The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLVII—NO. 288 Coul>ler Mississippi Vallcv Leade ™.m Blytheyllle Daily New, BJydicvllte Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Bl.YTHBVH.LB, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY. F1SBRUAKY 29, 1%7 MISSOURI TWELVE PAGES -- THIttATEN'S nniDOE— A aO-Joot salvage barge, held only by a drag e iii» anchor, drifts into a bridge on niscayne- Bay fil Miami, Fhi., driven by high winds that hit 50 miles per hour. The men abo.nd the baige nc when efforts to bring the barge away from the bridge stinctme failed. (Al> Wircpholo) Auriol Searches |Acheson to TV f Appeal For Foreign Aid Help Minister Faure Government Falls on Tax Plan For Rearmament By .IO1LN WASHINGTON I.'V,—Sccrtlai irlry tonight his HIGIITOWKK of state Dean Acheson carries to the ply justifies American help. The State Department arranged * maximum rndio and television presentation 01 Acheson's .speech on short notice to get it to the ,.. »••• ' — ' lesident | largest number of people VlllCCllt AliriOl dug Jnto tliof _ Kadi,, Ami Television haystack of French politics today, luinting a new Prime Minister who can find t li P expected to emphasize that progress in European rearmament am- stifie . The department said the speech j would be broadcast by CBS. NBC j and Mutual and telecast by Du•--- - "*• ins;imont at 9:30 p. in. EST In ad- money lo pay France's shave I (Utir) " il will <* telecast at 11:15 by NBC television network ard re- broaricasl by ABC radio network of Atlantic defense costs. Premier Edgar Faure. 43-year- old mystery novelist, shucked oil the job before dawn after the National Assembly turned down, 308 to 283. his plan to hike present taxes 15 per cent for rearmament. Faure rejected an alternative jilan to impose a new one per cent sales tax. He had formed his Cabinet on Jan. 20—only it) days ago. He lost, out on the second of 20 votes at 11:30. The speech will run about 30 minutes. Achcson's immediate purpose is to report on decisions regarding German rearmament and the European defense buildup reached during his just-completed mission to London and Lisbon. Support Is Sought In so doing he will be launching 'off 11 campaign for public support of i tlie administration's foreign aid ^confidence he had put before the' tllc administration's foreign aid ^Assembly. 1 program which soon must stand KiSlil Wmr Responsible llle test ot getting funds fiom con- Right wingers, led by the follow- gr ^ 3 '. . crs of Oen. Charles de Gaulle ard' i(1 - st « rrt! iy Acheson gave the including 28 members of Payre's ? lousc .Foreign Affairs Commlt- own Radical socialist party, tiim-lisf^lJ?"!'*** rc P° r t • on his work (he harness troublesome on otirci Issues. Thc Gaullists. for example strongly oppose the European army plan unless the nations !n it federate politically first. Faure Just Returned Faure had just returned from the Lisbon meeting ot the North Atlantic. Treaty Organization which endorsed the European nnny plan and i where the United States promised ! Prance additional aid of 300 million I dollars. < But Faure nnnnur.cecl France ! would have to raise 55 billion francs '• (about 157 million dollars! to pay i her part of increased defense costs Proposed income tax hikns were the core of objections to the tax bill It'll Tnke All Day A spokesman for Auriol. awnre of the urgency of finding K new gov- t rnment. .said tlie president would cend all day seeing political lead- 'ers and expected lo wind up his conferences by evening. That did not necessarily mean he would find a ms.n willing to take on the premiership. And anv now Premier wouM have lo \vork~out'a program that would win Assemblv approval before he could take'offie.e. Thc Gaullists consider they hiu-e a right to leadership because they control the