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Elko Daily Free Press from Elko, Nevada · 1

Elko, Nevada
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Monday, November 6, 1995
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2625 M09 010199' Bar Microfilm. Irc. 1115 E. Arius Ave. Sunnyvale. CA 94086- Vol. 112 No. 263 Established Jan. 5, 1883 ELKO, ELKO COUNTY, NEVADA 35 CENTS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1995 16 Pages orlP leaders eulogize Rabin l 7 JERUSALEM (AP) - Yitzhak Rabin was -laid to rest today at a remarkable gathering of world leaders who saluted the slain prime minister's unwavering courage in war and peace. His tearful granddaughter, in a moving eulogy, spoke of the pain of losing her "private hero." Rabin, who led Israel to triumphs on the battlefield, then stretched out a hand of peace to his Arab neighbors, was buried with full military honors in a pine glade atop a hill overlooking the volatile city where he was born 73 years ago. His funeral brought to Israel not only leaders of the West with close ties to the Jewish state, but also heads of state from the Arab world, testimony that Rabin's three years of peacemaking have changed the Middle East. Shimon Peres picked up the burden of governing the shocked and saddened nation after the prime minister was shot Saturday by a right-wing Israeli who opposed Rabin's concessions to Palestinians on the f -tew ' , ' r ' l MKialfd Pre photo) The coffin of late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was carried today past a row of world leaders, including from left French President Jacques Chirac, Rritain's Prime Minister John Major and Prince Charles, Germany's Helmut Kohl and President Roman Herzog, 1.A'. Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, President Clinton and Dutch Premier Wim Kok. Rabin shot at peace rally TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was shot to death Saturday night, moments after telling cheering thousands "people really want peace." Rabin, a war hero who became a peacemaker, died on the operating table, and police said an Israeli described by friends as a right-winger confessed to firing the fatal shots. The assassination the first of an Israeli leader since the founding of the state in 1948 stunned the nation. World leaders from President Clinton to Yasser Arafat reacted with sorrow and outrage, declaring that the peace process would continue. Israeli children began their school day Sunday by standing in silent mourning. Rabin, 73. had descended from a city hall balcony and was about to get into his black Cadillac limousine when the gunman fired three bullets from close range, hitting him in the back and stomach. As crowd members surged toward the shooting scene, Rabin's car raced to Tel Aviv's Three hurt in shooting at Battle Mountain bar BATTLE MOUNTAIN (AP) -Three people were injured, two seriously, when a man sprayed the front of a bar with bullets after an argument early Saturday. Wayne Machen, 35, of Nampa, Idaho, was arrested for investigation of three counts of attempted murder shortly after the 3:46 a.m. shooting. Lander County Sheriff Kenny Moore said the man got in a dispute with several other patrons at the Nevada Hotel bar, then got a Russian-made SKS rifle from his car and fired about 10 shots. He said one of the bullets went through an aluminum door frame and struck three patrons inside. The three were among about 10 people in the bar at the time. Nine other shots lodged in the building's exterior. Tim McGrary, 38, and Tio Sotelo, 48, both of Battle Mountain, were listed in stable condition on Sunday at Washoe Medical Center. Thomas Girard of Harbor, Ore., was treated West Bank. Peres looked over the crowd of dignitaries and mourners from around the world, and said: "This is the crowning glory of your efforts, all of us here together. "The man who murdered you will not be able to murder the idea that you carried," Peres said. "You left us a road that we will follow. "I see our Arab neighbors ana I want to tell them that peace is attainable both here and with you," he said. It was a remarkable sight to see the Jordanian king, in a white-and-red checkered Arab headdress, and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt speaking in Jerusalem in praise of an Israeli leader. "You lived as a soldier, you died as a soldier for peace," Jordan's King Hussein told the 4,000 mourners at the Mount Herzl cemetery, under a bright Jerusalem sun. "I believe it is time for all of us to come out openly and speak about peace." The most poignant words came Ichilov Hospital. Rabin arrived unconscious, without pulse or blood pressure. Israel TV showed the gunman, identified by police sources as Yigal Amir, 27, pinned against a wall by dozens of police. The sources said Amir was seized with pistol in hand, had confessed to shooting Rabin and told investigators that he didn't regret it. In recent weeks, Rabin had repeatedly voiced concern about growing political violence in Israel and accused the right-wing opposition which believes he is betraying Jews by handing land back to the Arabs of inciting