The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 7
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KBIDAT, FEBRUARY 29, 1952 Chicks Whip Corning Easily 84 to 38; Play Bay Tonight BLYTHEVILLB (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Sports Roundup . By (JAYI.E T.AI.HOT PHOENIX, Ariz, w-iiannie Ur- .urmis. Ihe greatest baseball pitcher 1^5/r (lie Netherlands, lias made air ' amazing discovery since he came 01 here as a sucst ot the rVew V' rk Giants. Tor years Hanuie )i,is l.-pen stnnd- iii': the hatters of Rotterdam on [' Hr hearts, so to speak, with Iris f. I ball and a sneaky curve, and y<; he finds ihat he has been piv- >'•'••'. his natural enemies all the best «' it. He can't wall lo ael bark li me nml .show i hose batters the nr'.v Urbanns. "Somebody." he explain* ", rac ( Te rule hock wronp. All this time we've understood that a pitcher mil n have both feet flat on the c:cnmd when he delivered the ball 1. '-:e this." Hannie dcmonstralcd. He wound »(> and strode forward with his risht foot, being a lefthander, and then threw from a completely lock- 1 c<! position. He didn't ' follow with his back foot, in other words, and you should trv it some time. Interpreted Rule Wrouj; "Ilonest." he said, "That's Mis way we thought we had to pilch ^J'e interpreted the rule wronu ^.;0!:ghi you coitlct only use ,„ arm. This is wonderful now that I Know I can get my body behind the pitch." Today he was scheduled 'o trv his hand at, throwing the t>s;i past biK lenRiie bal.smen for the first dine. Ife was underslandingly nervous at the project, but happy too Manager Lc o Ditrocher had artvls-' ed him he was one of six pitchers who would work out a couple of innings apiece in an lllira-souad tusste. "I'm afraid It will not be very even." Hannie said. "Now that I sec how your pitchers thro*, will Tribe Goes to Semi-Finals Of District 3 Tournament Ky (iKOHCE CI.AHK (Courier .\I-HS Sports Eiiilur) ,„.,, by lhe lroubiMOme B av yllow~ ^ Blll whil Conin by m> Ihe Chirks were 8 H 8<-. inh rt"""" bS ' ",' e " ame "' Rtod « i Rhodes a .smooth-working playmak ' 1 " 1 ' P ° mlS ' mOStly ' roln I". ,,, «m. Ihe fourth-seeded Yellowjack- cildr ci.-i. who on Feb. B dealt. Blylhenllp | V owe!t one of l(s nve lo^c.s, wrre cn.slung ' Ho ,„ Marked :n-ee C3-37 to move into the ",„'," v semi-finals will, the Chicks. i V^™, , The Chicks and Bav nre <died it, ' , hildren •«) 120 , 21 >' (6, ' .r.. ..p.. ..c.. . .o ..G dash in trntuhr.". ?emi-f!nal game at 8:50 p.m. and the winner will advance to the finals and be assured of a state tournament bpnh. The same is scheduled to be broadcast over Jonesboro'.s radio station KBTM. And while Blytheville and Bay are settling their cliffcrencrs, tlie tournament'.; other two seeded teams. Jonesboro and Lrachville u'i'l ^FJC atiion tonight. Tlie Wojl-ions and lire Hurricane are i-ched- r tiled lo clash in tonight's fir.U lemi- final game at 1:30. Eu( fcottins by Bay isn't to be easy and nobody realizes that any mere than does Jimmy Fisher and his crew of chirks. The Yellowjack- el.s have conic a long way since Ihe Chicks whipped them by 20 points in a game here Jan. 29. That was proven when Day turned the tables and licked the tribe three weeks a?o. ; Finest Showing night's lop-sidcci win was th ' ' . , — scnd. Cook and Miller .. '21 Joyner .. 