The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 2
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'" TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COTJKIER NEWS HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Millions of Love-Lorn Single Gals v Hoping' On Day of Leap Year NEW YORK f/T)—Millions of lovelorn single girJs are hoping this Loap Year day because they nrcn't. among the married. '•What does ft really lake to win a husband?" they wonrior. The answer to'thLs has slumped foothsayers nnd phychialj-iKt.s. Scientists have been unable in fame up with a U?M t»ljc solution. Now business Is trying to solve the problem. For (he creation of new /aniiltes is becoming more juici more important to inriustiv. if people quit Retting married, the nation would soon smother wllh unsold rctfripornior.s. wfi&hlng ni a chinos, and layettes. I li/u'p Bt hand ihe results of a little business repeiu-ch into the jnairfmonifiJ fielrt. n is -j sun H 05' made by Shadow Wave, n. Ixjver Brothers hcune pennaricnt. 200 Ti-rsoiis rolled This firm polled abmiL 1011 cuys and 100 v.als on U<LK quoAtion: "What arc IhR five most, hnpnr- taiu '.veajioiis in a girl's nrsens.1 iiftttfd to ^cl her man ant) unikr 195'- 1 a surccssrul le:ip year?" The rcmrus ai'e in and, I say very dt&trcsKing. The distinb- ing truth is that thcro an; dramn- ic ^nd rundamcntnl differcnrc.s of opinion between the scxe-.s on just what qualities n man looks for in a mate. Even where there were areas of agreement, fhe emphasis differed. Both sexes apreed the slrl ought to be welt-groomed antl attractive in appearance. But the girls them- f.clvcs stressed neatness, while the bachelors voted henvily for more definite feminine altun?. Personality Mslert Hijch "rleas'atR per.s-nnaJMy" «-ns hi$h on the men's list; the women \ r otrd lor "charm," rind just what thai rovers remains a mystery. The ability to cook rated near the top with the !nds hut the lassies hatrlh'v even mentioned the kitchen an, perhaps been use o[ a s rowing womanly conviction thai cooking is .=omonthinK done only in the buck rooms of rest n urn rils. Many men put (town "n sense of lnnnor." The girls worded it more often "(hi- ability nnd willingness lo humor him." ".Vice riniii uiiT' In jjrnfral. Hie bachelor pirls ulr- tnrcd the? prospective bridge as a nice clean ftirl-it \vns aiiui/nu; how Jiiimy mentioned t lcanlm<':v>- iti Ion- with hearth and home i-rm- ver.'jiUtonally Riftcrt and so tnfoi inert stout her husband's Imsiitev-; aff;urs she could even help him [jiiure out his income inx. The difference between the yexr-s 5howt*d up most clearly In the mat[ ler of cmiviTsruion. Most wmnrn j v.cir dreamily sure men yearn for fa wife to "lie- able to discuss many {subjects inU'lliKcnUy," ur "a lively N'aKKliiK Is Drrudi-d The fclto\vjs themselves, on thri- ot her hand, showed n mor'nid drrail of wifely l.;itmncity, or, n.s thry put it, "Ma^lntt." One said llatly: "She should remember thnt the IP.S.S slit has to say. the less she will have to explain." Only one mnle traitor listed "interest frig consorsationalisl" as rie.sii'nble. Oddly enough, he was a Many, many «lrl.s In the survey wrote down "coinmoti .sense" as a hu.sbn mi-winning trait. The mmi were unantnioii.ily .silent on this -subject, either thrmieh sheer mate gaJlantry or b?cnnse of the f re Urn; that, niter all, a girl cnn't Imvc ereryfhmg. NOW, IT'S "SNOWVirW LODGE"-Mosl of the view at I.akcvi-v I odre at Emiaranl G-n •Cnhr, is CO v Crc d by ao-Iool drifts of snow. The thre.-^ry baildinV I ai mon bur S in h$ drills near the s>U whore the strcurnliner, Ciiy of San Francisco. v,.s snov;bound for^ three day |G/ Asleep at Post in Korea To Get 10 Years, Discharge FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1953 WILSON NEWS My MKS. B. f. HOYl.KS The condition of flank Robinson! of Forrest City, who underwent an I (•merijcncy operation at tile hospital I in Forrest City, last Thursday ni^ht ; Is reporter! as satisfactory. His yon, i Halph Roblason, and his brother- | iii-Ian-. Robert Griffin, -.vent 'o Forrest Ciiy Friday to be \viili him.' .Mr. Robinson is a former rural i mull carrier of Wilson and lived here a number of years be/ore mov- | in? to Forrest City. ] IJoIiert UiiMey of Memphis is