b ( -"pst bloc ot deputies - in the Assembly. But their bloc is Ic^s than -ift per rent ot the total assemblymen and a government requires, the stradv sunij-rt of 50 per cent to «av in office. London' and with minister^ of !he H-n.ition Noilh Atlantic Trcf.t-y Couiifil in Lisbon. Ricliards saici lie thought Acheson and those with him had done r. "fine job" and that Ai-beson "realizes that we nre not yet. out oi the woods" on solving Europe's defense, problems. Inside Today's Courier News . . . Chirks beat Corning, play Bay (onislil at Joncsboro. . sporls . . . Page 7. . . . Hmili'tte li.iv no,,- r-T-'A I'baplrr and biiildins . . farm news and review . . , l>a s cs 8-9. . . . Arkansas .Ncivs Briefs . Page S. . . . Wilson Xe\vs . . . Page Z. . . . Society . . . i'aKC 1. . . . Mnrkcls . . . I-H^K 12. . . . Church programs . . . I'aKe 3. House Faces Do or Don't UMT Issue 'We Should Act On It/ Soys Rep. Kilday WASHINGTON M>, ,- The House faced a demand today for a clear- cm decision on universal military training as debate entered its fourth day. Rep. kilday rD-Toxi (old the house in suppcrting a UMT bill yesterday: "Let's citlier pass il or kill it." Both Chairman Vinson (D-Gal of the Armed Services Committee leading Ihe firglit for the bill, ami Rep, Short ifi-Mo), heading the opposition, lold ;> reporter they want- •tl ihe same definite vote. Direct Vote Sought This means voting directly on UMT instead of sidetracking the issue by sending it back (o committee. That procedure would put, the measure en ice for this session, but it could emerge again. The present bill calls for com- piilsory six months' training of 18- year-o!d.s, with 7 1 -'. years' service in starling date or designate how many I are to be trained. ' ' Amendments Expected Several amendments are expected to be presented next week, including one to set a rinie for either the end of this phase of UMT or for a congressional review of the program. A moticn to send the measure back to the committee also is expected. This would permit congressmen to postpone action without j '# l-lfr, SINGLE COPIKS FIVE CENTS iv s» 4.'-a*) II IlOMIi H\M 10 C10SI i'0-,1 0111(1 M»> kit, lm | Margaret Urinkley sort; of l),o Ust mail to be handled by this small postolfk-e in Ellcmon. s. C. This „,„! other huildin,-. are ,o be moved or dcsiroycd lo ,nak<- room for a big Fl-hon.b plant Do,, in foreground plays with a sen.,, of paper in front of an ohi-I^liiune.l not-bellied siove. unconcerneo over the March 1 deadline for cvacintim- the area. (Ai 1 Wircjibolo) Ching Steps Up Move To Avoid Oil Strike WASHINGTON M'j-Federal Conciliator Cyrils S. Chins todav nrom- iscd -intensified" efforts to produce a conn.romfae and head off'the nationwide oil strike now set for March a. Allied Tanks Smash Reds At Kumsong Chinese Troops Blasted In Trenches North of City liy Mlt.O I'-AKNHTl SKOUL Korea <AP)— A powerful iwco O f Allied tank miclcrs smashed Umm K l, Uic former Reel supph h' so "f "•' today ,,ul blasted Chinese entrenched ll0 H h of Another ..-roiip of raiding u. N. ati^s f ° J M>t- H out ivith Chinese artillery and mortars on the Wc-t cm Front wc^t- Tte Dig tank strike through Kunisoii-,! on I tic 0011101 Front -upportcd by rjhst jlu , h |, owit ., c ' rs ' The i self-propelled gun. ; h . "^r^re''''^;^ Itour.s-. "u<.L Km"r, I"-"'' 8 "miMr-d through ±'^°' r ^:'?!!?T.' h *T>--'g f i™ ! China won a Lets icrminatc. Issue "This matter has been pending here for years and years." Kilday said. "If there ever was a proposition thai was thoroughly studied, this one has been. Let's have (his issue terminated." representing the CIO oil 'workers and a score oi AFL and Independent unions. He said a strike would have an In Many and Varied Ways, Money Was Raised to Better Ledchv'dle He ACIcclcd A strike woiikl affect oil fields, pipeline transportation and refin- - ......... ,,,v,i_ m, erics. Industry sources .vii<( (he immediate" effect on millions of 1 impact on the pipe lines: would de auto drivers, would hamper or pcnci on which rcfinir"» i-l-ints vverc stop production at every bi i: re- closed and how long the strike Hst finery in the country and would cd. '' su said. involved three 1. The pipe lines cannot operate without crude oil or its products; 2. 