12) Ahrciit • (8) Onstead (16) Rhodes .. HO) Fields levllle — Hays. ' —Young, Tcwn- hat, what you call the big follow pilch through. I know I do very well. Believe inc. T them when I get home." Throws freily Good Strangely enough, /or all bis awkward deliveries, Hannie throws pretty good. Tt is sidearm stufl mostly, because that's about the only way you can throw with both /ret on the ground, but lie man ETS to get a surprising lot of speed As he learns to .stride forward with Mie pitch." they sav his fast one W en has " little hop. Why. Hannie was asked, didn't he stay over here and perhaps see If he could make the grade with one of the Giants' minor league clubs. The Giants are willing' and he would be, quite a drawing card. A lot of American bovs would like Ihe opportunity. "I wish 1 could." Hnmiie said "I would love It. But I've got to get back to my job. Maybe they will let me come another time.' - as e Chicks finest offensive showing of the year. They set. a quick pace and kept it up throughout the affair. Corning, unable to cope with the ' Line lo Testify In Cage Fix Case Cats' Player Denies Any Involvement In Bribe Scandals NEW YORK. (/!>)-Another former Kentucky basketball plaver- Jamcs Line—was due lo arrive"here by Plane today to testify before a sranrt jury investigating the "fix- mg" scandals. Line, an engineer with rtii oil company in Eureka, Kan., has dented any involvement In the scandals. Waller Hirsch and Bill Spivey two of his former [eammates »!-' readv i testified. „ - .- „„„ tlle Me «»«''»le. the sentencing of four a^^^.'"-"-""--! p.^o^rMSt.n 0 «£ e^rir irs, J s r n vo r p °'<^™"»'«March ,r l - en and Bcb iRedl (Jluldress, the The men. who pleaded guilty to Chicks' "Bij, Three" accounted for ' College Basketball Associated Press n Conf. Tourney By The Southeastei (first round) Kentucky 80. Georgia Tech 59 Louisiana state 77. Miss State 44 Alalramn 63. Auburn 49 , Vanderbilt 61. Georgia 49 * St. .John's (Bfcu) 78. NVIJ 75 ! I .a Kalle 77. Manhattan SS Boston University 80. Tnlrs sj Seton Hall 95. John Carroll 71 Tulsa 61. Wichita 53 /iyiklahonm City 61. Creishton 4S TWashbnrn CO. Emporia stnte 3R St. Benedict's (Kanl 69 Rockhurst 46 Clcmnm 7fl. .Sonth Carolina 61 Arizona State iTrmpe) m Ari^:'na 5!? N'e^v Mexico Western 54 MThar-Is ( N T \h 4.5 Montana (i:i. New Mexico 59 O'Brien Notches int S7 of Blvlneville's 84 points. Holland was tlie big boy with 24 points. Childre.5s right behind with 23 and Vowell seorc-d 20. Holland and Childress were masterful under the backboards. They berg and controlled the rebounds and most; of whom . guy o charges of conspiracy ate. Man'hat- of their points were made, on rebound tip-ins. However, toward tlie last of the game Children got hot in the righihnnci corner and flipped in lam out of five, from 20 feet out, The Chicks' defense looked better last night than it has „ __ , f.. LIU.* mr. 1^10,11110.1 tan co-captains of the 1S49-50 lean Henry E. Poppe and John E. Byrnes; Sol L. Rapjiaport nnd Cornelius Kelleher. all of New York. The Irials of Benjamin Schwarl?.- I'is brother, Irvius. both are accused of attempted DiMaggio Lists 5 Hurlers 'Who Just Had My Number 7 PAGE SEVEN Play in District 3 B Tourney Shifts to Sem-Final Round Big 7 Committee Talks ACE Plan But Educators Failed To Reach Conclusion At Session Yesterday KANSAS CITY M', - Subsidy tion of athletes, post-season btvu Rnmos and n special elleiliilttv n ' ff were hish on lhe asen-la of lhe Ii'ie Seven Conference's facility" meeting lodny. Heaves K. Peters, executive srcre- r.v of the conference, said ihe rilles-maklriK faculty K rou,, gave cousitierablc discussion to tlie re- rent actions of Hie American Council of Ediirnllon yesterdav but came to no conclusions. The nil) KPVOII, iviers pointed oiu. already is in line *inj!,,",„.. lie-ally all recommendations of belli I 10 ACE Bnd the NCAA on sn.'li UiiiiRs as post-season r;rimcs and sprius uniiiiim Wilson Eliminated 45-44 In Quarter-Final Action By OIUIII.KY FELTS (Courier Setts Correspondent) b-ill tma'tninctK" 1 ' 1 ' 0 -' 1 ""' I)islricl T llree (:las s R Iwskel- .1'n'ioy'iL "" P Mi " Sissil>1 " r ° l " u - v u ' ! "» wHlTeVroSto ! 