The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 11
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, FEBRUARY 28, 1052 Pineapple Helps Dress Up Menu Upside- Down Ham Loaf Provides a Thrifty Main Course For an economical main course thai, will taste good jmrt be something special, try this pineapple unhide-down ham loaf. Pineapple Ifpsldc-Dcmn Ham I.oaf (Serves 6) Two cnns ground cooked ham (or J can pork-nnd-ham loaf, gioimd) 1'i cups ground pork shoulder 2 eags. I cup mllfc. 1 cup 'finely crnsh- c ™'ker crumjjs. ',4 teaspoon snit t(as|»oi) pepper. ij c«p brown' sugar, firmly packed. I tcaspooM dry 2 tablespoons vinegar 3 slices canned pineapple Combine tirst 7 mttredients. Combine sugar, mustard, and vine- Ear; pour Into loaf pan 10x5x3 inches. Arrange pineapple on lop of sugar mixture In a nice design. culling slices as needed to til. Pack incr.t on top of pineapple B»ke m a moderately hot oven at 375 Deg. P.. for I'j hours. Uninold Serve hot or cold. If you like pineapple. Ilipn Irv Inis snlld for Sunday .supper. Pineapple ami riier.w MuliI Use 2 teaspoons gelatin. 2 table- m.YTHEVn.LE. HOT POTATO SAl-AD with b«on I, . h«rty ,,uj economic,! 4Uk. Hot Potato Salad Is Wonderful By 'G.iYN'OR MAUDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor anoun-i cnicken tit You'll like this hot potato salad t-ooked. gratrd cnee salt, 1 onion, chopped. 1>{ tablespoons chicken fat. 'i cup rife, un- food is always homey and spoons cold water. 1 cup 'pineapple juice or pineapple juice plus water. 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 table-' .spoons sugar, pinch of sali. 'i cup I * "" •''""'-' "<<.<-«, COCJKCQ pota- tiralned mulled pineapple (9-ounce ! loe>1 8 slices bac0 "- 1 cup chopped can). H cup cottage elirest. onions, <6 cup,bacon fat, 3 table- prepare. Hot Pofafo Salaii With Hacon (8 servings) Two quarts diced, cooked pota- . Sprinkle gelatin on cold water and soak a few minute* Heat fruit Juices, add sugar, .salt, arm gelatin Stir until gelatin is dissolved. Chili linlll thick enough (o hold solid *x>d In place. Stir in Hie pineapple jS^lery, and collage cheese. Chili until [inn. Too Much Education Blamed by Painters YAKIMA, Wash, tip, — Painters • re blaming the emphasis on college edvicatfon for the shortage of ipprentlces for Industrial painting The complaint, was voiced hero recently by Joe B. Welsman the «xectltlv« seo-etary of the Seattle chapter of the Washington Council of Painting and Decorating contractor* of America, He said he felt that the present method ot counseling high school «t»d?n!« over-emphaslMd the op- portunltle* offered by advanced academic, training, skills developed by Industrial apprenticeship program! are just as.necejjary to the national -welfare as the attainment of collegt aheepsklm, h« said spoons flour, 2 tablespoons sugar, teaspoons salt. >J teaspoon celery seed. . water, llie broth. Add any leftover chicken giavy. Add water, i/ needed to make one quarl broth. Add salt ID taste. I" a large frying pan, cook the onion in fat a few minutes, add chicken broth, and when it boils up rapidly, sprinkle the rice in slowly. Cover the pan. s teaspoon pepper, l cnn c- . 2/3 cup vinegar '1 cm & !? )mcr nce about 26 mimnes or chopped phniento, parMev for sal " Bralns sw<?11 I "" 1 become nisb. S ' Mft - Slir will, a fork from time Place poUloes In 2'i-quart heat-I !° '"" e '° kee|) t!le dce '' 0 '" slick resistant glass bowl, fry bacon until crisp. Cook onions in '^ cup of Die bacoii fat over low direct heat for about 5 minutes, or until yellow- Mix together flour, sugar, salt celery seed and pepper; blend into onion and lat mixture over low dl- w - rect heat. Gradually pour in the water and vinegar, stirring until mixture boils. Boll for one nilmile. Pour over potatoes. Add s slices of the crisp bacon, broken Into small pieces, and the chopped pl- mlento. Mix lightly. Cover bowl with waxod paper and let stand for one hour. Heat In moderate oven (32S degrees F.I for 20 minutes or until heated throughout. Garnish with remaining bncon and parsley. To make a palatable am! riour- Ishlns dish out of leftover chicken combine it K )th rice and broth Rict with Clilcken {Serves 4| One and one-half cups diced leftover cooked chicken, chicken bones, By the time the rice is done It will have absorbed the broth and the grains will be large and sepa- KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nag-ffinir b«cJiacrir,Jo»ii of utMixTnlenerirv l..rt.che. .