The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 15
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl. T.LB (ARK.) COURIER J YOL5 MAY HA\'e FALLEN VICTIM GHRSWO £WlN)Dl&R KAPOL60M VEST.'—AMD 1UE CUSTOMER WUo Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22, 1952 for County Jmlee GENE BRADLEY PHILIP J. DEER Fur Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTO.X For Stale Senator SEN. LEE BEARDEN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 3G in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gales Concrrfe * Mftal Septic Tank» Sewer Tile iiest Pricei^ vVe Deliver Highway' 'si at state Line Fhone 714 "Now I know why they put over social security and old-age pensions—so they can sneak up on us with these taxes!" The city of Oslo. Norway. v:as founded more thnn 900 years'ago. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// Thai Staff" Phone 2089 Of f ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land 55* SPECIAL PLATE LUNCH Choice of Meat & 3 Vegetables DELICIOUS BARBECUED RIBS GENUINE PIT BARBECUE SANDWICH The NICKEL STAND 103 W. Main Phone 9666 Guaranteed Watch Thompson Credit Jeweler How About You? If You Want (he Best Car Service, Come to f. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Ph»ne 2122 Dr. Logan's Wife , XXX rpETER SUHINOV wns glad when Jennet Logan got in that he had a now automobile. The red leather upholstery, too, hurt seemed on exlravagnnce at the time, but now he felt like palling it. Her eyes were on the gleaming, dashboard. Even the clock worked. Jennet had not seen him since that dayton the hilltop when she had given him the check tliat had brought so much 'trouble. -She knew Peler had seen her—blue- while, stiff, cold from her meal •of dealh (had her mouth hung slack?). But at any rale his las't glimpse of her, however corpselike she may liave looked, had not dampened his ardor. He had phoned. He had pleaded. And she had put him off with so many excuses that she was not sure where inclination ended and fear began. But now she was in his cnr. . "How do you like my new car?" (J:e asked, as it purred away from (he curb. "The windows work by push-button. Look." fie demonstrated the one o-o her side. •' "Oh, wonderful," sh'e said vaguely, backing away (rom his arm. ' Spoiled. She was used to luxury cars. "You're looking very well," he said. "Thank you. I'm fir.c now. Practically sane." Jennel opened her purse, took out a cigarette. There was a packet of matches too, but her liaiuis were trembling. She preferred to let Peter hold the car lighter lo the cigarette which she braced like a flute acainsl all four finders "How's your work at Hlarr's corning? Do you like it any bet- tcr 1 "Nol much," he snid. "Bur I like the salary. First time I've had a car that wasn't second-hand." "It's really < beautiful car, Peter," she insisted belatedly. They passed Chagianlz's jewelry shop, and glanced at and away from each other. A few doors down was the rush hut which fronted the fashionable Trade Winds Restaurant. Peter slowed down. "How about a drink?" "Really, Peter, I can't. I'd love to—some other time. I have to get home. Mollier is leaving for Chicago tonight. We're having on early supper so that she can make her train." The validity of the excuse angered him. "All right, I'll take you straight home." He stepped on trip accelerator, drove in second gear all the way to Sunset because its crescent growl was (he nearest he could come lo emitting otic. ' He rememberer! the d.iy tlje ambulance siren had screamed for him, and he loved her the more because she caused him pain. • • • r pIEY drove in silence fraught with tension. The physical current that ran between them, now, as before, overflowed the shores of their social knowledge of each other, inundated each of llicm, and each, flailing in the current while pretending'to stroll the banks, became too preoccupied for speech. Peler indulged in fantasies of abduction, while .lennet with the practicality of the female speculated nervously as to whether he was "lied." supposed her rich would Fome day think her old as she had thought Gus old. "Was this your day off?" s hc asked flnaCy. "No. 1 just left early. I phoned yoiir dome this afternoon. Your molher told me you didn't have your car." "Won't Ihoy care—your employer?. 