'Ippf CmmivtoaT l!',? "'"I WK *~ i .".""' ol " mws " ad "'"icipated. The breaking less i o i, ; ,ke city In 'last night's miarter-fhml wintiups. fn other 'acliou IPM nisht. every- .tnlns went according to form. Dyess moved up by whipping Nettlc- of Die NEW YORK i back over his is years in Pclors said it wns likely the ullv today would lake up the ,. 1S1 , Unlverslly of Nobra Kansas Slate CollcKe re- tlie toiler's reiTliifliiK nt Stan Schacl/le and n.ivld Countlans „,.„ six-footer with an Annies, For Greenway. Harold Speers was high with n poinu and Qatewood lie II. Nebraska rhaigi lii.-il Kansas State it last violated away bribery, Monday. were adjourned until Tree rings have provided a calendar of weather and human life in. Southwestern United states go- since mid j ing back nearly 2,000 years. season. The height of Holland and ' The weather on 'earth^'affected Ci, dress made thing.s a littJe easier! by "stmspots". which have been de»i der the basket but, out front Vow- ] scribed as great storms on the snr- ell. Robert Harrison and Tommy I face of the sun. From the Training Camps — Shuba, Williams Will Bolster, Dodgers Bench-If They Stick VERO BEACH, Fla. Dodser manager Chuck Dressen wlieves that his bench will he- stronger this year if outfielders George ihuba nnd Don Williams stick Wiiliains improved toward the end of the season, so he'll give us seme reserve right-handed hitlinc strength." ..^"..V.L!, 1 "..?" 1 *:!^^- B""dreau listed him" a r't 0 he team s ranking shortstop. Sox Shift Site* ,,,F L CENTBO, Calif. OPj-Chicago Sox pitchers and catchers Swilch-llitlittE; Mrck ST. PETERSBURG. Fla. i,r. — Kwitch-hilter Mickey Mantle has the best chance of any New York [Vankec mufietrler to play reaularly 'in manager Casey Stengels' two- plafoon s.vstcm. '.I'm naturally a riahr handed hiltcr." .said .Mantle 'Hut I'm insl Poi The -big five" whom the retired* Yankee Clipper acknowledges he's happy lo be rid of are Mel Harder and Bob Lemon ot Cleveland, Dizzy Trout and Art Houtteman of Detroit nnd Ellis Kinder, Boston fled Sox. "There were many others who vere tough and they seemed to Ret :ougher lor me HS the years went >y." DiMaggio said. "But these live fellows caused me the most trouble. "I can't explain it. They all had lol of stuff. They j us t had my lumber. I guess." The former centerfielder ot the New York Yankees admitted some if the games' ouUslanding mound itars were as pleasant to face as listirrlt cousins. "Bob Feller was never as rough for me as he was lo some of the others. The same of Ncw- all but six. who will be left behind - "^ itj u uejiuia -depart today for their permanent -pring training base in Pasadena ^alif. ' Staying behind for five more days cf special drills in charge of coach Linn Harris were piu-hcrs Saul Ro- Kovhl. Luis Aloma. Chuck StoWis. ay Pi oston andI Lou Kretlow and Samfnnl Impresses PHOENIX. Arix. i.v, R ;m Snm- -vrr' F ]• >j ,.i ,, ' Ior<l - ""•'larWmrn! in the battle for Jolmm- r-P Univer-! second ba^e berth on th, ; New York >. Joliim, OBt:cn 2O |. ins i dons-[Giants, has made quite an Imores t"°" " " X "' SP "'' C tast l sio » "" »'»'"^'- So Dmochcr Needing rnly 30 poin!s to hit LOW in one season, the Seattle super chief popped in .15 to ir-ad hi- rliirf- truns to a 70-.5 victory over Poil- lanti Urm cr.^i'y. The new total.