'Hie flow nuisl stop when slor- .!'' fiicillliL-.s at idle refineries bo- conie Jilled nnd f 51.301. They lacked about •' J-i V i JUtia 1-KJlUie "•- iin,inv,\jo i the ujiiforuis arrived used to raise money for city im- The band won Itiird place and movements to be counted in the | $40 in Ihe parade coiUest and the Weather Arkansas forecast: Cloudy to partly cloudy; colder tonisht in 'i-oblem op/c of Meeting Here The Mississippi County Farm Bureau has invited all vocational ar- nculturc. veterans agriculture teachers, county agents. Farmer's, Home Administration agents and I other professional agriculture work- •-•rs of Ihe county to attend a meet- Hip; -March 5 to discuss the insect, prchlt-ms in Mississippi County Tlii' meeting will be heirt at the i^lrt^r^O^ 11 "'^"" 1 ^" 1 •»<•««». i ri .-, .,, ' i Whfn H. C. Wiappciibpi-scr. County i Fun,, l!tn-,-au piv-:: K i cnt . ., ili(i |h ;, (luipnsf /jt the meetinc ,.,. ln f., mi |. inr^f all praiessional iigriciiltui-c w-.r^rrs with nvect problems, rec- r-mincndations of Ihe University of I .-^.::'..-;s(-s. ar.d materials and sup| n:i-r.s that can be made available to '.Ti'h of them. , Mr. Kmpp, iibciscr siiid thai the j!:;!'."! !"'.''"",';; K> ••"'"»£«! for tiir ami the State Extension 'sc-vWto have reprKeutatives at thf mcetini to dis'-ins the insect problems fJini-T will precede the nu-elin?. Arkansas Community Accoin- piishments Contest here have been unusual il not- unique. In July last year, '.h; sciyjol hired a mu:-.ic in.iructor and Lcachville orsaniiwd a high school band composed of !5 members. Ten mothers formed a Band Mothers Club and decided to provide the ne-.y band with uniforms. To raise this money these women first held a "fat nnd lean" basketball game with no one under 30 years of a?e eligible to play. This netted about S150. The concession stand was turned over } to this group at high school has- i ketbalt games, arid sandwiches popcorn, candy and soft drink sates netted $54. Including a freewill offering. Advertisements were sold for the stnlc basket!)?!! tour- nnmriU programs and another S50 was received irom this. This ivasn t enough, but (lie women .skirted the idea of asking contiibm inns from businessmen and held rummage -snlos. bake sales, dinners and tried about every idea in sight for banclmothers have raked S1,50(H9 and now have a balance of $21039 'I his money will be used to buy grows In size, winter uniforms also are to be provided. ed. This, they factors: 3. A closed refinery would not i llelllral nation supervisory Firm on Refus o Accept USSR Rejection of Trucu 'Supervisor' Final, Communists Told isv oi;OKC.i: A. MiAirimrn MUNSAN, Korea l/t'i— Allied truce negotiators bluntly lold the Communists lorinv: U.K. rejection of Soviet Russia as a member of a neutral sujn rvisi.ry ccmuiis.sioli iva.5 "firm, final and irrevocable." A UN. spokesman .said the Allied statement was the "strongest since last July" when the Reds were warned that armistice negotiations would break down unless they a- bandoncd demands lor a cease-lire line on the 38lh parallel. The Communists replied In almost equally strong language that "any such ultitudi- n[ ,ivro<;nnce and arbitrariness will be categorically rcjVcled by our side." Col. Don Darrow lold the Reds: - .... "I now tell ymi formally, une- j Allied troops along t mnvocnbly and wild the fullest mi- front enjoyed a milef thori«tkm Ih.u the U. N, c.