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Norton, Kansas
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State Historical fetci THE IBERATOR VOL. XI. NO. 4. NORTON, KANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1902.

-it CM Go to tho Opera House The Churches. Preachlnv sash Sundai carpenter ai'l Mrs Broquet has paint shop for rent. TANKS! TANKS! at a a. m. and p.

m. buuday dcujjl at lu a.m. trayer meetings at ItttMis. even 1DK8. tCtthkk! LlLil IthUIIJ-t ci 'i VtM.nigll Rev.

R. Bell, I'astor. lliU a i The farmers have begun their A Bad Breath tad breath means a bad stomach, a bad digestion, a bad liver. Ayer's Pills are liver pills. They euro con-Tipation, dys-ipepsia, sick headache.

25c. A'l dru-sts. Monday was city eieotioa. Go to J. Scott's for carpeta.

Go to M. Soott'a for Wall paper. The farmers report the wheat doing well Attend the play at the Opera Hoaa tonight. If you need a pair of glasses go to Venrick's. The eariy flowers are making their appearance, The uiail-oarners are doing hicaly Those hats at M.

I BROW.V arc beauties Wesleian AlEiBODiBT. Buiiday School a 10 a. m. l'reactnug eauri bunuay at 11 a m. in tne Lane liuiiuing.

All are invited. id. C. h.ENDBicK, Pastor. Methodist Episcopal.

Service every Sab (wtii, at a. ana 1:30 evening, bunau. a. m. H.

J. Lohknz, haator. ttAPWST. Services every buuday at 11:00 a AYc buy our tanks in Car-loads and Jtlieyd arc Shipped direct from the factory in Want your moustacho or Ward a beaulliul Call and exim.neour Nobby Njw Suits for Men and Boys $10.00 to 5,00 equal to Tailor ruadtj. nrown or ricu diiick i for ths BUCKINGHAM'S DYEW nisuers M.


ft MICHIGA3XT. I 'We cansell you any size froik 4ft. to on iheir respective routes. Pants-fitting overalls for 65c. nt SIII3IE It is rumored that a new bank is to be established here in the near future, Mrs.

Gay has a fine line of "'pattern Miss Sylvia Joint' many lriendj -prised her at her home latt Friday even ing, it being her Rdfroi-h-meats were served and a general youd time enjoyed. MOXEi TO LOW. For Farm Loans and Cattle Lans consult ii, ii Cuthrle. and 1 p. ui.

b. 1. r. U. eveiy sunuay ai 3 p.

in. ltKV. 11. P. liJLLBK, Pastor.

"United Riikthern Preaching the second and fo rth Su-daya uf eacU month at 11 a. ta: and 8 p. in. buuday School at 10 a. m.

Prayer Meeiuiu on VtdnesUuy eeuing. P. M. Herrick, Pastor, Peesbytekian. Serviceuevery Sabbathmorn tog and evening.

bchuol at 10 a. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening. Kev. J. U.

vkhktt, faator. Catholic Mass at 10:80 a. m. fourth Sunday Of every month. Sunday school every Sunday in.

Da. kxkleckh.b, Paator, YODNQ fHUMilt'H dMO bOv.lETJOlr(JliHlb I1AN everv uiuuuay at the UhrlaUau Cuuroli. QHCT DIMF TAMIQ DRESSMAKING! am prepared to do sewing Take a look at thot nappy iicav patterns in coring suits at I SHIM HILL'S hats f'Call and look at them. Mrs. Rev.

Thompson is quite Bick with sciatic rheumatism. A nice line of News and Stationery a the Post Office Jeweler store. at my home, one block soutti and one block east of the See J. for all kinds "Hard to Beat'; fi jur is uxoellent ac we know you will be satisfied. Try it.

SNYDER HARMONSON. Greer House. I will sew by Goods and Prices Both Right. Respectfully, NORTON, KANS, of lubricating oils and ax grease. Miss Adea Davis, our efficient tyno, Societies.

