The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 38, FARM MEW BurdetteHasNewFFA Chapter, Agri Building BUKDE1TE — B u r d e U R HIGH School has a UPW Future Farmers of America chapter and tn pn with it lias a brand new vocational agriculture build ins which the FFA members themselves played a major part in helping obinin. The new FFA eh:ip(er I his week celebrated UK first month of m-- ganizatton. The "Greenh.inds" which new FFA ninnbrrs are railed, \vore initialed on Ffb. 20 and at the panic tinjp ihc-ir chapter hari its charier meeting. The Biirdette chapfer currently iv holding daily .imicnhure classes in its ncu- si5.000 vocational auric-ill- lure hmlrtins which \v,is corn;»>reri a little ninre turtij K ]iu:;;tii nqn. 'Che, now building Is located nn i h*: south campus of ihe hlph sclinol. The bnys \vere. so o.iiilmsin-iu: abrnit the no whiiildins llr';u tlirv chipped in riming their snare- time and helped cnrpcniers construct the- new bnilriinp. Under supervision of W. S- Hobson, vocational agriculture instructor, they staked off ihf 1 hinldinq plot, ring foundation trenches and helped with tho eni-pentcr work. After the building ivns up. the boys slum; the paint brushes on the inside and did niher Unit odd jobs nbout Hie building. ''By doiiiR thnt." Mr, Hohson explained, "\ve saved the ichoul nhout 5500 in labor cost*." Shoji In lUiilclhig Anrl thanks En the. boys' untiring efiorLs in hfl[>inp spnrd cnm pie lion of the bultdinc. ihe Eurtletic- ch;i»- ler received the rare honor of holding their 01 canizarional meeting in their own building. Usually a new such services. I Bcfirirs the FFA classrooms, the i new vncational ncricultnip builrlintr j houses the school's new woodworking department and shop, Thr shop, however, tins not been ifoniploied BJid isn't .srhodiitefJ to bo ; linished until tn-xi summer. H is | Joi'.uriJ in ihe wing itf m* j InHUiin^," and when tompletod n will j be equipprd with modern wwiri- j work cciuipment and other shop inarhiJicry. j After i(.s rh<iy|or meel Lnp, tlift .JJujrieiie chapter ?ni-i. antj clecferl 1 n.s fn-M, oITIccrri. Franklin Pierce wa> rlecU'ti UK.' cha\>ier'& lirst- pirsidcnt. Other officors are Renf-y Hi^fjin:-., vice pfe. r .irJc p nt; J, 15, Ore, .ircretary; Leon WeM, ttcfisnter; Davis John,^-on, reporter; a/id J. W. Gore, sentinel. + 'I'he /IPW Htmletlc rhaptcr has f •JD charier (iitmbers, 'J'ljey ori 1 : Gary BevilJ, JJobhj- Cook, Clarence Ciosskno, Joel r:pper.son, Jntnrs CiibHMi. HMIKV HtyKitis, t'ari Jones. W. T. I^ngley, Toinmie Ijfjviilady. Jl/11 McJJonnM, Chatlc.s McOuirt. j Chtirlc.s Pankcy. Uonuld QuarU-.s, i Aub.v RiilhctTord, Lnrry Sampson, |OtviLlB Slannpld. John Henry atom! | DiJJy Thornlon, Max Wliatley, Fin. Ify Car-son, Jarnos Childets, Jx?o j(>io|iej-, Jnnip.s Civifskno, Jimmy Kp- .lat:k McDurinolt, b« preesntcd hy Jere Na*h o( : talion operated u-lth different de- Greenville, MissJRsippi, and Dr. ] ^r fcs of mechanisation. ACID urn DIN*; -The flurtlctle High school Future Partners nl Anwrirn rliapler h nnv nnMiug classes in (he school's nev vocational agrtcul- turf building which the FFA boys look part In building. The new building; cost, an cslimaled $15.000. (Courier NVxs Photo) H.D.CLOBMEMOS t-J Mil. Gerlrltile n. llolimttn (Hume Demonslralion Agcotl Ever Wlial's New? hear of "Dacon"? ft fihe-r that Is lo be manutac-i Kinslon, N. C. Limited of window curtains.: j Hrnny Easley. Franklin Pifucc. Hnr- jold Qunrlrrs, Eugene Cable, Charles Uuncuo, KitRone Pranks. J. D. Gee, J. U 7 . Oore, KJponc Hauiitton, Davis .Johnson. Morris Lutes. Jiunnlei beinK tested Nash, Jnmr.s Payne, Junior Pei-i it has ben, found fb;.