explosive rage against him. The rally was designed to show that despite noisy anti-Rabin protests, many Israelis support the peace moves of Rabin, who shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize with his foreign minister and PLO leader Yasser Arafat. Like Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian for a neck wound at the local hospital and released. Moore said the shooting apparently stemmed from a combination of alcohol and jealousy but did not elaborate. He said Machen was in town to visit his ex-girlfriend, who worked that night as a bartender at the hotel. Clayton Carsrud, another hotel bartender, said the woman was only working her first shift as a bartender when the shooting occurred. "She had been a cocktail waitress for us for a month or two and she was filling in for another bartender," Carsrud said. "From what I hear, it was an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend thing. I guess it's jealousy." Moore said the suspect fled the scene after he fired shots from about 35 feet outside the bar. A deputy found him "blacked out" in his car behind a nearby gas station about 20 minutes later. from Rabin's 17-year-old granddaughter, Noa Ben Artzi, who said she wanted to speak of the man, not the peacemaker. "You are our hero, lone wolf," the red-haired, freckled young woman said, weeping as she spoke of the laconic, intensely private man. "You were so wonderful," she said. "Ones greater than I have eulogized you, but none knew the softness of your caress as I, or that half-smile of yours that always said everything, the smile that is no longer there. There is no feeling of revenge in me for the pain does not leave room." Leaving the podium in tears, she was hugged by her brother, Yonatan, dressed in an olive-drab paratrooper's uniform and red beret. President Clinton came at the head of an official American delegation of more than two dozen people, whose size signaled Washington s support for Israel and the peace process Rabin was not allowed to complete. "Now it falls to all of us who love leader shot to death in 1981, Rabin died at the hands of radical countrymen opposed to peace efforts. His policies, especially his autonomy agreements with the Palestinians, have deeply divided Israel. As world leaders converged on Israel today to shore up Rabin's legacy of peace, his killer confessed in a Tel Aviv court-Appearing at his arraignment handcuffed and unshaven, 25-year-old Israeli law student Amir said he killed Rabin because he wanted "to give our country to the Arabs." "I did this to stop the peace process." he told Magistrate Dan Arbel in a calm, even tone. "We need to be cold-hearted." The magistrate ordered Amir held for 15 more days. Amir's 27-year-old brother, Hagai, was arrested Sunday, charged with failure to prevent a crime and ordered held for a week. Israel radio said he apparently told the court he knew of his brother's intentions. Machen also was booked for investigation of driving under the influence and being involved in a hit-and-run accident. His bail was set at $200,000. Although the bar is open 24 hours a day, the patrons inside the bar at the time were preparing to go home, Moore said. "The music had stopped ... This was the last of the wind-down crowd," he said. "If the shooting had been a little earlier in the night, it would have been a lot worse. They had a pretty good Friday night crowd there, probably 30 to 40 people." Moore said the shooting stunned the town of about 4,000 on Interstate 80, located 217 miles east of Reno. "For a sleepy little town like Battle Mountain, this really woke us up," he said. "The changes going on in society are affecting small towns like us now. It used to be people settled their arguments with fist fights. Now they resort to guns." peace and all of us who loved him to carry on the struggle to which he gave life and for which he gave his life," Clinton said. More than 40 world leaders came to Israel in an outpouring of sympathy that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, when the country had been a pariah in much of the world. Most striking was the presence of the Arab leaders, including Hussein of Jordan and Mubarak of Egypt, and representatives from Morocco, Oman and Qatar, who attended even though their countries have no ties with Israel. These Arab leaders came to Jerusalem for the first time since it has been under Israeli rule, despite the possible political price: Arab leaders do not recognize Israel's claims to sovereignty over all of Jerusalem, and visits to the city were avoided for fear of reinforcing Israel's claim. Mubarak, the Egyptian leader, carried on Egypt's peace with Israel after his predecessor, Anwar Sadat, was killed in 1981 by Islamic militants who opposed the Jewish state's first treaty with an Arab nation. "The best memorial for Yitzhak Rabin is to continue what he started, which is the peace process." he told the mourners. "Only through our unwavering commitment to this objective can we truly honor the memory of this fallen hero of peace." The last man to speak was Rabin's aide, Eitan Haber, who had announced to the world that