1.. P. Norton Lodge Mo. th day at your horn es. Lucy Dean.

157, meets had her thumb Dadly mashed in the eveiy paturaeiy noiwus M. P. Ward has'been out of tbe Hfore far several days. He is suHring with printing press 'ast week. cordially invited to ajumu.

lJ'. f). G. k. V.

Hedges, Sec y. rheumatism in the feat and ankles. A. "meet stcoiid and fourth Thurs 11 Broi Hull is in the east lecturing days in each uiouin. omm C.

V. i. Jones, tlora. V. while Sister Hell is here feastiug on th HT Ql'l We want your trade We'll treat you right SNYDhR HARMONSON.

Scarlet fever in Norcatur a child living at that burg has it It is thought the child was exposed to the disease on the cars. common, to a newspaper office. Champion. Yes enough of that PI to sat- The Best Remedy lor QUICK RELIEF FEOil PAIN. All who use, Chamberlain's Pain Balm sfy iiiy ormand; but P-I-E.

Nix. Meat Market, XO o. F. Norton KebeKaii Lioage no. Meets first and thud Saturdays of each month at twoo'clock p.

iu. Thomas Elkinb, N. Q. Alice Dakling, becretary. A.

XJ. W. meei. every Tuesday evening In Kennedy's hall ADDEN w. B.

The O. E. 6. Pleiades Circle meets every second Wednesday of each month, Mr. fend Mrs.

Pickering of Lenora Prof, and Mrs, Cajter, Mrs. Norman gaye oui- office a call wnue they were Johnsou, Mrs. liari'v Thompson and shopping iu.Nortou Wednesday. (Jive the Sew Meat Market Mrs. Bert Walters attendedthe Baptist Douglas Shoes lor men $2.50 to a call.

convention at Long Island over Sunday Try a pre, uothingbetter. M. F. The ladies of the New, Century Club, LOCAL TIME TABLE. The wvtment of passenger trains is as luUuws: K.

I. P. 14. K. Mountain Time.) The High tSchool an Sbaktsperiao, Club, tho T.

U. oontesc last Tuesday evening. Mr LEGG- Si SON Have come to stay an I aid the W. R. C.

are talking ol giving Dowling took the'tirot honor and Mr, are delighted with the quiok relief from pain which it When Speaking of this Mr, M. D. Sinks of Troy, Ohio, says. "Some time ago I had a severe attact of rhearnatisia In my arm and shoulder. 1 tried numerous remedies but got no relief until I was recommended by Messrs.

Geo.F. Parsons druggists of this place, to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. They recomended it so highly that I bought a bottle. I was soon relieved fiom pain, I haye since recommended this liniment to many of my friends, who will agree with me that it ia the best remedy for muscular rheumatism in the "maiKe't entertainments socials, etc. to raise the Holben the Ubcond, money to buy tue material and ground are carrying a full line Are You Looking for Stationery Of course you are, and we have it put up in 10c.

to 50 a box. Just received the latest American and foreign styles in all tints and shades. Wo are still latest small to build and equip a library buildins. oval picture at 3o 3ao per doz. TKAINS GOIMO WMT No.

5, Ifltal. a'fcd JSxpresa tso.v, Man and Express No.5lLiOoal freignt No. 97, Soon Freight TBAINb GOING EAST, No 8, Mai and Eionesa, No. 10, Mall and Express No. 53 Local Freight No.

i)0. Stock Freight 0:47 p. m. .2:20 p. ui.

8.4U a. in. lilOp.m 5:53 m. 10:47 p. m.

p.m, 8:40 a. m. We hope they will succeed in their en -terprise. RARfLEET. 0f8S 'Fresh and Salt meats.

Poultry netting, hog fenoing and barb Note paper and envelops were never wire at VV.J. liO A Eft'S SONS', Better Seeurc 'your pieures Us reasonable as now; they will go H. W. Wallace, Afent, Harry Thojipaon will move.hia family They are also "paying bighVr, Now is time to pur- bow at ine ganery over Toe MeCuu's barber shop. Pri For sale by Dr.

