we can help you plan it tut finance it. YOUR FARM HOME NOW! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Von find Fri*M«lty B«i!«]m« Serrie* »t Get AM in a Tractor... TRACTOR Thh "5-w-J" m- >»* J,irm betttr; cnntr»lfi //f. () nty FvrJ Trait* h*s tk* Pr*oJ-,\{tter! What the itamt ^^ on a Tractor means to you ! low fi»«T cotr Thanks to ford pimtucllon lint iffitiency mi economy. IOW OPIKMTIM» fOlT Tluilly lo run: economital Ic m»ln- tiinyear itlet yen. •OOD UHVICI irttrwmz; Just ctil iii [or prompt MFVICI »ny- niitt« in idii csmmuniry. •OOD Genuine Ford tirlj i<«il»bilitj keepi ill Ford pioducH reiriy lo jo. Oulslanding perlormince: easy to on lot man different Mitis al jobi. «U4iirr at** THtoutH Hi|h Quality itindaidt, kept high by constant l»t and inipiclion. ro»> YALVI »r ntDf-m TIMI n il|>,y t |,, of JIM, fonf TtKtoit bfint jow! pntM. for from *S(U $ SOO LESS l "~"""^" — "•~^^~~~"~^™^^—•—»™^ than tfher leading 2-Plow Tractors!* \\i\ff ' V . , T „ Ies ' the Ford Tractor is, as always, soa pr.ccd. It sells for 1« S than any other leading 2-plow tractor on today', market-/™™ $30 to $} 0 0 less.' Compare prices, compare all around value. You'll find that a brand new Ford Tractor even with all its advanced feature, (Deluding built-in Hydraulic Touch Control) ,,ill cost* le». Furthermore, the exclusive Proof-Meter gives you continuous assurance of economy and optimum performance throughout all the years you own your Ford Tractor. A demonstration of this reliable tractor is yours for the asking. Why not take advantage of it soon? Don't forget that a used Ford Tractor commands high value « trade-in time, too! •8o«rf an * an d a ,d mod./i prW wHt, hydrdufc I* wnces are You Can Save the Price of to* or more Dearborn Implements like t Without investing more than th* pric* o l •omt othtr lending 2-plow tractors, you «n g«t i brand new working outfit, mdj to operate-, new Ford Tractor with ant « mor« new Dearborn Implement*, »p*cia|lj designed lo work with it! S&S TRACTOR CO Phone 8951 ASK FOR 112 No. Franklin St. EMONSTRATION

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