( Ihis nrw James Quails. Kugene Rob- j textile has crcat Mrfnuth ntul hiyh lined in quantities . blouses, shifts, sowing Ilu-cad and suitings m:ide from "Uacon" are inson and Leon VS'est. TOXAPHENE 53 Per Gallon I now offer loxaphcnc emulsion, six pounds technical per gallon at (he above price in Icn drum lots, $;U5 per gallon in lesser-lols, F. 0. Ji. Blytheville Warehouse, March 1st, dating. This Is cquiil lo $2.00 for four pound technical per gallon or §1.00 for eight pound technical per gallon. These are Ilic prices ever ((tiolorf on loxaphene emulsion in I3lyllieville. Call'or write me if you are interested. PAUL D. FOSTER, Dist. Phone 3418 Home 3153 Office in New Hlytlieville Warehouse NO OTHl'.R 01UiAM7.ATION IN HI.VTIIKV11.I.E IS AUTHORIZED TO OFFER TOX.VrHF.NE FOR BfE. Sty Mend of tie WEEDS Check Your (ultivotor Against this PRE-SEASQrf Ncm- J5 the time to fmii out the exact condition of youi cultivator's.,. V Sweeps \/ Shoveli V Spring Teelh \/ Shields Y Spring Trip Standards \' Clamps V Frame y Lift Rods Replace worn, \vcakcned or rusted parts with genuine 1H precisjon-cngineered pitrts ncnv, ahead of season. II you're planning to use rotary hoes, wccjcr nnilchcts, disk- hillcrs or fcnili^cr units this sc.isou, place your order fnr this equipment now. faf Ready fo KM Weeds MOW let's Tolk About Your Cultivator Today Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd Blytheville re.sis(.anee lo strctphhiH— both wet fiiid dry, Fabrics madf of "Oaron"j have excellpnt le.M.stancf to ',vrlnk-I ling, launder rnsily, dry quickly 1 and can be hnat set. " I New rinish ! A durable finish. Hint impart?; | wrinkle nnd shrink to) Cotton and vi^eose raynn fahric.s.' has bem Imwriiiml. This finish : nlso Rivrjs a soft, wool-like finish. ! Tt offers parftruLir fidvvinlai'y In the curtain ntid drapery fip.ld. \ Chlorine bJeach^ will 170* j?frif»t.--i ly affect viscose rnyon onrlains or' pnrijipiits normally u'.-uhrd at low, At the ntne this (nfnrmnMfin j rnme lr> thr. hon\c demonstratinn S nffrnt'.s office, fhe 5ini*;h had only been u.srd on coltnn and visrse rn.yon buf, appJicntiofi li»(J tj^on marie Cor trrntrnmt of hnen and r>i)e fabric. 1 ; such n.^ transparent Tlip I'nwrr of f'olnr If color has thr psyrholcgicnl ff- Icct, it's Kiipim.-frf to. the tcpH-turc-rs may hn m.^luni: In wash dishes and srrub behind (he <?nrs when they -SOP the new cnlorrd siiontTPs. Thev nrr nnv brine mndc for both (he halh nnrj crnrrnl «ay colors: blue, corn], ycllnw and " ?cfi-crern. Ench member nf the —' shrink. Stitching: II is very important. ID test youi- MilchinK on a folded snmnleor ihe nylon fabric before si. Mine any pnmrment .seams. Adjust Ihe Ipngth of stitch to the tyno of fahrir. BfltPr looking seams will ucncrnlly result when stitches arp Intiper than those used on oth- Or fnhrirs. As with nthor Inhrics, scams MhOMhi be pressed niter .stilchin^. It i-s inipoiLnnt to use a low lem- norainrc -the "n.vlnjj" or "rayon*' settint; on automatic irons. Press with n (lamp cloth or a steam iron for best results. I'cmuri-Chee** !,nnf 2 '^ flip cooked oatmeal, v;heat crrenl or rice 1 4 njp c'honpfri eree.n pepper 3 lablesj:oons minted onion 1 teaspoon salt, 2 len.spnons lenjni) fuire 1 cup chopped sailed yciinuts 2 3 cup fine crumbs \'-\ pound cheese igrated about 1 cnp> To make: Combine all Ingredients, Pni, mixture in §ren,«pri loaf p?tn ahd bake at, 3fSO degrees P. nbnut 1 hour. Srrvr hot- with mushroom or tomato satire. Serves four. Chick Production (n Arkansas Up Commercial hatchcrlra In Ar- knnsas produced S.l!)7,onn haby chicks rinrinfr January, arcording to the Federal-State Crop Reporting Service, Thi5 is an ol 57 per eent ovpr the January, 1051 hatch, the service said. Agri Council VV/7/ Discuss Labor Situation MEMPHIS—The farm labor situation find cotton production costs under various Ktapes of mechanization uill be the Ihrrnes of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas' annual meeting which will be held here March 24. Alan Patterson, council president, said that discussions on foreiqii Irade and livestock production nlso are included on the a^cna. Prominent .speakers who will be- on the program, include E. D. White. Deputy Director, Food and Acricultural Division. Mutual Security Agency, Wsahlnston, D C Mr. While has been Chairman of the International Cotton Advisory Committee representing 20 nations lor the pail four years. Every year during that time he visited prac- tic.illy every nation in Europe and Asia arranging loans and promoting the use of u. s. cotton. A motion piciure and discussion of mechanized cotton farming will Orady B. Crowp. Agricultural Economist with the, u. s. Bureau of As- ricultural Economics, will discuss the differences in returns and rcl- .