N. L. Jones. to Colorado next.week. the Highest Casli -Price cbaSet.h& latest, Djon't let this sale Mrs.

a lot of new Spring ro by. for Hides ces lowest in the city. 25 35c per cloai. COLK BA1STLEET. millinery ot the latest styles ana more GEO.

MOULTON. coming. (Mr. Bryan's W- H- HILES, Att'y at Law, OFFICE IN THE COURT HOUSE, NORTON, A fine line oE canned Irnits cheap; at Ealph Marsh of Newark.i N. All diseases start in the bowels, Keep them W.

J. Bower received two The Commoner has "attained wkhi open or you will be sick. CABCARET3 act like T. I. Foster City Grocery auU Market nephew of W.

H. Marsh, is here visiting his uncle and family, he may conclude six months from date of the first issue nature. Keep liver and bowels aotive without car loads of fc UKNrl UKE lrculatiou of 100,000 copies, a record a sickening griping feeling. Six million people take and recommend CASUARETS. Try a to remain our little city lor some about four weeks ago and 'la IS time.

juaisn nas out reoently re probably neyer equaled in the history of American perodieal literature The 10c box. All druggists. getting two more car loads turned frorrt the Philippine' where he unparalleled growth of thfg paper de- tMs week, and -is selling at went at a volunteer iu tlie navy. Caught a DreaCful Cold. Marion Kooke manager for that there.

is room in the PRICES that competition BAItUKll l'LVMOLTH UOClv Mrs. Ike Burgess wentito O'ayton cn Tuesday evening and returnud Wednesday, Have you seen the splendid line of new millinury at M. V. Call on Sunder Son in their new looation, and sample their nioekcigars. tobaco and pipes.

Miss Florence West of is Thompson, a large importer of fine'mil- can't meet. ECiC.S for sale, at 1.00 per Set. hnerv at 1B58 Milwaukee Avenue, Chi newspaper field for apational paper devoted to the discussion of political, eoonomio, and social problems. To the columns of The Cammoner Mr. Bryan contributes his best efforts; and his res ting.

rs. ii W. 1TIKY. cago, 'During, the late severe wea THE lilii SUCCESS. street, three doors west of the ther I oaught a dreadful cold which The great.

success of Edwin wings Baptist Church, Norton, Eans. kept me awake at night and mad? me TbvVne's oomedy dramma "Too Rich to view of political events as they arise from time to time can not fail to inter The W. T. U. Institute held in this unfit to attend to my work during the dav.

One of m.v milliners was taking L. H. WILDEB Attorney at Law. OFFICE IN COURT HOUSE THOMPSON S1110SS, Attorneys at Law. Office in Court House.

NORTON, KANSAS. W. T. HAYES, ATTORNEY AT LAW. General law practice.

Baal Eatat Collections, and Inanranoe. NOTARY PUBLIC office. Marry'" from a literary and artistio city last ween, conducted by Mrs. L. B.

standpoint, as well as irom the view of est those who study publioquestions. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for a se-yeie cold at that time, which seemed to Smith of Ottawa, was too good to miss those who, wish to laugh and be enter ine commoner regular subscription Visiting Mrs. Walters and family, The best line of men's and ladies' shoes in Xorton eounty at SUIMUALL'S A. Baker bought a place irom J. consisted of.addresses, pa per, 8 dis relieve her so quickly ht I bought tained, makes it the best vehicle that cou'd possible be obtained for a first price is fl.OO per year.We.haye arranged with Mr.

Bryan cussions and music ot hign grade. some for myself. It aoted like magic JNorcatur, Aimena ana Uuiyery were can furnish his paper and Thb.Libeba- class company. The characters of the brilliant comedy are in eyery way true Jones, in the southwest part of town represented. M.