„,, *„!„„. ,„„,.•£ d "« ."K down uf kldnj-y Ij.ntllon. Dndor, .„ 1,004 liJney (unMion ts very import. nt to uood hrjUlh. When .ometviirjdar condition, .urh ss alrees and btrsin, cause« Ihia im^r,rthi,l fnnrlion lo.lowd»wn.7n»n» foU.B.ufl' ElnK hjiek.chf-feel,. Hln<,r kl.d- dnr rrnlnlion. due lacold or wronz di,l m., caiiscurttinrnpnlghtaar frequent pa tiiicra Don't ncit!«l 7 our LUney. if ,he,e condil «on> bother roil. Trr Do.n'n fill,-, m i[ d "«i c - u " d »"«<«•'>•«» br mini™. Im over SO T f.r.. If, .mB.i.Hcho, m.ny tim*. Unan -, Kl v e ha [,py relief from theic dipfom ™ l '" o ''" fluah out w.slf. Cet Do. COURIER NEWS Hot Dog Shows Its Versatility Frankfurter Used In Variety of Wayi In Thrift Dishes The familiar frankfurter once more show-s its versatility as It returns to the menu in a new- guise. Franks With. I'riuie Stuffing (Serves 4) One and one-half cups cooked prunes. >, cup table fat, 1 cup slir- fd apples, 5 cups toa»ted bread cubes, salt mid pepper, l cup prune juice, 1 pound frankfurters (8>. Pit- primes; melt, fat and mix thoroughly with fruit, bread cubes, xea- sonlng.---. and prune juice. Cut frankfurters in hair lenutn- wife. Line casserole with frankfurters, placing one on lop of the other lengthwise, with .split side in, Fill the center with stuffing, pressing in firmly against the frankfurters to hold them in place. Hake l hour In moderate (350 Dee. P.) Remove from ovet and cool slightly, invert onto sen- ing platter and remove casserole carefully so mold holds Its shape. Vegetable [,-imti Stew (Serves 4) Two |»|ind.s lamb breast or shin, salt, pepper. 3 cups boiling water. California Date Pie Is Dish Almost Everybody Will Like California Date J'ie Crust: 20 graham crackers, crush- rd (about Hi cups crumbs), H cup melted butter or margarine. Mix ingredients and pat firmly into a 9-inch pie plate, reserving about one-!curth ot the mixture to sprinkle over the tcp. Chill while preparing filling. Ailing: 1 (7'i-oimcei package pitied elates, cut line with scissors, 1 tablespoon flour, '., cup sugar, ( of salt.' >,-j cup water and ',-i cup sherry or 1 cup uaier, grated rind of one orange, 1 tablespoon cr- ?e juice. I cup chopped watnuis or pecans. Combine all nujrcUii-m.s except "ins In :\ saucepan. BriitK In a boil, then cook, stirring frequently, (cr abom 15 minutes, or until mixture reserved crumb mixture over the top. Chill for several hours before serving, serve topped with whippet! cream or vanilla ice cream, Makes ! 19-inch) pie. Tlifs Li rich and tle- celery and parsley leaves. 8 sma new potatoes, cups peas, 1 flour, l', tablespoon t.-iblc.wpaons !at. Trim fat and bone Irnm lea meat and cut meat into cubes Sea "I tile meal, add boiling wate •lery Ir-ave.s anil parsley lor M.M inu:^ und sunmer until the meal i tejidef. Add scrapped new potatoes- ivhp these are half done, arid the. pea., - - >-^--- "* t,.n.r,- i Blend together lire fat and th en and more salt if needed. Turn | flour. Combine with broth in whic mixture onto a hot platter, and; meat and vegetables have cooker generously with grated; stirring until thickened. Ther - should be about, i;, cups of broth. rate. Then add the pieces of chick- FLAVOR-KIST NOW GIVES YOU up T0 9A MORE </T CRACKERS THAN OTHER LEADING BRANDS I PEJ LI. iiue FlovM-KUt Ifond A irond 1 liond ( licnd D tutttisrini 17* 142 'H4 IS4 162 'YOU Oil IHI5 I TOU HJYfUIVOH-KlS! _ 1 37 16 —n i DULY FLAVOR-KISI CUARAWTHS l« CKACKfRS Pt« FOUNO IOX RKffm* CMCKfR • fl^J7w)TH 4-IH-l PACK • RRSf*n\\ 176 COUNT S^HULZE ord BURCH BISCUIT