the prime minister had died Saturday night. He took out the bloodstained sheet of paper with the words of the "Song for Peace" that Rabin had sung at the peace rally and put in his pocket just minutes before he was killed. The coffin was carried about 200 yards to the gravesite in a pine glade. A blue-and white flag with the Star of David was removed from the casket, which was then lowered into the grave. Members of the burial society scooped earth into containers and covered the casket. A rabbi intoned the prayer, "God, Full of Mercy." The mourners sat in rows of white chairs on Mount Herzl, where Rabin was buried among the nation's past leaders and military heroes. Many of the foreign visitors wore black skullcaps, others wore blue baseball caps. Other dignitaries who attended were Prime Ministers Viktor Chernomyrdin of Russia and John Major of Britain, Prince Charles and Presidents Jacques Chirac of France and Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany. The funeral began with a two-minute siren that wailed throughout Nevada neivs summary: Helicopter places top on Stratosphere Tower LAS VEGAS (AP) - It was hardly your typical topping off ceremony. A giant helicopter gingerly lifted two 3,700-pound steel frames to the top of the 1,149-foot Stratosphere Tower Saturday, marking a milestone some critics said would never come. Six workers were strapped to the tower frame at the 1.101-foot level to guide the final two 24-foot sections into place and secure them with bolts, said construction manager Hal Lamoreaux. The 135-story tower will be the tallest building west of the Mississippi and the tallest free-standing observation tower in the United States. It will be part of a $400 million hotel-casino complex, located midway between the Las Vegas Strip and downtown, when it opens in the spring of 1996. A 12-story pod atop the tower will include restaurants, observation decks, offices and a wedding chapel. The pod, at the 771-foot level, will be encircled by The High Roller, the world's highest roller coaster. Above the pod will be The Space Shot which shoots riders up 160 feet to a point near the top of the tower, then drops them back to the 921-foot level. Bob Stupak, chairman of Stratosphere Corporation and a maverick casino owner who was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident March 31, watched as a helicopter from Air One of Phoenix made two perilous trips to the top of the tower with the final sections of steel. "This was the day many people believed would never happen." Dave Wirshing. president of Stratosphere, told VIPs and media watching the event "Except for one person. Bob Stupak was the visionary." Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones noted that Stupak had persisted despite critics who said the tower would never see completion. There were fears it would hinder air traffic at McCarran International Airport A fire two years ago turned the top of the half-finished structure into a giant Roman candle as flames raced through wooden support structures. the country in tribute to the man who led Israel in war as chief of staff, then led it to peace with the Palestine Liberation Organization and Jordan. Life in Israel came to a standstill at the sound of the siren. Drivers stopped their cars, got out and stood in silence. Rabin's casket had been brought from the bier where it had lain in state for 24 hours outside the parliament building. Eight army generals and police chiefs loaded the casket on an army truck covered with black wood. The vehicle drove slowly through the downtown ilreets, which were closed to normal traffic, to the 'W v -' .' is Yitzhak Rabin Mount Herzl cemetery, named for Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism and visionary of the modem Israeli state. Israelis mobbed the cortege route to say farewell, including hospital patients who ran toward the street in their robes. One million people in this nation of 5 million had filed past the late prime minister's coffin, which lay in state outside the Knesset children on parents' shoulders, soldiers, Israeli Arabs in flowing headdresses. Many sobbed. Dozens fainted. One woman passed out paper doves of peace. Others left photographs of Rabin and signs reading Why?" and "Rest in Peace." "It warms my heart to see that we have the partnership of such a large part of the people," Mrs. Rabin said on Israel radio, her voice breaking with emotion. "But our pain will remain with us and the gap that was created is huge and is felt in the home ... every day, all day, and it is Skeptics dubbed it the "Eighth blunder of the world." When the project hit funding snags, Minnesota-based Grand Casinos Inc. came up with needed financing. Grand Casinos is now the majority owner. ISHP association SPARKS (AP) Steve Harney, a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper based out of Las Vegas, has been elected as president of the NHP Association. Harney won in mail-in balloting that was largely collected before the recent death of his opponent Trooper Bob Blood of Las Vegas. The results were announced Saturday during the association's annual meeting at the Sparks Nugget Association spokesman Chuck Fox said the ballots went out to members more than a month ago and most of them were turned in before Blood died of a heart attack late last month. "There was no way to get his name off the ballot" Fox said. "It was an unfortunate situation." Blood. 