spending tills week ivith h:^ par-1 mis, Mr. and Mrs. j. j Husscy, '. and their family, Mr. and Mrs. w. B l.nvctt r,( ' Rulcville, Miss, and Mrs L. E. Ixn - rtl of Sliaw, Miss., nere the «'C"k | end Bursts of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ti l.oveil and their famllv, Mr. mill Mrs. K(b;ir I):ulcv it M'orf) r id Ml s 1 I if II I (1 I thnr home -utrr a f d u it with )i<) nother M , ( rr V ) -on. and her sister, Lillian V ii m Mr I'lcl Mi Chilli P. in if St loin v,ei( |ii u t of lnr brother. J. M. Hcsford .and hi' family Monday and Mnml.iv ni«iit I 1 1\ h Attorney Soys Go/d Plotter Did It for Book He's Writing BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. W) —I The nltorncy tor the man accused I of plotting to pirate Indian gold I from Mexico in a Ijomber says his; client ciid it to get material for nn adventure story he is \vriting. The lawyer. Jack 1,. Karen, suld .yesterday the manuscript may be! used lo show his client, Robert' Lord in, 33. Is the victim of a "gigantic framctip." Lord and Glen Sp;ujlding, 2.1. .David Hutton, 33. nml Lee Edmund Moore. 30. are chnrgcd with robbery attempted robbery and kid- naping for the purpose of robbery. Preliminary Is Set Arraigned before Beverly Hills Municipal Jncigc Charles J. Griffin, (hey were ordered to iTtujn Mnrch 7 for preliminary hearing Bail was set at {50,000 for Ixird Rotations See Film of U. of A. Scenes of University of Arkansas! stuiient. life n-cri> S?CD by innnbers of Blytheville's Rotary Club yesterday when they viewed a film entitled "This Is Your University." The program was nrrangrri by February Program Chairman W. S. Johnston, and Richard Roberts was projcctionlnst. V. K. Staraes was introduced to the club as a new member, Guests included Georce Snydcr, Charlotte. N.c.: Joe Martin and i Gortfrey While. Osceo.'a; D. D. Ay-1 ccck. Jonesbtiro; The Rev. Ralph Hlllls. Scarcy; Die Rev. I. A. llum- ley, Comvay; A. H. Webb. Hollrmrt; Worlh Holrirr and w. .5. Storall. Jr. Attending their final meeting as Junior Rotarl.ira for Frbninry were Charles KinninRham r.nri Dillv Mayo. and $15.000 for the others. They are acemcd of piirtloip.ilinp In four jewel robberies ns part ot n plnn to collect SfiOO.OOn to purchase a surplus bomber to finance a Bold-seeking expedition into Mexico. Another suspect, Fred M«rr:Un. 35, was arcrsted on n charge of recelvijiR stolen property. Trap Sprung nn Ganjt Lnrd. (n the impoi t business, and the others were seized by Dctcr.tlve Hay Rorders who joined the Kflni? through n ruse and spuing a trap on them. Borders said Spiuildine told htm they cmi]<t sell a ton of Kold for Sl.800.non. SpnuUUnt! snltl lie learned .from n Yaqtll rhief that the Indians had ^.400 jiolincls . of Bold Ii) a rm:he near a Noijjtles, ,vlex., reservation. Only s:iOO rnsh was received from the jewel the/Is. . Senior Itothenlmrg. 46, arrested nt the .same time ns the others, was Meed tortny. Knrcn said Rolhcn- buru had n license permitting him to import uoW. RnthcnburG had been booke:! c" • <icion ot receiving stolon properly. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creomulsion relieves promptly bccim-so it goci rigi^t lo tlie scat of the (rouble to help loosen i\ml «.^pcl germ Jndcn phlegm and aiJ iwlnrc lo snoUie nnci heal rn\v, tcnttcr, inHiimciI broncln'a! incnilir.incs. Guaranteed lo please you or money rcfumlctf. Crcomiilsion has slootl the Icsl of millions of users, CREOittUIfSION i«l,i¥»( Cou(>ii, Chill Ccldi, Acut. Branthitii ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE I'lionc I(i21 Shmv Slnrls Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sal. Sun. 1 :00 p.m. LAST TIMES TODAY! DOUBLE FEATURE ALSO CARTOON" SATURDAY; DOUBLE FEATURE* Carl "mi & Sorinl ".Sir Gnllihad" SATURDAY LATE SHOW—STARTS 11:30 Also Curloon "Pirates of the High Seas" Serial SEOUI.; KOi-oa W f ~ Tlir- Kighth? Army judge nrlvocnle's office said i ot . V(J , today n Kcncm) court mnrtial ron- [ ' vie ted Pfc. Warren McConnell nf I Allowny. N. J.. of sleeping while fcuarding a batltefront position. Ht wns sentencr<l to (tishonorablo discharge nnd 10 years in prison. Tht* office Ffiicl McConnell'.s sentence is up for review in Washington. A Seventh Division pcrifrnt court mnrtial tried McConnel In Occem- bcr. McConnel «-a.s accused of sleeping Nov. J4 while- posted n.s a Jfjolc- 01 it on the main bat tic front line, of the 32nd neginienl. Tho office jsaid one previous co^i- vic.Lion was considered in ihe trial. The coinman<lln K lence. McConnel i.s in n\e Lonipoc C;illl,, clifciplinary bnrrncks. , In Allo'.vny, (he solrfier'.s father. D;:rsey McConnell, said ho would flBlH the sentence. He nclued that | nif» son v rote him that he fni] appiovfrt the Mn-lrt^ 1 ' af!Cl ' ?2 h ° Urs ° f continuoiIE i I m D ei a M <t t t C i f j i I ei I h i i j , t Mi !'t uhp J D 1 1 i d ( Pr lh Miss Kornia Ai:(tv!