1 moan?' 1 "I don't think so. Im in inc executive bracket now. No clock- punching for the fallen. I just told Mr. Starr my girl was in a jam." Trn not your girl." "You will be." "You're awfully sure of yourself, aren't you?" "One oE us has to be." Jennet had to laugh. "Peter, you're impossible." That's better. I like you when you laugh. It's a good sound. Jennet, when are you going to stop fighting us?" Jennet looked out of the window. She dragged on her cigarette, blew srnoke. "Peler, If you must kiiov,-, I don'1 think it's right for me to be seen with you. People have done enough talking about us. Thank goodness it docsn'l reach my cars, but I can imagine the gossip I'm j going to feed the kitly." "You don't mean that seriously, Jennel. You can't. You have more integrity than to be intimidated by gossip. Besides, you're overrating your news vsjue. We're yesterday's headlines at the hospital." "We could -be tomorrow's " "So what?" • • « JENNET sighed. "I was begin•' ning to feel almost quiet inside. I clon't want lo get all stirred up again." Peler's jaw set. "I don't know why I broke my neck gelling you lo the emergency room that day If you're going to live as if you were dead . . ." "I didn't ask you to do me any favors!" He pulled up to the curb in trout of her home, stopping so suddenly lhal they jerked back hard againsl the scat. It was odd how often she flared up at Peter. "I'll live as I please" she added somewhat sliamefaccdly Jennet couldn't remember having shown her anger like Ibis 10 anyone, not even to the psychia- tnsl whom she paid to listen. He grabbed her wrist, tightened his fingers around it. "No. as 1 please. Because you don't know how lo live. You never have or you couldn't have Iried to die Let me teach you. Jennel. It could be w5ndc r ful " (To B« Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Kresh Slock Guaranteed JSest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Complete Selection of GIFT ITEMS! Vickie & Barbara's GIFT SHOP 106 S. 2nd Phone 8301 You'll find i woiidrr/a) selection of Maderla Mheni, Colored Sheets and 1'lllow Cases, CadllUo Hosiery. Hanilmaile Aprons, Costume Jewelry, Lamps, Planters Handkerchiefs and many other Items. Come In noon! CAMERAS REPAIRED Having trouble with TOOT camera? Then brinr il to Barney's Drug. We're e<)ulp- Pfd to fix all kinds of cam- f f ns . . . from Rrownlrs to I.elcas. Prompt sen-ice. BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main I'hone 36.17 SHOE REPAIR HflLTCRS .'flL.TY SHO€ SHOF 121 w. M « i N s T. PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM KASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut OUT OUR WAY rajf PAGE FTTTEEIf WHAT? THIS 5LUSH- SOM<Ep A.AOP DM MY aoop SUIT/ HE SOPS UP MORE WATER THAW A ARE SIVIW ourr WELL, CARRY HIM Benefit by Reading an d Uting Courier New. Classified Ads FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT 14 TOO BAD W£ COUI.DNOT HAVEAier .. ACCORDING TO YOUK frosty ARE THE WELU, HE &ETTER GET ON TME STIC*; BECAUSE THERe Goes TUB WHI5TUE-./ . WITHOUT VAU-/ BUT DYKE HERE Tb / MMBF UN-JINX US, Wt'RE BEHIND THE 8-BAU, THE JoiMrs JUMPIM' WITH JOHAII MOMIOMr/ ! T .?.??9 BAP WE OONT / WELL , IF THE HOOTlM', L Will PAVE. KI41J-Ar:CH FOR THE AM4I^/1.., 1 <=;<£ ^1«r KAl'e ^'Af LEW is' O\'E: or- Tllf CKATEK-i... HOW'Lt. I PJND !J£C j> IW THIS Foil"-'( ^K_,__^ 'V IT ISN'T ^W\^ /HM rfsH s*& d A \A 29 DAYS IM FEBRUARY! IT'S A PLOT TO MAKE OS SPEND AN EXTRA PAY IN SCHOOL! [-(CHILDREN SURE HAN/F ^-~-,THE STRANGEST - WAY OF DO YOU REALIZE, BOTTS.,?T THEY'RE SQUEEZING AN EXT RA WORK DAY OUT OF - US THIS YEAR! - MA.YBE YOU CM IN THAT ILL .60 SEE >££ WORTH- MCKE JE ...THOSE JEWEL5 WERE i —^ AKjMiv'FF^ACy e»=r5 TO AIE J IP SOU FiMp THEM, IF .US' HU5gAMR THEY WFfZE ' vou CAM MAA\& VOUK OWN) PEE •«S. FLINT.'HERE. ^^,,, = IS A fZETArMEWAKS. \VOCTH- <«OM6V THAT /,\ATTEE-=. WHOEUER TOOKVDUK CKK COTAWMi BUT WHV THE BLAZES Olt> HE STOP ?^«^*iA-'^^S^e HERE ^D TAKE C*F THE metl*? W>CK W. U L W ft COP ANY MORf TIIL ! WELL, HOW I DREA» THEV«e ABQur S6T TO IT, MICK!, WE GO,,.WE BETTER BE AaEO TWEHTV YEARS OH THI* JOB' Z ^J eLV HOW6L ' r / T0 GET|r FI «P NOW AlWAYS LE*D5 TO / A«D PUT IT BACK ON DISASTER'. V THE FRONT. IT^tJEVJER THf\N THE R6GULA.K. SPARE. ,. .VElLMIGHTYSOON CurCHJTTH'5TEWlN',\FIND OUT IF HE^ OOP CONVINCED ME \ DID OK HOT HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DO1N" LOOK.HOLLI3,1 WISH YOU'tf NOf REFER TO AU.EY OOP AS A M1551NG LINK,', 1 INI TH'FIRST PLACE HE C»r-J'T BEGIN OUR PROJECT UNTIL VOU FIND THAT... M163NGLINK ^ iff] " /' I'M TO HAVE X THI« J THE HONOK OF 1 GOTTA CHRI*TE**INQ ISEE ' AIN'T ' LOOK AT THOSE T2IM UINes..,|5N IT A B6AUTV? 8 09

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