54, was nearing the end of a two-year term as association president when he was recalled by association members in August Members cited his inability to work together with the association's board. Harney. 43, who's in charge of the Las Vegas NHP's public information office, has been with the patrol since 1974. He pledged to continue efforts to bring Nevada troopers' salaries and benefits in line with their counterparts in other states. In other balloting, troopers Mike Wiltse of Las Vegas. Jim Peterson of Reno and Greg Johnson of Elko won two-year terms as members of the group's 11-member board. Veg as shooting LAS VEGAS (AP) - Las Vegas Metro Police say retaliation may be the motive for a bizarre exchange of gunfire Sunday that left one man dead and three people wounded. Police say more than 60 shots were terrible." Mrs Rabin said that when she heard the gunshots that killed her husband, his bodyguards told her it was a toy pistol. "And it took a long time before we got to the hospital and understood the gravity of the situation." she said. For Mrs. Rabin, the murder of the prime minister meant the loss of a man under whose military command she served, then married more than four decades ago. For the nation of Israel, it meant the loss of a military hero who fought in the 1948 siege of Jerusalem in an elite unit, then was chief of staff when Israel defeated three Arab armies in six days in June 1967. A shy. reticent man. he was thrust into the prime minister's job by the resignation of Golda Meir in 1974. and in a second term that began in 1992, made peace with the PLO. For that bold step, he won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize, sharing it with Peres and PLO leader Yasser Arafat Arafat did not come to Jerusalem for the funeral, citing the complicated security operation Israel would have to mount if he were there. His presence likely would have set off protests in Israel, and he has not visited the disputed city since Palestinian self-rule began 18 months ago because of the sensitive sovereignty issue. Arafat watched the funeral on television from his office in Gaza City. In an interview with CNN, the Palestinian leader mourned the loss of the man he called his partner in peace: "I am very' sad for this awful event which had happened there in Israel, where I lost one of the most important courageous men in Israel. "This loss is not only a loss for the Israelis and the Palestinians, but the whole world because it is a loss for the peace." he said. "And I hope Mr. Shimon Peres will have the ability to continue in the same line as he has started with the peace process. And I am sure he will be able to do it "We have to put in our consideration that this event must not give a chance for the fanatic enemies of the peace process to achieve their goals." he said. "And we have to continue together." Ministers from Arafat's Palestinian self-rule government did attend the funeral. Rabin never succeeded in his toughest mission, peace with Syria. In its first editorial comment on Rabin's assassination, the Syrian government said today that it remained committed to peace but told Israel to stop wasting time. fired before dawn in front of the Chez Place Bar and Grill. The names of the victims have not been released. Police say the shooting may have been in retaliation for the Oct 23 slaying of 23-year-old George Lawson outside the Heritage Lounge in the Nucleus Business Plaza. Police say more than 20 shots were fired in that incident Lawson was hit four times. No one has been arrested in Law-son's death. Police say they are not sure how many people were involved in Sunday's snooting. Building explodes LAS VEGAS (AP) - A dozen people are homeless after an explosion heavily damaged an eight-plex apartment building east of the Las Vegas Strip. Neighbors in the area said they smelled gas just before the residence blew up. One man was hospitalized with third-degree burns following Sunday afternoon's explosion. The man. whose name was not released, was reported in critical condition today at University Medical Center with burns over 45 percent of his body. Student shot RENO (AP) A Reno teen-ager has been arrested in connection with a shooting that injured a Wooster High School student Danny Diaz Cema. 15, was arrested Saturday night at a local teen nightclub on a variety of charges, including attempted murder. Police said the victim, an unidentified 16-year-old Reno boy, was in the parking lot of a northwest Reno convenience store with several classmates when they became involved in an argument with some boys in a car Friday night An occupant in the vehicle then fired at least one shot from a handgun, striking the boy. The boy was listed in stable condition Sunday at Washoe Medical Center. (ORIGINAL DEFECTIVE)

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