Elko Daily Free Press from Elko, Nevada on February 17, 1995 · 9
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Elko Daily Free Press from Elko, Nevada · 9

Elko, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1995
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Friday, February 17, 1995 ELKO DAILY FREE PRESS, Elko, Nevada 9 Una i j U v.-.:- 4 - 1 i RALLY'S .1 ' (AMoclitid Pkm) Robert Maxey (left) president and CEO of MGM Grand Inc., and Darrell Luery, president and CEO of Bally's Las Vegas, shook hands as they unveiled two monorail cars from their $25 million monorail joint venture yesterday in front of Bally's. The monorail, scheduled for completion by July, will consist of two six-car electric powered monorail trains that will travel a one mile, dual-lane guide-way between the MGM Grand and Bally's Las Vegas. New monorail project said hint of future transportation LAS VEGAS (AP) - Executives of two Las Vegas resorts say they hope a $25 million monorail between their hotels will provide an answer to future transportation needs in this rapidly-growing city. The sleek monorail will link Bally's and the MGM Grand Hotel and Theme Park beginning this summer. Two cars of the system were unveiled at Bally's Thursday, Bally's President Darrell Luery and Bob Maxey, MGM Grand Inc. president and CEO, expressed hope that , the joint project of the two hotels would provide the catalyst for a citywide system. A citywide system will be necessary as Las Vegas addresses the question of "how we go from 29 million tourists to 39 million tourists a year without significantly diminishing the quality of life," Maxey said. "This is part of the answer." ARer the MGM Grand-Bally's monorail is up and running, the next logical step is to extend the system to McCarran International Airport, Maxey said. "This transportation ' system will send a message to the world that not only is Las Vegas the tourism capital, but it will continue to be the tourism capital of the world for decades to come," he said. Other Strip hotels have expressed interest in being part of the transportation system, officials said. An airport extension would spur their participation, said Larry Woolf, MGM Grand Hotel president The 22-foot-high elevated monorail will travel north and south on Au-drie Lane between MGM and Bally's. The airconditioned system, consisting of two, six-car, electric-powered trains, can carry 4,000 passengers per hour at about 35 mph. The free, one-mile trip will take about 3 minutes, including loading and unloading. Computational physicist helped track down hacker , RALEIGH, N,C. (AP) - As a cpm-putational physicist, Tsutomu Shimo-mura is accustomed to solving complex problems, and his skills as a cyber-sleuth helped track down the FBI's most-wanted hacker. Still, there's something he can't figure out about Kevin D. Mitnick, the quarry of his tortuous electronic manhunt "I'm curious to know what's broken in him," Shimomura said Thursday, "why he feels compelled to do this." Others are wondering, too. Arrested Wednesday at his Raleigh apartment by FBI agents, Mitnick had been sought for two years for allegedly violating probation on a previous hacking conviction. Authorities say Mitnick, 31, electronically raided some of the most heavily protected corporate computer systems in the nation and pilfered information worth more than $1 million, including at least 20,000 credit card numbers. He faces up to 35 years in prison and $500,000 in fines if convicted of computer fraud and illegal use of a telephone access device. Mitnick, his long hair tied back with a rubber band, appeared before a federal magistrate today in leg shackles and waived his right to a probable cause hearing and a bond hearing. Magistrate Wallace Dixon ordered him held without bond. Prosecutors depict Mitnick, who once broke into a top-secret military defense system as a teen-age prank, as a world-class computer outlaw. - But others from his former therapist to some law enforcement officials who pursued him describe him as a lonely man addicted to computers and pitifully obsessed with defeating their security systems. "If somebody is gaining access to this stuff and he's not getting any personal gain, I cant see any other reason but obsession one-upping somebody," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Kathy