-sri in 35 samcs th's season- bettered the former iii:h set by Ocoree Kinz of M-rrU- Karvev College in 194fl-CiO by points. ii. aivny fast.. Vru can't hit anything past him. cither." Sleplirns Is Ite.idy SARASOTA. Kla. »r, - Manager Ix>u Boudreau today was confident .lhal. one of the Boston Red Sox" 39 j 1952 problems had disappeared On] • ihal Vcrn Stephens, hand-! Ronkie Ofts Chanrr . Am.. ,;T, _ Din Hardin oral ted from Rochester of the Internal ional league where he bat- led .262. appears to have clinched Ihe Chicago Cubs understudy spot lor shortstop Roy Smalley Manager Plnl Cavar'retta says -lial. defensively Hardin I, the belst Jiiorlstop Ihe Cute have had since Bill Jurges. houser and Ned Carver. Those fellows I could hit all right. But the others ugh!" Signs TV Conlracl DiMaggio. tan ns an oak and down to his 196-pound playin" weight, came to town yesterday to put his name on another lucrative television contract. T)ie lalest one Is for a series of quarter-hour shows to be known ns 'Joe DiMaggio's dugout." The shows will be aimed at, demonstrating Ihe fundamentals a! baseball to the youth of lhe nation. Both DiMaggio an d his sponsor a macaroni firm, declining lo disclose the exact contract figure, said the earnings would raise DIMag- gio's 1952 pay to more than he made as a ball player. The Clipper, who retired lasl December, already is under contract to do commentary before and aftei Yankee Raines. He reportcdlv received »90,000 last year as a plaj'er. Not Homesick Relaxed and jovial, DiMaggio Insisted at a press conference yesterday that he's not "home-sick" for lhe diamond and plans no y(sil lo the Yanks' St. Petersburg camn "I think the. Yankees will win the pennant again." he snid. "They have loo many young men comine up. Cleveland and Detroit will give them the mosl Iroublc and the Red Sox —well, maybe, no belter than fourth. I can't see the White Sox as a contender." As for his old cenlerfield spot"Well. Gene Woodlmg is the best neloer. Jackie .Jensen probably has a hllle edge on Mickey Mantle Mantle has a lot to learn about outfielding." Burke Takes Lead at Baton Rouge BATON ROUGE. La. (a; — .lack Burke a quiet Texan who silences opponents will, sliarpshooting i ron sliots holds a cue stroke lead in the $10.000 Balon Rouge Open Golf Jolrnament today. The little Tcian fired a four- nnitcr-par 68 to m.iitilairi his slv.1- Inc pace Hint bcRan two weeks ago in the San Antcnlo open. The Houston youngster won the San Antonio affair with a 24-under- par 260 to set a new PGA record 72 holes. Last week he shot an 11- uutier-par 277 to win the Houston open. * Another Texan, amateur Bert Weavei- n 20-ycur-old Lolllsana iia!e University sophomore from Beaumont, finished second in yesterday's opening round with n two under par 615. Veteran Gary Mirirtlecnff, Memphis, Term., rtenlisl, wns tied lor third with joe Brown, DcsMoine-s, Iowa. They posted 70's. Tlie 12-hole tournament will end wilh Sunday's final 18 holes. ] rules by conlnethu; the toys from the K.iSlale campus " Yesterday, the lac.illy stuck 1o ts nereinbrr rnlinrr that baskel- uall panics be limlled to 21 for lhe season. In past years 24 regular season panics have been alloweil' I lie fnciilly also voted that sanies In which incliinl p.irlicipate be forlelted (losing iciiiji. Ie athletes to the op- Rookie Hurler Impresses Sewell TAMPA. Fla. lit; -Manager Luke Seucl! is hopeful Ihat he may have a "sleeper" among hjs new cm c i n - iiatl Reds pitching berth aspirants in young Joe Nuxha.ll. Nuxhall ts the Hamilton southpaw who first pitched for the Reds lu 1944 when he wns only 15 years old. He wns loo wild nnd inexperienced, however, and he's been in