-m- From the mm,ntaii,,"of"The"re numds decision to rclnd. the. Bo- ccntly sub-frcczin? Pastern Front viel. Union «,s :, member o! the i one division reported,""the sum™ s Are Wasted The second urbn» blasted Chinese e-ast and .south of the ruined ba'-e Some of the 46-ton General Patton anks were damaged. But others took them in tow and pulled Ihe n back to their bases when the raiders broke olf the fi»hl this afternoon. It was n bit; strike in the generally nuict Korean War. liut censor- ihlp prevented disclosure of the, number, of tanks involved On the Western Front another tank force traded fire with Chinese aitillny and nioi-tar.s for an hour and a half this n, orl i| 113 before it ivns ordered to return to its base me action svas west ot Chorwon ?™ Trinnglf "" " n " ror °' ««« I'lilrol Action IL,._ V. S. Eighth Army reported patrol actions, but generally troops along tile 155-mile supply refilled products once its I auks were depleted. Two lUys Hi'rjuirr-iJ The unions took, two davs lo ' ' Other activities sponsored by tills IiichicK'd a vanlvhine- [cp! c: '—-'-" hr-in «i,,,: !l"'S'-i«>ncmtnt. In d 11.,-.i oil tea. turkey raflle. .sp.ujhr-Hi sup. per. sale ot newspaper subscriptions, cotton picking and sale oi coat hangers. One group. Ihe Bujitist Women's Missionary Society, held a tout-tool coiKrcIc walk around See r.EACHVIl.U: on Page 12 iicrfeiiu. ihrv . .. imp.niiis "must accept the :truu:< ((IW " n i,d not me the v,T?k Ifir ••hirliKT stri'ie'irenl:- «r."- or pr.-rnriii'. for l!i»ir maintenance within struck nl-nts " Union Ir.Kirr'.- o. A. Kn'^ht J J ,-!!ui O V. oiiv rion is tinal and irrevoc^b'e. Fnr- t?ier debalp on this subject is completely rr'llo." "Decision ts I-'irm" 1I« .-: .''i th? dfr:jsioj) u';r; ":•": -tfr lutc.'y film aiul irrevocable. UndfM ho [ii-.i'iu:!;ii-.irs v.ill tll.-rc be a clnv.i-:r in (he drcKinn of the U.N. Ccmiinntl n icjp'-t [de Soviet Union r>p a m''inb"r of- the neutral , m s l melted a,,,i if s sprill , "'it Airmen reported the weather was perfect for rai i,, ay an< , brW ^ blnsting expeditions against- North iip:-oa_n (ran sport routes d..sucir, S | V e day they did I not sec. n slnRle Red Jet over nortli west ifcrca. This left Fifth Air Force pilots f free band and th-v reported blasting nccl rail lines in nffi Ark=Mo Files FPC Application To Build Its Main Gas Pipeline Mo t" PM a i U °",, t0 b "" d * n " hlra ' 81 ' 5 tr "" s '" is5i ™ ">» Tom Cainpb,!! ca°t Mi«oi,!rwu e ,T d " °" ler '° Wn5 <n NOTtIlCaSt Arkansas a "' J South- Washir.gton today by Arkansas-Missouri fow^Cvnp^ 0 "™^"" '" a joint .st:i!->rnei,i to Dial effort .''for -' linv'.s the CIO. tire tnci-»nidem and APL ! "inde unions iT-.-;;-j:f,-;:v: : p-. " • A 'CIO oil «:r,:-i:- : i . Ocn. ial 11 N. uniun inan r.aui i-i Tut--. Okla.. last nhilit full 'some opposition" hart devel- | ci.'cd at a may; mectini; there to !m ' !| K(ii=ht told reporters "one or two"« jibnts already have 1 n-l-n ponrppr-d ,,-j,;, slo^jj of fnc|(| He declined lo name the plants or tilt companies involved. NfSoliiUion.s Complicated inarch in the "Spirit o[ ChriM- mas" jiTacle at Jo:,e--!>rjro Nov '-». the l;fr.:d was wiihr.ut i, ; -,i- f"rms. but the band moth' r,; were determined. li.iml IVins I'ri^c White w;uh tmu.-i.i-i vvfr- boui-hl from :i local m.-n-liant at cn:,t and Ihe mothers scwerl mn- r -on brain ti^iwii ;'ic: sidfs in Oclobi-r. ihc-.,e mothers ur.