Cunningham, who had tracked Mitnick. Cunningham had urged Mitnick's family to persuade him to surrender if he contacted them. "I tried to let them know I was trying to get him some help," she said. In 1989, Mitnick was convicted of infiltrating MCI telephone computers and accessing long-distance codes, and of causing $4 million damage to Digital Equipment Corp. When he was sentenced to a year in prison, a federal judge ruled that his hacking was an addiction like the junk food he lived on and ordered him to undergo therapy. In therapy, Mitnick lost 100 of his nearly 300 pounds and worked on his self-esteem. His former therapist, Harriet Rosetto, called him "a sad, lonely, angry, isolated boy" who spent more time with computers than people. "I think that had he found a way to be accepted in the mainstream, he would have joined the mainstream," Rosetto said. "I don't think he's that important a person. That he's become public enemy No. 1 is kind of laughable." Alan Rubin, the attorney who defended Mitnick in 1989, said Mitnick's hacking was relatively benign. "He never planted a virus, never destroyed any information, never tried to make money off any of it," Rubin said. "He broke into a computer because he could do it like climbing Mount Everest the challenge of doing it." Rubin told The News & Observer in Raleigh. But the guardians of databases have a hard time seeing Mitnick as harmless. . ' "The security of our database is an ongoing effort. ... It could be used to harass a person, to leverage credit files, to create false identities," said,, Evan Nosoff of the California Depart-, ment of Motor Vehicles, which was allegedly infiltrated by Mitnick while he was a fugitive. Shimomura. a computer security expert, made catching Mitnick his crusade after the hacker allegedly broke into his home computer on Christmas Day and stole security programs Shimomura had written. Shimomura agreed that hacking could not be taken lightly. "Kevin has caused a lot of people a lot of trouble, a lot of grief," he said. o , NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DIVISION OF CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES The Division of Child and Family Services is requesting proposals for an array of community-based services-including: Residential Care, Day Treatment Services and Intensive Community-based Treatment. These programs will serve children and youth ages birth through 21. Proposal guidelines must be obtained from: Craig H. Wetzel, M.A. Division of Child and Family Services Purchased Placement Services Us Vegas, NV 89158 (702)486-6122 Deadline for proposals will be 5:00 p.m. April 3, 1995. Residents discuss tornado ARAB, Ala. (AP) - By the time the government's radar detected the deadly tornadoes, it was already too late. i Packing winds estimated at 160 mph, the twisters crashed through the predawn stillness of rural north Alabama on Thursday, killing four people and sending more than 100 to hospitals. The National Weather Service office in Birmingham issued a warning at 5 a.m. only minutes before the first tornado struck. Police were in the process of sending out siren vehicles to alert residents when it hit, Lt Danny Harvell said. "We didnt have any warning at all. Nothing," said Dianne Fortenberry, standing atop the rubble of her house, which had been torn from its cement foundation and hurled 40 feet into a cluster of mobile homes. "About 10 minutes after it came through, they said there was a tornado headed this way," said Frankie Harris, sitting with friends in his damaged store in Joppa. One twister demolished Joppa Elementary School about three hours before classes were to begin for nearly 200 students. The roof of the school's gym was peeled away, revealing an American flag dangling from a twisted steel girder. From Joppa, the storm skipped through about a mile of countryside and killed a 4-year-old girl and two men in Arab, a town of 6,300 about 30 miles south of Huntsville. A fourth person, a 70-year-old woman, died Thursday night at Guntersville-Arab Regional Medical Center, the hospital said today. About 30 minutes after the storm hit Arab, another tornado spawned by the same thunderstorm touched down in Martling, about 15 miles east of Arab. "Normally, they give us a siren warning, but they didnt this morning," said Arab