the minors. Last year i, e won 13 and lost 22 with Tulsa but his showing wns good enough to brine nboul a return engagement, with Cincinnati. Up until Victorian limes "lire languase of f!nne;s" w«s much studied ns a means to convey sentiments by symbolic inleiprctiUions of gifus of ditlerent lypcs of HOT- MS — the interprctation.1 being n to bolh glveind recipient. lun S. r >-4] in the ihsi game and S N-Mll- Inn loiirnry fnrarcd Greenway didn't Ellison look tro Impressive but still won ! Owens over O;;k Oiovi- 55-38. [iTigglns In tonight's semi-final aition. Bye.'is is scheduled to plav McCor- n.U'k at 7:35 wilh Greenway meeting Lake City at, 9. nycss and Greenway nre cxprct- ed to battle It out, for the rlislricL championship In the finals tomcr- row night. The Wilson-Lake City name was (Si I'.15. ..F.. ..F. ..C. onietlilng onl of a .story book as the tw tennis battled ri 1: tit down lo lhe wire. The lead rh.'niRcd hands several times rim-inn lhe cosiest and the was tied at the end of tbr- first and Ihirtl periods. Djes.1 (61 Cox •1\ Hol'swcrth (13) Lemons 1121 Francis (3) CriswcII Vincent 17) P. Brldxer '4' G.. Substitutions; Neuletcn—L. Brid- pcr. Dyrss-Hcnsoji, Maliati (.11. Clrcenway p<>,. O 3)l f; ro ,, Galewoori illr .F.. i38) R. Butler Norman 19) . .,F L Butler H. Speers rill C (8) Jones B. Ward (8) ..G... . Kaptleman After eiK'nt minutes nf play, the i Flylln 171 aiillctOi!.s and the Catfish were all i Chlscnhall eycrr ai 10-10 but at intprmlsslon lime Wilson was in command by a slim 24-22 count. Lake City tied it, ll|> nualn a( the end of (hrce periods 3S-.15 and in the fourth Lake Citv scored in pniiKs lo nine for Wilson which won the panic. A small-sized rhubarb developed in the closing seconds of lire same when. (In- game clock wouldn't stiirl after a time out but it was shnrt- llvcd and the pnme proceeded without any further Issue. llarkor. Stiitls 1,4'iid Barker and Stott.s led Lake City lo the victory with 12 and 10 points Wright (7) SnbsOtutions: Greenway — Bateman I3i, Kegley. Oak Grove—Penny. Eubnnks (21. Hollls. l.nkc City Pas. Wilson Slott.s (101 P.... fj) chissell | L,. H'shear (4i . F... (in Robinson '" - .C.. (6) Fi-eel.i a ri2) Webb Barker (121 ...G ij) Muncj Substitutions: Lake City B. respectively and wns hio], with scored II. Tor Wilson Webb 12 nnd Robinson . DJ-C.SS didn't have too much 1 rou- ble ReUiiiR by Ncllleton, Tlie RaV- les started last building up n 1B-4 first, period lead then they slon-ed Ihe. game down and made the Red Raiders piny their way. At halllime the count was 31-17 and nl, the end of the third qunrter the Enslc.5 were ahead 42-33. Lemons. Hotllnsswoiilr and Francis paced the Eaules. Lemons scored 13 points antl Francis and Hollinfis- worth 12 each. k Grcvr. with its one man show Id Butler. RIIH' the powerful Greenway TiRers more trouble than Blackshear (4). Wilson—Grant <j>. State Junior Tourney in Semi-Finals MAGNOLIA. Artt. lm — Pour teams met here this morning In the Slate Junior Boys Basketball Tolirnnmcnt to choose the last two competitors in the seml-flnals Harrison played Ml. Holly, white Jonesborn look on Melbourne. '["lie other I wo seml-fln«liat.i—Ft. Smith ami Van Buren—won their berths last night. Ft. Smith defeated Bald Knob •11-26 while Van Buren whipped Pine Blurt 2<-22. Ft. Smith and Van Buren will meet tonight In the first game ot the semi-finals. First round games were completed yesterday. The results: Mt. Holly 46, Norman 3» Pine Bluff 37. Bnonevllle 3D. Jonrsboro 35. Conwny 33. Melbourne 30. Monticello II. Harrison 3D. Brinkley 37. Lopez May Shift Doby to First TUCSON. Ari7. ,,p, _ Cleveland manager Al Lope/ was tinkering with lhe notion today of using Larry Doby ns a reserve first baseman. Harry Simpson spelled Luke Eas- Young German in Army Again — -Now It's U.S. DARMSTADT. Germany or>) _ Younp Peter Fleck, who used to wear the bine-gray of Hie German I Luftwaffe. Is back in uniform n.o.iln —this time it's American olive drab. Fleck. 