„ .... .^, lu leuirnsi i*iui rri- i irjii, njr irimil ivf :osts of a typical cotton plan- hilled in a duel. BOY OIUV GENUINE JOHN DEERE Stephen Dec'ahir. hero of the "millions for defense but not one cent for tubule" campaign, was In ordinary pnictioe. oalf <*ie- 'hird of a Iru If ciH- into «tsalj». lumber; the rcsi. remainin;; In th« Intent, as tops, limbs, hliih stumps, or poor lojjs. or at the sawniUl as sawdust, or other waste. only gamine John Ueere Pa m eru . . , untimely and costly . field. Here's why: John Deere Paris are Dependable parts-ihe exact duplicates of the parrs they replace. What's more, they're AAISSCOIM made from the same high-g«d« materials . . . from ihe same patterns ... and with the s.i,ne guality workmanship as were the orici- nals. 1 hey're made right; to fit right; to list longer. Ii will pay 10 check over your John Dcer« equipment thoroughly. If pans are needed, replace them with g e , IH i,,c John Deeri I arts. Place your order wiih us'tke ne« tim« you re in town. South Highway 61 NT CO. Blytheville Chubb Crater In northern Can- nrlsi. caused hy a meteorite, is larc- er than some of the craters on the itiomi. (he j .irmly can have his own special color. .--:-. """""\\Vlon Seu'ine Nylon 'Fabrics for hnnip pewinp are nnpranne in wider vnrirTy. Many of yon will he .sowing Jony wparinp. ensy-tp-i-are-for fah- ries fnr the first, lime, To help ymi nbtnin (he he.s( result,-;, liffi nrr ' sotno hrlpdii spwinc snsiiF-.simns Cuttitifr: i;.«c woll - slinrprned shears. Leave generous allowance : /or sr.acns. j Needles. Pins: Needles and pint 1 that are fine and sharp prnctraie ; tonph nylon ninn- easily. Select the ' tincai needle thHt will ao-nmmn- | rtntp the thread for both machine ' , and hnnd ^cwintr. Snwini: mnrhitif 1 needles in numbers 11 nml 00 arc; bo-\t for nylon fabric. i Thread: Nylon thrmri is rernm- ! mended for nylon rubrics, n makes I possible dtirnbln penms tnar dry j quickly when wnshed nnd will not i Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Rest Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Really Co. 213 Walnut I'hone 2,'iSl Voii'lJ he plcA5rd the way ihr compact, short-coupled Oliver Plow Master uj;s yonr tractor around sharp corners. The power lift is foolproof and quick, lit »xchisiv« bAll-hcarinp depth adjusting ^creu is CA5>- to turn. An upward «rch in the ''lucky curve" fureon axle pro- \-ide* extra higri clearance. A simple, under- slnng dial hitch pnlls from a point between the beams to equalize and lighten dra ft. Making it still lighter to pull arc the exclusive Rayde.x bottoms, with shares so inexpensive you can throw them away when dull. FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. B. F. Brogdon E. B. Woodson 515 E. Main Phone 6129 "No 'Monkey Business' With A Massey-Harris Drill Planter!" Massey-Harris has really taken the 'Monkey Business' out of cotton and corn planting ... it's the 4-ROW DRILL PLANTER! You plant much, much faster ... up to 6 m.p.h. - 75 acres a day. The DRILL PLANTER is rear- mounted and easily attached to any tractor. You keep repairs at a minimum, save seed and plant a more valuable crop . . . easy pulling holds fuel costs down . when you plant with the Massey-Harris 4 ROW DRILL - PLANTER. Come out and see this planter immediately , . . we have only a limited stock, 61 Implement Co "Your Masscy-Harris Implement Dealer" N. Highway 61 Phone 2142

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