resident Karen Berry. "There was nothing." Instead, there was just the dark and the howl of the wind sending debris smashing through windows, tearing off roofs, pulling trees from the soil and demolishing trailers, homes and lives. In the aftermath, rescue crews searched for people possibly trapped in the wreckage. Rain pounded flattened barns, pink insulation dripped from trees and wind shook cars creeping over littered roads. Mrs. Fortenberry and her husband were briefly trapped in the wreckage before being freed by neighbors. Just a few feet away, rescuers found an unharmed 1-year-old boy trapped under two shattered trailers. "He was just sitting there, not making a sound," said fire Capt Robert Reynolds. Sen. Howell Heflin, D-Ala., called" for a complete accounting from the weather service. About an hour before the tornadoes hit, lightning struck the weather service's office in Huntsville. The Birmingham office took over, and the weather service said there was no delay in picking up the storm and issuing a warning. Less than a year ago, a Palm Sunday twister slammed into a crowded church about 60 miles away in Piedmont killing 22 people. In the wake of that disaster, Arab Mayor Johnny Hart said, officials considered building a network of seven towers with warning sirens. They decided against it partly because of the $100,000 cost That decision probably will be reconsidered, Hait said. "Anytime you even lose one life you look for ways to make things better," he said. (AMacUltd Prrui Kevin Mitnick, who was arrested Wednesday for computer fraud, arrived at the federal courthouse in Raleigh, N.C., today for his scheduled bond hearing before a magistrate. f "The dealership was the . - best experience we have ever had J x-v-v-v buying a new vehicle. Their follow-up i vrvr j. ' drWi - after the sale was very impressive to us. ) ( "I went to ldaho,...twice, got realX VgyS (We are just thrilled with our new truck tired of being jerked around. J iX great. Thanks, r" rr- . QtA) Gallagher Ford!") "Great PJ -- r J Service. Thanks for the J i ky x. jr candy and balloon gram. Y jrSi You've been very kind, and J '$kjiJ (we love our truck." ) r service departments, but the jjjt . : S-s NV, guys and gals at Gallagher JT pThis is now the second unit ( Ford are the best I've ever J j-ffA ' I have purchased from your 2 sjLs iT$3 dealership. I have been very pleased" jT v-'s yiM- with your product and personnel. Ip lfY ipJr intend to continue as your fL- 6 more reasons Gallagher Ford sells more cars and trucks in Northeastern Nevada than anybody. Try us and see for yourself. We still haven't seen a verified deal on new cars or trucks that we can't beat. 1989 MERCURY TOPAZ XR5. cassette, PL, tilt, cruise, PS, PM. GREAT WORK CAR. Stk. No. C1206A Was $5,995 1992 FORD F-250 XLT 1991 FORD EXPLORER XLT 4x4. fully equipped. ONLY 20,000 MILES. EXTRA SHARP! Stk.No.6013A Was $20,995 SPECIAL $3,175 SPECIAL $19,388' 4-door, cruise, tilt, AC, PL PW & more. Slk.No.52B Was $15,495 SPECIAL $13,888 1988 CHEVY SUBURBAN 1991 GMC SIERRA 2500 4x4 C U MIUIC, Silverado, tow Stk. No. 588W Was $9,995 SPECIAL $7,988 SLX, 350 V-8, cassette, tilt, cruise, low miles & more! Mk. No.UltW was3lb,SS3 specm$14,688 1993 MAZDA 626 ES AT, cassette. PL, PW. cruise, tilt, power moon roof, leather interior. EXTRA NICE! Stk. No. C1177B Was $16,995 Ai r r n r j voivplDpoo 1990 DODGE OMNI ssette.&AC.GOOl 1201 Was $5,995 SPECIAL s4,j 1987 FORD F-150 4x4 Low miles, tilt, cruise & more. Stk. No. 6009A Was $10,995 1992 FORD F-250 XLT Supercab, 4x4, 450 V-8, cassette, cruise, tilt, PL, PW. LUWWiLta. atk. no. outA wassu.sss ct$18,488 1994 FORD F-250 DUALLY XLT Supercab, turbo diesel, 4x4, cassette, cruise, tilt PL, PW t more, luw miLti. itx. no. b03w was wj.sm 4-door, automatic, cassette, & AC. GOOD DRIVER! Stk.No.C120! Was 55,995 woiv$3 1,988 1993 HONDA ACCORD LX 4-door. automatic, cassette, cruise, tilt PL PW. 1QQ1 FHPn FXPI DRFR SPORT only 15,000 miles. stk.No.cii95A was $18,495 SPECIAL $7,988 1991 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL Fully loaded with low miles. Stk. No. 1205A Was $16,995 ro$14,288 "2" F. 150 XLT Cruise, tilt, PL, PW, cassette 6 more. Stk. No. CI 185B Was $13,995 $PEcm$12,288 SPECIAL $15,988 4x sold 1993 MERCURY COUGAR V-8, loaded. Stk. 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