-o n 'e tencnc u (t mci t ; CT nu u n i R r 1-st V.CP ^ in ->c u panirrt lo Little U.- ;l *_ bv Alb. > Oree II 11 e Wil-on Hi-h ^ i t il mi" u council \ill f n f ( run lues horn other nut i < nui' In ,\!l-<ro with it banquet. It will IN' TIIK 1'KOHATK COURT, CHICK AS A\VKA DISTKICT, .MhSSISSlFPl COUNTY, ARKANSAS ^Estate of Monte A. Isaacs, de- ccri^rd. l.n ' known addre.s. 1 ;: 520 Main Street. Blythcville, ArX.insa.s, Date of death: January 2Gth, 1U52. The undorsiKtiPd has been np- poitiled A<iniinislratrix of the above nasnecl decedent. All Arsons having claims against the €st;tte inu^t exhibit thorn, duly niilliPiLticatcd, to the undcr.sityied \vitl\in six inontlis from the first publication of this notice, or they j be br-M March 4 fit the W)]5in j T.ivrrn. Four representative mem- j lirrs fire invited from each srhool. i Mr, nnd: Mrs- Frank Wilson will return this week from n. two-week vocation at Ml. Tremblum, Can-1 ada. Mrs. J. E. Craiu and Mrs, A. K, 1 Clark have rctnnied frcm a va-' t'nuon in Miami Beach, Flu. Thrry in:ulc tli" triij via plane. Mrs. Mat't'ie Boyle:s of Murkccl Tiefl i.s visiting her sou, Buforcl Bnvlrs, nnd his family. Mis J LC C ok of Osceola and i 'i oi I i <? i j. T. Cook, \vete the ftuwts of her sister, Mrs, But rt B MS n ci f:-,nniv Mr '..y n U t S-,t C til- is in the Marines i leave from Camp I r If f> ^ c shall be forever barred and p re _ eluded from any benefits in the ea" tale, This Notice /m>t piiUfehcd 2-15, Brooks O. Isaacs, Administratrix 520 West Main Street, Blythevillo, Arkansas 2,15-2^-29 WHYPAYMOBE? low Cant Get More tl in Ml ir intterj 1 y ill \ or d •» I r '- f i 11 r at 10 Kltl.-SAT. SUNSET TRAIL" K Cassitly George "(lahhy" Hayes (.'onu'dy & Serial SAT. MIDNLTli SHOW Slarfs 10:15 "ARMORED CAR ROBBERY" Carles Mctiraw Adcle Jcrgcns RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ['KID AY "STATE POLICE U'm. l,Miidiir;ii!, Constance Aloore & John King SATURDAY 'TEXAS CITY' ,Iohnny i\1ack Brown Jimmy Kllison SAT. OWI, SHOW 'INVISIBLE RAY' Boris KarloTf licla l,tij;osi SUN.-AION.-TUKS. 'WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE" Itichiird Dcrr liarliara Husli NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Ynur Cnninumily Ccnler" MANILA, ARK. Milliners <S; Sun. I'hnne 58 FRIDAY 'KANSAS RAIDERS" Aiulie Murphy S ATI! H DAY "BiJIy fhe Kid & Smoking Guns linslcr CrnWie Itliout Question! aj^ffighestLeyel II SAT. owi, snow TEENAGERS' 'Galloway Went That Away" Kterl MncMurray i Dorothy MrGuiro © In today's skfdcly -svoathcr, yon urgently need tin's extra' power to stop . . . this cxirs protection against skids ... this extra defense against punctures and blowouts. And remember: nevnr before were used tires worth so much —never again may you be able to trade your old tires so favorably! Before it's too late, find out how much the current market allows us to pay for your old tires. Drive in fodcay. No obligation. THi ONir TiBHAClO SIDIW Ihf nc- M.n.lAnl of M Trt.l Imt.l s ,«,,l lo.ik nl nn i ir •-••!- • - *--- InlU r ,,-,',c bvihcir [M IHf OH It SHUT S101HO IBUDI crtio^rs at>il unreins ol llic trcjil .ire %.,t\ etl — putting: mviliipliril pen.cir.uirm ami ^ cry rutrri".*! '(irf.icr—pi>tnp u[- m 51 er Jlopj uniicr (tic worst conihlion*. SI.U PLIMTiliU IUI livk S.ilii t'unnurc- Sdlin,: 1ul,c« nhli P.n- crm-J )1.>ne<cninh < on- ^, • Sell ln<t..n[l(- while v"> « Sr..l I'cr- IinnduU .\1": L T |M: n CfJ f i n R ubjtti is rcriuiicj. DIVISION Of UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPAN'Y SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 CHAN'GK VOl'R Nl?W CAR TO FTSK S A F T I - F L I G H T S . NO PENALTY,'

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