Co. Chicogo. Dei Moine, -,! City ££ A HANDY IVY MIXING BOWL WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF A 25 LB. SACK OF GOLD MEDAL " Kitchen- tested" ENRICHED OR 2 IVY MIX'NG BOWLS WITH 50 LB. SACK 6f>OC£K Nothing to clip or tend in! Not a penny extra to .spend! l'iirci»ic s 25 Ib. sack of Gold Medal rlour at the regular price, and your grocer nil! simply hand over one of these lovely, durable Ivy Mixing Bon Is... or get two howh with you'r of a 5O Ih. suk. But hurry, please! Urfore your grocer's supply i.1 gone! You'll he more than pleased with these useful, beautiful bowls. You'll be delighted with ihe baking tri- TODAY uruphs you achlcre with Gold Medal Hour and the Betty Crocker recipe* developed to make full use of its wonderful, all purpose baking qualities. From sack to sack. Gold Medal's splendid baking qualities never vary. More and more women know this from personal experience. That's why more sacks of Gold Me.tal are bougl.i than the ncjt five brands com- | hined. Try it yourself—Cold Medal ... the only flour you need for everything you bake.' GOLD MEDAL ALWAYS GIVES YOU THESE EXTRAS... / Valuable Silverware Coupon —good for lively Qi.ce;, Hess Pattern Silverware-. SJVE coupons-hull,) complete set. Ilighcr\,iliiccuu]>i>ii.M"n ^5, 50, l(l() Ih.s • Betty Crocker recipes — a folder full of ihesc famous, tested recipe? in every sack of Gold Medal Hour you buy! Save them for a handy recipe library This flsli dish Is tram (lie same source. Bakes Fish and Broccoli With (Scrvfs 5l Two packages frozen brcuoli, 4 lii\jle.s[)oons butter or margarine. 4 tnblc.-iiioon.s (lour. 1'i cups i icl) milk. '» cup chicken Ijrotti u-anned! or br,iil)loii-cube brotli may ue useili, I cup grateti American 'i cup shen-ji or cliicltcii brolh, salt antl prpper in laste. 2 pounds fish fillet* isolc, Imlibut. ' -on, or any favorite flsln, nap- rika. i.uck broccoli according to pack- age dirt-el Ions; drain thoroughly. Melt buttiT and slir in Hour; a<id milk and chicken brolh; cook, stirring constantly, until mixture Ls thickened and smooth. Add cheese nnd slir over low lieal, mull melted; add .sherry or rxti-a. tjmth and sca- soiiiliKs. Arrange broccoli over Ibe bottom ol n tn-uscd shallow baking dish (8 by 12 by 2 inches Ls B good sire). Ijty fisli ri'.lets over broccoli; cover fish with tile sauce; dust with paprika. Bake In a moderately hot oven <37S degrees F.I for 25 minutes, or until llsb Hakes when tested with a folk. fUU •«<i . K«'P« •*. iri< <VAtnpi „, i «u. A|«, lilt" «. lx»t, l,a 'm a«4l» for C.TIHII. ci»urt •I Llfl PAGE Cann«l Shelf Luntk Luncheon loaf on your tinned * lell may quickly b« tu rned | nU > hto serving. Grind the loaf and loosely pile on lop O f big buns. Broil until the meat It heated through, then serve topped with a svhirl of cheese sauoe. Read Courier New* Clawlfied Adi WAV! N0 EXTRA COST 'V^ LIMITED SUPPtr IVY MIXING BOWLS — rOUKS WITH KuSCHASf GOLD MEDAL k "Krlcf.en-lt.,.,.0 \ tNRICH E D FLOUR HOWL 25 Ik. 1 Lowe's Grocery 5.')2 North 6lh St. SPECIAL OFFER! Gold Medal FLOUR 25 Ibs. I'lain or Self-rising JVY MIXING BOWL FREEJ $2.30 THE DAINTY COOKING FAT HUMKO---3** DOMINO PURE CANE SUGAR-- 10'»85c - - ib 34c REELFOOT'S DELICIOUS PKNIC HAMS GREAT NORTHERN BEANS Swift's Rindlcss *" " SLICED BACON 390 For fine slewing BEEF BRISKET 390 I'tire Fresh !ean GROUND BEEF 590 Frosh mealy pork NECK BONES ,,,150 Qualify evaporated milk CARNATION 3^430 Cuts grease faster, TREND ... 4 Ibs $1.00 32 ot. jar, Mrs. Rell's pure S'B'R'Y P'SERVES 690 Washhurn's FANCY LENTILS ,210 Cnlden California CARROTS Crisp Iceberg LETTUCE Whal H (real! Fresh GREEN BEANS (liant , si/.e 390 2 belts. 110 2 ' Be - iiit heads Ivu 190 R v fancy pink GRAPEFRUIT 2 for 150 "li" A W *T MAYS SUPER FOR SALE! Ammonium Nitrate 20 1 / 2 Per Cent For Jniormorion and Pric«, Coll WEST MEMPHIS COTTON OIL MILL WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. Phone- \V«I Mcmpnia. SI ,, hone MeBlphfs> s . 4040

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