-iciv-ci co-its. ha| f and acccs^irij-s j or the band mcmiwrs and majorettes at Although Ark-Mo already has obtained Irom the FPC a daily allocation of 6,308.000 cubic feel of S-'as to be obtained from Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., at a point near Campbell, the company is required to obtain FPC permir- j sion before starling construction oi t the major transmission line. Arlc- j Mo also has obtained from Texas ; H::stcrn a signed contract to sup- | fn its FPC application. Ark-Mo j said a lai-Rc quantity of pipe is i scheduled for delivery during the ; fust and second quarters of this ' year ami that, construction of the ' truiMiilsslon line will be started soon. branch transmission lines will fie built, to se'rve Osrcola. Luxor.i Wilson, Evadale, Dell. Manila. Leachville and Monettc in Arkansas and Carlitllcr.-iville. Slcele, Holland' and Hayli in Missouri. Two other transmission lines will he con- strilctr;! to serve Campbell Mo and PiL'folt, .St. Francis, and Ucctor. Ark. Ark-Mo already has started construction of the gas distribution sy.stems for Campbell nnd nh-tli/'- villc. The Hiyiheville system >-about 75 pf-r cent complete;. Company ollicials also nnnonnr- cd they received this morning Irniu the Missouri Public Service Commission an amended certificate of Mucknls. man, Dar- "v.-oukl not lie without the prior knowledge "1 think the next move is. up to the e-juimimisls." Liltte In on prisoner excl-an-jc made litlN- To'[i-r«s in Us lirst scs'fon •iti-e Feb. C. Slaff officers luruert Hie vr-|M"iprv r»iv"i-iatinn pi-olirlm Sec riJ.lSK-'riRE nn I'.i-r j'j The nc'!ol!attoi. s are highly complicated because almost all hi, r warning i,s done on a plant by plant Sinclair Oil Corp., Is said to be the only larjre company which bargains on a company-wide basi.s- IniU is one cruiipany m-soiiator may .speak for Ihe management of mus't. plnnl;;. Tin- CfO alone reportedly has some 350 separate work a B roc- ments with coiiifjiinira )„ 31 stales rcpn-sr-nliiit. alx.u! 110.000 men Another compliciilini; factor is the Inrte mmibiT nf unions involved M Il:!! '' --. imnai ;:omcr.s s n, n Of I'lancs Cut lti|] Lines Tlie Navy s;,jcj ;ts p l aIIL , K afon cm Communist Ta ii ii ncs in 13 . Places THin-sd:ij-. Sea-borne aircraft also knocked out 102 sampans am other small craft used by the . ... , K ™ S lo rutl supplies down the n nrt.jaront tent the .<,nl>fom-i, nnci blilslc rt four bridges --- - - and one tank. r7'!> "' S " c " liscr St. Paul stood I'll the o-istcrn end of the battle- line., nn,i | obhcd cigh , mt . h 5hc]Is in o ned bunkers. Six personnel , b-ii:!."rs were reported destrovvcl j " 1 ,'; ilm ; i '. t . ish " u ^c<- Belfast shelled Alom; tlie front Itself about a third of the 1,5(10 artillery and mor- ' ?r snells fired by the Heels were loaded with patic-r - Tirop;t K amJ:i ler'ffots roiulcmniim' Allied "7ndis'- criminatr- bnmbini;" and blaming the U. W for delay In truce talks fr> Church Baptist Drive "March to Church In March" i the the. nc chrKcn by rirsl fl.ipfist rs .ipfs , here in observance of Clmrrh I has a tlir..e-!old i Mela! Firm Here , . t! , lu .iirn-jiucu ceitniratp of I:.ickbo:-,e of the system will he authority which removes I'ort-it-c 1 milrs <^f r>;,,«. t ..m,. *• _ ,. ... . ini,i.- Strike Hinted -10 miles of 10-incli" pipe Vromlvlllc from the list Campbell to Hlylheville. From this! towns to bo -erveil. ; line, ivliicli will be the first phase of the construction program. j thorily to serve of Tiie original is Ark-Mo 'an- i . . . church mnnb.T, in iation In all phn=c of c HI hrini; imalfiiiaicd lo Cblv.t north, , nra portions (bi. flfternoon ami h, south poituMi ^.vUurflay; lowest temp-.'ralurcs tonight 30-34 extreme northwest"portion. 'Missouri forecast: Mostly cloudy through Saturday; occasional hs'lit . - «s, ,-. rain or snow north tod.iy and Ihht mandr-rs | City's Tv/o Nev/ ! Police Cruisers >st$l,j .—^.. .. u .,.. n, v ,,,, sum ii-.'ni. rain south this afternoon and tonight; coJrter east and .south today and continued rather cold over state Saturday: hicli today 30s- extreme north to 40s elsewhere- low tonight 20s north lo 30s south. Minimum this morning—41. Maximum yc.stciday—71. Sunset today—5:53." Sunrise tomorrow--6:3t. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 am today—none. Total precipitation since Jan.' 1- i.iu v,i,y of filytlu-ulc o ot a bet- i ter bargain on its two r.e.v pol.ce i cars than it appeared yesterday i Two Ifi52 model Stiideiiakcr Com- I ~" lr-rs are having radio cquin- l Installed and will b c placed n .'crvicc next, week. ^ Both cars were purchased by the ' tManila Gets Ready to Launch 50th Anniversary Celebration mor"-v N 'n A '''" "^'"^ " S e ° Wfn a "» iv "-',ary one week Irom to- TK, s ° : " !11C ° f M n''-il''. : - -•'0th bi;;!i(i(.y v..ll set imdrr v.ay tomorrow. The b,s climax will come M :irc h 8. when a supper-auction of donated mcrcliBrdi.'.c-vancmg Irom mi tn s to undies-will be held to rafac funds for a since curtain for Mnnii;. I: K ;li Schrral •rv,m.,,,,.w. a..2n-,.,r ( ,i,,vai: of Manila r.o-lonls will (our Xorth- ^ ,,;t^ : n d sm " h " au M ' ;: °" ri '- K ^' ] -" '"••' iati °" i °»"'-- DOIHIB to.Mvs and cities lo join in (he nc-.i-riaiitv C.)iii!).,ny 11 nd l.h, : Commc-r, iafTt-ic- . , L ' r an!iers Union (APLl have broken iried at Ihe request of Ark-Mo ' "It. The union bc^in a strike vote irdc-r not^ to delay seriously the | today. p-csic!ent of Ihe company's plans to Ving na'tiir.ii JUT towns to be scrv- are Speeding Bond Forfeited ! L B. [orfeitf d a S10 bond j ; m XH:ii!cmr.l Court this mornm s on •A cnaige of .vpeeding, to Hie cd. foliu'.ima inurvcnUon proccr'l- ings by the Associated Cias crom- pany of Sikcstmi. Mo., which nlrn sought authority to servo rort;igr-- ville." The company alio announced lo- tiav that it would ...vk rclic'.vnl r,f j franchi.'T-s in icvc-rat of flic Arkau- | >as towns il pl.ins lo ;eive. I3c-r-nu: << • oi delays in .sfturiii)! sufficidi' j pipe, in short supply because r-f l the de,Eer.5.c- program. Ark-.\,'o lins been unable to develop its i;a.s sv'.-- tern as rapidly as first nlannoti.' Since aniniiius r,f borrn'.u-d nnney will lx> rxguircd lo flnanr-c [ the g:,s development. () f the com; pany. Arl:-.\lo "!fi' ials s.iid It w :! « j fon.sitlcrrd adsl'-.ible to obtain rit'l 1 tension of fninchi-t-s in t!r, ,. t lo-,\ns uhf-.T v.-.-.rk r, n (lislrihuiirji, systems Ind ii'.r ly m started. In adtiiti.:, 10 rcnriral of 'some Irancliisc.s now in effect. Ark-Mo is .seeking Iran hirer, in Moncttr-. St. Francis and Groemvay. wlucli i ha\e not br^n iirc\ion-ly icquc-'-d j lo take action icrarding a fr.m- , ClU'.s WcMrrii Union divi. u:irv pre-irlc-m: an '. »:•<>< herhorid pn-sn Ity Month activities Incnrnoratlon pnners ,,ere filed in I.iulr Hock yc.-ter(iiiy for Blv- itnc'villc Iron and Metal Co of | IllMlicville. n fin,, to rari-y on a i sciap metal and snlvope business ' : , ';, ?; J! "' k ™"- '- U- W,idc, and •1 I'. Hocott arc Incorporators. Ailtlnrl/w) capital stock was -et at 2JIOO shares of no pnr value. Russe!! Is Nice Fcliow, Says Gov. Sid McMarh i will b" unions demands , B. Van"Ar,i'la'l"'nf n'rt wl'.a'iT'lY?-' •1-.The present a-,,s:. and !(,!„), Churchill, mcmh-r o, •-'lihwc'.trm Kemu.ary ; tiiciil'y. «iii cnuciiict tlie LITTLE ROCK ''.V '••'». Rir-'.w! B R-,s;cll '•••ni- of Ihe mi Go-, midnight' .Sr 3 GQP's to Demand Figures On Non-Combat Casualties . ' ncicic-d r Re'•':! n)> .. l.'::iit today I/, larr'r ry of nifni.r S.ovctt l'rnt:i(r«n olfirinls to i.ilti-s in Korea. Kctvitor Hi-CTalif) Ihe Ki-nalr late v,-.--((relay he hart been "n'vr-n a , (,:u;i|.jt.. runaround by the srcic-ary of defense" when he a.-kccl for thcs.c statistics. Knowhir.d s^id C;onyrcss is entitled ID "ill;.* j.rninmt informalidn" ; rind P lo i;r( Ihe (lain., s Cain r>-\V:,-h> !!r '""' v ,4;^i, The person v.ho soves for o rainy Jay ojcfs nolhilxj but storniy weather repor ta (torn the relatives-

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