B. Tob together foronej year-for 1.65, and I began to improve at once. am now entirely well and feel very to acknowledge its merits." For sale to Ute. and will move in uis new komo the earij part of next week. Vining Recht are now located in The jegular subscription price, of the two when subscribed for sepa- This lifelike representation of living by Dr.

N. L. Jones. City and remta via the their new store and have the largest stock of watchet, clocks and jewelry on the stage, makes the entertainment ately is $8.00 buruugioh iVlay 1)S, I'd, aud 14, a stage performance vit-uout a single "The I'plit Play." that has ever been exhibited in Norton. Office, on Main Bcreet opposita PostofHce.

objectionable ieature. To see and hear Very low raies lupuims in Minnesota ana iwrih UuKota via tn luiiinKtun', A Testimonial from Old England. "I consider Chamberlain's Cough Auy person wishing to make a nice Some of the sowns worn in the polite KANSAS. ALMENA, thi delightful comedy by one oi the ioiemost writers of the age, is an. event present of anything iu our hue will find Comedy "Too Rlohxo Marry, coming Remedy the best in the world for bron A new haoy girl came giadeii ttic it to their interest to ttive us a call.

to be stored in tne memory as jouq of hearu or Air. aud ivlxs. CiraUam ibbi to the Opera House, April 11, are gems of Parisian beauty; designed and made South chitis," says Mr William Savory, Warrington, England. "It has eai ed my he pleasantest. recollections of a life week.

Dr. Bancroft has fitted up a new offioe by the Great Worth, Paris Ideal Model, No one should miss it the with all the late improved uenta! instru bpnug time is tha time to use Rooky Norton, Ther.ter goers will have the Nr-non Opera House, Friday, April 11. Dleasnre of seeing almost the entire ments, so that now he has the finest and best equipped office iu Western wite life, she having been a martyr to broncitis for over six years, being most of the time confined to her bed. She is now quite well." Sold by Dr. L.

Jones. Mountain l'c. Keeps on well ail tmur mer. Ureal spuug life renewed, aoo. Geo.

Mouitou. original cast, trappings and stage ac Kansas. All work guarauteed. Crown Mothers' meeting The W. C.

T. U. parlor meeting will ceasories. Tnis attraction will be the and bridge worn, a specialty. season's Comedy treat.

mett at the. heme ot Mis. M. E. Bruner The New Century meets at Mrs Bert Waters Miis weeK.

A piil.15 at 3 High School Board met Tuesday BETTEB T1IAX The question has been asked, "In Some Alfalfa Figures. We ou grooenes ror your to tne lor the coming produce and treat you tight what way are Chamberlain's Stomach S. Randleman, four miles below school year. They engaged Prof. RiUe "PROGRAM.

Hy mn While the Days are Going Devotional led by Mrs. Newell BARBER SHOP. Good nhavea and artistio hair cuts. Everything neat and clean. Give us a call.

C. A. IIAMILTOX, Proprictoi Wheeler Bower, KARdER SHOP and BATH ROOMS 8ATISFATT0N GUARANTEED. JJavli Brick Block. Bute Street, J.

PACE, lohry Pablic and Real Estate Igt Ikimond, Kanp. Tablets superior to pills?" Our SNYDEti HARMONSON of Oberlin Jar. principal, and Miss Ida town on the Solomon, tells us of some bf his experience raising aiialfa. He cut two crops, foe hay off of GJ acres and John W. Gordan and Miss Orisia Cnse lor assistant pnncpal.

Miss Hou- answer is; They are easier and more pleasant tcvtake, more mild and gentle Anderson, both of Hill City, Kantat sel, Mies Sunsttum and Mr. Long were Koli'Ctth Quotations on. Home. were nnited in marrage by Probate re-elected to their same places. got twenty tons off of the field.

Then he let one crop go to seed, which Jadge.Baker, April 5th. Ktading Puial.e for Our Boys. Mart Smith. lUading Predisposing.CauseB. Aiks.