23. was yanked Into the Luftwaffe air defenses, when he was IS. Because of his youth and because his service was "auxiliary" Fleck escaped life in a prisoner of war camp. I,ast May Peter got permission and went lo lire United States to lhe home of tils cousin. Arthur Fleck, of Lindenlmrst, Long Island But Selective Service reached otit soon and last August Pcler found himself at Ft. Knox. Ky. Soon after IralniiiE he headed for Ihe V. S. 1st Division and duty in his' homeland, lie says military service is a small price lo pay for Ameil- can citizenship. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Ted \rVilliams, Ralph Kiner Head List of 29 Major League Holdouts l.v flAf.Pii imni?vi , .-_ i s ^ nnd Ralph Kiner bend a small but impressive list of major leantie stars who have not signed their 1952 contracts. An Associated Press survey ve- ew York Yankees who haven't s«S33«a= to service. the oiher recalcitrant Red Sox. j and Washington Senators one each ; Tigers Have T«o oasc at. Kan fifriiiir-I TnficWer Jerry Priddy and pitch- r',i J' " co " (cr - I pr Hri1 Newhonscr haven't agreed nttsbnrgh president ; to Tiucr terms. Newhoiiser ? ' ter at first las! sca.ion, but. Lopez thinks maybe he'll restrict Harry to lire outfield. Doby tiroke into the blR leagues as n first baseman and was converted to ihc outfield. In Osceo/a... CALL Harold Siler at Siler's Drug Store for everyday delivery of the Blytheville Courier News $1.08 Per Month PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 860 On Tour Dial Saturday March 1, l!)f>2 MORMNXi 6:45-.Si£n On 6:-15—Keiser Gospel Time 7:00—Worlrl New, 7:or>— Yawnin h, the Mornin 8:00—World Nf"« B:OS—Viiiietips in Melody 8:45—Rosalie Dudos 9:00—World News 9:05—Are You Listening 10:00—Vews 10:05—Are You Listening Jl.'Oft—Cotlllfy Aeent 11:15—Farm Frolks AFTERNOON 12:00—Noon News 12:15—Koon ftVren.iffe 1:00—Behind the World News 1:05— Matmre MMoriie.s 2:00—Arkansas Nrws 2:05 —Hllliillly Hits 3:00—World Ncu.s 3:0.i— Heplune •1.00— niytheMlte Courier News 4 :05— Robn t's Roundhouse 5:00—World N'rw> 5:05—Rrcorrt Ha'k 5:,1a- Spottstnati 6:45—Sis n Oft n the American can make the' vich same boast. To Antiear Snlnrday Williams, one of f dickering for Icrms, he has signed but Ihe club haVt received his contract, The two Brownies still out art Inliclders Bill Jennings and pitch-' cr John Hetki. Outfielder Gil Coan Is Washing- Ion's only displeased athlete. Cleveland's abstainers are in( fielders Bob Avila and George Metko- i Stirnv.'clss, The Pi,ii-,rtei, hi «.M , I The Phi'^delphia Phillits have fr. , ,,i ' - Athl<> »" I'-ivo . Jour unsigned players, •['hey are UIled ihorrstoT'r'iH 1 -" 5 lo be sal-j shortstop Gran ilamner, ihird , i:!,,:? h ™, ","u, T r T' ,' r , ! " : '"'" nn Willle •' mfs ' secmirt bns<i ins i iin. inrielder Ilil- . man Connie Ryan, and relief pitcn- ' '"^ " •"" '"" Tip- pr Jinj Konstanty. X'eteran catcher Walktr Cooper and third baseman Bob Elliott are dKtathfiod over terms offered by thr- Boston Braves. FOR SALE! Ammonium Nitrate 20 1 / 2 Per Cent For Informarion and Price, Call WEST MEMPHIS COTTON OIL MILL WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. Phone West Jicrcpnls. 8 ( ,, hone j| empMa| s . tM ,

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