Ilassebt. Call on Vining Recht and inspect their nice fobs, ladies and gents chains Notice Anyone, desiring old NEWSPAPERS to put under their carpets can get a Sole The I Bud the brought 32 bushels of seed worth $.50 per bust, el, besides 50 head ot hoga run on this allaifa from tne first of April to the first of DecemLer. Tho alfaliais worth $5 per ton. This would make $100 for the hay, $184 for the seed and and secret lockets. Ail goods bought of as are nicely engraved free of charg nice large bundle at the Lib We also do all kinds of repairing.

Wing. Mrs. Cultks. Reading' Burried Seed Mrs, Griffin. Song Neerer My God to Thee.

EiATOR office for 5 cents. SNYDER HARMONSON have at least $50 for pasture of hogs, and Michigan Salt and the price is right about seven tons of straw at $3 per to in esect and more reliable as they can always be depended upon. Then they cleanse and inyigorate the stomach and leave the. bowels in a natural condition, while the pills are more harsh in tffect ana their use is often followed by constipation. For Bale by Dr.

N. L. Jones. Catarrn Permanently Nasal Catarrh, Catarrh tf Head or Catarrahal Deafness. No Cure, No Pay.

All druggist are authorized by the manufacturers of Bunion's Cream Catarrhal to refund the money where fails tc cure any case of Catarrh no matter -of how long standing. One application gives ease and rest. Bun sen's Cream Catarrhal is a new discovery and is tbe only Catarrh remedy sold on a positive guarantee-No Cnre, No Pay. Price 5C cents. For sale by Geo.

Moulton. Home Seekers Excursion via the Call and ee them-. making in ad $355, or tquai to 54 per The highest glory in any world is the glory ot Ladies Home acre for last year. One year with an Burlington. other alfalfa will bring $20 an acre.

tpBT. nnfl thirn Tl nociava Journal. I live and let my brothern live. With all that's good with me. Unto the poor, some cash I give Morland Independent.

April and May to points in Arizona, Eacliaclie No Cure, No Pay. The balance I give to Rocky Mono. When Baby Has Tne CroupL Arkansas, Indian Teritory, Lousiana, New Mexioo, Oklahoma, Texas.and Ol-ifornia. Call at the office for full tain lea. Gp.

Moulton. Tliii Pata MM Slop and bath Rooms Everything new and clean. SATISFACTON GUARANTEED. 'B. HINSDELL, GASH BUYER Your druggist will relund your money If DtBeii's Kidney Pius fad to cure any How many asxions hours are spent by 4.

Try Chamberlain' Stomach Sc "Liver Tabltte, the best physio For sals oy Kidney' Layer, Bladder or Uno acid trouble or any disorders due to Weak Dr. S. L. Jones Kidiiej kucn as rheuinatiein, lumbago, mothers when Baby has the croup, and how inany times ths an xity and the tender care go all for naught, because the treatment given is not runt. Thoughtful Mothers know the worth of Bunsens Pine Tat Cough Honey in cases of Cold CiohD or Pneumonia and prefer it Ld brifctit's difctafct.

Debell's Kianev You will never wish to Uke another done of pills if you once try Chamberlain's Stomach Liver Tablets. The are easier to take and more pleasant Puis is a new aibcovery and is the only kidney remeay sold on a positive gnar- Makes children eat, sleep and grow makes mother strong and vigorous; makes a healthy family. That's what ocky Mountain Tea 85cant3 Geo. Monitor, iue-No Cure, Jo Pay. Price 35etg, I I Beat Cjoffh Sjnjp.

Ihwi Qood. EN I I II la id, drofflsta. I I all others. Pries 25450 cents. effect.

They cleanse the stomach, and regulate the li vet and "bowels. For talel by Dr. N. L. Jonee, For sale by Geo.

Moulton. For sale bl Oe- Moulton..

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